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Before Abraham Was I Am (thinking out loud)

   Let’s go deeper: Word games and Connections

(The first part of this post is random-like but gets coherent as you go along.)

Jesus said Before Abraham was I AM and the Jews became very upset. When he said that the Jews said something like you are less than 50 years old and you met Abraham? Jerusalem was occupied by the Romans because Pontius Pilate was Roman and obviously had jurisdiction at the time even though he washed his hands and the other leaders were not necessarily Jews except for some in the Sanhedrin (Hedrin was Hadrian wall?) Which was Rome/england? Jerusalem was under occupation at that time. Kind of like Billy Graham writing the book Just As I Am  writing his alibi for the assassination of JFK (the sniffles)…ie washing his hands and thinking he is God or on a par with God. Also Jesus said Call no man Father not sure which gospel. I think the Gospel of Matthew. Let No man deceive you was another thing he said in that gospel, which can be perceived a number of ways. They call Abraham the Father of Isaac and Jacob Abrahim Abrahem vs Bethlehem/elizabeth town run by the Palestinians/Catholics/finge no fringe Gospel of Matthew Was Abraham a Priest of some kind who came from the land of UR: /chaldeans/Islam&Catholics/quatar/cutter/medina/Ural mountains, Turkey, Russia? Then there is the story in the bible about Moses and the slaves of Egypt Check which came first in the bible. Abraham or Moses. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything if someone changed it. Josephus Matthias Flavius adopted son of the Falviuses (romans) stole the books from the temple before it was destroyed in Jerusalem but they did not include the gospels and the books afterwards because those had not not been written yet. Unless the temple was destroyed twice or until the second time Jerusalem was destroyed. I think the first time. If you had believed Moses you would have believed me because he wrote about me. Is there something missing? Or is he talking about the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from the Pharaoh of Egypt with Moses and the God of Moses? Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 1.41.05 PM Moriah the ram/lamb could be what he meant by Before abraham was I am or the Mount Moriah happened after Moses. The two subjects people don’t like to discuss are politics and religion because it is “Don’t go there” kind of asparagus, like being “Politically incorrect”. Silence is not golden.How convenient not to to discuss what needs to be understood. There is great confucius going on and maybe we ought to talk about it and figure it out such as Benghazi which seems to be the catalyst, a neon sign, a marker of some kind, an omen for the Obama Administration and a milestone or a millstone of some kind for Obama and Michelle (who looks as if she was there). Look whats happening in Iraq and everywhere else. How about those red moons on the horizon? Maybe we should take the hearings of Trey Goudy seriously? It might make a big difference. And you have to wonder why they are so afraid of it. I bet JuanWilliams might know since he said It’s gone, baby” Or it’s gone baby” so early in the game it was VERY noticeable because Obama is black (he thinks anyway.) his only reason for his defense of Obama a if it makes a difference. We ought to ID I mean who was there.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 1.38.09 PM

Giving the sign of the cross: His cross

Moses and the doorposts blood of the lamb on the doorposts which is passover when the angel of death flew around when the Eyptian first born males were killed as a last sign and the last proof of Moses to the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go but then the Pharaoh changed his mind and followed after them and Moses opened up the Red SeaReid where the Hebrews escaped and then the Sea closed up and swallowed the Egyptian army…not sure about the Pharoah probably let his army die and created another. With Abraham the concept of sacrifice for sin obviously had been established beforehand because he took his son Isaac up to Mt. Moriah to bind him and then to kill him but God provided a ram caught in the brambles and told him that Ishmael was not his son and that Araham was willing to sacrifice his only son Isaac God knew he believed God and so he bound the ram in place of Isaac and sacrificed the ram (an animal provided a male sheep) basically adding Abrahem and Isaac and Jacob to the Hebrew people. Ish = fake /not true/a faulty sembance of/ fish/ ISh/Hindu/a copy cat ISHMA (Benedict special treatment of hindu worship of cows G8 Interfaith) Ecumenical union of religions ash on

forehead=hindu mark. Women wearing black except for the woman from India. I wonder why? They are supposed to wear black at least that is what I have read about women visitors to the pope and they all look like they are at a funeral. So is the pope trying to communicate that hinduism is life? I have no idea if she is a hindu though. But it seems like a statement of some kind. Perhaps the Vatican was wooing India? There were a few airline crashes of popular Christian leaders in India about that time as I recall. Then before that was the wooing of the Russian pope who was replaced with another pope more to the political leanings of the Benedictines. The  other one was thought to have been poisoned: Pope Alexy. I think he received a gift from the Vatican or the Pope and it probably killed him. Like a painting or something. I recall that the Kennedys received one also and soon a lot of bad crap happened. Africa had some funny stuff happen too around that time.

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 8.35.17 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 1.42.07 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 1.42.45 PM

Ram is a sheep with horns and fish is not a sheep or a lamb.   Catholic papal headdress is a fish the Son of jonah/naked because of disbelief/s(swallowed by a whale or a big lie spit out on to dry land/Peter did not believe and denied three times but loved three times more than these (the fish? taxes money in the fish) ——-feed my sheep Jesus 33 years old or near 50 years of age? Matthew against I AM, Matthew tax man/ Story of fish caught with tax money /Story of Bethlehem/anagrahams born in a manger/german/no room at the inn/ Benedict german born in an MarkT inn in Germany/faith new idea /153 fish 153 hail mary vagina in Medina /ananias seeding for money/ananias visits Peter lived with tanner Islamic worship on roof like Islam eating wild animals that you are not supposed to eat /in a trance not supposed to go there/went to Rome/another ananias graham born again Nicodemas/santa claus/toys profit IRS shill of Catholic and ISLAM hater and fear of woman/en Salut/Saul/Paul/Bael/baul ball- hunter of christians and Jackie said she was a hunter quel and killed John Kennedy called him Jack, infiltrator, may be two Pauls?/Jackie/Quelle to kill q source 3 gospels inspired by Q source/ Matthew son of ari JosephFlavius/roman/el/Ishma-el/male fish god/Leviathon? SEE?Eye of Horus/Egyptian male Mediteranean Sea was the Sea of the Philistines/Palestine. Our Sea/Nostradaums/Norstrum/Mare Norstrum also a another name for the Mediteranan Sea/ Benghazi…..Temples of Goddesses secret societies/dams/denile/ISIS/ pinocchio wood/wouldnot/petrified wood.Petra/Obama/OCCULT vs real man Israel not sea CHIO pet grass seed vs wheat Bread of life don’t eat grass we eat wheat/flatbread minus leavin in a hurry/yeast rises with salt vs mustard whish is also a leavin/ mustard weed small tree grows like a weed, birds sit in them, birds are spirits eat seeds and word of God/ Hansel and Gretyl/mustard seed not the smallest of seed ie LIE, mustard gas etc birds of the air ari heir hair ONASIS burden of proof/ Dry land/Israel/island/No man is an island/abraham   Ash ham Hamas thug Mo-ham-mad/obama birthday proves he is insane/dams-exposed false worship temples/builder of dams LBJ married to Lady Byrd and her wild flowers/phantom ships-Viet nam war after Diem dedicated country to Mary/Haiti/Chechnya, etc/Mary devastation-DIVEST/deprive of/DIVA =False worship =Mary 3 marys or 4 Amen,  after the book of Exodus and not before. Mustard seed synoptic gospels/Q who?Jack of aul trades master on none/NUN/buys and sells mens souls/red and purple/cardinalsand bishops Catholic/court of gentiles in Paris/ Perish/ Parish/ISHPartoidge n Pear tree/ one hour tenyearstenures destruction of OCCULT woman drunk on blood of saints/ ROME Catholicism/pearls and gems golden chalice  drunk and Jealousy mystery human sacrifice and martydom Japan mother of all martyrs….FUKUSIMA ISHMA WORSHIP SUN EUCHARIST/sun?POPE worhip sun and eucharist trans….the cracker into bread/slaver nazi

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 5.42.57 PM

eucharist in sun monstrance

Bruised reed shall he not break/Reid with bruise brakes in car Bush bruised bike Broken bones leaders in EU, and Napolitano, and Hillary, Pope Benedict fell in tub

Here’s What Israeli Soldiers Found under a Hamas Activist’s Bed and Bathtub

and head injuries of leaders even for not attending a dinner party with Obama and Michelle Not a bone shall be broken Jesus in gospel of John Hoaxes/lies/Obama/Grahams/diversions because of and since Benghazi witness against Islam….insulted Mohammad Have to see it to read it…Pelosi Obama Care Red Sea/Reid Muslim Brotherhood/ black vs white/ redskins/insane /Senate Obama stands in front of Abraham Lincoln’s memorial trying to say he is I AM or in other words he is God. Before Abraham was I am which did not mean standing in front of a memorial. Pel, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran PEL (Pakistan), a home appliances manufacturing company in Pakistan In the Hawaiian religionPele ( /ˈpl/ Pel-a; [ˈpɛlɛ]) is the goddess of volcanoes. She is a popular figure in many stories of ancient Hawaii known as Hawaiian mythologyKa wahine ʻai honua (“the earth-eating woman”) is an epithet for the goddess.[1] Like she really read the bible. and a bit hard to swallow a bitter pill and a liar about Obama Care and the destruction of a partially free market in medicine and doctor business because of insurance business which Hillary knows all too well Lord of the flies/obama/ebola 3 countries in Africa/3 ribs/ 3 ebola countries not invited to african summit/tsetse flies/reset button/birthday-insane Democracy is a form of government and is not necessarily the best obviously the Senate has proved that headed by Reid who is insane as well …redskins knead I say more while the country goes to hell and falls apart and attacking ranchers over a turtle and because of his wind farm investment which kill eagles



Iron Dome operator: ‘I witnessed this miracle with my own eyes’

I don’t support Israel because it is a democracy. It is because the Jews have regathered in Israel because of the Nazi era and it is true prophecy. They didn’t do it because they wanted to ….they had to. Six day war was evidence to me of their peculiar people unto God and the Ten Commandments came via them and Moses and God who said his name was I AM that I AM and the decline of America because of the lack of respect for the Ten Commandments and the rise of anti-semitism with the rise of Nazis combining the religions into a BAUL  Islam and Roman Catholicism, hinduism, and a bunch of stuff in between and the Protestand clergy betraying the protest of early protestants because they were really catholic which are the daughters of the mother hen and her chickens. One world Government,  One world religion, ecumenicalism, interfaith, world govt with teeth and world religion with teeth and rise in lawlessness and insanity especially with Obama and Pope Francis and Benedictines. Catechumenal way, Opus dius, Courtyard of the Gentiles which was built at Notre Dame of Paris not by force but choosing to fulfil prophecy falsely.

Noticing the deadly sins of Rome and Dept of Justice Eric Holder looking and acting like a sloth. Lawlessness Asleep at the wheel which was perfect for Obama.Like Department of Defense Chuck Hagel “How much wood could a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood” who didn’t even try to question motivation. Perfect for Obama to destroy America. It was and is your job, but you are SLOW. That is what defense is: to question motivation and to think ahead a bit in order to defend but you fit right in to the Obama sdministration. Did you question the motive behind Benghazi? Of course not, even though Obama told the motivation a few weeks later at the UN. Did you question him what he meant? I guess you weren’t aware? Nobody had to break your bones or twist your arms to make you into fools.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 12.05.29 PM

Sen Franken, who is the epitomb of Deep Thoughts from Saturday might live. You never were that funny and probably the worst comedian known to mankind and probably the worst Senator besides Pelosi and Reid  but what does it matter. Transparent, ghostly, and ghastly!

Will they be able to stop revelations

and the end of foolishness?

Where were they in WWll? If only they had been involved it might have actually ended.

 I also noticed a sign on the news site, not sure which one that said “Ebola is real” obviously making a sick pun of some kind in regards to Israel. The FAA tried to isolate Israel for defending itself yet doesn’t in regards to the Ebola.Have you seen the pictures of the people carrying dead bodies without covering their workers when they weren’t wearing their green outfits, though lately it has gotten better in their green uniforms, but before that their workers were not covered. The CDC didn’t actually care if it spread by the looks of what I saw. So there is a little game going on and the game costs lives. Probably to scare people and a diversion for Obama. That is how sick he is. So I guess the FAA is governed by the CDC? Does that make sense?


As I said I think the tsetse fly is involved in the spread of Ebola because both the tsetse fly and Ebola were confined to the sub saharan parts of Africa which is coincidental. Maybe the CDC wants to get other flies involved. Remember how they handled AIDS? DID the Catholic Church teach their parishioners to use rubbers in Africa? Wasn’t it the blood supply and the mistakes of the RED CROSS that also made many people sick? I had a a few friends die of AIDS because they were hemophiliacs and both were brothers, straight, and happily married. They were not perfect people but they did not deserve that. It was bad enough being a hemophiliac. They have to get blood infusions quite often and not always at convenient times. Not to mention the liver disease spread hepatitis through the blood supply. So why does everyone trust the CDC or the RED CROSS? THEY USE DISEASE LIKE POLITICS. THE TIMING OF THE AFRICAN INTERFAITH OUTBREAK: ISRAEL DEFENDING ITSELF AGAINST HAMAS: THE FAA RESTRICTIONS ON FLIGHTS FROM AND TO ISRAEL :THE FAILED PEACE TALKS BECAUSE THEY FAIL TO STOP HAMAS: THE LACK OF RESTRICTIONS BY THE CDC OF FLIGHTS FROM AFRICA: THE CONFERENCE IN WASHINGTON DC OF AFRICAN LEADERS  SOON EXCEPT THREE LEADERS of the INFECTED NATIONS (THE RIBS? WHICH SEEMS TO BE A PATTERN WITH CERTAIN US LEADERS) SOON. DOES IT SMACK OF OBAMA NEEDS DIVERSION FROM BENGHAZI?

Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency directs airline staff to prevent spread of “infectious material through the air.”

Now they tell us.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”The tsetse fly and its effects on agriculture in sub-saharan Africa

The tsetse fly and it’s affects on agriculture in sub-saharan Africa

“Cattle densities are highest in the moister subhumid areas, except where tsetse flies exist. This conclusion is of major relevance to the understanding of pastoral and agropastoral production systems as it contradicts the conventional belief that livestock are generally kept in drylands, away from the moister cropping zones.”


“These agents can only survive in blood, body fluids and tissues of animal hosts”

And that is how the ebola works too through body fluids so there could be a connection.

I’m not a scientist but I don’t trust scientists either for the most part because of politics.

Perhaps controlling the tsetse fly will control the ebola virus to some degree.

Obama being the Lord of the flies, makes sense to me:

White House: No plans to stop flights from Ebola-stricken nations

“The White House said there are no plans for the United States to ban incoming flights from western Africa nations where the Ebola outbreak has occurred. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).”

I resent the  goody two shoes act of Greg Gutfield and Dana Perino in regards to the Ebola virus except they weren’t acting. They are naive. We are  supposed to be careful in regards to deadly diseases and even though these two doctor missionaries took a chance with their lives does not necessarily mean it is wise to take a chance on other lives in another continent with something you can’t see. I recall what happened in the old days with Chicken Pox to the indians and it had devasting consequences on the population. I mean Small Pox. Just heard Dr. Ben Carson on Fox. Back then we didn’t know that it would be so devastating to them. Maybe they did know. Of course those doctors deserve great care no one questions about that but did they protect the workers that weren’t wearing a suit to protect themselves as they buried their dead? It was their job to protect them as well, wasn’t it? Did they not realize that these people were at risk? Were they not aware? Or did the workers defy their orders to wear suits? What if the virus is spread by flies? We still don’t know how it is spread so being extra cautious is important. I think trying to isolate the disease is smart. It was isolated in Africa. Hopefully the FAA and CDC have upgraded their act and everything will work out. But if Aids is any indicator then I reserve judgement on their performance thus far. We don’t have the facts nor do we know what is ahead on this particular disease. We do have exceptional care in the US so then why not bring all of the Ebola victims to the USA? What do you think Greg Gutfield and Dana Perino? I doubt both of you would like that. I don’t like it when someone silences another’s opinion such as I noticed by the two on their show called The FIve because what if you both are wrong? Even if you are right  Eric Bolling made sense to me as well as the other co-hosts. It would have been nice to hear what he had to say. Not accusing you of racism but of the number of people sick with Ebola in Africa is quite big and the death rate of the disease is quite steep. Do you think perhaps they the other people in Africa or the workers might be worthier than the missionaries? We don’t know of course.

I think these doctor missionaries might have caused some problems in Africa since their workers were without protection.

Maybe it isn’t their fault ….whose fault is it?


CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta: At least 6 tested for Ebola in NYC

Health officials sending Ebola experts and advisors to college campuses……so much for containment eh?

What a bunch of stupid decisions or intentional decisions to expose a few new continents to Ebola.

Didn’t they 



They said a lot of false things about their care of a deadly disease and it’s patients.

THE CDC The Center for Disease COntrol

WHO The World Health Organization

The Red Cross


Not very trustworthy are they?

West African healthcare systems reel as Ebola toll hits 932

The CDC also should be accountable, shouldn’t they? OR are they too big and play musical chairs like the US State Department. Who runs them?

Are they Democrat or Republican. Are they liberal or are they conservative.

They seem to be liberal because they permitted their workers to go without proper protection. Come what may kind of attitude.

I can’t believe there aren’t a few hospitals devoted to Ebola in Africa by now. It is a deadly disease as well as the tsetse fly diseases and the CDC certainly had the money. Why were they working in a field or in someone’s backyard. They should have been working in a hospital. I think the CDC isn’t very wise about their handling of money that they receive and should rethink about their investments or receive less investment themselves. I hate these world groups who use their influence and funds the wrong way. Just because Ebola has a short life normally doesn’t mean it won’t mutate said some one recently on the news……… well then it is worth investing in then, isn’t it.


Just because someone calls someone a missionary doesn’t mean they are good.

There are all kinds of missionaries in the past and some were really bad. Same goes for priests:

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 8.22.04 AM

I don’t know these people at all but I don’t like what I saw with the workers which tells me

something is not right in this event.

Now the virus is in Nigeria (heading eastward by my interpretation) so I guess someone in these other countries that was already infected exchanged bodily fluids with someone in Nigeria even though they say you can’t get it by sneezing or in the air. On Fox they are saying it is a level 1 virus outbreak. They are also trying to inform the world that you don’t need serum you just need hospital care with their fluids. Nine hundred or so people have died and 14000 or more are infected now. By the way the tsetse fly flies in Nigeria a well. We are not to worry though unless it mutates. IE They don’t really know how it is getting around (and blaming the burial traditions for the outbreak) and so quickly and don’t even want to attempt to investigate whether the tsetse fly is involved (which exchange bodily fluids) because of their assumptions because so far they haven’t brought it up. Reminds me of Benghazi. The difference between the man dragged around and Ambasador Chris Stevens who are not the same people and ignoring the picture of a woman at Benghazi that looks like Michelle Obama without a wig and with a swollen face via surgery (which she has had) with arms in one hand (Only Michelle has the right to bear arms) and it looks like a syringe in the other hand. Ignored the message by Obama at the UN  a few weeks later which was the motive (the future of those who insult the profit/prophet of Islam.) Ignoring a bunch of things related written about in the bible. Ignoring the possibilities and probabilities which makes for an interesting analogy. ANA – logic remember when the Synoptic Jesus told a future disciple to let the dead bury the dead and to follow him instead in reference to this man’s own family? That kind of logic. Meanwhile ISIS (well armed making ignorant threats to the White House about their flag probably do’t really know who inspires them) is on the march killing people (600 billion dollars or more missing and unaccounted for in the USA, and Rome probably laundering it as we speak but Fox representatives say that ISIS is worth 1 billion dollars and you have to wonder why they have attempted to estimate their monetary worth), stealing and raping women, killing their children and they say burying them alive. Did they ever tell us how much the rebels in Syria were worth? I don’t recall, but I do know they had some nice outfits and arms. Is this Obama’s army? Devastation. Abomination. I don’t know if the news is being honest or not but it’s in the news and was in the news (because sometimes news mysteriously changes) and Obama recently had a celebration at the White House with African leaders hoping to sell American products to them and saying recently that Putin’s country doesn’t make anything (do the infected countries not make anything either?) as if that makes sense, not to mention saying that the war was over in Iraq and ISIS is marauding into Lebanon. One billion sure does buy a lot of arms.

Coincidentally, they also are not reporting about the Lebanon invasion and threat by ISIS as suddenly as Israel accepts a cease fire.

Matthew 3:7-9

 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: and think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.

Notice he spells the name Abraham with the ham whereas God spelled it without the ham, Abram, after he renamed him. So Matthew or whoever  wrote the Gospel of Matthew and other gospels must not have known the difference. So they ignored the Old Testament in their rendering. Interesting.WHICH BRINGS INTO THIS DILEMMA A WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE/ANGLE.  Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels goes into a trance in the desert on his 40 day journey without food and water and is tempted by the devil to turn stones into bread which is not included in the Gospel of John where instead he was at a wedding which is not included in the Synoptic Gospels. Of course both events may have occurred at different times. Are there such things as 40 day weddings? In any case he says to the devil not to provoke God and to consider every word of God.

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
But to determine which was said by God and which is said by men is kind of tough.
It is only written in the other Synoptic Gospel of Luke that man shall not live by bread alone.
It is not in the old testament which was the only bible testament at the time I think. I linked it in the search of the bible so you can see for yourself.
That example is a co-nun-drum.
Ever wonder why they made the one year bible? So you would skip around the bible without reading the bible. I must admit the computer sure helps when doing searches of the online bible. I guess that was not foreseen for those that try to keep people in the dark. Perhaps those were the dark ages.

Ebola-infected American doctor releases statement from isolation: ‘I am growing stronger every day’

The doctor in Emory with Ebola has a message to the world with borders about his relationships with all the sick in Africa without borders that he cared for knowing each by name etc. Lucky them. Very gracious man. Please tell us their names and be a bit more specific. Kevorkian also probably knew each patient by name as well. I know by the name of this doctors association who and what his game is. “Without borders” is very Benedictine, isn’t it? So I’m not impressed. How about a world with out parishes. I like that idea. How come the disease got so out of hand in Africa and how come we didn’t get the real scoop about it’s failure to control till after the fact? How come we didn’t get the real scoop even a few days ago before insisting on ebola’s borderless-ness. If you can’t contain it there why should we trust you here? in order to get a serum did you experiment on those familiar faces?  How come you get a serum and the land without borders doesn’t? What’s the benefit? WHO benefits? You or them? The Samaritan’s Purse needed some help with it’s reputation? How about telling how you were able to attain that name and that business?

Something just doesn’t ring true about this outbreak!

Kind of like the concern for christians in iraq by the popes a few weeks or more later, but only since the Mosul dam and oil fields became an issue! What about the Christians in Syria that were protected for quite a long time till ISIS formed/rebel forces?

Just by the doctor’s message I can tell his very nature: very, very , very  showy.

Pope Benedict=World Without Borders

 Franklin Graham= Samaritans Purse

I had read some time a few years back that the head quarters of the WHO was in the Vatican City. Maybe that has changed, I don’t know.

Burn Down The Mission – Elton John 

Just because someone is a nurse, a doctor, president, or a pope doesn’t automatically make them have a conscience or not have an ulterior motive.

Obama ought to be evidence of that.

And don’t underestimate the coincidence

about the political moves of Obama in Africa and the outbreak in Africa.

He sure has a lot of those kind of coincidences.

“Never let crises go to waste?”

Remember that idea? 

 Is Obama or Michelle breaking bones again?

Honestly in this day everyone ought to be suspicious of everyone. Sometimes people are under the control of someone else and what has been occurring in the world exemplifies that idea. I know, cause I have had to deal with some people I thought I knew and they did things they would not normally do or even remember that they did.

Spanish Priest Miguel Pajares, Being Treated For Ebola In A Madrid Hospital, Has Died

A priest has died of Ebola and I just heard on Fox News the tail end of a report about the priest and that they were doing research on Ebola and that there just isn’t enough serum to go around. Then why not protect the workers better. In the early photos they weren’t even wearing covering on their body (like the researchers) as they buried their victims. One article said there wss no money in finding a cure for Ebola, then what the heck are they up to in Africa?

Stop Worrying About Ebola (And Start Worrying About What it Means)

This article is making a case for investing in Africa because Obama’s reputation is at stake and the World Government wants money. It is full of crap. Misrepresenting facts and mixing up truth with fiction. It may very well be that Africa should invest it’s wealth into it’s health care, but isn’t that up to Africa? This is all because he just had a big todo with Africa’s leaders while Ebola was spreading. He want’s America to invest in Africa and Africa to buy our goods. Bribing on both sides. What is going on is he doesn’t like the investigation into Benghazi and will do anything to avoid answering in regards to it and so will Hillary. She will say or do anything even if it doesn’t make any sense which is usually the case.

This is World Government gone APE!

What happened to the 640 billion dollars that slipped through the cracks of the Federal government?

For all we know there might not be an EBOLA outbreak just people milling around in suits?

I think it is called




which is typical of OBAMA isn’t it?

 All because he wants to destroy Netanyahu and Israel. IMO Isn’t that the first thing he did when he took office was to send an insult by photo op?

That is what all this unrest is about.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 12.19.30 PM


Well the doctor that survived Ebola gave a news conference and gave the glory to God for his own cure and the CDC and a few other agencies

but most of all to

The Samaritans Purse.

(Franklin Grahams agency)

Two U.S. Ebola patients have recovered, both discharged from Atlanta hospital

“Dr. Kent Brantly, one of two U.S. Ebola patients who have recovered from the virus, says he is ‘forever thankful to God for sparing my life.’ Rough Cut (no reporter narration).”

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 12.34.04 PM

I think one of the other agencies he mentioned was called I think Just As I AM…..meaning just like God. (Just like the book his dad wrote recusing himself about the JFK assassination because of the sneezies ie washing his hands and included was his alibi and his rendition of the meeting between him and JFK’s son who was investigating his dad’s assassination and who was killed in a plane crash soon after.)

Talk about Grand Standing. Anyway


was very instrumental in the success for this strange convergence.

No questions were allowed to the doctor until, of course, he is able to get his ducks in a row.

Too bad about the people in Africa though because they didn’t fare as well. About a 1000:1 ratio in the their cure rate so far.  I don’t think he understands, comprendez?

Don’t ask why just ASS U ME: WHAT A NERD.

Probably be a surge in the sale of fruitcakes anytime now.

It is getting to be absurd and very childish.

Was it a veiled threat? HMMMMM. One thing for sure it is FREAKIN’ WEIRD.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 2.47.00 PM

I hope the doctor will send his condolences to the victims families using their names that he remembers because he said he remembers all of them when he is able to write with a pen on paper. It takes time to get well and gather strength. Perhaps the CIA might check his post office box for such evidence. Or the NSA, the FBI, The Department of Defense, or whoever is interested in seeing if he really does remember them by name. Too bad he didn’t help protect the workers with the same protection he afforded




I wonder what subject Greta Van Susterne is covering on her show tonight?

Should I even ask?

I did a post about an interview Greta had with Billy Graham but I can’r remember which post or which blog but I noticed he was fitting into her in the interview. I’m sure if you look for that interview on the web you will see what I mean. It is subtle but if you want to notice or be aware you ought to watch it. Watch especially what he does with his jaw in concert with hers. She only interviewed him once I think so it should not be hard to sort through. He is like a crab that fits into shells. Human shells.

Screen shot 2014-07-18 at 3.53.15 PM

John 2:24-25

24 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men25 and needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man.

I wonder if this is what he meant. The crab. Crabs have claws too.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 12.44.52 PM

One of the Sandy Hook ELementary mom and dad who are really strange. The dad was caught laughing about his daughter’s death before the camera in their hoax/massacre which you can find if you dare look.

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 11.01.27 AM


EVEN UNTO 1600 Pennsylvania AVE!



Hannity is in Israel and he and others assume that the missiles and building of tunnels is caused by Syria and Iran. I beg to differ. I think the Saudis, Qutar and the Vatican are deeply involved in the structures built and the missiles involved in the attack on Israel. I also think the Syrian rebels were hired by the Saudis, as I recall. Why would the Vatican need to launder money? Why would the Jesuit spokesman for the Vatican Frederiko Lombardi have had the first word on the false excuse for Benghazi? to help Obama with the help of State Department because they are involved in this deception. They want to control Israel using their peace talks. They are possessed by evil and I think they know what they do.

The average catholic, muslim, christian, agnostic has no idea because they don’t know what they do.

What did Pope Benedict xv1 bring into Jerusalem when he visited the Dome of the Rock?



Possibly could be what builds those tunnels or produces those missiles.They are pros at building tunnels.

I certainly would think it is involved as well as Notre Dame in Jerusalem.

The Palestinians right to Gaza or the West Bank of  Israel 

On Hannity I watched a woman show her home in Israel near Gaza that had been attacked with missiles by the Hamas/Palestinians a few minutes before the cease fire for 72 hours and it was quite deadly though luckily no one was killed but it was meant to kill. She said that she didn’t think the war with Hamas will ever be over till Gaza is not the Gaza we have come to know as a place for thugs.

Hannity had a representative of Israel and I don’t know his name (Dore Gold) but he talked about the different religious groups in Jerusalem and did a little tour with Hannity which was interesting such as the Jaffa Gate and it’s history. I don’t think he was altogether truthful or knowledgeable as he thinks but that is true of most people. Most people want to live in peace that is obvious and so those people tend to live together easily with their differences. The problem is the other people that want to destroy Israel and to control Israel and the world. So it makes life on earth confusing and rough sometimes. They said they found 30 something tunnels near Gaza. Dream on but don’t count on those being the only ones. I think Jerusalem has a bunch of tunnels under it. I hope Hannity stays in Israel a good long time because he is doing everyone a service by his interviews and education. I think it helps a bunch even if not everything is as it may seem or uncovered yet. I know the Dome of the Rock does have tunnels because we have seen them before quite a few years back. I guarantee Notre Dame in Jerusalem does as well as the Church of the Sepulchre and other Roman Catholic places even around the Lake/Sea of Galilee, maybe not for missile launching but other nefarious reasons. Israel has to deal with politics as well and not all politics is truthful, in fact very little.

Egypt and the Palestinians trying to strong arm Israel into truce talks and that’s where some of those tunnels started from. Seems a bit perflexing. So much for the Switzerland of the Middle East. Egypt doesn’t escape and I think it’s showing. The other was Libya and another country which are the steps in the Book of Daniel. So they are the agents of whoever that is.

Sean Hannity tours Jerusalem with Dore Gold

Hannity is doing a great service education wise for the Americans and others by going to Israel. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and have learned quite a bit. I don’t however agree with everything Dore Gold unfolded in their tour. I think there is a bit of political deception in that segment but not necessarily purposeful though because history and politics is hard to divide especially in biblical times since it is obvious by the gospels themselves a great deal of confusion and purposeful folly was inserted because a lot is riding on what occurred such as mens souls and other important issues. Still he had a lot to offer in his perceptions. Hope you read this post:

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

I forgot to add that Israel historically is Israel and even bigger than it is now but will eventually grow to be much bigger again. The Philistines/Palestinians were Sea people and came by boats trading and I believe they may be like the Onassis tribe. The Greeks. It was at the Jerusalem feast a jewish feast that Andrew and the other disciple had met the greek visitors and they wanted to meet Jesus. At that time there were men in the crowds of Jerusalem that would knife people in the back. They were like the mob. Jerusalem was under the occupation of Rome at the time, hence Pontius Pilate. Of courese Pilate the exercise is greek.That is why Jesus who was a Jew in the Gospel of John didn’t bother to meet with the greek visitors He ignored their request, but not because of the exercise The Greeks/Turks were strangers to the land of the Middle East except by sea trade. So their claim to Israel is misguided and they are actually the thugs of Roman Catholicism as well. That is why the Cyrene business is so important. Cyrene included Greece and Turkey and a few other places historically etc. Paul was from Tarsus. Tarsus is a heel. Is it not? Tarsus is a part of Turkey I think. Libya is included because they became a colony of Turkey


ISIS Captures City in Lebanon as Threat Moves Closer to Israel

ISIS is in Lebanon going after the people that left Syria and have  and must be heading towards Israel. They sure do get around.

Why would Israel even make deals with Hamas in Cairo? Seems redundant. I guess it’s the “lull affect.”

“Simon, Simon Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat.” I think that is in the Gospel of Luke.

Simon of Cyrene.

Jesus was arrested pretty soon after that Jewish feast and was crucified. He knew why they the Greeks had come to Israel and to Jerusalem. To QUELLE him!

But he had a few things to do first.

When Jackie Kennedy met Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis and received red roses he was with a bunch of men wearing hats that are called Fez. Cyrene encompassed in history quite a large area and was basically the Mediterranean/Philistine Sea traders.

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 9.26.48 PM

The fez (Turkishfes, plural fezzes or fezes[1]), as well as its equivalent, the tarboosh (Arabicطربوش‎ / Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [tˤɑɾˈbuːʃ]ALA-LCṭarbūsh), is a felt hat of two types: either in the shape of a truncated cone made of red felt, or a short cylinder made of kilim fabric, both usually with a tassel attached to the top. The tarboosh is of ancient Greek origin[2] and the modern fez, which is similar, owes much of its development and popularity to the Ottoman era.[3][4]

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 9.28.37 PM Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 9.28.43 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 9.28.53 PM

The Jewish temple was there in Jerusalem at that time so it really was Israel then when the greek visitors came to Israel which would be around 33 AD or earlier. But that temple was built by Herod the 2nd temple period. I think Herod was roman. So when Jesus died he split the veil of the Temple in half (I think because it was roman catholic and to cut out the middle man between God and man the business of religion and replacing it with himself.). Cut the veil asunder or something like that because it was Roman inspired not the original temple built by the son of David and Herod’s temple was corrupt and actually Islamic with the veil of Roman Catholicism and it’s charity, your taxes. I don’t know if Herod was a Roman Catholic-jew but there was another temple before that built by Soloman son of David. And Jesus was supposed to be from the lineage of David, not Herod as far as I know. The gospel of Matthew has the lineaage but as I said that was written after Jesus came and there is a problem with the lineage a catch-22 which I wrote about and others have in regards to that lineage. Remember Josephus Matthias Flavius adopted son of the Flavius took the holy books to Rome from the Temple and was hired by the Flaviuses for Rome propaganda purposes. Obviously the gospels were in the process of being written because they were not part of the Old Testament or connected to them. The only gospel that does connect is the Gospel of John when Jesus says over and over again in different ways: I AM the way the truth and the life. I Am the door. I Am the bread of life. I AM that I AM is in the Old Testament when Moses freed the Hebrew slaves so obviously there is a connection. Otherwise why have the Old Testament with the New Testament? As I said the prophecy of “Out of Egypt I called my son” applies to Moses for one, not just Joseph and his son and Jesus said “Before Abraham was I AM.”   If you take away the Gospel of John you have no connection to the Old Testament. Kind of disfunctional to say the least, isn’t it? It would not make sense. Obviously Rome didn’t like Jesus so they made their own Jesus mocking Jesus in many ways IMO.

Does the Covenant of men take precedence over the Covenant made with God? Apparently it has affected many presidents.

In the Roman Catholic tradition when one becomes a Catholic under the guidance of a priest more than likely and they have to jump through a few hoops and then are confirmed.

How to Become a Catholic

I was confirmed in a particular religion because of the church behind my house when I was a young teen. Sort of similar to Catholicism. Episcopalian. They taught me about Jesus nominally under the guidance of a rector.

My mom and dad became Methodists at a certain time in their journey. My sister became non denominational which is a denomination with a non in front.

Each one has a different take on Christianity.

But for the most part –you get confirmed.  

Becoming Jewish

To become a Jew you convert to becoming Jewish under the guidance of a rabbi.

How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim

They convert a well with their 13 step program.

To become Islamic you just have to convert, pay, or die. Used to be you would have to convert or die but now you can pay since isis started their marauding through the lands of Islam.

Somewhere in between there is Kabbalah with one “l” such as the woman who was blessed by the Pope after her long stay in prison because she married a Christian man;) and endorsed by Huckabee. It’s about trying to control in various ways the state of Israel and most of all Jerusalem. I think they are kind of the Pentacostal Jewish/Muslim/Catholic/Christian so you can see why it is blessed by Pope Francis. Hoping to keep a firm grip on the apple of God’s eye one way or another and there are many others. And hoping to control or influence Netanyahu or any other leader of Israel. Hence that is why I think there are many more tunnels in Jerusalem. Sneaky, however flattery often does work depending on who you are dealing with. My advice: don’t accept because you end up mired in a bunch of entanglements you don’t need and will be used against you holding your feet to the fire so to speaks so they can hang you upside down with their lariat in their garden. Make you try to live up to what you cannot live up to. Before you know it you will be planting trees. Then they will honor you with a plant like they did Amb. Chris Stevens. Meaningless drivel.

I Talked To The Trees (Paint Your Wagon)

This post is about flattery and some other stuff which I hope you read:

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised


ancient egyptian goddess

Do you ever feel like you are in a big poker game where each of us is a card? That is kind of what is going on with the religions. A game of numbers and I don’t think they really give a hoot/crap/poop about the card or about God. That is called tribulation. Obviously that is what is occurring these days. When King David tried to count his people many people died and I think that is what happened in the Book of Numbers which is a good case in point. It’s not how many that matters if God and when God is involved. The Six Day War is evidence of that. Obviously God was involved! When they used to pick men to fight in battle they had a test of how they drank the water at a water hole/river. They chose the ones that were cautious who had their eyes on their surroundings and drank instead of the ones that just drank with a “come what may” attitude/throwing caution to the wind. The War in Israel against the Hamas is also evidence of that. The death toll on each side is evidence of that, because the Hamas used kids and women as human shields, they used the UN sites a shields, they used churches as shields, and they used schools as shields hence they have a higher death rate. Basically a “come what may” kind of attitude and throwing caution to the wind and you can’t blame Israel for that. You can blame those that shot missiles from those sites. You can blame the UN sites that allowed missiles to be launched from their buildings and for not being cautious. You can blame the schools that allowed missiles to be launched from their buildings and for not being cautious. ETC. which demonstrates they are not on the right side of this war. The Palestinians should fight Hamas or allow Israel to handle it for them because Hamas is not for the Palestinians side either or they would not put Palestinians in harms way. The Hamas is the enemy of the Palestinians. You would have to be an idiot not to notice that.

When The Gospel of Matthew occurred Matthew was counting people for taxes and to control and not just to figure out how many people were in his tribe.

Two Major News Organizations Have Questioned the High Palestinian Casualty Figures —

and It’s Probably Not Ones You’d Expect

Nomin-al Teaching and Confirmation

Language is very confusing sometimes and sometimes words, spelling, and meanings can be altered. We take for granted our own language but it didn’t start out as it is now. It evolved from different influences throughout the world. The evolution of our language sometimes was good and sometimes the changes were not for the better losing the meaning of older writings.

Most people get confirmed early in life in a religion of Christianity. I don’t now about Islam or Judaism but they get converted by Islam by threat of death and Judaism they try to dissuade you from converting.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Mark and Luke the synoptic gospels Jesus warns Tell No man in a number of ways such as Salut No man,after healing a man Jesus says tell no man after being on the Mount and blessing people and feeding a bunch of people and they tell a bunch of people.

Here are a few posts about those two statements and one in between:

Salute No Man *  An Holy Kiss *   Tell No Man

Speaking of nomin-al teaching President Obama said at his first or second Correspondents dinner

that he had or was gonna 

sing Al Green in his first term

and win the war on Christmas in his second.

What in the world did he mean by that?

Today they announced he was allowing the Pentagon some help to the Iraq Christians fleeing from the marauding ISIS.

Does this intervention have more  to do with the Christians or the fear of ISIS controlling Mosul Dam in Iraq?

Does the oil business have anything to do with it?

ISIS just took a town in Lebanon. Wait, Lebanon?

Evidence of ISIS

I have yet to see evidence of kids heads on stakes and things like that that we keep hearing about and so I kind of think there are a lot of stories going on hoping to alarm us and the Roman Catholic Church is taking the high road attempting to be the moral authority of religious leaders all over the world of course, (yet I don’t see them taking refugees to the Vatican or even an invitation which is distressing considering their wealth and notorious charity using laundered money received from every country in the world that they infiltrate) but quite late in the game weeks as a matter of fact,  and distancing themselves from who they control IMO and now the Pope is in South Korea so I guess it isn’t that big a deal to the Pope if he is in South Korea. Pope Francis arrives in South Korea for first Asia trip  In other words I’m real suspicious of the whole business and because the moment the ceasefire took hold in Israel the ISIS front in Lebanon seemed to evaporate.

Pope Francis celebrates a Holy Mass to beatify 124 Korean martyrs

Alluring South Korea!

Rev. Graham: ‘People are dying for their faith’ 

You ought to try it and do us a favor.

Wherever he goes it’s not good news.

I have seen a video of ISIS stopping a few people in their trucks asking them when they pray (a sign of islam is when they pray like Peter in the book of Acts) and that could have been in Mexico as far as I could tell but that’s it so far and then the red mark on a door that looks like a bullseye type mark with a smiley and some people walking. I have watched the people getting fed by volunteers but the people look so clean, shaven, not like you would think that they would look etc as if they haven’t traveled very far. I look far worse often then they do and I have been stuck at home for the most part. I don’t mean to be insensitive. Just would like more evidence not that I want to see kids on  stakes but that is a pretty horrendous act and I’m not so sure it is true. Creating fear is a form of terrorism and I’m thinking that is what is being exploited like the gas attacks in Syria that I found pictures of dead people actually changing clothes who had supposedly been poisoned to death in some of the  pictures or women rushing around with painters masks (which is useless against sarin gas) and the children they were leading around by the hand were without masks and the moment it was noticed pictures came out with the same woman with a handkerchief over her face as if they got caught in a farce. This Iraq ISIS is kind of looking like the immigration crisis on our border more or less is what I think we may be seeing in Iraq. I saw no one fleeing or running. Is this a coordinated immigration run by Rome and it’s ally Islam hoping to get funds and their reputation back or pushing a “world without borders” scheme? Do they want their neighborhood to put in a park instead like the Clintons did in Haiti with some kind of business complex type endeavor of theirs? Sort of an “Imminent Domain” type scheme. These people don’t look any worse than the Central Americans we have seen pictures of on our border and they were paid to come and/or paid to get to the USA to put stress on our country. It is a tactic of Rome and it’s husband Islam. Not sure what it accomplishes except unrest for diversion’s sake. So I will continue to look for more evidence besides some ignoramuses boasting about coming to America.  

My hope is someday someone with some guts and brains obliterates their shrines, their temples and their occult monuments just to put them out of business. It is a shame there isn’t anyone like that in this world but would rather eat their crumbs at the cost of humanity. The world could be a much better place if someone did have both qualities. Until we do this kind of shit is going to escalate.

“We never wanted to come here” says young Iraqi refugee


U.S. Warplanes Strike Militants in Iraq

Obama Allows Limited Airstrikes on ISIS















(the representative of the Vatican of Rome in South Korea trying to Catholicize Asia as it has Europe, Japan, attempting to do so in the USA to make the world HEEL.)




 Like who do you think you are kidding?

Now Greta is showcasing Franklin Graham and his approach to the situation for christians in Sudan and with ISIS etc. Let me ask them (Greta and Franklin Graham) would they be willing to stand up against the powers that lift up false icons and temples against freedom of religion and the power behind them? Or is this just a show using people hurt by those powers to enhance your own reputation and gain support, a following, and donations. I know the answer ALREADY!

Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready.

John 7:1-9 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him. Now the Jews’ feast of tabernacles was at hand. His brethren therefore said unto him, Depart hence, and go into Judæa, that thy disciples also may see the works that thou doest. For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world. For neither did his brethren believe in him. Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready. The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil. Go ye up unto this feast: I go not up yet unto this feast; for my time is not yet full come. When he had said these words unto them, he abode still in Galilee.
Here Jesus is a witness.

Jewry and Herod’s Temple now the DOME OF THE ROCK

were obviously al-lied

and run by the same powers that are still in power today.

Rockets Break Gaza Cease-Fire

Number 1:  Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Full Transcript of Obama’s Comedy Routine

He also said he won the war on Iraq. Doesn’t appear that way.

I think things aren’t going the way of Barack Obama as much as he thought it would…woood….woooooooood…I guess it has something to do with


 Things aren’t always what they seem.

What did Samson do? He gave honey to his family but he didn’t tell his family that he got it from the bees that were in a carcass of a Lion.

In any case be cautious and vigilant because a lot of things are occurring and a bit out of man’s control and

Pride goeth before a fall.

Common sense says to destroy the monuments of allah because they don’t believe in freedom of religion

hence they should not have their monuments to their gods and their profit/prophet.

Teach them a lesson in kind. You will do them a great big favor and they won’t have to trek to Medina ever again.

Until it is done there will always be these renegade killers banding together under their banner of allah from discontent with their own plight in their own countries blaming everyone else besides their own leaders.


Another Tack: Groundhog Day in Gaza

If I were Netanyahu

I would make this deal: Israel won’t destroy your shrines, mosques, temples, and monuments all over the middle east to false gods if you control your hoodlums otherwise all those places will no longer exist if the islamic countries don’t do what they should do starting with the ones in Israel and in Jerusalem and work outward until their madness ends.

The US ought to do the same to the Islamic countries that are involved with Hamas and ISIS. IF you kill one more person in the name of allah, or take their home, or stamp their house, or inflict bodily harm, or pressure conversion to islam you lose a big mosque in Medina. ETC and work outward from there.

After a few reality checks such as the destruction of Medina I would imagine they might take the US or Israel seriously as it is they don’t.

Heavy barrage of rockets fired at Tel Aviv area, southern Israel and Jerusalem

Language is important. It can be deceiving as we have seen in our own country with Obama and his dark sentences.

If I was Netanyahu I know what I would do;)

Jordan’s Abdullah: Israel must be held accountable

for what is happening in Gaza

The Pope’s messenger King Hussein

Obviously Jordan isn’t playing fair and may be involved with Hamas, but here is a message for King Abdully Schlamully: Guess how Israel get enlarged prophetically speaking? You ought to get on the right side of this war against criminals who make tunnels to sneak up on people in their homes to kill and abduct. You don’t deserve a country to rule if you can’t tell the difference. You kind of exposed yourself! 

Quit being the Pope’s boy!

Obama calls Jordan’s king about Iraq

USA TODAY ‎- 2 days ago

 Better you should buck up and shut up.

Yea it’s your country otherwise it may happen sooner than you would like.

Hamas executes 18 ‘collaborators’

Isn’t it time to hit the ideological centers of your angst? Medina and Mecca?

I know what I would do if I were Netanyahu


LIke M’dina Malta was a strategic place in the past so too is Medina, Saudi Arabia, idea-illogically.

I think it might have been on the island of Malta that the religion of Islam began with a nun and mohammad.

Read news about tunnel diggers being blindfolded and killed lately. Don’t know if it’s true but it is time to take out their inspiration. Enough of their games. They don’t need their source of strength their false premises for their insane behavior.

Give them the warning that it will come without warning if one more missile enters Israel or one more abduction or one more stamp on a door, one more threat, or one more death attributed to their religious insanity and aspirations, etc.

Start with the big ones. Put them out of business.

It’s not about revenge. It’s about “thou shalt have not other gods before me.”

But maybe Israel and Netanyahu are too  tangled in politics to be free. It takes leadership to do hard things.

Hillary Clinton:

may be trying to distance herself from Obama but she is wrong still. ISIS is an offshoot of the rebels in Syria and financed by the same. Syria protected the christians for many years and others and the Syrian rebels were out to kill the christians just as they are in Iraq. She is trying to confuse people who is responsible for ISIS. She is an agent of the vatican jesuits. She is just trying to fit in somewhere to do more harm and try to get back in the game and using Israel’s recent success with their openness as an opportunity. She is no friend to Israel and she is no friend to christians. She is an opportunist, is all she is. It’s their game and she doesn’t fool me don’t let her fool you. It’s probably by order of her that the tunnelers are forced to tunnel, blindfolded and killed. It would not surprise me. Remember what she said about the UN buildings as the only place for missiles to be stored for the Hamas where kids were stored as well

 WHAT SHORT MEMORIES YOU HAVE AND THIS PROVES IT. She is no friend of the Palestinians either.

Fox News is trying to promote Hillary in their wiley ways. The ones in the drivers seat that is. ie the bulls of Bashan and their BS.

Remember the Branch Davidians? Remember her birthday message to the Seventh Day Adventists?


Does she seem sincere to you? LOL She is a viper and mocking them. Why? Why does she bother when she isn’t a believer?

What difference does it make to her what the Seventh Day Adventists believe?

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.04.08 PM Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.03.42 PMScreen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.04.29 PM

How does it affect her?

What about the cuban boy that wanted asylum in America?

What about Vince Foster?

What about JFK jr ,his wife and baby, her sister-in-law?

What about Ron Brown?

What about all those women?

How about Haiti?

How about Chechnya.

On Benghazi: What about ‘no man left behind’?

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.25.07 PM

Not the first time either. Wasn’t there a problem with some forces left without reinforcements and supplies in Yemen?

What about this relationship?

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.13.11 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.16.57 PM

Israel’s new lawyer: Hillary Clinton


Robin Williams

I DON’T BELIEVE ROBIN WILLIAMS COMMITTED SUICIDE EITHER! Just because you have a belt around your neck does not mean someone else didn’t put it there. He was in debt and I don’t think his character ie his being was the type to kill himself because of his fondness for kids: his own kids and other kids. He sort of was a teacher and whether or not he was depressed I don’t think he would commit suicide but he did leave signs such as a picture of him with monkey on his back. Debt. I think he may have been trying to say something without saying it. Maybe he was being threatened.  Cuts on his wrist seem suspicious to me but they also could have been put there. And usually someone who is depressed leaves a note to the people he or she loves. The silent killer probably was the mob or others to make an example of him somehow. He was supposed to make a film sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire, and maybe he doubted it. He was a very wonderful artist, IMO. I guess he and his wife sleep apart or they did that night so there may be some kind of insurance to be had. (not accusing the wife but maybe someone interested in her because she must be pretty or his kids, who knows, but I sure wouldn’t jump to conclusions. I don’t think he would leave that example behind for his kids or for other kids. Negativity isn’t necessarily a minus. Sometimes it’s a plus. Depend on how and what you add, multiply, divide, and subtract. I read that his kids wrote about negativity after he died and I find that a bit bizarre, but they are grieving I think. You can’t accept the world as it is since Obama came to town without being negative to some degree. In hollywood being an asset you might not notice the world being in your own little world especially when young but there is a big bad wolf out there and having a hedge doesn’t always protect you unless it is the right hedge. I don’t think he killed himself because Robin Williams invested too much energy doing the opposite of giving up. They say he had the beginning of Parkinson’s Disease which causes depression and that supposedly he did write a note. I still maintain he would not have committed suicide even then but every time someone is killed or died we can always find evidence that they might have been suicidal to some degree because we all have our moods even the ones that put on a good act. It’s the easy way out to assume suicide. They said Marilyn Monroe committed suicide but I don’t think she did. I don’t think he did either. It isn’t that hard to make someone look like they did though. The mob do it all the time that way there isn’t a big investigation. I looked for the picture of Robin WIlliams with the monkey on his back in pictures of Robin WIlliams with monkey on his back search and could not find it but I watched Sheppard Smith show it on Fox News when he eulogized Robin Williams apparent suicide when I first heard about it via Sheppard Smith. Maybe they have their own pictures of Robin Williams. I have no idea where they have stored it but was intending to illustrate it. Perhaps they have a private collection?

The picture of the monkey is quite a big clue though, IMO. Did he decline a dinner invitation to the White House?

Maybe he insulted the prophet/profit Obama worships.

Found the pics finally and a page full of them now. This all seems a bit hokey like a set up. Sure are a lot of setups since Obama became President of the USA.

Remember Natalie Wood? Her death was not an accident IMO! Next post is about Natalie Wood and the mystery behind it:

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

I hate Sheppard Smith  –  what a dweeb!

“Look who’s on top of the world and who just went down a peg or two!” Creepy person, a peeping tom and a shallow troublemaker alarmist perfect for propaganda purposes and renewing conflicts. Kind of a freak of nature. I think we ought to watch the press as well with monitors to figure out how they are manipulating world events. Why they include certain news and ignore other news and what stories to embellish etc. I think they ought to be monitored Just like the cops and public places and government offices.

Obama adjusts Iraq narrative, now blames Bush for troop withdrawal

U.S. military airstrikes against Islamic State prompt revisionist history



Abomination of Desolation

 Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

In truth, I think, “they know not what they do.” then Jesus said “the Prince of this world cometh and he hath nothing in me.” Who was he talking about?

Even Pope Francis calls his bishops Princes. I think Popes are considered to be Princes as well. I think he was talking about Paul. Paul traveled a bunch like the Popes do nowadays on the taxes they appropriate from the countries they occupy that is why they launder money. And Paul was a hunter of Christians and started out with the name Saul. Why did he change his name?

Was the pope at that time called Saul?

So I think we have to go by what was said and if it makes sense as far as the gospels go and the Synoptic gospels are very confused. I have written some things about the Synoptic Jesus and if you compare the gospels it makes him look silly. Like the Fig Tree debacle. Why on earth would Jesus curse a fig tree for not producing fruit before it was supposed to produce fruit because he was hungry? Ridiculous, but when you think about it sounds very similar to Obama’s logic.

He said recently that Russia doesn’t make anything. What a weird thing to say but wants to sell to american goods to Africa. I think he is running out of friends.

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren *

I highly doubt that the Palestinians/greek/turks would have allowed there to be a Jewish temple if it wasn’t there already.

Look what they did to Ariel Sharon just for walking up to the Temple mount.

Second Intifada

They flipped out.

The Dome of the Rock came later after Jesus was crucified.

So those that support the Palestinians are wrong and are making a huge mistake. They do not have a right to any part of Israel historically. They don’t have a right to a homeland because they can’t govern themselves. I have seen only one Palestinian who was honest enough to tell the truth on Fox News with Kelly File and he was very critical of his own people because of their politics and you can’t blame that on the Jews but you can blame that on Hamas and whoever support the Hamas which should be nobody. Pirates don’t get along with each other and that is what they act like. Whoever sends the flotillas to the Palestinians and Hamas are probably where they came from.

Lo and behold they have a picture of one of the ISIS leaders and he has a huge parrot on his arm like a pirate and wearing a bandana too. LOL

Actually they deserve a homeland back in Greece and Turkey and the SEE of Rome where they came from. They have to live somewhere but none of the Islamic countries seem to want to keep them, although Egypt did when Mubarak was President and they seemed content. But those tunnels did take some time to construct or some very quiet machinery so that no one would be suspicious. Where did they get the money? Obama? Rome? Saudi Arabia. Qutar? USA? Why is Obama always fund raising? It is astronomical the rise in America’s debt under Obama and where did it go? To the tunnels that are going to be destroyed? To ISIS? 

I read that 618 billion dollars is unaccounted for by Obama Administration and 300 programs aren’t…… (I can’t remember what the ticker said but obviously pork is draining our tax dollars and going to bad places …probably Rome to be laundered and then to Hamas and Isis and every other bad place you can imagine.)

$619 billion missed from federal transparency site

My eyes fog over about the debt of this country under Obama especially when I heard from that English guy on Fox. I forgot his name. Stuart Barney. Sorry. How do you understand what trillions and trillions of dollars added to the debt is. We should all be millionaires including the illegal immigrants. We should all be sitting on the beach near our condos by now instead we have troubles all over the world and I think that is where the money goes to make trouble. I think Obama is in a hurry to make a bunch of islamic fascists.

Where did the word abomination come from? Seems rather connected to the name Obama and so much has become abominated since he took the presidency.

Why would giving money to Africa ever get to the people of Africa if the money given to the Palestinians didn’t ever get to the Palestinians to improve their lives? Certainly the tunnels didn’t help the Palestinians quality of life.

Remember him talking about bumps in the road right before this:

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 12.36.58 AM

A modern day Caligula.

 Obama is the abomination of desolation. The destroyer.


Obama is 53 but when he first took office he was 44. How does that happen? I remember it regardless what is written. He is either the 45 or 44 th president which is part of the confusion purposeful confusion as Obama demonstrated all through his Presidential career. He made a faux pas at the White House briefing bringing up his birthday when so much is occurring in the world and absolutely stunned the press and it looked as if they were in disbelief at how he acted. He is an ego maniac but it showed his insanity. IMO

  He is mocking about his birthday of course as he does about everything.

He wanted it to be noticed because he gets off on it ie it gives him a thrill up his own leg by his lawlessness.

He has put the press to sleep and the government using his tsetse flies and whatever other way he is able to affect them.


(Probably around the time Benghazi occurred which makes up for the discrepancy in time, doesn’t it!)

He only has a short space and it is shorter now. Maybe a year or less to do his evil depending upon when Benghazi really occurred in real time (Hillary’s own words)

or not real time.

OBAMA probably thinks he’ll get to stay in office until he is 56!


Obama also said that ISIS doesn’t belong in the 21st Century. Where do they belong?….In the 20th century?

I have another example of falling back besides the way that some preachers make people fall back in their displays of power and it is about James Foley which I will touch upon later in this article.

Russian students beam racist laser show depicting Obama eating a banana on the side of US embassy in Moscow on President’s birthday

I don’t think it was a racist stunt I think they are calling Obama and his administration a Banana Republic, because he acts like a leader of a Banana Republic. Anyway I’m sure it was fun for the students. Kids like to have fun and it was harmless! But then again they could be saying something else. Like Eat me. That kind of thing. Could have to do with the Immigration crisis.The racist is OBAMA and by now everyone should know it. It’s hard to lead when you’re nuts as in “not all there”.

The biggest problem with Islam and the muslim people is ignorance which makes fro a very bad combination when armed to be led by ignorance AND IT IS WRITTEN ABOUT IN THE BIBLE. CHILDREN IN CHARGE WHO DON’T KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG AND IT DOES HAVE AN END.


So negative or positive depends on the equation.

How The Newest House Benghazi Report Should Change Media’s Approach

To Gowdy’s Select Committee

I don’t believe that the ” stand down order” was not given. I believe it was given and I don’t believe Mike Rogers.I hope we get to see more evidence in that regard. It would be nice to hear why AMB. CHRIS STEVENS was there that particular day as if he knew something was up or was involved  nefariously and also why MICHELLE OBAMA was there  and where was OBAMA at the time. You need to listen to his mom and you can see she is full of crap and a miserable old lady and she is obviously lying.


WHY did the VATICAN JESUIT SPOKESMAN FREDERIKO LOMBARDI provide false information and a false motive as to what and why this execution occurred

“the video tape”

and why they seemed to know that the video was the reason for the other attacks in other cities.


















and the coverup:




They don’t want you to know so you won’t be prepared because they think it offers them more time and it doesn’t.

The Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and the NWO-Revised

Exodus 34:12-14

12Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee:

13But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves:

14For thou shalt worship no other god:

for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:

The Covenant with Many is in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and it was a covenant made with man and Paul was quite aware of it because he wrote about it.

It is a false covenant.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Now the LORD said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”—Genesis 12:1-3 

Notice he took the ham out of abraham!

Not sure exactly why but it has to do with pork and ham and must have something to do with Is ham el


We do not like HAMAS!

Obviously the pork is supporting the HAMAS! And the Vatican launders money? HMMMMMM

Mexico protests Texas National Guard troops on US border

I think Governor Perry is doing a good job and doing what the people of Texas want done. He was attacked for doing his job as Governor of Texas in regards to a

“District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg after she was arrested for drunken driving. Perry ultimately vetoed a $7.5 million appropriation to a division of the office that is responsible for fighting official corruption.”

So the Dems are going after him for doing his job for the Texas population. They were hoping to make Texans into democrats because they  like to strain a state with illegal immigration not because they care for the immigrants but for other reasons. Kind of like ISISonian type tactics. Mexico obviously was well aware and following Obamas direction because he works for the Vatican and the Pope as well and wants  “nations without borders.” so they can kill christians whenever it behooves them or anyone of a persuasion that they don’t respect at any given moment. Especially those that are an insult to Islam or insult Islam and it’s profit. Does Texas have oil?

Mexico wants Texas to heel to their demands about our side of the border. Mexico obviously serves the Pope and the Vatican world vision. Mexico and the Vatican ought to be charged for the cost of immigration into Texas and other states and pay for their education, food, clothing, supplies, health care for the immigrants. It was obviously their idea.

I think Judge Janine and her opening statement was on the mark about Governor Perry.

Perry blasts felony indictment as ‘outrageous’

Jimmy Carter pushes US to recognize Hamas, slams Israel in op-ed

Does he know them?

Didn’t he have a peanut plantation?

He also gave a way the Panama Canal too.

He is an appeaser of slavery! That is the epitomy of effeminate. Go ahead and stick your head in the vagina at Medina where it belongs.

Is that pretty?

Is This How The Hollywood Starlet’s Stay Young?

This rare ingredient used to prevent wrinkles has been used overseas for years with great success and is now available in the USA!

I guess that wasn’t very nice I used to like her until a few things occurred on stage. She has nominal talent but that isn’t why people like her in my opinion. Her entertainment value is big. It’s like in order to be noticed women have to gain attention the wrong way and it shouldn’t be like that. They shouldn’t have to get injections and face lifts etc because the industry values them less as they age. That means for  women about 40 years of age but for men it’s okay to look older. I don’t know her and probably lots more there than meets my observation…just like Hannah Montana etc. who I think does have a lot of talent but they are not honored IMO for their talent but for other things.

That is sick. Not her necessarily but the way things are nowadays.Maybe Madonna was trying to teach women like I did writing about masturbation because on the other hand in some distant lands women walk around in a lamp shades being whipped by their demonic male counterparts or killed for being raped.

The thing is: what do we honor in America?

Now we have Obama and MIchelle and in those distant lands they have ISIS beheading christians and Pope Francis mocking women who have aborted babies as if to say CAUGHT YOU while denying rubbers to people to protect themselves from disease and pregnancy even though they abuse women, girls, and boys.

It’s evil.

That is sick.


On the FIve I think it was Kimberly Guilfoyle mentioned the Vogue song by Madonna and I remember Robin Williams doing a funny mimic/mime of Madonna and her song Vogue and Lauren Bacall being the last of the actresses depicted. Kind of interesting. I was never really into that song but it was quite popular. I guess I enjoyed her first few albums I’m a Virgin being the most memorable. That was when she was quite young.

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 8.47.51 PM

Sorry to hear about Lauren Bacall. She was quite an actress and ranked up there close to Sophia Lauren IMO. Though I love Sophia Loren because of the characters she chose to depict were designed for her but Lauren Bacall seemed to be true to herself in her own way. I didn’t know either of them or for that matter anyone in Hollywood.

Kind of amazing the impact Hollywood has on our lives and the worldwide influence as well yet we don’t know them personally. But they are definitely influential and often are used for propaganda purposes whether intentional or not by the actors and producers, etc and those with the funds to support them. Often we get mad at their opinions because they are in my opinion alienated from reality since their livelihoods depend on their opinions often.  A Catch-22.  I think Robin WIlliams may have had to cross that line and may have had to pay a price he should not have had to pay. Is that negative?

Reminds me of the Synoptic Gospels when Judas accepts silver for the life of Jesus but Jesus instructed him to do so in the Gospel of John. He told Judas to betray him and told him when to do it. In the Synoptic Gospels the priests of the temple at that time Herod’s temple which was Roman Catholic heading toward being Islamic (now the Dome of the Rock) won’t accept the money Judas supposedly returns to them and they the priests call the money ” blood money” yet they are the ones that were after Jesus in the first place and paid Judas that is why he returned to them with the money and threw it in their temple so their refusal to accept the money was to make themselves look righteous. Eventually we hear that Judas killed himself by hanging but we hear it from Peter in the Book of Acts the Islamic Peter who seems to have witnessed the death because he elaborates about the death as if he was a part of his death and knew all the details and they call the place Field of Blood where he died. Then they pick another disciple by lots to replace Judas: the one that makes them forget, I think, the one that sowed seed ie money on the death of Ananias and his wife Sapphira though I don’t think Ananias really died. Just his wife who probably owned the land that was sold. Tricky stuff. Lots and lots of tricks. Anyway I think Judas was hanged purposefully by those “in denial because they sure knew a lot about it” The reason I say Ananias didn’t die is because later Ananias meets Peter who has a weird dream about eating wild birds and animals three times possibly due to lack of dinner and goes into a trance on his rooftop while praying at a certain time that Islam calls for prayer and this Peter lives with a tanner. His wife?

Maybe there are two Peters? One called Simon perhaps?

I think that is why Jesus says to Peter in the Gospel of John at the Sea of Galilee: “When thou gets old another shall gird thee, Follow me.”

He was giving Peter another chance.

But Peter ends up in Rome with Paul and telling everyone not to discern what is in the bible or what is written with a warning that is actually a veiled  threat and a lie.

At the last supper in the Gospel of John when Judas was still present at the meal he said :

I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture may be fulfilled, He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me.

Mother Twerk-resa?

Miley Cyrus uses VMA speech

to raise awareness about homeless youth

Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 11.10.08 AM

When I saw this I couldn’t stop laughing!

Actually what I saw was a picture of her twerking, but decided not to include it in this post

and went for the meat of the article because it was meet to do so.

Matthew 26:28 
for this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.
A testament is a covenant.
Jesus of the gospel of John did not make this testament or covenant at his last supper obviously there was no blood because Jesus hadn’t died yet. The last supper with the synoptic Jesus had to have occurred after the last supper with the Gospel of John’s Jesus.
The Old Testament says not to drink the blood of the sacrifice.
the Last Supper testament in the Synoptic Gospel is I think

an Indulgence

A temporary indulgence!
Brethren, I speak after the manner of men; Though it be but a man’s covenant,
yet if it be confirmed, no man disannulleth, or addeth thereto.
So Paul admits it is a covenant

but only a man’s covenant.

He tricked everyone.
And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law,
which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.
For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:
So there are two covenants one made with God and the Hebrews (the House of Israel) and another covenant made between men.

Annulling is catholic.

They annul marriages instead of divorcing as if they were never married for catholics!

They don’t like divorce. And they like to punish those that do divorce especially if married to a Catholic because they want to keep you in their fold,

because they know what they do!

So you can’t annul the false covenant,


but you can divorce it.

I had a friend who was orthodox catholic who had her first marriage annulled after a few years as if it never happened. It did happen.

She was married but had made a bad choice for her. She is happily married (to a catholic) I think sort of, but nevertheless it was her second marriage. LOL

Kind of fakey but very Catholic. Grace is the same as favor.

Do swans have teeth?

As a child I was attacked by a swan and I thought it had teeth. It was huge. They are ferocious but pretty to look at from afar.

Pope Benedict xv1 wanted a World Government with teeth. Remember?

He also had built in Paris the Court of the Gentiles at Notre Dame and talked about an unknown god because he is a nitwit.

We don’t have to be involved with their idea of grace. It’s BS.


The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

Does Obama know how to place his press and to turn the charm on his constituents. Perfect for the coming election.

The second question was definitely a plant.  It was unabashedly ridiculous question but Obama got to pontificate for a good while on that tough question pontificating himself.. Problem what does he do behind the scenes and in the next hour, or day? He plays everyone as he destroys them. His approach at the moment because it will change at any moment is to kill softly. The press seem like they are rehearsed at this conference as if he is asking the question himself. It’s really quite sad. I have to find that second questioner tough and revealing question to include in this post. It was so sleazy. Did someone dope these guys up as they took a seat?

It’s called lulling.

v. lulledlull·inglulls
1. To cause to sleep or rest; soothe or calm.
2. To deceive into trustfulness: “that honeyed charm that he used so effectively to lull his victims” (S.J.Perelman).
To become calm.
1. A relatively calm interval, as in a storm.
2. An interval of lessened activity: a lull in sales.

I guess the Ebola virus is worth it if it gets the dems elected

and more fund raisers for whatever he thinks of

to do next to the world, eh?

like the cease fire in Israel.

Good idea to stay vigilant.

the question was asked by John Pearl of ABC, GET IT? LOL

It was not included in the Unedited Politics site I went to just the first question about ebola which was also predestined to be asked,

President Obama Press Conference at Africa Conference: On Ebola Outbreak – 8/6/14

probably because it was so stupid and obviously asked to mock but the name of the person asking it was left in at the end to tease.

Nothing spontaneous about that interview.

He isn’t very original. So who is controlling him?

There has got to be some apparatus going through the air system in these sites where he holds his conferences to get these press people to be so compliant and ask what he wants. Honestly the second question was far worse than the first a far as being outrageous. He makes the press wait for half hour or so to make his entrance like a peacock and probably making time to gas them with something unseen, tasteless and odorless. Could be why the Senate and Congress have been so weird because he probably gassed them with some kind of effect to make them sign on to ObamaCare without reading it. That would be probably a german trick/Onassis type trick since they like to gas people and it could Devil’s Breath they are using.

Devil’s Breath is a drug  to make slaves of people and lasts quite a while and makes them forget. It is a derivative of sea sickness drug. It was used on JFK. It has been investigated in South America where it is grown…Columbia. I have been suspicious of the use of this kind of power and that press show was probably a product of this drug. You just have to have it blown in your face like a dust and you are their slave for about 4 days. If that is being used on our government they really need to do something about it and definitely arrest OBAMA. That would be so sneaky.

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 8.05.37 PM

The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath

Scopolamine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Colombian Devil’s Breath | VICE United States

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 8.04.23 PM

Like a hanging garden which was an Iraqi wonder, wasn’t it?

IN my CBS news transcriptions blog linked at the last breakfast of JFK before his assassination the flowers are intermixed in the table flowers that Jackie licks at.

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

The new Ebola doctor that was ill that died also looks like someone else in my posts that ran for some position in California politics recently, but I can’t remember his name but he is in one of my posts of one of my blogs and eventually I will come across it and add his picture to demonstrate. He is supposed to be Dr. Rick Sacra but looks eerily similar to the man in California. Rep. Shiff I think is his name.Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 7.05.13 PM

Using Ebola survivors’ blood as remedy may carry risks



‘It was all lies. She didn’t believe any of it’

So they are having an African summit to attract the African vote because he was losing his exceptionalism in the polls.

They will say anything or do anything to gain support and keep their slaves.

Tensions Still High In Missouri ‘War Zone’ After Monday’s Riots

The Snerdley Doctrine


FBI probes killing of black Missouri teen; mom urges non-violence

I don’t know the details so writing on what seems obvious:

 Unarmed young man in Missouri shot and killed and the excuse is the police are taught when they shoot to shoot to kill. IF they are being shot at I can understand but if there is no weapon why not teach the Police another option such as shoot to wound. Can’t they learn two kinds of shooting? It reminds me of the Catholic Church not allowing priests to marry because of the money that the wife might get if she divorces the priest which weakens the church yet they abused women and kids anyway so have hurt the church in the long run and of course in other ways such as I have expounded upon many times in my posts. That is the reasoning behind the policy. Afraid of lawsuits. Why not change the policy for cops in regards to unarmed people? It’s not war. Did this kid threaten the cops with extermination? I know how important the Police are to keep things civil and it is a dangerous job in a dangerous world but I think it is time to teach another option for the sake of the society in which we live and the repercussions of that kind of attitude and to prevent these kinds of accidents.

(I think the friend is either lying or embellishing. In the interview with the friend and his lawyer he was exhibiting some behavior that looks like he may be in on a big lie or something. I have seen that kind of behavior before in the CBS NEWS and JFK Transcriptions. FIrst of all how does a cop get a hold of the neck of the deceased who was quite large and tall from inside the squad car. Must have had extremely long arms like Jackie Kennedy in the car with JFK. I don’t know why he is lying but I think he is. Probably to help Obama somehow someway. Diversions because Benghazi is being investigated by Trey Goudy and some others and some very reluctant Democrats and the coming hearings. Are they afraid? If that is Democracy I think Democracy is screwed up.)

Also I think in a mostly black population there needs to be cops of the same race in each patrol car as a partner because it is a matter of trust and understanding that needs to be established between the society they are helping and the Police department. It doesn’t help to shoot someone dead who isn’t guilty of anything. Why not learn to shoot someone’s foot instead especially when dealing with kids or unarmed people. They say not to racial profile I say that is stupid but lets be fair. It’s a no brainer that the ratio of police in this area ought to be mostly black. So I think racial profiling is a good thing, but needs t0 work both ways. Dr. Ben Carson says it isn’t helping to riot, rob, and steal because you make matters worse and it does not help the mom and dad especially later on. I understand the anger but there are better ways to vent anger. He is right of course. What good does it do to look like maniacs? More like an excuse to have a tv or something and it doesn’t look good plus it ruins the neighborhood that they live in making their property values go down and people won’t want to build or have businesses in that neighborhood. Plus stacking the deck against this family for a fair trial because the jury will be tainted by the images of rioting and will taint the reputation of the boy that was killed by it’s inference. It makes it look like the cop had every right to be overly jumpy or overly suspicious ie skiddish because of the type people that are in the neighborhood. It is a vicious circle and can only get worse if cooler heads don’t prevail.

Do police wear camouflage uniforms? Looks more like the army. They call it riot gear but it sure looks like army gear to me.

Feds opposed releasing Ferguson robbery video

Why would the Feds ERIC HOLDER OF THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT be opposed to releasing this robbery video? Bob Beckel of The Five on Fox also is op-posed to it. That is untruthful of Bob Beckel and shows a lack of respect for the truth because I think Bob Beckel is bent. The cart before the horse kind of reasoning which is typical of people who don’t want the truth just peace at any cost. Everything related to the deceased that day and the days before his death is relevant including his friend. They prefer everyone to think he was a gentle giant and he was not gentle because THEY thought it would roil the town of Ferguson and those descending upon it. They wanted a big brouhaha and they got it and doing the devil’s work. I think and I think others think it is relevant to his behavior that day. Just like I think the conversation caught on tape of an eye witness to the shooting is relevant. Why should the Feds, O’reilly and Eric Holder get to decide what is relevant. The cop also should have rights to defend his actions against a roiled and riled up mob who are hearing lies. A very dangerous job and they depend on truth tellers to help them protect you but if you hide  the truth how does that help anyone except those that want to profit. The truth speaks for itself. I would guess and I bet I’m right that this was a set up to help  bolster a few people in certain ways to make them look as if they are fair minded holding off judgement etc till the facts are in etc., while the town of Ferguson goes nuts. Oh really? Who has confidence in Eric Holder? Didn’t I hear O’reilly say he had confidence in Eric Holder on Fox? Bill O’reilly ought to learn to play video games and vent his inner desires in a game instead of real life conflicts that went awry so he won’t harm the public with his lies. We ought to stay aware and be wary of the tactics used by those who stoke it up for what ever reason they have to roil the people: I guess you would have to be a Jesuit to understand their mind set and the difference that it makes. It backfired as those kind of things often do do!
Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 10.43.29 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 10.57.37 AM

I must admit the video of the deceased sure looks bad. He doesn’t look like he had respect for anyone and was a crazy bully. Blocking the road sounds as if he was hoping to have a confrontation, (*BUT WHY?) and was he on some kind of drug or something? I don’t think it bodes well for the family of the deceased and their hopes. Why not explain why your kid was acting like an ogre and what made him think it was okay to act like that to the general public, store owners, and cops. Did he have a death wish or something? Looked like he was the body guard of the kid in braids or whatever. It sure didn’t look good to me so I won’t waste another minute on this affair, but alas I managed to spend too much time on this because as lies often get bigger this event got huge. The friend of the deceased looks like the one that ought to be investigated. He slipped out of the store as his ogre friend threatened and bullied the store owner and he didn’t try to stop him. It’s a gross example of police brutality when you watch his own brutality to a person half his size and much weaker. Looks as if the ogre kid needed to be in a mental ward but instead was allowed to block the streets.

 Anyway you have to wonder why the mother of the deceased said her son was a gentle giant. IF it was her son in the convenient store he was not gentle.

So the mom is lying too? She said her son was the one on the video at the convenience store so she admitted that and he was very aggressive and went after a person who was unarmed and smaller than he over a box of cigars. The little guy witness who I think lied did not help the man who was being bullied by his companion but slipped away using this big guy the deceased. I think the deceased was under the control of the little guy who was up to no good. I wonder how old the little guy with corn rolls is and how he might have been using the big guy to stir up trouble in Ferguson. Blocking traffic and  blocking a cop car is very aggressive. Marijuana usually doesn’t cause people to act that way. Just the opposite so I wonder what it was laced with or did his friend dust him with dragon’s breath beforehand. Was he mentally ill? In a few pictures of him he looks like a nice kid and in another he looks deranged like in the convenience store.

I know that O’reilly would love to blame marijuana for the actions of this kid and blame fatherlessness but he had a dad. By fatherlessness does O’reilly really mean a priest? Anyway this is a religious event whether you like to believe it or not if O’reilly inserted himself into it because he is a Jesuit. He is against the legalization of marijuana because his religious bent launders the money of drug dealers and if people grow their own they won’t be able to tempt them with other drugs and they won’t make any money and weaken the drug lords power which is their power and their muscle to help keep them in power and to arm Hamas and all the other things they do to intimidate Israel. What about the cure for some diseases that marijuana affords, even cancers and epilepsy type sicknesses? Remember Caesar had fits. Doctors prescribe drugs all the time that are far worse than marijuana and cause many to commit suicide or act aggressively. Does O’reilly care about the suicides and shootings and mass killings that have occurred under doctor’s prescriptions and doctor’s care? How about the one in Colorado a few years back in a theater?

Booze causes people to act aggressively, but O’reilly likes booze. He is a drunk on his own blow hole. How many people die by drunk drivers? Is anyone trying to make the casinos stop serving booze? How about the racetracks? Hotels? Let’s as Harry Reid about that question. He would rather worry about the Redskins and covering Obama for Benghazi and wants to have a share of the profit too. How about all the other shootings in Chicago or anywhere in the USA. They didn’t want to show the video of the store owner being bullied by the deceased until they got their DUCKS IN A ROW because they wanted Al Sharpton and his companion Jesse Jackson (religious leaders and servants of Islam and Catholicism) to come and rile everyone up and talk about their “No Justice, No Peace” crap. They just recently added “Order”. I wonder because I wrote about it? They would rather be LAWLESS. What they want is a piece of the action….their share. Now they have leaders telling them what to chant at the mob scene in Ferguson. Talk about manipulation. WHEW!

So ignorance isn’t bliss?

I don’t think rubber bullets would have stopped the deceased. He seemed to be bent on his roughness and his own death. I think his friend is bent on his lies to incite and hedge himself with the madness he helped to create. I think he should be arrested. I think he played dirty all the way around and influenced his dead friend. He sure didn’t help. Watched a mayor and his version of the shooting and his story gets bigger and bigger as time flies as if adding what is discovered to make his version more reliable. They are evolving their version because it didn’t fly before. Which hopefully will be compared in a courtroom. It is relevant. He acts like a liar.

I honestly don’t like the looks of the cop involved that I have seen. But it is just a photo on Fox. I think something was wrong with the deceased as if possessed or not in his own power but someone else’s power to behave so weird. It’s as if he wanted to be caught stealing and wanted to be noticed in the middle of the road which is not what a thief normally does and wanted to be shot by confronting a Police Officer. He did a lot of things to bring attention to himself which is not what normal thieves do. A martyr or a prisoner (hands behind his back at the convenience store), so to speak, but for what cause? A diversion for or against Obama?

Did Michael Brown have a choice?

I think there is more to this story than we have heard or seen and needs to be investigated.

Obama says Don’t “simply holler at each other” which is really so helpful. He is such a pain in the you know what and he could mean Get Physical which sounds weird but so does what he said and he usually means something weird.

Do you realize by legalizing marijuana it would put many drug lords out of business and they don’t want that BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE MOB : IT KEEPS THEM IN POWER.

To have freedom you have to temper it. You have to have laws.

It would probably stop the flow of immigration to the extent that it is. But immigration is a tool wielded by the Pope, the Jesuits and the mob so it might persist unless we get the law down there and protect our borders.

Watching the Pope in Korea was like watching Cleopatra enter Rome. She had a son by Caesar then Caesar was knifed in the back by his friends. Gee I wonder if she had anything to do with it like a Trojan horse but unrolled from a MAT seducing with her charm and beauty. That is what the Pope does too if you can call that beauty. It isn’t pretty, it’s disgusting.

They love to talk about how down to earth the pope is >>>>MY ASS!

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 6.00.17 AM


He spends laundered money and taxes from other countries via their pork.

Pope Francis arrives in South Korea on historic visit

Lots of discrepancies in this report about Catholics but the point is he is out trying to make them Roman Catholic and so he can decide who rules CHINA. Who the bishops will be, etc. They are resisting and have been for quite a while. He was so worried about those Christians in Iraq he had to fly to South Korea hoping they will not be suspicious. How can one not be suspicious of that kind of duplicity? Whatever you do don’t ride in one of their cars you might end up with a stake in your back like Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Luckily he was wearing a tie that blocked a bullet which then RICOocheted every which way. It’s a racket.


I’m for freedom of religion because people start wherever they are born into and evolve but Roman Catholicism and Islam are not for freedom of religion. They want it their way. They infiltrate and then take over and then allow Islam to do their dirty business because they ride the beast, drunk on the martyrs and saints, even their own. They don’t care as long as it isn’t them. They even think they can steal someone’s virtue by stealing a necklace off of a dead person who seemed to have virtue. That’s what the Pope thought and even used that story because he thought it was cute and would enamor his constituency. I think it didn’t work very well. He still is lacking virtue.

Anyway they rolled out the red carpet for him and treat him as a moral authority yet he protects his own launderers and molesters and things like that. He talks a big story but he is just like the State Department full of shit.

They should never have been allowed to become a state. It was monumentally stupid to allow them to do what they do which is against the true Creator. They are EGYPT.

So when you hear or read the words “I called my Son OUT OF EGYPT” think again what it means. Not Hari Krishna which is HARI REID’S GOD.





One of those legs is marijuana sold by illegal sellers who are tied to the mob and have their tentacles on their buyers and sellers. I think marijuana should be controlled (tempered and unlaced) as strict as liquor but even more so to keep it from harming the user and others nearby. I think liquor could be controlled better as well (tempered and unlaced) so drunks don’t drive or abuse people. I have been laced and abused by those that laced my drink. I WASN’T SUSPICIOUS, till it was too late. I know there are ways to temper both liquor and marijuana. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The same goes for cigars. All are vices and should be done in moderation as any vice but to indulge the mob to control the market is plain stupid.

I’m not saying it is wise to smoke marijuana or drink liquor or toke cigars

but good legislation to keep it out of the hands of kids and kids and young adults away from the mob influence or mob control is wise.

I’ve seen alcoholics get off alcohol by smoking weed. And believe me it was an IMPROVEMENT. I had some hard times and it helped me not dwell on the things that hurt me. It  didn’t last but it helped me for a few hours.It helps some people cope with a bad situation or with their problems. Some people use anti depressants. I don’t like anti depressants and have been a user at one time. I like to know generally what I feel and why. Anti depressants can be helpful but can also be harmful such as accepting a bad situation, but doesn’t help one to get out of a bad situation. So being straight is best but sometimes we need to get those endorphines up of down just to get out of a depression, etc. I don’t think marijuana should only be under a doctors care only because it is a vice like liquor to be enjoyed which sounds funny especially for those that have to cope with the problems that our government and business institutions and religions have laden upon the population purposefully to make them endure crises they produce for whatever the reasons that they do. They seem to enjoy stressing everyone and so I think leniency in regards to marijuana ought to be established and allow it to be legalized just like alcohol. Some people can handle it and some can’t just like liquor and beer. I can’t handle more than one drink or two. Some people can drink 2 six packs of course they didn’t start off that way. It took time to develop a resistance and frequency helps to develop a resistance. the reason often that a person drinks booze at night after they finish a day at work is to relax which helps them cope. Why should only those that like to drink be legal user of a substance? knowing how popular marijuana is there is a huge part of the population that prefers it to beer or wine or liquor or along side those vices. I know what liquor does to the brain. It makes people not to attempt or try to look at their religion and question their motives or their history of past abuses and accept their lies. Take Sean Hannity for instance who went to a seminary some time or other. Has he ever criticized his religion? Has he ever questioned their policies? His religion has been guilty of a plethora of questionable activities and massacres. DOes he wonder why? The global warming lie came from his religion. There are a ton of others but I still have yet to hear him criticize his religion for those lies. He doesn’t hold them accountable just the people that fall for it. Their religion proffered the idea. Just like they proffered the excuse for Benghazi. He holds everyone else accountable by discussing them on his show in various ways but not the Jesuit priest Father Frederico Lombardi the Vatican spokesman for the Pope who was the FIRST ONE TO PROFFER THE EXCUSE AND THE ALIBI OF BENGHAZI :THE VIDEO TAPE.  DOES HE HOLD OUR INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIDING WHERE AND WHOM THEY RECEIVE THEIR INFORMATION FROM? WHY NOT? IT”S IMPORTANT AND MIGHT HELP SOLVE SOME WORLD TROUBLES IF HE WOULD EXPLAIN THEIR MISTAKEN AND MISGUIDED ASSUMPTIONS. I HOPE SOMEDAY HANNITY  TAKES AN HONEST LOOK AT HIS RELIGION AND THEIR GUILT FOR MANY SINS AGAINST MANY PEOPLE. It would be helpful so that we can get to the real problems and fix them instead of throwing obstacles in the way of the truth. It might actually have an affect on the outcome. Notice nothing has helped because we don’t go deeper. It might make it easier for many people to cope and not need to use a drug or liquor or at least less often. In a way he is a stumbling block to the truth and I hope that changes. It was something that the niece of Martin Luther King said in regards to Michael Browns death and about “a world”  where kids need to acquire cigarellos at the very end of her interview that inspired this aspect of this argument. If Hannity and other catholics attempted to look deeper they might understand the bible much better if they have even read it through and through. I know they read but what do they read. Catholic apologists/apologies? How about reading protestant protesting. A few good places to start might be :from a former catholic perspective Professor Walter Veith and another great place to learn is Dr. Ian Paisley of the Euopean Institute of Protestant Studies   From a Jewish perspective I think Ariel Ministries is a very good place to learn about things that aren’t explained adequately to the average christian or roman catholic. From an american jewish perspective I think Zola Levitt Ministries is also very helpful. There are few others I will try to add eventually that made an impression upon my perspective. Another that is off the cuff with the style of Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh who I do peruse is The Cutting Edge though you have to be careful with it they do have some good information and worth noting. Also insightful but hard often to understand because of his style are The Works of Flavius Josephus but helpful to see some coincidences to the bible and history and worth noting as well. Many apologists have written about his works over the years which are also interesting and I often include in my posts via links.

Both of them are very intelligent and have helped me in immense ways understand how this world became the way it is. They have very interesting studies and articles and video you tubes worth reading and listening to. It’s quite an experience and is very helpful for coping. I think I might go back and do it again to fill in some holes i might have missed and it might help me with more posts in the future. I need to do that with the bible as well.

Genuflecting to a icon is a vice IMO



But that doesn’t stop them.

And look how drunk they are that do it regularly and for show laundering money for the mob and stolen pork from the USA to lob missiles into Israel while killing Palestinian kids in their laps or in their buildings and hiding missiles in their churches and mosques and blowing up planes in the air.

“For God so loved the world that he gave His only son that whoever believed in him would not perish, but have everlasting life” and what does Roman Catholicism do but divide the land they govern into parishes. They are asses.

That is mocking the most famous words written John 3:16 in the Gospel of John. He was the only one to overcome SPIRITUAL EGYPT and tried to teach it.

That is why he said “Before Abraham was I AM.” That is why when he said I AM to the mob that came to arrest him they fell back (IN TIME as well as PHYSICALLY)!

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 3.35.55 PM

The word parish is a derivative of the word Paris. Paris is where the Courtyard of the Gentiles was established by Pope Benedict XVl which is revealing because though they say not to judge that is exactly what they do. They don’t want you to make judgements about their abuses of authority. They twist everything because they are twisted and they are bent the wrong way.

How much is Peter Pan worth? The life of your son?

Let me put it another way: Is your son worth more than Peter Pan?

Mike Brown EyeWitness Crime Scene Video Ferguson, MO

I was told by my ex that black kids are buying these type of cigars all over the place so maybe the cigars are the key to this crime. I have never witnessed it myself. Maybe there is an ingredient in these cigars making kids behave badly? Besides a toxicology report on the deceased I think Eric Holder ought to check out the cigars and not just those also the ones that are being sold to these kids. Another thing the “No justice, no peace” logo on the deceased’s dad seems kind of similar to what happened in California with the hoax of the massacre and the t-shirts that they donned immediately afterwards. Not only that he looks just like Trayvon Martin’s dad. Just because you might get justice doesn’t mean you will have peace and vice versa. Here is a post I wrote a while back in regards to what was said by the wife of Pontius Pilate about “a just” and Joseph of Arimathea. You need to also read the links in the post to understand the post which is lengthy but I think worthwhile. Ice also means cocaine, doesn’t it? So that is a possibility.

Cigarellos are used to roll marijuana to make the high more controllable, more moderate, and healthier than papers,

a high that is less strong than a bong, brownies, pipe or a joint.

It is not the marijuana that caused the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson.


I just read an interesting article partly anyway and came upon a reason given for racial disparity about funding for public school distribution and the two worst are North Carolina and Missouri which are very similar in nature. Branson is in Missouri with has a unique character and North Carolina is where Samaritan’s Purse’s owner resides and I think that may very well have something to do with this case. Trying to hold on to power and using it to threaten, rob, control, smother, intimidate african americans because of deep desire to be kneaded and because of some recent revelations about this power, betrayal (IRS and other things), and it’s tactics using tax free revenues to bribe and bequeath at it’s lowest levels. Ebola outbreak in Africa kind of tells the story as well and the war against those they would try to control. The BGEA which is not a good representative of justice or peace and definitely doesn’t represent the truth. More like a sense of entitlement, ownership, slavery, retribution, avenging angelic being with a holier than thou perception of themselves which grew larger than life and was based on untruthfulness and entrapment who didn’t really understand the truth and never held accountable to it’s own nature, which can happen when you have power because power corrupts.

21 Numbers That Will Help You Understand Why Ferguson Is About More Than Michael Brown

Does a leopard change it’s spots?

This one does. I have studied this person and he is able or maybe it’s a curse to mimic, impersonate, and blend in with human beings and cause lots of trouble which is why he doesn’t get on elevators with women by himself. (one of the reasons anyway). Another gimic he has is not to talk about other spiritual leaders of his persuasion even if they commit crimes so they won’t talk about him if he commits a crime. A pact made that he openly has written about. A testament. Kind of like doctors that protect other doctors so that when they screw up they are protected by insurance instead of being held accountable and then the tax payer pays the increasing insurance rates till it goes haywire and eventually the middle class gets screwed and can’t afford the costs and for other reasons such as unreasonable wealth accumulation just for having talent and a gift that affects physical life, death and sickness. Big Brother Award by LBJ, Puffed by Time and Life magazines owner Randolph Hearst and relatives in England, California, the Vatican, and Germany, “They don’t really know what I think about them” taped by Nixon of BG talking about Jews. “Qing David and Saul” at Nixon’s Funeral, and the many things I have tried to show in many posts about him and his unusual talents and his allies such as the mob, Rome, Islam, the Jesuits and now even Mitt Romney etc. Who claimed he had been a target of the IRS when the tea party claimed to be targets yet all the while the average citizen was a target before that but nobody cared then because it was their revenue to siphon and lose only to gain elsewhere and keep regular people down because they are vengeful and entitled. Who don’t really know what they espouse but can look the part. UNSURE. His relationship with both JFK’s is quite a story. His relationship with the Clintons as well. In fact most Presidents have been enraptured by them and influenced by them. Lick LIck

He can change his appearance such as: when with Johnny Cash his nose grows, with Arnold Palmer it gets smaller, and many other examples etc 

Friends with many Presidents except Harry Truman and a dicey one with JFK. Antagonized with Nixon and LBJ who both exposed him in various ways because he really should not have been in politics and even he admits his mistake. Thinks he is Just As………I AM. Thinks he is God. Sleeps with his eyes open. A shill for Roman Catholicism and Islam. A hater of women. Great big smile with bad intentions. It’s possible he could change but I don’t know that he and his son will change. A tricky pair. Even in how Franklin Graham acquired the Samaritan’s Purse is questionable but probably thought he could do it better and deserved it ie entitled to it or what ever he desired.

I hope that whoever investigates this shooting will look into Devil’s Breath and probably find it is involved in the actions of Michael Brown, his friend and possibly even the cop. It certainly was involved in the JFK assassination and probably an ingredient added to the eucharist and who knows what.

Keeps people in line, forgetful and controllable thus able to stage all kinds of behavior.

How do you think Obama Care was turned into law without anyone reading it? Pelosi’s charm?

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST)

I think they and the rest are like the 2nd Vatican insisting that the Gospel of Matthew is pre-eminent gospel of the gospels and that is what the Ground Hog day is about:

It seems like we are going through a Ground Hog Day in layers revealing in a way. Kind of like the marine held in Mexico and the Marine held in Mexico the year before.

Captain Ron Johnson just gave a briefing on the events and timeline of criminal activity in Ferguson and around Ferguson and is doing a fantastic job and I hope people settle down and allow some time and healing to occur and let the police do what they need to do to restore order because there will not be any good results without it.

Low Hanging Fruit and Dash Cams

Listening to “Outnumbered” on Fox about Dash Cams which are a great idea for cops. While it may cost quite a bit it would save a lot of money as well in court appearances and cases brought against cops (the needless ones) and it would temper the bad cops but the dash cams need to be sound activated so that they turn to where the activity is occurring or with a lens that is 360 degrees seeing everything. It’s a great idea and training and hiring more black cops from the areas that need it the most. Seems to me that when someone lives in the area they have more interest in less crime in their neighborhood. Whereas people from the outside might be interested in more crime in the area. Many of the troublemakers were not from Ferguson but came into Ferguson to loot, riot and incite. As far as the “low hanging fruit” comment by Harris Faulkner in regards to Geraldo Rivera’s comment about jurors being racially influenced often jurors on a jury are “low hanging fruit” because of the system involved in choosing jurors which I think needs to be addressed. Judges that are appointed needs a good overhaul as well in how they are chosen and why. Lawyers as well need a lot of work because it seems to me many are taught to deceive and while defending a client should not mean deceiving the jury or a judge. Making deals with criminals to get another criminal is also a bit dicey and needs some revamping which could mean getting someone to lie or embellish for a better sentence just to get a “big fish.” The evidence system is hugely flawed. What is allowed and what is not evidence-wise can make a big difference. Obviously there needs to be limits to evidence but often times it is tampered or excluded. I would rather not exclude evidence because of what I witnessed in Ferguson about the video tape of the young man in the convenience store and the attempt to hide it from the public which was relevant to the state of mind of the deceased and his demeanor near the time of the shooting which conflicted with the mother’s description of her son. The system is flawed and those flaws I think may be why our country is so divided. I know on “The FIve” Eric Bolling said he doesn’t mind monitors on highways and bi-ways or in stores where the public is involved. I think he is right about that and might help to keep order in our country especially because of terrorism, but I think privacy in one’s home is another story where the public isn’t. The UN buildings and churches in Israel where missiles were stored is a good case in point. If they had monitors in those places missiles would not have been hidden there and they would not have needed to be destroyed along with the human shields. So I think the law against monitoring mosques or churches should be overturned because where the public goes or is involved needs to be monitored to protect the public. They make money regardless if it is tax exempt with employees and they accept donations. They should be monitored. But then the problem lies in who is monitoring them which might be or should be available to the public and stored for the public record. I know the right to congregate is a human right but not at the expense of other humans. I think our government buildings should be monitored to know who, where, when, how, what and why since we are a democratic Republic to know what kind of deals are being made and who is influencing our Representatives, Senators, and the President. If they live in public funded homes like the White House we should know what they are up to where and when except in regards to their private living quarters but everywhere else should be monitored where and when they meet Representatives, Senators, Appointees, and those who want to influence them etc. I don’t want an Orwellian country or society but terrorism and Islam along with Roman Catholicism and the Secret Organizations are pushing us in that direction. They need to be monitored. Most humans are just trying to “live and let live” but not so with government, business, and religious institutions.

As far as the man in Ferguson who acted so outrageously I would like to know why. I don’t think it was marijuana unless it has been laced. I don’t think unemployment was affecting him personally because he was only 18 years old although it may have been affecting his family and thereby affecting him. I think his friend may know quite a bit who aided and abetted his behavior and he was with for over 24 hours. Will anyone attempt to see if dragon’s breath is involved via toxicology or will they ignore the possibility? I think a lie detector test would go a long way with that person in regards to the activities of the deceased before he became a victim of his behavior. I think he may be the instigator to the death of his friend. He looks real sweet but looks can be deceiving. They use lie detectors tests to control the State Department employees so they must be pretty reliable or have evolved to be reliable. Why not allow them in the Jurisdiction process and jury selection and witnesses, etc. I know some people are good at lying but if the State Department is using it to control their employees perhaps liars can’t fool the lie detectors anymore. I would like to know who was given a lie detector test and when they were given and by whose orders in the State Department because I think it is relevant to the Benghazi execution and the witnesses involved and their silence. Why should they get to use lie detector tests and the court system isn’t allowed the same tools.

I think a lie detector monitor while someone is testifying to Congress or in court ought to be a tool used for the jury to see and for the public to see  and for a judge to see how their heart rate reacts and whatever else is involved with lie detector tests to testimony they offer as they offer it. Testifying is always nerve racking and some people are more sensitive but still it is the change that occurs for different questions and their answers that is what ought to be noticed.

God will give me two or three more years, says Pope

Pope Francis’ family members killed in car crash

“Aug. 19, 2014 – 0:49 – Three members of Pope Francis’ family died and another was seriously injured in a car crash in Argentina early Tuesday morning.”

Maybe not. Pretty strange and very ominous if it is true.

Iceland Prepares for Volcanic Eruption as Tremors Persist

 There are some things we can’t manipulate, control, or predict.
Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 2.18.10 PM

Pope Francis and Spokesman for the Pope and the Vatican Jesuit Father Fredrico Lombardi and some other joker.

I don’t think the five minute rule is wise in the hearings in our government. I think that needs to be changed. Now if someone is pontificating such as Harry Reid does quite often that needs to be disallowed and somehow controlled because it is deceitful. Now I did notice during the hearings that the Dem’s wanted to pose questions on the order of prevention of another Benghazi but that is not what the hearings should have been about. It is important but should be reserved for another time and place. It was a diversion and is still being used as a diversion and trickery and should have been quelled. Why have the witnesses been silenced and who are they? Where are they? Why was Ambassador Chris Stevens mom excluded from testifying? Why was Jesuit Father Frederico Lombardi (spokesman for the Vatican and Pope) excluded from testifying about “his excuse about a video tape”? Just because he is a foreigner shouldn’t stop him from offering his wisdom in this case. He certainly didn’t mind offering his excuse. I think he ought to be served an indictment and/or prompted to come and testify. Why have we not heard about the days before the slayings as to where and what the Ambassador Chris Stevens was up to? Why has Michelle Obama been excluded from testifying since there is a picture of her at the scene of the crime bearing arms? Just because she is a woman or the First Lady is no excuse for not calling her in to testify before Congress. And while we are at it include the testimony of the photographer who photographed her at the scene of the crime. If someone on either side of the aisle is trying to illicit information pertinent to a case or point they should be given leeway and allowed more time to do their job because of the trickery often times of the witnesses being drilled and grilled such as Hillary Clinton “going off ” in order to not answer a question posed to her or in order to hide the truth. The President should also have to testify about his comments at the UN after Benghazi about his profit/prophet and insulting them and his statements beforehand about his wife and First Lady bearing arms in regards to what occurred at Benghazi and they too should have to wear lie detector gear as well since the State Department employees had to endure it and still do probably. The President and his First Lady should not be above the law just because they are black or because of their position in our government. These hearings are about what occurred at Benghazi and not about impeachment so lets get to the truth instead of politics. If impeachment becomes a reality after the truth is obtained then great but regardless of impeachment or no impeachment the truth should be allowed to be pursued in the case of Benghazi. And as far as” the Left” thinking the pursuit of the truth in Benghazi it is a “waste of time”  wouldn’t that help them politically?

So if they have nothing to hide, then why hide it? Doesn’t mean we publish nude photos of women and men gotten by hacking. But whoever did was trying to make some moot point in their madness. If there is no there there in regards to Benghazi then lets go there and if it doesn’t make a difference whether the victims were walking in the middle of the street let’s find out if they were walking in the middle of the street or what they were doing and why. Who allows them to resist answering questions for the upcoming hearings and blocking testimony of other witnesses and blocking the testimony of the people photographed at Benghazi and photographing at Benghazi or involved in Benghazi and involved in the excuse for Benghazi in various ways? We need to find out who, what, when, where, how and why in regards to Benghazi.

The Trey Goudy hearings ought to be public knowledge and should be filmed for America to witness live as they proceed.

The goal of the hearings should not be about impeachment or political one-Upmanship or prevention, but a pursuit of the truth,

so help us God.

9 Powerful Photos That Show Ferguson Is Pretty Much Being Treated Like A War Zone

Remember the unarmed black woman at the White House entrance shot dead by the Secret Service and Park Police in Washington DC. She had a baby in the car and was scared I think and instead of shooting the tires of her car they shot her and killed her and took her baby and then the Senate applauded her death by DC  Park Police and the Secret Service. That was during the Federal shut down which was very short and alot of bad things occurred that were needless but incendiary by the Federal Government and since Obama is in charge of the Federal government and appointed who he appointed he bears responsibility for the actions but he won’t carry the load. He just ignores it as if it didn’t happen. (so does everyone else) “There is no there, there” kind of attitude (Benghazi) which is not normal and has been misleading ever since which I think has been intentional to harm America and the world. Ferguson was set up, plain and simple. Why would Obama award the mantle of a Protestant church leader to the Pope at the G8 meeting in Aquilla, Italy when he first met the Pope (then Pope Benedict XVl) in his first administration if he wasn’t in cahoots with the Vatican and it’s plan to control the world with it’s beliefs with the help of Islam (their baby ie Frankenstein) and it’s muscle (maniacal nuts of Islam and the Jesuits) and oil dominance to bring the world to it’s knees so they can crucify, behead, whip, rape, kill, bury alive, starve, un-employ ) \\:who is to blame for the double unemployment rate in St. Louis…..OBAMA, of course://, rob, steal, demean, diminish humanity, cause distress and abominate decency and mock the truth about God and to deceive while doing it? He has a knack for destroying because he is a Destroyer with a smile and saying that there isn’t a smidgeon of truth to any allegations against him or his asshole friends and all the scandals he has developed to divert attention from Benghazi his achilles heel. Don’t forget what he said at the UN about his prophet/profit Mohammad soon after ……..which was the motive for Benghazi and everything that followed. Why was Michelle there? Why was Michelle bearing arms there? Why was Michelle swollen from face surgery, there? And why did Obama say, “Only Michelle has the right to bear arms.”  Isn’t it relevant?

Did she execute some form of justice for him in Benghazi?

He and/or she is the Vatican hammer.

Did Eric Holder investigate Benghazi or did he bow to the whims and wishes of Obama. WHO’s THE COWARD? ERIC HOLDER IS THE COWARD!

 I can’t think of one thing he has said or done that is worthy of any respect. What was unfair, Mr. Holder? Don’t go there! Go where, Mr. Holder? Good luck with the asparagus, Mr. Holder? He is a sick lawless sloth, but that is why he was picked by Obama. GOOD JOB!

Is he willing to put his neck on the line for that statement about the USA being a country of cowards? Let me get the chopping block and let’s test his valor. I wonder what he thinks about islamic countries and their treatment of females, jews, gays, blacks etc. The USA is far superior over almost every country on earth in regards to race. Where has Eric Holder lived that it is better in other countries in that regard. I would love to know. Anyway who bows to a President? That’s slavery! When people talk to Eric Holder do they look at his boobs? Do they whistle when he walks by? Has anyone ever tried to lasso him from a moving car? Has anyone tried to follow him from the woods after jacking off? So he felt like people watched him more closely when shopping because of his race….BIG DEAL. Get over it. You could always shop else where. I stopped going to those woods. I could go on ad nausea what it is like to be a girl turning into a  woman but I don’t think I want to entertain the male genitals of a wuss. I’m so tired of the argument against racial profiling as if that has anything to do with prejudice. Sheppard Smith had a guest from Ferguson talking about cleaning the town and their good effort to keep it looking nice while protests are in progress. Sheppard Smith has been covering this event religiously. I think we should call racial profiling color coding instead because it is ridiculous not to know a description of a criminal because of supercilious sensitivity about ones race. If a white guy rapes a woman and she describes the rapist as being black man with boobs will that help to apprehend the rapist? Racial profiling has nothing to do with prejudice. I understand about being stopped in a car because of ones race is very scary sometimes but if there is a person out there who is on the run and is a certain race it is important to racial profile. I get scared when I get stopped by the cops. I think everyone finds it unpleasant because more than likely you will get a ticket. But if you are in a souped up car speeding and and acting drunk more than likely you will be stopped. Most the time I don’t think cops like to stop people of color because of the fear they may be killed as well. It works both ways. I do think the dash cams might alleviate a lot of trouble for the racial divide because it also works both ways and is evidence if a cop is acting bad or a person of color is acting bad or a person of lack of color is acting bad. It seems like a good investment for law enforcement and for the population as a whole. Racial profiling is only a description. Language is important. When african americans complain about prejudice try calling it prejudice, not racial profiling. In order to keep terrorism off our streets we have to racial profile otherwise we might as well become a parish of Saudi Arabia and you won’t be able to protest and have your doors marked with a red circle telling you to leave your homes and your things etc. As far as being your brother’s keeper how about not letting your friend the gentle giant steal cigars and push around store clerks and walk in the middle of the road blocking traffic and taunting cops on his way to his grandmother’s house. Did she smoke cigars? It just doesn’t make good sense and certainly makes me suspicious of who is behind this event and for what reason. Dash cams can also help to determine if a cop is stopping people for prejudicial reasons in their cars needlessly. I think the friend is the catalyst for his friend’s demise. It seems like a set up to generate news and attention and create another diversion for the Obama Administration and it is too bad a young man was used that way. He may have had some mental problems that some people seized upon for political and religious gain (I saw the religious leaders talking about justice and peace as if one is an extension of the other), and others ignored such as family and friends because normal people or people in their right mind don’t act that way and most of all because the Benghazi hearings are on the horizon and they are afraid IMO. (including Eric Holder.)

As far as the religious bent of this event I wonder who is pulling their chains?

Obama urges Ferguson authorities, protesters:

Don’t “simply holler at each other”

His dark sentences and pleas don’t solve a damned thing. He can’t seem to be firm about anything and is all over the place. Lousy leader. A bunch of wishy washy nonsense that sounds reasonable but lacks any direction which just keeps it a goin’.

He knows how to sound good, but not be good.

A vast majority are not peacefully protesting but are aggravating and agitating for his own purposes. Anyway I’m sure Michelle would send her heart if she had one but she sent it out to the New Jersey shores and their victims after Hurricane Sandy a few days or so  before her extravagant vacation to Hawaii and after Benghazi because it was her right after all that she had accomplished.

The fact is we need to understand what occurred then (Benghazi) and what occurred a few days ago because they are related as are all the diversions (real and unreal) since Obama and Michelle came to Washington DC and since Benghazi (which is in North Africa) which seem to be adding up to the abomination of desolation. Benghazi has been stalled for a few years yet religious leaders want justice now for what occurred in Ferguson and assisting in holding hostage the town of Ferguson with outsiders looting and causing mayhem without any understanding of who they are assisting or why. Do they condone ripping off a store or bullying a clerk? Have they said so? Have they said that Michael Brown was not a gentle giant or at least not that day? Have they said that his friend should have been a better friend? He has now admitted the convenience store episode but didn’t mention it at first. So there is probably more he could admit to such as entrapping his dead friend. Have they said that maybe his friend ought to be investigated? Have the assisted in bringing people from all over the country to Ferguson too? Did they assist with the immigration crisis as well? Is Rome involved in this crisis? Are they appeasing someone? Do they like Islam and being pawns because that is what they are mere pawns. Will it get you a job? Are they being paid to be lawless?

I know that there is a left wing agenda to depopulate the countryside and get people to live in the big cities. Because they want to save the land for wind farms or something like that to kill eagles or sun power the country side to burn up birds etc. They think they have the answers all revolving around Gore’s earth view about Global warming which was started by the Vatican just like most of the raunchy ideas that become popular myths to generate fear, donations, public funding via taxes and tax shelters etc to drain the economy and destroy countries to catholicize/islamicize them because they think their way is better very much like the Nazi’s did. Brainwashed.

Will violent protests help justice to be served or does it help lawlessness to be served?

I heard that justice to them is charges brought against the officer who was in involved in the shooting of Michael Brown.

What about charges brought against his friend who led him to being shot every step of the way as if he brought him to his execution like a prisoner with his hands behind his back

at the convenience store before he stole the cigars?

Maybe that is how death works in “pairs” ………. an anagram again of “Paris”!

Three Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

or is it two steps forward and three steps back?

It’s a dance, I think.

Please read:

Josephus and His Footprints

CNN anchor blasted for asking why police aren’t using water cannons

Not a bad idea and would cool everyone off at the same time. Course the women would have mascara running down their cheeks and clothes would get kind of heavy and dirty,

but it would certainly disperse the crowds! The guests from out of town will have to go to the launder mats and probably find it inconvenient.

Too bad that men don’t listen to good ideas from women, I guess they like war, I mean, justice! (Sit down, Hillary, you don’t knead dough!)

Even Police Body Cameras Can Lose Sight Of The Truth

They shouldn’t be able to decide when to turn on the cameras but should be on all the time and monitored.

Martin Luther King’s niece was on Hannity’s show and was very wise and said her uncle based his work upon what he believed in the bible. Although I don’t agree with everything in the bible because of my findings comparing the gospels I do think Martin Luther King was a very good leader and I do think things would be different in our country if he had been able to live a lot longer because he had “the right stuff” in him and was trying to achieve fairness and equality which should be self-evident even though we each are different in ways besides race and gender. But at that time it was very lopsided and degrading for african americans but somehow he still overcame the difference and upheld a standard within himself and probably his family and close friends which shows in his niece and her attitude. Whatever it was that he had seems to have rubbed off on her. Pretty powerful stuff. I don’t agree about peace before justice or justice before peace or with or without one you can have the other or not because I think each is a condition that has to be protected and defended and sometimes that doesn’t involve peace. I don’t think man can ever attain true justice with each other but we ought to try to be truthful, fair, and forgiving and let God do the rest which can lead to a kind of inner peace even in the worst of times. Take the OJ Simpson case for instance. He didn’t really have a very good life after the trial even though he got off legally and most of the African americans were unrighteously elated and yet  he is a work in progress. We have a lot of problems in the legal system and can be improved upon but I think it won’t work well unless blacks and whites work on it together. And I don’t mean the Ed Beckal or Juan Williams kind of way which is appease without a notion of what might be true. Truth matters. It is the difference between the Synoptic gospel Jesus and the one that came to tell the truth about God and about himself which is mostly in the Gospel of John and in the Old testament. There are a few areas in the Gospel of John that seem to be tampered with also such as the meeting with his secret friend Nicodemus especially after hearing what Pope Benedict XVl offered and his admission about “faith was the new enlightenment.” which I wrote about in a post linked on Merangue’s Blog. He also offered an admission about jews not being to blame for the death of Jesus. He also resigned from being a pope which was quite astounding and remarkable in a way. Took some guts to do that but I think it is because of those admissions and his evolution in some ways. I think even after a person dies God works on them for them and for us and for HIMSELF. It’s a time and space thing that science cannot explain and maybe why Jesus said “My time is not yet.”  because there is a there there. Benghazi was really important at least to me because I knew that Islam was a false religion…and it woke me up about Obama (his intent) and then listening to all the lies afterwards and the motive offered at the UN in his cavalier way. It was when I realized he was up to no good and that he spoke in a dark language as told about in the Book of Daniel. So pay attention to the words he uses and the other meanings and the many contradictions in what he says and what he does.


Other officers forced to intervene during shock incident

If you had a mob of wild asses you might have said the same thing this cop said. If you don’t think he feels threatened even holding a gun against a mob, you are ignorant. Why not go home and quit exacerbating the situation in Ferguson and let the town heal and clean up the mess you guys are adding to the situation. Is it helping to hang out in Ferguson? It is like a war zone now because of the different elements involved over a possible murder or a possible justified homicide. We don’t know yet what it is. We know the mom lied about her son being a gentle giant which was proven to be false by his own actions caught on camera, for starters. We do know that the deceased was egging for it for some reason ….that we do know, and so are the protesters.

Will it bring true justice or a hanging?

Put it a better way: we know the mom said her son was a gentle giant and we saw on camera that he wasn’t a gentle giant, whether or not she is lying is debatable.

Maybe that is the question….what changed and/or why?


Pocket change?

Perhaps some new telephones will satisfy the maddening crowds in Ferguson.


The dad Michael Brown who was killed in Ferguson looks like the man who recently beheaded a woman.

Watched Stuart Barney and his questions to a lady trying to get investments for Ferguson businesses. I’ll tell you what I would do if I had a business there . I would move it to a place that had a good governor and other good leaders. It obviously doesn’t. If I lived there…I would move to a better place that didn’t allow what occurred or allow lawlessness to that degree. People with standards. There is nothing wrong with having a curfew when needed. The people that are protesting don’t even know the laws in their own city which ought to be rectified. They ought to try to learn what they are so they can obey them. Obviously noone taught Michael Brown not to steal. No one taught him not to push clerks around in their own business. People that behave that way should not be allowed to enter a business or public places. I think the city is going the way of Detroit at least in the short term. It would probably be better for the people to go elsewhere and start a better life and same goes for the businesses. Think of it as a divorce. Some combinations just don’t work well and that is a city that doesn’t work well together. Every time I have driven through St. Louis it was an unimpressive and depressing experience for me. For being in the SHOW ME state it showed me I didn’t like it. I don’t think it would be wise to invest in Ferguson like throwing good money after bad. The only thing worthy would be to help the businesses that were looted move to a better location where people know better than to take advantage of the situation. And they don’t except for the crowd that went home which was kind of interesting when that occurred and when America got to see that the trouble came from outside for the most part except for the initial shooting which is telling that this is funded and intentional by those with an agenda which might be a Nazi kind of intent town by town. IMO.

Obviously the ratio of black cops to the population isn’t good but do African Americans even try to get jobs in the police department?

Do they have the deseire to change the ratio?

Are they being held back from doing so?

If we took a survey of the population in Ferguson how many African Americans would choose policeman as their profession between other professions such as basketball player, a football player, or a rap artist? That could be part of the problem. I can guarantee Policeman would not be at the top of the charts. Why? Because of the glamourous lifestyles we see of the other choices and their salaries. There is something wrong with that! Do football and basketball players risk their lives to keep order in a city or town? WIthout policeman obviously people might go crazy looting each other yet they get paid much less. Police are a necessity and the other three options aren’t a necessity for life in the city or a town. If we raised the level of respect for Police and lawfulness we might improve the institution itself. There are many good cops and some bad cops but the chance of having better cops might be the result if we changed our perspective and placed our priorities in the right direction and give them the tools to do a better job, to be safer and help them to be more trustworthy and trusted, and be held accountable at the same time. Since they get paid less and yet do a much more important job than entertaining us they ought to be at least protected more and more of a concern to the population they serve which might help all the way around and they would be less trigger happy or paranoid, if we make their job easier and safer it might help a bunch towards their relationship with the people and would help the people to be less paranoid and trigger happy. Also as far as making their institution having to stop people to make a their budget we ought to cure that another way. We don’t want drunk drivers, or stoned driver, or speeding, or illegal drivers, but the excess tickets could be avoided if money/police funds weren’t an incentive to the cops to stop people and ticket people unnecessarily. Somehow that needs to be addressed and rectified. Perhaps the DashCam and Body Cameras will help that way as well. Lack of austerity measure against the people would help the people be happier. Austerity is a tool of the Obama administration and the Vatican while he vacations on America’s dime. If our tax code was simpler or simply a tax on what we purchase such as a consumption tax it might help to alleviate poverty because businesses would have a chance to thrive, the self employed would be able to compete, and saving would be possible and encouraged in order to invest in one’s business or aspirations to improve one’s talents and the future of their families. We could worry less about the Ukraine and more about us.

Funeral of Michael Brown

More White House officials at Michael Brown funeral than Thatcher…

Watched snippets of Michael Brown’s Funeral on O’reilly and was disappointed that the preacher brought up Sandy Hook Elementary as if it was a real event. He obviously hasn’t done his homework and is an agent of lies. I thought the mother seemed to be making a spectacle of her sadness which was real fakey as if she is using him. And it made me realize that Michael Brown was up against a very hedonistic seeking and pretentious family who are delusional alongside of their spiritual leader. A pagaeant of emotional chicanery. No wonder he was angry. Insurance is probably involved somehow or some kind of a reward for her act down the road. Anyway it was disappointing to see their falsehood. Sickening to see people use the death of a young man for the wrong reasons. And again in the faith sellers and faith ministers are all over it like stink on shit. Should have just hauled off and hired a magician it would have been much more convincing. So much for the “New Enlightenment of Faith”a ploy by Rome to get people interested in Jesus of the bible ajd a way to make money and get attention admitted by Pope Benedict XVl. It hurt the faith merchants to find out that the mustard seed wasn’t the smallest of seeds. These are the type people that Jesus exhibited righteous anger towards when he threw over their tables in the temple because they were selling out.


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

When you find deception shouldn’t you expose it? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Or do we defend it?

Who betrayed Jesus?

Eddy Arnold – Make The World Go Away (1966)

I know I have been held back in some ways economically and job wise and I’m white. I know it has been, in many ways, purposeful because of my beliefs. So in many ways it might be purposeful to prevent african americans from getting involved in change for the better. A catch 22 kind or a vice holding them back. Kind of like marrying for gays to keep them as a voting block and keep them dissatisfied. And I think Dr. Ben Carson had some good ideas but because of the times we are in only some will be allowed to progress because of religion. And he may know that. Not sure about him because he said something once that I noted and in a way it was mocking. I won’t say what it is but he may know what I mean. He ought to become an engineer for NASA but he probably already has done that already.) I wouldn’t put it past him. I think if he were ABLE he could have prevented the O-ring seal mishap of the Space Shuttle Challenger! There is power in numbers but they seem to be dwindling. And he was a guest speaker for the President and that was no accident. Nevertheless it doesn’t hurt to try and at least improve brain power and gain talents to deal with the times we are in without getting ambushed, murdered, or justifiably killed. I know I have been held back from raising my own child by the other half and his backers and their tools. But I will get my chances So help me God.

I believe the tables will turn and that is why so much junk is going on because they may be aware that it will change.

(Still I really think it was odd that Michael Brown had his hands behind his back in the beginning of the convenience store video and it could be a signal that he was not in control. nd the lower arm wound bothers me like it could have been from the rear or in the air. I just wonder if it was an execution under a drug of some kind that renders the person a slave like Dragon’s breath. I hope they investigate the possibility. It has been used before. AN execution to draw attention to the city and racial profiling and a great diversion for Obama using Eric Holder and away from things going on elsewhere. The Roman Catholic Vatican does it all the time such as the riots about a video in a couple of places while Benghazi was accomplished working together for a common cause.)

Maybe it has to do with the spiritual leaders who didn’t teach correctly the difference between the truth and a lie. They didn’t teach their giants to be gentler or to have manners. They didn’t teach them it was wrong to loot. They defend it. Maybe the spiritual leaders ought to read their bibles from start to finish and relearn what they seem to have forgotten or never read. Such a the Ten Commandments and where they came from and by whom. Probably be very helpful for the next time they encounter a situation such as this. Might have prevented the other deaths that occurred and the looting and the division in their city and from being rolled over by outsiders. Tilled. Hoed down. Tread upon. Pillaged. Robbed, etc

and turned over to the power of the FEDS.

It certainly wasn’t handled with grace and the faith of the protestors and the spiritual leaders who profess faith seemed to be waning within a couple hours of the shooting probably because they hadn’t seen the video or they weren’t witnesses or because they had another agenda, hence Eric Holder.



St. Louis Medical Examiner SLAMS Brown Family Hire

Pretty bad situation when someone without a license is examining a body and that the family hired him. Did they know this person? I wonder who advised them to hire her? Eric Holder?

Was Michael Brown insured. Did the family have life insurance on him so that they could afford to hire 2 people and one without a license? Dr. Baden can’t be cheap being the most famous person in the business. Where did they get the dough? I’m always suspicious when insurance is involved. If they have life insurance on Michael Brown there is reason to be suspicious of what the whole bunch are up to.

He thinks he is justice and so do many in the town of Ferguson. He isn’t. He’s a bandaid and I highly doubt will do the right thing because he works for Obama. He won’t stand up to Obama even if he knows Obama is unfair such as Benghazi. But because he is famous everyone swoons over  him. It’s ridiculous. Typical of ignorance. Why would he not want the video shown of Michael Brown ripping off a convenience store and accosting the clerk? That is deception. I highly doubt Eric Holder of the Justice Department can know right from wrong if he was trying to deceive the public. He may have accomplished many things in his career but if he is for deception he achieved them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. Besides he is a pimp for Obama and that makes him a partner in deception and a partner to evil. Did he ever ask Obama and Michelle about Benghazi? About the video excuse? DId he ever come clean about it or about where the excuse came from?

Black people think they are the only ones that have been affected adversely in this world and in this country. Sorry. It isn’t true. I have never attacked a black person but I have been attacked by a black person. It wasn’t deadly or anything, but it was needless and uncalled for. You do not have a corner on the market for mistreatment in this country or anywhere on earth and by falling for that trap (a false perception) you make real and wise change (the kind of change that makes a difference) impossible. Was OJ Simpson’s wife deserving of her treatment? Did her family receive justice? The race as a whole certainly didn’t seem to mind her demise and his freedom over a glove that didn’t fit very well yet was able to be worn. Was that justice? I don’t think justice was served but careers were born on that case. What about mexicans and central americans. What about orientals? The majority of the black race in America took umbrage at the immigration crisis not because of the danger of terrorism crossing into America but because they might take your jobs. Is that fair? I bet the majority of the black women make more money than I do per hour. The system is not working well but it isn’t working well for both black and white people and mexican Americans, etc., and it needs to be improved upon but by holding a town hostage doesn’t bode well for good and wise change. Though it might help the careers of those that use that kind of tactic for gain such as Eric Holder who “feels your pain.”  BIG DEAL. I have felt it too. Not about being stopped by the police in my car but about other aspects of this event. They use “mob tactics” to avoid dealing with or to divert from what occurred at Benghazi. Is that fair? Lying about Michael Brown will not help. Lying about the cop will not help. A gang mentality is very much like a mob mentality and the mob does not deal fairly with law abiding people or anyone for that matter.

The truth will help.

Without truth I think we undermine our own survival.

Daniel 8:23-25

23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. 24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. 25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

Hand is time (I think;)

Does it sound like anyone we all know who doesn’t ever say what he means or mean what he says?

Remember all the broken bones of leaders (arms and legs), head injuries of leaders, and deaths and lies in the first administration and 2nd administration? How about the many crises since Benghazi. It’s all related. Add it up.

Here is an interesting convergence:

Talking shopping carts about healthy food choices proposed by Michelle Obama 

Staples: The Shopping Cart Dance

 Do the Shopping Cart

Staples Is Closing A Ton Of Stores

Obama admitted on the news that ISIS has killed

unarmed civilians

by the thousands!

So why do you think Obama wanted to unarm

the civilians of the USA?

Why the war on the NRA?


His war for the second term and a half?


Why does Chicago have a high murder rate?


Why didn’t Obama want to protect our border?

But he wants to protect the Ukraine’s border? He wants to control OIL and it’s prophets.

Why would ISIS threaten OBAMA THE MOST PRO ISLAMIC PRESIDENT EVER? I’ll tell you why: to make it look like he isn’t their leader. To make it look like he is not funding them. But there are 6 hundred billion dollars missing that no one has accounted for. They have estimated the worth of ISIS but what if they are purposefully lying about their worth and now Defense Shuck Hagel is warning America to get ready. With what? They have defunded the military and tried to disarm the civilians. Which reminds me of a post I wrote about the differing accounts of the four gospels about the prayers that Jesus prayed and what he did at the place that he was arrested. I hope you read it because it kind of  pertains to what Obama has done to the military and Sec. of Defense Shuck Hagel’s warning about ISIS.

B y the way how did the 

Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul

survive the ISIS occupation in Mosul?

If so, HOW and WHY? Did they get beheaded as well?

Did ISIS mark their doors or convert them to ISLAM?

I’m wondering if they are differentiating between catholics and christians?

In The Garden of Gethsemane

Islamic State Militants Attack Major Air Base In Eastern Syria

 “The beheading marks the first time the Islamic State has killed an American citizen since the Syrian conflict broke out in March 2011, upping the stakes in an increasingly chaotic and multilayered war. The killing could complicate U.S. involvement in Iraq, and the Obama administration’s efforts to contain the group as it expands in both Iraq and Syria.”
So who is the enemy ISIS or SYRIA?

A Milestone Marked In Disposal Of Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Funny, I thought Putitook charge of that?

That’s right, they met for dinner.

(Reminds me of the Pope blessing the woman released from prison for marrying a Christian man)

Dempsey: Defeating Islamic State requires strikes in Syria

Dempsey says defeating Islamic State requires strikes in Syria. I say if that is true then striking Britain is as important as striking Syria.

The truth is Saudi Arabia is and should be our target. 

Who has caused the most damage in the USA?

Saudi Arabia

Whose landmarks are the most famous for the Islamic Ideology?

Medina and Mecca


They are bewitched who don’t see that Saudi Arabia started Islamic terrorism and are the power behind the ideology

because the ideology of Islamic terror is most supported by Saudi Arabia

hence Medina and Mecca.


Since last Thursday Dempsey has changed his stance quite a bit about ISIS and I believe because he has learned more since last Thursday. He has to depend on the information he receives in various ways and forms. As far as Mike Morell’s position on ISIS and Syria wasn’t he a bit disingenous about a few things in regards to Benghazi? I prefer Dempsey’s attempt to access the situation as it unfolds and taking a step back which is wise. IMO. One minute everyone is against Assad and the next they are with him. Maybe we ought to just stay away from that part of the ISIS dilemma since obviously the war pushers are unsure of the government of Assad either way. Let Assad and his military handle Syria and the infestation of ISIS in his country which I believe has been the problem all along in Syria (for some reason) and/or since Obama came about. I think we should stay out of Syria all together. He has a government in his country that is functioning still even with his troubles and Iraq doesn’t have a government that has established itself or accepted or acceptable by it’s people. Assad’s people respect him and he did protect christians in his country for many years and perhaps that is why they respect him.  Assad defended his country against rebellion and the world opinion which erred in regards to the Sarin gas that was sent his way to protect and hide from the rebels protecting other countries as well. Putin and Assad worked on destroying it together. I have no idea of the situation now in regards to Sarin gas or if it has improved but just because he had a few in his military that were traitors isn’t a reason to attack Syria. They probably were bribed by the rebels and whoever funds them. Obviously if ISIS is killing christians in Iraq and they were rebelling in Syria then Assad wasn’t the problem to begin with. Did the Iraqi government protect or defend it’s people?

From a bible prophetic perspective I think it would be wise to stay away from Syria.

I have read about what happens in Syria and the bodies that take 6 months to bury and 6 months to bury their weapons of whoever it is speaking about and I would like it not to be the US military. It’s pretty gruesome. Tongues melting and eyeballs melting in their sockets, etc. Sounds nuclear to me. Plus the fact that it takes 6 months to bury sounds as if they are either infected with disease and a contagion, poisoned, or are some kind of radiation poisoning and/or contamination and hence it takes that long to bury. So I think taking a step back is wise, don’t you?

I don’t think prophetically speaking we should be afraid but thoughtful about it before we jump into something altogether horrendous.

I think we should keep our drones away as well so they don’t get into trouble or make trouble which they seem to have a penchant to do. Drones certainly didn’t help at Benghazi.

Can someone P L E A S E get me off this train?

(Yes everyone gets a trophy even if you lose. That’s where this all started)

Did he dismantle Iran’s Nuclear Program as well?

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 6.12.05 PM

It’s really too bad that no one really wanted to hold Barack Obama or Michelle Obama

accountable about Benghazi,

isn’t it?

That’s the problem with Islam. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

You can’t make deals with terrorists or the devil


As Bill O’reilly has said, “It’s like spittin’ in the wind.”


His parents look like the Kennedys 

Just want to say that Hollywood is very adept at making gore look real. I haven’t watched the beheading but I definitely would not be convinced even if I had because of the politics involved with religion and the money involved.

It’s their bread and butter

 There have been so many hoaxes it is not beyond the imagination that this too is a hoax. I was not convinced by the parents interview either. Not very good actors and the third person who came up was so much like what we saw in California with the girl that was shot 5 times. I’m surprised there wasn’t a tee shirt involved. Though I just found out they had buttons. I’m not sure how buttons could help James Foley. Maybe the ISIS terrorists would have seen the button worn on someone.

If Obama is condemning ISIS’s treatment of James Foley,

it probably isn’t real.

The dad said that their son was the one that would speak to the guards about inequity in food…..How does his dad know this? Did the guards tell him how their son behaved while imprisoned? Did the other inmates write the parents? Did ISIS deliver the mail?

I think James Foley was trying to get his parents to send him a whole bunch of money like college kids do so he used ISIS to extort from them. It doesn’t even look like him in the picture. And the picture is very fakey with the desert in the background. Very hollywoody! I think this is the other guy though but I heard that the beheading didn’t even show blood gushing and as someone who tweeted on Alex Jones if it was really a group trying to terrorize the US it would have been unedited. The outfit of the executioner is a bit showy and too clean and looks like the background the desert scene is a back drop. Too bad they didn’t get Bergdahl to show off his ballet moves.

I just heard that James Foley had been missing for two years…..Isn’t it funny that all the stories about James Foley are written about 4 days ago when he was supposedly beheaded. I never heard about him 2 years ago. Never saw the parents 2 years ago. We didn’t even know about a group named ISIS 2 years ago and only recently about last month or so though heard that Obama and our government knew about them for a year supposedly watching it grow I suppose, and yet ISIS was supposedly holding him for 2 years. IT JUST DOZEN MAKE SENSE. So I guess ISIS wasn’t a threat 2 years ago even holding americans hostages. Lots of holes in this story.

Also the ISIS group was demanding 132 million from the Foley family. Why 132 million? Why not 130 million? 100 million? Why 132 million? Why was the family threatened not to pay? Did they need to buy something for 132 million they couldn’t get if they only got 130 million? The number of millions they asked for is a bit strange.

The picture of the executioner looks like Foley himself executing someone in his place. The person he is executing in his place does not look like him at all.  I just saw an image of his profile and his eyes that I had not seen before executing himself and noticed today the similarity and the new British hostage prisoner David Hanes looks like  President Assad a bit younger and thinner.  Still haven’t seen proof of beheading or heads on chests yet or even blood. Just a lot of acting I think.  David Hanes looks different in the eyes and eyebrows (rounder) at least in the picture provided by Fox News on the air. they do have similar looks though. Maybe he is double!

If James Foley who converted to Islam as stated on the news was beheaded how could he have beheaded the next victim unless he did the beheading of the next victim first and then was beheaded meaning he fell back in time and backwards motion type falling back. In any case it definitely was Foley behind the mask I could tell by his eyes in a shot of him on the news and a profile of his orbital section of his face. I’m a portrait artist and am pretty good at recognizing features.

If it is true that he was beheaded by Isis and was working in Syria photographing the Syrian demise who was affording it? He seemed to be working for someone. Who was that? He appeared on Fox news with Bill O’reilly in an interview aired a few years ago but re-aired by Fox News but supposedly he was a freelance photographer. I think there is a Jesuit connection to his employment and his purpose to get America in Syria because the purpose of the Jesuits is to protect the Pope and the Vatican and Isis is a wild card so to speak and I think they are afraid of Isis not because of the people in the countries dealing with Isis but because of their own fears for their own power. They have been wanting to go into Syria fro quite a while. Maybe Assad’s relationship to Putin is a threat and Assad may not be capitulating to the Vatican. Foley’s parents must be rich if ISIS asked for 100 million dollars to be raised to save him. His mom stated that she knows that Jesus can’t forgive sins etc in her plea to save her and it seemed more like Islamic propaganda message and so I think most of this is hogwash. She doesn’t appear to be honest nor does his dad but enjoying the lime light and likes reporters to shoot questions at him about his son. It seems to me that the US is hell bent on going into Syria since the sarin gas scares which proved to be false but because the EU wanted to engage ASSAD. It seems we are an extension of the EU which is not wise. It is not wise to be an extension of the Vatican either but that is where we get most of our intelligence, though not brains, hence the video tape excuse/lie of Benghazi so we are being manipulated and pushed around by the Vatican, the Jesuits and their agendas in a nazi kind of way like the assassination of JFK. I don’t mean Israel either. I mean in a nazi kind of way like Germany since that is where the idea about making the people suffer came from when Obama and Merkel got together to push what is called austerity to make the people of Germany heel. DID Foley provide the photos with the dead people supposedly killed by sarin gas who changed clothes even though they were dead? Or the photos of the women leading children in contaminated areas without masks but only painters masks which are useless with sarin gas that changed to a handkerchief and the kids were just plain out of luck? Is that why he was killed? Is that why he miraculously wasn’t found and/or saved? Is that why there was a story that leaked about the failed attempt? Are the parents really his parents? Because they sure don’t act like it. They seem to be putting on their pain and suffering. He supposedly said he wished he could see his family again. Who said he said that? How do they know? Now they have taken the video off the internet so no one can verify the truth of the matter except those that want to freak everyone out about it. Did he wear a sign or a Tee Shirt that said it as he was being beheaded? Come on.

John McCain is back in the news acting as if the public loves him again. The guy is mental and needs to be voted out of office.

It was the incessant blinking that made me notice his insanity after all he is a grown man but acting like a kid lying to his mom while his mom believes him. It was weird.

However my ex who has a strange memory (he was raised a catholic) remembers James Foley appearing on the O’reilly show talking about working in Afghanistan in 2011. Amazing he remembered what year and what show. But couldn’t remember other things far closer. Hmmmmmm. Also says mexicans steal loose dogs (as O’reilly’s might utterly revealed was unleashed) many times at construction sites. Strange to say the least. Strange bedfellows. Bret Baier and his crew love dogs. They love the untenable because of the unique power of the press and their religious bent drunken on their own devices to do evil but think they do God a service. The truth is relevant. They interfere in the lives of others and yet they never look over their own shoulders to see who or what is driving them to do what they do and not do what they should do. Sandy Hook Elementary is a good case in point and I never saw them interview the woman who posted a you tube about the hoax and all of her findings through her investigation of the event that did not occur. Not to mention many others who have done the same. They act like they don’t even see it. Benghazi is another case in point. And you have to wonder why and what they up to. If they can’t include the truth in their reports what can you trust that they do include. I think James Foley was a catholic, his family is catholic and most of the hoaxes since Benghazi have been involving catholics and priests. Strange huh.

It’s not the first time people have faked deaths. In Josephus Flavius writings a man named Nigel/or Niger faked his death jumping from a burning tower and rose three days later mimicking obviously and tricked many Jews. He was hunter of Jews is the impression I get from the account given. Paul was a hunter too of Christians. He had a friend named Nigel/Niger in the book of Acts and other books after that and they were raised together by the same outfit or group like family. James Foley also had a companion by the name of Nigel. Seems kind of funny. Nigel is an unusual name these days anyway. Yea I think these deaths are fake otherwise they would show the footage of their deaths to the people to prove it. Catholic Church wants everyone to think they are being persecuted when it is the opposite while they persecute others. It’s a trick. They only have a short while left to play their hideous games. They think they have plenty of time as the Pope seemed to say in an article included. Not by my calculations. Because guess what: they have been tricked as well.

The other day on one of their discussion group shows on Fox the women were wearing solid colored outfits

One green, one red, one black, and another mint colored and I thought hmmm I wonder who dresses them. I know the JFK was assassinated the day of he supposedly told his wife Jackie to wear pink (or so she says) and I guess John Connelly wanted his wife to wear pink as well? Anyway at the breakfast before he died all the women were wearing the same style of hat as Jackie. Sort of looked odd. The colors of the women on Fox that day were islamic flag colors except for the mint julip (Jewlip? I’m guessing?) dressed woman. It was as if it was purposeful folly and sick and the same day O’reilly brought up the “unleashed” in his report not about Grizzly the puppy dog. It is like they are the borg. They have interacted with me in my home and messed with my kids to cause trouble and I won’t mind when it flies back in their faces some day” like spit in the wind and IT WILL.

The power of colors and the suggestion made by them is telling sometimes when they want to send a message of solidarity and attack normal people. The Balls rule of law PROPINQUITY is what it has been called which caught O’reilly off guard. I guess it made him fuhrerious to taste his own medicine. Anyway worth noting and observing for those that don’t get it. I guess O’reilly has a new book about killing Patton. Sure seems like we are near to entering WWlll and Fox is trying to get us there in opposition to the White House which is a misnomer because both want the same thing and are doing their part to get there. Their game is a tug of war with the same goals if you haven’t noticed and now O’reilly is defending the young man killed at Ferguson in his attempt to gain supporters. They are so effined up. They like selling hurrycanes and special prosthetics and they love donations. It’s like the Catholic church needing sin to sell indulgences. Same difference. Don’t let them fool ya or Sheppard Smith. I just wish they would stay over there long enough to injure themselves. They never do. Have you noticed? Too busy hitting awards shows and hanging with his side kick who is not exactly trustworthy himself Dennis the Menace Millertime watching over his good time friends in Hollywood with a belt. What are friends for who are “alway ready” for a good time and a profit/prophet. If they gave a crap they would report the truth and would be willing to rid the world of false worship of a box with a vagina but instead want false warships beating around the bush. Whatever happens it will be their fault and their punishment will arrive soon enuf. Be careful what you wish for it might be your due with no reward;) It must be difficult when your ideology is significantly similar to the ideology you are at war with since one begot the other.

Hannity Hannity Hannity said he would expose his religion if it was killing in the name of his religion….

guess what it is and he hasn’t exposed them because he is blind to his religion. Hannity attended a seminary I have heard him say. Did they teach you about the Jesuit purpose or their history or their secret oaths?

He exposed the Hamas agenda: what about the Jesuits? It’s the same thing and the same desire.

Has Hanniity ever exposed the Jesuit commandments?

How about the part about impaling babies? To protect the Papacy and promote false worship of idols and icons and statues of mary and peter and even fragments of fingernails that they enshrine of who the hell knows etc. Crazy stuff like that.

Speaking of veils:

Finally Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married and seem kind of excited for having been a couple for a long time with a long waiting period. Her children’s art depicted on the back of her dress and on her wedding veil. I don’t agree with them on  their beliefs….who does because we are all a bit different thank God for that.

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 1.34.29 AM

Shimon Perez of Israel was in Rome recently visiting Pope Francis for the third time said FredeRICO Lombardi the spokesman transliterated Perezes intent about trying to unite religions or come up with a UN for religions. I don’t want to be catholic, thanks, but no thanks. He said that the Papacy isn’t really on board yet….GIVE ME A BREAK! Then why did they go to South Korea? Japan? China? Israel?  Jesuit FredeRICO Lombardo was the Jesuit mob boss who came up with the video excuse for what occurred at Benghazi and Susan Rice, Hillary, and the Obama Administration ran with it until it was foiled by the truth. Shimon Perez greeted Pope Benedict XVl at the airport when he visited Israel a few years back and said “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” (which was edited out of the youtube that I witnessed. The name ain’t “Pope Benedict” I can tell you that much! )

However Pope Benedict was the 265th pope which is a marker and is associated with the number 153 of the fish event at the Sea of Galiilee. I wrote about the number in another post and was astounded at what I found out about the number 265 while learning about the 153 fish. It was quite revealing:

Pope Benedict XVI and 153 Great Fish

Benghazi Libya is where some apollo temples were built and some probably still exist incognito and I think it is relevant to the controversy of Benghazi and who appears to be standing in front of the burning building with arms and a syringe for some strange reason and has something to do with the Jesuits since they offered the excuse to our INTEL and our INTEL proferred to the public which was a lie.

Slain journalist Steven Sotloff has final word at his memorial service

“It is not clear how Sotloff’s letters, read by his relatives, made it into his family’s hands.”

Tough one to explain.

Keep it a mystery that way you won’t have to explain.

The Dunderheads Lend a Scenario

Sotloff’s letter says you only live once etc kind of like the train on Angelina’s wedding dress. Whatever. I believe in the Gospel of John for the most part but especially in regards to Lazarus. Let’s hope the next time around there won’t be an Obama administration! LOL I think ISIS must be in charge of the Post Office because of all the messages getting out via ISIS to Catholic priests for Foley and I guess a rabbi for Sotloff and yet in Syria they don’t have a post office just stamps. There must be some kind of joke involved. One letter says he wishes he could spend time with his family and I guess that is why he went to Syria to extort money and the other says he is ok but by the sounds of all the ruckus he isn’t ok. Perhaps a show on Hannity about it with one set of guys who survived delivering Foley’s mail and then another with the three faces of Bret Baier (They sound and look just like him of the “13 hours in Benghazi” I think he is having a narcissistic fantasy and we get to buy it if we choose because of his doggieness in regards to Benghazi and ignoring everything else. Bret Baier is a Roman Catholic and attends Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown.)

Need I say more?

a year or so later of some guys that survived and were able to hand deliver Sotloff’s mail. Should be as interesting as their shows about the survivors at Benghazi which are not interesting except perhaps to those that are selling their BS. Since Sean Hannity and Bret Baer aren’t interested in the truth I’m sure they will find it interesting as well. Maybe sell a few books for their troubles and fill in some air time with their drivel and have a few panels of guests argue about ISIS and the cost of delivering mail.

Then have a hearing on how the Post Office could have done a better job.

One of the guys on the show about Benghazi by Bret Baier, the blonde one, flaunted his flexed arm muscle taunting-ly because that’s all that he possesses:

he’s got no brains.

He and the others including Bret Baier look like, sound like, and act like they ought to be maintenance workers on the rides at the local carnival or the guys that try to get you to their stall to throw darts at balloons for a lousy stuffed snake at the fair. The lowest denominator of what the male species can possibly be. I think they might make good lumberjacks except they wouldn’t last too long. Who in the world would buy their books…while Bret Baier was enraptured by their stories I found them to be an untrustworthy source of information in regards to Benghazi. I think they ate too many snow cones when they were young freezing their shared synaptic impulses from their spinal cord to their brain at an early stage. I sure wouldn’t want to depend on them if I were besieged by a bunch of islamic fanatics. Might as well go it alone if I encountered them in that situation. They probably would make good decoys though which is probably what they are decoys for Obama and those in his camp. I would trust the three stooges before I would put myself in their care. Almost as bad as Obama appointing Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary.

Why would he do that? To mock, obviously. I can’t wait…I really can’t wait to see their faces when their shit flies back in their faces and they are held accountable by God.

I hope I get to see it:) and I hope it’s soon. I think it will be by my calculations and so I won’t have to wait too long. I can’t wait to see the end of Catholicism and Islam.

It will be a glorious day!


Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 6.21.29 PM

You’re the Son I Don’t Have’: Benghazi Victim’s Mom Addresses Americans Who Tried to Save Her Son

Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

and just might be allowed to go to the White House this time

for a wedding

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 5.56.40 PM

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 5.56.01 PM

because of those three faces of Bret Baier that dumped her son’s body over the building at Benghazi

and now they can be her three sons instead of the original one.

Probably not a bad deal considering the alternative. Now she can have three loving daughter-in-laws

oooooooo00000 uh oh that will bless her and she can bless them as they mourn.

Sean Smith’s mom was left out of the Washington Celebrations a few years ago because of her son’s wife for some reason and she is also who the democrats refused to attend or listen to her testimony offered to the committee investigating Benghazi for some reason.

There must be a catch, a snag, and a kink!

Perhaps it has to do with “Old Faithful” John O. Brennan the geezer and Director of the CIA, appointed by Obama who gave lie detector tests

and made CIA employees sign non-disclosures in regards to Benghazi. He kind of favors Sean Smith in an old crotchety with low hanging fruits kind of way. Doesn’t he?

Maybe she can talk Obama into turning the water into sour wine for the new celebrations.

(wine made from sauerkrauts and perhaps the austere Chancellor Merkel of Germany will come! Would be an interesting marriage…Merkel and Brennan.)

CIA Director Brennan Allegedly Threatened CIA Employees With Polygraphs on Benghazi

because of their transparency and

 a shadow of things gone by.

Another interesting blunder out of the mother of Sean Smith’s mouth was, “why don’t they believe you?” speaking of Bret’s three faces. i haven’t heard of anyone that doesn’t believe their lies at least on Fox anyway. So why did she say that? I guess her act was to convince people to believe them. She said she had a million questions for them but couldn’t think of one? I doubt she read their book but just believes them because they are paying attention to her. Which is another deception of course. I haven’t read their book and don’t plan to waste my time or money on their BS. I hope no one will buy it either.  She is getting on my nerves so I’m glad they have adopted her. I hope they take good care of her and her them. The three faces of Bret said that Sean Smith prayed before he died and after he died they prayed over him or something like that. Sounds to me like he was forced to become a follower of Islam and they forced him then killed him. It’s possible, isn’t it? since the CIA is run by a person such as John O. Brennan who was appointed by Obama and who would make the people involved sign non-disclosures and take lie detector tests to shut them up in order that the truth about Benghazi would be hidden, dumped, and/or buried. Anyway that might be what the response that Joseph Biden gave about one of the people at Benghazi ‘Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size of Cue Balls?’. How would he know? Was he watching? What did Joseph Biden see occurring at Benghazi that he would say something like that? Someone ought to ask Joseph Biden in their investigation of Benghazi. Has anyone asked him yet what was meant by that statement?

I just prayed about it and what they have done and asked God to do something about it not necessarily to get even because I don’t know what that is but to make them sorry for what they have done and it thundered outside…. a low thunder. So I think it will happen some day. You don’t have to believe me that that happened, but it did.

Back to Vietnam – Country Joe and Fish – I Feel Like I’m Fixin to Die

Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.
Are you worth-y? I’m sure they think they are worthy, but what does the Lord think?
Have you reported the truth or did what you could to earn a great living on lies and ignoring the many reports about those lies for a fat paycheck?
(Ignoring the history of your religion and the probably billions of deaths because of it’s abuses of those billions all over the world. Very proud.)
Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 8.57.10 PM

Revelation 17:4

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

What happens to the woman you ask?


and upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. 10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. 11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. 12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. 14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. 16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. 17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. 18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

I don’t wear pearls or have a golden chalice or decked in gold so it ain’t me. Who the hell do you think this is talking about?

Found a site just now in my search for a good exmple of colors of the church of Rome but have not read it but it might explain better what I’m trying to convey:

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 8.58.30 PM

Hannity says he has seen the you tubes of the beheadings ….I sure haven’t. I haven’t seen kids heads on poles or severed heads on bodies of these supposed martyrs. I guess it is reserved for the privileged few to view. Proof will be in the pudding soon.

They err BIG TIME and are SCREWING UP….People like Hannity and Bret Baier for not reporting the truth IMO or not protesting to the public if they have been held back from reporting the truth. At least do that!

Are you worthy?

Katie Couric’s first husband had his throat slit as I recall a long time ago and it did not seem fake to me. I only saw it once but it was very scary and sick. They did not try to disguise or edit out the truth when he died so why is it that no one I know has seen the beheadings by ISIS or kids heads on poles. Only those that want to go to Syria or send our troops to Syria have supposedly seen the whole thing which makes me not believe their witness. Sorry for bringing it up but there is a difference IMO. A BIG DIFFERENCE! I just remembered his last name was Pearl. Wasn’t it? Danny Pearl? Something like that which seems awful coincidental to this post.

No one edited the tapes of Jewish men being thrown out of a building and being torn apart and/or the people jumping out of the Twin towers on 9-11 that we witnessed.

Same goes for JFK and we still get to see his blood in the car or blood spraying up from his head as he was shot. So why is it only a few get to see the beheadings, if they are truly beheadings, let the Americans see it for real so they might be convinced of the threat and the accounts given by certain persons that have stated that they saw it and want to send our troops into Syria and Iraq. Prove it. Prove to the American people that those that witnessed the beheadings are not lying such as Sean Hannity and Chuck Hagel and the families of the supposed victims. Prove to the people that there are kids hanging on poles in Iraq. As far as I can tell Sotloff sure doesn’t look like the same man in the pictures with the executioner and the same goes for Foley.

And why are their heads shaved. Not very muslim or islamic is it?

I guess it is political correctness not to tell the truth or show the truth. I read a story about a man who worked at Auchwitz and they didn’t talk much about what they did or didn’t do at the time. They went along with it and accepted it as normal. They sure didn’t report it then and or film it. He is talking now incognito. Political correctness is stifling the truth. Silence is not golden. I think they are investigating Joan Rivers death and they should. Fox News is on top of it, so to speak, not because they want to know the truth or tell the truth but to control the damage surrounding her untimely death. Stifling and intimidating, IMO. Trying to gloss it over. She had just said a few things that might have hit an unforgiving nerve in the Obama Administration and it’s silent partners….which is not a coincidence.

Toronto: Denzel Washington Recalls N-Word Insults at ‘Equalizer’ Press Conference

Denzel Washington talked about an experience he had as a child when he was called a name and what his mom said to him to overcome it. My mom used to say “consider the source” and sometimes would say “they’re just jealous” when something similar would happen in our lives that hurt. I think whether it was because they were jealous or not, it helped. I knew they weren’t jealous but “consider the source” is quite a good point. There’s all kinds of reasons people do the things they do that aren’t nice and sometimes it stems from their upbringing and becomes a generational kind of sin or they are going through some things and lash out or they are taking abuse themselves and passing it on. Learning to overcome takes practice to grow a thick skin which helps in most situations, not that I don’t let out a few things once in a while…I’m only human;) Fox News has interacted with me in my life more than 3 times because they are watching me. I think they are trying to catholicize America or the few left that aren’t catholic. By interaction I mean responding to what is occurring to me or what I have said or written. I’m telling you because it might be happening to you as well. They are trying to intimidate me because I think what I write scares them and it offends because as you know “many shall be offended.” They want me to go nutty, but I don’t spy on them, nor make money telling lies, or silencing others, or purposefully omitting the truth that I think I find or the deception that I find. I know I’m not the nut. They are. If I did to them what they do to me I don’t think they could manage as well as I do. What helps me is to know is that they don’t have much time left to do their mischief and I will receive back the things I love in time regardless of what they do. Just too bad that they do what they do and not do what they should do for their own sakes and for those things they love and in time they will be sorry.

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 2.03.45 PM

Here is an advertisement for the book they are selling with Bret Baier’s help. Gee, I wonder what their motive is? Does he get a percentage?

IT MATTERS! It will matter to them down the road a little bit.

As with the Bret Baier’s dunderheads I consider the source. Do they act dumb? Do they look dumb? Is what they relate about Benghazi dumb?

If the answers to those three questions is a yes then more than likely they are dumb.

So I consider the source Bret Baier and I think, “yep”

I am


“right on the right on.”

Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

(Personal message to Bill O’reilly: Give her the dog back. I’m sure you won’t understand, but Bill O’reilly might soon learn his own leashwill be his own undoing. wink wink)

Now Iran has a bunch of hostages via a chartered plane off course with 100 or so passengers. So I guess we are gonna go through the Jimmy Carter hostage situation again?

Ray and Janay

Not sure of anything in regards to Ray and Janay Rice. Could be acting as well. Very convoluted and some people will do anything for attention. Maybe his career was on the ropes anyway and her pretty face might be worth more than his football talent. A way to get people to notice them?

Why do black people beat their wives and girlfriends on elevators anyway? That is the question.

A new threshold?

Two of those in the last year by famous people. Surely Ray and Janay were aware of the Beyonce video? or vice-versa? Maybe Ray has been tackled too many times and those helmets are not protecting the brains of the players and affected him like getting hit a bunch affects boxers. I do think permission should have been asked of Janay Rice to allow the video to be published since it puts her in a funny spot. She is the victim and deserves some empowerment in this regard with her husband for and against him in their journey to stop abuse however she decides. Will the world and the media reimburse her for the damage they inflict and reimburse her for the damage it might cause in that journey and reimburse her for the money lost in his career that she and her children were going to enjoy and reimburse her for the damage between her and her husband in the future that that video might cause. Is the press going to pay for those aspects in her life now since they basically raped her all over again and again. Perhaps she might have been able to change his behavior via her love, their love, their beliefs, and via therapy or are psychiatrists and psychologists really just a waste of time and money. The world and it seems the media took that empowerment from her for a diversion for Obama. I think rape victims should be asked as well if they want their horrific event aired to the world since it shows their body in ways they might not want others to see over and over again.etc. but instead in a court of law maybe while the case is being tried but for the media to do it seems overly intrusive. Talk about shaming the victim. The press are mighty intrusive in the personal affairs of people and I have never met a perfect couple in their relationship or family that didn’t have some problems. Are the press perfect people? Do they have perfect families? We won’t know because they don’t dare intrude on themselves, or each other, just others. Kind of like doctors hence insurance and religious leaders who vow not to hold each other accountable. Are the press the new religious leaders of our time using tv’s, cell phones, videos, computers, and their sources of intel such as hotel elevator films etc the new middle man between man and God. Should we trust their morality? They rarely tell the truth and certainly don’t include good sources of information about the hoaxes that have occurred. What if you don’t believe who they believe and vice versa? Pretty soon it will be hotel rooms that are video taped. Should we trust hotels? Sort of starting to feel like we are living in an Islamic Democracy/Republic. I know that some want to make an issue of domestic abuse and cure society of their evil, but shouldn’t it be voluntary?

I sure don’t want the village, I mean the press, in my hotel room or in my family’s affairs.

Ever hear of the village idiot?

How much is the press affecting people to act bad? ( intruding and hindering their lives and hindering growth.) I think quite a bit. Was that video setting a good example that needed to be aired or is it going to cause an increase in domestic abuse?

Ray could have been Obama’s son.

What gets me more than anything in the video is not that he hit her because she did lunge at him which is also bad as well as him hitting her which is not seen on the video but implied is when he takes her out of the elevator and drops her on her face. That got me more because he wasn’t offended at himself at that point in hopes of reviving her or apologizing profusely taking her to the doctor, etc. We don’t know what happened before the elevator either. But she still married him a day later after some legal stuff occurred but I think the Police and the NFL are protecting him from her with the help of the press and the video in the future and protecting themselves because of the money, honey. Whatever their motivation it hurt her the most tying her hands behind her back (unless she is in on it) for something they know is up ahead is my guess. Possibly some kind of set up for a political cause in the future or for the midterm election more than likely or maybe they have plans to off her/offer her for some reason. Meanwhile I hope she and her children escapes these things (a good place to start) because she seems to be quite dignified, I liked her statement and I think she seems to be above the rest of them while she is being used like most women and girls are these days. Easy targets because men tend to have a sickness within that they can’t seem to overcome always blaming women. I think she is far superior to her hubby and probably could change him into a better man if given the chance to mold him but the world won’t let her. Why? They have their agenda. Black Pride? Male ego? Stupidity? Money? Mid-term elections? Her children? Diversion for Obama? Probably all of the above. Kind of like Howard Stern’s joke at the funeral of J0an Rivers debasing her and people laughed because it made them nervous (and he should have been thrown out and had his teeth knocked out IMO) and afraid to not laugh like when Obama made jokes at his press dinners and the UN (his motive for these things) and about his intentions, his goals, and about his birthday when the press was dumb-founded. Didn’t bother to try to figure it out his dark humor and dark sentences…the meaning and insanity he and they harbor. The story of Ray and Janay keeps changin’ like most stories do to hide the truth and make hay. Like the sarin gas attacks in Syria documented with people wearing painters masks (useless against sarin) and hauling kids around without protection also documented which means of course it was a lie to begin with and just an excuse to attack Syria because the UN and the Vatican wanted justice and wished it so because he has an heir with Obama’s help and many many others. Mostly because of Benghazi to hide the truth about it and make lots of hay in all kinds of ways (all the hoaxes) as has occurred since so that getting to the truth about it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. So good luck, sayonara, shalom, and all that jazz.

Dr. Ben Carson said he had a time that he acted badly or made a mistake and dealt with it spiritually and I think physically at least that’s what he says. IF we had watched what he did and video taped it and dragged him through the mud maybe he wouldn’t be a famous doctor now, but times have changed and are a changin’ agen quite quickly.

Revelation 21 [Full Chapter]

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared aa bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. …
SEE? Not the Holy SEE of Rome because it passed a way according to Revelation. The Whey, because they lack sweetness and would rather do what they do to make hay. If they can’t be in charge well then nobody can “kind of mentality.” They certainly had their chance! 2000 years chance. That’s the meat of it. IMO
In any case no matter what we do God will have it his way.

I saw things happen when I was growing up that at face value might have seemed one way or the other but there are always extenuating circumstances and my family handled it their way and for the most part it worked out. We didn’t have the world (at that time) interfering but had available some options and used them when needed. No family is immune from problems

but the press should not have aired that video for a lot of reasons

but they are on a roll these days for some very bad reasons.

They should have asked for her permission first. I think they owe her a salary and a potential salary that may have been lost because of airing it and/or can be estimated at face value. We don’t know what she might have been able to accomplish if they hadn’t overstepped their boundaries. Probably worth billions.

That may be over doing it, but millions anyway.

Might teach them a lesson as well.

Foley’s father says his slain son was a ‘martyr 

How many martyrs does a religion need to be relevant?

It is because they are a CULT and use the OCCULT to get attention and to cause havoc.


Dubious footage hijacked as casus belli for military expansion


Do we know what Ghaddafi’s last words were? How about even Michael Brown’s last words, yet we know James Foley’s last words. The reason we don’t know the last words of Ghaddafi is it doesn’t fit into their scenario. In Hollywood you have different scenes where you get to find out these kind of things ….in real life it isn’t that way. Do we know the last words of all the people supposedly beheaded and put on poles? Do we even get to hear the last words of people that are beheaded and crucified by officials in Saudi Arabia? It is unreasonable to assume that anyone knows what James Foley might have said before he died, if he died. We have been so entrenched in Hollywood we have little grasp of reality. IMO. They want us in Syria for some reason desperately and are pulling our heart strings in little ways, but they are unreasonable or they wouldn’t expose themselves. i think it may have to do with the heir of Assad. As strange as that sounds stranger things have happened. Since he was born they have set their sights on Syria. They err in their thinking and understanding biblically speaking, of course. This kind of slaughter happened when Moses was born and when Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew was born. They know something about the timing and they assume his heir has something to do with it. That is why they (the rebels) have been killing Christians in Syria and in Iraq and in Libya, etc. They know because they have been affected seriously. Remember what Juan WIlliams said about Benghazi before any investigative research about it : It’s gone baby. Benghazi affected them. You know why I know that because of the things they were saying at the time were caused by fear. Remember the things Clinton was saying on the campaign trail for Obama? He could not help himself from saying what he said. They were all kind of bewitched. They can smell it. They can feel it. They just don’t know where it is, because they are blind. They know something is afoot but they can’t grasp it. Did it stop Jesus when they killed a bunch of kids? NO. Did it stop Moses when they killed a bunch of kids? NO. Every 2000 years big change seems to occur and we are at about that time. There are warnings though and certain anniversaries that kind of allude to something going on. Kind of like fire ants in an ant hill. Some signs like the blood red moons, comets, and other signs in the heavens. That is why all of the unrest on earth is occurring IMO.  Birth pangs which get stronger and stronger and more frequent.

Flashing fish brains filmed in action

“The technique does have its limitations. For one thing, it works best in zebrafish embryos, which are transparent. Ahrens and Keller think that it could work in intact mammal brains, but it would require surgery and would cover only a small fraction of the brain.”

Mysterious Giant Crack Appears in Northern Mexico — and Scientists Aren’t Quite Sure What Caused It

I don’t think mankind can manipulate the moons behavior or the sun or appearances of comets and asteroids. I’m not sure we can manipulate volcanos yet. I know the tsunami in the Indian Ocean actually DUNG THE BELL of earth and now we have the BEATLES beheading journalists. I guess they could be DUNG BEATLES. The tsunami altered the axis of earth by a smidgeon but that could have been a manmade disaster. That smidgeon could have made a big difference though when you are talking about the earth’s axis. Then the tsunami in Japan not too long ago but that could have been manipulated by mankind as well using microwave technology such as is used in Alaska with installations such as HAARP and other places around the earth.

True Facts About The Dung Beetle


        “Called the dung beetle because of its practice of rolling a ball of dung across the ground. The Egyptians observed this behavior and equated it with the ball of the sun being rolled across the sky. They confused this balled food source with the egg sack that the female dung beetle laid and buried in the sand. When the eggs hatched the dung beetles would seem to appear from nowhere, making it a symbol of spontaneous creation. In this role it was associated with the sunrise.”
        Spell it backwards and what do you get?


Dung beetle named after Darwin

In the bible parents turn against their kids and people become enemies within families because of the confusion and deception and it is intentional by those that want to destroy the christians jews and the world but use them while they do it because of the Replacement theology lust they pridefully foster and have for quite a long time. Since biblical times and since the Ten Commandments and the freeing of the Hebrew slaves of Egypt.

THE beheading of American journalist, James Foley, at the hands of ISIS militants shocked the world but forensic experts have revealed the video was probably staged, with the murder happening off camera.

Here they are backing off a little in regards to the verification of his death. They don’t know. Now it was staged. Maybe it never happened. Maybe he joined the ISIS?ISIL group because of his inclination to serve Islamic radicals because he is catholic plus there is money to be had acting like a maniac and going to banks to receive funds sent by Obama to create madness commensurate with his own madness.

Why don’t they uncover their faces? To hide who they are and so they won’t be recognized.

They are deeply ashamed of who they are or they would allow us to see who they are bravely and proudly but they hide because they are cowards. They are ashamed that they would stoop so low as to take money from Obama and his ilk to maim and torture others and to destroy but they lack creativity. It’s the best they can do is destroy others because of their shortfall in the creation process.

And if it is true that ISIS beheaded James Foley and Obama is funding ISIS then maybe he was using the story that leaked miraculously about trying to save them but failing to save them to cover his own involvement much like he has in regards to Benghazi and hoping to engage Syria wanting sarin gas at his disposal and because it poses a threat to himself possibly or the Vatican and they work hand in hand and like the ISIS spokesman threatening Obama and the White House to distance themselves from Obama which is pretty adolescent not to mention but I will Defense Secretary Shag-el telling Americans to GET READY. His choice of words is quite interesting. (As if that will help.) I guess i could organize my closet or something and shampoo my rugs. I could buy a bunch of food or take all my money out of the bank, get my hair done at the hairdresser and get a facial He isn’t exactly specific or helpful. LOL.

Maybe he means get Secret Service Agent Jack Ready of the JFK assassination when JFK was shot,

the one that looked like Sheppard Smith from behind in the Ukraine, looking the other way.


Turning the Other Cheek

A day or two after saying GET READY  we get a big earthquake and today it appeared to be a carbon copy of Indiana Jones (the character in Raider’s of the Lost Ark who was invited to the White House and extended an invitation to consider it their house by Michelle Obama and for other actors) on Fox News reacting to the earthquake in California.

Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 2.53.29 PM

Just heard on Fox about the possibility that Syria would be off limits for air strikes but since Benghazi Obama and others in our government on both sides have been itching to go into Syria hence the air craft carriers or some kind of war ships that headed that way and parked themselves near Syria. The woman that reported it is the one with the short blond hair and I don’t remember he name but she resembles a male reporter for Fox as well as if sister and brother. Maybe it has to do with the release of another prisoner of war and a journalist Theo something or other just recently after James Foley was “beheaded.” And Arizona Senator McCain wants to assist the government of Syria and just two or three years go they wanted to oust the government of Syria.  Remember? Also recall that MCain was the Senator playing video games while the Benghazi hearings were in progress with Hillary as it’s star un-witness. He also said that George Bush fired Donald Rumsfeld because of pictures of Saddam Hussein….I don’t recall that whatsoever? I could be mistaken I wasn’t paying attention to what was occurring back then. But why in the world would he fire him over pictures of Saddam Hussein? Seems a bit trite. (I thought it was Weinberger that was fired but I don’t remember why but probably history is being rewritten as we speak)

I do know that Rumsfeld was acting funny in this you tube and said some interesting things that seem timely now:

DONALD Rumsfeld pours out word from his mouth by mistake.

and what was wild about it is the reaction of the Secret Service behind him. Also read the comments about it. But I think there is more to what he said than what was the obvious blunder about the flight being shot down. I think what he said about the same people that did those things then are doing the things we are witnessing today are one and the same whether he made a mistake it seems to be a conundrum and a convergence of some kind in a way and he seemed to be holding back the tears.

“I think all of us have a sense the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon.”

The other convergence is what Obama said at a 2009 Correspondent’s Dinner about his kids:

“Now Sasha and Malia aren’t here tonight because they’re grounded. You can’t just take Air Force One on a joy ride to Manhattan. (Laughter.) I don’t care whose kids you are. (Laughter.) We’ve been setting some ground rules here. They’re starting to get a little carried away. “
I think what Rumsfeld said and what Obama said are synonymous and a convergence of a truth that may need to be acknowledged and perhaps investigated for it’s potential meaning. One said it mockingly as a big joke while I think Rumsfeld may have with knowledge which it looks like he knowingly spilled over some information purposefully that he may have become aware of at some point in time but made it look accidental. Or it was an accident with some truth. It was definitely a surprise. I don’t know but stranger things have happened. I have always liked him because he seemed like an honest man. And sometimes God uses men like that to help men when the time is right.
Maybe ISIS and ISIL are Obama’s kids, his little JV army that he funds and he got a bit mixed up about the timing of his jokes since he fell back in time because of Benghazi etc That two year difference I spoke about in another article and his B’day and because of his madness

A prophetic goof and guffaw!

Senator Inouye died in December of 2012 and in his career revealed a shadowy government:

Inouye was also involved in the Iran-Contra investigations of the 1980s, chairing a special committee (Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition) from 1987 until 1989. During the hearings, Inouye referred to the operations that had been revealed as a “secret government” saying:

“[There exists] a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”[18]

It’s the Jesuits and the Clintons are involved deeply especially Hillary Clinton. The accord between Rome and Islam. So when you loose you head remember her with great affection and don’t forget to send a letter to the postman.

Return to Sender by Elvis Presley

ISI is the intelligence from Pakistan….ISIL is the Levant of Egypt of ISI and ISIS is the same organization having to do with Syrian rebels but probably really Saudis because of mecca and their ideology and all the surrounding countries infected with


which makes them mad as mohammad

 The ISI is the successor of the IB and MI formed after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 to co-ordinate and operate espionage activities for the three branches of the Pakistan Armed Forces.  

1948 was the

1948 Arab–Israeli War

I think the secret army that Inouye was talking about has to do with Black Hawk activities in Pakistan probably for the Vatican interests to obliterate Israel eventually and stir up trouble wherever they can because Replacement Theology kind of psychology.

And then there is Bret Baier and his intelligent friends.

Why are they heroes? Did they save anyone? And if so, where are they? The 100 or so witnesses that were ushered off too Germany and seen by then Sen. Kerry almost as it was occurring which makes him kind of involved because he obviously was quite aware of what happened and why it happened  and Senator Lindsay Graham soon after who said they were afraid to talk and some given lie detector tests to keep them in check at the State Department and other agencies involved every week?

So why are the witnesses in hiding or being silenced if these guys are “heroes.”

Shouldn’t they get to write a book about what they saw and heard?

Best quote of the day by  Fox News contributor:

Are we going to destroy ISIS with military observers?

(Lt. Col. McInerney doesn’t get it the difference between moderate and radical Islam is minimal. IF you aren’t willing to get rid of their ideological symbols then you don’t have the stomach to get rid of radical Islam and they know it and you might as well surrender. Doesn’t Saudi Arabia behead their own people? What’s the difference between them and radical Islam? OIL? Why do you think the Temple in Jerusalem in 66 was destroyed? To humiliate the Jews and their ideology. I guess it was okay for them, but not for Islam? WHY? Why do you think Al Qaeda/Taliban destroyed the Buddhist IDOL? To humiliate them/ If it works for them why not for Islam? Why do they get all weird and invigorated ie lathered up around Ramadan? Hit the religious sites and watch their radical religious business crumble and then threaten their oil production. Isn’t that what occurred in Japan in WWll and changed the tide of the war? Although I think we went overboard and I don’t know the details of who was contacted or whether they were forewarned or not, but it changed their religion, didn’t it?  Islam is a very evil religion so why not destroy what inspires it?)

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 4.57.22 AM

The CUTTER”S ARK (as in BOx Cutters ie Al Qaeda ie ISIS) is the BOX which should  destroyed…..>>>>>>>>>

Or is Eric Holder correct in his assessment of Americans?

After the Sandy Hook Elementary hoax one of the news stations I believe it was Fox News had a guest on a show who was a school teacher that supposedly saved some children from the evil gun toting lunatic son of a supposed lunatic mom and she came up with an anecdote for children who were upset which Fox News or MSNBC was also supporting to put a box on the table and have kids concentrate on the box when they get scared. Obama’s administration is into crises because that is their game and it does cause stress but obviously Fox is helping in that way to alleviate the stress caused by their crises by concentrating on a box. If that isn’t telling I can’t help you. Fox never reported the facts about Sandy Hook Elementary hoax that it was a hoax and that even death certificates were withheld from investigators of the hoax even though it is the law to provide. So is Fox News playing Obama’s game? It’s Catholicism and the Jesuits pushing Islam. Though they call it radical Islam, it is still Islam. Radical schabadical. Obviously by this picture above islam is radical. They are walking around a box in a certain direction ….no women…in the box is a metal vagina. That is radical. They are told to do it at least once in a lifetime. That is radical.  Maybe it represents ISISes vagina? I don’t know.

Fox also did not report that the man at Benghazi dragged around was not Ambassador ChriSt- evens. Nor did they report that the famous photo of MIchelle Obama at Benghazi holding weaponry and another object which looks like a syringe by the way she holds it between her fingers is Michelle Obama…why not? Not a word about it. Nor did any other news stations! So why complain about ISIS? IF those details aren’t important to the press why complain about beheadings and unusual deaths occurring in Iraq by ISIS that are supposedly heading for America.? It obviously doesn’t matter one way or the other what is true and what is not true to the press or to the administration or to the world for that matter. If it did matter they would destroy the symbols of the ideology that inspire Islam and muslims and obviously Roman Catholics and Jesuits and they would report the truth.


How would he know, eh?

Beheadings at ‘record levels’: Saudi Arabia executes dozens in deadly August

seal – bring it on

 Now Geraldo Rivera wants to get in on the act.

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 8.36.46 PM

Then if you want to improve the world do the same to the Vatican.

Simply Red – Holding Back The Years

I saw the you tube of Rumsfeld quite a while back and included it in one of my very first posts:

The Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and the NWO-Revised

I really don’t think anyone knows what the heck is going on from the press, politicians, religious leaders, world leaders. I think they are baffled.

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

Kissinger was hired by the Vatican and helped to get Obama in office.

He is an enemy to truth and an enemy of mankind

and an enemy of the true God.

He is an idiot though he is an academic/akeldama (field of blood) which is endemic of today’s troubles. Hope you read:

Watch Billy Crystal’s Touching Tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys

Synopsis of a few famous deaths followed by aftershocks:

The three famous deaths were Robin Williams overshadowed by the deaths of James Foley and Michael Ferguson. One a supposed suicide and the other two were kind of executed we think though we don’t know. And Lauren Bacall also died. Kind of a convergence and Bill O’reilly went to the Emmy’s and they gave tribute to Robin Williams. O’reilly gave tribute to the beautiful young lady on a pedestal a few times. I guess he was babysitting and defending his right to ogle. She is probably 1/3 his age, but if O’reilly can do it, anyone can. He’s just looking out for you, real hard. I get the feeling he has his feelers out in Hollywood makin’ sure everything is kosher since the death of Robin Williams. I think it’s his job or part of his job description to stalk the stars. Kind of an interesting cabal. Not to mention a big earthquake (the biggest in 25 years) in Northern California.

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 2.04.20 PM

Which reminds of a post I wrote a while back about an asteroid that occults a star:

153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda

Joan Rivers rushed to hospital

in critical condition

One of my favorite jokes that only Joan Rivers could pull off was what it’s like to have a baby. It’s pretty funny.

She died. She died shortly after defending Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorists embedded in their country which takes courage in a world hell bent on destroying Israel. She was visibly upset. She also said that Michelle was a transgender or something to that affect. Could be that got her in trouble. I do know Michelle ought to be questioned about Benghazi since she is proudly posed there in front of the burning building with arms and a syringe. I don’t think it was coincidental that Joan RIvers died soon after her declaration of independence in favor of Israel. She may have been brutally honest but that in my opinion was who she was in her funny way. And I’m totally disappointed that Johnny Carson was such a lousy friend. Something wrong with that (way down deep) that he wood be so shallow, but many men are when it comes to women in a pinocchio sort of way. I know very well. The odds were against her yet she forged her way and she still maintained a very loving relationship with her daughter, it seems anyway. A good role model for women and their daughters. God uses women like that, IMO. They are investigating her death which I think was untimely and supposedly they did a procedure not allowed or done illegally. Was she murdered? I think perhaps she was murdered because she spoke up and maybe she insulted MIchelle, but it should not have been considered an insult if it is true. Should it? Or did she insult Islam because of her support for Israel? It should not have been considered and insult if it is true either. Anyway it is worth considering and I still think Robin Williams didn’t commit suicide. I think he may have been murdered as well. The Pope says we are in WWlll. I think we have been there a while if you ask me but it is a hushed type conflict using all kinds of tactics like crises and things like that. The pope alluded to the reasons

Pope says world’s many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three

“Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underlie the decision to go to war and they are too often justified by an ideology …,” he said.

Yet his church is guilty of the above BIG TIME along with his ideology and their alliance with Islam and it’s ideology.



nor does his ally.

 Now even a doctor is trying to persuade others to euthanize people in Africa because they euthanized the monkeys in Africa because of the Ebola virus in order to contain the outbreak. Actually sounds like a threat. So I guess he is inferring that the people in Africa are monkeys? It was suggested by an article on Drudge recently as a solution to the recent outbreak of the virus, failing to say or admit that the workers were unprotected to begin with which I think was purposeful in order to spread the disease and at the same time that Obama had an African Summit at the White House but they told us it was safe to bring Ebola to America, didn’t they? I don’t think it was a coincidence….DO YOU? The CDC and the world medical group that resides in the Vatican Town Square may be involved in this conspiracy as well as Franklin Graham using disease as a weapon. Of course the anglicans who at one time separated (declared their independence) from Roman Catholicism call themselves primates. I don’t think they are independent anymore. I think they reunited with the church in Rome recently because of the WORLD GOVERNMENT WITH TEETH desires of many people. It doesn’t seem to be working one way or another. I think Obama Care is also a weapon and I think it needs to be euthanized. And Obama would love to keep the border unprotected so ISIS can come through hence GET READY warnings from his Defense Secretary so they can drone whoever they want whenever they want in America. It’s a conspiracy for sure. Entrapment is their game.

 Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 3.26.44 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Comedian Joan Rivers has died at age 81

Netanyahu warns Gaza civilians

I’m baffled. It is really confusing. But still I think I know what I would do if I could because I think that is what may be causing all the confusion. And it seems to be the last thing anyone else would think to do. But I think it is necessary. It’s not justice, it’s common sense. The ideology needs the back of the hand. It needs a good slap. I suggested it to Netanyahu earlier in this article though I have no idea if he has read it. Destroy Mecca and Medina which might help make these radicals ponder their ideology and put a kink in their chain. If that doesn’t stop them then hit the oil production sites and I guarantee they will listen to whoever has the balls to do it. If I were Israel and another missile gets lobbed in by the Hamas I would start with Mecca. Then if another missile gets lobbed into Israel I would hit Medina and if that doesn’t work and another missile gets lobbed in to Israel I would hit the Dome of the Rock and if that doesn’t work start hitting the oil businesses and I bet those missiles will stop being lobbed or supported by whoever is funding it. Then go for the Vatican and it’s peripheral sites all over the globe including ones in Jerusalem if more missiles are lobbed. It makes perfect sense to me. Why? Because they don’t care about the Palestinians but they do care about their religion. Palestinians don’t care about Palestinians. Since punishing the Palestinians isn’t working then instead punish the kings of Saudi Arabia and their idiotic religion and then hit their businesses. Start with the vagina in the box. Hit them where it hurts otherwise it will never end. It’s a no brainer.

Islamic authority: Extremists no ‘Islamic State’

“CAIRO (AP) — The top Islamic authority in Egypt, revered by many Muslims worldwide, launched an Internet-based campaign Sunday challenging an extremist group in Syria and Iraq by saying it should not be called an “Islamic State.”

Why not? Islam fosters it and Rome encourages Islam!

Foster: to encourage or promote the development of (something, typically something regarded as good.)

Qatar hits back at claims it backs Islamic State, Hamas

Kidnappers free American missing in Syria since 2012

“Al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria freed an American writer missing since 2012 following efforts by the Gulf Arab state of Qatar to win his release. “ Video | Full Article

So the Gulf Arab state of Qatar influences Al Qaeda-linked militants…….that’s interesting.

Like Pope Francis could have had that woman released who married a christian man released from prison at the beginning of her incarceration if he had just tried. Isn’t that right?

One thing for sure they don’t want the USA to be independent of their oil and their profit and I am willing to bet the Saudis are involved as they were when the twin towers were brought down by their Saudi Arabian pilots. I know the Suadis were funding the rebels in Syria. They were funded well just like they say ISIS is funded and they don’t need to rob banks to get it they just need to get to a bank to obtain it sent by either the Vatican or Obama or the Saudis probably through the Vatican since they launder money. The rebels  were wearing designer combat gear and clothes in Syria. The Saudis seem to act afraid of ISIS but they could be playing a cat and mouse game like Obama when in actuality they might be behind it. Why hasn’t ISIS entered Saudi Arabia? Pope Francis called the parents of James Foley. How did he get their number? Oh that’s right it is through their priest. Yea something is up we just don’t really know what it is but Obama and the Pope are involved ….. that’s for sure. The Vatican receives it’s reward in Revelation. I sure wouldn’t want to live there when they do and no one knows when that is but I have estimated it by a few factors in another post though I could be wrong though I left a clue about the age of Obama which might help and then the the years with the beast so if you estimate the time from the clue my goodness how time flies. When ISIS attempts to take over Saudi Arabia and behead it’s kings then I might think Saudi Arabia isn’t involved but until then I rest my cast for now.

Indulgences and the Parable of Usury

Austerity is why African Americans are unhappy and why most of America is unhappy because it is a way to bring out misery because misery loves company, and because Obama and his administration and the Vatican and Islam are incapable of doing anything positive economically for the public except fund a bunch of maniacs to cause misery and live like kings. They are really screwed up and that is why the world is in the shape it is in.


Now Defense Secretary Shag-el is blustering about the threat of ISIS to the USA without any remorse. Didn’t he know already? He is not for the citizens of the USA he is for Obama. He never questioned Obama’s motives which is what defense is supposed to do and he sure didn’t question ISIS’s motives till they got real big and dirty and armed, probably provided by us. He was there with Obama by his side trying to disarm the citizens of the USA and he never questioned Obama’s motives? Defunded the military and weakened the military and he never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about Iraq and he never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about Benghazi and he never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about Obama Care and he never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about the IRS and he never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about the immigration crisis and never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about our borders security and never questioned Obama’s motives? Lied about everything and he never questioned Obama’s motive?  That is simply amazing:

simply red jericho

and now he tells the USA we have a big problem heading our way.

Does that sound like betrayal?

ISIS and ISIL seems to be the grand excuse and great desire of this administration to pound Syria. Why? They say ISIS is the reason. I think it has to do with profit and oil.

They have been on a crusade for a few years about Syria, yet they ignore the assets of the rebels from Saudi Arabia. Why? OIL and Saudi Arabia’s clutch/claw over the oil market and their ideology. How Saudi Arabia has been able to avert the attention they deserve is Medina and Mecca with the help of Obama and the Vatican is attacking Syria. And of course they want to replace Assad with a Jesuit style leader because it borders Israel.  There is a saying about the devil they know and the one they don’t know and Obama wants the leader of Syria to be the devil they don’t know or it’s puppet. That’s my opinion! And if he can get a hold of that Sarin gas could really raise havoc upon Israel with Iran on the other side with it’s “nuclear program”. Great way to blackmail and force Israel into a very bad spot and a peace depending on their whims and wishes.

As stated earlier IS is short for Islamic State which started in Pakistan.

Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 11.41.02 AM

Turkey doesn’t want to send troops to fight ISIS

because they assist ISIS….

that’s why.

Turkey is where Paul of Tarsus came from who hunted Christians then was blinded by a light  on the Road to Damascus and instead infiltrated them.

(kind of like Prince Charleses experience when becoming Islamic)

Paul of Tarsus is the one that made the false covenant with many in the bible because he speaks of it in the bible and it was made

at the Last Supper of the Synoptic Gospels

(Synoptic gospels are the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke which were inspired by an anonymous source called “Q”)

The Synoptic Gospels Covenant with Many is not mentioned in the Gospel of John at the Last Supper because it didn’t happen in the Gospel of John and Jesus hadn’t died yet because the Covenant with Many included drinking his blood and in the Old Testament it says not to drink the blood of the sacrifice and I would assume that would include the sacrifice of Jesus.  It was also a warning about a falser covenant.

That is why in the end times “many shall be offended” and thin-skinned they are! They behead each other. Pretty good sign they are out-of-their-minds not thinking correctly and are drunk on the blood of saints along with Roman Catholics who are involved but don’t seem to perceive their involvement in the persecution of the truth and those that defend the truth in their ways. They defend Roman Catholicism the very creators of Islam. Most Roman Catholics are oblivious to that fact and hence are a covering for their religion by their ignorance which isn’t bliss. That is why Revelation says to come out of her my children so that you may not partake of her sins speaking of the religion of Roman Catholicism. HER SINS ARE GRIEVOUS! Purple and red are the colors of the religion of Catholicism described in Revelation of the bible and those are the colors of the bishops and the cardinals of Roman Catholicism and the reason for the warning is because of Roman Catholicism’s fate in Revelation of the bible which is GRIEVOUS. I think the White House may be included in that warning since it mentions 1600 furlongs

(longing for the days of the Führer which sounds eerily similar to fur of furlongs)

 in Revelation of the bible about the blood rising up to the horses bridle and the address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Vampiric in a way. Transylvania ….get it? A prophecy of the fate of whoever holds the office of the Presidency at that time. I wouldn’t be too comfortable in the White House because of germs and things that might linger by those that have access to the White House and fly in planes and because of that prophecy. Could also mean they are responsible for the Ebola spread in our country and others. CDC hasn’t been to honest about the disease. The Vatican also has an establishment of health a very large worldly one and famous which I think controls the CDC but I can’t recall it at this time that I think is involved residing in their state.

WHO may declare Nigeria and Senegal Ebola-free within days

GENEVA (Reuters) – Nigeria and Senegal could be declared Ebola-free within days after completing a 42-day period with no new cases, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday. “If the active …….

WHO predicts 10,000 new cases — per week…

If a cockroach can be used for the military to spy with a camera couldn’t the tsetse fly be used also in war to infect who it wants to infect with ebola or other sicknesses or this particular ebola virus? Perhaps the CDC knows that and that is why there are videos with men wearing no protective clothing and protective gear near and infected ebola patient  such as the man with the clipboard at the airport near a very sick ebola patient. Otherwise it makes no sense that the man with the clip board at the airport wasn’t covering himself or that the nurses were covered from head to toe except for their necks if ebola is so contagious. The plane used to transport a nurse from Dallas to Maryland is owned by the Grahams as in Billy Graham and Franklin Graham. The plane used to bring the first Ebola patient to the United States was owned by Billy and Franklin Graham. Is Ebola what our Secretary of Defense HAGEL was referring to when he said GET READY AMERICA. I think this is warfare waged by the Grahams and the CDC and WHO using disease and black mail. The Grahams are shills for Roman Catholicism and sometimes sport an English accent as in British. IF you watch the posts about JFK’s assassination Billy Graham lapses into his English accent a few times and I think he slipped up when doing so. I imagine spies get caught by that kind of a lapse or slip up and I believe he got caught

 at least by me noticing.

But I guess it is worth it if he has a business that gives Christmas gifts manufactured by his friends and paid with money donations for needy children. Of course it usually isn’t what the kid needs or desired. Usually just junk. That’s why the white elephant game usually happens after or before Christmas so people can get rid of junk. The business of religion is deception especially his type of religion.

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 10.58.47 AM

Secret Service Agent Ready was Billy Graham in disguise during the assassination of JFK with a haircut. Does a leopard change it’s spots? That is why he doesn’t get on and elevator with a woman because he is a shape changer and can’t seem to control it in some instance such as with his visit to see Johnny Cash his nose got bigger. When he golfed with Arnold Palmer his nose got smaller. When he was interviewed by Greta Van Susterne he took on some of her physical traits. He also took on the traits of a famous preacher who died a few years back in a car wreck in Texas during his career. Kind of like that metal that can melt in someone’s hands or a camelion, like the ones that you buy at a circus.

He’s not a lion, though.) I’m sure he wishes he were! I think that is his great desire.

He wrote a book called “Just As I am”

He’s a fraud.

I rest my case.

Doesn’t he also resemble Rep. of Michingan Mike Rogers except with a smaller nose but I guess that depends on who he hangs out with. I mean his nose.

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 11.01.00 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 10.53.23 AM

This is part of Agent Ready’s testimony in regards to the assassination of JFK:

 “I departed the hospital in a Dallas Police Cruiser to the rear of President Johnson.”

I think he meant  to say in the rear of President Johnson.  I think Mike Rogers is on the Ways and Means committee of some kind and his wife works in Africa of all places. I doubt she was involved in the spread of ebola, but then, WHO knows?

Sure seems coinci-dental and Pope Benedict’s vision of a World Government with TEETH about 8 or 9 years ago and the use of disease as a weapon of war which seems to be the case since that man with Ebola ended up in DALLAS of all places. Used to be the ebola disease was contained in the subsaharan area of Africa since it’s concepcion. I think it is important to fight it over there but if you ignore the tse-tse fly over there and over here by now because I’m sure it was not forgotten as a weapon of war you won’t contain it. IMO. I have no idea why they call it the tsetse fly a double syllable but i think it is pertinent to some things I have learned about doubles such as in the JFK assassination and Jackie Kennedy’s job at Double Day Publishing editing the Warren Report of the Warren Commission after his assassination and the double of Jesus (IMO) in the Synoptic Gospels because he sounds like a nut much of the time in those gospels and with the rise of preachers such as Joel Olsteen and Benny Hinn since then it’s no wonder they are successful at their gigs. Nuts often follow nuts. Also the time when Netanyahu was supposedly at the White House and he was actually in Israel at the time and the many lies that our government and our press are involved in to enslave it’s people such as using the disease of Ebola and transporting it to the US for political and religious blackmail. They didn’t mind isolating Israel while they defended themselves against the missiles lobbed into their state by their enemy in their flights at the time but didn’t do the same to African nations who were fighting a disease which was a double standard. They don’t want to contain Ebola. If they did want to contain the disease they would kill off the tsetse fly but activists probably think it has some kind of BENEFIT or WORTH over the people of Africa such as a form of black mail or punishment against the people in Africa like Reid of the Senate against the ranchers and the turtles in Nevada and the land use fees debacle and who knows what else Reid secretly was lusting for in Nevada besides the success of his wind farms nearby (probably free advertising) probably funded by pork of US tax dollars that are missing. That guy needs to to be ousted out of the Senate because he is CORRUPT and sent to a Hare Krishna farm to vegetate or maybe he already did that. What did you do, Harry Reid, in “the hour of the beast?” And Harry Reid will probably say “Oh lord, I fought to change the name of a football team because it offended me even though I should have investigated Benghazi and the death of a man misidentified to keep people enslaved for my Pharaoh in the White House because I wanted to appear politically correct about the color of his skin even though I know about massacres of black people by black people and I wanted to seem politically correct about the religion of Islam even though it obviously is a false religion and a tool of Roman Catholicism gone hog wild and I got some perks along the way while doing so.” And what will the Lord say to Harry Reid? Idiot comes to mind although but I can’s speak for what he would say but I can imagine the Lord might turn him into a turtle for a while hopefully but that is an insult to a turtle imo. Most of our government is corrupt obviously and confused and in my opinion it goes back to what they believe and don’t believe and the corruption in the gospels purposefully included to confuse and keep enslaved the masses and to test us.

There is a way that seemeth right but leads to death and I think it is “Political Correctness” which is basically idiotic and blindness. If you can’t call a spade a spade, or call a diamond a diamond, or call a heart a heart, or call a club a club then you lose in the game of poker. Same goes for life. IN Ferguson they are saying that black lives matter. Of course they matter, but so do store clerks. I had a cop say that two wrongs don’t make a right to me in regards to my way of raising my child and teaching her and her dad yet he also said he had the right to defend himself against a person with a gun which is convenient. I have a right as well. Spiritually speaking I was dealing with an impossible situation brought on out of pride and punishment because of a divorce and in my opinion an attempt to keep me down with no respect because I am female and her dad’s control freakishness. IT WILL CHANGE and I depend on God to help me because of that kind of  political correctness which is phony and a false balance etc. It is grievous. There are many kinds of political correctness and most of the time it is caused by a lack of courage, the easy way, and most of all false pride.

The man who died of Ebola in Dallas looks eerily like the dads of both the boy who was shot and killed in Ferguson Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin last year. Strange to say the least. Something is going on and it isn’t nice.

Jesus of the Gospel of John said “I AM the bread of life”…..not the blood of life. Drinking blood is vampiric, like the tsetse fly. In the Old Testament blood was put on the door posts to fake out the angel of death which skipped killing the first born Hebrew males of their households in Egypt but did kill the fistborn males of the households of Egyptians in Egypt when the Pharaoh was ignoring the earlier curses upon his establishment and rulership because he didn’t believe in I AM that I Am and would not release the Hebrews from slavery and from Egypt killing his own army of men afterwards chasing the Hebrews because of excessive pride kind of like Obama sending our military to Africa to fight Ebola as if that is their talent…..which it is not their talent  or what they are trained to do. Why doesn’t the UN handle it since it is their talent as they seem to be in control of the CDC and should bear their burdens and their political games. IN the mean while we could have scientists try to grow the cure for the future infestations and grow enough for the Africans not just the white doctors promoting their religion which was auspicious and Franklin Graham ought to be hauled into Congress for an explanation of his involvement as his dad Billy Graham ought to have been hauled into Congress for an explanation of his involvement in the death of JFK and the death of JFK’s son and his new family instead of lauding him for his Christmas gifts to needy children to promote his religion and his own interests. And have other scientists come up with a chemical to control the tsetse fly in Africa or eradicate the tsetse fly and quit “F” in around! They say the first case was in Dallas. I thought the first case was at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA.. And then Atlanta, Georgia. Seems like germ warfare may be occurring with the help of some big wigs world Health organizations and while at the same time oil prices are dropping and supposedly OPEC going berserk. Perhaps it is a reaction to the oil change that caused the outbreak in retaliation. WHO knows?

If Catholics ignore the signs and what is written in Revelation I guess that is their right….

Right Hannity?

Ignore it at your own risk but it’s kind of like ignoring a red light in traffic, wouldn’t you say? 

ignoring the truth written by quite a few people on the net about the very things you and your comrads report and you keep ignoring them isn’t wise because to those who have been given much, much is expected.

I think it is cowardly and cowards are effeminate!

(In essence their sins (Rome) will be your sins if you keep ignoring it and that’s a lot of sins

so quit nerfing the truth.)

It’s pretty rotten when the news station and anchors such as Bill O’reilly and his side kick make jokes about Ebola. Something happened along the way to Dennis Miller and I no longer think he is a good person especially after the death of his friend (more like a watch dog) in Hollywood who supposedly committed suicide, Robin WIlliams. I guess it really broke him up. Watched the overseers in Africa without any protective gear on *who were white and just less than two feet away from victims of ebola and others who were wearing protective gear as if this is a hoax of some kind they sure didn’t seem to be too concerned for their own safety. Odd to say the least. I think this type of Ebola infection/plague is manufactured purposefully, otherwise they would be more cautious at airports hospitals and in Africa. And the thing is the first victim in America resembling who he resembled and having the money to fly from Liberia right when he became ill of course is quite remarkable considering most people in America haven’t been able to take a vacation in years. How much does it cost to fly from Liberia to Dallas Texas? Must be a pretty hefty price. Not one thing told to Americans about Ebola has turned out to be true from the start of their conspiracy like all the other conspiracies of the Obama Administration. The CDC guy has been quite persuasive but evasive at the same time. Maybe he is Jack Kevorkian’s son. Just cuz he looks like a nice man doesn’t mean he is a nice man. I think he is a turd for his lackadaisical attitude about the disease. They don’t seem to want to contain the outbreak but I think they want to punish some hospitals and some health care workers for some reason. I think everyone ought to stop flying and stop traveling overseas and stop spending money for anything this administration promotes because they have out and out lied about everything AND IT IS INTENTIONAL WITH THE INTENT TO KILL, MAIM, AND SILENCE GOOD PEOPLE AND MOSTLY THE TRUTHERS.


Remember when Obama said something about a box in outer space and letting it stretch it’s legs and teaching a lesson not to be forgotten.

Who was he talking about and what was he intending to teach and why…a Pandoras Box? Ebola? Fear? Destruction? Desolation? 

Mystery man in Ebola transfer raises eyebrows

This guy in this video is without protective suit and obviously these people are picking and choosing their victims an Ebola is spread intentionally by injecting the person or something similar otherwise this man would be scared to death to be without protection. Ebola fears and false information about are being used as an excuse IMO since Benghazi to distance Obama and Michelle from their assassinations at Benghazi by spreading fear of retaliation. Whatever it is that they are doing, it is purposeful. Looking forward to the end of this insane group of people freaking out about Tribulation. I look forward to the Obamas desolation to themselves and the destruction of Islam and Catholicism. It will be rewarding to see and I plan to see it.

Greta Van Susterne went to Walter Reed in Bethesda (I think that is where this Walter Reed is located) where they are working on a vaccine for EBOLA already and at the end of her interview when in her own setting she licked real big like the many people did in the JFK assassination who were being controlled and lying. She asked a question about vaccines in general whether they work on everyone or just some and it appears it is just some people the vaccine will work on so it is a selective vaccine. Amazing how quickly they came up with a vaccine. I didn’t know that vaccines only help some I thought they were pretty unselective but the Ebola vaccine is going to be selective which is hog wash. In experimentation they use the cure and a placebo to test and that is what I think they intend to do with the “Ebola Vaccine” is give some people a placebo and some the cure depending on their worth to whomever is in charge. As they purposefully introduced the Ebola virus to our continent via the CDC and the Grahams plane they purposefully will decide who lives and who dies. This is about money and an election as well. Nancy Pelosi proved that point in her latest tirade. But as in many cases: The best laid plans of mice and men (and women) often go awry? They are desperate. The virus wouldn’t be on this continent without the spiritual leadership of Franklin Graham. Certainly they could have worked on a cure and a vaccine and on the virus itself in Africa and succeeded but instead brought it to the world’s attention by exploiting it and spreading it to gain some kind of leverage politically.

BILLY GRAHAM: ‘America Just as Wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah’…

Not india, not pakistan, not england, not iran, not saudi arabia, not china, not islam, not voodoo, not baha’i, not buddha, not hinduism,not mormonism (as of recently) not the leaders of arab countries, each and all of which have faiths of some kind ………………. just america?

Promoting faith and prayer (I guess it doesn’t matter what faith or who to pray to in his quazi nazi mind.) He is cozying up to Obama via his latest ebola stunt to help stifle attention about Benghazi and black mail using a disease and the administrations part in the execution at Benghazi because he got caught in the IRS scandal as being a fraud because he wasn’t really a victim of the IRS. Has he ever mentioned Benghazi? Isn’t that odd that he ignores it and has ignored it as far as I know for as long as it has been a contention with this administration.

Doctor rushed to Bellevue Hospital with Ebola symptoms may have fiancée

“The 33-year-old identified as Dr. Craig Spencer recently returned from West Africa

after working with Doctors Without Borders. “


Pope Benedict the XVI says that Jesus wants a world without borders and that everyone should be united as one human family.






Did I ever mention that Jesus of the Gospel of John said:

I AM the door.

What did Jesus mean when He said “I am the door” (John 10:7)?

I don’t know this person who wrote this about Jesus but it is another perspective of what Jesus may have meant. I believe he is referring to I Am that I AM in the Old Testament who gave the ten commandments to Moses and freed the Hebrew slaves. Jesus also said Believe on him whom he hath sent. That’s what I’m doing and have a lot of good things happen even though many have tried to screw things up for me and mine. Maybe each of us get someone sent depending on our level of understanding. He didn’t say keep the faith. Obviously because there were a lot of them then as there are now many faiths. Pope Benedict said faith was a ploy (not in that wording but essentially it was a ploy) to invigorate his religion or a way to enlarge it. I wrote about it in another post which you can read linked:

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

 I guess it isn’t true anymore.

Jesus did not say I Am was the bread of life. He didn’t I Am was the door. He didn’t say I Am  was the way, the truth, and the life. He didn’t add a time frame to those statements. I AM ie I exist. I AM that I AM ie I exist that I exist. Not I existed or I will exist. Get it? And just because someone thinks God is a particle doesn’t make it true or because someone says God is dead doesn’t make it true either. I wonder where the phrase “In the nick of time” came from. Must have something to do with Nicodemus, the secret follower. My miracles that I have encountered were in a way timeless. I think the I Am statements in the Gospel of John do not involve time or space. Kind of like the feeding of the 5000 did not involve nuns and priests at least in the Gospel of John. I think many times people don’t notice miracles that do occur especially via Jesus of the Gospel of John. Now if you want to talk about miracles in the other gospels….believe you me they make you notice. Charge you to tell no man.I guess they had to pay for them. You might check out my site on Merangue’s Blog with the many links to posts I have written comparing the gospels and other subjects. I’m not saying I have it all figured out but I have worked hard to gain understanding why the difference in personalities of the person called Jesus and the reasons for the  omissions and the strife between the Synoptic gospels and the Gospel of John and the strife between the Synoptic Gospels and the Old Testament and why the assassination of JFK was a religious conspiracy…which it was.

I hope you take a gander at Merangue’s Blog if you have the time.

It is written about *faith* in the Gospel of John but I think it was inserted later and it has to do with Nicodemus the secret follower. It talks about being born again which is interpreted many ways but I do know it is a baptist/anabaptists concept as well. Ana must be referring to Ananias. And I think it is a concept of the Grahams. But then no one knows if you can be baptized by sprinkling as a baby with out knowledge or dunked in a pool in front of your friends at a chapel or dunked at a fair or need John the Baptist to baptize. Jesus was baptized in a river by John the Baptist. But Catholics would have called that witchcraft if he had swimmed, swum, or swam a hundred or so years ago and burned that person at the stake. Jesus also talked about John the Baptist in the past tense in the gospel of John. He had been beheaded and put on a platter I think it was by Herod that old silver-haired fox at the bequest for a dance with a young daughter of some woman (* a church) as I recall. It was religiously inspired. The daughter might be a religion of some kind too. It was supposedly her idea but as I have said I doubt it it was her idea. I’m pretty sure a lot of people didn’t like him. Probably manipulation as in the Abraham and Sarah baby debacle having a hand maiden attempt to bear a child who turned out not to be Abraham’s son (Ishmael) but the son of another. SO……..

I believe the man at Benghazi is a witness against Obama, Michelle who is standing there in one of the pictures, and Islam. I don’t know if he was an angel or man but he isn’t Ambassador Chris Stevens at least not the one dragged around by a man holding a cell ohone in his mouth. And no one wants to deal with that picture of Michelle but Obama did mention her arms and has been quite suggestive mockingly about Benghazi and many other failures such as the future must not belong to those who insult the prophet/profit of Islam.

By the way many people think John the Baptist would be one of the witnesses in Revelation. Some think Moses. Some think the witnesses are the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Pretty sad when religious leaders, political leaders, and doctors exploit a disease to stay relevant such as Ebola. Perhaps some Christmas presents will silence the lambs and then a white elephant party!

It’s possible Billy and Franklin Graham are vying to be the “Ebola moment of silence” god.

The woman on the Fox news who was a guest on a panel of four just a little while ago Sat. Oct 18th before 2:10 sounded really familiar and looked awfully familiar and I just recalled who she resembled and who she sounded like big time was Foley’s mom with a different hairdo and with makeup on looking like a news lady. I didn’t listen to what was said or the subject they were talking about but knew I remembered her from somewhere and her voice was all too familiar and his mom was promoting ISLAM. IT was the dark haired mom of one of Isis’s beheaded who said she knows that sin is not forgiven etc trying to plea for her son’s life and yet she was on Fox in a different capacity. It may have been the mother of the other one that Foley beheaded. either one of those two moms who said all that but wore glasses (not sunglasses and had her hair pulled back with a part in the middle.. She must have just been hired recently because she has never been on Fox in that capacity before. Maybe it was her reward for her part in the ISIS beheading debacle. Anyway lots of deception going on and I’m just relaying what I see and notice because I think it is pertinent to what is going on with the Press. They really are messing with America and probably the world to get their way. They don’t have a lot of time left to do it either and they know it. Why all the fuss? They are scared.

Confucious say:

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim wants the international community to step up its response to Ebola.
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Where is that 600 billion dollars that is missing and who did it go to? Maybe NOEL Panetta, I mean Leon Panetta and his dappled horse  may have some answers. In the bible it talks about the 4 horsemen and the last one * I think because it’s been a while since I have read about it I think it is in the Book of Zechariah* but I saw a picture of Mr. Panetta in front of a picture of a horse grinning like a Cheshire cat and the horse was either white or dappled and I have heard that the dappled one is a sign which is about disease and plagues. He was intentionally mocking in that picture in my opinion. The picture is in one of my blog posts on one of my blogs and I have a bunch of those. Found it. Does he look like he is gloating?

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 8.21.39 AM

I think the citadel of Catholicism has some explainin’ to do about quite a few things and so does the Obama administration in Washington DC.

By the way Hazmat is kind of a funny name for a suit. Obviously Haz refers to hazardous and mat refers to material but since beginning of writing my posts about the Synoptic Gospels comparing them to the Gospel of John and the reason for the Vatican 2 in 1963 to make the Gospel of Matthew pre-eminent over the rest of the Gospels even though it appears first in the gospels and Obamas wanting to “win the war on Christmas” *his words* and his words saying “the future must not belong to those who insult the profit of Islam” at the UN soon after Benghazi. IN the Gospel of Matthew Jesus cures a man at the pool of Siloam and tells him to carry his own mat (hazardous material) and tells him to sin no more and the cured man tells the people at the temple because they want to know why he can walk. Seems kind of coincidental. I think Jesus was sending a message to the temple people about Matthew being dangerous and sin being dangerous because of Matthew. Matthew was a collector of taxes. The IRS scandal comes to mind and the profit of Islam comes to mind. Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew did not want to carry the sins of this man at the pool of Siloam. O-malice. Malchus. Malicious. Islam does not believe that sins are forgiven and that Jesus was only a profit because it seems that is how most of our religious leaders use him for as a profit. He pays off taxes in a mouth of a fish for both Peter and himself that Peter caught so the Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew was not the Messiah, was he? He bribed Peter or this is a made up story which also has to do with the 153 fish caught after Jesus of the Gospel of John had risen and met the apostles at the Sea of Gallilee and asked Peter if he loved him more than the fish or tax revenues the fish provided or the bribe of the Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. Ohio’s governor John Kasich ought to rethink his allegiance but he seems to have taken the cowards stand for Obamacare and loss of freedom. Probably bribed or blackmailed. Our government should not be the puppet of Islam or of the Vatican and should stand against Obama and Obamacare and the obvious malicious intentions of the Grahams manufactured EBOLA crisis incubated in Africa for the sole purpose to  strong arm our healthcare system in the USA and punish the hospitals, care givers, and citizens in the USA who have resisted their tactics. The Grahams ought to be charged for being traitors to the people of the USA or they should be sent back to England or Rome and never allowed to fly in the USA or enter the USA. Just because he heads a company called Samaritan’s Purse does not make him a samaritan. He is a charlatan and he should rename his company Charlatan’s Purse. He acquired the name and company of Samaritans Purse by the death of the man that created it who he befriended. Gee, I wonder, actually I don’t I’m pretty positive he helped him to his grave. By allowing them to play this game killing people in Africa to blackmail the American way of life and free market health care that was the best in the world until Obama cum.

If you care about that, then stop it otherwise you are aiding and abetting the massacre of the people in Africa incubating a disease for political purposes and tax revenue (Pelosi) and not heeding the warning given in Revelation about partaking of the sins of the woman drunk on the blood of saints, the Vatican and the Pope ie the citadel of the false vindictive woman described in Revelation. “You have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”  EBOLA? It is evil. And I don’t think God will be very happy to meet you if you don’t heed the advice and the warning and stand against their con. When Jesus said “forgive them father, they know not what they do.” I think he meant that “they do” does know what they do. They do great harm just to stay in charge, in office, get a great pay check, be popular, hold massive rallies and persecute or kill their detractors. Lots and lots of people have been screwed by their politics and religion, and their allies. Here is a link with a list that should not be forgotten:


The Clintons prayed with Billy Graham! He had a great affect upon them and it was not good. The Grahams didn’t seem to mind and never spoke out against it because of their samaritan ways nor against what occurred at Benghazi which makes me think they are involved.


Was this strain of Ebola deliberately released?

Noel/Leon Panetta has made the news lately for the discrepancy of a few facts about Benghazi between his account and Obama’s own words at that time and after such as premeditation of the attack telling Obama it was terrorists which Obama denied in essence and that they had inside information because they were using the phone system and knew the passwords to that system which is highly unusual for an unplanned attack by a bunch of wild animals which has something to do with the State Department and Hillary who was in charge then of the State Department  and now Noel Panetta is jumping on board with Hillary’s all of a sudden and excusing Obama for not handling Syria correctly a few years ago. How did they get the passwords of the phones at the Benghazi compound. Someone gave it to them. Obviously it was planned and it was an inside job using Libyans. It was a set up. WHo did they set up? The man dragged around by the man with the phone in his mouth. Who is that man…..It isn’t Amb. Chris Stevens. The game of WOW ought to be investigated as well. WOW is owned by Blizzard which is a part of Activision and supports users all over the world that can talk to each other etc. It is a way to influence kids all over the world as well. Sell drugs. Sell information. Get information about families of the kids or adults. Influence them spiritually and in other ways. They have guilds to get friendly and cozy with them. Hack computers of players. etc. WOW is and HAZBEEN advertised by the Vatican for a long time. A way to get inside one’s home and entrap players in all kinds of ways. How else can the Vatican Catholicize the world but get inside one’s homes and determine how to catholicize them and undermine them partially because attendance at their churches has dwindled probably to an all time low. Tweeter is another way via cell phones. Greta Van Susterne (Billy Grahams puppet) is constantly trying to get people to tweet her about one thing or another. Jesus in the Gospel of John when he turned over the tables of the money changers mentioned something about that subject and how they communicate. I think WOW is a money exchange operation and a front and an affront. Trading currency and the souls of men and women using tricks.  They have offices all over the world.

Communication system and I-phones cell phones are used to interfere in the lives of their enemies by creating strife among friends and families, create rumors, encourage bullying a cult like behavior to intimidate people and interfere in their lives. It is prophesied. They use our TV’s also to get in our lives and play their insane mind games. It is a tool to confuse, frighten, intimidate, etc via the press which is controlled and is not a free press. Also the communication system is used to isolate certain people and basically screwing with people’s privacy. They think they have the right to screw with people and their kids.

Believe me I can’t wait to see the end of the Vatican and Islam once and for all. It is coming soon, I think, and I truly think they deserve it. The Vatican has no morals just fronts all over the world and a bunch of sick demented fathers and the subject of my next post;) The children of Catholicism are sick as well. Never investigating their own religion and it’s history and fawning over a man dressed in white in a white pope mobile kissing babies elected by a bunch of sick men dressed in purple and red gowns and signaling the world with white smoke or black smoke thinking he is a relative of an apostle and the spokesman for God.


This particular pope thinks his story about stealing a man’s jewelry off his martyred dead body hoping to gain his courage is a cute story.


Did he gain courage. NOPE. He is a sniveling foot kissing ass. Would he have kissed their feet if they had EBOLA?  Obama said he hugged and kissed the caregivers of Ebola…Yea right. LOL More than likely his kiss of death. Jesus did not kiss his apostles feet. Mary did not kiss the feet of Jesus. She anointed his feet (feat or fait accompli) with oil using her hair: Is your hair dead or alive? Are the pope’s lips dead or alive?

Hope you read:

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

One of the men that was killed in Benghazi was playing WOW at the time of Benghazi. I think it was the man dragged around and I think he was set up. Anyway Panetta obviously is Catholic and is promoting the Vatican’s desires which aren’t gonna help America one bit. Putting him and the other traitors behind bars might help. I guess they HIllary and Panetta have made plans of some kind politically and religiously. It has something to do with the Jesuits and Roman Catholics and the triangle which in my opinion includes Britain since they were quite aware ahead of time that there would be an attack on Benghazi since they vacated the premises beforehand and so did the Red Cross. Gee I wonder is there a conspiracy and is it religious? Of course it is. I’m sure it has to do with oil as well and the prices going down now which they think will affect Russia. At least that is what Bret Baier reported lately. It affects OPEC and I doubt has much affect on Russia. He likes to twist. And the turks are pressuring everyone to attack Syria. Now they say they have photos of mass killings by Assad. What about the rebels and  ISIS in Syria attacking Assad. They had nothing to do with the deaths of people in Syria? ISIS which came out of nowhere and was not heard about for a few years as they grew in size and investment probably the 600 billion dollars missing. They aren’t that bright since they don’t know much about swimming pools. You swim in them, but they just stood there like fish out of water. Probably believe in that old Catholic myth about people that swim are witches. Seems strange to me that the Arab nations would care so much for atrocities in Syria when they behead, crucify, stone, rape and many other atrocities daily in their own countries and to each other. It must be his relationship with Russia that has them spooked. Since the last photos were proved to be fakes why should anyone believe the new photos? I think Rome is involved in the fake photos because of the EU and wanting to include Turkey, OI think they were involved in the old ones as well. It’s about oil and lusting for another border with Israel. By the way Erogden of Turkey sure resembles Jordan’s King Hussein with a lot of Panetta dna in him as if they are clones or something and Jordan’s King Hussein is a short little puppet of Obama. Both not endowed in the looks department and both using their kingdoms serving their massiah Obama because they are weak and cowardly. Things are coming to ahead and it doesn’t look good. Panetta in our country though seems to be pulling Obamas strings in a funny way as well. Panetta definitely was involved with Benghazi in a big way. Which probably means Turkey was involved. Things are REVING up quickly though. Too bad for them. The woman who contracted Ebola from the man that died of Ebola looks like HIllary’s assistant or someone who works in the Obama administration in a very high position but I can’t remember her name or the office she holds. I wonder if it’s a premonition of some kind or a punishment of some kind imposed on her by Michelle since she seems to be the one with the balls in the family and extremely long arms. Reminds me of a cross between the measure of a man picture I have seen in the past and a black widow. Are black widows susceptible to ebola? I hope so.

Of course they are! Lack creativity. All they know how to do is destroy much like Obama the Destroyer. They have no other talent so they rob from each other. Connive against each other because they couldn’t even create a clump of dirt.

Good interview by Megan Kelly worth watching….which is linked…..>

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I think all the news anchors on Fox and the contributors should all wear plunging necklines from now on the Hannity Show as if he didn’t have control of his guests attire, right Hannity? I think it would be fitting for a news talk show from now on. Angelina Jolie who is not lacking would not appear that way for a news program. The ladies on Fox aren’t lacking either and they seem to know how to dress for a news program. Doesn’t Hannity know any better? Perhaps next we can see Hannity without his pants on for fun. Maybe Jay Sekelow might help Hannity or has Jay Sekelow lost his good sense too? Geez! Hard to take him seriously. Might as well watch Howard Stern talk with his guests. Of course after watching O’reilly talk about a nude painting of Beatrice Arthur a year or so ago I guess things are getting kind of footloose over there. I think they ought to buy some boobs just to keep them satisfied. Well, it appears they don’t need to buy them, they are boobs. After all the hullabaloo on Fox about Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus twerking in her venue it is a bit hard to stomach.

Was it the ratings that mattered? Did it help?

How did Fox get it’s start?  Brit Hume told the story once and he said in essence that it germinated from the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky wiretapping by Fox I presume,

to get it’s start. They certainly exploited it.


Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 10.53.12 PM

IS is short for Islamic State which started in Pakistan in 1948 that infamous year: 1948 was the first Israel-Arab war and Israel’s Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel. Turkey and Pakistan border on either side the state of IRAN and Afghanistan also next to Pakistan. Then Saudi Arabia on the other side who I believe also is funding ISIS with the help of US tax dollars such as the 600 billion that is missing and not to mention but I will Roman Catholicism and it’s Vatican who launder money ( I assume are laundering those missing US Tax dollars! )

For Greg Gutfeld:

Up Up and Away


Maybe James Gandolfini can find a job with the Red Cross and go to Nigeria to help out by raising some tsetse flies for fun. Just saw him on an ad for “wounded warriors” recently but I thought he died in Rome of a heart attack at a hotel or was it a firing squad? WOunded warriors might know the answer. It’s in their interest to know how their warriors were killed since they use them for their promotion and their religious purposes.

Hagel: ISIS ‘beyond anything that we’ve seen,’ US must ‘get ready’ Your time is alway ready, because you suck!

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel How much wood would a woodshuck wood if a woodshuck could shuck wood Chuck Hagel is offering HIS DEEPEST CONDOLENCES (he can do that because he isn’t very deep) for not saving some reporters/photojournalists in Iraq. He didn’t help much in Benghazi either.

Give my regards to Broadway. Remember me at Harold’s square Al Jolson version

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You want to know how my dad died. He was getting released from the hospital and some ass hole gave him a pill that was to big to swallow and he aspirated and soon died. And I loved him. I believe it was purposeful. But before he died when I drove up with my sister to the hospital and outside where his room was a dove dying on the grass. Kind of poetic. Both my sister and I noticed and kind of had a feeling like a message from God. One of his names was Harold.

Like as in “Hark the Herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn king.”

 Even Dick Cheney thinks Obama doesn’t understand the world …..It isn’t that way. The world doesn’t understand Obama. He is evil incarnate. And those that go along with his crap are very messed up, confused, ignorant, dumb, etc. And there are a lot of them, black, white, green, yellow, russian, islamic, christian, jewish, blonde, brunette, democrat, republican, libertarian, iranian, syrian, arabian, african and roman, etc. Their crises are not good for the health of a nation and that is part of their tactics to weaken America. I think they are all really insane.

2008 Flashback:

Reviewing Obama’s Citizen of the World Speech in Berlin

(I think the election was rigged because of computer technology since the hanging chads in Florida.)

I hope you take the time to hear what he said in jest about his prophet at the UN soon after Benghazi and begin to understand his dark sentences and parse his words for once so you might want to stay far away from him and from his purpose and the purpose of his religion and the mother religion that rides it. But most actors and actresses care about their next movie and not much about their friends that get destroyed in the process and simply don’t understand. Same with the politicians. It will make it’s way to each of you as well so either you step back and notice and behave accordingly or you go to the wine press.

Not one person  has brought up the fact that the man dragged around at Benghazi is not Ambassador ChrisSt evens. WHY?

Not one person has asked why Michelle Obama is there bearing arms. WHY?

Don’t you know that iSLAM IS EVIL? And if Rome created it aren’t they evil as well?


Hoax or not a hoax and there have been many it is still evil because one is deceptive and the other is self evident. Trying to destroy Israel is evil. Expecting justice in a day or in a week is evil. I have waited a long time for justice and my expectations have diminished in regards to Benghazi. I want the truth. I want you to have the truth regardless of impeachment or no impeachment

because it is important and it is DIRE for your future and when and where it belongs.

I know true justice will come some day regardless of the deception but in the meanwhile we ought to try to notice it to avoid being carried away by it or beheaded, crucified, hanged , buried alive, or poisoned, raped, swapped, cheated, looted, or bribed and try not to betray Israel not because they are a democracy but because Israel is a miracle

even though they are between Iraq and a hard place. It will change.

Are you capable of thought and discernment? I have tried to spell it out as best I can within my posts but in a way you have thrown a multitude of stones and you are only hurting yourselves. And I’m not a prophet but trying to make sense of it as best i can, which is not easy considering the hoaxes. It’s time for everyone else to try to understand as well even if it is hard to comprehend anyone could be that deceptive. He is that deceptive, Michelle is that deceptive and harmful and so is the Vatican and their representatives and obviously so is the religion of Islam and it’s fruit.

Having the Governor of Texas arraigned on charges for doing his job as the Governor of Texas is evil.

‘American bombing had signed my death certificate’:

Missing US journalist James Wright Foley goes unflinching to his death as ISIS behead him in horrific video, as a warning to Obama

Journalist Sotloff was supposedly beheaded and I thought the description by the lady on Fox news was sufficient and her wording interesting for her interpretation of the video comparing it to the other beheading. I saw just the pictures they displayed on Fox and it could have been filmed in the California desert or deserts in New Mexico or Arizona. Maybe the Area 51, 52 or whatever number it is? 

We have equipment that could find these guys if we really wanted to find them called satellite images that can pinpoint their location to an inch. So why aren’t we using them?  

I know that the photos of Foley before he was captured seemed to be fakey as if he knew he was going to be the center of attention and was enjoying the lime light. I think the image I saw of Sotloff when Foley was supposedly was killed looked like he was also acting. As I have said I have yet to see real proof these guys were martyred. Only journalists and government officials seem to actually get to see the real thing and since both entities are extremely good at lying I hardly trust their input now.

Where To Now St. Peter?

(Because Christ is an interpretation of another word. I don’t think I can call myself one but I do know I believe what I believe of what I interpreted as true and discarding the bs included.)

Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 1.29.27 PM

The messiah is not the massiah but the messiah. That is my interpretation.

He didn’t expect people or popes to kiss feet. And falling back is not a ploy as Benny Hinn would display.

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 5.45.55 PM

Benny HInn is a christian evangelist and I know I’m not that.

I wrote a few posts about the Abomination of Desolation which I hope you will read which are linked at the bottom of the page.

Lashes for Saudi woman who called morality police liars: newspaper

I watched a show about the SWAT teams and was astounded by their lack of care for people and that has got to change. They need to be reined in.They go in as if they know people are guilty of murder when sometimes it is just petty drugs and kill their dogs etc scare kids half to death etc. That is going way too far under many circumstances. A person’s home is supposed to be a person’s castle unless he or she is hurting people. A person is supposed to have a right to protect themselves in their home and some SWAT teams have actually killed war vets not guilty of anything. There should be better leadership in these departments than what I witnessed on John Stossel’s show. No wonder there is not trust in some areas between law enforcement and the people they are supposed to actually care for in a lawful way. They are unreasonable often and must be on some kind of power drug themselves.

Back to the Pope and his visit to South Korea whilest ISIS kills christians and other muslims and proposes the following:

Pope Francis wants the people of South Korea not to be suspicious

WHY? Because he wants you to let your guard down.

He wants to deceive you.  He wants to catholicize you. He wants you to heel like a dog. Most of all he wants yo money!

By the way,

when Obama or the press mention the War on Women

what they really mean is 

the War on Churches

If you examine his correspondents dinners and the things he has said and said at the UN they allude to this mystery.

In bible lingo a woman means a church!

As far as the Pistorius trial I did not watch or pay too much attention to it since the trial wasn’t on tv or radio that I know of but thought she was very beautiful. The thing that bothers me is who the heck has a bathroom key? Unless they were in a communal motel/hotel it seems funny that anyone would have a bathroom key. Was there a window in the bathroom? Perhaps “she came in through the bathroom window” and awoke Pistorius out of a dead sleep (and maybe he had a silver spoon” or a habit using a spoon such as a cocaine habit or was a drug dealer), but I think something is up since I found this picture of her which is included in another post.







Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 8.04.18 PM




Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.45.30 AM

Brittany Maynard dignity death advocate sure doesn’t look like the girl in the youtube, nor acts like her either, does she? Gee I wonder why? Cynical and quite b——y looking in comparison and full of herself.



PISTORIUS’S GIRLFRIEND WAS A MODEL so may not have been aware of the pictures message which is not angelic in a good angelic kind of way, but it does seem od. At the time of her death Obama was trying to disarm Americans with many different scenarios that were hoaxes and she could have been a pawn in his attempt even though this occurred in Africa. Her beauty might have been her sin and an excuse for this tragedy. In a comedy Ghost Busters I think “the keeper’ had another meaning which is what Pistorius said about her “She’s a keeper” obvious meaning would be for his feelings for her and wanting to marry her, or did he say that for another reason? Really strange. I don’t want to make light of her demise or his fate  USING NURSERY RHYMES BUT OFTEN NURSERY RHYMES ARE QUITE MEANINGFUL HISTORICALLY AND CONVEY MESSAGES but I noticed it at the time and I think it would be more harmful not to share it. THE PICTURE BELOW IS SUPPOSED TO BE HER AND IT SEEMS TO BE A MESSAGE OF SOME KIND TO SOMEONE. Maybe he had times of possession or being possessed and that is what she wanted to share with her friend but wasn’t able to convey her worries about him before her death, and maybe he got wind of it. OR FOUND OUT SHE WAS BREAKING UP WITH HIM, OR maybe this is about a drug deal involving cocaine and one or the other was an informant. Not like anyone would offer that kind of information in a trial if they wanted out of prison early by some kind of deal made behind the scenes. The judges voice in this case sounded very much like Miriam who was released from prison for marrying a christian man who luckily wasn’t imprisoned for being christian (how convenient) and she got quite a bit of attention by the press and a few famous people like Jay Sekulow and Ted Cruz and rewarded for her suffrage by Pope Francis and Jesuit Frederico Lombardi his keeper (Lombardi offered the Benghazi excuse: a riot over a video tape to spread his lies and coverup for an obvious set up since the rioters at Benghazi had passwords to the cell phones of the Benghazi compound which was run by the State Department) which makes me suspicious about MIRIAM. She happens to have quite an intense voice and is using it. I don’t know of course but seems like she  could easily have been released much sooner since the Roman Catholic institution the citadel of Catholicism the Vatican and Islam work hand in hand creating havoc upon the earth. The Catholic monstrosity envisions themselves as the keeper of the keys to the kingdom of heaven. They do it in many ways by persecuting and enormous deception. It’s an enormous cult run by the mob. The Jesuits take a vow to do what ever it takes to keep it that way.  The Jesuits think they do God a service! They need to be destroyed but they usually are under cover like undercover cops and usually wear regular clothes and infiltrate the press, governments, businesses and churches to search, destroy, control and rob in many ways like ants. I don’t mean kill them but undermine them and their missions and expose them whenever possible. That’s what the licking is about I think that I have observed often in the press. Many examples of that licking and sticking out of the tongue in my blogs if you want to investigate what I have gathered in that regard. A sign of possession, I think. There are lots of examples.

The teen girl surfer that was bitten by a shark in Australia sure looks like the same girl that was shot 5 times in California recently near a supposed college massacre by a lone gunman but this time sporting an australian accent and bleached hair. The lone gunman’s dad of that hoax was hanging out with the man that looks just like a sort of sickish young Billy Graham with curly hair. I guess getting shot 5 times and bitten by a shark is a pretty hairy business. Gettin’ bleached by a whale? Maybe not so healthy hanging out with the likes of him any which way. I wonder what her next charade will be? Getting leeched by a mad doctor? Oh that’s right Franklin Graham is already doin’ that. The story was on NBC news site on the net  and  i went back to check on the story again while writing this addition to this post and the story magically disappeared. I guess it was old news. I’m still waiting to see a list of all the patients names in Africa that the first infected and cured Ebola doctor bragged about knowing each and every one of them (there are about 10,000 now and at the time he said it there were about 1000) when he was able to converse the first time after he was cured and strong enough in his controlled press speech by not allowing any questions by the press. Maybe he didn’t really mean what he said but said it for the effect which is so typical of zealots, kind of like what a man might write to a mail order bride.

I AM not a football game though he might have conceived the game in his mind’s eye to get the ball in motion. “There were giants in those days.”

If he can stop the sun to ENSURE a success in battle….or divide the Red Sea anything is possible, eh?

Remember the brouhaha about medical equipment in regards to Obama Care when it was first introduced and the Democrats were freaking out about a certain clause in the Obama Care manual specifically in regards to medical equipment. Interestingly a company has come up with equipment that can screen for Ebola using their technology they developed a 10 minute diagnostic test requiring only one drop of blood and are trying to get it approved by some part of our government.

The company was started about 7 years ago. Isn’t that a bit coincidental? Sure seems like a lot of coincidences and probably a lot of money to be had through this new sort of epidemic/pandemic introduced to America recently by a couple of doctors that are employed by Doctors Without Borders.. 

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi knows a bit more than she let on 

early on



 10,000 african lives infected ….more than ever before….close to 5000 have died of Ebola……infection spread to other continents and

  countries like never before, no protection for the workers early on to spur it on blaming their burial practices…….(Couldn’t they teach them and protect them?)

the reaction by the democrats about that part of Obama Care involving medical equipment

and then this new equipment for screening Ebola in the works for 7 years

a bit

(horses bridle)


Charles Krauthammer said that self quarantine is akin to self deportation but additionally when someone is sick it affects their minds as well especially if fever is involved and so may exhibit bad judgement because of their sickness.  Why does quarantine mean living in a tent? In England they quarantine your pet for 6 months to a year (they used to anyway) just for being a pet. The doctor that went all over town before he was quarantined may have been affected by the ebola virus in his brain function somehow otherwise it seems like purposeful folly by a member of Doctors Without Borders. Perhaps he had already lost his mind working for a company working for a real religious conspiracy intent on the Benedictine goal of a world of borderless nations a neo-Roman Catholic  ideology thrust upon the world in order to re-catholicize the world and of course lead the world.  I mean LEAD as in re-PLUMBUM everyone ever since they opened the Courtyard of the Gentiles at Notre Dame of Paris and sort of a new kind of INQUISITION to ream everyone which it seems to be VERY ADEPT at doing having become a habitual need to commit crimes against mankind in order to make mankind heel and shawshanking redemption. Remember the days when you could rub a balloon with your hair and make it stick to the wall I THINK it was the lead in paint on our walls that FATHILITATED that REACTION. (I don’t think that works anymore.) They will try anything from Global warming to Climate change, Borderless nations to Ebola.     Here’s a good question by Rush Limbaugh:

If You Go to Africa to Fight the Spread of Ebola,

Why Balk at a 21-Day Quarantine to Ensure You Don’t Spread It?

Obamas latest con job:

Because Barack Obama says faith, grace, and sacrifice will ensure that there will be cases through out the world if we don’t fight ebola in the countries that are suffering the hardest because of his lack luster quarantine proposals. There weren’t cases all over the world  before and it was isolated in Africa. Of course we want to help others etc, but not at the cost of spreading it elsewhere. He wants it both ways so that the world will be affected by this disease and take credit for some (NOT ALL) cures. Obama is a snake because in essence he is blackmailing the world with his ideas by not making sure there are good quarantine procedures in order to cure some (NOT ALL) people overseas in Africa and other countries. I guess it’s a pick and choose who shall be cured and who won’t be cured basically putting everyone’s life in his charge or the doctor from Doctors with out Borders decision making and charge obviously in cahoots with Nations Without Borders as Ebola has become a disease without borders and now they will come up with a group called Continents Without Borders. How about home care? And then all that will be left are Catholic Islamic fanatics.That seems to have been forgotten but doctors used to come to each persons home to treat sickness. This is a religious conspiracy make no mistake about it. He is very good at twisting his ideology with force and mal-pheasant words. NOT one thing they have said about Ebola has turned out to be true since this whole rigged-maroll began when assuring Americans using the press. Why believe him now. He sounds so good yet so far from truthful he isn’t good at all while at the same time making beaucoups of money using their new  invention taking blood via their screening machine in the works for 7 years  to ensure a great epidemic. If you don’t have it you will. If you do have it you still will have it. This preliminary stuff is a charade to quiet legitimate health fears and killing you softly with his words.

Has Obama ever been truthful about anything? 


Remember Obama awarded Chrysler to Khaddafi and what happened soon after? I’m not a Khaddafi fan but hey Obama has a history and should not be forgotten. He has evil intent but using the catchall phrases of Christianity (faith, grace, and sacrifice) like Prince Charming with intent to harm otherwise securing the border, mandatory isolation for those exposed to the deadly virus and a moratorium on flights in and out of Africa would be instituted and he is doing the opposite which means the safety of Americans are at risk purposefully. That ain’t no way to treat your constituents, is it?

I think his presidency ought to be sacrificed along with his kind of faith and grace.

By the way they said they used monkeys in their research for a cure yet didn’t have enough to save 1000 africans at the time when the doctor was cured and now 5000 of africans have died. I would love to see evidence of monkey research in regards to ebola research and where are the animal rights people on this particular deadly disease debacle. Must have had lots of monkeys;)

Episcopals/Anglicans call their clergy primates so I wonder are monkeys their offspring?

Remember what Obama said “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig,” Obama said, “but it’s still a pig.”

“You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called ‘change,’” Obama continued, “it’s still gonna stink after eight years.

Now Benjamin Netanyahu is a chicken sh… according to the Obama higher ups. I don’t think they ought to apologize because I don’t think Netanyahu cares what they call him or what they think about him. Would you care? As my mom would say, “Consider the source,” or “They’re just jealous.” There has never been such a bad administration until Obama took office so who cares what he thinks or his ass kissers think. They are just nominal as in tokens. Like surrounding himself with a bunch of Al Frankens.

Where are those names of ebola victims the cured doctor said he remembered each and every one. Dr. Kent Brantly just appeared on Gretas show with Franklin Graham and showed live pictures of kids ….african kids, receiving Christmas gifts (white elephants). I guess that makes up for not providing them a cure at the time that they had a cure. It wasn’t cost efficient they said earlier. So what religion were the gift recipients and what religion were the victims of Ebola? Dr. Kent Brantly (who looks like a Graham and acts like a Graham) plans to go back, so we shall see what he accomplishes next besides assimilate Ebola to the world and other insects of the world.

Reminds me of the ad where two children are on a huge trash heap hunting for food in Haiti and any moment could get hurt or die as the photographer explains in order to get donations…..instead of getting the kids off of the trash heap immediately.

Love to know what religion are the ISIS recruits? Islamic? Catholic?

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership


Great message and I think it’s true.

Obama had the opportunity and he didn’t use it so why would he mend his ways now?

Antaras blows up and deadly crash of Virgin Galactic in the past 48 hours? What are the odds? Reminds me of the chemical plants (one in texas and and few others in various places in the USA) blowing up a year or two ago when Obama was trying to disarm Americans and take away their right to bear arms because he stated that only Michelle had the right to bear arms at a Correspondent’s dinner jokingly and there she was at Benghazi and no one seemed to respond to that evidence or even question the resemblance to Michelle and now it seems the picture is kind of rare. It is called changing history to cover one’s butt thanks to the Press and our facist government in Washington DC because of it’s leadership “leading from behind” and  whoever runs the internet….Al Gore or the Internet Police!” I’m pretty sure Bill O’reilly is assisting.

Just heard that the Antaras may have occurred because of a 40 year old untested Russian engine but then we aren’t getting along with them lately and imposing sanctions. I wonder if that is why?


SCOTT BROWN: If by some fluke Scott Brown doesn’t win in New Hampshire he ought to run for President of the US in the next election.

He’s got a cool head on his shoulders. If he wins in New Hampshire he still ought to run for President in the next election. He seems to know the difference between the truth and a lie as far as I have witnessed in the very few interviews and discussions with him involved that I have seen unlike what I have witnessed by the Clintons and the Obama’s in their many pandemic appearances.

If Texas wants to lose the business that it has and go the way of Haiti (like kids on trash heaps) vote for Hillary’s choice for Governor.

Watched on Fox during the Judge Jeanine show:

Don’t mess with Texas don’t mess with Gramm-a, or a Graham?

Michelle O: Our Community Should Always Vote Dem No Matter Who’s on Ballot…  Makes sense if you are an ant or a tsetse fly!

Don’t mess with Bill by the marvelous marvelettes.

Escort the ho out the door?

Dem-onic talk.

IF you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor….Dr. Graham perhaps?

Hash tag, Puff Graham, Huff and puff and blow your house down.  Better get it together in those houses cuz you ain’t got much time left.

 Imom on her show also said that God’s messenger Mohammad spoke about perfection which is also a synoptic gospel theme of Christianity:

And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.
So what I’m trying to say is that Islam has been inserted into the synoptic gospels (Synoptic gospels are the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke because they are so similar as if the same person wrote them and also they are very messy and disfunctional)  and vice-versa! Anyway many seem to have lost their marvels and I think I know why.

The Stockholm Syndrome

Kudo-si-do to Greta Van Susterne for her assistance in getting the release of the Marine Tamooressi released who took a wrong turn and I guess was securing the border for Obama. Obama said the border was moor succor then ever before and then we had a huge influx of central americans leaving their homes because they were definitely dissatisfied with their impoverished Catholic nun-run countries raped by the people resposible for the  farmers being pressured to change the produce they had farmed for eons which I believe was because of the Clintons intervention (kind of like the Haiti and Chechnya experience with the Clintons trying to please a higher power that they pray with which pleases the power it shills for….crazy as it is) and looking for a better life in the USA (which is being compromised) and skipping Mexico.  Very much like the woman who was in prison for marrying a christian man and released eventually and approved by Pope Francis. It’s a setup hostage situation and it stinks to high heaven. Like being saved by your captor. Anyway Tamooreesi did not look none the worse for his inturnment.

“It is what it is” is the moral to his episode.

Anyway if that’s the case you might as well stay in prison. I think he enjoyed himself and he got to star on Greta’s show and receive his reward and she gets her message of a marriage of convenience. Really courageous and powerful special too:) No not really! IT wasn’t powerful and it is atypical of Greta and her inspiration…the Grahams. Surrendering to nonsense
kind of like reelecting John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, or Maxine Waters all equally representing the lowest in the gene pool next time around.
Put some ice on that lip….No just-ice no peace etc etc etc. Maybe he will get to host the weather report on Fox news like the other imprisoned marine who was released from Mexico did a year or so ago.
Montel Williams and Greta are hucking it up for their success and others in his release by our neighbor and ally Mexico. It must have been a real tough stay …he lost all sorts of weight. Ahem. Absolutely Ridiculous! Did he have a maid to do his laundry, shave his head, shave his beard, give him a bath, brush his teeth, iron his clothes, etc?
Lo and behold what is on the coat of arms of Pope Benedict, but a moors head.
All of this crap going on during the Obama’s Administrations is, is crap. Politics of religions and they don’t get along very well and are not harmonious.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 11.50.58 PM

By the way one earring in the ear was the mark of slaves in the days of UR.
Who gives a flying f… what Charles Krauthammer thinks about impeachment. Who is he pimping for anyway? Obviously Obama, Fox etc. in a back handed kind of way. Obama should be arrested first, impeached later and Obama Care repealed when Congress turns over. Who is gonna stop them……. Krauthammer?
What does Kraut mean?  German
He is a german hammer and his allegiance is not with America it is with the same allegiance that Greta has obviously infecting American with their BS. If you can’t handle the truth take another dive and when you do stay down there and do everyone a favor. The last election was a sign which  I hope you can swallow it. Your first dive should have been a sign to ya! Your condition ought to be a sign to Germany! ggggggggggooooooommmmmmmmoooooooorrrrrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
When will they have the courage to face what occurred in Benghazi? Ever since then it’s been one hoax or catastrophe after another to distance themselves from something they don’t understand and don’t want to face and that is kind of dumb. I don’t think it is wise to ignore and hopefully Trey Goudy will get to the bottom of what really happened and find out who is responsible and why it occurred and seems to be a NEON SIGN about the Obamas, Obamacare, and their abominabullsh.. religious intent.


OF course the committee will have to interview the mother of Ambassador Chris Stevens eventually, won’t they? I’m sure she will be an interesting witness as well as his brother as well as his unpolitical daddy. I’m sure they could be very helpful.
One of the pictures I found on the internet about Benghazi which just recently appeared looks kind of familiar and I think the person who is suggested in the picture had something to do with warning about Obamacare and the purpose behind it and probably paid a great price for that warning as did others. I think another person may have had to do with Obamacare’s debacle on the internet at the starting gates and it’s delay and may have paid a great price for that. There are other reasons explained in many of my posts and that ought to have been enough reason to for the imprisonment of the Obamas for defrauding the public and for their crimes against humanity and the same for their abettors such as Harry Reid, Pelosi and others.
Sure looks as if Billy Graham’s clone ( I say clone because he is a bit frail in comparison or could be an offspring of some kind like a cell that has mutated a bit and is dividing) is trying to affect the election in Louisiana! That’s what I see and it is pretty damned weird.
After this election cycle and the Republicans success they are hoping Obama is sincere about bi-partisanship
because he wants to meet with both
….are you kidding me? LOL That is extremely dumb !!!
 Why would anyone meet with Obama?
Obama says in the end he wins and the reason I think he thinks that is he is      hoping our government will compromise with him and that is exactly what you cannot do is compromise with Obama. You have to take him down or you lose.

Caller’s Great Point: If Voters Wanted Congress to Work with Obama,

They Would’ve Elected Democrats

November 06, 2014

American peopole have sent a message loud an dclear to the democrats and to Obama



Don’t attend anything with him. The guy is a lunatic. You can tell by his talks with his Cabinet that we get to witness little blurbs of. He’s ridiculous. They are supposed to be experts at their field and advising him and he acts like he is teaching them. Unprofessional to say the most about his act.

They probably have a ten minute bathroom rule as the public schools have. They raise their hands just to leave his classroom and ask, “Can we shit now?”

He probably picks up his pen and cellphone to call Chuck Hagel to call Michelle to find out if it’s okay.

Screen shot 2014-11-01 at 9.41.12 PM

Israeli MP proposes banning Islamic prayer call

fantastic idea LOL

Netanyahu responds to U.S.:

I am under attack for defending Israel



If you are catholic please attempt to research for your own well being Dr. Ian Paisley’s European Institute of Protestant Studies  and reacquaint yourself about some history about Rome and check out Professor Walter Veith (a former Catholic ) and listen to his you tubes which are quite enjoyable who had the courage to investigate his own religion and its ILLUSTrious past and to educate others. You’ll be glad you did.

Argentine president in hospital with fever

Hope she gets her health back. She refused a dinner invitation of the Obamas a while back and ended up very sick like some others in our government became sick or injured for having the guts to stand up against their abomination and their unkind of tyranny. Can’t wait to see the Obamas eat shit.



and wanting a lot of attention at the same time Brittany Maynard went viral on the Internet for not ending her life and then ending her own life with dignity  in a quiet way  because she did not want to receive attention for her cause.

Brittany Maynard, Death With Dignity Advocate, Dies At 29

“I don’t like being photographed. I don”t like being filmed and I don’t like spending a lot of time looking in the mirror.”


Sure you don’t. That’s why she has quite a few you tubes about it on the net.

Reminds me of the Gabrielle Gifford’s relationship and their cause and a husband assisting in that cause using his wife. Probably the young woman was being poisoned some way or another. I wonder if she was covered by life insurance and who gains by her death. She seemed a bit like a Stepford wife

and may not have been in her right mind but seemed very sweet and genuinely intellectually dishonest.

Her husband sure does look like the man that has a race track who also stars on Wounded Warriors as a wounded warrior with his little daughter running under his legs (shown on Fox and obviously part of the Jesuit’s purpose to mock wounded warriors, but too many people are too dumb to understand the mock like the hurrycane) and very similar to a famous Colonel discharged in AFGHANISTAN and a supporter of disarming americans and a friend of the Obamas and a supporter of his lies a few years ago.

IT’s called a bunch of BULLSHIT!

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 8.02.20 PM

Looks like Mitt’s wife and an actress on SNL dancing like Peggy Fleming on thin ice soon to melt fervently as well as Huff Graham and lick a lot! Can’t wait for it either when that day comes and it will come soon. I have many posts about the Grahams which demonstrate and prove that they really suck rotten eggs and are rotten inside themselves. They are evil and I look forward to the day when they don’t exist and God blows them down. You better watch out I’m tellin’ you why! “It’s coming to ur town, dickhead”, but don’t mess with Texas.”

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 8.46.15 PM

And u will beg for mercy like a muck fish and I doubt u will receive it b/c it will be just.


My blogs are listed at the bottom of this post.

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My theory:

I have a theory in regards to “the future must not belong to those that insult Islam” the words spoken by Obama at the UN after Benghazi which was the motive for Benghazi and all of the shenanigans afterwards:

Jesus says in Revelation:  “I AM the first and the last.” He also said “I AM the bread of life.” and similar statements in the Gospelof John and ridiculed in the Synoptic Gospels in various ways. Bread makes sand-wiches. When He said, “It is Finished” did he mean the Past ie the OT and we have been living in the middle or the Present (christmas) ie the NT and the false Covenant with many and the Future is soon upon us. I think Barack Obama fell back in time along with his followers and the many of the Covenant with Many. I don’t think Barack Obama was correct in his assessment of the future. I think in fact he was dead wrong. I think the many of the Covenant with many maybe on the wrong track…ie the wrong road headed for desolation and destruction of a great magnitude as Revelation reveals.

He was 44 years old in his first year of his first administration. I remember. He is 53 so he has been president for 9 or more years. That is hard to do being in his second term. But not hard when you go forward in time and back part way. No wonder the confusion of the administration and in our government such as people shooting unarmed women at the gates of the White House and nothing reported on it since it happened. And now we have ISIS that was a JV team and learn that they have been being tracked for a year. Then why don’t we know where their captives are being held if we know so much about them?  I think it means a year or less to go in this deceptive journey. In 2005 Pope benedict XVl was inaugurated to be the Pope which is about 9 years ago as well.

Time supposedly is linear but sometimes it isn’t linear. Kind of like Bollinger Bands and who knows what else. I think all of the events that are occurring are kind of like that and that may be why we didn’t hear about ISIS?ISIL for a year aging those involved quicker though it seems the same to them. Something like that. Folding time over or time folding over and why we seem to be experiencing a groundhog day often because some bands are bigger than others or wider than others. That’s why we had one man in Mexico that Greta Van Susterne reported about who then did a weather report on Fox who was an actor and then another guy who got stuck in Mexico. A repeat of the same thing with a few changes but essentially the same thing with different faces.

So keep up those crises and hoaxes and lies and like a leaf at the top of the tree wither sooner. So the deceivers can’t win for losing. Because at some point that bollinger band may be laid down and straightened out along the straight line and then



you just lost a few years. Course it can work both ways depending on what God decides to do. So outsmarting time isn’t always so smart depending on what you are doing, I think. It might ketch-up with you one day.

King James Bible
And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

An hour is ten years.

A convergence of some kind.

Gretchen Carlson: What are you going to do about it?

or did Gretchen “ALREADY GET READY?”

My favorite guitarist who I like to listen to when I work and helps me to relax:

Paco De Lucia – Entre Dos Aguas


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