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ISIS and The Sermon on the Mount

Isaiah 14:13 

13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

Why do the nations roar?

Did not Jesus say on the Sermon on the Mount in the gospel of Matthew:

Matthew 5:39 

But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Why do the US diplomats fear ISIS? Why does Rome (Roman Catholics), Britain (Mennonites and Ana-baptists, the hats gave it away), the French, Turkey (Muslims), Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Iran care what ISIS does or even fear them?  Why are we sending troops to fight ISIS and who are we trying to save? If you subscribe to being a Synoptic Christian isn’t it right that Christians get slapped, beheaded, beaten, raped, heads put on stakes, buried alive, crucified, robbed and plundered? Isn’t that what Christians are supposed to do according to the Gospel of Matthew is turn the other cheek? And certainly that should apply to Muslims as well since Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew was a prophet for their religion as well.

Why does the Attorney General of Mexico worry so much about the deaths of students in a mass grave

killed by drug traffickers and the mob?

‘I’ve had enough’, says Mexico Attorney General in massacre gaffe

Isn’t it their right to be evil? Why don’t the Mexicans just turn their other cheeks for the mobsters?

It isn’t much different than Jim Jones in Guyana in the early 70’s. Those people died for their faith in good faith and swallowed cyanide, I guess because Jesus said not to resist the evil one and they certainly didn’t resist the evil one except for a few who lived who lost faith in Jim Jones.

Wasn’t Barack Obama raised in Guyana? Or was he sitting on a beach in Hawaii watching Hawaiians brawl?

Why don’t we give up our right to bear arms for Obama and his friends?

What’s the big deal?

It is what it is!

Why don’t we give up our freedoms for Obama and his friends?

Why don’t we keep Obama Care and forget about the freedom to choose a good doctor over a bad doctor that way we can abide by the Christian tenets given by Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount to turn the other cheek. Let the bad doctor keep his license to be a bad doctor under all circumstances and protect his right to be evil and to do evil if he feels like it.

Isn’t that what insurance is for? To protect bad doctors?

It certainly doesn’t insure good health.

What’s the big deal?

It is what it is!

“With all due respect, the fact is we have four dead Americans. Whether it was because of a protest or because guys outside for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make?”

Same goes for ministers. They don’t talk bad about each other as was the oath made by Billy Graham to his demented friends. Neither does the Catholic church and it’s fathers/priests and for that matter The State Department. They play musical chairs when caught doing evil. What difference does it make if our leaders lie to the people and each other and offer excuses given by the Jesuits and it’s leader Frederico Lombardi (Pope Francis’s chum) and set up Americans for slaughter with a puny excuse about a video tape?
What difference does it make that the Red Cross and Britain evacuated Benghazi beforehand as if they knew? What difference does it make if ministers and church leaders lie about God since we are not supposed to resist the evil one as written in the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount?

It is what it is!

What difference does it make that Jesuits take an oath to protect the Papacy and do what ever the hell they want to do with people all over the world since they are Catholic?: Nations without borders, sell lies about Global warming, infect Africans with Ebola and not protect them and make it a weapon and send it to other nations that have never dealt with it.

It is what it is!


By the way Obama made a big deal about his birthday in 2014 because he is mocking and was mocking the press at that press conference and they went silent for a good long time as if stunned by his statement about his birthday while somethings that were important were occurring. It was strange to watch their reaction. Disbelief. The fact that the internet says he is the 44th president is debatable and is not factual and always will be debatable because of a few things that occurred in some presidencies in the past. To say he is the 44th is to not consider the evidence that he isn’t the 44th President of the US. I remember when he took office he had a 44th birthday and I took notice. He is on his 52nd birthday in 2014 which means he has been in office his full 8 years and the last election was actually supposed to be for the Presidency as well. Obama usually appears late for his interviews a maneuver using all kinds of ways for controlling and fielding his questioneers. In 2012 was Benghazi and that is why we have had so many hoaxes and strange events since Benghazi to distance their involvement in what occurred at Benghazi and the implications of Benghazi. It was more important than they let on even. Now they want to blame it on the son of Saddam (master mind of the Benghazi attack) after the Iraq war who looks as if he lived in a wind tunnel for a while who does not look like he could tie his own shoe or anyone else’s shoes yet is supposed to have known the secret passwords for the phones of the consulate run by the State department unless he worked for the State Department which would be convenient way to control the evidence and witnesses.

Ahmed Abu Khattala in D.C.: Benghazi mastermind appears in US court

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 1.38.47 PM

BOMBSHELL: 15 Benghazi Witnesses KILLED… Unable to Testify

There is a section in the bible about an hour with the beast. An hour is a ten year period. I think when Benghazi occurred it was a time reversal of some kind. Falling back. Since then there have been two marines in Mexico imprisoned with Greta Van Susterne reporting about it for days each year (both different men and then both getting released.) One of the men was an actor named Wahlberg who also gave a weather report in jest on Fox News. The other one seems IMO to be making up his incarceration story as he went along in his interview. I don’t think people realize that the elections are a great diversion from the truth of what is really occurring. The next one will be monumental for the fate of those who are not catching the drift of who Obama is: Setting politics above truth. After Benghazi Obama mused at the UN about the future must not belonging to those that insult Islam and it’s profit/prophet. I have done my best to insult both and I am still here and it is the future in regards to the date of Benghazi and his statement at the UN. So I guess he was wrong, What I am afraid of for the sake of others are those that aren’t aware that they are the ones at risk and the ones that are aware such as the President and his wife and administration and his MANY devotees are at risk soon because if you add up the years that leaves 2 years if Sept 11th was the date of Benghazi “in real time” which supposedly occurred in 2012. Otherwise it might actually be less time than that left. Could be 3 to 6 months left. Could be a year and half left from that date, because of the 3 years and half part of tribulation. And if you consider that he aged two years more than he should have could have great significance to each of you. He certainly gets off on it as does Jimmy Carter owner of a peanut plantation who gave away our greatest defense in his administration: the Panama Canal and things in that part of the world have progressed with greatness and civility, but misery loves company. I used to think he was a nice guy when I was young and unaware though we had irritating gas lines for quite a while and then the Iran Hostage Crisis but really I think  now he is weak sniveling ass kisser. He should hang his head in shame but someone will have to do it for him soon enough. He is a weak and spineless and definitely should never have been a leader of anything. Kind of gross.

What was Obama doing during those two years while everyone slept? Building an army?

I don’t know why anyone would believe that

a TRUE messiah

or the son of God

would instruct people to not resist evil

as written in the Gospel of Matthew at the Sermon on the Mount.


Of course you have to consider that at times in the bible Jesus was called the Son of man. HMMM

Could there be 2 of them? One made up and one not?

The Sermon of the Mount seems to give a mixed message

about good and evil

and therefore I think should be discarded as psychobabble.

What is sad is that many people are mixed up because of the weak sniveling ass kissers and are hurting and dying and those weak sniveling ass kissers bear responsibility for it and are gonna sink lower on the food chain then they thought they could ever reach when they are forced to meet the truth probably because they are petrified of the truth and they profited by their lack of courage.

Anyway Obama seems to be in a hurry for someone who seems to have or think he has 2 and 1/4 years left in office to accomplish his legacy. Not like he has great respect for the people he lords over. Getting people to lie for you isn’t respect, is it? Although Susan Rice may feel blessed for having lied umpteen times she shouldn’t but some people have a false sense of security because of who they know when it could actually be a detriment in the long term. IN essence she gave him her substance as many women did Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels because I guess he lacked it.

I was reading about the shiites and the sunnis and alowites Spelling may be wrong but is what Bashar Assad’s family are etc and noticed that the muslims have a secret part of their religion or upper echelon called the twelvers which made me think of the 12 disiciples of Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels though in the Gospel of John they are not counted or numbered. During my brief study of them and study of the anabaptists and mennonites etc I came across this you tube which was pretty gross. Don’t ask me how!

Shiites mark holy day in defiance of jihadists

Reminded me of the North Koreans during a parade for their insane leader.

  Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 4.04.12 AM

North Korean Populace Already Mentally Preparing For Whatever Insane Bullshit

They’ll Have To Do For Kim Jong-Un Funeral

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 7.43.14 PM

Thought about that mark of the beast thingy on the forehead or hands written about in the bible and wondered if it isn’t connected somehow. They do all this because some guy (the grandson of Mohammad) was killed about 1600 years ago in 680 AD  and they are still crying about it because it divided the sunnis from the shiites (at least that is their excuse for inflicting pain on their loved ones and each other) in 2014 and punishing little kids threatening them with a razor. if you watch the video and take a look at the article it is pretty gross.

Does that seem normal to you?

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 8.29.15 PM

 Photos of the week

Gross is an amount equal to twelve dozen; 144. Gross also means disgusting.  In any case 12 seems to be the magic number because of the twelvers in the muslim and christian religions, yet in the gospel of John 153 seems to be the important number and has to do with the number 17.

Augustine of Hippo argued that the significance lay in the fact that 153 is the sum of the first 17 integers (i.e. 153 is the 17thtriangular number), with 17 representing the combination of divine grace (the 7 gifts of the Spirit) and law (the Ten Commandments).

153 (number)

Maybe Jesus on the shores of Galilee was playing a cosmic black jack game with the 153 fish and showing Peter he had the better hand. What would you rather have in your hands playing 21 at a casino. 12? or 17?

Maybe the number 12 has to do with the legal age of a girl child? Muslims like them real young which is gross. Some Christians like it that way too obviously or they would differentiate between the gospels and try to seek the truth but instead ingratiate themselves and the lives of others to the Muslims for oil while they should be destroying their holy sites for their blasphemous customs and gross liberties. Teach them that Mohammad and it’s followers and ingraciaters are just a bunch of peanuts and lack courage to do what they would do to a little girl or little boy as depicted above. And believe me you would be doing them a favor and yourselves a favor for that kind of courage to destroy their holyshit sites for people you seem to care the least about.

I hope former President Carter is proud to be what he has chosen

to be or not to be.

It could have been his daughter above.

Pretty damned GROSS!

NY agency notes clinic errors in Rivers’ treatment

“Investigators also noted that a staff member took cellphone photos of Rivers and a surgeon while she was under anesthesia without her consent and in violation of the facility’s cellphone policy.”

That’s very gross!

Oh well it’s just politics;)

I wrote about 153 in more detail and what I had discovered

in a couple of posts found on

Merangue’s Blog.

The two articles are titled:

 Pope Benedict XVl and 153 Great Fish

and 153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda which

In my last post on this same site near the end of the post I railed Charles Krauthammer for saying what he said about impeachment for Obama and it just occurred to me that Nixon wasn’t impeached for what he did do in respect to Watergate he was impeached because he exposed Billy Graham.

You can keep your doctor WHO needs him.

Bill Maher Bashes Mormon Founder Joseph Smith for Polygamy: His Religion Is ‘Based on a Sex Cult!’

I watched a you tube with the comedian Bill Maher discussing religions with a few other people and recited the revelation that Joseph Smith had about polygamy. All of the panel were a bit snooty about religion and and I don’t think are believers. The revelation about marriage for Joseph Smith was kind of similar to what happened to Peter 3 times in the gospels except his revelation was about having many wives etc and definitely not an original theme. Solomon had over a hundred wives in the Old Testament. Then another guy talks about the modern world and creationism vs eeeevilution said that the Roman Catholic religion are the smart religious people because they caved about creationism for eeeeevilution. He said “Like the Catholic Church says eeeevilution happened, We’re not disputing that eeeeevilution happened. Uh it’s the dumb ones that can’t actually acknowledge that and get ahead of it and start arguing absurd things like the world was created 6 thousand years ago so I think it’s just mormonism being intelligent…..” and Bill Maher retorts that ‘coming back from the dead and the virgin birth is just as crazy as 6000 years couldn’t it? The other guy responds “not because it can’t be empirically disproven.”

Why is that any more real or realistic then 6000 years old earth?

The catholic man responds how the people around Jesus truly believed him directly after his birth, really did believe that he had risen from the dead.

Bill Maher said well first of all there are no accounts from that era at all. The gospel accounts are from 40 to 70 years after he died. 40 years after he died and compared it to the Beatles and no one noticing them till 2010.


The real Jesus of Nazareth did come 40 years to 70 years after the false messiah? What if that is why people were so upset and maybe the gospels were written soon after his death and maybe he came after the false one because he was trying to save his people from the false messiah. Jerusalem was destroyed twice and possibly there were two temples as well. Or one was destroyed and another one possibly being built unto the messiah as was Jerusalem built a few times and also the wall twice.

It’s hard for me to imagine that they believed Jesus when he was a baby because he couldn’t talk till he was a kid. How could they have believed him directly after his birth that he had risen from the dead. He hadn’t died yet.

So did Jesus rise from the dead first and then was born via the virgin birth?

Is there no common sense?

IMO Catholics have it backwards.

I think they misinterpreted the signs and assumed a lot about who it would be because of class and elitism.

Could be two different time periods overlapping and they wanted Jesus to be Catholic not Jewish.

Maybe there was one who was a decoy for the other.

So then they (Catholics) tried it with Mormonism to see if that would work.

Jerusalem synagogue: Palestinians kill Israeli worshippers

Voices: Why we should care about Syria

I just read this story from a reporter living in Turkey at the time and the story about the dismemberment of families left on the door steps by Bashar Assad hence he has been coined the butcher. How does one know who left such a package? Could be anyone doing that to create havoc. Did he leave his card also. Did he keep their eyeballs? Obviously Turkey doesn’t like Syria. I’m pretty positive his regime resisted the Muslim Brotherhood and it got him into trouble. As far as I have seen or heard or read…. mostly read…..  the Muslim Brotherhood is probably responsible. Look what they accomplished in Egypt. A bunch of shit. Syria borders Israel and that is their big sin with the Muslim Brotherhood. IMO I don’t think he is the butcher or those he trusts. I think Turkey has sent butchers to Syria to taint his reputation as well as their allies in Saudi Arabia and others who supported the Muslim Brotherhood. It has to do with the oil industry somehow or another and the EU. Remembering a few villages full of christian women and kids during the WWll era that were slaughtered ie mowed down in Turkey, it’s kind of hard to take that story above seriously since they won’t admit they were complicit.

Here is an example of the turks love for Christians:

Destruction of Armenian church in Deir el-Zour:

A savage blow that echoes through Armenian history

That’s the way you do it.

(DIre Straits-Money for Nothing and Your Chicks For Free-Brothers in Arms)
They just burn it down.
Could also get Bill O’reilly to write a book called “Killing Armenians” or how about “Killing Americans” and he can advertise it on his nightly show
and sell a bunch of copies and change the facts to fiction. He spends much of his time mocking the American ignorance that he thrives upon. He uses Watter’s World for his mock who goes to colleges and beaches on Spring break to display and to mock instead of telling the truth about Benghazi. It is their job to report the truth yet they are guilty of doing the opposite because it entertains them and they make good money doing it.
“Turkey, of course, miserably claims there was no genocide – the equivalent of modern day Germany denying the Jewish Holocaust – but hundreds of historians, including one prominent Turkish academic, have proved beyond any doubt that the Armenians were deliberately massacred on the orders of the Ottoman Turkish government across all of modern-day Turkey and inside the desert of what is now northern Syria – the very region where Isis and its kindred ideological armed groups now hold. Even Israelis refer to the Armenian genocide with the same Hebrew word they use for their own destruction by Nazi Germany: “Shoah”, which means “holocaust”.

Is the Attorney General of Mexico responsible for the 43 students that were massacred?

Shall we call him the butcher of Mexico because he resides in Mexico?

Protesters Burn Mexico Government Building Over Missing Students

I saw an interview of Assad and thought he was a thoughtful leader and had complex problems in his country (his words) not necessarily caused by him. He is an intellectual and I think the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t like someone who has a brain and wants everyone to walk like them lock stock and barrel ie devoid of common sense. The debacle at the beginning of the Obama administration against Syria exposed the Saudis part and the fake poisonings in some cases with women running around with kids in contaminated areas without protection trying to get the UN to blame the Assad monarchy. Exposed Senator McCain and a few others with their politics and their stupidity and part in arming the Muslim Brotherhood and supporting them with American tax dollars around the time of the first coup in Egypt…Remember?. Exposed Obama with his great desire to send warships to cause more havoc and his desire to protect the profits of his religion which marches around a big vagina (ie a metal cunt that they worship in a box) in Saudi Arabia and even stick their italian table clothed heads inside it which is gross. Then Putin stepped into the picture and took responsibility to contain and destroy the chemicals sent to Syria by those Muslim Brotherhood countries. There are pictures of dead men in changed clothing as evidence that it was a set up which I have included in some of my posts. Now Putin is the enemy for his part trying to simmer down the west frothed up by the Muslim Brotherhood and their desire to please their profiteers in Saudi Arabia who want to monopolize the oil industry and then of course Susan Rice whose husband is in the oil industry which is her substance helped all of which keeps Americans dependent on their oil and their allies which I think includes England and many in the EU who are dependent as well on the Saudis but they lack courage and have nuts the size of Jimmy Carter when it comes to freedom. Their only saving grace is there are a lot of peanuts.

They don’t want America to be independent and that is exactly what America needs to be in many ways.

Start with oil

then free up the independent  and self employed to create jobs and create a storm of products that are tied up by very cumbersome laws to protect the EU and alien/foreign countries and not Americans such as the patent/patton laws and other laws which tie the hands of those who invent great products that might compete in the market which might encourage great minds to proceed with their dreams and tighten up the laws against alien/ foreign made products competing against american made products. We used to be number one and we can be that again if we break our ties and bonds with the EU and other countries (aliens/foreign) and protect the American vision. Refocus our energy on America and Americans which will improve the economy and a resurgence of manufacturing and loosen up the federal control of people who want to be more than what they have been forced to be by those in our government who are ensconced in the enemy’s vision for their fellow Americans. Protect american products over alien/foreign products and protect american companies over alien/foreign companies. protect american workers over alien/foreign workers, protect american consumers over alien/foreign consumers, protect american borders over alien/foreign borders, etc. Tax the foreignors/aliens much higher than the americans. Simplify and lesson the tax code and taxes on Americans. Our tax dollars need not be sent to aliens/foreigners who turn and smite us. 

That is what we are supposed to do in America!

Matthew 7:6

 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs,

neither cast ye your pearls before swine,

lest they trample them under their feet,

and turn again and rend you.

Such as the Obamas from Guyana!

Take a cue from the American Referendum

and end the Obama’s visions of his father whose desire is to destroy America

Jim Jones of Guyana could have been his father!

 Was he wearing a leisure suit? Did people call him Larry?

That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

Israel faces tough months as pressure builds on Netanyahu… Invites Israeli-Arab protesters to leave…

Israel faces tough months as pressure builds on Netanyahu

Quit acting like a peanut and do what it takes. Destroy their holyshit sites and then wash your hands. They will have no reason to stay in Israel if they don’t have their holyshit sites. It’s as easy as” One two three, you are free”

Otherwise people are gonna start to think you are douche bag.

Remember the commandment about :Thou shalt have no other gods before me? You have other gods before you while you tolerate and exacerbate your troubles by allowing shrines, temples, Mosques (mocks) for worship of other gods.

By the way I have noticed that the attack was on the temple mount and now is reporting that the attack was in synagogues. Which is it and why the change in reporting the location of the attacks?


Amb. Burns on synagogue attack: ‘a very ominous event’

Nov. 18, 2014 – 3:08 – Reaction from the former State Department undersecretary










Did praying on the rosary help?

(in other words does mary their queen of heaven bring peace? Has she ever brought peace?) They make money on those little beads and reminds me of a woman crocheting or knitting Loop, purl, loop, purl, loop, purl…………more like someone worrying with little faith. God is not a stitch or a bead.

There is such a thing as reality and sometimes we have to face reality when it is staring you in the face.


Let’s ask Nancy……

The palestinians living on the west bank ought to be sent to Jordan and the others to Egypt. They have plenty of land and resources. It’s a no brainer!

Jeremiah 6:13-15

13 For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely.

14 They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

15 Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination?

(ADULTERY probably is what is supposed to be written more than likely

because abomination doesn’t quite make sense, does it?)

nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the Lord.


Hmmm……..China getting involved in Israel and they had been very Cushy with Obama and Michelle lately and after her trip to China who were threatened and being pushed around by Rome and the Vatican.

Police: Massive weapons cache headed for east Jerusalem uncovered among Christmas decorations

I just bet a company producing in China in cahoots with Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and the BGEA shilling for Rome might be involved ” “but they don’t know how I really feel about them, and I think they‘re destroying this country.” Talking to Nixon about jews.

I imagine he meant that about african americans as well.

China has a lot of nerve.

While buying up property in Detroit. Hmmmmmmm

I would say it’s a conspiracy.

Can’t help remembering how Ebola came to America and how Ebola’s spread exploded in East Africa recently.

I would say it’s a conspiracy.


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 7.42.31 PM

France: New Israeli settlements must be called off ‘immediately’

France Says Israeli Settlements Threaten Two-State Peace Solution

France urges immediate reversal of Israel settlement decision

Wasn’t Arafat’s wife French? He didn’t much care for wrestlers as I recall.

So what are you afraid of….man or God?

They won’t have a reason to stay once those sites are destroyed because there is nothing for them to protect (certainly not their own people), and while you’re at it destroy what threatens you such as Iran’s nuclear facility.

What was built on the site of the twin towers afterwards?

‘Provocative, insensitive and uncaring’:

Fury after Obama backs mosque near site of September 11 disaster

“Mr Obama expressed his support for the mosque (MOCKS), which will replace a building damaged by the attacks, at a White House meal celebrating Ramadan.

He said: ‘Let me be clear: As a citizen and as President I believe that

 Muslims have the same right to practise their religion as everyone else in this country.”

So President Netanyahu what do you suppose was built on top of the original Jewish temple? 

The answer is:

The third holiest site of Islam which means it should be destroyed. It is mocking God.

Besides God is not a building, a wall, or a box and you cannot contain Him. The last temple was not even the right temple. It was Herod’s temple. So what’s the problem with destroying it. While you are at it destroy the Catholic temples, shrines and tourist attractions as well because they are not anything more than a tourist attraction and mocks God. I don’t think God appreciates being treated like an ape in zoo……What do you think?

Remember Genesis? It was the spirit of God that created mankind. God is spirit. If you read the Gospel of John, Jesus explains quite a bit about God while some of it (the Gospel of John) may have been exploited there is enough there that coincides with Genesis and Exodus to ring true.

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and or when he prayed a guy in a white frock did not appear in a pope mobile with the mobmen running by it’s side and prance around in front of him kissing babies granting his wishes. The Pope is not an authority of morality he is a mock just like a mosques.

When Moses came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments did a pope mobile and it’s entourage accompany him?

Is it a tourist attraction?

If God or Jesus wants a temple built I’ll guarantee it won’t be built on top of a mosque.

When Jesus died on the cross the veil of the temple was torn and it was not a thin veil either. He was exposing that it was not the true temple. IMO I don’t really know what “rent to twain” means but I think it is in terms of time. (I remember what Mark Twain said about Israel before they reclaimed their land.) When Jesus was crucified or about that time was a great upheaval and the dispersion of the Jews throughout the world. So in a way he saved the Jews at that time. and sharing their talents with the world like a starburst and to spread knowledge which was kneaded around the world because he said I AM the bread of life. Around the time Mark Twain made his observations is the beginning of the return of the Jews to Israel. I think when he split the veil he was exposing that the temple was Roman/ISLAMIC.  Before he died the Roman soldiers crowned him with thorns. I think the woman in the symbolic terms of the stars had a crown of 12 stars on her head. Woman in the bible means a church/religion and the dragon wanted to eat the child in star symbolism I think those 12 stars are the thorns on Jesus’s head. Not sure though about that but good possibility that is the meaning. Either the tribes of men or the twelvers or the 12 disciples. Anyway something to think about. Don’t forget something was brought to Israel in a big mac truck I think to the Dome of the Rock by Pope Benedict XVl the first pope to ever visit the Dome of the Rock in 2oo9 so there could be some nexus between what is occurring in Jerusalem lately  to whatever that was. (If I’m correct about the time issue of Obama being 44 years old in his first year as President and 52 now could be kind of important. If referring to 7 year tribulation or 10 years with the beast 2 years left in both equations. Two witnesses in a way ) Possibly a trojan horse. I think it might have been an alter or a dirt remover for tunneling. I have no idea what some of that stuff means symbolically but if the Pope has the right to enter the Dome of the Rock in the land of Israel doesn’t the President of Israel have the right to enter as well and find out what is in there and doesn’t he bear that responsibility for his countrymen to figure it out? Isn’t it rather dumb not to check it out? Not to mention that 9 years ago Pope Benedict was crowned the pope so might only be one year left in that equation or less. The fact is it isn’t as if evil is gonna lay it out so everyone can see. Obviously trickery and slight of hand probably is involved. Hand is time *I think* in biblical language.

 Is a star matter?

“A star is matter, mostly hydrogen, which it converts to energy. The process is called fusion, and when two hydrogen atoms fuse, producing a helium atom, they give off a tremendous amount of energy. This of course, is what lights and heats the solar system.”

I  have no idea if this is true but nevertheless there are stars in the night sky for some reason.

The fact that Pope Benedict resigned and made some very interesting assertions while acting as Pope makes me think better of him and especially his resignation which I think was wise. His papacy though is a marker of some kind considering the signs given at the Sea of Galilee by Jesus in the Gospel of John which I wrote about in regards to the 153 fish and other titles. He definitely is a controversial figure to be sure. 

(Believe it or not his departure was really tough in some ways for me at the time and still is, but I don’t understand why since I am against Roman Catholicism and it’s intrusion, deception, and it’s stinkin’ history of torture etc. In a way I kind of felt a personal connection and don’t think I will ever forget it.)

I also feel a personal connection to what occurred at Benghazi.

If I could change our circumstance I would. But since we are experiencing what we are experiencing and have been put through what we have been put through and lied to so much by our government and our press and religious leaders I can only surmise by the preponderance of evidence. It’s not my fault. I’m not saying I’m a messenger of God because I know he didn’t tell me to write this stuff. I just don’t count myself an ostrich hiding my head in the sand.

Australians Stick Their Heads In The Sand To Mock Prime Minister Abbott’s Climate Stance

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 10.01.06 AM

I’m not a climate changer freak. I think the climate does change because of changes in the atmosphere and is the very thing that cures it. But it changes does not mean the globe is warming. I just hope these people didn’t eat spicy pork and beans before this stunt or mexican food. Should we outlaw mexican food?

That’s why we have volcanos. Earth healing itself which does affect the people who live near them.

However car emissions and regulations helped California because certain areas of California are locked in by the ocean and the mountains and their traffic is horrendous. I do remember going there and being amazed by the pollution because once I saw this thing in front of me that looked like a bunch of fog and turned out to be a nearby mountain. But they need tax dollars and are constantly trying to get immigrants to reside in california for those tax dollars which creates more traffic so it’s a catch 22 in a way.

I have no idea about their politics or their climate change agenda in Australia or even Obamas hopes but in my opinion it really is about money.

I think everyone ought to worry more about Iran and it’s nuclear intentions because I think nuclear energy, nuclear accidents, and nuclear weapons are more damaging to the atmosphere and the oceans than anything. Remember Chernobyl? Same goes for what happened in Japan to the nuclear sites because of a tsunami/earthquake that might have been intentional by man made intervention to bully the Japanese using microwaves to heat the atmosphere which can cause global warming and earthquakes using installations such as HAARP. Now affecting the Pacific Ocean and the food chain.

There are others.

There is a place in Israel….a monument of old….archeology at Yodfat anticipating impending doom that relates poisoning of many people and one of the signs is a harp (Nero?/HAARP?) and a small tree (mustard tree, imo, amb. Chris Stevens monument a plant of some kind, or the trees offered for peace in Israel such as Perez and Benedict ) another is a crab but could be representing something else cause it is hard to tell I think it looks like an egyptian scarab (Tammuz, arab? or representing a shell because that is what crabs live in and human spirits live in shells too our bodies or maybe it’s a bug such as sickness/ebola), building with a triangular roof (church? nuclear site? mausoleum? Mosque, usually domed though? Vatican? NSA?).

Kind of seems to me to be referring to the Grahams. (bug,shell,crab,ebola,church,death,mustard tree), but I am very suspicious of them because I don’t like them and have learned quite a bit about their shenanigans.

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 11.22.50 AM

I think it was when Yodfat fell because someone poisoned their grain their food source (perhaps  Islamic cleansed food in our day) but may also be a prophetic warning to us in this day by someone transported in time. Anyway Josephus is the only one that survived. It happened in Guyana with the cult leader and his mostly african followers and their children whatever they drank or ate which was poison. 

The picture depicted on this stone to me looks like the artist was depicting the tower of babel which is what the one world government, one world.religion. one world currency, one world medicine, nations without borders, doctors without borders, the UN, false religions, corruption, political correctness  ie silence Obama Care and all that other junk based on false ideas and lies etc

and in a way a tower of babel

which is not a good idea and so far a big mess.

It is so so so vile, like cigarette smoking vs freedom. Saw a guy on Fox who raised himself up to object to lack of freedom while at the same time talking about the vice of cigarette smoking. Obviously affected by political correctness and fear.

It was a bit weird kind of like Glenn Beck and his friends.

Hope you read:

Josephus and His Footprints

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 11.29.48 AM

The G8 meeting which included Pope Benedict also was very revealing and the signs (I think they were signs) such as the earthquake before hand the remains of the other pope that had a short papacy who resigned and was murdered I think (3 month long reign) and other things and signs that occurred which included the presence of the Obamas. The broken bones of many leaders etc around that time and all these things we have witnessed signify a great upheaval of some kind which I think is tribulation written about in Revelation. (Not to mention but I will the earthquake/tsunami in the Indian Ocean which actually affected the earth’s axis and the other earthquake in Japan and what was being forced upon them and the communications that occurred at the time and all the lies and deception since.)

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 10.59.06 AM

That is nuts, Jimmy!

Unless God meant it for good.






 I sure don’t think the liar on Sean Hannity’s show who says he killed Osama Bin Laden gives closure

to anything because 

he is a fart and a fake.

And you know the sayings about farts?

How many years ago did the assassination of Osama Bin Laden occur? Why now, brown cow?

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 3.27.11 PM

The reason Beijing sees Obama as weak is because he is weak.

He goes over there and puts on a maroon chinese outfit and thinks he is Chinese. He looks like a waiter in a restaurant.

“Would you like an apple pie with that order?”

How obnoxious can a person get?

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.22.36 PM

 Pretty soon he will pronounce

his r’s like l’s and his l’s like r’s which ought to be amusing.


The Sublime

and some good advice

For those suffering from unusual symptoms or deteriorating health I have a suggestion and a story. A true story. I knew a guy who worked as an engineer of sound and had his studio near a cell tower and started having emotional problems and headaches.  Eventually sold his studio and moved to New York and became a teacher but tried to coax my ex into a partnership at a building that was used in history as a templars or free mason meeting place. The building was eerie as could be and huge. We didn’t take the bait. Reminded me of that movie “The Shining.” He ended up divorced and kind of odd.

Both of his parents died of brain cancer. Now what are the odds of that?

I noticed that when a certain cell phone disappeared (out of thin air) just recently my health improved immensely. The owner of the cell phone was pretty freaked out about it’s disappearance more than he ought to have been if it’s only a form of communication since we have phones in the house. My ex refuses to allow me to take away my daughter’s cell phone if she misbehaves. His excuse is he pays for it even though he swore to God that he would allow me to control her phone when she acts bad. He was raised Catholic though not practicing, at least I think. There is something going on with the control freaks and their cell phones and the health and well being of their intended victims. It seems that the cell phone also seems to be having an effect on kids behavior and they get cues with out knowing it.

Mockingbird – Carly Simon & James Taylor

Glen Beck seems to be opening up about his maladies. Maybe he is mocking, I don’t know. I do know I have been fodder for many who don’t like my perspective about what I have read in the bible or what I have found out about this world we share because it seems to be not a popular view. Anyway he makes a good living while he suffers paranoia and it’s physical ramifications. Could be a form of possession by evil. Said that when at Fox news he suffered the most. Says his friends uncurl him when he goes into a fetal position even though they didn’t know he was sick till just recently. I guess they sleep with him now. To be honest he has had a few dissenting view points politically though not spiritually or religiously and maybe is being abused for them. I guess he thought Dallas would improve his health and I’m trying to figure out why living in Dallas would improve his health. It’s a mystery. Perhaps because Dallas is in the bible belt? His wife’s family resides in Dallas? Maybe he is just reacting to my post and the supposed ringleader of Benghazi terrorist attack about shoelaces (because he never brought it up before) and made a big deal about buttons his buttons (they have shirts without buttons, you know) and his wonderful wife who assists him in getting dressed when his friends don’t. They don’t help dress him, but they help uncurl him. A bit over the top. I hope he considers my advice about cell phones. It might help. Oh, yea try beactiv which uses pressure points an helps with the nerves in our body in particular the sciatic nerve which can send a lot of pain to other parts of the body. Obviously something is influencing his recent confession. he gets paid 90 million dollars for his show on the radio. That’s a lot of money. I never listen to it but he must read my blog. Just divided it with what I make and he makes 15,000 times as much as I do. LOL

I wonder what motivates him?

More than like to give his customers what they want. Ice cream.

The press seem to be somewhat complicit for the most part since they seem to silence the truth often and concentrate on the sublime so it makes sense he might suffer more where the press is located and thrives. Ignoring and overlooking the hoaxes and not doing what they should most of the time. A perpetual political morass.

When I was a young teen I had a mormon friend and she told me some stories about their cultish behavior to fellow mormons especially women and girls and they were not nice stories. Pretty cruel stuff. Too bad mormons don’t improve their lot but would rather bully their females instead of improving themselves. Pretty typical of peanuts. They also suffer from replacement theology syndrome. It’s contagious.The more peanuts the more you want to drink that’s why they serve them in bars for free to get you to buy more drinks to intoxicate you. Seems fitting they would place their tabernacle in Salt Lake City Utah. They think they are the SALT of the earth. They have their tokens but pretty much consider themselves to be whiter than snow spiritually anyway. The girl I knew I went to classes for a short time with her by her invitation and where they tried to indoctrinate people every morning before school. It was a public school. That is over the top, lol. Her mother would whip us around in her car speeding to get us to the class because she too was a nut. It was a weird experience. I think one of their famous tele-evangelists was into gold dust or something like that as a sign of something spiritual. They go from house to house with their pamplets to gain new friends. Very obnoxious and intrusive. I used to just shake them off as quickly as possible. Very similar to Jehovah Witnesses and perhaps related and I guess the airports couldn’t support them after a while.

The NSA is located in Utah. The NSA almost forgotten lately because of all of the hoaxes is a huge monstrous site for the purpose of spying on the public and who knows what else but it isn’t good for the health of our society and has proven itself to be a waste of tax dollars as far as curbing terrorism and illegal immigration, crime, and all the other things it touted itself to be. Fitting it should reside in the same state as the mormon tabernacle. They befriended Roman Catholicism and were anointed by the the BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelical Association) as no longer being considered a cult (not sure what changed, perhaps some common denominator such as a World Without Borders and other diseases) and during the presidential debates seemed to know an awful lot about Benghazi early on before most people had any idea. I guess Benghazi was being politicized but definitely important to all of the above and confounding all of the above.

Money being the root of all evil.

I also remember what the builder of the twin towers (Mr Big Shot) said about it to Greta Van Susterne well not exactly what he said but what he meant and how he said it about what happened to someone at Benghazi and I guess our State Department and others gave him the scoop about it even though he doesn’t serve in our government. I guess it is who you know. It was gross and evil. Kind of reminded me of the man in the movie Braveheart who tried to rape the woman and his behavior beforehand. Pretty weird. A bit thrilling for him in a macabre kind of way much like many of Greta’s themes for many of her shows. Entertainment and ratings being all important.

I wonder how they will feel about it in a year or two. Should be interesting. I think in my heart they will have a profound change of heart and attitude in a year or two when the dust settles.

Also in the JFK posts that I wrote about CBS News coverage of the assassination it seems that some people reacted funny to the lights or lamps of the cameras as if it was affecting their testimony in a hypnotic way. When I grew up the lamps were extremely bright and you could not even look in the direction of a movie camera because it burned. Perhaps there is more to that than meets the eye.

Many years ago we were warned about subliminal messages and their use to scontrol using our TV’s. Just cause you can’t see the cues doesn’t mean it isn’t there but our eyes and our brains only work so fast to interpret messages via the eyes. It is called subliminal control and it happening to the citizens of the USA and elsewhere. They flash it in between frames of their films. Since we know that has occurred in the past using televisions I guarantee you it is occurring using cell phones.

So if you are having troubles think about what allergists suggest with foods. Take one phone away and see if things improve. You don’t have to tell your life partner or friends when you do it but try it. Experiment. It might make a difference.

This is a picture of a man at Benghazi (who is not Ambassador Chris Stevens) and notice the other man with the cell phone in his mouth.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 12.49.08 PM

The men at Benghazi, the attackers (terrorists) had access to passwords of the cell phones of the consulate and State Department which proves it was an organized crime set up and run by the State Department at the time run by Hillary Clinton who I think is a Jesuit, like Bill O’reilly.

The excuse about a video came from the Vatican’s spokesman and Jesuit Pope Francis sidekick Jesuit father Frederico Lombardi and then Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and the President lied about the video. Then Obama went to the UN and pitched his excuse about the profit of Islam and the future not belonging to those who insult it’s profit/prophet. Perhaps it was message to someone or someones what will happen if you mess with Obama. Perhaps this person helped to botch the opening of ObamaCare via computer glitching and whatever delayed it’s implementation much like the Veterans health debacle knowing it would probably be misused. I do know that when I was supportive of Obama in my mind this happened so it was a warning to me….a witness so that I would change my mind and begin to understand and I did. About that time a lot of people in the political arena were having trouble with their lies and saying some strange things such as Bill Clinton. They were spooked.

Megyn Kelly Loses It With Democratic Guest Over Obamacare ‘Lies

Sounds like the Methodist preacher to one of the biggest congregations of methodists in the world at the time/minister in Dallas in 1963 blaming the audience at the intended luncheon at the World Trade Center for the death of JFK who was also an investigator running into the School Book Depository. Didn’t make sense but it is in the evidence left by CBS NEWS as strange as it is as if they even knew it would happen. But those that were involved knew. It is what slavers do to their slaves. It is what bullies do. It didn’t make sense that many of the press were religious leaders. I guess that’s what happens when religions and their politics and political leaders and their ideologies that try to take over the world. Roman Catholicism wanted to recatholicize the world, Islam wants to rule the world, etc. They push their bounds and break a commandment about lust, hurt a lot of people in the process and themselves because of an insatiable appetite and their lust for power and wealth. They go into Israel and start trouble with a capital T and offer peace plans without merit. Their word lacks integrity because kissing someones ass for oil isn’t much of a guarantee. Doesn’t have to be that way but I guess it is the nature of man.

Another example of blaming everyone else:

Obama spreads the blame around for ISIS rise The buck stops here crapola. They sure would like that though and is definitely on the agenda of the One Worlders to undermine the dollar in anyway they can.

A one world government and a one world religion. Nations without Borders, One world Government with teeth, Global warming, Climate Change,  Obama Care, Ebola, CDC and WHO which I think is located at the Vatican and all the other lies and deception. One world this or that. Muslim Brotherhood. ETC

These one worlders have failed but they don’t want to admit it and dig deeper and deeper into their self made abyss.

 It’s their fault. I’m just trying to discern, perceive, comprehend and pass it along which seems to be unappreciated.

Incredible New Footage Shows Plane Crash That Killed Woman Who Released Obama’s Birth Certificate

This woman who had some information about Obama and his birth certificate is one of those people conveniently ambushed in a plane that lost it’s engine and she was the only one that did not survive. Convenient.

If that isn’t an abomination I don’t know what is.

What about the comedian who recently spoke about Michelle Obama’s sex confusion and defended Israel, Joan Rivers, and what happened to her. Perhaps what she said was an insult to Michelle being thin skinned might have retaliated somehow through her influence. Remember her sensitivity to the Hurricane victims and her trip to Hawaii soon after Sen. Inouye died and she sent her heart to the people that were hurt by it’s devastation and remember FEMA wasn’t very helpful except probably for certain religious kindred spirits. Do you think in regards to Joan Rivers death that it’s not a possibility that it was a purposeful and a wrongful death? I think it was and am very suspicious of her death and the death recently of the other comedian Robin Williams and his symptoms. He didn’t seem to be the type to commit suicide, but I know that it isn’t hard to imagine if you are being subjected to things that are hard to understand and feeling physically weak or in pain possibly because of someone with evil intent because of something or other. Anyway Bill O’reilly attended the award ceremony soon after. Hmmmmm.

Just because someone is paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. It’s not too hard to drug someone without them knowing it either.

Report: Williams had Lewy body dementia

I have some personal stories about people I know or know of who aren’t famous who have been driven mad and died and were paranoid and in my opinion it was spiritual bullying. But instead of trying to grasp why, people just blessed the families for their loss as if there wasn’t a reason and there usually are reasons if you try to reason you might expand your horizon about what is going on and be a force for good instead of a force for evil caused by indifference, shallowness, and apathy because it wasn’t your son, or your daughter, or your dad etc. And in my opinion shows a give a shit attitude with flowery language. Bless you, God this and God that, etc much like the Ebola doctor who came to America…Fakey stuff and I believe lied his ass off as did the CDC and WHO. Still hasn’t provided a list of names of the Ebola victims in Africa and yet he knew them all by name. Now the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas is having to settle out of court for something that I don’t think they caused because it is less expensive then a full blown out court battle. That is sick and seems like blackmail IMO and senseless. I think they were chosen because of Obama Care for some reason or another. The man that came from Africa sure spent a lot of money to get to America to live in a shit hole apartment. The hospital was attacked.

It’s a form of terrorism called BIO Terrorism and it was purposeful and it has to do with Obama and Obama Care, the BGEA, Franklin Graham, Pelosi, the CDC and WHO *vatican, Doctors Without Borders, The Samaritan’s Purse, One World Government, One World Religion, the Insurance business which Hillary knows a great deal about etc  HO HO HO Otherwise they would have been truthful about it in the first place.

Ebola victim’s family, hospital make ‘outstanding’ deal

There is a better way which is on the horizon and those that collude, blackmail, and go along with these antics will

wish upon a star

they had reached for that better way instead of what they are doing to get attention, to plunder, to rape, to rob, to steal, and to deceive, etc. and succumbing to Obamas tactics which are evil

There is a way that seemeth right unto men, but leads to death and a lot of people are succumbing to it.

Personally sometimes you have to do hard things but hopefully to not harm someone financially or physically for the purposes to harm them to get your way. In Europe during WWll people hid others etc and they lied, etc but it was for the right reasons. All the CDC, WHO, the Samaritans Purse,  and Obama had to do was ask. Generosity was what America was about but eventually became hard when they ruin the economy in our country to control the world, Islamicize or recatholicize the world which is the wrong way. Many actors and actresses and comedians were successful at gaining attention for a cause such Bob Hope, Robin Williams, and many others over the years. There is a difference and believe me God knows the difference.

USA for Africa – We are the World

Raised a bunch of money for other people and was a great success. It was voluntary. It’s far better than infecting people with ebola, taxing the shit out of people, forcing Obama Care on those that don’t want it. Federal Income Tax was supposed to be voluntary at least it is written that way yet we have a corrupt IRS and  ruining people and their businesses and punishing them for trying or for their independent spirit. Charging penalties and interest on interest. It is supposed to be voluntary. How can you charge interest and penalties on a gift? Reminds me of Ananias and Sapphira in the book of acts who were supposedly killed for not giving the precise amount of money they sold their land for a if it is anyone’s business when it is their land and their gift. Pretty greedy and now our country is in bad shape with many out of work and not even trying because of hopelessness. A country can’t succeed if everyone is working for the government or taking handouts from the government. That’s the wrong way! The people involved in this project weren’t all Islamic or all Catholics. Pretty diverse group of people. We don’t all have a common core and that is ruining the public school system IMO although it was pretty bad when I was a kid too. The public system is not the way either. Forcing education isn’t the way either. From what I have witnessed all they care about is attendance because of the revenue to pay for their teaching and retirement whether they are or were good or bad teachers. They can’t seem to work from the heart and have come to act like machines because they are without the freedom to teach using their talents and the kids suffer and so does the school staff ( a friend and a teacher I know told me the teachers cried a bunch about it since Common Core took control of the public school system) and so do the parents eventually and then so does the country that institutes their ridiculous standards. Many successful people didn’t finish highschool. We are not all alike and who wants everyone to be the same. Core education kind of had a big start around the time that kids were getting bullied. At least mine was and other girls and about the time that Joseph Biden said “Get a shot gun.” My daughter ended up in a hospital because of bullying and I think it was purposeful not just by the kids but the staff and their excuses for not handling it and they said it would take 6 weeks to investigate. She didn’t have 6 weeks obviously. And ever since it has been really tough for her to overcome. She was a cheerleader and very happy and pretty. When she returned a few years later they still have problems and make a lot of excuses for intimidation in in a way so they won’t get caught. It’s not that hard to do but it’s shitty. ANYONE CAN DO THAT!

Just because someone is vulnerable or stupid such as the average voter partially because they are being lied to by the very ones that ridicule them such as OREILLY doesn’t mean we have the right to abuse, rob, and deceive them as has happened especially with Obama Care but obviously that is not the only issue that was instituted because of ignorance and deception.

Just because you can go overseas for cheap labor doesn’t mean you should because you are hurting both American workers and cheating foreign workers. I know that some in the diamond business have in the past paid a dollar a day to people in Africa to work and forced them to work by gunpoint just to compete and that is evil.  Blood diamonds. Eventually hurting the economy and hurting yourself it just takes a while. The circle of life.

It should be against the law.

If world government were a success they would pay foreign workers the same as american workers and vice versa. I know in China there have been secret communications from workers who were in work camps unable to be with families just to make someone else money. Forced labor. Shouldn’t they get paid as much as the highest paid workers on earth. Obviously that is evil when they are forced and make little money just to make an american product from some american company unwilling to pay an american worker a decent wage.

Seems to me lunches at public schools designed by Michelle Obama are similar in spirit as that kind of spirit that would force labor for a profit. I’m pretty positive she profits by it or a company she invested in profits when there are companies in each town across the country that could be used to feed kids at school and they SHOULD profit. Federal lunch programs should be nixed. Someone ought to investigate where Michelle has invested and profited and how. I think the public school systems should be run by the county and/or city but not by the federal government and attendance should not be how the school profits. There would be less sickness in the schools if attendance was not mandatory and the money achieved had nothing to do with attendance. In the age of bioterrorism it is wise to change that flaw in our public schools for the health of the staff , kids, and parents etc. If someone is ill whether they have a fever or not should be able to recuperate. Even girls in their menstruation cycle should be able to stay home and make up work later. IN the Old Testament they were given special treatment and I think that was wise for all concerned. A school does not own a child. Everything regarding kids should be up to the parent or guardian. Doctors excuses should not be apart of the equation what so ever and especially because of Obama Care. Just because someone has a migraine or asthma or what ever ails them does not mean they require a doctor and should not have to produce a doctor’s excuse no matter how many days they are not in attendance but usually require rest and relaxation or whatever the parent prescribes to their child such a soup and massage, bed rest, a good book or a good movie, and love, tender loving care etc. I had a teacher/counselor/federal worker tell me that my child should attend school no matter how she feels if she doesn’t have a fever but then that same teacher/counselor/federal worker a week or so later told my ex that he could take her out of school because she was suffering from menstruation yet she didn’t have a fever so that teacher/counselor a female had a double standard for me and my ex. While my daughter attended school one day asked to go to the bathroom and a minute or so later that teacher/federal worker allowed a boy to go to the bathroom when he asked for permission so I found out that the reason was that there is a ten minute rule at the beginning of class and at the end of class. However the teacher did not tell my child about that rule at the time and only was I  informed when I complained about her treatment by a specific teacher. Does that sound cultish? (Around this time when my daughter ended up bleeding from both ends was when Joseph Biden said “GET A SHOT GUN” in the public forum and alot of girls were complaining throughout the country about bullying in public schools and Greta van Sustern was reporting about rapes of girls intoxicated by mobs of boys and videotaped. I think some kind of spirit or something used Biden for a warning to the girls that were being abused throughout the country, whether he knew it or not. Maybe some of his quirks aren’t quirks but merely sensitivity to the spiritual world and their input.)

Jesus in the Gospel of John said that God is spirit.

So does that make Joseph Biden more of a threat than Barack Obama?

Hillary is dying to run in the next election and Joseph Biden is applauding the help of the Turks in the ISIS crisis. Who does Biden work for? Obama. So me thinks Obama is up to his mass confusion.

I wonder what Sean Hannity would think? Is the election more important than accountability of the office of the President?

Is the presidency turning over into Republican hands more important than finding the truth about Benghazi?

(Would Hillary be better if Republicans lose the next election …think about the loss of lives when her hubbie was President, even dems.)

Is Roman Catholicisms traditions more important than the truth about God and Jesus.

Is the history of Roman Catholicism and it’s abuses overlooked because you are roman catholic and educated in a seminary and make a good paycheck reporting news that isn’t real news, etc.

How in the world can the office of the President be contained if you don’t contain it which is the job of the press, the Senate and the Congress.

The President is not God and freedom requires accountability otherwise you lose freedom.

Is it worth it to screw around just to win and end up losing anyway?

Is race, gender, religion, status, or politics an excuse for overlooking lawlessness in the highest position in the land?

Will God forget your children because of it?

Does it matter?

What ever happened to the “Mark my words” Joseph Biden said a few times about chips and things like that. Obviously wrong about all of it and into greek mythology. Did anyone ever elaborate about those statements and what was meant by those statements? Implantable chips (RIFD) smaller than a grain of RICE. What ever happened to that possibility and is that what ASEAN will enforce or ISLAM or is this a false notion. I had heard that the Princes of Wales were implanted with RIFD and he is muslim and then Ambassador Chris Stevens became a real plant. Anyway if everyone feels like Joseph Biden isn’t up to the job to replace Obama how in the world did he get to where he is as VP and how come you let him?

Just because you don’t perceive something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and just because you do perceive something doesn’t mean it’s true. So we walk a fine line and best to do your best with integrity and seek the truth.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 5.46.32 PM

Honestly wondering if ISIS and ISIL are the same thing because of how Obama parses his words. I think I will check it out later. Seems hokey what and how he has dealt with it so far and what he has said about it.  A cause to corral…..hmmmmm something that was just a jv team and now a way to depose/dethrone Bashar Assad. The fact that they beheaded 12 or so syrian soldiers doesn’t sound like Bashar Assad is responsible for the crimes of isis or isil, does it? Anyway maybe the picture depicted above on the large stone at Yodfat is a dunce cap?

If everyone around you is a dunce

that can be pretty dangerous!

It does seem like Obama’s appointees and followers are dunces.

Back to the Public School System and my experiences, etc: This is the same school that bullied my kid at school and she was called whore, pushed her down the stairs, and other things and she ended up in a Hospital Emergency Room in great jeopardy bleeding from both ends and another time for pain brought on by nerves soon after. This is when my health problems arose with malice for me and my other daughter but both of us so far are overcoming it. (The ex though seems to be immune and contrite “If he did.” Jumped on my condition reminding me as much as possible to ingrain it in my conscience and antagonize it as much as possible without fault and some day maybe he will get to read why and want to read why that is why I am writing and including regardless of it’s prickishness. I guess to recuse himself and what he did not want to perceive because of our marriage status; insidious is what I would call his behavior and unaware of the consequences of that kind of behavior and unaware of the times we live in and the spiritual side of it thinking he got away with it. I think they call it dissin’ belief)  The doctor at the time was worried about ectopic pregnancy and I said hey find whatever you can because she may not perceive something happened to her because that does happen to pretty girls sometimes and the fact that she was called a whore numerous times at achool made me suspicious of cult like treatment when all she ever did was kiss a boy at a mega church function one night. It made her mad and  her dad mad that I would give permission for that possibility but it was a life and death decision and I wasn’t willing to take a chance on her life and since the doctor said what he said to us. Turns out after a private meeting of doctors and nurse who did an ultra sound on my child with out parents allowed for about ten minutes to 20 minutes I was told that she was a good girl. Whatever that meant. Turns out it was something to do with nerves etc. I don’t believe it to this day and it seemed kind of like a coverup. (A while later in time Pres. Obama visited the Pope and gave him a carrot or eluded to it and offered seeds of some kind which made me think of the bio ethics that were in contention and controversy at the time of JFK’s assassination and up to now. Not sure if it’s related but it might be. then it could be about marijuana or something else.) That same school wanted to take 6 weeks to investigate maltreatment in their school before she ended up in the hospital and obviously we didn’t have that kind of time. Since then have been in and out of home schools and back again a few years later when that treatment above occurred I guess in retaliation against a former victim. I think it would be safe to say it was persecution and is persecution for possibly my perspective on the bible and other things I write about and my persistence in regards to Benghazi. Parents should be able to attend the classes in their kids place to get their work for their kid or send someone in their place agreed upon by both school and the parent at any time. I am suspicious when a school disallows parents in their kids classrooms for any reason such as observation of teaching abilities or behavior of the teacher because then it appears the public system is hiding something such as intimidation, sloppy teaching, innuendo, and propaganda and cultish behavior. Parents should have access to what their child is learning or how they are being treated to prevent bullying and cult style behavior on the part of the school. The two times that I talked to that woman and a friend of mine that I knew who was a teacher about the new curriculum of core teaching over a span of three months said the teachers were crying all the time because of what they had to do and her kid was being bullied. That sounds cultish to me as if they were being indoctrinated which is not freedom or independence or constitutional.

So any way, when someone is suspicious

or paranoid

is it any wonder?

When my daughter went to the ER there was a man who was just hospital worker that made a gesture to my daughter rolling her through the corridors as if she was gonna be okay and it felt like my dad though he didn’t look like it. Sort of a spiritual gesture and very sweet like love of some kind coming through this person to a stranger. I felt like my dad was there. And when Joseph Biden blurted out what he blurted out later seemed like something my dad would say if he was worried about my kid or what was occurring then to girls or going to occur in the USA. I also saw my dad’s eyes when warned about Obama Care. So my dad really is helping me in many ways spiritually through others as well. And I believe God is allowing it. I realize that Biden is Catholic but I think he believes in his own way about God and while being a bit of a weirdo in some ways should not be a threat to the presidency in order to hold our government accountable to what happened at Benghazi. It’s a ridiculous excuse for delay and political games because as I state somewhere in this post maybe there won’t be another chance for another election if we don’t get to the truth and quit politicizing the deaths at Benghazi and quit silencing the witnesses or using Benghazi to win an election. They were americans. Maybe there won’t be another election either way. Maybe Benghazi is more important than an election. Are you willing to take that chance and then have to answer to God that the reason was we wanted a Republican President to replace a Democratic President and didn’t really care about the truth of what occurred or why.

I think elected officials and federal workers should have to report their earnings, and source of incomes, and bank accounts to the people of their state and it should be public record and I think accountants should be hired in the private sector of each state to examine them for misappropriations to prevent bribery and deceptive practices apart from the IRS not to find out if they paid their taxes but to find out who is controlling and influencing them and how and to have a better understanding of their intent and their actions in the federal government when making laws and bills etc. There should be no pork in bills and if their is pork of any kind in the bill it should be exposed, reported, nixed, and placed in the public record.

There should be laws made in regards to that called

the Trans Fat and Saturated Fat Laws of the Federal Government.

Every trip taken should be accounted for and in the public record and investigated by the same mentioned in the paragraph above and public record.

Just because the entertainment business lost some money because of access of music on the internet it really wasn’t any different then people taping songs off the radio in the past. But the greed got the best of them as well. IMO Their talent diminished as well because of their greed. Obviously concerts selling tickets for 30 dollars and sometimes lots more or cds for more than they are worth is gonna turn off customers.  Most of the time someone really buys a cd or record or tape for one song and the rest are just fillers and so don’t want to waste money on the fillers. Anyway their reaction (the entertainment businesses reaction) kind of backfired and had other ramifications as well as the ones they tried to inflict upon their fans and devotees because of that greed. Didn’t it?

They say that soon robots will be taking over many other type labor and jobs. It will backfire because of greed.

Competition is a good thing as long as you allow it and are able to accept it from others. It can be fun and lead to people excelling at their talent but if you stop others from competing in various ways you don’t deserve the right to compete. Such as the oil business and their prophet.

Pretty soon people won’t afford it and then what? They won’t buy it anymore. You will lose your money. You will lose your power. You will lose your freedom. You will lose your status. You will lose your people and your friends and you will lose your country

and you will lose your religion

you forced upon others.

And you deserve it!

Simply put Obama’s antics and those that assist him, lie for him, blackmail for him, and all the other things we have come to realize have occurred in our government recently and in the past and via the world government and the united world religion is an indication that oral sex is wanted or being offered by the Obama Administration and his followers here and abroad (including the killer of Osama Bin Laden) and those that want to force their morality upon others and so far as I can tell things have deteriorated exponentially all over the world.

Killing Osama bin Laden just doesn’t cut the mustard or give closure to the victims of a religion

intent on destroying everything in it’s path that doesn’t walk around a vagina in a box. We were all victims. 

Instead of Nancy Pelosi complaining about her womanhood because of her losing her reputation why not stand up for a REAL women other than herself and stand up for Joan Rivers! I think she was born in her district or near it. Pelosi has the right to lie about Obama Care and bitch about her sex and not even acknowledge Joan Rivers right to express her opinion about Israel and Michelle Obama.

Pelosi Defiant: ‘When Was the Last Time You Asked Mitch McConnell’ if He’s Too Old?

I guess she wants to be on Time magazine but who cares whether they were on the cover of Time magazine. Pelosi does. It’s her boehner of contention. What a twit. Apples and oranges. She thrives on deception. It isn’t that Pelosi is too old to serve she is too ridiculous to serve.

Maybe we should ask her grandchild.

Is she too old to serve or is she ridiculous?

I’m pretty positive he would say, “You’re ridiculous, grandma!”

She seems to be coming apart at the seams: Both Pelosi and the chick with the grey hair who headed the Obama Care roll out and the White House spokesman for Obama denying Gruber’s assertions or even knowing him even though Fox News caught old tape of both acknowledging his assistance with Obama Care is quite ridiculous and telling.






























Anyway things are coming to an end of some kind because of the stupidity of deception, lust and greed in our government and in the world government and the world religion who succumbed to being assholes and deceiving to benefit themselves at the peril of others. The end of that behavior is bound to hit it’s limits and we are there, IMO.

The cup over flowing with the blood of saints.

Nothing is sacred to Obama and his followers. Just a bunch of POTUS PIOUS assholes.

The truth matters.

Obama uses the word transparency because he is sleezy and he thinks he is so wise

but he isn’t “on this wise.”

John 21:1-3

21 After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias; and on this wise shewed he himselfThere were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples. Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.

Cal Thomas needs to readjust his interpretation of the word transparent because “dark language” is Obama’s skill written about in the book of Daniel and everyone needs to pare him down. He never means what you would normally think because he is not normal and is hell bent.

He is the DECEIVER 


In my humble opinion his father is THE FATHER OF LIES. I think it is important to get a grip on that reality.

Ever hear of this particular verse?

Revelation 12:12

 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

This is the time in which we live and instead of freaking out every time we discover another deception ( because crises are used to deprive humanity of well being, sleep which makes men and women make mistakes) since there have been so many of them that it can’t be just coincidental we might try to get ahead of it with that knowledge instead of behind it so we can squeeze the shit out of it and lock it up. Find a good choke hold such as one does in battle and hold the line. Chuck Hagel won’t be helpful in any case because he doesn’t question motive of President Obama. could it have something to do with getting a really fantastic job and making lots of money?. I can’t think of the word that describes what I think we need to do as Americans to stifle his intentions but when I do I will add it.

The latest deception is the man admitting the deception of Obama Care, the evil insurance business, and stupid american voters and he is also deceiving even more! Yes most of the Insurance business is and was a farce. It’s like offering an intercessor such as a priest who is just a middle man making a farce of what God offers. Turning religion into a business. Call no man father but your Father in heaven. Yet priests are called fathers. They offer it in the game of 21 Black Jack too.

Insurance does not insure good health. Insurance does not insure a successful operation. Insurance does not insure that you get a competent doctor. Insurance does not insure that your doctor has talent. Insurance does not insure that you live a long life. I think it is morally wrong. 

Life insurance is a temptation.

Too many people may be tempted to fakery.

No one should have the right to take out life insurance on another person without the consent of that person being covered. However, if they want to take a chance of taking life insurance on themselves…..BUYER BEWARE! I don’t think it ought to be allowed either way. 

Insurance on equipment and/or possessions I think is perfectly fine because they can be replaced.

I bet that the outspoken and funny comedian Joan Rivers had health insurance,

and look what happened and I think it was intentional. I think it was malicious attack on her life with the intent to punish her for her opinions and to stifle free speech and stifle the truth and to make others afraid to do the same. That is the Obama way and it stinks to high heaven.

It took quite a few years before anyone believed there were concentration camps roasting and gassing jews in WWll but things have changed since then and we now have cell phones and subliminal messaging to help people lose their heads and do things they might never have done without a lot of help. In my JFK series on Merangeus Blog they used drugs like Dragons Breath to commit an assassination in front of the people in Dallas knowing that shock and awe would help to create confusion. Technology is different now with things like weather manipulation, earthquake manipulation, HAARP, Ebola manipulation and the CDC, the internet, and cell phones etc. Perhaps a secret kind of holocaust using health care or bad health care and retaliating politically against innocent and outspoken comedians, actors, and the population as a whole. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before in some countries. A secret kind of tribulation to make our country heel while trying to reCatholicize us and/or reIslamicise, same difference since they work hand in hand obviously. Benghazi good case in point. Egypt coup good case in point. ObamaCare and the CDC/Ebola good case in point. If you listen to Walter Veith there is good reason to be suspicious when both religions use beads to pray with, and both wear habits/burkas, and both usually have churches close to each other in Islamic countries. Obviously one is the offspring of the other in a big way and in collusion with each other.

Perhaps this person in the picture above is a witness as in the bible about Obama and Islam! Perhaps it happened for the sake of many mixed up people about the dangers of Islam and their desire to rule the world.

Obama deserves to be arrested and imprisoned. Screw impeachment he and his administration have gone way overboard with power they should never have been allowed to wield and using hoaxes and real gross events to distance themselves from what occurred at Benghazi.

There seems to be a connection between the Jesuits, Islamic terrorists, the State Department and Hillary Clinton, Obama and his administration, The Vatican, Britain, the Pope, and the Red Cross with what occurred at Benghazi, Libya.

So if you think Obama cares one iota about the freedom of the internet you are really in LALA Land. He plans to use it against you somehow or another. Whether regulated or not regulated it is being used against you and is not just a form of communication but as with anything there is some good in the internet such as gaining information but a lot of bad such as propaganda from all kinds of sources and a lot of harassment with the intent to silence dissenters. Cell phones also are like GPS in cars being used to locate and watch. I guarantee some funny business going on with car explosions in the past few years just like the chemical plants. Then there’s the IRS and Franklin Graham as if the IRS hasn’t been harassing ordinary people for years and years. Another crisis in the plethora of crises used to forget about Benghazi.

The Shining

The Five, Osama Bin Laden, and What’s His Face!

(The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden and ALL THAT JAZZ)

Watched The Five give accolades to the reporter who interviewed the killer of Osama Bin Laden. They asked how he got the story. Isn’t he the son of someone at Fox news? I think so. The Five are just ingratiating themselves knowing how he got lucky enough to do the story. DUH. His name is Peter Doocy and a relative of his is named Steve Doocey. In any case, the man who supposedly shot Osama Bin Laden looks just like the man who was interviewed by Bret Baier a few times with his two partners about their part at Benghazi. No one so far as I know seems to be too concerned about the man in prison for identifying and locating Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. He and his family were abandoned. He is still in prison. I’m sure the reason is to hide the truth or maybe there is another reason to hold over his head such as his family which live in Pakistan in order to shut him up. Pretty good insurance. Did Mr. Fart mention him? How about Hannity? The shabby excuse for the burial at sea of Osama Bin Laden is very auspicious. In fact it is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

Watched this guy for a short while on Hannity again:

ANYWAY HE SAID THE REASON HE TOOK ON THIS SUICIDE MISSION TO KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN and miraculously survived WAS TO GIVE CLOSURE TO THE PEOPLE WHO LOST LOVED ONES IN 9’11 IN NEW YORK. So they had a show about it with some people who lost loved ones at 9’11 and he held them on some stage setting which was very fakey. etc. BUT I WAS REMINDED OF THE THE SEAL TEAM 6 WHO WERE MYSTERIOUSLY AMBUSHED. I doubt this guys word and think maybe the Seal Team 6 had more to do with it than anything and were punished for their success while this guy is acting like the great hero and probably punished the Seal Team 6 and is being lauded as a hero. This guy probably was the one that carried the body to put in the ocean instead of produce evidence of the death of Osama Bin Laden which there is none. Undermining the seal team 6 possibly. IN WWll America used the enemy Germans and rewarded them with jobs for other reasons. Probably doing the same with Osama Bin Laden.

It is right up Obama’s alley (ass) to do it that way.

Turns out that a guy from Delta team also said he killed Osama Bin Laden. So the guy on Hannity who said he killed Osama Bin Laden and sort of degraded Delta. So there seems to be a controversy in regards to Osama Bin Laden. But will Hannity report the controversy between the two factions fighting for attention even though they don’t want attention?

In an earlier interview with someone I think from another news organization the guy on Hannity said that Osama bin Laden died like a pussy. I’m trying to figure out what that means? When someone talks about someone else dying like a pussy there is something definitely wrong with that person. Perhaps he is a psychopath. Certainly fits.

Anyway Obama ended the war in Iraq right?


This nitwit started at McDonalds and joined the marines though he could swim in a pool and survive and eventually taught himself how to swim and became a seal. Yadayadayada. He is recruiting marines as we speak. I guess when you ambush seal teams you have to replace them somehow when you get back into combat mode.

‘Obama’s insurance policy’: DC chuckles after GOP congressman rules out impeaching Obama because – ‘Have you met Joe Biden?’






In fact Ed Beckel doesn’t believe that Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea….then why believe the rest of the story this man gave on his interview.

Of course the same can be said of the gospels but if you have a brain I think you can discern a lie from truth.

There is such thing as truth and it speaks for itself.

There is a picture of the bust of Josephus Flavius a profile picture and sure looked like one of the first men interviewed by I think it was Sean Hannity about Benghazi who wrote a book together a couple of years ago. I guess they were seals.

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 2.39.29 PM

The Weatherman and ‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’

Very similar anyway but when I reacted while I was watching this special I said out loud “you liar” something to that effect and the man reacted and his eyes were like looking at a vampire as if he knew I said that. I know that sounds really weird but it’s the truth. Josephus Flavius wrote quite a bit of history about Rome and the Jews and coincided with the gospels and the events related in Acts. He was hired by Rome for propaganda purposes and in a way a man of the press at the time and he admitted to stealing the holy books from the temple at the time and took them to Rome. One of his names was Matthias because he was the son of Matthias, but was adopted by the Flaviuses of Rome when they destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and crucified some people. Not sure which temple though. He was a traitor to the Jews at the time. His writings are kind of different some similarities with his writings and what happened to Paul of Tarsus.

I have had other interactions with Fox News where I would say something and they would react. I don’t know that they know but whatever spirit was in them knew and each time it was not pleasant. It was intrusive, mocking, and evil it was just weird but I felt okay about it in myself because I was not intruding on their privacy but the opposite, so it’s their problem….not mine. I think I may be a bit paranormal somehow but I don’t practice it and I’m not interested in that kind of thing but I don’t ignore it and I guess I perceive some things other people don’t. (I don’t like cults because of their bad behavior to control.) Just sensitive and observant. The spiritual communication towards me via the press has been antagonistic whereas in my space it has been for the most part positive and familiar with a few glitches. There is a spiritual world in which we live in and they can see us and they do interact with us whether you notice or don’t notice. Even animals communicate in ways for someone else. Kind of cute when they do. It is cute. Obviously Jesus in the Gospel of John at the Sea of Galilee controlled the fish of the sea. (There have been other times in my life that I observed it and also I observed some other things unexplainable such as UFO’s at speeds pretty much faster than any thing thought possible. Blink of the eye kind of speed from one point in the sky to another without sound. I have witnessed people I know quite well try to poison me or cause accidents  someone is showing me that I have some kind of protection and yet those that do it don’t seem to be aware that they are causing trouble as if they know not what they do and when confronted say things like “If I did” kind of apologies but that is mostly just in the past couple years and I have experienced some miracles in the past few years that were remarkable. One involved huge birds of prey in the hundreds maybe a thousand of them above a small neighborhood of a 100 homes or so floating about for a few hours and then disappearing into a small creek area. People were in awe when it occurred and getting out of their cars to watch because it was quite a once in a lifetime kind of thing. At the time I was looking for my cat that was missing for close to 7 weeks and soon after found him at the school in the drain of the bus lane sick and weak as could be and yellow from liver damage because of lack of food but he managed to get healthy again once I got him home. A friend’s daughter had seen him and gave us a call.  So the birds could have been a threat to my cat because they were looking for something and not roosting for a few hours until they went to the creek bed. I kind of think they may have directed him to school. LOL. Sounds outlandish, but it’s true. Funny thing is when you lay with the cat and look at him in a certain direction kind of looks like a little lamb. They were huge birds and it strange to see them flocking together so closely.  Usually you see them in groups of three or four swirling high in the sky hunting. This cat liked to leave rubber hair bands down the hallway for the girls usually in the morning. I have experienced some other things that were really sweet miracles. Anyway I think we are living in an unusual time. But I heard from another person I know the IF I DID person who said that it’s not that unusual. I have traveled this world quite a bit and I have never seen anything like it and I don’t think people stop their cars and get out and talk to each other about the phenomenon because it’s not that unusual. And that same person had never seen it before but said that storms often bring birds in etc etc etc. Found an excuse for it to brush off.  Some people just discard and reject miracles when they happen. Probably didn’t think I deserved a miracle which I didn’t, but I deeply desired it and still deeply desire miracles.)

So I think the conflict of the Synoptic gospels and the Gospel of John and the conflicts with the Old Testament and what occurred at Benghazi may be very pertinent to our predicament now. Josephus son of Matthias adopted son of the Flavius family probably did a lot of editing of those holy books too or why bother. I don’t think the gospels had been written but there are some coincidences to events written about in the gospels and other books of the bible and are interesting to compare to the gospels and books of the bible written. A different perspective to them in any case and quite bit more cynical with lots of intrigue of course he was doing fishy kind things and up to no good possibly influenced by demons.

I think there were some holy books also in Alexandria at the time and I don’t mean Virginia.

I know President Obama wanted to gain favor for being the President who captured and killed Osama Bin Laden being a Muslim himself to alleviate the  fears of his religious bent in the office of the Presidency of the USA. ISIS began as IS in Pakistan in the early 60’s I think even before that about the time Israel became Israel. I guarantee the Saudis after all Osama Bin Laden was Saudi Arabian as well as the pilots of the attack on New York and the Pentagon are involved in this as they are in the Syrian invasion and both 9-11’s. IF someone would dare to di-sect the words of President Obama at the Correspondent’s dinners about both 9-11’s it might help, but no one does. Why? Because they are lying out their ANUSES and Fox News was there and attended and I think they all laughed at his ill jokes though I don’t think anyone fully understood Obama as they have come to understand lately that he is the epitome of deception. It took a bit of time to unfold.


Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 4.56.47 PM

Here’s Johnny!

The lies just keep cumin!

Osama Bin Laden was used by the CIA to attack the Russians in the first place. That is how he gained his reputation. I think they knew where Osama Bin Laden was all along. He worked for the CIA for heavens sake. I don’t think they allow free lancers in their organization.

It isn’t as if the CIA are honest. They keep their agents under control in various ways and Osama Bin Laden was in their sights all along because he worked for them. There is a military presence of Americans in Pakistan I can’t remember their name but I think It is the Black Ops or something to that effect. All this shenanigans about Osama Bin Laden is BULLSHIT!

News for internet and obama

Now Obama is line dancing with the Chinese and Medvedev of Russia. Where are the towels?


Scottish Bagpipes – Auld Lang Syne ♫

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 10.57.48 AM

He is wooing the woman he once wooed named democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma who was married to a brit and has four children by him and wants her to be the leader. I guess he is trying to affect their elections. Burma is part of ASEAN which is or could be considered part of the Ten toes which are ten nations a loose confederate of nations that combined make up the 6th largest economy in the world mostly because of Singapore. Mostly muslim countries however Burma’s minority is muslim. These countries sit beneath China. Anyway obviously he has a thing for her. She had been a prisoner (under house arrest) for a long time and probably via that arrest makes a good puppet of Obama such as Susan Rice and others he uses because of their substance and because he is very transparent. She likes him and he likes her. She is a very pretty woman and very feminine. I guess she is pro democracy and the election is about that for the most part as if democracy developed in Afghanistan was very helpful to muslims. Democracy and Islam don’t mix very well. Physically these countries fulfill the ten toes of the bible prophecy about the ten toes who hate the woman….woman in bible terms is a religion/church and could mean Israel and could mean Islam or Roman Catholicism. I doubt in this instance it means Islam since they mostly are Islamic countries. I think they fulfill that prophecy physically because they are muslim for the most part. They will want to burn the woman with fire as we have seen of the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda. They have developed a trademark for products and food products which fulfills the mark of the beast as well. Could be the only way anyone in the future will be able to buy or sell using that mark because of their faith and the beliefs about cleanliness in regards to the Islamic faith etc and their use of the ideology of politically correctness not to call a spade a spade and to feather with down feather the acts of terrorism etc. by not being able to say he looked like a muslim and/or he was wearing a turbin  when he threw that bomb at that restaurant window or she was wearing a burka when she pushed a button on a grenade or not being able to tell to the public that the child yelled Allahu akbar as he walked into a school, theater or public building because it offends muslims and those easily offended. They have been developing for quite a while in their alliance to compete in world trade and are fomidable etc.

The earthquake/tsuanmi seems to be sign of their importance

in these final days of this period in world history. IMO

By the way I think Bruno Mars is from that part of the world. Great entertainer.

However there is a prophecy about iron and clay in the bible. I think they are the clay and the ten member nation  probably of the 12ers (muslim confederacy of the muslim brotherhoood) is the IRON which means they are connected to Roman Catholicism.? Not sure.  Since the Iron part of this equation is in a relationship with Roman Catholicism I don’t think that is the woman they want to burn with fire, but I could be wrong about that. I think they work together as they have in the past but are also antagonistic towards each other as well because both want to be on top as in sex. Each being puppets to each other because of their desire to be the chosen ones Replacement theology type lust without consideration for the Ten Commandments.

Anyway iron and clay do not mix and they don’t as physical properties but that could be in terms of location and not ideology.

Not sure.

Possibly England or Israel are the woman they want to burn with fire. The plane crash in the Ukraine seems to be related somehow.

Obviously OIL is the crux of the matter. Power and money.

The huge earthquake in 2004 that altered the earth’s axis physically and caused a tsunami that killed a lot of people occurred near Burma in the Indian ocean was a huge sign and marker of tribulation and the 10 year period with the beast whoever or whatever that is. While wanting to be democratic it is obvious in american politics lately that does not mean freedom but quite the opposite. Politically correct is their form of democracy. A cultish style democracy. Silence and corruption work well together.

Other notable earthquake is the one in Japan a few years back 2011 affecting the Neo Catechumenal Way being forced upon the Japanese Roman Catholics and Obama’s tweets at the time warning them to get ready for another.

And another before the G8 meeting in Aquilla, Italy in July of 2009!

Also this is near where the plane disappeared in the Indian Ocean area about the time of Michelle Obama’s visit to China pinging and never located while Michelle played ping pong with the Chinese which either was destroyed in the ocean or went under or over and around radar to be transported somewhere else as a possible weapon like the the planes were used in New York City by Saudi terrorists to down the twin towers and the Pentagon.  I surmise they went over the radar killing the passengers by asphyxiation. This disappearance coincided with the Vaticans desire to control China in regards to Russia, Syria and the Ukraine. Then a plane crashes in the Ukraine with a bunch of dutch people or scandinavians and isn’t that where (Oprah) Harp-o Winfrey wasn’t allowed to buy a purse for $37,000 and actually opined that it was because she was African? I do remember Obama kind of threatening families some time before that but I can’t remember why probably because they were resisting his transparent lies and his con job.

I don’t know if you have noticed but Obama resembles Oprah in the eyes and eyebrows so I think there is a relationship of some kind in their makeup. Makes sense they vacation together etc. It is called Oedipus Complex by both as I witnessed in another photograph of Oprah and Obama. But I think the real reason is they love themselves acutely and think they are more than they are ‘course it doesn’t help when people fall over themselves to be on her show or be seen with Obama. Kind of like the problem Elvis had. The entourage illusion which plays with a person’s self image and everyone lies to them just to get a freebie. Anyway it creates delusional personality complexes and it’s not all their fault. It’s kind of a mutual false dreamers with no substance. Translucent. Transparent.  And another reason is they are drunk on themselves which can reverberate into bad decisions and stupid grand ideas. It is self destructive because it is false, fakey, like false pride. Excessive pride and false pride goeth before a fall. Nothing wrong with liking oneself but there is a limit. Anyway at the time of a certain photo they could hardly contain their desire. I don’t think Obama received his legs through her though, he got them through some other guy. In any case I know they think they are cute and have somehow got the jump on everyone…….we shall see. But one thing for sure they are not nice. They obviously don’t believe in God either but they will certainly have to acknowledge Him when that time comes. I guess they can’t take a joke and the joke will be on them. Certainly they don’t imagine they are smarter than God, do they?

Anyway I have prayed about then and what I have seen and witnessed and hope for their demise soon because I don’t like their folly;)

I think they stink! Is that wrong?

And hopefully everyone Michelle sent her heart to during the storm in on the East coast will take those chunks of shit and feed it to the worms then Sen Inouye died and they got to have an exude to V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in Hawaii to attend a funeral wake or what ever for Sen. Inouye to make it legitimate and get in good with the military in Hawaii and who knows what else was up their ass to do.

Screen shot 2014-11-15 at 9.32.46 PM

Obama admitted just recently that toppling Assad of Syria is the reason for his interest in ISIS. It was the UN’s desire and the Vatican’s desire also because of their desire to include Turkey anyway it has to do with Turkey (I knew that from the start and so did others who photoed images of the deadmen changing clothes and it got out to the public via the internet, however the press and the governments didn’t report it or acknowledge the possiblility of false accusations and false evidence. Women and children walking around sarin gas sites without protection and then progressive changes in photos to cover up that they were BSing everyone in order to get UN sanctions and UN investigations. ) Obama has wanted to topple Assad since he took office and that is why just recently 12 Syrian soldiers were beheaded by ISIS (and the fifth american beheaded Peter Kassig with an english accent though it was covered up as much as possible whose mother looks to be muslim at least in her dress code) who are in collusion with Al Quaeda now (Saudis/Pakistan and probably the Turks, Iran etc),

and the main reason is because

Syria borders Israel.

Remember this picture of Obama when he first took office?

An intentional photo of disdain for Israel and it’s leader.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 12.59.22 PM


Does anyone remember what Jesus said in the Gospel of John?

John 13:18

18 I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture may be fulfilled, He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me.

BETRAYAL. Plain and simple.

 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

Chuck Hagel

doesn’t question Obama’s motive and he was appointed head of the Department of Defense. Who appointed him? DUH He has a blind eye.

The vatican the boot. Nazism clicking it’s heels!

ISIS video claims U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig beheaded

Watched a you tube of Peter Kassig’s mother who reminds me  (in looks and in her voice) of the great actress Meryl Streep (Sophia) who has stumped for Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons and possibly a common ideology “the cult of the sisterhood” and similar goals possibly and I think has been misled. I think the main reasons for women being discontent isn’t because of God but because of other women (jealousy) and the eeeevilution of men (control freaks) and other gods (assholes) and fallen angels (jealousy, control freaks, and assholes). Anyway I had noticed Peter Kassig’s mothers dress in another you tube with a head scarf very islamic looking and now she looks like a nun without the habit. In any case she said in this last appearance on Fox News about her son some very sweet sentiments and then mentioned something in regards to the one God of many names. While God may have many names it is because people named him by I guess his attributes and/or characteristics and possibly by their own imaginations and or interactions but the difference in my opinion is that the true God introduced himself in Exodus to Moses and to the slaves of Egypt and he didn’t relate all those other names and said via the Ten Commandments: “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have any other gods before me.” He has been labeled since and before and/or other gods have those names and have interfered in the affairs of men possibly fallen angels to confuse us about his name. At the bottom of the page are some articles about his name. When he introduced himself to Moses he said tell the slaves “I am that I am.” Jesus in the Gospel of John also made 7 statements about I am the bread of life. I am the door……….and others. Now in Israel I have read that jews are afraid to write his name so they exclude voewels. And possibly they are afraid to say his name. But I say why? I think respect is good but doesn’t there seem to be a conspiracy in regards to his name and great confusion which seems to be unraveling lately.

Israel isn’t that far from (in reality) as being the woman they want to burn with fire and Syria borders Israel and because Islam hates the woman while Iran is developing nuclear energy/weaponry nearby and a huge problem for Israel. So this visit by Obama is multi faceted and as Americans have come to realize he doesn’t mean what he says or say what he means. He uses women unabashedly for his purposes because they tend to be naive and he likes to use his manliness LOL his prickishness to seduce them. I don’t think he is attractive but many women obviously fall for his act even Oprah / Harpo/ O-Harp meaning one of his many bewitchers as they have in America such as Bergdahl’s mother melting in his arms and the supposed victims of the many hoaxes such as the hoax school shootings in Newtown and real events such as the head shot to Gabrielle Giffords (jewish) at Safeway in Arizona for the purpose of executing another person in regards to Fast and Furious and allow her husband to parade her around for his politically correct intent of gun control to disarm americans to be victims down the road and to confuse everyone because of Benghazi and the real reason it occurred and the real reasons that it is so important. ASEAN are in my opinion a means to an end for Obama but in actuality could be a means of an end of Obama. Sounds far fetched but it is part and partially his efforts to ascend into heaven and exalt his throne above the stars because he thinks he is the prophet Mohammad of the Islamic Faith or his son.

Remember what he said at the UN about the profit/prophet of Islam and the future after Benghazi?

Anyway he is there scratching her back and they are scratching his. If you help me I will help you kind of intimacies and obviously she is ready and has been adequately prepared..LOL. Bergdahl’s mother didn’t need preparation she was ready from the start.

Took some years though to prepare her and to soften her under house arrest.

It’s called the Copenhagen Syndrome. It seems to have worked this time. It is an age old tactic of Islamists since the love prisoners and hostages to use with little regard for truth or real dialogue. Just like the man in Pakistan and the supposed death and burial of Osama bin Laden. Sounds a bit germanic. bin.

Ich bin ein Berliner” 

“Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum [“I am a Roman citizen”]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner!”… All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

“Kennedy used the phrase twice in his speech, including at the end, pronouncing the sentence with his Boston accent and reading from his note “ish bin ein Bearleener”, which he had written out using English spelling habits to indicate an approximation of the German pronunciation.”

Jelly doughnut misconception

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 9.31.42 AM

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Fox News
Fox News – 4 hours ago
President Obama drew a sharp rebuke from senior Republicans on Capitol Hill for pushing broad regulation of Internet broadband service, with …
Inside Obama’s Net Neutrality Power Play
TIME – 10 hours ago
President Obama Calls For A Free And Open Internet, Wants It Reclassified As A Utility
By the way in an earlier post the news reported something about Benjamin Netanyahu as if he was in a talk with Obama at the White house when he really was in Israel at the time. It’s Obama’s way, bless his heart. Putin in China making a frisky kind of gesture sounds like Joseph Biden. How do we know if it’s Putin. Could be manipulation by the press and the White House and all their friends and manipulation of their images. Cause it wouldn’t be the first time. I saw the clip and all he did was put a shawl on the First Lady of China and she liked it. In the old days men used to put their coats down for a woman to walk on if it was muddy. Nothing wrong with that. Chewing gum may be disrespectful however sugarless gum without mint helps with digestion if you do it for 30 minutes after every meal. Also helps those with stomach problems such as heart burn and acid reflux. Helps to keep fit and lean because it is part of the digestive process and people tend to eat too fast or too much, or suffer from nervousness and is especially good if previously a smoker. Learned this on the internet. Whatever you do not leave it under a table or desk for tots to chew or spit it out on a sidewalk. Perhaps the President is suffering some of these maladies. Chinese food can be spicy.And again maybe Obama was trying to prove to the public and  himself that he could multi task.
Anyway if you compare the coverage of Benghazi vs the gum chewing in China on Bill O’reilly nightly show it might surprise you!
Whats the deal with Jay Carney’s new beard. Looks like he had root canal surgery or needs it. It is not helpful to his looks. Maybe he’s trying to be a strawberry blond muslim.


If we have a pipe line we ought to have one from Alaska through Canada as well and next to the other pipeline throughout the USA to Mexico and through Mexico to Central American so that America can compete in the oil market as well as Canada and all the other oil businesses. And the countries involved will have a choice who to purchase their oil from. 
Prices will decrease which will help our side of the hemisphere (jobs and affordable energy.)
Immigration and the Border
What is the problem with our government that it can’t secure the border and at the same time legalize the illegal immigrants by the law and in order by their arrivals just like you would if you were going to a theater or in a line at the store. How hard can that be? Which makes me wonder is Obama, Pelosi, and others doing it to confuse, change the subject because of what was found out about Obama Care and Gruber and because they want terrorists to enter the USA and of course because of Benghazi. I think so. Sort of an insurance /blackmail of political will to gain political support of ignorance and get more tax dollars. Being legal probably won’t be so attractive to some illegal immigrants when they are required to give up some of their pay since many send their checks to Mexico. I guess the legal way might undermine the mob who they paid to get here and Obama and the idiots who have no common sense wouldn’t want to undermine the mob because they are the mob, controlled by the mob, and in collusion with the mob.
Too bad Mexico and Central America couldn’t have a revolution in their countries to free themselves from the mob and the mob’s best friend: ISLAM/ROMAN CATHOLIC HIERARCHY

Coincidence? Obama to Announce Executive Amnesty

on National Revolution Day in Mexico

Krauthammer can’t admit that Obama is a bad man and has bad motives.

What about Benghazi? What about the border is never been more secure? What about “you can keep your doctor”? What about “ISIS is only a JV team”? What about all the other lies? What about Gruber?  Come on, Krauthammer, be honest. What about the video tape? What about the UN speech about Islam and insulting it’s profit/prophet? What about the IRS “not one smidgen”?

He has an ulterior motive and it isn’t for the welfare of the immigrants. More than likely something way more sinister.

I don’t think it’s for the taxes or for the votes. Do you?

Today or yesterday he said

“I am not god.”

That is his motive but what he plans to do about it is another thing.

The President is not in his right mind.  In other words he is il equipped to handle the job of the Presidency of the USA.

He’s a nut.

When he meets his end and bites the dust I certainly won’t feel sadness for it is due, IMO I think he really is a very evil person.
He’s going to Nevada…..remind you of anything?
That’s what he did after Benghazi!
Is it a sign or an omen? I hope Michelle goes with him.

Common Core and Ferguson

As far as Common Core goes in regards to the fatal shooting of a young man (which I think was sad and overreaching) and comparing it to the case of  the shooting of a younger boy wearing a hoodie is evil. But that is Obama’s way to confuse one case with another. The boy with a hoodie Trayvon Martin didn’t do anything bad at the time of his death (but the gun did) yet the young man (Michael Brown) in Ferguson did  i.e. stealing and pushing around the store clerk and his friend (who was older and of legal age, I think he was 21) didn’t stop him but aided and abetted his behavior. His parents obviously didn’t either. Basically Michael Brown was cruising for a bruising but the cop IMO over reacted but that is the fog of war against criminal activity. I think it was a set up by the friend (who lied which is a good indication something ain’t right and an intentional set up) and the cop to cause trouble in Ferguson (at least spiritually) using a young man with problems who should have been helped way before this happened. Michael Brown was not a GENTLE GIANT at least not that day.
To compare it with the the case of a boy wearing a hoodie is evil.  Both in my opinion are Obama’s fault. I guarantee he had something to do with both just to cause trouble. Remember his little army before the ISIS army. Remember how he was involved in spiritual deception to kids before ISIS ever existed? REMEMBER THAT? THat is what is going on and he certainly is using it to his advantage to divert attention from 


If you watch the interview that the shooter of Trayvon Martin had with Sean Hannity it is obvious it was intentional and I believe premeditated murder. It was the best interview that Sean Hannity ever did (though Sean Hannity didn’t really have an understanding) and ought to be parsed to understand the deception involved.

I think the friend of Michael Brown intentionally lied and led his friend to his death. Both incidents were set ups! A set up within a set up.

It’s the wrong way to gain attention about prejudice and it is self serving for the Obama Administration to distance themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 3.36.32 PM

Most people don’t want a race war or kids shot by cops, shot by each other, or shooting themselves. Most people would like to see this country healthy in it’s job market, housing, capitalism, and education so that everyone has a good chance. But all that these set ups do is exacerbate a problem long cured for the most part and to rekindle problems just so Obama can get attention, deflect, and save them. The very people that make it hard for companies to hire in the USA or make good laws instead of bad, screw the independent self employed with outlandish taxes, overtax everyone,  to serve themselves and their insanity: The Feds.

What are the 3 M’s of psychopathic/sociopathic behavior?

Manipulation, maneuver, and manage (massage) and it’s a pattern with Obama.

Now I don’t want to cause too much of a confusion but don’t you find it kind of funny that we saw the video of Mr. Garner dying on the street with some strange cops (one who looks like someone I know, who, by the way, was arrested at his place of employment for a ticket he had paid and I assume they took pictures of him) and yet we didn’t actually see Michael Brown get shot however many times he supposedly was shot though we saw a video of him with his hands behind his back A HUGE SIGN-SIGNAL BY HIM then steal some cigars and push a store clerk yet nothing in regards to his death so it could be an illusion.

Then his step dad said “Burn the bitch down.” Who or what was he talking about? The town? Michelle? ME?

I’m not feeding you shit for lunch!

I believe it should be a local decision what is fed to kids in schools hopefully with parental advice and involvement.

But Michelle got her funding for school lunches. I bet the lunches get even more scant just so she can take a better vacation than the last. Would you tell your neighbor what to feed their kids? Talk about GROSS! GROSS! GROSS! GROSS! Can you imagine what it would be like to date her especially if she was treating? LOL

You are her cattle of zebras and when they feel like it they will take one out of the herd and you know the rest. Her circle of life.

“There is a way that seemeth right, but leads to death.” It ‘s that circle!

I’m not talking about the protesters either, for they are doing a great job for awareness and interrupting business as usual for a good cause because it matters although they are in as much danger as those that do nothing. At least they have a conscience and cognizant of their predicament and doing what others should be doing as well.

Michael Brown’s parent was awful emotional for a step dad. Not to mention the next part of this post: The officer and the physical changes that occurred to his ears, his age, nose, manner, etc.

It may be that Michael Brown was shot and killed but he himself displayed some behavior purposefully as if he knew he was gonna die and was being used, managed, manipulated, when he put his hands behind his back in the store before he stole the cigars as if to say knowing he was being filmed by the convenience store that he had no choice and that he was a prisoner and was doing what he had to do and hoping someone would notice. I noticed!



Another thing his friend and buddy didn’t get shot once. That’s remarkable since the cop was so befuddled. I can’t believe he didn’t want to shoot the little guy as well. He also stole, aided and abetted, walked in the middle of the street, etc.

Either he was forced to be a martyr or it didn’t happen is what I conclude

because of Michael Brown’s OWN behavior.

One more mint: If the officer was so trigger happy why would he leave the companion unharmed to tell his side of the story.

The little guy got lost in the shuffle, didn’t he?

Was he charged with aiding and abetting in any form? Thievery? False witness, because he lied at first? Resisting arrest? Rudeness to a cop? Disobeying a cop? Pushing a store clerk around? Not that I have heard. I think he was involved in the set up of Micahel Brown even though he acted OOOOO SOOOOOOOOO innocentn wide eyed etc. He sure didn’t act innocent in the convenience store, die he?


(The officer with the marks on his face and the cracking voice does’t even look like the same guy as the guy at his station who seemed very sure of himself. The one looks like he was about 30 something at the station and the other like he was 14 years old in the pictures and on Sean’s show. Kind of like watching Father Jonathan of Fox News who looks like he is 12 years old, acts like it too and a father of nothing, definitely not wise, yet they fall all over themselves because he wears a priest’s collar and vestment which is absolutely cheeky. What happened to the Sermon on the Mount, Sean? Turning the other cheek? When does that commandment apply? When you dish it out? Men’s voices don’t crack unless they are very scared, very young, acting, and incredulous. Seems fishy again. I think if the officer had used his head he would have followed Michael Brown in his car having been shot ie flinched and  waited for other police officers so that they could apprehend him alive. Ever hear of tracking blood spots and droplets? Police dogs would have been wise at this point and even before any shots were fired such as since Michael Brown was in the Police car a dog could catch the scent that way too. IF this occurred because of police training they need to change it especially in regards to unarmed kids and unarmed people. At this point the cop knew Michael Brown was unarmed. It didn’t have to be an immediate arrest. Then the cops didn’t even protect the businesses around the town of Ferguson so it seems to me to be an abomination type reaction. A well trained dog could have done a better job in both instances. Dogs would be a great way to patrol the border as well until a fence perhaps an electronic fence, is built or towns dotting the border and in-between the towns. Eventually ana laser type fence could be built to keep out drug dealers, the mob, human traffickers, sex and slave traffickers, and terrorists. Dogs are also a way to track illegal aliens by their scent at the border.) I think it is intellectually dishonest of Sean Hannity and his laughing crew in regards to Michael Browns shooter and on both cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to have handled both situations the way he did and not see the differences and the other evidence. Obviously the shooter of Trayvon Martin was insane. He called himself the gun which should have been a HUGE clue. I know everyone relies on ballistic evidence but that is not the end all and can be manipulated and lied about if the money is good enough, tampering,  and the pressure is on by whom ever. Obviously the JFK assassination is a very good example of manipulation and lies and of course while this is on Sean Hannity O’reilly has an ad about the adaptation of the assassination of JFK in Oreilly’s imagination…his way the Jesuit way. Look what happened to the shooter of Trayvon Martin after the crime should be a good indicator that almost everyone was wrong about the shooter!

Detroit went bankrupt under Obama’s watch and Mike Rogers watch and Chrysler or a branch of it was given to Libyan leader Quaddafi around the time of the G8 meeting in Aquila Italy and he was killed by a mob after that. Then China started buying up property in Detroit. Is this what is going to happen to St. Louis Missouri? Seems to be a possible pattern arising. I guess we will have to see what happens next. Obama now spreading the blame even though he caused it, imo, to begin with. Taking a problem and making it huge because he doesn’t know how else to handle it but destroy and blame and act above it all which is a sign of a psychopathic personality. He is crazy.

Remember the three M’s. He uses them and looks clean and he is as dirty as dirty can be!

City by city, state by state is his plan to destroy

because he is an expert at abomination of desolation. He has had plenty of practice! And he is using kids and their demise for his purpose and what do  you bet he and Michelle have something to do with it. I have seen Michelle spiritually in certain people and the same for Obama. Look what she did in Benghazi. She was there but noone cared to notice because she is the First Lady. So was Jackie Kennedy and she assassinated her husband in broad daylight and no one dared to do anything about it.

I call them worms.

The Obamas exploit the worst in men and women for his abominable work,

and it seems to be working

unless everyone wakes up and stops him.

You have to try to overcome them

or you will be destroyed by them.

We shall overcome. (Joan Baez)

What happened to that?

African Americans are just a block, a voting block, that they ignored via immigration: and then repossessed with the setups of a few kids!  It’s an old and over-used ploy. And you let them, so in essence…… for judging a man by the color of his skin such as Obama who is not on anyone’s side except to decorate himself with the cheesy, the easy and the heartless. You are his veil and never complained about his lies in regards to Benghazi because he was your color. Then came immigration and you complained because it was your job opportunities going to the wind.

But what about the murders in Benghazi?

Obama is very tricky in his language and his intentional abomination of the truth.

He is the abomination of desolation, no if’s, ands, or butts.

“Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers because of a quirk of Obamacare.”


Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers

This isn’t an incentive for the illegals over the native-born

It is to boost ObamaCare. He’ll try anything,

He is sick and he wants to make everyone else sick

with the help of Franklin Graham, the CDC, and other world health agencies of the EU.

ManEUvering of course.



Jesus said on the Sermon on the Mount, (Matt. 5:22) that anyone who calls his brother raca is in danger of judgement. Raca is aramaic. Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels was Aramaic (the Twelvers) and Jesus of the Gospel of John was Jewish. A bit unreasonable but very Paulish reading our minds and not expecting anger then catching people being vile as he does in his writings. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t get angry and say bad things when they do get angry. (Reminds me of the phone call between Mel Gibson and his girlfriend as she was taping him and pushing his buttons.) I think Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew was unreasonable especially in regards to the attitude of not resisting evil and then says what he says about raca. Reminds me of Benny Hinn. A nut. I suppose it was okay to turn over other people’s tables though (but wait a minute it wasn’t okay and everyone got angry even though we are not to resist evil etc and why they wanted to kill Jesus besides raising Lazarus from the dead which I believe), or curse a fig tree for not being thoughtful enough to bear fruit out of season because he had the audacity to be hungry out of season. Anyway Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew’s timing was off and that’s a good sign he was off his rocker as well otherwise the fig tree would have had fruit:

The Gospel of Matthew really is outlandish.

Hope you read:

  The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren

There was at some time in history around the time of Jesus a trade war in regards to a particular fig tree. Someone or someones destroyed their crop. So Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew was mocking, I think. It doesn’t sound like the right Jesus IMO. Sounds maniacal and doesn’t even make sense spiritually.

After Jesus died a person acting like Jesus went around asking for meat, while Jesus met his disciples in a secret place and then met them later at the Sea of Galilee, cooked and fed them fish and showed them where to catch some fish.

Meat ie dates were a source of food for those getting off a fast such as the Muslims do after Ramadan.

Also the fig leaf was what covered Adam and Eve after they were ejected out of The Garden of Eden in Genesis of the bible so it is interesting that Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels cursed the fig tree and obviously poisoned it in order that it would die because of his bad timing not having the knowledge that it was out of season when he interloped to it to eat because he was hungry or to mock or both and had some root rot to fool the masses.

By the way there is a really fun movie you might enjoy that i watched on Popcorn-Time called

Guardians of the Galaxy

which is out of this world. I loved the movie! I would rate it one of the best I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Funny, great cinematics, great characters, and totally original, very creative with a great theme.

I think I want to watch it a bunch and I want to buy it as well.

Thanos’ messenger reminds me of what the inside of the vagina in Medina looks like. A Crab face kind of looking thingy. I recall when Pope Benedict took his See position there was somethings going on in Africa as well as the drying up of the Euphrates which is prophetic (making a way for the kings of the east which could have to do with ASEAN or something else but there are ten kings there I think and that would fit another prophecy about the ten toes and something about the beast and giving their power unto the beast for one hour (10 years)

(because they hate the woman which appears more and more to be Israel . Obama just in the last few days)

Report: Obama Eyes Sanctions on Israel While Giving Iran a Pass

 and a certain place where the Arc of the Covenant is supposed to be housed/hidden/guarded in Africa. Something occurred between the Papacy and Africa at that time and it seemed to scare the Papacy and the Papacy seemed to try to soften the desire (dampen the desire, slow down, keep it in wraps etc) of the African representative at that time who seemed antsy/ready and rear in’ to go, LOL.  A reminder of some type. This movie sort of jarred my memory about that interesting, discreet, subtle but menacing interaction. That interaction may be a time kind of marker for something like the beginning of the 10 year period….I don’t know. Sure has been a lot of things occurring in a very confused fashion since!

There was a plane that went over radar a little while back from Indonesia that no one could locate it’s descent that pinged and Obama has recently wooed a woman in the last hold out of their alliance of muslim countries. I’m pretty positive it has something to do with it and Michelle’s trip to China playing ping pong I guess urging the Chinese someway or another in regards to the Ukraine as I recall.

Mike Rogers wife works with a company in Africa that is pretty powerful, I think, and the fact that he is trying to derail the investigation into Benghazi with a lies. He reminds me of a descendent of Billy Graham…those looks that resemble quite a bit.

Mike Rogers Violence and Torture.

Mike Rogers, bless his heart, three times says the release of interrogation techniques and torture will cause violence and death and I believe he means it. He is basically threatening using his skill against the freedom of information. He plans as well as the other entities to create death and violence if it is revealed who, what, and why and for who these techniques were used.  We are a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The people have a right to know so they can change and improve their government, The foreign entities that want the privilege to torture need to be silenced. I do believe many in our government who tried to stop terrorism are patriots but sometimes patriotism is an excuse for illegal activities by foreign entities in our government using our institutions for their own gain against their enemies creating problems for the USA and it’s people such as ROME, The Vatican, The Jesuits, ISLAM, Britain, Germany, etc. We are not supposed to be their lackeys. We had a right to fight the Saudis and their terrorism but I think we goofed because of the oil business. We were not supposed to fight for the oil companies but for the lives that were lost on 9-11 and to prevent it from ever happening again. What we ended up doing is what George Bush said he wasn’t gonna do:

“When I take action, I’m not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt. It’s going to be decisive.”

It was an evil camel’s butt though, who tortured his own people by dropping them in huge vats of acid and things like that but it was only the butt of a camel. I think Mike Rogers is attempting to protect Saudi Arabia and the Vatican who sent many rebels to Syria to cause mayhem. They are the evil kings written about in the bible in our day and time. They use many diversions against their own people and cause rebellion such as Al Qaeda etc because of their tactics and greed and their own delusions about God.

The world is a confusing place to exist and lots of deception so I can’t say it was Bush’s fault for hitting a camel in the butt, but it was a start and I know the Dems were all for it even Feinstein more than likely. And maybe she is trying to clear her own conscience which she has the right to do. It’s our intelligence that is screwing up and it comes from the Vatican for the most part. That is where the video excuse for Benghazi came from and many in our government parroted the narrative provided by the Vatican and the Jesuits in particular Jesuit Father Frederiko Lombardi assistant and side kick to Pope Francis. Possibly he was involved the whole time before the departure of Pope Benedict XVl who was educating his flock or was attempting to educate them sometime during his papacy. Presidents and I suppose Popes have to learn to lead on the job training with their experience and the help of the institutions at hand and sometimes they don’t get the scoop because of the bureaucracy and spies within these institutions which should not be protected from scrutiny.


Saudis declared war on us. (The men on the planes were from Saudi Arabia and taught to fly in America, Florida in particular, where the mob has roosted and other places like Chicago as well via CUBA I think and because we gave away (thanks to Jimmy Carter) our control of the Panama Canal that we earned with the lives of many people to control immigration of terrorism and spies etc) However the CIA, The State Department, and other institutions are creating a false security and false reasoning to protect the EU and undermine the USA and it’s people and it’s institutions to divert resources for the EU and most of all Roman Catholicism and it’s members to pad their own pockets and giving more power to the mob that runs them. It has to stop. Otherwise we are doomed if we don’t get America back from being controlled by Roman Catholic nonsense, the Vatican, and Islam.

Experts Make Massive Discovery Under the Sand of the Egyptian Desert — and It’s Left Them Puzzled

“In one case, experts unearthed a mummy who was so tall, he didn’t fit into his grave.

“We once found a male who was over 7 feet tall who was far too tall to fit into the shaft, so they bent him in half and tossed him in,” Muhlestein said. “

I wonder if the man they had to bend in half because he was so tall (over 7 feet tall) might be Goliath of

David and Goliath? I think that Goliath was a Philistine and there was a battle with the Philistines and David killed him with a stone and his sling.


IRS SCANDAL man contributor on Fox says they can’t live without taxes…..Oh, really?

That ought to be incentive as well. No taxes.

Gee I wonder what the odds are, they can’t live with out american taxes, can we live without them? HMMMMMM

I wonder which side would be the winning side? There are less of them and more of us.

The circle within the circle within the circle etc. They just print out more dollars to cover them anyway making our dollars worth less. So it’s kind of a wash until someone is elected who is promises and is held to the fire to change the Federal Tax System.

The States get their taxers in the products we purchase so the States would do okay no matter what. It’s the Federal Government that would suffer and they should suffer for succumbing to corruption and foreign control of the Federal Institutions making it hard to be independent and self employed and squashing and destroying the middle class so that we depend on their handouts like Billy Grahams Evangelical Association for junk christmas gifts they produce elsewhere.

Michelle Obama’s Example of Racism in America: I Was Asked to Get Something Off the Shelf at Target

I actually like this picture of Michelle Obama. Most of the pictures I don’t really like but this one is so natural.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.55.27 PM

Anyway I guess she was needed to get something off the shelf at Target. That is tough stuff. If I had seen her looking like that I might have asked for help to get something off the shelf, if I wasn’t tall enough. I had no idea that would offend an african american. I’ll have to try it again, just kidding. It never offended me when asked to help someone get something off the shelf. I can think of a lot of worse things that have happened but to remember that as an example of racism is a bit weird. I would have thought it might have made her feel helpful instead. I guess it is how they asked that makes the difference, I would think.

I’ll top that with  story while waiting tables one of my tables with a nice talkative couple told me about their child who was autistic. I said that is wonderful. And acted like an idiot and said other stupid things as well. I thought they meant artistic. So it was a bit embarrassing. I was not aware at that time about autism. I was in a big hurry because I only had minutes to wait on my clients and to chit chat when you have to wait on 40 or more people in a time frame of 15 minutes is harrowing if you aren’t top notch at waiting on people. The couple were real cool about my blunder.


Back to Ferguson:

Anyway Obama used the 3 M’s on that block and they did not overcome because they did not believe.

I understand the anger of the stepdad for his wife who is grieving who said
“Burn that or this bitch down”
but he is lashing out at the wrong people….such as other business owners in the town they reside as if they had anything to do with the death of Michael Brown. Seems a bit contrived. Michael Brown’s friend had a great deal to do with it, didn’t he? The parents had a great deal to do with it or he wouldn’t have been acting the way he did that day and would have gotten the help he needed mentally. For the mother to lie and say he was a Gentle Giant is a bit tough to stomach and not be appalled at what her son did that day and outspoken about it to the press but remained silent as if that is normal behavior. It might have been helpful to have spoken up which makes me think she is part of this act embroiling the town in which she lived. It appears to me that she is being dishonest which makes me think it was just a set up on her part as well.
Did she have insurance on her son? Did the step dad have insurance on her son? Who did?
Obama and the DOJ who bows to Obama as if he is a king set this up and you should be angry at the Obamas and their asshole friends, but it takes intelligence which seems to be a disease because Obama appears to be African and it shouldn’t matter and stupidity won again. I saw how everyone reacted to his appearing in St. Louis
HE’S A WORM and has no balls. That is why Obama chose him just like he chose Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel who never questioned the motives of Obama even though it’s his job to question motive. That is what defense does and should not to cow tow to a maniacal psychopath.
Now Chuckie is leaving wounded by the psychopath that chose him.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.20.19 PM

By now the Obamas should be tarred, feathered, and tied up
and dropped from a plane into the ocean.

Oh, but he is black. It hardly matters what color someone is when they have a machete aimed at your neck, does it? Ever her of IDI AMIN?

Or a nuke for that matter.






The officer in the picture at his police station looking like an ego maniac the picture that is famous if you compare to the man who resigned are not the same man unless the one who resigned had his ears pinned back since and plucked his eyebrows grew not to mention but I will grew a longer tip on his nostril and grew a larger forehead and filled in the dent in his forehead and last but not least developed a voice crack to sound like a teenager i.e. young, vulnerable, and innocent.

A scapegoat, and another virgin, just a white one instead for the Obama’s religion of abominating everything and everyone they can. Was he mind controlled or something because obviously it is not the same guy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.59.49 AMScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 6.42.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.00.07 AM



The new picture of the officer on the left who is now apologizing isn’t even the same person who is pictured in the middle who resigned.

I think the guy on the left was modified to look more like the guy on the right is my guess because they got caught in a lie.

Pretty weird stuff. Either bioethics of some kind is involved or something else is afoot.

So obviously this is a set up, a lie, and a diversion for Obama!

Just one of many including Newtown since


his achilles’ heel.

John 13:18

 I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture may be fulfilled, He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me. 





Cause if you don’t see a pattern you are blind and willingly corrupt to hide the truth for Barack Obama and Michelle.

Just in case you are really stupid Jesus was referring to Rome Italy because it is the shape of a boot (not Das Boot as in the movie) and on the boot is a heel. The German nazis clicked their heels and so did the other nazis in other countries that allied with them like the Islamic ones that General Patton and others fought.

Manger / German

Anagram/Ananias Graham/ anabaptist / ebola / samaritan’s purse


‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 91 Times in Speech on Immigration 




Haitian mythology




About Chickens in Voodoo









THE DOJ (Using profiling to thwart catching criminals with shooting a teenager obviously purposefully and causing him to act criminally in their various ways using other africans such as his friend to lie and then corner him with a psychopath cop and have another cop take the heat which is manipulation of the police as well and the Obamas and their administration are responsible because he is the Abomination of Desolation spoken about in the Book of Daniel and in the Gospel of Luke, the deceiver whose father is the father of lies and flies. He has but a short space and it is winding up soon and those that stick with him will wish upon a star they had noticed that he is evil incarnate and so will his lackeys such as the outgoing DOJ (Fast and Furious and ignoring Benghazi for his own political career and he will wish he hadn’t and the incoming DOJ who is even dumber.) THE SECRET SERVICE IN WASHINGTON AND IN MARYLAND AND THE STATE DEPARTMENT IN WASHINGTON!



However the walkout of schools was a great way to handle the Feds. Cut the power of the Feds, bless their hearts, to the system that is failing because of the feds. It’s their HOLDER on the states. Makes the states care more about the people in their state when they don’t get Federal dollars for attendance and things like that. Which also cuts off a bit of Roman control. The less the Feds receive in taxes the better so that they can’t abuse the money to kill off africans and other people. Pick on certain oil companies as a tactic by not buying their products and watch the effect on the market. etc. Maybe find out what the Obamas and their friends have invested in and cut off those business revenues and it will affect them greatly such as HUMMUS or Shell Oil Company who Susan Rice is related and partly her reason for her lies to you about Benghazi and how important Benghazi is and was to your future. Benghazi wasn’t the only consulate she is responsible in part for their deaths there were others that have been buried in the past. How about the cell phone industry which is affecting the kids and was Obamas bribe for votes. Seems to me that would be a great place to attack momentarily and might help the kids as well if that is truly what you care about which is debatable.

I was attacked and assaulted by my ex over a cell phone. It is that important to some people because there something up with it and the fact that that was used to entice a black majority vote ought to register with you. My ex was willing to beat me  up over it even though the day before he said he loved me and said “I take care of you, don’t I?” Of course I didn’t respond the right way and then this happened the next day sort of a set up because I wanted my daughter to have medicine for her asthma at 4 in the morning not so she would have to go to school the next day but so she would get the flem out of her lungs and bronchial tubes and suggested breathing treatment and throat lozenge but my Ex said that throat lozenges don’t do that. Well I don’t know what planet he lives on but they do help and they help a dry cough. He slept with her for a while in the same bed until I made him feel guilty by going on the internet and asking “should a divorced daddy sleep with his 16 year old daughter?” and read the reactions and then he cleaned put the top of the bunk bed which had been full of boxes for about 2 years so that it might look like he had slept on the top and not on the bottom with her. And he started sleeping on the couch so I think that may be why I am being treated badly as well because I used peer pressure to make him sleep on the couch. But at least he isn’t sleeping with his 16 year old daughter and screwing her up more than she already has been by the public school system and Common Core that used bully tactics to put her in the hospital.

I had a cop named RUDE AS HELL who threatened me with handcuffs because he was not carrying a business card as was the other cops that came to the house so I said “what are you, an escort?” I asked politely too. And he threatened me that he would have me handcuffed. Now that’s is POLICE abuse of power. (But I know it is because of my blogs and they don’t like what I’m saying spiritually and physically.) And I said “Are you threatening me?” I had just been assaulted and surrounded by a bunch of male cops/cock robins who sided with the Ex and told him that he should evict me because he assaulted me over a cell phone that I picked up off of the coffee table. They said I had no right to pick it up so obviously deserved to be assaulted over an object and he was quick to his feet to assault me, knowing I would pick it up. I said “I as a parent have the right to determine what my kid watches on TV even though he paid for the tv. I have a right to do the same with the phone if she is bad” …..as her parent, but they did not agree because they were cocks and looked like New York thugs and acted like it too. They definitely were not TEXANS. One had a gut like he drinks 12 beers a day and wore a black cap and all three looked italian. Like the guys that protect the Pope and they were stupid as well perfect for intimidating women and families in tribulation and siding with pricks the likes of my Ex who is a coward and deserves “no resurrection” and to live in NEWTOWN as a fool for the rest of eternity.

Sandy Hook Newtown

He doesn’t think a blood blister on my arm and a purple bruise on my inner arm constitutes assault. He doesn’t think it was wrong since I picked up his property that he does not own, but rents. Trying to get him to do what is right. He does not remember yelling “Get in the Car, …” as I was gasping for breath trying to get to the hospital to the ER so I would not die is wrong and in fact won’t admit it and says IF I DID…OR when compared to what my mother did for my dad when he was very ill and did her best to carry him in for help says “yea, but they were married” and acts like what he did to me didn’t happen and I was there collapsing on my vehicle trying to get to his vehicle and couldn’t make it and suffering also from anxiety which he copped and he called it COPD. IT’s ABUSE! And then tells me yesterday that he loves me on mistake and I take care of you, don’t I? because he helped me set up a movie called Guardians of the Galaxy on Popcorn time on MY COMPUTER. IT IS PURPOSEFUL ABUSE AND HE GETS TO COVER IT UP WITH THE HELP OF HIS FRIENDS INCLUDING THE COCKS THAT GO ALONG because we are in tribulation and I am being singled out for being outspoken and writing about OBAMA, ROME, AND ISLAM all of which are lying about BENGHAZI and what it portends. The whole debacle seemed like a set up which seems to be the story of my life and what Roman catholic pious puss heads do using cops, the mob, and their religion. They said the phone is his property and I said it’s not his property…he rents it. There is a difference and said I might talk to Allen Dershowitz about this because I see a distinction. What is funny about it is he gets it mixed up with another ER visit I had as if on another time line. Like we are in opposite directions on that time line. Kind of like falling back.

I don’t have insurance and make little money a month and am disabled because of abuse and I have to pay the damned hospital bills on top of that though I just started paying 20 dollars towards it per month. I shouldn’t have to pay it since he caused my health issues whether or not I’m his sweetheart or not. Which I’m not his sweet heart anymore. Before this happened I spent the day making the best Thanksgiving Turkey soup that he had ever had and I had ever had. I know how to cook good food. And that night I threw it in the trash. See I try to get along and be nice and try not to undermine his lousy stinking love for his girls which is not love but control to damage me so I threw it in the trash where it belonged because he doesn’t deserve good food

and a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do and I did it.

I have tennis elbow now and tennis wrist because of his arm twisting but you can’t see it but I sure can feel it.


I asked him the next day if he loved me more than his phone 3 times and he basically said no each time. That is interesting, isn’t it? So cell phones are a big problem in our world and are for other nefarious purposes that some of us aren’t in on and some are in on to control others and ours. It has to do with religion and politics. I think if you are Catholic you get to use it to hurt people like as in the Spanish inquisition but this is a bit different because this is Tribulation




Benghazi was about ARMAGEDDON

and so was the reference at the Correspondent’s Dinner by Obama about MICHELLE BEING THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS and she was at Benghazi bearing arms and a syringe which with Obama Care could be a weapon. This is about Tribulation and ARMAGEDDON and ya better wise up.

Cell phones are used to find people, track them, drone them etc. Find mates who have money, and other things and I would imagine the NSA is in on it as well, don’t you?

And while God may have patience I’m pretty darn sure he has his limits too. Remember the tables and other things that have occurred:

Remember the locusts, the frogs, the gnats or lice, the flies, water to blood, livestock diseased, boils, thunder and hail, darkness, and death of the first born male egyptians. That was then and now things have gotten much bigger and widespread so I sure wouldn’t take it for granted the time left. The Egyptian pharaoh did take it for granted and drowned his own army. How long did it take for Moses and the plagues to get his people free? 10 years? I have no idea it doesn’t say but seems to me it’s a fair guess. And if he was 43 years old when he took office and had a 44th birthday in office and now 52 (or is he 53, does he even know?) what might that mean?

He thought the US had 56 states. He thought he was born in Hawaii. Maybe he really is oblivious.

Revelation has it’s own set of plagues so I think it would be wise to consider that they may be on the horizon.

How does Obama feel about his daughters Malia and Natasha?

He ought to take them into consideration or does he love his pen and his phone more?

Eventually the games have to stop. They certainly do in the book.


My Ex is jealous because I have a possible invention that has been accepted as patentable if I can come up with 13000 dollars which I cannot afford and have a lousy situation with my family and no friends and many enemies because I’m trying to tell you the truth as best as I can determine and feel it is important though I don’t think most people deserve the truth anymore. It would help me to leave this situation I find myself if it is patented and manufactured throughout the world because it is pretty damned cool. IT is for jewelry makers hobbyists and professionals alike and is my creation out of need of a tool like it. That is how inventions usually occur out of need. He told my daughter that he is trying to get me out a while back and now is evicting me in a month because he assaulted me and I called the cops and those three thugs cock cops told him to evict me which is kind of weird since I was the one assaulted. They don’t belong in Texas and ought to tossed out of the state because they are mob thugs. As Rude As Hell and his other cocks went out the door I yelled Rude As Hell god is on my side and you will regret threatening me. Of course I don’t know that God is on my side and was pissed as any normal human would be and could not control my anger. He deserves a good swift kick in the face and some bruises and loss of friendship and love or sex from any man, woman, or child. Texas better get a handle on these cops in Rowlett/ROCKWALL TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT (Rockwall is where the people with money reside and Rowlett is on the other side of the bridge) and expel them from the state for soiling their pants in Texas. The Ferguson rioters said something recently about “Don’t mess with Graham” in a backwards way but I got the anagram which is included in the post beneath this one and I responded “Don’t mess with Texas” and they came after me, but they were italian thugs not african. They started though with an african at Presbyterian Hospital and the ebola virus then allowed the family to sue Presbyterian Hospital and that won’t be the last I suspect unless Texas gets with it and secedes from the Union if they gave to to protect Texans from Obama’s thuggery and Rome’s thugs and Islamic hotheads.. I hope Ted Cruz and the Governor of the state of Texas Perry, the DA of Texas and the people who should be concerned about criminals working for the police department for OBAMA to ruin a Texas city soon including Dallas and will look into these 3 guys at ROWLETT POLICE DEPARTMENT .

J. Graves, #1171 (phone: 972-412-6200, fax: 972-412-6226/jgraves@rowlett.com) is one of them and Ruticill is the bad bad out of touch itchy fingers cockcop and protect a decent police presence in ROCKWALL/ROWLETT from indecent ITALIAN NEW YORK THUGS or ITALIAN CHICAGO THUGS or call the superior of theirs named Sgt. Greg Baldwin phone: 972-412-6200/972-412-6119/fax: 972-412-6362/gbaldwin@rowlett.com who is their protection and while he seems nice he should have fired these guys the moment they walked in the police station. I will add the other names and numbers etc for their own good. I found them but got them mixed up with a couple of cops I had dealt with a day later to deal witht he doorway my daughter kicked in to get in my room. They were cool and told her she can’t do that and they taught her like a good cop should. They took pictures of my wounds again just in case and the doorway for me. So I won’t add their names even though one of them is a bad guy. But they hung out with Ruticill Dec. 3rd at 4 am and need to be fired.

If Ted Cruz can’t handle these cops and their thuggery he ought to leave the Senate and eat some green eggs and ham for Dr. Seuss because that is as great a man as he will ever be. Tell your father that while you are at it.

“I ‘m so sorry, Uncle Albert”

to say Texans will suffer a great deal in my stead, I believe. I will add the other name as soon as I find his card. I am pressing charges of assault as well against the Ex. but as the laws are outdated it was not possible but there are other ways. I also plan to file a complaint with the state and the police about those three officers. I don’t like being threatened for nothing. This is war folks and you better learn to fight back or your children will be those in the pictures above getting marked with a sword on their foreheads and you better protect the border and never allow the Obama’s and their people and the muslim brotherhood, Roman and Italien thugs into this state and that includes Franklin Grahams people who are your enemy. Ya better call it an emergency because there is a pattern BREWIN’ and it will get nasty for you. Make no mistake about it!

My Ex has no imagination and doesn’t really want me to leave sort of a catch 22 in a sort of bizarre way and a macabre kind of way. So when I see his end I won’t feel pity any more for him and his friends. I’m not begging for money like the decrepit churches and religious institutions do and i may never get my invention patented or manufactured because I don’t sell out the truth for a chance and I won’t. I may get it patented through God’s help somehow one day but I am not a pimple on the asses of Rome and their religion, Islam or on Barack Obama’s dick. I’m better than that and too bad you don’t count yourselves worthy of better than being a pimple on Obama’s dick.

I was called a cunt by my daughter one night in one of our famous family feuds. So I stewed about it told her not to but I stewed some more and decided the next morning that I had to teach her for a number of reasons and because he wouldn’t teach her and he wouldn’t take that damned phone away as a disciplinary tool even though he swore to God and signed a letter with her signature as well that I could control her cell phone when she was a bad girl. But he obviously agreed with her about her description of me because that next day I called him about 15 or so minutes before she needed to be picked up from school and said that I wouldn’t because I was a cunt. He was about 30 or so minutes away… (which sounds mean but my mother often because of her career was late picking me up from school even an hour or so late and I hadn’t done anything wrong. I used to have to ride my bike to school often depending on the weather at least 3miles or more and I hated it and I hated the school. My parents were separated. It was the third high school and the third state I lived in because we moved a lot because of the career my dad had so I had no friends to speak of and was a very lonely girl in a way.) My daughter ended up getting a ride home with a friend so I locked her out of the house unless she would sign a write a note saying her mother is not a cunt. She said no and called her dad who advised her not to write anything because his lawyer judge friend told him not to sign anything in regards to me after he had already signed a promise and swore to God to allow me control of her phone at home when she was bad. So he came home acting all tense and she went off with her friend so I called the cops. The cop said that he would send out a couple cops to urge her to write a note to her mother to tell her she is not a cunt. Then my ex because the cop thought it was a good idea decided it was a good idea for my daughter to write a note apologizing about the cunt debacle. So she wrote a note that I still have in my possession and it taught her not to call me a cunt. Let that be a lesson. Sometimes cops do good things as well. Now she calls me other things at the urging via his control and the cell phone to punish me because he thinks that is love. He doesn’t believe in God either. He’s a pious catholic who obviously wasn’t curious to read the bible and learn. Obviously that ain’t love for me or my daughter. The cop kept saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and I called him later and said I was defending myself because he has made her his gun and uses her against me by being a control freak and playing mind games and physical ones to debase me and her though she doesn’t understand that yet, but she will one day. It made an impression though she hates me now but one day it will register in her who was right and who was wrong. It’s called TOUGH LOVE. It will be remembered and one day LIKE that little 12 year old in Nigeria might be tempted to respond in kind. 12 year old’s are not meant to be married or raped by their pimp husbands in the muslim way or in any way. Their bodies, their minds, and their souls are not meant to be abused that way and that husband deserved death. I hope she is given freedom for standing up to obvious madness and reacting with moral and righteous indignation as far as she was concerned. A kid can die getting pregnant and by having sex with a grown man which is called ROUGH LOVE and really is rape of a child.

She deserves to live and he deserved to die.


Sometimes two wrongs make a right.

Or to put it succinctly the second wrong made the first wrong right.

My daughter will not attend the public school again that is for sure. She was a good kid and still is inside but it has been monumentally hard for her and her sister to deal with the problems beset them because of my religious and political views and that is very sad and evil that they have had to take abuse by faithers and pious grace!

Wee I told the ex to write a letter of apology to me and that he won’t evict me in his own words because he told the cops that he can’t evict me I have no where to go yet to his daughter he said he’s trying get me out though he doesn’t remember that, of course.

So he wrote the note saying:

I will not evict Bea from the property if she does not file charges against me.

I also apologize to her for bruising her arm, unintentionally, while trying to get my phone back from her.

And I said that it was blackmail and he said “whatever” and now is attempting to write another letter and said I was ridiculous.

It could be bribery as well…not sure. Maybe both.

Of course, it was intentional and it is not ridiculous except to him and his fans. His back was to me when I picked up the phone quietly and he was trying to teach me a lesson because he immediately jumped up and attacked me with Malice Aforethought. I AIN’T DUMB. All this because he promised, swore to God, signed and had his daughter sign a note saying I could have charge of her phone when she was being bad as a parent and lied and never allowed it and that night I was trying to get my daughter to go to sleep at 4 in the morning and wanted him to take her phone away from her and have her take some medicine which she refused even though she was hacking and coughing and suffering from asthma. All this after I had spent the day making a fantastic Thanksgiving Soup the best soup I have ever made and he agreed. I tried to be nice and supportive and I didn’t deserve that. It was revenge.

Then tonight tried to blame my first hospital stay on a slip on a dance floor dancing with my brother and said I said that it might have been that fall when he knows darn well he, my ex,  knocked me off my feet onto my back with a fist in my face is the fall I believe may have injured me. (which is weird cause I have no idea why he brought it up!) It wasn’t too long after that that I got very very sick for many days in the ER with Periteneal Abscess and Sepsis. They said I was the sickest person on the floor at Parkland Hospital, that’s pretty sick. 14 days I was totally out of it. 14 in” deep scar as well. Course I did slap him so that his glasses fell off his face when he ridiculed me because I thought that I was being watched, taped, persecuted by the place of business and by my familial friend with Malice Aforethought for reasons I won’t say but it’s one of those things that happens to many women, girls and boys. If you confront, or complain, or even ask that it stop they attack you, etc. IE

Hillary Clinton tactics that she employs with her husband’s blunders which is kind of a nasty and deadly business. Though I can’t say she is responsible …..more like who she prays with….. Billy Graham.

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

The Synoptic “Q Source”

I took care of their kids so they could take trips, have trysts together at hotel rooms, when they were sick, and just for the fun of it and they wouldn’t take care of my kids when I was in the hospital. One had laundry to do etc. My kids deserve better than that. Even at my dad’s funeral they put me in the last limo of the four with the cousins and the aunts, I’m the third child and put their kids ahead of me so I didn’t get in the limo. They had their ways to degrade me so others couldn’t see etc. SO I GOT SICK FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS BESIDES BY MY OWN PETARD.

The Ex said that I was in for a surprise if I charge him because he has talked to the Judge LOKKEN of Rockwall his friend and lawyer. The one that advised him not to write letters and sign them such as the cunt letter and promising to let me take the phone from my child if needed to teach her as a parent.

It’s not allowed because that is how they control them.

Is that a conspiracy?

Is it because of my beliefs? Or is he just an ass?

I think he is an ass and a non believer (he’s Catholic) and the other people that are helping him do so because of my beliefs. 

It is TRIBULATION and PERSECUTION because of who and what I believe and they want to control my daughters.

So when someone complains or is paranoid you might try and take them seriously and show grace instead of after they die.

Now my car keys are missing and the EX is strangely looking for them. Reminds me of the guy leading Oswald to the garage looking so surprised.

Anyway it really sucks. LOL

I feel like I live around a bunch of crazy loons.

Is our court system BIASED? 

WHAT WOULD JUDGE OWEN LOKKEN DO? From Minnesota, land of lakes, next to the state of Michigan where Rep. Mike Rogers stalks. the one that quelled information about Benghazi that looks like he is a relative of Billy Graham. That one. Probably are buddies. What do you want a bet?

Religion of Minnesota

The majority of Minnesotans are Protestants, including a significant Lutheran contingent, owing to the state’s largely Northern European ethnic makeup,

but Roman Catholics (of largely German, Irish, and Slavic descent) make up the largest single Christian denomination.

Probably not a nice guy and doesn’t want anyone to know the truth and in order to do that you have bully everyone to stop it. Read the last chapter of the bible because it is happening about the cup and the pearls….lots of blood,  drunk on the blood, persecution, etc

and then a warning.

Which you should take literally and not treat it as a metaphor.

His phone number: 972.412.6222

Found the keys in the car. That’s the paranoia part. LOL It’s unavoidable.


“Hands up. Don’t shoot” isn’t gonna work because it is not necessarily true or false since we are relying on differing accounts. It’s about the money and that could be used more and more against the Feds to get their attention and make a dent in their thievery and murders and maniacal use of children for their own pockets or for ROME and ISLAM or to take extravagant trips and bitch about a 37,000 dollar purse and compare it to what is occurring in the inner cities and to african americans and africans dying of ebola for Rome and Islam to annihilate african people and to strengthen Obama Care to annihilate more african americans and anyone they perceive as against them (being paranoid psychopaths that they and are full of crapola) and eventually a lot of people even their own friends and families. TRIBULATION is what it is coined in the bible and folks it is happening without my help. I sure don’t profit from it, but they do and Obama and his lackeys profit by it and “Deny, deny, deny.”

Where did they learn that from?

Do you realize if Obama Care dies a fast death ….insurance on medicine, hospital care and doctor visits will decrease. Health insurance is morally wrong and drives up the cost of medical care tremendously. Health insurance might also die a fast death and cheapen everyones cost for treatment for and by their own personal choice for a doctor or hospital. Basically selling a guarantee of nothing because there are no guarantees. The savings would help everyone including immigrants, rich people, poor people and the middle class. Yea insurance agents and agencies will have to find another job.

Isn’t it their turn?

What would Hillary do?

Look what they did to MOTOWN now we are gonna start having to listen to chinese dance tunes with hanfus, German Polkas and watch them dance, and listen to Islamic whale tunes about cutting your throat (they haven’t learned about melody or rhythm yet or for that matter being civil). They are paying off the national debt with your homes, jobs, cities, and your children because most of the debt is owed to china because of bad trade laws by the FEDS and the Obama’s and Eric Holder are tricking you because they are ISLAMIC and using race baiting and racial profiling and that is exactly what they did to you and twisting you heads on head of a pin.

Which is what I wish I had asked the cop named Ruticill if he was just a head of a pin.

Do you understand?

Sushi is another way to return the favor. Stop buying it. They are intentionally poisoning people without accountability knowing what occurred in Japan with the nuclear sites and to the fish in the sea on the West Coast of America and other West Coasts because of the flow of the oceans. Tuna which soaks up the poisons in the ocean such as mercury is another way to affect the market and make headway with the powers that be. then using Obama Care to cover it up that they caused in Japan because they wanted to force their way, the Neocatechumenal Way, on the Japanese in their attempt to gain control of the Roman Catholics who had gone astray and who cared about their children committing suicide more frequently and in an article exclaimed that they were the mother of all martyrs or something to that effect but were trying to stall Rome and Obama from institutionalizing the Neocatechuenal Way while Nancy Pelosi was talking about loving the Word saying “the Word it says it all” etc. and talking about not reading Obamacare. The Obama’s worked with Billy and Franklin Graham with Rome using trickery because their end game is to recatholicize the world and then Islamicize it so they can marry 12 year old girls by the dozen and sleep with their own daughters that’s why the Obama girls weren’t enjoying Turkey day with their daddy more than likely. They tweeted about another was on the way after the earthquake tsunami that hit Japan.

Tour Fukushima disaster zone

That’s desolation, isn’t it? As in The Abomination of Desolation


Jesus said to Peter “when thou get old another shall gird thee, follow thou me.” Jesus also said that a prince of this world was on his way and that he had nothing in him and he meant Paul because Paul said that Jesus was in him. Prince=another/Paul i.e. Saul of the OT who was an enemy to David. The Messiah is supposed to be a descendent of the House of David. Peter ended up with Paul/Saul in Rome. David allowed Saul to live once when he had a chance to kill him when one of them was hiding in a cave.

(Funny cause something happened similar to me with whistling of a christmas tune)

Ferguson rioters ARE MAKING SUCH A BIG IMPRESSION LIKE CHICKEN’S FOOT PRINTS when you burn out businesses and other peoples homes in your towns who had nothing whatsoever to do with the tactics of Obama and Michelle, Rome, BGEA……..Billy Graham Evangelical Association and Samaritans Purse which they absconded from a friend who conveniently died for that name and to blackmail hospitals, nurses, doctors and our health care system and our continent without sharing their cure for thousands in the countries it was contained in or protecting the workers with information and protection using them to get to you which is how they work and bless each other as they do their evil deeds.

( the two ANANIASes of the BOOK OF ACTS who faked his death to kill his wife and scare the Jews in Israel for money because they didn’t know how he really felt about them [HITLER SYNDROME hating self and his own heritage and not really understanding who is GOD] and receive money and salt the donations with her land sales with the threat of death and was a betrayer of Jesus of the Gospel of John. And then took Peter of the Book of Acts who was Islamic because of the times he prayed and fasted and used him to deceive with his lies and with the help of the familial friend as in the cousin of Jesus ANA BAPTISTS…Baptists etc.

1 Corinthians 16:22

22 If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Ana-thema Maranatha.

Cursing again.

Anyway ANA got around!

Then in

Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?
Meaning that Jesus didn’t understand what they were saying, I think is what Paul is saying,  though Paul apparently may not have understood himself what the hell he was saying.

King James was a english, german, or swiss?


LBJ honored Billy Graham, bless his heart, with The Big Brother award as a sign, imo because I think he did care about african americans at the time and after JFK was assassinated but didn’t know the pitfalls of his Great Society because he was only an American President.)


The Third M

That was manageable.

The governor must have put some pressure on the policeman to resign since the protestors were setting a course to protest in the capital of Missouri, don’t you bet? Seems anticlimactic in a way and proving this is a political game and a lot of other things. You can count on the feds….stick with them, they’ll get you through. Stick with Obama. All roads lead to Rome etc.

However a loss across the world in Egypt for Obama……. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was found innocent to charges of killing a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood assholes trying to cause major harm to Egypt. Of course when a coup occurs usually it involves killing or it would be unsuccessful, more than likely. Obviously people died on both sides that were fighting. Now he faces charges of embezzlement with American tax dollars, I think, which seems a bit high handed. I guess America Muslim Brotherhood advocates (Obama’s friends) didn’t like the way he spent the money. Supposedly he bought a few castles or properties and things that probably made a lot of money for his country but who knows what the deal is I guess we’ll find out later. Maybe the Obama’s had their eye on the same property. I think tourism was a pretty big deal in Egypt and since the Muslim Brotherhood attacks I would imagine there has been  a lot less travel to Egypt. I think he was a very stable leader for his country since the assassination of Sadat and even Palestinians thrived pretty well in Egypt as far as I know. However I wasn’t paying much attention till the first coup by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 1.12.57 AM





And it matters what you do personally even if it seems difficult in the face of evil. So looting and burning your fellow man and falling for the tricks of the DOJ’s. Hit them where it hurts…..the root of evil….money. The walkout was a very intelligent tactic and can achieve a bunch for everyone in this lousy situation we are having to endure for their corruption and can change a great deal of problems.


Check this out article out and check out the second man in the article who looks familiar.

Well I will go ahead and show it and you have to admit

it could be Obama’s father, capiche?:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.55.14 PM

The Mad Men of Africa: Worst African Dictators

Kind of looks like a mix between Saddam Hussein and Barack Obama. Both were muslim, though.

Just heard that Al Queda has been linked to Benghazi but the difference is Obama was in the situation room supposedly watching and or directing the assassination of Osama Bin Laden because it was good for his reputation in “the situation room” and he wasn’t anywhere to be found most of the time that Benghazi was occurring and Michelle was photo’d at Benghazi.
MIKE ROGERS OF MICHIGAN IS A LIAR AND PROBABLY INVOLVED IN THE BENGHAZI DISASTER?  He’s an offspring of Billy Graham. Their investigation is BS! Just about everything in the report is BULLSHIT. I CAN”T WAIT TO SEE HIM PAY THE PIPER FOR HIS PART WHICH BY MY CALCULATIONS COULD BE QUITE SOON. WHAT’S  IRONIC IS THE GLOVE IN WHICH HE RESIDES and represents, but not really. HE’S THE CRACKERJACK and IT’S HIS JOB TO LIE AND CONCEAL on the committee he heads. HEADS OR TAILS HE WILL LOSE whether he likes it or not. As far as calculating that time you can read about it in the next post on this site. Might be important to you because face it having notice about Benghazi and the ramifications of Benghazi would it change what Obama and his mob do to the masses? I don’t think so,but it might change what you do.


Jorge Ramos said that Obama was paying off a debt to the Latinos with Immigration reform …..FOR WHAT? GETTING ELECTED? Other assassinations in the past? Are the Latinos trying to undo the US Constitution and the laws of our land. God nows they don’t have a decent country of their own anywhere in the world that is lawful. They give allegiance to the mob and the Vatican. Just about every audience Obama has had has been to Latinos behind him next to him etc even some that don’t understand what he is saying as if he is in another country. I assume they get their direction/cues with a large flashing neon lights saying
aplaudir a alguien! 
Just to let the Latinos in on a secret OBAMA means you harm and always used the desires of people to get that harm.
Remember when he gave the Libyan leader a car company? I imagine Osama Bin Laden did the same.
It’s when you accept his help or gift that is when you get into trouble. His bribe for his illegal activities. I would not be too excited if I were you.
To him you are a bunch of fish and he’s hauling you in either to be his slaves or for something worse. It’s his MO.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos: Obama Paying Off ‘Debt’ to Latinos


Charles Krauthammer

Fox news is uplifting Krauthammer an enemy to America’s way of life because he can’t do anything but work for Fox News. I was a bit unkind in my last article about him but I don’t like his message. He’s a shill for the EU. Misery loves company and he want’s the rest of us to feel how he feels. Of course Obama should be impeached regardless of how much time is left in his administration. He should be arrested as well! Not according to Krauthammer but like I said what channel does he appear on? Fox. O’reilly doesn’t want Obama impeached either. I don’t think he ever did a show about Benghazi in depth. That ought to tell you something about O’reilly. By allowing Obama to get away with all of his antics and giving the Presidency way too much power by not impeaching and acting helpless in regards to containing Obama then America loses it’s foundation. The Secret Service run by Rome is in charge of the presidents life and what he say’s of course they would want to keep Obama in place to be replaced by

Hillary Clinton who obviously is bad for America as well…BENGHAZI.


But does America really have that much time. Not according to my calculations and I think they are worth reflecting upon in order to urge others to do what they should do for Americans in other posts you can find those possibilities on this blog.

A guy in the physical state as Krauthammer does have it’s benefits, so that others will feel sorry for him and give him respect he doesn’t deserve…in my opinion. Like they did Gabrielle Gifford’s parading her around for Obama’s intent to disarm Americans for his religion of ISLAM and for the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and all the other shit he has in his little mind.

As far as Krauthammer goes: A shill is still a shill!

It may not be good for the EU, Rome, The Jesuits, Fox News, Germany, The One World Government, and all the other crap organizations to arrest and impeach Obama and try him for treason,

but it is good for America.

How does Charles know if he took a chance and left his job so he could write freely that it wouldn’t be more rewarding financially and socially. Makes a great poster child for Fox like all the injured soldiers who I believe are being used to prop up Fox and other governments. That is why we send soldiers to guard the Ukraine and not our own border. Does that make sense? Has the Ukraine ever sent soldiers to protect our borders? How about the EU? I don’t recall they helping at all.

At Benghazi the Red Cross (Vatican) and Britain’s consulate left before the attack on our consulate for some americans to be massacred.


Britain also left it’s post at Camp Bastion for some americans soldiers to die.


Chuck Hagel was Secretary of Defense and he never questioned Obama’s motives and OBAMA took advantage of that faux pas.


Maybe Charles Krauthammer has no choice, but a shill is still a shill.



“We want to know: Why? What happened?”

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 6.42.45 PM

I would like to know as well what happened and why our elected leaders applauded the Secret Service for killing an unarmed mother with a baby in her car when all they had to do was shoot her tires or just let her go?


How did Fox know that the Senators applauded her death?


WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT AND BE APPLAUDED BY THE SENATE AND WHY HASN’T OBAMA SPOKEN UP ABOUT IT. At the time there was a government shut down and OBAMA was telling his federal workers to stick with him. Maybe she didn’t want to. WHY HASNT THE PRESS AND FOX NEWS QUESTIONED THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ABOUT THAT MURDER? IF the government was shut down how was the Senate in session when she was killed in order to applaud her death? Fox reported it, they ought to know. Why doesn’t Charles ask them? How about Greta? Sean? Bret? How about another news agency ask Fox about that mystery?


Bret Baier says that Krauthammer even is willing to take on his fellow Republicans about issues such as being against impeachment of Obama which makes sense since I heard via Mark Levin that Krauthammer used to work for Walter Mondale a democrat so what made Krauthammer change?

Nothing………he didn’t change………… only in appearance. Does that mean he’s lying? Being dishonest? Seems to me it does for whopping paycheck.

By the way the scene with Bret at the baseball game with Krauthammer was pretty fakeym but so was the interview with the seals who claimed to have been at Benghazi that Bret Baier interviewed a few days and posed with and helped to sell lies.

Jesus in the Gospels rode into Jerusalem on a colt of an ass. The colt did not represent a gun as in a colt 45, etc.

it represented a pack animal (a beast of burden) . It did not represent one of the 4 horsemen either! When Trayvon Martin was killed the shooter of Trayvon said “I am the gun” I think that is what he said as he turned to the camera in a penetrating moment though it was an insane moment while Sean Hannity was interviewing him and months later he was at a site of an accident with a fire extinguisher. Too bad he didn’t stop the accident before it occurred but it was definitely a rehabilitation of his personality disorder staged. Then months later in his 250,000 dollar mansion /estate (could have been worth more) in Florida he had a brawl with his girlfriend involving a gun. I wonder how he was able to afford a $250,000 home worth a million dollars after living in an apartment with in a year of the death of Trayvon Martin. Was it a pay off? Whoever gave him the house ought to be investigated. I would imagine they are involved in the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case somehow or another. All of this occurring during the Obama Administration. I get the feeling that some kind of propaganda machine is afoot about I Am or some brainwashing as if the gun is a person in order to disarm americans and make them helpless against Obama’s intentions. Twisting the meanings because of ignorance and fear of the truth. The shootings lately with police against children I think is intentional folly. Set ups. Purposeful in order to help Obama with his nutty indoctrination and brainwashing of some kind continuing with his earlier disorder and insanity.

Did the colt represent a sword, a hatchet, a machete, a flamethrower, or a grenade? No.

One thing for sure his entry into Jerusalem made a huge impression

and it has never been forgotten.  

I didn’t write the bible so don’t blame me for your own demise.

Obama and his followers are insane. I have never seen so much criminal activity till Obama came on the scene. That is because he is the root of crime and criminal activity even on the part of those who are supposed to uphold the law such as the police in some instances and especially the ones who abuse their privilege.

Grand Jury and Eric Garner

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.51.38 AM
Does he look threatening?


I hope Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and John Boehner take a gander and reflect on what they should do,

respectfully. So far nothing!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 3.42.35 PM

December 04, 2014

Sen. Rand Paul: Eric Garner ‘didn’t need to die’


IN the case of Eric Garner who was not able to breathe because of the over abundance of cops on his body because he sold cigarettes which could be related to the mob by the way, the apology just didn’t ring true (and sounded like so many other sympathies written and spoken which could be found and heard in any funeral home) and I don’t think the one that is responsible really does feel bad enough. I think he should feel worse and his words seemed just too pat and without true remorse. Sounded very similar to the Dr. Ebola the first doctor who came to America with the disease and couldn’t list those names for anyone he said that he remembered each and everyone of them that he met that died of Ebola in Africa.

EXCLUSIVE: Man who filmed Eric Garner in chokehold says grand jury was rigged

What’s wild about this story linked above is Garner’s head is in the wrong direction when it was his occipital bone that was facing the brick wall window and now it is facing the sidewalk. Doesn’t coincide with the film on Fox News plus there are only a few people in this picture and there were at least 20 people around in the Fox News renditions so they must have doctored this picture up as well to make it look like only three cops were on Garner and they think it’s funny. That is recreating the news and backing the mob of Obama and it is sick and guess what it may be funny now it won’t be funny later. Hang on because it’s gonna get rough and those who willingly go along with the deception will die and they won’t get another chance. And as they rot in hell they certainly won’t feel good it fact they will beg for mercy writhing in burning pitch, tongues wagging and steaming from the heat, the dryness cracking their throats and there won’t be any mercy left for them, not one drop, and no one will care!

Then we will produce our own oil out of their dead bodies after they decompose

to run cars, fly planes, and take trips.

That may be going overboard but it stinks.

So you ought to try not to deceive your friends, family, and fellow man.

Reminds me of what occurred in Syria and the lies surrounding the sarin gas attacks and Obama was dying to get involved then but was delayed……..for some reason;) I guess he didn’t have the power he thought he had. LOL

There is an end. Let’s hope Obama’s friends become his enemies for their sake.

Judge Jeanine Pirro and Eric Garner and VOCALS

Watched Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox who is on the offensive for the police in the Garner case and insisted that when cops says “put your hands behind your back” or what ever they say they said in the case of Eric Garner that the black community needs to obey the cops as well as anyone else, but we all know how movies are made. Sound, vocals, music and sound effects can be dubbed in in the place of what is recorded. So I sure wouldn’t count on the vocals or the soundtrack of the video. I sure didn’t hear what the cop said to Garner when the videos were shown on Fox News and it appears no one else did either except Garner and the cops. All I heard was “I can’t breathe” said by Garner a couple of times. It is interesting we didn’t hear what the cop said to him on that same footage. Usually cops aren’t quieter than the person who can’t breathe, are they? Did they whisper to him, or what? If we are gonna have tapes we need them to also read the lips of the cops as well so we can put what is supposed to have been said to the lip movement of the cop. They could have said “You’re dead meat”  or “We are gonna kill you” or mention a name that might scare him, etc. and of course he would react the way he did if that were the case and then they could dub in what they should have said. Know what I mean? I know what sound engineers are capable of doing and that is easy cheesy to do. It looked like an execution in a way and for the defenders to come out and make up lies about the police in this case using language games makes me suspicious that it was purposeful. And since it is established that he had hemorrhaging in his neck proves they killed him what needs to be determined is if it was intentional. Usually when people lie it’s worth checking if they are lying and why they are lying or if they have their facts wrong which could mean and should mean a

mistrial in the Grand Jury trial of Eric Garner.

I hope Judge Jeanine Pirro watches these videos.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Two cops pulled off streets, Staten Island DA looking into death of dad of six after NYPD cop put him in chokehold during sidewalk takedown — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It never occurred to me while watching the video above but my EX did notice: They never unhandcuffed the man the whole time even when putting him on the gurney for at least 5 minutes later which might have helped him to breathe. The woman who should know better did not even suggest it. His arms being released might have made a difference to his chest cavity. How about massaging the man, mouth to mouth resuscitation, gently slapping the back like you would a baby who is congested, how about what they use for heart attacks to get the heart beating….not one attempt. How about moving his arms up and down like they do in the movies.

They know how to chew gum. Aren’t they supposed to know how to do all of those things? CPR?

What’s that saying?: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

I have never seen so many dumb looking men in all my life in one location. Maybe Judge Jeanine Pirro is used to dumb cops. The only one with sense was the man holding him up the whole time. Are cops required to pass a test of some kind? How about an honesty kind of requirement as they do at military schools….and codes of conduct that they have to adhere to? Are cops required to have an ability or is doing a choke hold really all they need to know with beer guts for backup?

They said he broke up a fight before he was killed.

Was this revenge?

Have any of you ever panicked? It’s a horrible feeling and those of you who have never felt it ought to feel it to understand what I think Mr. Garner was feeling. What I saw was man panicking on which often goes along with asthma. I can’t believe someone who was calm and collected didn’t try to calm him down and say “Hey, we won’t hand cuff you but you please come to the station with us so we can straighten things out” or something like that. He wasn’t armed so didn’t need to be restrained if he had been allowed to calm down and helped out a bit by a good cop.

Anyway those that haven’t felt it and want to excuse the cops in this situation I  hope you get a healthy dose of panic attacks to learn the saying:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” or “Be ye kind to one another.”

And I hope bad cops start to feel panic attacks as well. A lot of them.

Aren’t cops required to tell a man what he is being charged with before they attack him? What he did wrong? He seemed to be pleading for reason and the guy with tattoos all over his legs (the egg head) couldn’t even communicate. Garner was communicating better than the cops.

Read the comments in the above video as well. If Judge Jeanine Pirro has any sense she would at least have the sense of the people commenting and so I have lost respect for her and hope she gets off her high horse steps back not for joy and go a little deeper for truths sake instead of holding the party line at Fox News, because I like her but I think she is being controlled in various ways.

How much do you value the truth?

“I Can’t Breathe”: Asthmatic Father Dies After NYPD Chokehold


Eric Garner case: A grievous wrong not to indict


I am a fan of former Mayor Guilliani and his tactics as Mayor and he did a great job, however there is something going on in Catholic minds and I think it is because they are divided in themselves quite a bit because of what they have been taught and biblically illiterate for the most part. There is always room for improvement and Garner’s death was senseless as well as other deaths in the news lately. Catholics need to realize the times they are in and listen a little more. Pope Benedict said that Jesus was divided within himself which is not true, though a possible assessment if misunderstanding that some of the bible has been altered. Meaning I can understand where Pope Benedict was getting his reasoning because it is confusing to say the least. Jesus raiment was divided but he wasn’t. He was lied about a bunch in the bible. We get cues and suggestions in our minds and hearts based on many factors and in spiritual ways good and bad and in-between. Why do you think Jesus said “Forgive then Father, they know not what they do.” because they didn’t then and don’t know now. They don’t remember things very well and actually sometimes are possessed by the false spirits. If Catholicism was on track would they want to unite religions in a big ball and ignore the Ten Commandments! That is a recipe for disaster and that is what is occurring and they are being swept by the wind into that disaster. Think of the roman soldiers as cops in this day and age. Do you see a Roman army other than priests and plainclothes jesuits who meld in to society etc. NO. They use other peoples armies as their own. Pope Benedict also came to the conclusion it wasn’t the Jews fault. A big step for Catholics and he soon resigned and probably had to.

Think about it. They get others to do their dirty work which is the mob. That way like Pontius Pilate they can wash their hands and in the case of the current Pope can have a heathy dose of indifference although he put it another way, same difference, as you can read down at the bottom of this post. They get Americans to give up their lives to fight their wars for their own purposes and get us to pay for hurricanes and wheelchairs etc. They mock us. Would they have colluded with the Nazis if they were in their right minds? They probably used the Nazis.

I realize some didn’t also. It isn’t just Catholics either but they are quite a majority except for Islam which is their friend, ally, and enemy as well. One begot the other and not really sure which one started first but never the less it isn’t working for any country at this time which ought to tell ya something.

Obviously something is spiritually wrong in a big way.

Anyway we all have to fight the wrong decisions and wrongful acts. When a Grand jury has erred it needs to be investigated. When cops are killing unarmed people it needs to be taken seriously. When cops are harassing people it needs to be taken seriously. What makes anyone thing that good cops aren’t also being handled, harassed and undermined. They (the mob) have infiltrated our institutions and they need to be extracted from those institutions when they are caught and they were caught on camera this time. PERIOD

I have never seen so many italian thugs acting as cops in my neighborhood and city

till Obama came to the White House and causing major problems. IMO

I have a wealth of information on my blogs. I hope you take advantage of it. Others do to such as those named in numerous posts who have worked hard to discern the bible and history, to observe and to teach and the best ones are free. You have to want to learn.

Huckabee, bless his heart, said on his show that he can’t think of anyone who would deny that the Garner case that it was wrong and asks the guest what we should do about it. He is mocking his guests. The cops should be handcuffed and arrested for their crime but they’ll probably find a scapegoat to take the place of the mob cops. I think we need a scapegoat of Huckabee. Is he replaceable?.,,,oh yea. His type is a dime a dozen as well as the bands he puts on his show. Talentless schmaltzy crap but who else would want to play with Huckabee. His guests are probably flown in from Branson Missouri as well as his audience. Elvis wannabes. Been there and once was enough. LOL. Actually I wish I hadn’t. The best part of the trip was a little mix up we had without malice and I got to see my sister’s nostrils flare which is what she does when she’s angry the other one hums. We got lost and had a misunderstanding about time. And then breakfast with Dad was fun. “Did I order this or did I throw this up?” Something like that.

So now resisting arrest is disobeying the commandment of Jesus at the mount of the congregation even though it cannot be proven Garner was resisting arrest but defending himself bare handed against bad mobster-type cops about a dozen. But wait a minute Jesus at the mount of the congregation in the Gospel of Matthew (ROME) exalted his throne above the stars of God in his heart so that isn’t good, is it?

They want it both ways. 

For a cigarette tax and get away with murder to make Americans complacent of murder before their eyes by the mob.

When I had my runin with the cops at my house I thought the cop Ruticill said one thing and they have him taped that he said it a bit differently. I could have a recall that isn’t quite up to snuff because I was nervous with four men around in my house after going through what I went through. On the other hand they could alter it to protect themselves and to incriminate me. It’s possible. All I know is I did not see in the case of Garner what the cops said or hear what they said. He might have said “WAIT A MINUTE” knowing he was being falsely arrested or being accused of a crime he didn’t actually commit. It’s not like false records haven’t been produced to get away with murder in the past. It wouldn’t be the first time the mob would do that. Watch this video which is so emblematic of Roman Cathlicism:


Catholics are lazy and they don’t read their bibles but they think they are believers, but in what do they believe? What their fathers tell them to believe and yet Jesus said call no man father but your Father in heaven. So why do they call their fathers/priests? Cuz they are stupid. Mindless! Without souls, in my opinion. Especially those cops.

What I heard on the tape of the Garner killing is what Fox wanted me to hear about it. When I first saw the videos a few times it seemed very congested and as time went by the footage became more clean and  organized with less traffic, less pedestrians, less cops. I remember a guy in long shorts who did the squeeze on him and it was very fast and the amount of time between them interacting before they jumped him was seconds as in 2 or 3 seconds and them jumping him pulling him down like they were branding a cow but they weren’t as nice to him as they would have been to a cow.

Steely Dan – Big Black Cow

No offense, but it fit.

Glass Houses and The Rolling Stones 

If you will notice Fox is trying to obfuscate about Mr. Garner and the protests by civilians by concentrating on reporting about the CIA evidence of torture using it a s diversion in order to silence the dissenters of Police brutality of civilians they are supposed to protect. Another diversion. They have known about the CIA for a long time and didn’t do anything and yet the Congress should have been doing their jobs better and should have been on top of it from the start and they weren’t, partially because of secrecy involved and that it is being used as a political football. All of them know about the Geneva Convention and rules involved with prisoners of war. It was their job to contain the CIA and they failed, obviously. Obama was a Senator, didn’t he know? How about in his first term as President? Didn’t he know? While he had a majority in the Senate he ought to have had the sense to bring it up then, but then he would have had to deal with his use of drones to kill suspects and their kids instead of capturing and trying them in a court of law. And he didn’t want to do that then because of the use of drones at Benghazi and other places as well.


Kiriakou was charged with a 30-month prison sentence

Obviously it wasn’t important then to release to the point of intentional delay

by silencing the whistleblower.

It was a catch 22 for him because he lives in a glass house and he was afraid to bring it up. He is guilty of looking the other way because it wasn’t advantageous to him to bring it up at that time or he would have released the documents then, however at this time it is advantageous. PERIOD

It’s a DIVERSION of course.

He doesn’t like success in any form for the people, but havoc without remedy because that way he can damage more in al the ways that he does because his talent is abominating everyone else, but himself , however it doesn’t work that way and he’s going down as well.

Better wake up about Obama.

He doesn’t care one iota, one smidgeon,

one jot or tittle

about anyone other than himself

and you ought to unite against him.

Sleep deprivation, lie detectors, bright lights in the eyes, straight jackets, noises like fingernails on a blackboard, alarm bells and rings, telephone message voices, elevator music, motorcycle sounds, telephone rings, clock noises, loud mexican variety shows, lousy music, laughing sounds ( I know of some one in particular in the business of acting have some obnoxious laughs), some animal sounds, bug sounds, abrupt sounds, truth serum, smelly stinky stuff to irritate the senses like the smell of cat urine and things like that, laughing gas, hypnotism, loud flip flops walking around, nagging probably would have been as effective or more effective than any physical torture. Water boarding, splinters under the nails, caning, bone breaking, cuts, suffocation all those are ridiculous and sadistic when the same can be done without breaking the laws or causing permanent physical problems. Oh they may end up with a twitch from time to time but it is better than the alternative. Plenty of ways to illicit information. I would put sleep deprivation as the most effective using the others to wake them right as they fall asleep or right as their eyeballs start to move around REM because at some point they lose their will and need to close their eyes and sleep and sometimes get information talking to them in their sleep while not hurting the interrogators conscience, state of mind, and integrity and perhaps a fleet seat if all else fails. Reward them when good results occur because of their help like Pavlov’s dog kind of thing, All of which probably would not cause any permanent damage to the suspect and interrogators. Extreme torture is lazy, perverse, and evil. I do not think sleep deprivation is evil or perverse when dealing with terrorists. I do not consider it to really be torture, more like incentive. Obviously we don’t want to give the enemy rest and relaxation or R&R until they surrender, otherwise you give them time to plot and plan, etc. (Which is what Obama is doing to our country and other countries with the crises he creates and you should not let him if you want to survive Islamic madness. And a few good signs such as the end of their treks to Medina would be helpful and eliminating their inspirations such as their holy shit sites, by accident if need be;) so they won’t feel emboldened by their ideology of madness. Unless you want to allow them to destroy you. PERIOD.


You send a clear and concise sign or signal and that would help immensely for starters if you really want to win the war on terrorism. Then if that doesn’t work you hit their transportation system, airports, etc, shipping and shipping lanes. Then if that doesn’t work you hit their oil reserves, etc. Putty in your hands. Nobody has to know who did it. LOL) You do the opposite when they are not imprisoned to keep them on the run. I know that Psychologists know these things and I know they confer with them so I don’t get why our government would stoop to the kinds of torture we are hearing about except for revenge sake, sadism tendencies, and perversions of some kind which is really stupid. Ever watch the Pink Panther series with Peter Sellers?

Listened to Sean Hannity and his first example of the two kids was a good case in point in regards to urgency. That’s a whole new scenario and is understandable. The Cair leader “Whose His face” [God is Faithful, God is merciful aside or whatever it was that he says every time he gets a platform which is GROSS] is such a hypocritical pimp. Bless his heart. As an American I would have preferred Osama Bin Laden as a prisoner, same goes for Hitler kept alive for interrogation purposes, imprisoned, and be tried in a court of law. TO TEACH!!!!!! I prefer it to droning suspects and their families in countries we have not declared war on though they, the enemy, like to meld into different societies for cover endangering others like the Hamas in the Palestinian occupied territory of Israel do with the Palestinians to use them as cover or their children, homes, businesses, and holy sites as cover. Obviously our war on terrorism has spread quite rapidly all over the place and so those countries may be considered to be our enemy and involved in the war for allowing these thugs cover and hence made themselves sitting ducks involved either by cowardice and stupidity or by force and by design which is the nature of war. Still capturing alive is superior and not endangering innocent civilians or unlucky passengers, passerby’s, or onlookers, and while more dangerous, much more productive depending on urgency. I would prefer that if George Bush had been caught that he too would have been kept alive, imprisoned and thoughtfully interrogated etc by our enemies. In the battlefield it is different or on a mission where seconds count. So we should have rules of conduct in different kinds of situations. When we were attacked on Sept 11 we didn’t know what was ahead of us as far as the enemy is concerned and their intent and for that matter who they were because we are only human…..mortal men and women. So I’m sure we made mistakes. We were also in shock as a nation just like at Pearl Harbor. It was understandable what Michael Brown’s step dad did in the heat of passion and that is when others should help to contain his natural instinct. When judging in the aftermath you have to consider each situation separately and in conjunction with other events surrounding it or before and after it and near it. It helps to connect the dots to determine the motive to make the best response such as the peaceful protests and the sit-ins, and hopefully sit downs. The outrage was understandable and should be judged on it’s passion and urgency at the time though the looting and fires was over the top and I believe premeditated by the administration to Federalize itself in the governing of states, cities, and townships playing good cop when they were in actuality the bad cops injecting themselves for political purposes and to confuse and hurt people for a diversion. I think the death of Michael Brown was intentional and premeditated as well as his thievery beforehand. A set up within a set up kind of tactics that Obama employs for his abomination of desolation. A trick. And we need to stop him and others from their insanity. They think the American people are stupid, but really they are naive and deserve better leadership, better institutions, better laws, better treatment, better accountability etc. We are being attacked in every aspect by the enemy. Detroit ought to be an example to us. The car company that was sold via Obama and the results, the degradation, the bankruptcy, the buying of property etc. Who gained from it? Haiti though not America is another example, Chechnya is another example, Egypt is another example, Libya is another example and it goes on and on.

It is a conspiracy.

The incessant lying by the President is obviously the biggest problem we have. While parts of our government and society don’t understand what “the parts of the conspiracy” are doing, there are those that certainly get it. DIane Feinstein was upset on Fox because the CIA was spying on the Senate saying that it isn’t right. OF COURSE IT ISN’T RIGHT. Thats the problem with the CIA and that they are not held accountable by the people the CONGRESS.


CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN, “Dragging his testicles behind him” isn’t being honest when he has to test our CIA with lie detector tests to keep them silent about Benghazi. He sounds British when he talks probably because he either was educated in their ranks or is British. The British embassy left early before the attack on Benghazi and so did the Red Cross because they either were forewarned and didn’t alert us or they are involved in what occurred at Benghazi along with the Vatican’s Jesuits. Same goes for the incident where some americans soldiers were killed because the british soldiers left their posts at CAMP BASTION in Afghanistan to allow americans soldiers to be killed. I don’t know about you but that is the definition of treason but it was covered up with diversions and a certain colonel who may have been involved to help Obama with his ideological obsession to disarm the american people using hoaxes and real events, racism antagonisms in every which way he could, 

The British Royals are not on our side. I don’t know about their government itself or it’s people, but the ROYALS are against the USA because of their religion. They even chipped themselves with a microchip that’s how ridiculous they are. RISD chips. He had his sons do it too which is outrageous to do to your kids. 

You might want to read

The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea

by Tim Cohen

I had said it was an easy read but I went back to read it or peruse it and it’s pretty wild and a bit off in many ways but the interesting stuff is the heraldic symbolic information of the Royals, some of the history included and the secret society information.  I hadn’t read it in like ten or more years so my understanding has changed quite a bit since then. I don’t agree with it just it is helpful in many ways. I think comparing the gospels is the easiest way to have a grasp of what is going on now and seeing the deceptions and misunderstandings occurring now because of the hoaxes and ideological pursuits of Islam and Roman Catholicism and their allies such as making everyone pay for climate change as if it is something that can be controlled or taxing the crap out of everyone and creating  joblessness. And of course since Benghazi everything has gone berserk as if to make us forget it and not pursue the truth about it as happened when Jesus died and the son of consolation which is probably the same as the son of perdition appeared in the Book of Acts and as Obama appeared on the scene out of nowhere and created havoc since he became a household name. The first thing I remember is when a certain congressman or senator said “You lie” and he sure does a lot of that.

Obviously John Brennan “Dragging his testicles behind him” isn’t working for Americas interests. The Royals: Prince Charles had a conversion like Paul of the New Testament on the way to Damascus meaning he is probably part of the Muslim Brotherhood or in charge of it? He is Muslim and/or Islamic for oils sake I’m sure because he isn’t very deep and is a twit of a man.  While I find the others in the family attractive which is their talent remember what happened to Princess Diana which is definitely a conspiracy and the press were involved. SO just because they are attractive looking doesn’t make them allies.

“And the Dragon gave him his power”……… That is in the bible and I think it may be referring to the ROYALS.

There is a lot of good information in the book linked and easy to read and talks a lot about the secret societies that are making a mess of our world at your expense.

That is why Boehner isn’t on the up and up, as hoped. They don’t know what they are doing or what they are dealing with in order to do the right things and make the right choices because of the tactics used by the ROYALS and ISLAM and the VATICAN (where we get our intelligence from.)

I would imagine that places within America that have a high concentration of Islamic people and businesses and a high concentration of  Roman Catholic people and businesses will have a higher rate of problems in and near those cities because it seems as if the countries that harbor them the most have the most problems. Detroit and Michigan have quite a few islamic populations. Dallas is another. There are others that I’m not familiar with or seen. Just part of the deal when they have a majority or a big minority. So I would suggest not living in highly concentrated Catholic or Muslim/Islamic areas if you can afford to or be aware and not allow them to rip apart your town. Then they will disperse and/or destroy each other that way you aren’t contributing to their cause. I believe in school vouchers though for choice sake. Infiltrating their organizations isn’t such a bad idea as well if you have the stomach for it. Undermining their businesses and institutions but that is and should be considered a long term tactic and can be bad for your health. The less they make selling their products and propaganda the better but you can change their mindsets if you have the ability and the knowhow. But while doing so can be confusing and can entangle you. I would suggest if you are not catholic, don’t marry a catholic even if they act like they don’t attend because it is ingrained in their psyche. Same goes for islam. They have their ways of needling you to death. It’s not worth it.

The plethora of crises and the political/religious tensions and police brutality, the hidden discrimination to keep others out of the job market are intended to destroy America and Israel, because it is a religious conspiracy and has to do with biblical things we don’t even understand. God knows who is doing what, why and to whom. Man vs God and guess what, man loses because man is not the creator. It is a war against belief vs the faiths and there are many of them. It is about the elitists against their fellow man who want to run every aspect of our lives so that we can’t even have a small bit of pleasure, or be creative, discern, be original, be individuals, without paying everyone off. It’s about the mob who cannot thrive without stealing and bleeding the public because in actuality they are stupid like those cops in Staten Island but have been given the authority to act dumb by our leaders and their bosses. It has to stop and we have to stop it in every way we can as they are doing to us and make a difference. They are the ones pushing the buttons to take away your freedom and to make you their dumb waiters.

The NFL players could make a huge dent in this war. If they don’t I would imagine in time they will wish they had. It is their opportunity to make a difference otherwise they too will lose everything imaginable. I guess we are being tested and judged and should do what is the right thing at the right time regardless of the assholes. It is not an easy task and takes true grit. 

I think Boehner blew it, bless his heart. Something about his tongue which I think is a symptom of a person possessed. Like Pope John Paul. They call it Parkinson’s Disease. But there may be a reason for it besides the scientific ones. He is on the front line politically so you have understand his frailty. If the people don’t help then we aren’t a government of the people. We have to contain them and push their buttons. While some government staffers and leaders stepped out on the steps of the capital did it accomplish much?

Not really, because they went back in and blew it. Might as well have worn a tee shirt for the day. Big Deal.

Disrupting traffic, slowing down shopping,  business not as usual is much more effective because it makes more of an impression that lasts. It is about money and power because that is all they CAIR about. When people complained at Macy’s did they think Mr. Garner would have liked to have had an opportunity to do the same some time in his future? How about Joan Rivers? All she did was say she supported Israel and what she said about Michelle. Didn’t she have a right to say that if she felt that way? There are plenty of examples I just can’t enumerate them but there is a pattern. Do you really think Obama Care money is going to go to Obama Care? Do you really think the Climate change money is going to go to Climate change or even have any affect what so ever if it does which it won’t It will go to create more havoc, deaths, conspiracies, diversions, crises, and their own pleasures because Obama and Michelle are inhumane and are lackeys of others who are inhumane who could CAIR less. I remember Michelle talking about doing something for her children in a speech with a Chinese diplomat a while back. Do you remember? “We have to do it for our children” she said. So then she makes everyone eat shit for lunches at public schools. LOL

Thousands March On NYPD Headquarters

To Protest Police Killings

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 3.29.46 PM


By the way Greta how many times

did you take the Bar Exam?

And prey tell how come you aren’t practicing what you were preached?


Did they raise the bar on you or you just didn’t really have the talent except to deceive, bless your heart.

These law students involved in these protests are pretty energetic if you ask me. Doesn’t appear they are sleeping the day away.

I guess you were better at deceiving than defending human rights and freedom. Just go along as they said to the passerby’s of Mr. Garner breathless in Staten Island. We just killed an unarmed man, don’t worry about it, none of your business, just a cog in the machine, a bump in the road, no big deal, what’s it to you,

“move along.”

Song: O Be Careful, Little Eyes

Now a college campus somewhere in the USA is havin’ some trouble with pepper spray cops I have no idea what that’s about just saw it on Fox News and heard that the college is investigating it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 3.28.49 PM

Matthew 23:15

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

Irritating someone and being obnoxious works so much better.

Call it good torture. Every wife and ex wife knows that. Anyway it is a good defense against evil, comparatively.

Obama, bless his heart, with the help of a few others is undermining peaceful demonstrations and would rather total confusion with death. He is undermining his own race. He preferred riots. He does’t like it when something is working. I think the possible prospect of a sit down, no play, etc of the NFL players scares them because it is about money. I think the mob profits quite a bit off athletes.

“THE COMPANY” as O’reilly coined it…..the mob.

Be a great time to make some new contracts if the athletes do what they should do.

And afterwards the sky is the limit.

That would be something Paul McCartney

Really would be something’, That would be something

To meet you in the fallen’ reign MAMA………..

meet you in the fallen reign.


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.38.01 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.13.41 AM

The Evilutionary Process and the Bent Cross

By the way Bill Cassidy who ran for the Senate in Louisiana against Landrieu sure looks like he could be Billy Graham’s son. I guess Billy Graham had a busy schedule early on in his life with a lot of other women. EH? He also looks crazy or mentally deranged. I think someone ought to have his DNA checked to see who his daddy is cuz it sure looks like a GRAHAM and we don’t need more of those around. I can understand why he might be deranged since time has taken it’s toll on the Grahams and I suppose on their descendants, as well.

Earth to earth I think you have gone too far a cross the bent.

If the Republican Senate allows this substandard in it’s ranks it deserves to fold. I guess it already has. What good is a majority if you are outflanked. How stupid. LOL. It probably doesn’t make much difference since it is neither here, nor there.

Cops Comment on Garner Case

Eric Garner case: Video of chokehold’s aftermath raises new questions

I hope you notice how these things unfold: Fox comes out with a video and then people react. Then pictures that undermine reactions. such as the pictures of only three cops and very few pedestrians or witnesses and people react. Then we get another video such as this one that undermines the other reactions and we react. Head games, psychological manipulation with psychopathic intonations to elicit another response. The three M’s.

The other filmer asked why Garner didn’t receive CPR and the cop said “Cuz he’s breathing.”  Like he didn’t think he really needed to answer.
That is the problem with some cops. Above the law.
And then the person shooting the film asked “He’s breathing?” and the big Fat cop said “Yea.” and then turns around.
Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.57.37 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.57.25 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.53.42 AM
Sure doesn’t look like it.
Are we supposed to believe what they say just because they said it? Turned his back on him too cuz he knew he wasn’t breathing and tried to block the view. TOTALLY DEVOID OF SYMPATHY LIKE NOT HUMAN.
I have some land in the Florida keys that’s real pretty and worth a million bucks. I’ll sell it to ya for

37, 000 bucks!

By the way he said “I can’t breathe,” 4 times or 5.
Cops more concerned about clearing a sidewalk and chewing gum and don’t seem upset at all which is indicative of some chicanery.
Then the camera concentrates on the Daniel Pantaleo the man in the long shorts who did the chokehold and he has the audacity to wave to the camera totally unconcerned as if he was a star or something.
Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.58.47 AM

looking concerned

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.04.02 AM

By the way there were more than 6 cops if you watch the video more like a dozen or more.
Now why would a dozen cops be out to get a guy on the street for selling cigarettes? To prove something?
It is crazy and demented. This kind of stuff never happened like this until Obama
stole the election because that is how he won and screwed up a lot of people and ever so feverishly since Benghazi to “make you forget.” to con souls.
This was a hit and the woman was in my opinion there to make it look legit. She talks to him as if he were in the ER conscious and he is obviously unconscious.
Did she think he would talk back?
Probably works for Obama Care. Was he supposed to say his Obama Care card was in his back pocket?
 Judge Jeanine Pirro better rethink her position regardless if you were the first judge in your state to do what ever you think makes you special. BIG DEAL. That is just a false pride. Do you want a medal? It is neither here nor there in regards to this particular case and has nothing to do with it so why rationalize this terrible behavior? You have your reward. You make lots of money at Fox News spreading half truths and deception and defending bad cops which is beneath you. You should count yourself better than that.
Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 5.39.50 PM
There is more to this than meets the eye and I know it and they know I know it and screw them they are deceived. The cop in the picture is supposed to look like my daughter’s boyfriend etc they are trying to threaten me and this is not the first time. But DUH he is not a cop. LOL  That’s the mob for ya. That is how they work. What is real to them is not real to me and vice versa. They are ghouls, demons, and possessed. They act possessed, devoid, unconcerned, and like bullies. I’m sure todays visit to the police station has something to do with this as well. I noticed the activity and I don’t care. You are only screwing yourself which is really RIDICULOUS  but go ahead, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. .GET OVER IT!
I had to eat some dust, now eat yours.


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.33.18 AM

Eric Garner’s daughter is right about it not being a black and white issue. It concerns all of us. What happened to Mr. Garner was not racism, per se.

It was evil in every aspect.

No matter how you look at this event it should not have happened! If it’s real it’s evil. If it’s deception it’s evil.

Check out this story. Talk about psychobabble I will show which paragraph seems to be totally weird:

Most Americans, Black And White, Disapprove Of Lack Of Charges In Eric Garner Case

“By a 15-point margin, Americans say it should be illegal for police officers to use chokeholds. While the New York Police Department has officially prohibited chokeholds since 1993, their use is not currently illegal. A bill introduced by New York City Councilman Rory Lancman would make them a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year’s imprisonment and a $2,500 fine.”

Basically, there’s a prohibition on chokeholds but it’s legal which is doublespeak
allowing a cop to do whatever. That’s Romish and in a way stating that man’s life is worth $25,000. So who got the money and when do they get paid that fee?
That would be a great place to investigate these cops and their spending habits, their bank accounts, trips, and whatever else they use their money on. and see if they are getting some perks.
George Zimmerman, bless his heart, lived in an apartment in Florida when he killed Trayvon Martin and ended up living in a very fine house (more like an estate) in Florida when he had his argument with his wife with in a year or so. They say it was a $240,000 but I think that’s bs. In the film overhead of his home provided by Fox news when the argument occurred when he pulled out a gun on  his wife the house looked much finer than that. More like a million dollar home at least in value though it might have been sold to them for lots less to hide the profit he made.
Experience matters sometimes and I have had a lot of it and I think I know why! What one person meant for evil God meant it for good or turned it instead for good which is good, though in some eyes I might be considered a loser with a big L on my head however it is all in how you perceive it to be. In other words it came in hand- y.

Now Fox, bless their hearts, is on the rampage defending bad cops, which is gonna bite them hard. The more you defend bad cops the more you shall receive them, obviously. What you should do is defend good cops and denounce bad cops. Called dumbing down…eeeeeevilutiom of law and order. Good cops often die because of bad cops so the death rate of cops may be affected seriously by bad cops not to mention the relationship to the people they are supposed to protect. It’s like Obama Care will affect the doctors and eventually only bad doctors will be allowed to exist. If cops can’t take criticism they must be dumbing down. Only dummies would want to defend bad cops and that is how the mafia grows. That is how the Roman Catholic Church was able to grow and they get off on it like O’Reilly, bless his heart and Watter’s World Jesse (what’s his face). They gloat about it. It’s like the Roman Catholic Church wouldn’t allow anyone to read the bible hence dumbing down their parishners until not one believed the truth and then they are more and more corruptible and compliant to eeeeeevolution. That is how Nazism, bless their hearts, became so popular and eventually there was  a world war and lots of people perished. While race is partly a problem (tribes) truly it’s about corruption. The race issue is a diversion and an excuse and won’t solve the problems in our country. If someone is not corrupt and intends to be good no matter how that person feels about race and tribes will try to do the right thing regardless of race and tribes. Of course mistakes happen but I don’t believe Eric Garner’s death was a mistake. We need to quit hedging the lies and the verbiage and the criminal element (MAFIA), bless their hearts in the Police Force, the Justice System, our government (including the press) and religious institutions as well as the public for everyone’s sake. Seems only the public is being railed and held accountable and that is a recipe for disaster.


If they are REALLY serious about Eric Garner

then don’t play!

It would affect quite a bit if you refuse to play and have an effect on many peoples indifference

and their businesses.

You can make a difference if you are for real.

The truckers did it a while back and though they don’t make as much money

they still tried to do what was the right thing at the time and it was appreciated  IMO.

The sit ins have been also productive such as was done at Macy’s and I’m sure there will be more.

A lot of money is traded, gambled, earned, generated on the NFL Games all over the world and especially in the USA and could bring about change for the better if the NFL players are willing to sit it out for the sake of American lives. Gather somewhere together in a safe place to avoid pressure and scare tactics and I would imagine many fans would have respect for the clarion call. Some might be angry at first but will come around in time to appreciate the sacrifice.

T-shirts aren’t enough. If you do play you are only pandering, and that will be sickening. I guess we shall see.

I guess we will find out if Football is more important than a man’s life.

Obviously, it isn’t more important in reality but in other men and women’s esteem.

Do the British Royals plan to go the football games, as well?

Visited the White House and made other appearances. See how it works?

Next the Pope. LOL

I have noticed just in the last few days a concerted effort to put pressure on to hold up a bargain over a man’s life such as playing and derision of allowing people to delay testing at a college which I think is related to the possible threat of a sit down of the NFL. That’s what I mean about not knowing what they do from time to time like the Kelly File last night before her interview with Pierce Morgan. He seemed flabbergasted at the American Justice and that the Grand Jury was so errant. Kelly kind of went off on a tangent a few times and didn’t make sense contradicting her own feelings, I think. Divided within herself because of spiritual and possibly physical cues. I don’t think it is funny or wrong for the college to do that. Allowing people to peacefully protest is worth it, isn’t it. So what if delays occur. Whose time is hurt by it? It didn’t make sense what was occurring on her show and I know she means well but that is not well meaning. And you could say that about my panic attack wishes but I think it’s a bit different. Walking in someone else’s shoes….makes one a bit more aware of what it might be like to be ridden with anxiety because of certain behaviors or abuse. Business and profit isn’t the end game. Sometimes delays, sit ins, sit downs, shut downs are superior to doing nothing and going along as usual for a good cause which by doing nothing endangers lives. There were some people that were late going to work by accident that lived through the 9-11 when the prompt and dedicated to profit didn’t.

Was it providence?

How about the person speeding to get to work on time endangering others?

Who says that life has to be 9 to 5 work hours etc. Did God make that rule? Did God say kids have to be in public schools?


She did it again including a picture of Billy Graham and Franklin Graham in their shit eating grins. I guess Kelly wasn’t affected by watching a man choked to death on the streets of Staten Island? She must be used to it? Her salary I’m sure has must have something to do with it. One thing I noticed her voice got husky when she laughed and her voice was huskier and not something I notice all the time. The few nights before the last two her voice was normal and tonight was husky deriding the protesting in regards to Mr. Garner. Huskier more than normal. She was getting a sore throat a while back. I wonder if she isn’t being drugged. Interesting. Have to watch that a little closer. Wouldn’t surprise me. Make her a little drunk on something like medicine laced. She was interacting with the crew more than normal and usually she is really professional and doesn’t do that at all but the last two nights was deriding the colleges as if she is superior (like a drunk) in the business world (Did she build that….. news station?) and when she is that way less professional, (like a drunk). She acted kind of  over confident and dumb needing back up talking to here crew (like a drunk) in a bully mood. Normally more inquisitive, intelligent, and less cocky. The college that is not allowing delays because of a senseless crime is a Mason College because of the masons perhaps? Who are possessed by the way. They are a cult.

Interesting. HO HO HO


(They prescribe to putting ice on a lip for a crime and hoping for Hillary Clinton to run. Isn’t that the goal? Crackers anyone?

Billy Graham because he had a cold couldn’t give a warning to JFK

even though he had a strong feeling about him going to Dallas

as if he didn’t know. That’s COLD.

Soon after JFK JUNIOR visited BIlly Graham investigating his dad’s assassination was killed in his plane.

COINCIDENCE????? He was running for the same seat as Hillary Clinton.

Paul Simon I know what I know


I’m gonna relate a personal story again whether it hits a home run or not. My dad had a TIA and I think it was because he was over loaded, overworked trying to please my sibling. He had driven quite a few hours for an old person to get to town. Then that sibling who is an over achiever basically ran him around town trying to fill in all that was desired to achieve. I remember he started talking backwards and I felt a lot of strange feelings and told him to stop talking because the more he tried the worse it got. It was scary and hard to go through. Sometimes it’s better to rest and not do everything you desire. Anyway he was kind of over time manipulated to please that person in various ways. He was strong willed and very wonderful person. The other siblings took the back seat and didn’t expect the parents to go to every stink in’ event for their kids which imo many of them were over the top. I love her but she was wrong to expect that of my parents but wanted to monopolize them and be the most loved and the most respected. She is and was very socially acute putting social status above everything it seems.

There is so much a person can do to please another person or should do or be expected to do.

Monopolize is one of those M’s that I forgot about. I guess it’s pretty close to managing someone else. High maintenance, etc.

(in the same category with different tendencies.)

Anyway the real one is in there somewhere that I love and I hope she finds herself.

Like going on a cruise ship and trying to do it all or eat the whole buffet. It’s impossible though we may try.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.38.24 PM

Greta Van Susterne, bless her heart again, related that a law school is allowing students to delay testing for exams due to Mr. Garner’s death and the death of Michael Brown if it upsets them. She says that is pathetic. Sounds like someone I know.  Isn’t the real reason to allow them to protest if they desire because the protests are prevalent at this time?Trying to make it irrelevant now with the news about the CIA which is kind of old news. It’s important but it’s not like they haven’t been involved in assassinations, etc. We know they have for the Vatican/Jesuits. (Take for instance JFK.) Timing is suspicious. I think the administration preferred riots to productive protests and potential productive sit outs which are make an impression because of delays, potential loss of business and profits, business not as usual, entertainment not as usual, etc. So is Greta lying or misleading? Maybe the college didn’t say go out and protest but allowing the time to if they feel the desire without influencing their students to protest.

Is that wrong?

Influencing and pressuring people not to protest seems acutely wrong, sneaky, tyrannical and


Where is Greta’s patriotism? O’reilly’s Patriotism?


If Greta Van Susterne was such a great lawyer why is she doing tv with Fox News?

Why is Michelle Obama planning public school meals if she was such a great lawyer?

Now that’s pathetic!

Police look for clues in horrific burning death of 19-year-old

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.27.36 PM

Now a young lady named Jessica Chambers daughter of Ben Chambers from Panola County of Mississippi was killed who may have uttered a name of the killer before she died. She was a daughter of a policeman (at least that is what was said on Fox News on their blurb about it) and the police feel it is personal. She died a horrible death and didn’t deserve it under any circumstances and I can see how they feel. But I think there is something fishy about it and I think it may very well be the same persons responsible to fan the flames against protest against tyranny and make good cops into bad cops. Don’t discount that kind of sickness and a mental deranged response to being revealed as

 a SHILL, a SPY, and a SICK MUTHER F—–!

By the way, in the video shown on Fox News of Jessica Chambers at the gas station she is seen putting out a cigarette on the sidewalk before entering the convenience store and the clerk asks her why she bought $10 instead of $5 worth of gas and she told him because she was going somewhere. Was she smoking and pumping gas at the same time? Or did she pump her gas after entering the convenience store? Did she buy more cigarettes? Before or after pumping gas? Did someone else pump her gas while she bought cigarettes? Did she pay for the gas and buy cigarettes while her boyfriend or whoever was with her if there was someone with her pump the gas? Hard to tell from the report on Fox News and hard to tell by the video. Do you realize if gas was pumped by a gas attendant as in the the past we might know if she was with someone or alone at the time. I don’t see how if she was burned inside and out because she swallowed whatever caused the fire the propellant that she could name her killer (now killers) if all that was left of her were the soles of her feet. What kind of shoes was she wearing? And could this be a cover story for someone who was killed by a drone? When someone is killed by a drone is propellent part of the drone mechanism? What happened to the famous actor Paul something or other whose car exploded in California and was he also burned inside and out? Hard to believe. Why didn’t they give her a pen and paper and she might have been able to write down the name of the suspect. All we have is the word of a cop and can his word be trusted? Was her evidence, “the name” (now plural, names), taped? Was the cop wearing a camera? If not, should there be a lie detector test given to the cop so he can’t frame someone like they did to the CIA and State Department people involved in Benghazi to keep them silent. Obviously lie detector tests are somewhat reliable so it would be worth checking and while we are at it give lie detector tests to the policemen involved in the death of Mr. Garner and try to find out what the heck the cops were thinking and why they didn’t give resuscitation and why they didn’t uncuff him and what was he accused of before they handcuffed him? I think lie detector tests might be helpful. I don’t think anal torture is necessary in this case. The only motive so far that we have in the case of Jessica Chambers is littering. Could the politically correct have gone over the bend? Could that be the motive for Mr. Garners killing? The cop said it wasn’t for breaking up the fight but for something else and they sure didn’t act human so could be programmed for that kind of insanity. And shouldn’t they have to admit what that something else was that he was killed for? Still haven’t been clear about that just that he resisted. I think lie detector tests would be helpful in a court of law for witnesses and for cops since they are so instrumental with the CIA and The State Department to be analyzed by juries. Create more jobs as well! In order to keep the juries anonymous in regards to Grand Juries it could be taped and the juries could be covered up to protect them but we could see how they made their determinations and hear the evidence given and not provided at the same time to see if the Grand Jury process was really fair and then decide if it needs to be readjusted while keeping the jurors anonymous. That way the American people can determine if it was a kangaroo court or not.

Did they ever give Mr. Garner his Miranda Rights? Certainly had plenty of time to give him rights, but I don’t recall seeing it.

If Judges, lawyers, and all others involved in the Grand Jury Court System aren’t willing to employ the use of lie detectors maybe they ought to lose their licenses because of corruption.

FBI, ‘Anonymous’ now involved in burned teen case


Jessica Chambers looks like the girl in the van who was one of the lawyers daughter or a friend with her in the van who lawyered the Trayvon Martin Case. I’m not gonna check right now but I do recall a picture of that and she vaguely looks familiar in that way. Now I don’t really understand if she was walking on the road vs in the car. Earlier reports there was a burned out car involved and at the least a picture of a burned out car so was she in the car or not? Her mom doesn’t want people like me to write about her but it is in the news on Fox even and so I felt the need because of the proximity of her death to some others named in this post and think it may be related either as revenge or something else and because it is so gruesome. There are many others in the news but and you can’t deal with them all but I have in my life seen so many bad things occurring since Obama’s administration and it must be related.

By the way the cops in my family feud at my residence

were wearing body cameras.

So I presume the same for the cops in Staten Island with Mr. Garner and the cop in Mississippi with Jessica Chambers and the cop in the shooting of Michael Brown?

Were they wearing body cameras? 

Well I guess not. Usually this kind of thing is tested on big cities first, not itty bitty ones. So now they are in a hurry to do the same for Staten Island? Isn’t New York usually ahead of Texas in funding police officers and arming them?






Maybe there is whole new dimension unseen.

Should All Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?


Mike Rogers, bless his heart, said there would be deaths as in repercussions for the release of CIA torture intelligence. I think he meant it.

Punishment of the people, by the people, for the people.

The pressure is on by Fox against protesting the abuse by bad mobster type cops. Why would they do that? The Grahams, that’s why.

 She might have been pregnant. Often times girls are punished for pregnancy. Kill two birds with one stone and use it politically. Anti abortionists. Damned if you and damned if you don’t.

Bill O’Reilly Says Athletes Protesting Police Killings Need To ‘Know What They’re Talking About’

“Pro-athletes have a responsibility to know what they’re talking about before they protest on the company dime,” O’Reilly said, to which Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer agreed.”

What makes O’reilly think they don’t know.
Maybe O’reilly is the one in the dark as well as Krauthammer.

It’s symbolism referring to Michael Brown.

Michael Brown was a teen and he was unarmed just like Jessica Chambers in the above article.

Now Rush Limbaugh of Fox who sounds an awful lot like Johnny Carson is saying the Garner death is about taxes on cigarettes.

What about police brutality? It’s not about that?


That’s what I see.

(Tribulation is Revealing Armageddon simultaneously Armageddon is Revealing Tribulation)

Possibly Revealing Armageddon is Tribulation!

Hummus is symbolic also:

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
Hummus is made from Chick peas.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.13.09 AM

Talking about chickens i.e. cowards and there are a lot of them that turn into food for someone else to eat. The bird of France is a chicken and the money lady of France is always trying to get our money:
Christine Lagarde. I think she is a finance minister and runs the worlds Finances I guess.
She spends a lot of time on the beach or on a yacht.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.16.34 AM

I bet she eats well while taking your tax dollars for the world and Michelle serves what she serves to American kids with your money. IS THAT NICE?
 Man that looks good.
It’s easy to diet when you can eat gourmet food.! You just eat less. Less is more etc.

How about accountability from the top down this time

starting with the President.

When a person goes on a diet they lose the fat (HAM) in the face first, then the neck, the shoulders, the arms, the waist line, the butt, the legs.

Maybe that is how we should go about cleaning up America. You have no right to arrest anyone or hold them to a different standard because of their position in government. If you don’t hold the President to the same measure as was given to Eric Garner then that is tyranny, corruption,

and self destructive

en masse.

The police ought to arrest OBAMA.

Obama gets to break the laws of the land and the rest of us don’t?

Neil Cauto is such a wimp, bless his heart!

Now it’s the Stepford wives on Fox with Neil Cavuto: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, one white one black (of course, boy is that transparent) talking about law students that should take their exams and if they are disenchanted with the legal system they shouldn’t be law students. That is so ridiculous. Should politicians who are disenchanted with politics not be politicians? What about the libertarians? Independents. There wouldn’t be any.

If someone is disenchanted with religion should they not read the bible? What about Martin Luther? How does one improve anything if they are satisfied with the status quo? Therein lies the problem. Can you imagine if the pilgrims never came and all the other people because they had faith in a system that wasn’t working for them?

What about inventions?

We would still be walking everywhere. There would be no wheel. No cars. No streets. No houses. No air-conditioning. No dishwashers. No irons. No makeup. No hair designers. (Those two nitwits wouldn’t look so pretty either and none would want to hear what they have to say and they wouldn’t have any hair left on their pretty heads being dragged away into various caves.) No pleasure.  No grocery stores. No TV.  No movies. No education. No fun. No courts. No judges. No law students. No lawyers.

How stupid. Good dishonest try.

They have got to be kidding or we are in worse trouble as a country than I thought. LOL

Are they actresses?

(If I don’t get my invention through I will wish we would go back to the time before the wheel out of spite. My ego came out badly.)

And honestly if we have to hear and see people doing what they (some bad police and certain religious institutions Notre Dame) are doing on the streets to people and  each other no one will want to leave their homes. Women will need a chaperone everywhere they go, won’t be able to drive, and they will want to wear burkas and habits. Men and boys will travel in packs and live short lives in all races. Girls will have to marry old farts they hate, etc. Eventually no one will want to go to the games because there won’t be any. I don’t think Muslims do that, do they? Maybe in America……for now but what about later when America isn’t America any more.

Instead they’ll have public beheadings etc and whatever they imagine such as whipping of rape victims and possible death sentences and kangaroo courts oh thats right that’s what happened in regards to Mr. Garner….just a step away from the other things that go along in those arenas and only men will be allowed in the seats like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. No beer, no hot dogs, just dates and nuts for after a fast. No cheerleaders. No dancing, no good music just Obama’s favorite sounds. Everyone will be bowing all the time scared to death they will be the next victim. Men will be kissing each other and women will be scurrying around in black burkas with their chaperone scared to death to speak. No more pretty faces. Boys and girls won’t date…..they will be told who to marry. IT will be nasty stuff when it gets really deep there won’t be black men allowed on the teams, no jews, no anything other than muslim depending on how black you are or how wide your nostrils are. Cut off your hands if you have been accused of theft or looking the wrong way without representation, public hangings, etc. Girls will throw acid at each other for being pretty and no repercussions. No makeup.  People will accuse each other of crimes they never committed regularly just for revenge. GIrls will turn INTO MEAN GIRLS. Fun stuff!

We are awful close to that scenario already;)

and then Football will turn into Soccer. 

Baseball will be outlawed and instead we will have ping pong tournaments. I like Ping Pong but I know a lot of people enjoy hotdogs and baseball and then they will replace those with Cricket, depending on what Muslim takes office, his whims, and the extent of his insanity.



Then the elites that get to be above it all will get to wear their funny hats.

Croquet anyone?

SHHHHHhes under the first wicket. Will the ball roll through the second hoop? If Jeb can knock her ball off course he may have a chance, Elizabeth will need to knock Jeb’s ball away from the wicket. Hillary got through the wickets and looks like she plans a straight shot to the 2nd wicket she might get that second point. Ooops she did a double tap. Maybe it will Tice jeb off course.

“May I have a crumpet please, this is too exciting.” “Jeb should listen to his mother.” “Yea but he’s isn’t very smart. Gosh do you think he will hit another camel in the butt?” “What difference does it make?” “Let’s ask Juan: Is it gone, baby?”

“I’m just the waiter.”

WHooaaaa Hillary made it through the second hoop. “Do you think she would make a good President. I imagine it will be her chance to hit her husband over the head with a ballot.” “Hey checkout that woman in the seat over by Obama staring at Bill.” “No silly, that’s George in disguise, the one that wanted to release interrogation torture files of the CIA.” Ooops Hillary went off course and into the weeds. She is gonna have a tough time getting her ball out of that mess. “Check out the other woman…is her lip bleeding?” “No it’s just-ice!”

“Would you like a lump or two of sugar, ma’am?”

“Please drop two in and 3 on the side Just as I am needing some energy to stay awake through the next wicket. And another crumpet, please.”

“We’re all out Ma’am. You had the last 5 already, ma’am.”

“Oh, this is so interesting! Could you tell Michelle to make another batch?”


And cell phones will be blamed

fundamentally changing America

a little here and a little there


To degrade America and it’s promise

And the Pope Francis will wash his hands.

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

Because as Pope Benedict XVl revealed Faith was the new ENLIGHTENMENT. Meaning it was added later to the bible and wasn’t actually a word used by Jesus the real one but by those that divided his raiment as a fad to gain more catholics. Kind of like Global warming, Climate Change, World without Borders, One World Religion, One World Government, World Government with Teeth, etc., in order to recatholicize the world. But it isn’t really working very well, is it? Anyway if you think they will want to leave a remnant of the American Dream….think again.





By the way my daughter got her dog back 3 months later. Isn’t that wonderful? He was “unleashed” but via miracles

was “releashed” and returned to my daughter.

So what does O’reilly U-R-R-R-R-R-(<—–dog growl) think about that?

Release Me by Elvis Presley

So when anarchy flourishes in the USA I hope the government and it’s people will understand why. It’s a no brainer.

Just because they use tricky language doesn’t make them wise. It is unwise to allow a higher standard for the man on the street than the Police, the Secret Service, the Justice Department, and the State Department. It will result in an implosion of AMERICA like a nuclear bomb and all those business men and women will be howling at the moon when all is said and done looking for a cave to hide in just like the bible says.

Do cops need to be coddled? (treat in an indulgent or overprotective way) It’s supposed to be a higher calling, not a handout.

That is what happened to Obama in regards to Benghazi. Everyone coddled Obama. RIGHT?

Hardly anyone wanted the truth or would report the truth and things have just slipped away under his tutelage.

Notre Dame of Paris and the Courtyard of the Gentiles

Notice how so many Catholic Countries rot? Take Japan, for instance, though they were pushed. That is why illegal immigration occurred is because of the rottenness in Central America. Instead of fixing their own country they had to leave it and were probably pushed. Ignorance really isn’t bliss! Teaching ignorance isn’t nice, is it OREILLY or JESSE WATTERS?  What would Father Jonathan do? Why, they could be brothers! I remember when Jesse Watters was discussing Hitler with O’reilly and what O’reilly said in regards to the religion of Hitler and saw Jesse’s face drop as if he was holding a bucket of water and dropped it in the well and similar to when Obama wanted the press to remember his birthday recently when their faces dropped. Something happened in-between then and now to all of them like they were stung and went into shock. Basking in ignorance is what happened as if he is a better and superior being. How much do you earn to bask? Better wake up, shake it off, start learning and teaching the truth before it’s too late for YOU.



Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following:
for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.
Makes sense, does it?
Remember when Secretary of Defense, 
How much would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood,
Chuck Hagel said a while back
“Get Ready, America!” Kind of prophetic. I wonder if he will perish out of Jerusalem? 

I know: Let’s ask Bill Cassidy?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.44.19 PM

Rush Limbaugh said:

“Folks, remember, power, not truth, is what’s taking place here.  People who think they got power are trying to define the truth for the rest of us.”

Pontius Pilate said to Jesus

“What is truth?”

“If you had believed Moses you would have believed me.” said Jesus. “He wrote about me.”

Moses wrote about I AM that I AM as I recall, didn’t he, when the Hebrews were led out of SPIRITUAL EGYPT and then physical Egypt as well. It was called EX-ODUS (ODIOUS). The Hebrews knew about his name because they had been taught about it before they left for freedom otherwise they would never have followed Moses.

And Jesus in the Gospel of John said:
“I Am the way the truth and life.”
“I Am the resurrection.”
“I Am the door”, etc.
There were some impostors then, OBVIOUSLY,
justice like there are now, deceiving. And the Ten Commandments given to Moses said:


Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Found this on the internet:The Ten Plagues each attacked a specific key god. of Egypt,

forcing the Egyptians to acknowledge that there was a God superior to theirs’.



Beck Says His Position on the Garner Verdict Will Likely Surprise Some:

‘It’s Obscene’

I don’t have faith in the Grand Jury business in America for one thing no one is held accountable for their decisions because OF ANONYMITY and that makes for a possible bad equation and temptation to be abused by mob type pressure on the witnesses in the Grand Jury WHO KNOW WHO THE WITNESSES AND THE JURY ARE VIA THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE GRAND JURY COURT SYSTEM. OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE. ALL IT TAKES IS HEARING DEVICES OR A PHONE CALL TO FIGURE IT OUT. NSA? (OR ANY OTHER NEFARIOUS ORGANIZATION SUCH AS THE PRIESTHOOD OF ROME)

So there may be a mob presence in that arm of the Grand Jury Court system in the USA. Greta Van Susterne has faith in Grand Juries and so far I’m not impressed with her track record in regards to knowing what is true or false. She also travels often with Franklin Graham, bless his heart, (Son of Billy Graham, The Samaritans Purse, and the BGEA and brought Ebola to America) who is involved in some nefarious deals. I don’t think Grand Juries have a very good track record so far. Possibly it is a pit fall of the Court System in America and may need to be tossed out the door. Plus if Greta is involved with Franklin Graham it’s is probably a system he prefers as well because it is anonymous and can be abused by the mob and the bad cops working with the mob (which also harms good cops and good people) and the Grand Jury system isn’t held accountable for their decisions and they should be. But I can see why Franklin Graham and his friends might find it False Prophetible and profitable. Didn’t he say he was being harassed by the IRS after a bunch of people started having IRS trouble in the Republican Party. I highly doubt it was similar trouble more like a cover like you would for a spy. Mike Rogers of the House investigations also trying to cut off the investigation of Benghazi is a spy. It’s not like they are gonna tell you they are helping Obama. Spies don’t do that but instead they try to appear like their adversary to blend in. That’s what the leopard references are about in the bible. Does a leopard change his spots? That is why the warnings about false Jesuses and how many have we seen? I haven’t heard about any except within the bible.

The cops once they had the handcuffs on Mr. Garner he should have been released from their grasp, their weight, their hold etc and given mouth to mouth resuscitation etc. Did they try? How about the throat maneuver when someone is choking. Could be he had something in his mouth when they choke held him. The Heimlich maneuver. If you are gonna choke hold someone shouldn’t you have the wherewithal to do the Heimlich maneuver and then if that doesn’t work do a Tracheotomy just in case something was obstructing his air waves.  I think someone intended him to die not necessarily the choke holder but someone should have been supervising and acting responsible. Looks like it might have been a mob hit, revenge, and definitely a set up.

ON the Kelly File the police representative on her show said that homicide isn’t murder.

IE homicide means death.

But Mr Garner was alive before the cops handled him. He had hemorrhaging in his neck which may have caused his death according to the coroner and it seems to me the burden of proof should have been for the police to prove Mr. Garner was hemorrhaging in his neck before they choke-holded him.

Hence it was at the least… manslaughter.

Once Mr. Garner was under their control (HEAD ON THE PAVEMENT.)


It was their responsibility to keep him alive and they didn’t keep him alive hence it is definitely negligence and possibly with an INTENT TO KILL. THE MOTIVE COULD BE MANY!



Anyone can write that kind of shit without meaning it. Just call your priest and cult leader or copy their notes in the past or go to hallmark card section at your local drug store. The police man choke holder probably enlisted the help of Father Jonathan of Fox News to write his regards to the family.

They ought to start over in the Grand Jury with the Garner Case so that the choke holder can face charges, not just his backup, to teach other cops about abuse of the public. Instead they are gonna let him off and charge nominal charges against the other cops which is totally STUPID and I don’t think it will satisfy anyone except those that don’t care about the truth, which are a lot of people and will satisfy those that like to play games in regards to justice so they may continue to use individuals that they can single out as an example for the public to bow down to tyranny and again as I have said over and over again to create a diversion for Obama and his thugs. They kill for diversion which is as bad as it gets and needs to be rectified by not allowing these games to continue because they will continue as long as Obama is allowed to continue his

abomination of desolation, bless his heart. 

The police representative on the Kelly File was IMO trying to circumvent the truth when answering the questions posed by Megyn Kelly which was pretty detailed and answer her with a trick, by saying homicide is not murder, but you can’t have it both ways because manslaughter is murder, isn’t it? according to the internet it is less culpable than murder but it is killing. So they are guilty of killing Mr. Garner with deadly force i.e. they are guilty of manslaughter and should be charged with it unless they can prove he was hemorrhaging before they held him down on the pavement. Unless the hemorrhaging occurred because they were trying to save his life which so far isn’t the case.

It’s like saying that I was not assaulted by my ex even though there was hemorrhaging in my arm, though it was not deadly force because I lived however I didn’t have hemorrhaging in those places before the assault and the bruises appeared after the assault.

If they weren’t intending to bring him down physically why were there so many cops around him? 

Looked like there were about a dozen of them. If this had occurred with 2 or three cops it might be believable but I saw a lot of cops uniformed and in drag who ambushed him immediately. Didn’t really talk for very long that I could see (maybe a second or two) to get behind him because his back was close to a wall and basically caught him off guard on purpose to choke hold him. Why not have someone use tact and diplomacy such as those guys that do that for police departments instead they brought a little army. That is INTENT.

Just for trying to trick Megyn Kelly by the Police Representative for Fox News ought to also be sued by the family of Mr. Garner as well for complicity to deceive about a wrongful death which means Fox News might be held accountable as well, except of course, Megyn Kelly, who uncovered without maybe realizing the deception of the Police Force in Staten Island. In other words, she did a great job!

So manslaughter occurred by recklessness and negligence at the least and with intent more than likely since they have attempted to lie about it to the public with a straight face and it seems to me that is intentional. Why try to trick Megyn Kelly and her public forum with word games unless you have something to hide?

Is he their spokesman? Who pays him? Fox News? The Police Department? That ought to be investigated.

When a person can’t breath they naturally struggle so that is no excuse for not loosening up their hold on Mr. Garner. When he said the first time I can’t breath they should have backed off his neck and chest and the places that are affected by the breathing organs of the human body including his stomach and back. The second time he said it I think proves the police are to blame for his death. Whether it was a neck hold or head lock is semantics as well…..IF he couldn’t breathe it obviously was neck hold. Since he had hemorrhaging there as well proves it and the lies prove that it was intentional, still.. Little cocks and another diversion for Obama and his administration and a way to help the DOJ look good trying to help the african americans by killing them.

Too bad George Zimmerman wasn’t there with his fire extinguisher!

Bo Dietl, bless his heart, a thuggish and duh detective of Fox News (sounds like Bo Diddley a blues guitarist who I think sold his soul to the devil for talent, as I recall) says he has taken down dozens of guys with the same technique and they didn’t die and said that there was not an intent to kill this man. How does he know whether there was not intent? IS he another Chuck Hagel never questioning the motives of our leader Obama and his thugs which might include the mob within the police force for the death of Eric Garner? There may have been a motive and it may be related to the mob within our Police Departments in the USA. Secret organizations causing havoc on legitimate organizations to cause trouble and to kill and to distract

because of Benghazi

for Obama.

Similar in a way to what occurs in the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew

(the trickery that is.) And in those Synoptic gospels Jesus, the false Jesus, gloats and mocks about the destruction caused to people and to their government and religious organizations etc especially in the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew.

If Eric Garner was guilty of selling cigarettes without taxation shouldn’t this have been handled a different way such as a summons involving the IRS. If the businesses around there were upset because his cigarettes were cheaper they should have lowered their prices and he would not have had to pay with his life. He probably would have found another corner to hang out in and sell his cigarettes. SO the businesses that urged the police to go after a man on the street trying to make money selling a legal product probably because he was not hired or given an opportunity in the business world to make a living because we are in tribulation which talks about those that are left out of the market purposefully, aren’t they kind of responsible for his death as well?

Is this a cigarette fixed rate and tax rate kind of war against freelancers? Like the war against the self employed? A Catch-22 kind of tactic against the common man, damned if you do and damned if you don’t?

It is morally wrong and could have been a good ending to that story such as the tea party many years ago. Independence, etc. Maybe it still could though it won’t bring him back so we hope that he gets that chance with God. But in the meanwhile why not throw a bunch of tea in the harbor or something like that. In other words, a tax revolt. An IRS revolt. A mob revolt. etc! How about throwing the cell phone products in the harbor for freedom? Seems to me that is what was given as a bribe and the very thing entrapping them as well using a tracking ap to find targets to martyr for various abominable reasons .

The Tea Party ought to stand up for Eric Garner because that is what the Tea Party is supposed to represent.

What would Ted Cruz do? What would Sarah Palin do? etc, So far nothing.

Or are you a bunch of chicken feet as well. Not very impressive, so far, in responding to the latest tricks by the Obamas and his army.

Wasn’t tea considered to be a contraband in days of old because of the caffeine?

The businesses in the area should have just lowered their prices on their cigarettes and would have accomplished a lot more and would not be responsible for his death.

A MESSAGE TO Eric Holder:

Good Luck with your asparagus!

It really doesn’t profit to abide and comply with OBAMA,  does it? 

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world (that is dying) and lose his own soul?

The answer is you gain nothing in other words you lose it all. Check mate.

And another reason is they aren’t his to begin with.

King James Bible
His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed:

Now the EX says he won’t evict me if I don’t charge him with assault. How sweet. The EX wants to get our daughter to attain her GED. So I’m supposed to allow him to take my parenting rights away, undermine my parenthood, he is controlling his daughter using the cell phone, slept with her for months, and if I pick up his cell phone off the table I deserve to be assaulted and he said he apologized for it though not sincerely. Told me that the three cops want him to evict me. Is this insane or what? So I’m going to get him to write a note about it and sign it and then charge him with assault. He says he is sorry and won’t do it again LOL but won’t sign a note promising anything and I have to take his word for it even after he promised to God and swore to God and signed that I could control the cell phone when my daughter was acting bad and had her sign it as well. Then told me he doesn’t believe in God afterwards and then denied he said that and then just told me he will charge me with threatening his life when I said if something happens to my daughter such as being at a concert down town till 3 in the morning at 16 years of age on a school nite that I would kill him. Even though he promised to pick her up earlier and then lied and didn’t. He is impossible and deserves to lose everything. And he wonders why his daughter doesn’t believe in God. Deep inside I think she does because she lived through a car collision that didn’t occur with me and knows it was a miracle but it is hard to perceive it over time. But I keep reminding her so she won’t forget. He is intent on burying me. But I’m hoping he doesn’t get to and I don’t want to bury him (let the dog eat him—-I bet the dog has never had frog legs) I just want to walk out with everything I want.


The clue of the young man (I did not know him but knew of him and don’t even know what he looked like, his age, or his name but heard about this through another person) who was gonna be an engineer (designer) that jumped off a building/balcony in Chicago to his death had to do with is clothing. Most people when they put on their socks and shoes put their socks on first then their shoes. He only had a sock and shoe on one foot. Pretty big clue isn’t it that he was murdered? So he had good reason to be paranoid. He was from Richmond, Texas. That came out wrong. It isn’t because he was from Richmond Texas that he was paranoid but because he ended up on the street dead and it shouldn’t have happened.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.19.00 AM

Did the dog tell Al Qaeda the Seals were nearby?

Blaming a dog for a botched rescue mission that was meant to fail.

Absurd. Has Al Qaeda learned what BARK means?

I think the dog is repentant.

‘I Don’t Want to Deal With This Nonsense’: What a 10-Year-Old Girl Had to Say About Common Core Left Parents Cheering

Pretty cute speech. Honest to goodness I don’t think they know what that question means either because they have lost their minds. Jeb bush is for Common Core but I think he has lost his mind as well. His mother urged him not to run for the Presidency of the USA a while back but he is gonna try anyway. I remember his big mistake in Florida was a woman on life support and her family wanted to keep her alive however her husband desired that she would be able to die with no help from him I’m sure. Just kidding. I think he is why she was on life support to begin with and wanted to finish the job. Somehow he won and she was starved to death. Remember? For some reason the press are saying that Jeb Bush was for the dying girl, but I don’t think so. Governors give stay of executions to prisoners on death row and in essence she was a prisoner on death row and he could have stopped it for her family, IMO. Terry Shiavo was her name, I think. Jeb Bush made a decision of some kind regarding her death and I don’t think it was the right one hence I think he would make a lousy President. (Reminds me of the Father Jonathan on Fox trying to pressure a woman to give up on her child recently even after she felt her daughter’s hand in her hand move.) I think Roman Catholics want to decide who lives and who dies in this country and I don’t think it is wise not one smidgeon or one iota. The family of Terry Shiavo the Shindlers (remember Shindler’s List?) were devastated by watching their daughter die by starvation I think and we certainly don’t need more of that in our country. Seems to me we have our hands full of devastation with Obama and need someone with a bit more depth. He seems like a nice guy but I think something is missing in him, a conscience perhaps, that he would consider himself worthy and also the fact that he supports Common Core kind of proves it, doesn’t it? Anyway I don’t think he is wise enough and doesn’t have the right attitude about people in hospitals on feeding tubes and I think someone may be rewriting history for his sake about the Shiavo case as well as lying for Hillary Clinton. PROBABLY BECAUSE HE IS ROMAN CATHOLIC AND HILLARY IS A JESUIT OR WHY WOULD O”REILLY BE PUSHING HER FOR THE PRESIDENCY WHENEVER HE CAN: THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS MAY BE JEB BUSH BECAUSE HE MADE A MISTAKE BUT DO WE NEED THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS OR CAN WE FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO RUN FOR THE PRESIDENT?


There are 26 letters in the alphabet or 27 if you count zed, so can we get past the “C” or is Iran making the choices for us?

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 2.21.43 PM

Common Core stinks to high heaven and needs to be tossed out as a real loser of an idea and since I heard that the teachers faculty and students were very unhappy CRYING ALL THE TIME AT ONE POINT and I heard this twice from a teacher and a student on two different occasions about it and it should not be forced on the public school system to program them into mindless nymphs. The question posed and recited by the student in this article proves that the program is beyond the pale, otherworldly, psychotic, deranged, etc. And if Jeb Bush supports it he too is a mindless nymph. I suppose he likes the school lunches designed by Michelle as well? IF so he is possessed by Michelle and needs to retire and leave the American people alone so they can clean up the mess left behind by the Obama administration and so the Republicans can find a more suitable candidate that understands all of the above..

Pope Francis’ Quote of the Day:

“God Has Bestowed on Me a Healthy Dose of Unawareness”

Me thinks this is unrepentant!

His own family lost their lives in a car wreck recently because of his God and his lack of awareness. He mocks and he doesn’t care about his own family.  He wants to come to America and recently was poopooed by another country that doesn’t want him to visit. Why would anyone want him to vist their country . He’s a fool.

There is a  lesson about a fool in the bible, but I bet he didn’t read about it. If he did he didn’t take it to heart. It was about a rich man. He only had so much time left and squandered it being unaware and evil.


I think the horses bridle 1600 cubits revelation and the vatican revelation is around the corner.

Obama quotes nonexistent Bible verse in immigration speech

Talks about Christmas and reflecting on the strangers in our midst such as the three kings and/or the three wise men.

Why would we do that?

They came on three camels. Maybe he is referring to the camels.

Why not reflect on Benghazi, instead?

The very thing Obama doesn’t want to be remembered or why go to so much trouble to hide, distance, confuse, lie, make excuses, create diversions, punish, create hoaxes, threaten, etc? Hmmmmm

In my humble opinion I think Angelina Jolie should continue doing what she does cause it works.

She has a new movie called “Unbroken” which I have not seen but will eventually. One of my favorite movies that she starred in took place in Chechnya and also starred Clive Owens called Beyond Borders and I thought she did a great job acting and made it impressionable. I never forgot it so it impressed me. Plus Clive Owens was a favorite actor of mine because of the movie King Arthur. He kind of takes after in an original way Richard Burton of The Robe and others, another favorite. I don’t know if he does Shakespeare, but he ought to. I haven’t seen many movies lately like in the last 10 years except for one of my favorite comedies with Robin Williams touring the countryside with his family in a RV. Seen it before but it was still as funny.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 4.19.37 PM

 No the chinese form of piety isn’t impressive over some nuts unless they learned from the German Shepard dog above. Walking behind someone bowing and looking forlorn is not convincing and OVER DONE. Should just admit you’re an elitist ass and not do it again.

Forgiving American debt would be impressive and might prevent WWlll.

In the bible 1/3 of the world dies all at once and I would bet CHINA is that third

so forgiving debt would be real wise for your own sakes.

Put that in a fortune cookie!

Paying Down The Debt Is Now Almost Mathematically Impossible

interesting video and article and I liked this response:


There is no need to pay off the debt, it’s just a bunch of digits in a computer,

and we have control of the computer.

 Makes sense! LOL


I think it would be very cool and helpful if there were temporary marks of upside down black hearts, red hearts, blue hearts, green hearts, yellow hearts what ever color that would appear on human faces for lack of empathy for instance for what occurred in Staten Island and for deceiving. By deceiving I mean the kind of deceiving some do to hurt others and protect the guilty. Not itchy or painful, just shameful. I think Greta might not want to appear on television for a while if that occurred and might not be able to earn mega bucks in the interim. Then everyone would want to stay away from that person until their marks disappear and they would want to stay away from work or other people till their marks disappeared to teach them and everyone else.

Like a good curse! I think it would be helpful.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.45.56 PMAnd on robots the same.

Angelina Jolie has Chicken Pox after visiting Britain. Maybe it’s related. Or perhaps riding in a plane to get there. She is not going to the awards ceremony on Friday for her project that took a couple years. Stress could be involved but chicken pox is contagious so more than likely she caught it from someone else. It seems related to some distaste for her art recently and would not surprise me retaliating against her to punish her. That’s my opinion. Bioterrorism. Also recently in a small car accident/mishap all which can trigger and affect one’s nerves.

When my sister had a real bad rash for quite a while and had been to specialists for it for quite a while and is and was an overachiever because of the business she is in requires and required too much sometimes such as over catering to clients who are sub human, she tried a topical ointment called biofreeze (or similar product) and it helped with itching, cooled her skin, and she overcame whatever it was that had attacked her quickly after that.

Sometimes those specialists can’t see the forest for the trees.

Hope she recovers super fast, maybe in time for the awards event.

From a Monty Python skit:

A wafer thin mint.  Sir, it’s only a tiny little thin one, it’s only a wafer thin, just, just one, just the one, bon appetite…..



The cops could have driven him to hospital but they didn’t using their sirens. They used to do that for a woman having a baby or emergencies such as this. But at least they tried to calm him down on the winter snow wherever this occurred. Did he eat chinese food? MSG a flavor enhancer used at some restaurants mostly chinese and probably Sushi bars is bad for asthmatics. REAL BAD. The ambulance makes it but supposedly he dies anyway. Wonder how hard the ambulance attendants worked?  Who knows. Seemed kind of weird after the Garner incident to have this on Alex Jones, if it is true. The woman seemed like she was acting and not very well so it is debatable whether this incident is a put on to mock the death of Mr. Garner.

 But there are no guarantees and insurance sure wouldn’t have helped him, if it is true, would it?

Not even the Obama Care tax/insurance.

It wouldn’t surprise me. It was, after all, a police camera that recorded the incident. DUH .

IF you had done a better job of policing yourselves and held bad cops accountable this little man’s complex police war wouldn’t be occurring. It’s like the doctors protecting other doctors and religious leaders protecting other religious leader and it started with Billy Graham’s ministers pact.



Arf arf, bark, bark, ruuf roof.

Kibbles and  Bits, kibbles and bit, I want to have my kibbles and bits!

 Something happened to cops sometime or other to dumb them down. Maybe they ate the communion wafer laced with Devil’s Breath (scopolamine) at church? Who knows. It was used in the assassination of JFK at breakfast before his homicide/killing. Jackie Kennedy eyes the flowers, licks at the flowers with her familiar tongue, and JFK cried. Maybe they add it to dunkin’ donuts too. Notice how there always seems to be a dunkin’ donuts near cop stations because they work a lot of funny hours and it would be a great way to manage them.

When I almost died the second to last meal I had was a fast food seafood restaurant and soon after my 21 day hospital stay it went out of business just like that. I noticed.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.14.56 PM

The Pope is grappling with the concepts of whether animals/pets go to heaven. It’s a tough call. Anyway earlier he thought they did and even Episcopals had pets indoctrinated, but the Pope doesn’t know because he hasn’t been to heaven yet. I think pets go to heaven and are a very instrumental tool for teaching kids and adults about love and caring. Comparing to my neighbor once who put broken glass in between our fences where her dog and my daughters dog would meet and yap at each other hoping I guess that my dog would get cut. Perhaps it was mistake while she was mowing and found glass, which is possible. Another neighbor or his friends shot my dog Buck during a brawl about a girlfriend in the back driveway next to our house who had been or was being abused by her boyfriend. They were partying and drinking and via their argument sticking up for the girl shots were fired and the neighbors reacted to shots hitting their houses and windows and I think they shot back. We didn’t know he had been shot though we heard a dog yelp so I checked on both my dogs and they came to me and seemed fine and he died a while later a week or so later. I didn’t see any blood and he had been hit in the elbow eventually we saw puss and swelling and noticed weakness and took him to the vet. One guy was treated at the hospital with a wound to the arm and I don’t think anyone was prosecuted. Dogs hide their pain pretty well. His neck was so big and his head was smaller that I could barely put a collar on that worked. Soon after Buck died my daughter and I were on the way probably to the store one night and came across 2 loose black labs (one that looked like Buck) and turned around to check it out and could only find one and took him home and found his owner a few days later. Kind of a sign to me and made me feel better about Buck. During his life with us I would give the dogs chewies and treats from time to time and he never got to keep his treats and chewies because the female German Shepherd, Lady, would hide them because thats their nature to gather and hide treats (for another day like squirrels and their nuts), like Easter eggs, but he didn’t have a basket, so he is probably in a better place now. Another german shepherd I knew used to steal things out of cars like shoes. Her name was NONAME. I think it is indian name for no name. Which reminds me of a few posts based on the Synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) that I wrote a while back:

Salute No Man  and    Tell No Man

While I didn’t charge assault because of the ramifications to me and my daughter I did file a complaint on the Police Officer. It was a really good complaint and took about 6 pages to write. My handwriting suffered because I’m used to a keyboard but if insults could kill……Put it another way he won’t need a fig leaf. LOL

I’m on a diet now LOL (Except for that coka cola gesture) That’s what you get for complaining, I guess. I probably could lose a few so I’ll just handle it. What one does for evil ….can also yield some good. The mind of a catholic non believer is pretty transparent. Then offers Chinese food. .WHOAAAAAAA that’s sublime.. He doesn’t read my prolific writing so how he came up with that option is really weird. He is playing WOW on the computer maybe that’s how.

The font that could help dyslexics read better

This article is kind of cool if it is true.

Please read, if you please and if you don’t say please:

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

Here is the start of the JFK assassination coverage by CBS that I transcribed and examined with a perspective that seems to have been ignored which I think is germane to what is occurring these days within the political and religious arena and might open a few eyes to the importance of being earnest. I’m not joshing. I hope you check it out. I did it twice because I had missed so much the first time around.

CBS News and JFK

Lots more posts on

Merangue’s Blog


The forgotten first president (Hint: It wasn’t George Washington)

I had no idea and was not taught this, but it is kind of interesting.

I guess Barack Obama wasn’t the 44th President after all.

Scalia: I think if someone planted a nuclear bomb in a city and I knew who it was I would print out the national debt in dollars and give it to them right away and see what happens.

If not now, when?


Comments are very interesting and worth reading.

President Obama and George Clooney Speak Out Against Sony

Canceling ‘The Interview’

With the news that the FBI is now officially linking the hacking to North Korea, a country that’s been expressing their support for the crimes and threatening physical harm to the U.S. if the film was released, it’s even more imperative to consider Clooney and President Obama’s remarks. In Clooney’s words, “We cannot be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong-un, of all fucking people.”

Sony’s CEO that spoke about the company talking to the White House (but not the President) on Fox News

sure resembles in a really big way

Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Being politically correct isn’t always right. Being politically right isn’t always correct. This is in regards to Cuba and Marcos Rubio’s suspicions. I don’t know what Obamas ulterior motive is, probably has to do with Obama Care, but the people of Cuba seem to be very elated and maybe it’s a step in the right direction for them not necessarily right or wrong for the leaders of Cuba. (Probably because communism sucks and they know it otherwise why would we have boats with little kids trying to flee Cuba because of their moms in a desperate attempt to live in America especially when we were freer before Obama Care as was the case when Janet Reno was head of the Justice Department – though freedom eroded quite a bit then – remember, but instead was sent back by the Justice Department and whoever was the President at the time probably not to politically offend Cuba’s leaders. It was a Jesuit commitment to punish the people in their way because to Jesuits: the people don’t matter, they are just ignorant, so what does it matter. That is WACO, isn’t it? Kind of like what occurred recently in Pakistan by the Taliban with the 130 or so school children and their teachers because they resent a young lady Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the face for trying to improve herself by getting an education. and the attention she received making them look bad as if shooting her wasn’t wrong which is really twisted instead of doing the right thing and allowing anyone interested in getting an education the right to do so. Like hurting someone for wearing makeup, or for exercising, creating, inventing, or for being smart, or pretty, etc. which is really stupid. Seems to be a relationship – a connection – of some sort. To uplift one person over another by force.  I know a lot of girls in the USA have been bullied in the public schools in the past few years I guess to keep them down so that others may excel in their place. Unhealthy Competition a behavior often seen in cults and also to make martyrs of them. It is evil and maniacal. Tribulation. My tribe is better than your tribe. Reminds me of the model who was attacked with a razor quite a few years back, the russian ballet dancer who was attacked a couple of years ago, or the woman who left her husband who then threw acid in her face blinding her so that she depends on her little boy to lead her around so punishing him as well. That is insanity caused by jealousy and it isn’t a right response for anyone. REVENGE or AVENGING)

The law of jealousy written about in the Old Testament is an excuse for cults to punish and control women mostly by priests and the mob. I wrote about it in a few posts found on Merangue’s Blog called: The Grace of Anathema Maranatha and The Stones of Amen and I don’t believe the law of jealousy is true. It isn’t part of the Ten Commandments either so was added to give power to a bunch of shit heads who despised other women, raped women, abused women, and who worshipped a false god. Reminds me of the zoned out priests in Raiders of the Lost Ark sequel. It is heathen-like and uncivilized.

“Maran the – two Aramaic words comprise the single Greek expression,

found at the end of Paul‘s First Epistle to the Corinthians (1Cor 16:22 “

 Anyway I think what we do sometimes for the wrong reasons or for the right reasons can be handled either way by God.  I think the sanctions were not intended to last this long even though they were the right reaction at the time preventing an all out war. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, not like there is much resistance to it anyway, but a lot of political talk (YAMMERING) on the news about it which seems to be the case on everything that has transpired so far since Obama took the office of the President of the USA.

Someone close to me said in response to my posts said in the past:


We are being politically yinged and yanked. It’s obvious by the choices we have for the next candidates for the Presidency that are being offered and yammered about on the news stations. I’m sure we can do better than that.

Can we move forward past the Clintons and the Bushes? Isn’t it time for something new? Does it occur to anyone that perhaps the world is going backwards instead of forward? Who will come after them Reagan then Carter or Carter then Reagan? Is Yeltsin on the horizon? Then what’s his name with the birthmark on his head? I remember now Gorbechev. How weird is that?

Actually the prospect of a Clinton nomination or a Bush nomination is getting to be


Like Hummus. Flavorless.

The world is full of lousy leaders. LOUSES ARE ALSO BLOOD SUCKERS.

It is unbelievable that we would institute a public school lunch czar, isn’t it? HOW STUPID. INANE. INSANE. RIDICULOUS.

Is that what a law degree produces? Need more cosmetic surgery?

The Fruits of the Vatican

If we simplified and lessoned the tax code and trade laws everyone would probably be happier all over the world. What is so hard about that? Let everyman and woman excel by their own efforts without hindering them from doing so. See what happens. Might actually find new worlds if we did.

 “To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”


 Does mint taste good with berries? Not really, a bad combination. I can’t think of a fruit that mint tastes good with. I can’t think of any meat mint tastes good with. Mint is only an herb.  I love mint chocolate girl scout cookies though. Mint tastes good in tea. Tiny leaves.

It’s only a flavor.

Not much substance. Usually when someone lies it’s pretty transparent that they are lying. So when Obama talks about being transparent it’s pretty obvious he is lying.

Based on the color theory and flavor theory I think Islam is a secondary religion: an off shoot or a flavor created by a nun and a false prophet named Mohammad.

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
Abraham came from the land of UR, land of the Chaldeans.
The woman fugitive in Cuba looks an awful lot like the woman in the pictures that the FBI and CIA
and many others tried to pin the deaths of the men at Benghazi walking with two other men. Weird. Especially with the long wig. Probably a good scapegoat for Michelle, the one that Obama said has the right to bare/bear arms (and a syringe in the other hand that he forgot to mention) his aim in life hoping to disarm the USA citizenry and sicken the USA citizens with crises after crises and Obama Care, of course, to ruin healthcare our great success in the past. Obama implicated Michelle in his joshing and joking by his own words and it looked like she didn’t get it at that correspondent’s dinner. She laughed but was acting confused IMO. Maybe she was drugged during Benghazi? I’m willing to consider that as a possibility but nevertheless would like to figure out why she was posed in front of a burning building that looks to be Benghazi and who took the picture? They ought to know who it was since they photographed her. She had surgery before the second term and the woman bearing arms is swollen in the face from surgery. Now why would Obama do that? Everyone came to the USA for healthcare from all parts of the world. The only thing wrong with the healthcare of our nation was the insurance business which affected the cost of healthcare and gave no assurances whatsoever. Fidel Castro is a Jesuit. Anyway I think the Jesuits are a big problem for Catholics, Jews, Christians, Communists, Democracies, Republics, etc. I know they are a big problem for the State Department and the Press. Hillary and O’reilly. I heard O’reilly say that they are needed for enforcement. Not in those words, but similar. They protect the Papacy. That is their main purpose and will do whatever it takes in that regard. They swear to it. I think the Vatican is their base of operations and where we get most of our Intel for our government. I guess Potus is also Jesuit based and where Obama gets his intel. They make suggestions to him I think daily. Kind of self defeating, if you ask me. I think they are the mob. They assassinate leaders and probably control most of them. No wonder there aren’t many that want to be leaders anymore. Probably why Hillary and Jeb are so popular with the press. Just goes to show there is no honor among thieves.  O’reilly also said that commercialization is a good thing. So I take it commercializing the death of JFK was good? Seems to me a lot of money was made and a lot of wrong conclusions drawn from that event so I don’t think commercializing on the assassination of JFK is/was necessarily a good thing. Commercializing on Benghazi seems to be very similar yet not even questioning the first lady about her part. They did question Jackie Kennedy and she made a lot of strange statements but she was adored by her fans men and women alike and talked like Marilyn Monroe which made it okay, I guess. Jesus didn’t agree about commercializing because he turned over the tables of the money changers. Should we follow O’reilly’s advice? But money changers might mean money launderers i.e. dirty money and not necessarily gift giving.
It might have to do with trying to keep the police on his side. The woman in Cuba….what was she accused of? Killing cops?

Or maybe Obama plans to replace Michelle?

Michelle Obama, School Lunches, and Benghazi

Check out the pictures.

Michelle and Barack Obama with “the girls” arriving in Hawaii

Noticed the film shown on Fox News of the First Lady Michelle and Barack Obama and “the girls” on their way to Hawaii and also noticed the dress Michelle Obama wore with huge blue and white flowers and the little sweater she wore with the dress which is a 10 year old style which seemed kind of funny. Those little sweaters went out quite a while ago anyway so I’m kind of suspicious of the film itself…if it’s not an older film. You would think she would be a bit more stylish than that since she has help in that department being the FIrst Lady. I remember my sister bought a bunch of those little sweaters about 8-10 years ago. Target sold them by the dozen in each color and by now she should have given them to goodwill, handed down to some poor cousin, or been eaten by moths already. Usually styles come back sometime in a new way but this one fell back in style in an old way a bit too soon,

don’t ya think?

2 NYPD officers executed in ambush

Two NYPD officers were assassinated today or tonight and the police, politicians, and some of the press are very upset and it occurred to me that maybe two good cops were martyred for the NYPD because of the past few months of police brutality by bad cops and the marches in response to their brutality which is a good response to police brutality and if you deny that police brutality occurred you are in denial. The brutality in broad daylight in your face brutality is the style of the mob. I think the assassination of the two cops was purposefully done to antagonize the cops and make them even worse and gain the popular Catholic/Fox support which is typical of an abomination of desolation type tactics of this administration. Obamas are really good at that and so is the Vatican. Would it surprise anyone with the name Obama that he is the abomination or is everyone as dumb and evil looking as those cops that killed Mr. Eric Garner.

They said something about the cop killers coming from Georgia but my guess is they were sent from North Carolina where the Grahams live.

Just heard that the murders were announced before the murders occurred using an instagram. That’s eerie. Now on the same show it is

re-termed social media.

As it turns out there is a discrepancy of the time line of the message sent and the murders of the cops and sounds to me as if others are involved in the assassination, more than likely and they seem to be in a hurry making a mistake like that.

Two NYPD officers ‘assassinated’ while sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn by gunman who boasted on Instagram about ‘revenge’ killing cops (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

 I’m sorry for those good cops having to take the fall for the bad cops. It is sick.

IMO that is what is occurring and I think it was a hit, a mob hit, without evidence of course since all we have is what is fed to us by the press bit by bit. They are blaming the mayor for throwing them under the bus. I don’t recall them even acting concerned about Mr. Garner and the chokehold being legal even though it is against police policy and the guy that did it has to sit on the side lines for his penalty? Must be nice to quibble about words when he was killed in cold blood without remorse with a thank you note.

Usually a grand jury has 12 jurors but this time they had 25 ….I wonder why? Afraid they couldn’t get the right judgement? I guess it takes 9 out of 12 jurors but a Coroner’s jury can also be called especially in the case when a law enforcement officer is involved in the death of a person such as Mr. Garner. I wonder why they haven’t tried that in this particular case since it is obvious he was killed by the police needlessly in front of our eyes and because the killer cop wasn’t charged. So maybe the Mayor ought to call a Coroner’s jury to avoid the appearance of impropriety and heal some tensions caused by the police and whoever is leading them from behind.

I’m surprised that all of the above weren’t watching the football game!

Maybe Father Jonathan of Fox News will know what to do? He had lots of advice for a mother and her child about 6 months ago and everyone gave him airtime to babble about it perhaps he could be of help this time as well and of course:

Obama will be making a statement soon Fox News said because it was planned ahead of time more than likely.

Did anyone ever see the movie THE GODFATHER?

The killer killed himself which is typical of a SET UP. I doubt that he killed himself I bet his partner killed him.

Can’t Fox News find better ex-cops to defend the police other than the ones they use regularly, which in itself is problematic. Aren’t there any

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 5.49.16 AM

ex-cops with gray matter left in their heads or did they pickle it away?

Anyway Obama’s veins are starting to pop out.

But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them,
bring hither, and slay them before me.
And that is what is happening because of Obama Politics. It sure wasn’t the real Jesus that said that in the Gospel of Luke so I wonder who it was? An imposter? Certainly not the one that gave up his life for his friends. This Jesus was a murderer and a tyrant.
Justice Jeanine Pirro said last night that she believes in America. How can you believe in a system within a country if the parts of that system aren’t doing their jobs? How come being a judge on Fox she didn’t notice the brutality in the death of Mr. Garner? Because she believes in America? How come she didn’t offer the idea of a Coroner’s jury? How come Mayor Guiliani didn’t bring it up on Fox? He was a mayor. Fox news tying your hands? Or are those important tidbits being edited? These are people that have worked within that system and they don’t seem to have the foggiest idea what they are doing which is why they are on Fox, I think or they have been silenced because they ought to know this stuff and should have suggested it in all their appearances.
Either they are ignorant or the are being deliberately evasive and colluding or they are prisoners of corruption.

Obviously the mayor should be fired from his job for not handling the Garner case better

and probably shouldn’t go to the funerals of the police that were killed.

If the Mayor had seen the videos of the police brutality involved in the Garner case then he has been remiss of his duties as the mayor! so whoever is in charge of overseeing the mayor ought to do something as soon as possible to avert gang war within the police department.

I think the cops need a good Mayor to police them because it is out of their hands and will escalate if the Mayor doesn’t do more to clean up the police and act appropriately when crimes and human rights violations are committed by rogue cops especially against unarmed citizens or people in a store such as Walmart or Target playing with a toy gun. Someone has to rein them in and it is the duty of the Mayor to do that.

I can’t believe that two cops in the same car got ambushed by one person. Very hard to believe that especially since it occurred at night. I think the cops were ambushed by someone or someones they knew and the rest was made up or set up.

I would if I were an investigator investigate who profited or will profit by this down the road with a big house undervalued, trips, vacation homes and condos, diamond rings, investments, business purchases,  life insurance…………

As in the Trayvon Martin case the killer ZIMMERMAN ended up in a very fine living arrangement for having been living in an apartment before and at the time of the shooting and months later his value increased dramatically. I wonder who sold him the home/estate for so little?

The case was fodder for Fox News for quite a while which helped their ratings. You might start there.

In the book of Revelations, John the Revelator says, “Come out of her my children so that you may not partake of her sins” speaking of the Roman Catholic Religion the woman drunk on the blood of saints and reveals her colors (bishops and cardinals) her appearance, her goblet and her pearls, and it could not be any clearer than the red light on Rudolph’s nose. 

Drunk on power.

I would think it might be wise to do so immediately.

Why wasn’t this cop killer who was a known killer/criminal in jail?

I bet the cop that was killed in Florida is related to the suicide at the sub way in New York after assassinating two cops in their car in New York. He probably was set up as well.

As far as the crowds on Fox news shown chanting killing cops I don’t believe they are the same people who were at Macy’s and other places protesting. I think this small group chanting to kill cops was hired or led by someone else but it seems Fox was trying to combine the two. Cops turned their backs on the Mayor in protest so it’s okay for the cops to protest peacefully and not peaceful protesters? They want it both ways and most of all they are afraid to lose the game. And I wouldn’t be surprised at who may have hired them or pressured them and definitely led them to chant kill cops. It sounds so so so vatican like. Union like. It’s so typical to tarnish the reputation of those who protested legally and with dignity for the dignity of their fellow man.

Today on Alex Jones is an article about a Fox News affiliate who deceived by editing a video of the differing chants and so Fox apologized because they got caught and this too is a cover story to cover their butts then proceed to bring up O’reilly’s argument that most deaths occurring in the black community are caused by black on black crime backed by statistics which don’t lie unless the person who calculated and interpreted the statistics is lying then it could be a lie told over and over again. Obviously inner city type crime is higher than suburbs because of the satisfaction and frustration factors. If one is not able to afford to thrive for various reasons they tend to turn to crime. What’s really unforgivable is when people that work for Fox making beau coups of money make false claims and divert attention from the truth as they have in most cases to keep the status quo thinking they are superior. It has something to do with their faith, IMO, instead of being a positive force to make changes that are fair. Having faith in a system such as justice (Grand Jury process) is stupid when everyone knows it can be improved. Obviously a system has to have people involved and if they are abusing the system then the system is unfair. While I think Justice Jeanine probably was a good judge when she worked as as a judge still she has to know that there are those judges that aren’t fair and there are cops that aren’t fair just as there are Presidents that aren’t fair. Defending a system without evaluating the participants and their intent is putting blinders on purposefully to make a buck and kissing ass.

And since no one brought up the possibility of a Coroner’s Jury in place of the Grand Jury that took place in the case of Eric Garner seems unfair. Why has that been ignored? And would there be two living cops today if they had brought it up or had been fair? Hard to say but nevertheless one may have brought on the other and unfairness won which is too bad. I think it makes a difference when we ignore the truth and has consequences that hurt. Now Fox has been blocked off Dish and are upset I’m sure but there are consequences, eh?

Which came first Michael Brown or Eric Garner?

I heard about Eric Garner’s case after the Ferguson case yet it happened in July and the Michael Brown case happened in August. That’s strange. Seems like a backwards direction of events is occurring. The news being the instigator of what gets attention seem to have used one case against the other for their reasons and it backfired….I think. Was Michael Brown trying to bring attention that Garner’s hands were behind his back when he was in the store before getting cigars with his hands behind his back? I wonder did he know Mr. Garner or was he involved in the case somehow? I have noticed that they have stopped showing that part of the video and you have to wonder why if they have nothing to hide? 

Were they related? Was Michael Brown Eric Garner’s son?

Old Man by Neil Young

When Jesus was arrested who was he arrested by? It wasn’t the Seal Team 6 although they might try to take credit for it. I know he didn’t resist arrest, but who did? Peter did. Peter cut off the ear of Malachus. What did the arresting officers do to Jesus? They crucified him.  Let’s paint all cops the same as the ones that arrested Jesus or we could paint them differently. Some put thorns on his head, some stole his clothes, some pulled his beard out, some whipped him, some slapped him., some spit on him, some kicked him, some nailed his feet to the cross, etc. Not all cops are good.and defending bad cops makes a mockery of the police. Maybe they deserve it.

Have a merry merry christmas…….

Off duty, black cops in New York feel threat from fellow police

“If you are not with us you are against us” is very problematic such as explained above and I wrote a post about it regarding what the false Jesus said to his false disciples. Do you really think Jesus the real one would approve of Robert Tilton and his absurd speaking in tongues which you can listen to because it is linked. I bet Huckabee would consider Robert Tilton his brethren. Deranged. Has he ever admonished him? I doubt it.

George Bush said the same thing about terrorism. If George wanted to root out terrorism he would get rid of the false idols such as at Medina but he didn’t because he is in business with those that sell it. Instead he hit the butt of an evil camel.

Catholic Apologetics and Willful Ignorance


False Pride

In defense of Catholics my Ex when growing up his mother owned a 3-4″ thick 12″ Tome representing the bible on her dresser probably with a picture of Jesus’s face above it because she did when I went to her abode and if he touched or tried to read the Tome he would get slapped either in the face or hand as told by him recently. She didn’t dare read it either. They treated it like an idol. They were only allowed to read prayer books, etc. My dad, though not a catholic, thought revelation was history because he was taught tha and it may have been history and it may be on the horizon as well or we may be in it. History repeats itself I have heard because people don’t learn.

Pope urges ‘tenderness’ as millions celebrate Christmas 

Someone need to send the pope some barbie dolls and ken of course. It looks like he is kissing the statue of a baby in swaddling clothes on the knee, I hope. Maybe it was part of a fountain and he’s just taking a sip.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 2.19.37 AM

Bill O’reilly and the Nun with a Black Beret

The first time I have ever seen O’reilly eyes twinkle like a little star in the night sky was when talking to an actress who turned into a nun in her career so she could appear on his show wearing a habit and black beret on the side of the habit which was really weird. Wearing two hats is very strange. I hope we get to see a nun wear three hats on his show soon. Maybe a red beret on the other side of her head. It was as if she were exonerating him like a mother. It was sad and she wasn’t near as pretty as she was as an actress. though I don’t remember her parts as an actress I imagine she wasn’t very good. Now she is bare bones, homely, and very boring. I really don’t think Jesus would appreciate a woman flagellating for the religion of Roman Catholicism. I don’t think God would appreciate it, either.  I certainly find it absurd and shows what O’reilly thinks of other women. He must like black and white burkas and the black beret was a nice touch meaning what ….I don’t know. I have never heard very few nice things about nuns or their character from Catholics that I have ever known except they are pious and think they are really special and they are not special they are ignoramuses. For if they had read the bible they would know they mock the truth. But they don’t read the bible they just look at it. Did any nuns ever compare the gospels? Did O’reilly? It’s like the Justice system, the Grand Jury system, Roman Catholicism is a system and has no value. And what is Roman Catholicism based upon? Prayer beads? Statues? Burkas? Fish heads? Candles? The reason they are so preoccupied with the baby is so they won’t have to discern. It’s too difficult for them.

Compare how he acts when he talks about Sophia Loren, then compare how he acts when discussing a painting of Beatrice Arthur and the young lady on a pedestal at an awards ceremony. He is very conflicted and a bit bizarre. I think he is little nuts. Immature. You either have to be a sex object or a nun but not in-between. It’s that Catholic guilt thing they have that nuns ingrain into their constituents. I think he is impotent and senile.

I remember being at Scofield (non-denominational) church which is also a bible school for a Christmas show with kids in the show and a little boy kept laughing out of sorts on stage (naughty boy) and this woman in the audience (probably his mom) turned around and scowled at me. It took me a while to figure it out but my sweater was unbuttoned accidentally so that my boobs were showing and instead of telling me and giving me the heads up she looked at me like I was a whore. That was a sign for me besides the Urticaria (which I thought was Uticaria all this time now it is called Urticaria) that I was suffering around the same time while I had my daughter enrolled in their church school system and the fact that they became increasingly more expensive every year out pricing me. Turned out that it was the church system that rewrote some things in the bible in Dallas (they had their own bible with it’s own footnotes and interpretations) in the seventies, eighties, and nineties, with some others probably the vatican to make adjustments to the bible I think probably in order to meld with the Vatican, around the time that the Rick Warren’s cult (also had his own bible) started to grow and little churches became a thing of the past and mega churches became more popular with sound stages and big screens etc and McDonald’s and stores selling books and probably prayer beads, icons, idols, crucifixes, shawls, pretty soon I imagine they will sell burkas and habits for the females. I just remember their was a big collaboration of church elders having to do with bible on some big project. (Kind of like what happened to Bethlehem and the replacement theology and the population replacement that occurred as well in Bethlehem. Infiltration.) 

Probably to make the Gospel of Matthew pre-eminent just like the 2nd Vatican that occurred during the assassination of JFK and the purpose behind it, the Warren Commission, same year, same town. Dallas, Texas.

That’s can’t be a coincidence, can it?

Anyway I think they will rue the day they did aid and abet the Vatican. They probably already are regretting, they just don’t want t admit it. Just a sneaking’ suspicion of mine. However, like O’reilly they might get some support from a bunch of nuns with black berets. I think they are jealous in all likelihood that they never thought to read the bible.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 9.31.37 PM

One for aul and aul for one into one big baul of shit.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream:

so aul may be one, bawling all the time.

It’s that common core thingy.

“You can have it all.” said Paul

If you lie all the time and stick up for the lies just to belong

what else should you be? Special?

It isn’t my fault, I’m just trying to alert you, but often times the messenger gets blamed when it is my right and my choice to alarm the masses.

Can’t Take My Eyes off You –

Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 4.20.31 AM

here is another FLUKE:

Remember the marijuana festival in Colorado a few years back? I think it was the very first marijuana festival in Colorado so it was a pretty big deal. Jesse Watters of Watter’s World and Father Jonathan attended for funsies and even ran into each other I guess accidentally though it was on camera and then there was a great big flood. Remember?

Is that a coincidence?

I wonder if they witnessed the floods themselves, as in LIVE, or did they leave before the floods?

And what’s the deal with the collar of Watter’s World Jesse Watter’s and why does he always wear it up? 

The Teachers of Ignorance.

Did the Jesse Watter’s De Blasio interview happen

before or after

the two assassinated cops in Staten Island?

Not sure it’s a good idea to be at anything they attend.

How many of those cops at the funeral of the two cop actually knew them.


Don’t they have to belong to a union? HMMMMMMMMMM

Guess they didn't have much choice, did they Kind of had to attend if they know what's good for them.
(Still like Obama Care it offers no guarantees especially if you are the intended sitting ducks or are being targeted like an invisible sign on your forehead that only the hunter can see as in the movie The Predator in a way proving when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go for the Common Core. So blustering about it all day long for day after day on Fox News ain’t gonna help when it is you that has that little target on your forehead that no one else can see. So quit complaining, it gets old. Don’t change it…live with it. What do you want, a medal? Relax and enjoy it:)

Police Again Turn Their Back on de Blasio...
Cops watch funeral from rooftops as threats persist...
Crowds Line Streets to Mourn Slain Officer...

Ram on

Paul McCartney


Pretty diverse partners that were killed. One must be spanish RAMOS and the other oriental LIU. Why not italian or white anglo saxon, black would have been too obvious. I wonder what the racial statistics of the police department in Staten Island are presently and what will it be when all is said and done? The reason I mention it is because I think they were sitting ducks being that this is tribulation having to do with tribes. I wonder what the religious stats are in that department. Who paid their union dues and who didn’t, etc. What were their records in the department…..were they good cops or bad? Did they cross a line of some kind in that department? Were they against what happened to Mr. Garner and voiced it or did they file a complaint against it? etc Were they Christians and how many Christians are on the police department and how many cops are Roman Catholics? Would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it? Hard to believe two cops would be that unguarded under the circumstances and they more than likely knew who REALLY shot them. They must have known them the assailants, that is. They sat in front of an italian store/restaurant at the time because she was a witness…..How convenient. I can see one cop being caught off guard, but two in the same car? Were they wearing cameras? Was the police car equipped with a camera? Seems very ganglandish. Kind of like the movie Gangs of New York with Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis. Another reason I’m concerned is because of what happened to the population of Bethlehem which is VERY SNEAKY and I noticed when FEMA helped those in the HURRICANE SANDY on the east coast the ones that seemed to be the most pleased with their service were Catholics as if they were served first or exclusively. Others were complaining, but the news stories of those exclaiming about the help of FEMA were catholic. Just something I noticed.  Hard not to notice! Pretty SINSISTER. But goes along with the Vatican’s desire to Catholicize the world starting with the EU. This must be how they do it. Ya Think? While at the same time sending condolences to christians in harm’s way by the pope using ISIS and using those four M’s. Must be kind of similar to what happened in Europe in World War ll. HMMMM?


Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 6.50.18 AM

POPE PIUS because he was the epitome of piety and it’s a pity.


Anyway, I don’t think there will be a WWlV!
So better make your choice and hopefully it will be the right choice. I would heed the warning in bible in Revelation, because it is there for a reason although Catholics don’t read the bible. As the Pope said recently it’s
FUTILE but he meant it differently.

 I wonder how many african germans reside in Germany or african russians reside in Russia or african chinese reside in China? There must be at least a few. I wonder how many catholics admit their jewish ancestry or will admit to it in the future or the past?

I have heard that Abraham Lincoln didn’t really care about the slaves what he cared about was the union because he wasn’t that fair which is kind of fore-boding I would think for Obama. What can you do? Golf?


What say you, O’reilly?

Shall you not know it?

Maybe it’s a curse?

Who would have ever thought Mork would omit suicide?


Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 4.32.23 AM

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. DON’T IT?




2014: The year of police state protests

Remember a couple of years ago Janet Napolitano of the United States Secretary of Homeland Security while she was in charge of it was confiscating bullets and said it was for target practice? (She suffered a broken arm or was it a broken leg during her job as the head of the USSHS. Maybe the assassin of the cops used those bullets? ) Anyway the assassination of the cops and the brouhaha about the Mayor had the intended affect which was to quiet the protests for cops killing people. Obviously a set up union style. THAT IS A UNION. MOB RULE. They use every trick in the book and they learned it a long time ago. I remember when the pope (Benedict) had a huge audience for something or other and it was obvious that it was union style. They were forced to show up  it appeared that way anyway.) It was too impromptu not to have been planned as funny as that sounds. Thousands showed up as if they had nothing better to do then throw their support for the Pope and the church under fire during the child molestation problems the Roman Catholic Church would like to forget but needed the union people to show support even though they had been caught umpteen times in a big mess about children and priests being hidden in other parishes till the mess cleaned itself up and at the same time were dealing with money laundering problems and investigations. Another coincidence is the broken arm of the Pope Benedict at that time. Seems he might have been coerced. They say he broke it in his bathtub but Napolitano, the Pope, the French President I think also had a broken arm, head injuries: Reid (bruised face), Hillary Clinton head injury during Benghazi so she couldn’t testify for quite a while who also suffered a broken bone earlier on, the President of Argentina head injury or anomaly. A lot of bullying of leaders by something or other. Yet Obama managed not to break any of his own bones and this all happened during his administration. Is that a coincidence? When Jesus died on the cross not a bone was broken. Early in the first administration of Obama he was compared to a messiah on Time Magazine I think. Which I think these things are signs in comparison to each other. Senator Inouye (a real war hero unlike the Senator who was playing video games on his cell phone while Hillary Clinton testified before Congress about Benghazi and who supported the Muslim Brotherhood Coup in Egypt and of the state of Arizona where Fast and Furious DA was killed and Gabrielle Gifford’s was shot and other victims at Safeway) died early in the first administration of Obama so that Michelle and Barack could go to Hawaii on legitimate business to attend a wake or funeral in his honor right after Sandy Hurricane on the east coast and she sent her heart or was it love to the victims of that hurricane because of the immaculate heart of Mary. Anyway it worked out just so they could have an extravagant vacation without loss of conscience. Also the prophecy about Woe to the inhabitants of earth for the devil has come down with great wrath and knows he only has but a short space. (Which is time, I think.) A vatican person said that the devil had entered the vatican. a while back. Obama entered the vatican a while back but so did a lot of people during the G8 meetings and since. Pope Benedict knew he only had a short reign for his service as Pope because of his age and Obama asked for more time or space from Putin caught on camera and the Courtyard of Notre Dame was described by Pope Benedict a space of some kind. So while the Pope Francis may adore the baby Jesus more than he should the Roman Catholic Church really doesn’t care about kids or they would have faced those charges and punished those priests and cleaned up their act instead they came up with the Courtyard of the Gentiles at Notre Dame in Paris to punish them (gentiles) for interfering and for caring. Although the mob/mafia may have something to do with their dilemma. The Courtyard was introduced to court gentiles to an unknown god but instead of courting they coerce in order to Catholicize the world.

There is also a Notre Dame in Jerusalem although I don’t know if they have a Courtyard of the Gentiles but I do know that that is where they house the ]the Shroud of Turin or did and a image 3-dimensional display of the shroud. A shroud is a death cloth which has an image on it. I have no idea if it talks but it is supposed to speak according to prophecy it says  should both speak and something  else which is interesting which can be done with computer technology as if there are two. Still it is hard to imagine what this verse means but the “should both speak” peaks my interest.

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

By now everyone would or should have been killed.

Rev. 13:15 is psychological terrorist type coercion to catholicize everyone, like the unions do to make the cops silent when they should speak up, or the unions do to sanction bad vatican policies protecting priests that abuse kids, very mobbish so those in power can get away with bad behavior and make us pay for it with Federal Income Tax that was supposed to be for the defense of America, not the EU or the Vatican or the Ukraine for heavens sake.

Meanwhile Kissinger has taken a turn for the worse.

Looks like a huge roly poly!

Obama secretly reaching out to Putin — using Kissinger… Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 12.27.51 PM

Kissinger was hired by the Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) during the child abuse and money laundering debacle of the Roman Catholic Church to improve it’s reputation, also was Obama’s anti nemesis and helped to get Obama elected and primed Obama, and now Obama needs him to reach out to Putin. That ought to be interesting!

Short but potent post I hope you read:

An Holy Kiss


Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

Police Chief in Peachtree City, Georgia shot his wife in the back not once, but twice, because he kept/stored his gun on the bed and the fuzz in his head (not on it) more than likely caused by a lack of activity, I mean, gravity. It was not a warm gun, but a cold gun so why did he keep it on the bed? Was he born in a barn? Mark Fuhrman probably will blame the wife for nagging or something as bizarre. Police Chief might be the clone of the astronaut that married Gabrielle Giffords who paraded her around after she was shot in the head in Arizona by someone who also wanted to shoot the man involved in investigating Fast and Furious and then use it for Obama’s ideology  the “by any and all means” ideology the same as Billy Graham’s stated purpose written about in the BGEA and maybe because she is jewish and I think she was a threat to Hillary Clinton in her mind’s eye (and theirs) probably like JFK jr was a threat politically and we know what happened to him, his wife, her unborn baby, and his sister-in-law. Probably a hoax like the Boston Marathon terrorist attack by two brothers from Chechnya one who was ambushed and the other falsely accused Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The portraits of him by the court artist are terrible. We have all seen the black bag in front and behind the fence line before the explosion and we have all seen the amputee dropping his prosthetic and  putting on his prosthetic during the filming of the hoax as he is wheeled away by his rescuer. We know that Tsarnaev’s family was being groomed, watched, monitored and written about because of the Turkish foreign policy sect-purp for Fox News Contributor was able to write a book about it so soon after the hoax and their study of the family. I can’t remember her name but I bet she is an Orthodox catholic. She reminds me of one I know anyway. It think she also gave her substance and expert advice about the Ukraine and Syria along with Sheppard Smith. Now I remember her name as KT McFarland. Putin forewarned the FBI about the Tsarnaev family, too, or so Fox said  (the FBI) and he warned the world about the excuse of the Benghazi attack in his goose stunt. We have all seen the you tubes of the fake evidence of sarin gas used in Syria with a bunch of nuns or women acting like nuns running children through contaminated areas with cloth masks which is utterly ridiculous and dead men changing their clothes for photos of poisoned people so that Obama would have a good excuse to attack Syria, though he blinked. It was definitely Jesuit inspired and has to do with Saudi oil, I suppose, and religious stuff to mock God and the truth about God, and Catholicize/Islamicize everyone which is deception since they have no idea what they do or why they do it except to control others and robbing the USA and Israel blind because of that lust and replacement theology.

Anyway we have been deceived a bunch.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 6.39.07 PM

Was it because The Police Chief was stretching his legs?

The astronaut and husband of Gabrielle Giffords did have a twin who was an astronaut, you know.

Investigators: Police chief said he accidentally shot wife

Of course it was an accident. Who would ever suspect a chief of police?

When asked who did the shooting he answered the question with “Me!”


Jesus said “No man cometh to the Father but by me,” and I’m pretty positive this Police Chief is/was influenced by something or someone trying to make some kind of statement of some kind that makes no sense whatsoever in a devilish way. There are reasons, but they still are insane reasons.

This teaching is driving some people over the top and it really shouldn’t.

And still FOX NEWS and the POLICE don’t think what happened to Eric Garner is worthy enough to dispute the police about their brutality but bend over forward and backwards for the police that are responding to police that have been treated brutally as if the gun is deadlier than a chokehold.

Is the Police Chief’s wife still breathing?

Cause and effect.


Ignore the cause and concentrate on the effect and you end up in a quagmire.

Cause…Unnecessary Police Brutality/Garner……………………..>Effect….Unnecessary Civilian Brutality/Ramos and Liu

Tennessee Cop Arrested Twice in Four Months Still on Paid Leave

Similar to the State Department musical chairs, abusive priests of Roman Catholicism, IRS, ETC

He resisted arrest yet the cops didn’t chokehold him.

Policemen are supposed to uphold the law, not abuse the law. Policemen are supposed to be held to a higher standard than the average person. Policemen are supposed to be an example to the average person, not a disgrace to them. What we witnessed on the streets of Staten Island to Mr. Eric Garner was murder and if you can’t acknowledge that it was a crime and grasp that concept then you are an idiot and are setting a bad example and will lose the respect of the average person. 


So let’s cut the crap, eh? Being a cop isn’t particularly dangerous as occupations go

The biggest danger to cops are each other and the union that considers the union more important than the individual cop and of course will assassinate a good cop versus a bad cop if he is a union guy and is willing to be bribed. The union ignoring the death of Eric Garner shows that a lot of cops are willing to accept a bad cop, bribes, lies, and the mob. Thieves do not honor each other so I think the cops better clean themselves up or who knows who is gonna undermine the other. It’s not looking good at all. I know the problem in the past were the judges and allowing criminals light sentences or no sentence but it appears cops are willing to do the same for a criminal cop. If you don’t hold the bad cops accountable you will destroy yourselves with the help of others who won’t buy your silence and your protest except Catholics. I would just not buy their products as best you can don’t go yo their restaurants and businesses as best you can if you know they are for police brutality and the Pope or are jesuit influenced. Don’t buy their books and their jewelry or whatever it is they are selling. Don’t go to their bars or night clubs. Don’t attend their schools, colleges, or churches. Don’t join THEIR unions. Don’t give donations for all their goodwill businesses that are costing other people’s lives who aren’t catholic. Don’t vacation in their condos or vacation sites and don’t tour their countries or cities such as Bethlehem or cities with Catholic influence even in the USA. Learn to barter with those that think police brutality needs to be reined in and that don’t want to be Catholic. Don’t contribute to their power since they abuse it. Don’t vote for catholics in any position. Hit them hard where it hurts them the most and don’t contribute to the federal morass. Not business as usual because that is all they seem to care about is money. If it was their dad who was choke holded to death by bad cops and blown off, as if to call evil good when it is evil, how would they feel? Or how will they learn if you don’t teach them? Tell your friends and family to do their best to strangle their way of death and power. Protect your friends from them by educating them. Try to stop them from dating catholics or marrying them with knowledge of their stinky religion and it’s abuses. By the way they use Islam and its nuts like ISIS and terrorists to gain solidarity for their own religion of Catholicism…….It’s a ploy. Try to warn people and support them when they leave that stinky entity (via divorce, or other type entanglements) called Roman Catholicism. Even those that don’t practice the religion, but brought up in it are screwed up. Try to teach their children the truth. Unless they denounce police brutality and denounce the mob and denounce Roman Catholicism I would try not to have much to do with them as best you can. Though don’t deny them life support as they did to Eric Garner cause that’s just as bad. Not one attempt was made for his life not even uncuffing him and be sure to show the video of it to anyone that will take the time to give a shit. It takes time to learn and it doesn’t happen over night and they conveniently forget quite a bit or deny responsibility. In essence, they are brain washed because it is a cult a very powerful huge destructive cult especially to females which is very Islamic but that’s because they are very similar. They have their ways that I have witnessed even to my kids and it’s a hard battle because of their trickiness and craft but I am still fighting for their future and for their wisdom even in the small ways. Eventually they will see a difference, I think. Political Correctness is another ploy. Have you seen any Islamic people denouncing terrorism *maybe one or two* or denounce Catholicism or have you seen Catholicism denounce the Saudis for sending terrorists to Syria and to the USA in New York to the twin towers? Why? MONEY

Who will launder it, then?

We know prejudice exists in all forms in every race, creed, color, religion, politics, gender etc IT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED,

but we don’t have to succumb to BULLSHIT about it.

Eric Garner was trying to make money and not paying taxes should not result in death penalty or selling them on the street etc. He probably was blackballed from making a living any other way because of tribulation. That is what is supposed to happen in tribulation people are excluded from the job market purposefully and politicians make it hard for the average man or woman to succeed purposefully to punish them for not being them.

If our government was a good government, we wouldn’t have that problem and he would be alive today and the two cops would be alive today and there would be no reason to protest at all. But Rome Catholicism and Islam have infiltrated our government making it hard to be an individual, creative, or to be self employed because they want to suck the life out of everyone. We can’t all work for the government or for big business corporations. There has to be medium businesses and small businesses and independent businesses to work for everyone otherwise we all PERISH. We shouldn’t have to pay some assholes (unions) to protect us from Big Business or Big Government. It’s like hiring a priest to forgive sins which he can’t possibly do so in essence buying indulgences. Did the union help those two dead cops? Not very good insurance, is it? He should have had the right to sell a cigarette, if he bought them, to customers if they were willing to buy it at a higher price per cigarette. He found a market and capitalized on it and was punished severely as was his family and friends and a couple of  good cops and their families and friends. Some customers only only want one cigarette, not twenty, especially those that are trying to quit smoking or that are having a bad day, etc. That is Capitalism and that’s what our country hopefully will remain unless Catholicism takes over then we will have two choices: Facism or Communism. Capitalism will work if you give it the freedom to work. The sidewalk or the street should be free if it is owned by the government of the people. RIGHT? He was one of those people. Do taxis have to pay the businesses that they drop off customers to, but I think they are unionized/Catholicized? Do the customers have to pay to walk a few feet? I don’t think so. Do we charge people in their individual cars dropping off people to those businesses? Why not? Do we choke hold them for not riding the bus or hailing a cab? Do we charge pedestrians for each footstep they take? Should we charge them for window-shopping while we are at it? Should we choke hold them? They might come back and actually buy a product or service. Do we charge people comparing prices? Do we choke hold them to death? If he didn’t have the right to capitalize, should anyone have that right? Shall we all wear habits, burkas, and ashes on our foreheads with a beret for whatever reason? Let’s make the rule that you can’t buy appetizers at a restaurant without buying a meal. Or heres a good one you can’t share meals.  Or you can’t share appetizers? I think they ought to sell hot dogs by the half dozen to go with the half dozen buns. I think there would be a market for that and ought to be capitalized on. Anyway to get it even you have to multiply one by a different denominator than the other, but it is capitalism to use the trick of selling it that way and we accept it. Should they be audited? Should we hire some lawyers for a class action law suit on them to sue them for deception in selling the wrong amount just to get us to buy more? Ball Parks shouldn’t be allowed to sell a single hot dog. They should have to sell 10 hot dogs with 8 buns. They finally sell two piece bathing suits by the top or bottoms now because they found a market for selling them that way because not all of us are a size 8 in both the top and the bottom. or is that only allowed for big business to be creative such as the French-owned Targets? How about american businesses, american products, american ideas and creativity, and american freedom? Should there be independent movie studios or producers? Should we get the bad cops to chokehold them? How about garage bands? 

It is called choke holding our way of life in America one by one. Get in line.

Fascism wants to corner the market.

Communism wants to control the market.

They want to sell their products to you, but you aren’t allowed to compete. Not just in products, but spiritually and politically as well. They want to decide how much, how big, who gets to partake and who doesn’t. Hence you have the Ukraine and Syrian dilemma and the oil market. They like to arrange everything and won’t allow a free market because they are afraid to compete. If you were playing monopoly they would have all the property while the rest of the population moves around the board paying fines and going to jail,  and every once in a while a person wins the lotto and sometimes murdered for winning. It doesn’t work obviously. They may win but they lose because the game can’t continue that way.

At some point you will have the 52 card pickup game or in other words WAR.

Its like playing a game with a really spoiled brat who you have to allow to win all the time and people get tired of it and don’t want to play anymore with that person such as OBAMA and MICHELLE. Now Obama wants to work with Congress. Why would Congress want to work with him? They try to satisfy with the Church giving away junk and the Federal government handing out phones. It’s ridiculous. They are ridiculous. If Fascism wasn’t cornering the market communists might become capitalists. I think it is Fascism that creates communism and the problems of the world reside in EUROPE and many of the ISLAMIC countries. That’s why the 2 World Wars occurred in EUROPE and the ISLAMIC countries, or is that just MIR COINCIDENCE.

O’Reilly says if you try hard you can make it: if you are the right religion (Catholic) and at the right place at the right time depending on who needs you for what, if you are pretty enough to get used and treated like a piece of meat, if your family has influence, if you play the game their way such as fight wars to protect them, not you, or they would protect the border of the USA but instead want to protect the border of the Ukraine for the EUROPEANS and the families of OLD, and the VATICAN, etc. He’ll buy you a HURRYCANE, a WHEEL CHAIR,  or a PROSTHETIC if you get mauled by their enemies and put you on their show for WOUNDED WARRIORS. Actually they get you to donate to pay for it and if you die they will HONOR you and you receive a folded flag.

but don’t you dare sell a cigarette on the street to survive.


He gets to sell his books about killing JESUS, LINCOLN, KENNEDY, and PATTON nightly on his show advertising them and saying with a wink that he is looking out for you. HE COULD GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU OR HE WOULD HAVE A FEW SHOWS ABOUT BENGHAZI but that might implicate him if he did and he knows it.

The problem is do you know it? No, but he’ll send out JESSE WATTERS TO MOCK THE REPUBLIC.

And now Mayor De Blasio is out kissing ass with his facts and figures and taking credit for uniting the Police. What a bunch of POOPOO. Obama is back, right?


Louie Gohmert Reveals ‘Real Intimidation’ Happening in Speaker Battle

“If you don’t win, you’re toast,” Beck said. “And that’s exactly what they’re going to be saying [to those who don’t vote for Boehner]. That’s what Boehner is saying to everybody right now. ‘Listen, you don’t vote for me, you don’t play ball with me now, you’re not getting on any committee. You’re not going to be heard from again.’” ………
……….“Glenn, you and I … have our accountability to the same place. And it’s not to the speaker of the house,” Gohmert said.
What LOUIE GOHMERT doesn’t understand is that GLENN BECK is intimidating him.
That was a passive aggressive threat by Glenn Beck. PERIOD! HE OUGHT TO KNOW>(NSA AND ALL THAT JAZZ.)
Can he be expelled out of Texas. Why not? He is trying to intimidate a Texas politician.
Should the airwaves in Texas be at his disposal? He is here in Texas for a reason and it isn’t good. I think it is called TREASON. He could live anywhere in the country with the money he makes but he resides in DALLAS.




(All is not lost Boehner:Michelle might be a bit more receeptive…now, now that she’s no longer queen of the hill.)

Camelot Song

You can’t have peace and love with out TRUTH!


Get used to war and hate because when the truth doesn’t matter nothing else matters.



House speaker owns millions in stocks profiting from Obamacare

“…….But Hope Springs Eternal” said Boehner.  Who BOB HOPE one of my favorite comedians or Bill CLINTON who isn’t funny who was born in Hope, Arkansas I have no idea if it is near Hot Springs but what does it matter and look what they are embroiled in now: PEDOPHILE FRIENDSHIPS and I bet they were Roman Catholic priests and Boehner seems like he is drunk on hope’s alcohol to me? 

I think BOEHNER head is spinning on those millions in stocks for his eternal hope, hoping to launder it before it was noticed. GOOD LUCK! But it was noticed and that might not bode well for the future of Boehner’s politics and his/her lies being a Goddess worshiper and a Pel-osian. 



Greta: Christmas with Samaritan’s Purse in Haiti and Ecuador

(Predominantly Catholic countries, mind you.)

Meanwhile Greta and her husband were touring with Franklin Graham who recently was a house guest of Imeldo Marcos.

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children,
how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?
If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children:
how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?
HMMMMMMM interesting comparison, isn’t it?
I think Ecuador is where quite a bit of mining occurs for diamonds which could be considered blood diamonds. Also near where those plants are grown called Devil’s Breath that make slaves. Gee I wonder if it’s connected some how? 

I wonder if Greta asked Franklin Graham about Eric Garner? Maybe they can give some shoe boxes to his kids? Do you think it will help?


No one is talking about Mr. Garner anymore. Have you noticed? Like it never happened.

Do you recall what Moses did to the slave master

that was abusing and beating a slave?

Who did God choose to free the slaves of Egypt?

*It wasn’t the Pharaoh, nor was it the slave master!*


BITCHING ABOUT A $37,000 purse


The most over fed show on earth besides O’reilly show! THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW.

Can we go back to ALL MY CHILDREN?

I guess acting isn’t working out to well so she is gonna try directing

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.34.22 PM


 Don’t get me wrong she’s very good at ACTS


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.41.51 PM


She is the most affected person on earth, as well,


artificial, pretentious, and designed to impress:
“the gesture appeared both affected and stagy”
I think it went to her head.>>>>>>>>>>>>
I can knot wait for their madness to end, starting with OBAMA CARE.




Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 4.06.43 PM

Which rends me: What is the deal with Obama’s chin? I can’t figure out how he gets it to do that?

Don’t brownies made by George go bad

after about a week?

Personal in regards to the EX playing mind games using my kids,

so I had to take his brownies to the trash, recently again.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 6.36.51 PM

Ooops, I did it again.

Remember when Obama spoke about something in space and to let it out of the box and stretch its legs? Said also something about it so that the world will never forget. Then during the first administration of Bush the twin towers were destroyed by Saudis with box cutters and planes. Sandy Hook Elementary (the hoax) the teacher who was hailed a heroine for saving kids lives went on a show to get her acclaim and further the idea for children to concentrate on a box when one is scared and at Medina there is a box containing an idol-a vagina in a box. Whose vagina I don’t know, but it is made of metal and muslim/islamic men stick their heads in it at Ramadan after walking in circles for a long time LOL. Could represent the Queen of England since she is protected by IRON at least that is what was said recently about her and Beth-le-hem might represent

her raiment and it’s noodles. LOL

(In comparison to the fringe missing on the pink suit worn by John Connallys’ wife Nellie which you can read about in the CBS series on Merangue’s blog.)

The Dragon

I remember the Queen’s husband didn’t much care for the population of the world as if they are a nuisance and spoke about ways to depopulate the world yet he thrived because of them in many ways. The dragon gives the power to the beast. The dragon could be a few things. But I remember something about the dragon in regards to the throne of England which I think you can read about in the book: The AntiChrist and a cup of Tea. Then theres the chinese dragon. I think the dragon has to do with the throne of England. And that English accent of Billy Graham which I discovered during an interview he had talking about the Beatles I think it was. It was in England that he first became popular. It’s in my series on JFK’s assassination or one of the posts that was an offshoot of the assassination series that I posted and tucked somewhere, if I can find it I will include it. The throne of England or the royal family is germanic. Germany has been the root of some pretty horrendous wars. Both world wars and wars in the past. So the threat made by DOD Chuck Hagel about Get Ready means more than what the average person might think. No Justice, No peace etc. being hustled by the rowdier crowds the ones that use violence, burn down the bitch and stuff like looting, burning the neighborhoods etc instead of peaceful protesting and of course the visit by the Royals to Washington right at the time the NFL players were protesting symbolically. Seems very coincidental and an unannounced visit for the most part. Impromptu-ish. Usually they like a lot of preparation because they are so royal. Chuck Hagel sure looks like the ring bearer for the Queen that was at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration a year or two ago. That is so


Rev.13:14 has something to do with Paul and his travels I think and in particular an island where the natives thought he was God, I think, though, of course, I can’t be sure. I’m just a human being trying to understand through mountains of deception. Perhaps it hasn’t even happened yet and is on the horizon. The Image may have to do with the Synoptic Gospels image of Jesus which seem to be false in may respects since the person acting like Jesus seems to say some really weird things against many things said in the Gospel of John, but me thinks someone mixed some things up on purpose during those dark ages to confound and confuse.

Paul, the Cloke, and Paul’s Guile

These are instructions by Paul:

2Timothy 4:13 The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments.

How could a cloke be helpful? 

As a disguise so he could catch people in their guile. 

A cloak in sci fi’s makes one invisible for a while.

But be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless, being crafty, I caught you with guile.

This is why:

And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

What is hard is when some people use other people to do their dirty work like the pope so he may appear to have no guile. My Ex uses his kids and friends that he is able somehow with the help of his friends and the cell phone to manipulate in many ways to get to me so that I might react with guile and I do sometimes. It’s a concerted effort but it doesn’t go unnoticed. Obviously Paul is in my Ex. It helps my Ex look like a good ole boy and helps to make me look like a bitch. I react of course and I’m not perfect. These are the games of Catholics and believers in Paul. One of the excuses used is IF I DID, I’M SORRY. I’ve learned that a bunch lately. SO I try to inflict it back. I’m not a masochist! I will react and I will not be blameless when it comes to my kids or me. I have been outspoken trying to teach on my posts what I have learned so I take a lot more crap than most people do because we are at war with those that use their means to attack believers and my EX will wish he had a leg to stand on when all is said and done. We are at war with evil and Paul of the Gospels was evil, the Prince of this world.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.02.18 AM

Frederico Luigi (GUILE) Lombardi has a lot of guile. He is a Jesuit and current director of the Roman Catholic Holy See Press Office and the spokesman for the Holy See and is often seen with the Pope and he is the first one that came up with the excuse for Benghazi about the video tape as a cover for something nefarious that happened there. I think he must be the pope of the Jesuits. The Black Pope. They do the dirty work. They assassinate leaders and anyone they consider a threat to their cushy life and they deserve to be nuked and that includes the vatican.

 I hope it happens soon;)

He is the chief of the Vatican.

Or better yet a volcano erupts and the ICONOCLAST  destroys the Vatican and cools the earth in their honor.

 God isn’t stupid and He isn’t a baby. 

Obama used Susan Rice’s substance to lie for him using a video as an excuse and for the Vatican and Jesuits in regards to Benghazi so they could remain transparent, but they are involved.

Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.
He is talking about Paul.
Paul was from Tarsus, Turkey.

In the sides of the north might include Turkey.

Carpus was a bishop in Akhisar Turkey.

King of Jordan sure does resemble that guy in Turkey. King of Jordan was on the telephone with Obama during some crisis recently but I can’t remember which one there have been so many. In the Six-day War Jordan was the country that kind of was a surprise I think. Probably placed as puppet leaders by a certain germanic royalty that recently visited the USA.

Turkey has been hard to please for the Eu and an enemy of Syria and causing all sorts of trouble but I still think it is a puppet government but is used to manipulate.

There is a book called Night by Elie Wiesel and there is a part about feeding of Prisoners in WW11 only bread as if trying to make some point about bread which is more symbolic than literal in the Gospel of John when Jesus says I AM the bread of Life. 

Isaiah 14:13 

13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

 I wrote about the shroud of Turin in a post and about some symbols on the cloth I found interesting. I’m a novice at symbols but still think it is pertinent so I will try to include it in this post eventually. Of course I think it is a fraud, but some think it is real and will go to extreme lengths to prove it so no telling how it is being used. The reason they will go to extreme lengths to prove it is because of replacement theology. The Roman Catholic Church own it so obviously they think they are chosen to be the big kahuna even though they created it, LOL. Courtyard of the Gentiles is in prophecy of revelation and tribulation and that is partially why. Abuse of little baby jesuses. Kind of odd how they turned it around but they have had years and years of experience at diverting attention. So they got two cops they didn’t care much about to sit in front of restaurant eating roast beef sandwiches probably from that restaurant where the woman witness was who probably gave assistance with a little phone call. “They’re here.” It was more than likely a set up martyring two cops for the sake of the New York Police Department and their reputation. Getting a future chaplain was quite a remarkable coincidence of all the cops that could have been chosen to get killed. A bit hard to believe it was a coincidence. Was he gonna be a future Christian chaplain or a future Roman Catholic chaplain, or do they have chaplains? Apparently they do. Anyway the march that was seen on Fox News of the protestors chanting kill cops etc was like a day before the assassination of the cops and it just seems too close together in time to be taken seriously in that it was probably staged both the march with threats, the assassination of two cops, and the threats on social media about pigs flying and the Mayor protest etc and the coverage absolutely astounding on Fox News about it not to have been caused by their influence. This banner is on their website:

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.33.08 AM

 They lost an avenue for their news program lately and this may be a way for ratings to go sky high and regain some lost power and lost reputation because they suffered some embarrassment and loss of pride. All of this happening in a two week stretch? Money being the root of AUL EVIL. Makes sense they are the root causes of what has been occurring between cops and the people that

cops are sworn to serve and protect

and didn’t budge when seeing an unarmed man murdered by their brothers. Not one voice from the Police about the overly rough treatment of an unarmed man in his defense. Not one voice from Fox News either in his defense. Not one voice from the government in his defense. Not one coroner spoke about a coroner’s jury in place of a Grand jury, nor from anyone else in government, or Fox News when that is the other option when a cop kills an unarmed man needlessly. And to his disgrace, not even former Mayor Rudy Guiliani brought it up. Basically giving permission to kill at will without reason and without accountability.

Ain’t That a Bitch- Johnny Guitar Watson

And to top it off I don’t think Bill O’reilly ever covered the news story about Benghazi. He stayed as far away from that as he could. That ought to be a clue since everyone else gave it attention. But God told Bill O’reilly to write book titled Killing Jesus and then he wrote a book titled Killing Patton. Is God on O’reilly’s side? If not, why would God tell him to write a book about killing Jesus? If success be the judge, I’d say O’reilly is slipping, even with so much influence.

HMMMMMMM. I think Bill O’reilly ought to be afraid.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.13.39 PM

If you chase two rabbits you will miss them both.

Tonight Fox is showing his version of Abraham Lincoln from his book Killing Lincoln. I have a theory that Abraham Lincoln’s wife killed him in the theater. Like Jackie killed Kennedy. Under the influence of course. She went to the back of the car to pick up brain parts that rolled like shells from a gun though she didn’t remember doing it. That is someone under the influence even though she was as quick as Quick Draw McDraw. The umbrella man and the man sitting on the curb at the sign when JFK was first stabbed in the back via a contraption in the car knew what was going on and was doing the influencing. If O’reilly’s reporting and his show is any indication of his version of truth then I would doubt just about everything he has written but he couldn’t get away with it without a little bit of truth otherwise none would believe him. He’s a tricky guy. Wink wink. That’s how legends are made like Camelot in Washington during the Kennedy dynasty. It has to do with Catholicism FO SHOW! The end of slavery was a byproduct but it wasn’t the end of the story. Now you have unions who are slaves they just think they have a say. If slavery weren’t a problem in the USA we couldn’t be taxed with Federal Income taxes perpetually. It was supposed to be temporary but in order to keep it the USA has to be at war all the time. Made a business of it for Rome and the EU as Rome has made war a business for eons and for the Vatican and for the Jesuits to keep them in perpetual power. There will never be peace that-a-way. I watched the interview recently that O’reilly had with Tavis Smiley and it was sickening. Talking down to him and the funny thing is I think Tavis Smiley is way sharper than Bill O’reilly. He just isn’t tricky like O’reilly. O’reilly has no integrity and that’s a fact. He’ll lie to win an argument. Anyone who would take a vow to the Jesuit organization (and whatever spirit that is) to protect the papacy at all costs and loss of life, create chaos to do it etc and all their tactics that they employ is a scoundrel in the lowest form protecting evil, deception, and corruption.

I think I just heard that 306 witnesses testified about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination I guess was included in his movie but does that make it truthful testimony?

1400 witnesses testified about JFK and no one got that one right either. 

At least a thousand cops showed up for the funeral of Rafael Ramos, but ignored the illegal and cold blooded murder of Mr. Eric Garner!

O’reilly’s god is not my God, that’s for sure.

And still no mention of a Coroner’s Jury for Mr. Garner since it was obvious he was killed by cops for breaking up a fight. They must have placed some bets on the fight or something.

 Napolitano of Homeland Security moved on to a college in California for her service I guess it was her prize. That same year a plant in Texas blew up and blew up an apartment complex with people living in them and there were others too in our country that weren’t quite as explosive that occurred and I think the Obama’s may have their hands……..I mean ARMS…….. in those mishaps because

“Only Michelle has the right to bear arms.”

according to Obama’s own words.

and then DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ,”How much wood could a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood”

Chuck Hagel warned Americans

to Get READY.

Is this why? Police Brutality?

Jack Ready was a secret service agent that was in the entourage at the airport with President Kennedy when he was assassinated who looked an awful lot like Billy Graham (a shill for Roman Catholicism who sometimes talks like he’s english) except his head was shaved and a few minor things to look different which you can read about in the JFK Series linked on Merangue’s Blog and see the pictures of him at the airport giving hand signals when Jackie Kennedy received the roses with the puppet (noise maker) and whatever it was she used to control President Kennedy’s body guard and closest agent. (looked like a stick or a syringe). That is what Chuck Hagel meant when he said Get Ready, American JUST-ICE or Rather English Just-Ice. All roads lead to Rome etc another false choice.

You can also read the posts linked on Merangue’s Blog comparing the gospels which is what they do not want you to know.

Don’t read those posts, okay?

Have you ever wondered why Jackie Kennedy called John Kennedy (her husband) Jack

and her son who was named after him John?

It’s a mystery to me.

Must have something to do with Jack Ready.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 1.46.13 PM


Billy Graham wrote a book called “Just As I am” a play on words from the bible, giving his whereabouts at the time of the assassination and his version of his meeting with President Kennedy’s son John Kennedy jr who was investigating or asking too many questions about his dad and who was vying for the Senate seat that Hillary Clinton was vying for shortly before he was killed in an airplane crash. Hillary Clinton won the seat, of course. They call them alibis. Mighty Strange!

In the Old Testament there is a part about bones and referring to Jewish ones and I believe referring to the Jews that were massacred in WW11 (tens of millions) even though it didn’t happen because it was prophecy and gives them life (breathes life into the bones as he did Adam and his disciples after he was raised from the dead when he met them though not recorded in the Synoptic gospels because those guys were not there in that room when he showed himself to them) yet Jews didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. So I wonder what that means. They didn’t die in Jesus Christ yet they were raised up from the bones somehow. Interesting! My biggest angst is: where did the word Christ come from?

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.51.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.54.31 PM

Hari Krishna?

He really looks like a former Hari Krishna you would have seen at an airport 20 years or so ago asking for donations, doesn’t he?

Supposedly a transliteration or translation of the word Messiah. I know we don’t have a celebration called Messiahmas. Why not? I noticed that Greta Van Susterne (an avid follower of Franklin Graham) had a show on this week about a former WWll POW of the Japanese and he was given a chance to live via Hitler because he was an athlete and the other POW’s were screwed because they weren’t athletes and surprisingly he was also a follower of Billy Graham. Isn’t that interesting? I guess he was ready:

Because Hitler gave him life?

So is Hitler the new Christ for athletes?

Tricky stuff    ffuts ykcirT

Or is Billy Graham also Hitler?

“They don’t know how I really feel about them.”

So now Hitler is Just As I AM: In other words Just as The Lord, thy God.

Is that what Greta, Fox News, Germany, Roman Catholics/Evangelicals are trying to infer?

Funny because of  the NFL’ers who raised their hands in protest for the death of Michael Brown recently saying Don’t shoot symbolically. Timing is everything. Just remember that Pope Benedict admitted that faith was the new enlightenment at the time it was introduced into the Gospel of John I assume by Roman Catholic dogma. It was in the chapter with the secret followers meeting with Jesus (Old Saint Nick or rather Nicodemas) and also where the “being reborn” was also introduced which is the Crux being transliterated by Evangelicals-ISM (avenge angel) a new faith introduced by Roman Catholicism.

No wonder everyone is confused because it is confucious.

Loyola and all that Jesuit stuff. Pope Francis is also a Jesuit. He will enforce it if you don’t stay loyal. LOL

Peace sure is elusive.

Thank God that Billy Graham and his descendants aren’t God!

 Jesus in the Gospel of John when asked how a person can have life and he said BELIEVE.

John 6:28-30

28 Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?

29 Jesus answered and said unto them,

This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. 

Look up if you like and if you don’t like:

I AM SENT (not the word “cent” as in the Lincoln penny because as you know Jesus said “Before Abraham was I AM” when the temple people got upset which was Romanized at the time because they were under occupation at the time by the Romans as is the USA at this time, hence Obama Care, I is what I is, ISIS, etc) in the bible on line and read the verses especially in the Gospel of John.

Nor as in scent either which has to do with TED (Sorenson) /The-odorus/ pyramid/153 fish and Peter which you can read about on a post linked on Merangue’s Blog.

Benghazi was and is a really BIG DEAL!

Neil Diamond – “I Am… I Said” Music video 1971

IS the North Korean threat more diversion by Obama? What on earth did North Korea do to provoke the US or the world this time? Stop production of a movie? More sanctions against Korea and less against Cuba. What if it was Cuba that hacked Sony or it’s competitor?

Obama Announces New Sanctions On North Korea In Response To Sony Hack

Obama thought we had 57 states a while back, can he be trusted with foreign policy decisions?

Is this a Kissinger ploy?

Harry Reid has another bruise on his face? Last time it was because of a car incident in Nevada on the highway when his car braked unexpectedly ….I thought, or is this another sign of a Ground Hog Day.

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised*

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)



What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

Anyway if you read the Gospel of Luke Pontius Pilate’s wife tells him to have nothing to do with that man because of a dream she had when he was deciding the fate of Jesus. I don’t believe she was talking about Jesus. I believe she was talking about Joseph of Arimathea that just…..doesn’t say man just says just. I wrote a post about it which is on Merangue’s Blog linked below. I think it is a sign for us today that dream that she had and was written about in the Gospel of Luke. Now what kind of a person would want to give a woman nightmares? Someone that hates women. The wife of Pontius Pilate had nothing to do with the fate of Jesus. Real men don’t hate women. Real men don’t want to keep women down, barefoot, pregnant, and sick. Real men don’t entrap women. Real men don’t try to control women or girls. Real men don’t assault a women over a phone. Real men don’t lie to everyone and get their girls to lie in various ways just to be in control or to punish a woman. Real men don’t try to make it hard for a woman to achieve in various ways. A real man doesn’t get others to gang up on a woman. A real man wouldn’t need to. That ain’t no man. That’s a scoundrel, a sniveling coward, a rat fink, and many other slimy things and should not be allowed to walk on two feet and shouldn’t be allowed to have offspring and nor should his friends and allies. Is that wrong?

It has gotten so ridiculous that even Fox news frilly ladies tried to say that texting on a phone improves the mind because of the finger action. IT improves dexterity but not the mind obviously or they would actually have them. But texting at 2 and 3 in the morning for women is good for their brain power. That is so funny. Though they can track you and manipulate you using those little phones to control in a sectual kind of way. Better than an rifd chip in many ways. I would imagine texting is as thought provoking as being a soccer mom but what does it matter what they know as long as they take the kids to the game.

“Who does your nails, jan?”

A Series of Lies Undermines Our Civilization

December 23, 2014 Rush Limbaugh is right: a series of lies undermines our civilization but he’s wrong about the police. It’s a combination of master manipulation type crises. I have met good cops and bad. They reflect our society but are being undermined themselves because of the importance of their jobs. We are all being undermined and have been for centuries. If you read the bible and compare the gospels acutely you will see why.

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

Stange Inheritance

Fox has a new show about to start called Strange Inheritance. I don’t think it would be wise to take part in that show. I think some people are gonna get screwed. I hope the show fails fast because I see a great way to exploit the naive. They probably just want to know what you have and will get it later somehow. They thrive on ignorance on Fox and this is just another way to obtain other people’s things. They made a sport of warehouses with a show bidding on the insides of warehouses unseen abandoned by people that were probably exploited tribulation style, probably some murdered, imprisoned, divorced, gone broke via the housing bubble, and who knows what else, etc. A favorite show of my Ex besides the weather station. He would exploit his own kids just to be a pr…! Don’t doubt the lack of sincerity by the press. They haven’t reported one thing honestly so they sure don’t care about the truth or the results of their lies. More than likely they will have some seeders to begin with (like a mediocre band trying to get tips does) to get it going to inspire others to give up the rights to their treasures. What a terrible idea though I’m sure it will be profitable in all kinds of ways if it takes off. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

Many of my posts comparing the gospels to each other and to the Old Testament and are linked on

Merangue’s Blog

Also lots of posts regarding the JFK assassination and the Benghazi assassinations.


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