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Pope Benedict XVI and 153 Great Fish

John 21:1-11

1After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias; and on this wise shewed he himself.2There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples.3Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.4But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.5Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? They answered him, No.6And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.7Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher’s coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.8And the other disciples came in a little ship; (for they were not far from land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes.9As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread.10Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.11Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.

To be honest this has always fascinated me and I have researched what the number 153 might mean, but not very deeply.

I have read that this number had to do with the amount of fish species, but I could not tell ya if that’s true.

Sometime or other I read about the 153 Hail Mary ritual or prayer.

Don’t ask me, because I don’t want to know!

IN the past I have read about 153 days of Fatima which does not interest me in the least,

so I did not spend much time reading..like a whole minute, if that!

I saw a video years ago of three girls on a mountain having some kind of trance-like something or other with some light giving predictions.  They seemed to be levitating and it was kind of eerie, but I never really investigated it,

yet I love prophecy. Prophecy in the bible has always interested me! But some apparition telling three children is disconcerting and I believe stems from evil!

I have not investigated Fatima, because is sensed it was evil.

I came across this a little while ago and have heard other explanations for the number 153 as being the measure of the fish and The measurement of a circle by Archimedes and have read many other similar illustrations for the same idea.

The number 153:265 caught my eye partially because I had never noticed another number that was associated with the number 153 and I also noticed the name Apollo.

The first article linked is the one with the this other number/ratio!

Jesus Christ, sun of God: ancient cosmology and early Christian symbolism

Here are some other links about the number 153:


The Number 153

What is the significance of the number 153 mentioned in John 21?

The Number 153

After I read a little bit and had noticed the number 153:265 I decided to see how many Popes have been Popes and heard the official number is 265.

I thought, surely I’m mistaken.

So, I decided to see what the information was about this particular Pope in office (Pope Benedict)

and what they say he is and guess what it says:

Pope Benedict XVI is the

265th Pope.

Whether that is true or not …I don’t know?  Here is the link to that page:

Pope Benedict XVI

I don’t really know what it means, but it means something important!

Certainly it makes me very suspicious.

To be honest the when this happened it made my skin crawl and I had a hard time digesting the information even though I have been suspicious of Pope Benedict XVI for other reasons.


By the way, I do believe in Jesus Christ and he has nothing to do with Apollo!

John 14:30

Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh,

and hath nothing in me.

(Just a note of caution):

Misquoting Jesus: The Story behind Who Changed the Bible and Why

Still I believe that Jesus Christ would be aware of the above problem,

because he is the Son of GOd would know what would become of the bible!

There are many other coincidences about Pope Benedict that are hard to overlook!

Pope Benedict XVI


Here are a few post related to the subject:

Pope Benedict XVI and Gianni Alemanno

The Seventh and the Eighth Pope of Revelation- Benedict XVI

The Gospel of Luke – A Parody

Note: June 30th 2010 I went to site of official list of Popes on the internet and now Pope Benedict is the 266th Pope. They have changed the official list since I first wrote this post. I find that very interesting! On his biography page he still is the 265th Pope.  Talk about weird!

The List of Popes

Pope Benedict XVI

(same as the link earlier in post)

I imagine that will soon be fixed!


153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda

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