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Hamas or HHHHHHHHHHHamas

Here is THERE WAS a video you tube or Netanyahu saying Hamas in 2012 without the excessive rolling of the H as was seen lately ON FOX NEWS (not sure if was on any other network) that I said was not Netanyahu for a few reasons but one reason in particular was the way he pronounced Hamas with the over exaggerated H sound. In the video you tube below made in 2012 he says the H much softer without using the back of his throat excessively like a cat does when reacting to a surprise attack by another cat. That is the best way to explain it. The other signal was his demeanor was so docile and wimpy which made me suspicious because either he was drugged or something was wrong or it wasn’t him. Another was his mouth at the end of the speech that I noticed it was not Netanyahu  he did a thingy with his mouth placing his lips in between his teeth which is an expression that people do when they are lying and hoping it will pass or are ashamed and usually look down when doing it kind of like kids do when they lie. Kind of like this picture of Mike Rogers the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in this snap shot from Face the Nation interview with Netanyahu, Mike Rogers and another man.

House Intelligence chief Rogers doesn’t think CIA spied on Senate Rogers thinks it would be a crime if they did spy on the Senate. Really? Doesn’t he know that it would be a crime? He is the House Intelligence chief?  Of course he knows it would be a crime. It’s not like the CIA to do anything underhanded. LOL Of course they spied on the Senate and everyone else they can spy on. They probably drug them as well. They also have their federal workers in place in the Senate offices and anywhere else they can place them to assist them.

Shouldn’t he be given a lie detector test?

 I noticed that the Face of the Nation interviewer since has a very good tan for a man his age.The interview that was on Fox was by Brit Hume and is not longer available but was very similar to the interview on Face the Nation as if they asked the exact same questionsa which elicited the same exact answers almost exactly the same from Netanyahu. But I just watched the interview again on Face the Nation and and the interviewer is tanner and the end of the conversation that was with Brit Hume where Netanyahu made that expression like Mike Rogers at the end of the interview is missing. The H has been softened since on the Face the Nation interview so that is how our government works and our press work deceiving each other and the people. I think MIke Rogers is resigning soon as I recall. Mike Rogers is married to a woman who works in Africa with a very big company probably having to do with oil and deception.  I read about it a little in the past and thought that it was odd that she would work there in Africa. Kind of a long distance relationship I guess. Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 11.10.15 PMI was suspicious of Mike Rogers a long time ago and I wrote about it around the time that Christopher Jordan Dorner was surrounded by cops in California and wasn’t allowed to come out and surrender in Bear Creek, California. I kind of recognized something about Mike Rogers that wasn’t attractive or good. I have never seen Netanyahu make that expression in his interviews that I have ever watched so thought it was odd. Another reason is there was a meeting at the White House with Obama and I mysteriously & miraculously got the message that Netanyahu was in Israel at the wailing wall at the time and was not in that interview with Obama. That interview was quite a while ago so I kind of figured then something was up and since Obama notoriously lies about everything and uses dark language replacing the meaning of one word with another to entertain himself while deceiving everyone it made sense that he was setting up Netanyahu, deceiving Americans about  their relationship. Another signal was the phone conversation that Obama had with Netanyahu when Obama first became President which is supposed to be an ISLAMIC insult and the photographer must have known that and so did Obama and they published it with his consent anyway I’m sure so obviously diplomacy was out the window at that time. Obama had plans unbeknownst to the American public and many in our government and many of his followers even still.  And then of course the biggest sign was what happened at Benghazi which since then he has managed to avoid and to distract with the help of people like Billy Graham and his son and the IRS scandal, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, the Vatican and the Jesuits (excuse maker) and all the other crap and the hoaxes that have occurred since he took office which is DISGRACEFUL! I guess it is called INTERFAITH. WHich is an attempt to throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak. Why do you suppose America came to be America? Why did so many people leave Europe, because of Roman Catholicism and their reign of terror and taxation. Protestants actually were burned alive at the stake protesting Roman Catholicism and were persecuted and now they join it as if those people didn’t matter. Pretty forgetful. What is causing the forgetfulness? We need to figure that out. I think it is a worthy endeavor. (In the bible the Son of Consolation which also means to forget was written about in the Book of Acts.) It has never been this way to this extent before in America even though we made mistakes or had some bad leadership sometimes or made bad decisions over different things it has never been this way before. It has never been to the extent it is now and has been since Obama sauntered in with his over confidence and pride with so little REAL talent except for his talent to deceive, of course. He doesn’t know how to improve  all he knows how to do is destroy because he doesn’t know how to improve because he lacks imagination. He isn’t a dreamer but a schemer scam artist.

92,001,000 Americans Not Working…

…increased by 11,472,000 since Obama 

That’s a lot of people and don’t think it wasn’t purposeful because it is purposeful…..it’s called tribulation.

I guarantee it is more than that. It is the austerity measures that Obama started in Germany to begin with and with the help of Merkel of Germany and in America as well.

Improvement is beyond Obama’s imagination. That’s what happens when one thinks they are god as if mankind should be thankful for him. I wonder what the term is for that kind of sickness? I think HIllary suffers it as well (equivocating about the Hamas hiding missiles where Palestinian kids hang out. So thoughtful of her to make excuses but I do think she is possessed and not in her right mind because of her lack of belief that truth matters). And Hollywood perpetuates their own ignorance many of them do anyway because they like getting paid a lot in spite of their fans because they think they are gods gifts to the world. EGO. (IF they cared about the Palestinians or Israel they would try to learn the truth instead they entertain the ones that arm the Hamas with missiles. Not very genuine but mostly they do it out of ignorance and extreme ego. I was ignorant too though I was not a a star in Hollywood which is a double jeopardy in a way. They perpetuate Islam and Rome because of their flaws. Pretty faces don’t last forever.) You can blame yourselves for what is going on in Israel instead of blaming the Jews in Israel. The young actresses and actors I understand their ignorance because I have children too but it is the older actors and actresses that worry me and they should be worried for themselves soon because they owe it to those young ones to do the right thing by learning the truth instead of perpetuating lies such as Global warming etc to keep us dependent on the Saudis hence dependent on Islam perpetuating Islamic terrorism and the death of many people (even in their own families) and perpetuating Rome’s lies and attacks on Israel. I think O’reilly suffers that same delusion although he isn’t pretty, too. But then they are Jesuits as well: the thugs of Roman Catholicism. They take a vow to the devil to protect the Papacy no matter who it hurts and of course they lie a bunch. The Papacy is basically a veil for Islam. That is why the pope wears white to look as if he is good, The State Department is a Jesuit run institution. The CIA obviously is too since the assassination of JFK and maybe before that time. And it seems we got caught up in this morass because of oil, for the most part when we have our own if we would be allowed to do what is necessary to produce it. But Hollywood would rather believe a lie and perpetuate the lies of Rome and Islam.But that is why the EU and the Vatican care so much about the environment to keep us from doing what is necessary to be independent. They need our money to keep up with their lifestyles, resume their tanning, and to create diversions because their leaders are cowards. We do not need to be involved in the affairs of the world. The only reason we do is we are being used and abused by the Vatican. While fighting in the MIddle east we kind of lost our bearings and before that. Our intel is not good intel and is mIsleading the leaders of the US. to be manipulated by the Vatican, the UN and Islam. We are not independent so we might as well chuck that ridiculous celebration because it is a farsi until we regain our independence.

Hamas Violence – Speech by Netanyahu –

Israel Prime Minister 2012

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 10.00.23 PM

This is from 2012 and is Netanyahu!!


Here is the other you tube which I believe is not Netanyahu but either a double or an image type manipulation using his image. I’m sure it is possible if you can make cockroach drones by golly you can make false images of leaders saying what you want them to say: Never mind about that ….. the Brit Hume interview is no longer available and the Face the Nation interviewer is much tanner and the the image of Netanyahu has softened the hhhhhhhamas said by Netanyahu in the interview so I can’t show you what it is I witnessed. Nevertheless it’s true. I’m leaving this discussion anyway for your judgement even though I can’t prove it now. WE ARE BEING LIED TO BY OUR PRESS AND OUR GOVERNMENT ABOUT WHAT Is OCCURRING IN ISRAEL AND OBVIOUSLY THE UKRAINE AS I DID PROVE IN A POST ON BLUE SKIES CALLED:

Michelle Obama, School Lunches, and Benghazi

What really gets me is it used to be that the press apologized when caught in a lie or a mistake. Now they just fix it without accepting responsibility which means they are not accountable and are deceiving purposefully hoping we won’t notice or remember. Not saying everyone in the press but the bulk of it.

 I’m sorry that this post is a bit FUNNY but it is tough to keep up with the finagling and the altering of the news. They must be working awfully hard at it so I will keep a going to make them earn their keep and it appears I’m not the only one;).

Jon Voight Pens Letter to ‘Ignorant’ Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz on Israel: ‘Hang Your Heads in Shame’ (Guest Column)

He is partially correct but there is a lot more to the story than that. But at least he is speaking up though I think he has tried before this. And I know his daughter does some good things with her time often and I have been kind of hard on her but she also added much to some of my posts by her activities and popularity. But I think as a nation we have a responsibility to learn which isn’t easy since because there is so much deception and to teach the truth as much as we can when we find it because we have all been duped and we need to stop being duplicitous and ignorant acting like Nancy Pelosi and all the others.

You just have to sign it to read it.

We need to free up the federal employees so that they are accountable and able to be fired because that is partly why our people are dependent on the very people that want to destroy us. That is ignorant and needs to change! We need to change our intel because it is biased against us coming obviously from ISLAM, the Vatican, the UN, the EU, and the Crown those that want to weaken and destroy the US and it’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights and make mincemeat of the truth because they want to control our country and use our country to keep power for themselves to their own destruction because of their spiritual blindnesses being slaves to evil. They just don’t realize that it will destroy them as well which is self evident but when drunk they don’t realize what they do and that has to stop.

But truthfully some of them do realize what they do and do it anyway like Obama. It is obvious by the words he chooses to use to deceive.

Pay closer attention to his words and how they might mean something else. It might make you have a better understanding of what we are dealing with which is EVIL. He plays his followers like a harp and his enemies by mocking them.

I don’t ever recall a president that low and sleazy but it is because he is evil.

 Remember Nelson Mandela’s funeral while the world watched?

Obama is gross.


My other blogs an posts are linked on

Merangue’s Blog

 My favorite posts because I was able to take some time with them are the ones comparing the Synoptic gospels with the Gospel of John and to the Old Testament. The posts that are about current events are much less thought out because of the acceleration of news often like birth pangs getting longer and stronger and more frequent regardless of the premature lustful hope exclaimed by “It’s Gone Baby” Juan Williams. The more they resist the more it persists. I think THAT BABY is here to stay. It was awful early for Juan to dismiss the execution at Benghazi which of course makes me suspicious of his knowledge of Benghazi as if he may be involved in Benghazi and working his end in the press to quelle any news about Benghazi and working for Obama and Michelle. And to call it “a baby” was another clue to his activism and involvement in what occurred at Benghazi. He should be called to testify before the committee headed by Trey Goudy investigating Benghazi.

I’m not talking about the Bethlehem baby and neither was Juan Williams.

In one of my posts I wrote about Abraham and Sarah and the three angels who came to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with a different perspective. At that time they told her that she was going to have a child etc If she had not known she was going to have a child in her old age would she have gotten her hand maiden to bed with her husband Abraham in order to fulfill that prophecy before she actually did have that child? HMMMMM

GOOD QUESTION, isn’t it.

Here is the post about Abraham and Sarah tucked into a lot of current events at the time:

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

in another post about Abraham when God reveals to Abraham on Mount Moriah that Abraham did not sire Ishmael I will add that when I figure out which post that is that I recently wrote but in the meanwhile I hope you go to Merangue’s Blog and check it out: I found the post on that subject  and here is the bit about what happened on Mount Moriah. IN the post

Michelle Obama, School Lunches, and Benghazi

which was extremely painful and long because of the insane bees buzzing in their consternation that don’t like what I write or when I produce evidence that I have noticed which seem to be BIG NEON SIGNS about Obama and one BIG NEON SIGN was standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King Day because of what was said in teh Gospel of John and Obama trying to fulfill himself and to mock freedom and truth his talent for extreme obnoxiousness shining through.:

Do you know why it stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King day.

 I think because it thinks it is God

and because of what Jesus said that upset everyone in Jerusalem at the time:

Before Abraham was I AM.

Do you understand?

Here is the part about Abraham and Sarah from the post linked above:

Abraham was about to kill his own son and instead was able to use a ram/lamb (not sure which because of the language barrier between Asia and the West r’s and l’s and not sure it matters whether it had horns or not but it was provided to be in place of whatever sin was being covered for and I don’t think it was just to test Abraham to see if he would kill his own son because God asked him to because God knew what Abraham would do and didn’t need to test Abraham since he had a relationship already, but more of a shadow of things to come or demonstration of forgiveness and how bad sin is and the atonement of it as was done and that God provided it, I think) he found on Mt. Moriah and they didn’t have dna tests back then so Sarah’s hand maid who had a child might not have been Abraham’s son (not like she married Abraham) but still was given hope for a great nation when she was ousted from Abraham’s tribe because of the jealousy between the women because both women were put into a hard position whether by a mistake by Sarah, or misbehavin’ by the hand maid who became that because of the taking of Sarah earlier on but received freedom from her first master via that whole thing that happened because Sarah was pretty for her age and women weren’t exactly treated right back then nor were their male relatives and whether because of  misfortune or bad intentional intervention she was blessed as well when she left which should be a sign not to be jealous (it’s pretty involved but humans do have a tendency to get entangled in drama LOL) , and because of the book of Exodus during which God introduces himself to Moses who introduces to the Hebrews (* who seemed convinced as if they knew his name) and the Pharaoh (who resists doing the right things quite a few times but meets his end eventually and isn’t convincible and FULL OF PRIDE) and frees the slaves and gives the Ten Commandments to Moses.

This part following about Abrahams possible sin is conjecture on my part:

 It could also be that Abraham sinned by bedding down with the handmaiden and somehow fooled Sarah into thinking that it was her idea. LOL I say that because of all the deception I have seen coming from Islam and the land of UR….Babylon the Land of the Chaldeans and Roman Catholicism, but nevertheless Ishmael wasn’t his child though he may have tried. The reason that Ishmaels mom and Ismael had to leave was because of their mocking of Sarah and her son and God agreed with Sarah that they had to go but an angel helped Ishmael and his mom and promised them they too would be blessed. So it’s not all bad news.

The fact was that they didn’t get along and that meant that they needed to be separated.

The blessing as I recall was something about a lot of nations would come out of her, somehow. Anyway you might want to read about it because I’m going by memory and I’m don’t always remember even though I have a steel trap mind. Not really, LOL. I have no idea who the descendants of Ishmael are but I’m suspicious, mocking being a big clue.


John Zogby was on Huckabee defending the Palestinian predicament and cited that the Israelis asked a Catholic church housing some 300 Palestinians to vacate because they would be bombing there in that neighborhood and the Catholic priest said “where shall we go?” Does anyone remember Monte Cassino? I read about it on Ian Paisleys European Institute of Protestant Studies. The Catholic Church is guilty of omission often and very well could be using their churches for other reasons and using the Palestinians who are in harms way to protect themselves and their churches. I do know that Rome is full of tunnels and so why wouldn’t their churches possibly be guilty of the same in Israel. The UN was guilty of harboring missiles. IS Israel the property of Rome? Is Israel the property of the UN? Are Israelis the property of the world? I think that the priest should take those people and the directives of Israels armies or leaders and go where they think it is safer to go while Israel does what it intends to do which is rid their nation of tunnels that were created to terrorize them and I would think that the priest would understand and comply if he is in fact a friend of Israel. Israel has a job to do and by throwing road blocks in the way of them doing their job and creating more trouble and making their job harder and it will take longer because of that kind junk which puts more Palestinians and Jews at risk. Why should Israel have to indulge a priest and his building with the possibilitiy of real deadly repercussions if the priest is being deceitful which by the sounds of it he is and antagonistic He is in their country, isn’t he? He should be more than willing to help Israel under the circumstances and the evidence of tunnels and knowing the history of priests in Nazi Germany and other countries and their compliance with their enemies to kill Jews, gypsies, american, europeans, gays, and russians, and whoever they felt wasn’t a nazi sympathizer etc.

Rome’s secret weapon for recatholicising the EU

“…….This brings us to Benedict and Rome today.  Readers will be well aware of the Vatican’s efforts after World War II to dominate Europe through the Treaty of Rome.  This strategy was spearheaded by the “St Benedict for first European” campaign conceived during World War II.  Pius XII may have been silent about the holocaust but he certainly made waves when one of Benedict’s early monasteries, Monte Cassino, was bombed by the allies.  Churchill, unworried, correctly observed, “the enemy fortifications were hardly separate from the building itself”. But Pius castigated it as an “atrocity bombing”.  He and his two successors, John XXIII and Paul VI, all vowed to use Benedict’s European credentials to bring the continent to heel……..”


Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 8.20.06 PM


By the way Ian Paisley’s site is worth a great deal of time to learn about the past and about Rome and the Vatican betrayals. It’s a really fantastic site. I think Protestants need to relearn some lessons and I hope Israel will also try to remember and relearn about their plights and the reason for their exodus from Europe and other countries. I think Catholics ought to do the same because often they are just as ignorant what their religion is guilty of because they are not taught correctly to add to the confusion of our world. Anyway it will give you more perspective to make some better judgements and it can’t hurt to read and learn from someone with some knowledge. Knowledge is a good thing not to be ignored. The reasons Protestants protested is because they cared enough to educate themselves and resist the Catholic instructions to not read their bibles or to even own one or to interpret scripture for themselves. Sometimes we take for granted things we should not take for granted the fallacies such as the innocence of priests and the Roman Catholic Church which is linked:.




Can anyone take Geraldo Rivera seriously? He still believes in the single bullet theory for the JFK assassination. I think he ought to give half his property to the Hamas and live with them for a while with his family and see what he thinks then. He is absolutely ridiculous. He is an embarrassment to mankind and a joke. He need s to tip toe thru the tulips which reminds me of a post I wrote called:

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren


Why Callest Thou Me Good?


The Fruits of the Vatican


The lavish homes of American archbishops

Pope Francis calls them Princes.

Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.


Geraldo Rivera is one of their fruits.

If he had his way Israel would cease to exist. Let me tell you if that day comes there won’t be a world.

Israeli soldier thought captured is declared dead

Here’s a message to Joe Scarborough : I don’t recall Joe Scarborough calling this asinine:

Not the same men and did Joe Scarborough say anything about it?

Did he just ignore the obvious?

Didn’t hear a peep from you or anyone else!

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
Israel isn’t a chicken, France is not their mama, and Paris is not their destiny. It sure didn’t work out for ARAFAT, did it?

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.46.20 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.23.04 AM

Palestinian man dragged by the thugs Gaza


Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.25.00 AM

In 2000, two IDF reservists were lynched in Ramallah by a mob of Palestinian savages. New info has been revealed: after they were hanged, their bodies were tossed to a pack of bloodthirsty rioters, who proceeded to tear their bodies apart with their bare hands and eat their organs.

Or this:When Katie Courics husband had his throat slit

Or this: When Jewish men thrown out of building to their death

Or this: Wheel chair bound Jewish man thrown off a cruise ship

Or this: What does Scarborough think about the Jewish wrestlers at the Olympics being assassinated by the PLO?

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.56.00 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.58.42 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.58.22 AM

person jumping from the Twin Towers

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.58.31 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 11.03.20 AM

And that’s just a the tip of the ICEBERG.

If Joe Scarbororough were in charge of the Northern armies in the Civil War there would not have been a Martin Luther King Day to celebrate and he

would still be whipping his black cotton pickers and raping his black maids and calling them all kinds of things.

I want to say to JOE SCARBOROUGH



I have noticed Fox News discussing one or another person in our government or in the press using expletives as if that makes that is the measure of a person when a person gets angry or upset. It isn’t a measure it is a word they use to describe what they feel about what is going on around them. I don’t like fakey people who think that when someone says an expletive they aren’t classy or because one doesn’t get angry enough to say an expletive they are somehow superior. They aren’t superior. While at the same time ignoring evidence and not reporting the truth is far worse than a person who loses their cool. They have a right to be angry and to use expletives when the press purposefully suppresses the truth to keep a fat paycheck coming in their mail.

In case Joe Scarborough doesn’t understand what I mean:

You are intellectually dishonest

a coward

and a slime ball!




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