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Strange Confluence Convergence Congregation and Benghazi


You have supposedly the attack by “supposed radical” Islamic “fundamentalists”/”extremists” in Paris and now around Europe because of a cartoon about their prophet that seemed to build from a cartoonists office to a printers business and also a kosher deli. Signs flew up immediately with signs Je suis Charlie. I haven’t seen the Charlie Ebdo cartoons but most cartoons are usually silly, usually are exaggerations, usually fictional, from the imaginations of the cartoonists.

Then you have the Courtyard of the Gentiles at Notre Dame in Paris.

And you have the holographic image made of two images from a cloth supposedly made from two images on a the Shroud of Turin THAT RECENTLY was housed and displayed in Jerusalem at Notre Dame. I don’t know if it is still there but was a tourist attraction for a while at Notre Dame. It was stored for a long time in Turkey since Turin is located in Turkey.

History and Journey of the Shroud of Turin

First let us pause and review the Gospel accounts of the Shroud of Turin.“Taking the body, Joseph wrapped it in fresh linen…” Matthew 27:59“Then, having brought a linen shroud, Joseph took Him down, wrapped Him in the linen, and laid Him in a tomb which had been cut out of rock.” Mark 15:46“He took it down (the body of Jesus), wrapped it in fine linen, and laid it in a tomb hewn out of the rock, in which no one had yet been buried.” Luke 23:53.“He (Peter) stooped down, but could see nothing but the linen cloth.”Luke 24:12“He (John) did not enter but bent down to peer in and saw the linen wrappings lying there.” John 20:5


But notice the difference in the gospels between the Synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, to the Gospel of John.

In the Gospel of John the linen cloth was pluralized with an s on the end of wrappings  because he had two cloths on him one for the head and one for the body. The Shroud of Turin is a flat piece with the head attached to the body as if it is one piece of cloth with out a seam attaching them so obviously is one piece of cloth as told in the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew Mark and Luke and hoping you won’t notice the s on the end of the word wrappings in the gospel of John but using the account of the Gospel of John to make it not seem to be a controversy,


Shroud Of Turin Accidentally Washed With Red Shirt

My mother was an artist when she was able and when we were over seas did a brass rubbing of an image made from the texture on the metal art done by hammering texture into the metal with various tools laying on a tomb of a certain english person with paper and ink or charcoal. I have no idea who it is but I have it. It’s a little guy about two feet tall. Either people were really little then or wasn’t really the size of the person it represented. I think it was in Stratford on Avon that she embarked upon that kind of expression.

John Kerry: An Embarrassment

 Son of a Heb

Kerry visiting after the Paris attacks with a songwriter and singer James Taylor singing, “You’ve Got a Friend. ” singing, I suppose,  to the Parisians.


Didn’t Kerry visit Germany immediately after the massacre at Benghazi, Libya and where was James Taylor then? I think Kerry went to visit some 20 or more witnesses flown to Germany which we have not seen, nor heard from since! That we know of anyway. We did hear that some were taken to the Beth-esda army hospital in Maryland probably flown to the same airport that JFK’s body was taken from Dallas before being switched and all sorts of weird stuff. Also heard that Senator Lindsay Graham visited someone at a hospital I assume was Beth-esda which I think one or more of those witnesses were flown out of Benghazi from Germany for treatment and said that they were afraid to testify about Benghazi. And some were given lie detector tests to keep them in check and who knows what has occurred to them since because of the time lapse has been a few years because of the many hoaxes, diversions thus delays since Benghazi.


Bethsaida Julias 

“A city east of the Jordan River, in a “desert place””

Bethsaida of Galilee

“Here dwelt PhilipAndrewPeter (John 1:44; John 12:21), and perhaps also James and John. The house of Andrew and Peter seems to have been not far from the synagogue in Capernaum (Matthew 8:14; Mark 1:29, etc.) on the northern coast of the Sea of Galilee.”

I wrote a post called,  “A Desert Place (a Different View) comparing the gospel accounts written about Jesus and a certain miracle and I think proves some controversies between them that are worth investigation other than style of the authors or witnesses. Also includes some current events at the time that I added in that post because of things at the time that seemed important to add. I hope you read:

A Desert Place (a Different View)

Here is another post:

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

Word play: If you take the letters that are similar from Bethesda and Bethsaida you end up with IE ASS.

On the Shroud of Turin looks like someone took a cigarette butt on it, burn marks anyway. I think if God wanted to leave an image of Jesus on a cloth he might have a done a better job. He created the world, the animals, the trees, planets, stars, comets, asteroids etc. The process to make the image probably involved fire and wax.

We have photos now and I’m sure he would at least have taken a photograph. Or how about a painting which can characterize aspects and feelings others don’t see in a photo. Get Michaelangelo or many artists the privilege but instead wanted a crude rubbing. So that we might recognize him?

My friend the general’s daughter dated a guy while I knew her that she and he experimented on putting out cigarette butts on her hand and arm. I didn’t know him or of him at that point except it was someone new she was dating or had dated. And she sort of hid it but we saw it. Probably didn’t want to advertise who it was she was dating because of that behavior. It was strange that that happened to her or that she allowed it. She wasn’t really a masochist. She was very sweet and very pretty, an artist, kind of funny sometimes, a bit odd and I loved her as a friend. I think someone was messing with her then and maybe she didn’t realize it. Someone off the track, not in their right mind, and sadistic. But I don’t know which boy because a lot of boys liked her because of her beauty and she was petite and of course she had a general for a dad which often attracts certain type people for many reasons. Influence etc. But then in those days we didn’t think about that kind of stuff. Pretty naive in some ways. And military people were not used to living in civilian areas as civilians so it was kind of a new thing. Most of the time we were on bases with each other and not so wise when it came to civilians and all that goes with it.

The post following I wrote in regards to the shroud that was in the news at the time and some other things. It’s an early post at the beginning of my journey but things I found out at the time about the shroud that might interest you. I may not have come up with the right conclusions because I have not seen it in person but did a lot of investigating because it concerned me that there actually was one. Reading it now it’s not that extensive but the links have some good information especially the link that rejects it’s authenticity. I may have written another one about it but I don’t feel like rummaging through blogs to find it I think the link that rejects it suffices.:

The Image of the Beast

We all parted ways physically because the career paths of our dads being in different branches of the military and often were moved from place to place. When she saved me from fire we were visiting a friend and staying at her home for a reunion. I was hungry. I attempted to make popcorn at the house which had just been sold and belonged to our other great friend who was a dancer. Never made popcorn before on my own except the kind you shake on the stove that turns into a big silver balloon but put oil in the pan turned on the stove and walked away. I know they knew I was making it, I think they knew. I highly doubt I would have known the location of the ingredients on my own or have done it without permission. Came back and it was a blaze and everyone in the house tried to put it out but mostly freaking out and finally she threw the pan with her bare hands out the door over the balcony and into the yard and saved the house and those in it. Burned her arms and hands pretty badly. I was horrified for a long time. Years. Someone took her to the hospital and left the rest of us to clean the soot off the cabinets and walls which I wasn’t feeling well so wasn’t much help. I’m sure they noticed because I felt that they did. We never saw each other, wrote each other, called each other again after we parted ways. I felt an enormous amount of guilt. I was pregnant at the time and kind of knew it and kind of didn’t know it. In a state of denial and hoping it would go away or resolve itself without much thought. Trying to comprehend it and trying to figure out what to do and I didn’t know what to do. Sort of a weird state of being and in a state of shock I guess, and then losing a friend and other friends at the same time. My parents were unaware of it at the time. They were unaware of the fire too. My friends didn’t know till I called a supposed friend hoping he would help who was older. And he was appalled and abrupt. He was the guy that dealt drugs to the kids in the same area we used to live in (by the pound) and unwilling to help me because I was searching for a way out…..Abortion. He was dealer and liked younger girls. He had a big beard and mustache and an unusual vehicle which attracted attention. It was beneath him for me to have called him asking for help but I knew he had money. He had had a crush on my other best friend and kind of used me to reach her for some reason before all this happened. He was not enrolled in school. I think he was a civilian though his younger brother had lost a leg while at war. I don’t know how we met but through parties that we all attended. I never told my friends at the reunion so if they did know they found out another way.

That same visit on New Years Eve I happened to have been standing in the wrong place at the wrong time at a party. I had my face swallowed by the tongue of some guy I didn’t know that well that was drunk. I knew him as an acquaintance, but that was it. It was really disgusting but when not drunk he was okay. I probably should have washed my face and reapplied makeup then I ‘m not sure I was wearing any. I was slobbered on which was what my first kiss was like on a bus behind that church that burned down, the Episcopal church. We didn’t really choose that church for any particular reason except because of it’s location. Those beer drinkers sure are sloppy kissers. Which reminds me of the time I was at Scofield church on a field trip and the young kids found a used needle on the bus just laying around. Not very careful. You would have thought they would have been more aware with their children. Like inspecting the buses before the kids rode in them. They pay enough tuition for that extra care.

Before we were moved because of the career paths of our military dads we befriended a cop’s son with light blond hair. I think his dad was the chief of police in the area. He looked like a young Chris Matthews or similar. He had a crush on the general’s daughter. He drove a red camaro. I think they went out on a date but not sure if it went any further than that. One day I came home to my house and the front door was wide open which was very unusual. Never was before. My mom was not home and probably at work. I think it was about dusk. The house was dark. None of the lights were on. I walked into my bedroom and the drawer to my desk was open wide with a huge amount of marijuana in the drawer. At least a pound of it. It was a lot whatever it was and it was definitely marijuana packed like a big rectangle a huge bag. It pretty much filled my drawer which was  French Provincial style: the drawers aren’t that big but kind of deep. I found my little sister there somewhere or maybe she came in afterwards not sure how she appeared and we freaked out and threw it in the gutter outside my home. She used to love to tell the tale about it at every opportunity she had when we were together with others that didn’t know because afterwards I wasn’t sure if I had bought it or not. That was what made her tickled. Mr. Red Camaro with the blond hair drove by a while later which was really weird. The timing. I don’t know if we told him or not. I wasn’t sure if I was involved in buying it or not with my friends because I sure didn’t have a job or access to money. And I doubt they would have bought that much marijuana. They never had before. They might have gone in together on a very small amount but not what was in the drawer which was a lot and finding the drawer open wide was unnerving. The only drawer open and the front door wide open was weird and eerie. I thought I was being set up. How often do does the chief of police’s son drive by one’s house when something like that occurs?

Then when we did finally move I received a letter from my sorority sister who I didn’t know that well saying they forgave me. I had no idea what she was referring to? Throwing away the marijuana?

Russell Brand’s Epic Tangents Leave Jimmy Fallon Speechless During ‘Word Sneak’

Before we had moved another good friend who was also a friend of my other friend was in the car in the back seat with me and my mom and was smoking a cigarette and threw it out the window and said, “Down the gutter, baby.”

My mom was not a fan after that. LOL. She thought she was a bit tough and she was a bit tough, but really cool as well. She wasn’t in the habit of saying, “Down the gutter, baby.” I had never heard her say it before. I think sometimes people say things and aren’t sure where the thought comes from and they just say it, take for instance the things that Joseph Biden blurts out from time to time. My mom didn’t know her. We were a close knit coup of girls that loved being together often and had a lot of fun, a lot of similarities, and not all perfect times but needed each other in many ways for reasons I’m kind of unfolding here and there. We watched out for each other even though bad things did happen in our families or between each other or when out being silly and a bit wild like everyone else I knew at the time. One night in her little car we had some beer just driving around and sang a bunch at the top of our lungs “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,”a Rolling Stones song.

Carly Simon and James Taylor – Mockingbird

What is strange about James Taylor personally and I did like an album or two in his early days but something happened to him along the way. He lost a lot of hair, LOL. But really what is strange is he appears eerily like some in laws of a family member that I grew up with and have been sort of estranged from because of some family issues especially after my dad died. Oh, I get a Christmas letter from them with pictures and a message that both their moms (one of which is mine) are doing well, healthy and happy. I highly doubt it, but I’m sure they help provide the life style they became accustomed to. This person that resembles James Taylor has a son named HEB.


I’m telling the truth as weird as it is without hopefully too much crap. I could say a bunch more but I think it is important to show my observation on this Paris attack and James Taylor/Kerry visit and the other stuff here and there in drips, drabs, and drops because of the sensitivity of it.

It’s od-iny.

They took a family trip in the mountains/hills of Arkansas and ran into a bear, got lost and separated, but managed to escape.

A really interesting vacation a while back.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 12.18.59 AM

The Pope of Rome is in Manila with millions thronging his stage wearing white doilies on their heads. Good thing he can read but needs someone to hold the book he reads from because it is so big, yet he only reads about a paragraph or two. I don’t know if Manila is part of ASEAN but Manila is located above it and near where Obama went recently to the Phillipines to woo the former female POW under house arrest and near China where Michelle went around the time of the pings of an airplane that flew above radar and disappeared. They just recently had a bad storm or some kind of natural disaster. Typical, isn’t it? The guys to the left and right of the pope look exactly like they did when Pope Benedict XVl was in Israel for his big mass. EXACTLY! At least the one on the right that I noticed. Hasn’t changed a bit. How weird is that and they do the same thing on a huge stage acting like they do. Why don’t they haul off and buy a smaller bible that the Pope can hold himself? That way they can ditch the bible holder and save some money probably our tax dollars that has been laundered.

How many clergy does it take to screw in a light bulb?

E = mc2

The mass stayed the same at least in this case. I linked a cool site about this stuff and it was quite interesting and then noticing that the guy on the right and on the popes left stayed the same. That is how it appeared to me anyway. However the pope was different and the country was different.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

I remember when the lights went out in Georgia and my sister was at home from college for a visit. For some reason we stayed in my little sister’s room all three of us maybe for fun. I can’t remember. Anyway the lights went out and we hightailed it to the door. My older sister wasn’t used to the room and ran into the wall instead. Well I might have that wrong but I think she did. Yea she did because it made us laugh but hysterical at the same time. Then we tried to make it through the doorway to my parent’s bedroom across the hall at the same time. There was a stairwell with a banister so we had to be careful in the dark. It took a while to get through the doorway at the rate we were going. Finally allowed each other through but in no particular order just whoever could did. We spent the night in our parents room with our legs beneath the bed and heads and arms on their mattress. Then the phone rang or some one called to find out why it had happened, what was going on and how long it was going to be and my mom being mom said “what if it wasn’t the operator.” So we spent the rest of the night with them. Many years later we were sitting around the table in the kitchen of my parents house in another state many miles away and retold the story reminiscing and laughing about it and the lights went out. My parents were in bed asleep. I was on the way up the stairs and had a struggle with the big painting to keep it on the wall.

Bill Maher Slams Critics Of His Comments About Islam

I take umbrage on insults about Rush Limbaugh but sometimes I don’t like what he writes either but sometimes I do and same goes with Bill Maher. Sometimes he is “right on the right on” and some times he isn’t and sometimes a little of both. This time he is a little of both but wanted to include it because I think our nation building and nation austerity/debuilding is a mistake. (He mentioned AK47s that were supposedly used in France to kill cartoonists and a few jews. The French intelligence and police knew about these supposed terrorists yet did nothing.) Not our own nation, of course, but other nations. I think arming people like syrian rebels isn’t a good idea. When we had our revolution other nations were involved and I think that is a bad precedent and interfering but who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t? I think we are too eager in that regard. It helps to know who is the enemy and who is not the enemy of freedom. I guess it depends on what the plan is and if anyone really knows what the plan is. What are we trying to accomplish? Who are we accomplishing it for? It seems like we are just doing it for some profit and being driven by some unknown source and I don’t think it is wise. That is the problem with the gospels three of the gospels are written by an unknown source or so it has been explained and this post goes over some of that and the problems with the gospels which may be the reason our world is upside down:

The Synoptic “Q Source”

When attacked in Pearl Harbor we knew what we had to do. What led up to it is another story but never the less it was apparent what had to be done. (My mom was there when it occurred and she later in life defended a japanese american woman and her reputation in some dispute among some women although I doubt her friend knew. She was for the most part very fair and I could not have been more satisfied with who she was even with her flaws. ) Not necessarily maybe as harsh but they were harsh to us. I  do think what was hit was good the temples etc because they were very mixed up and in an alliance with fascism. I think it matters to God and whose side He is on. I don’t think God likes Fascism and what it does to the population and certain segments of society. That is my opinion but history seems to concur, I think. So if Americans want to win the war on terrorism we might consider that in the equation.  I think some of the timing and warnings got kind of mixed up and maybe could have been handled differently but that might have also caused  other problems if they were too forewarned. War is Hell. It is sad it had to come to that but they weren’t willing to give up and sending kids to war and doing suicide type attacks, etc. Kind of like today and fascism. When a country or groups of countries are doing suicide attacks and sending kids with bombs on their backs or back packs or strapped to the chests there is something wrong with the ones that send them. There is something wrong with their religion.  There is something wrong with their ideology. I don’t think the true God likes that religion that would do that to a kid. So in regards to Chris Kyle the Sniper depicted in the movie American Sniper who died recently in Texas I think on a gun range (which was a hit but more than likely the person that did it was under the control of someone else) and was involved in having to kill kids that were sent out to kill troops is very disconcerting. Because it makes him look bad for doing it but who is worse? The one that sent the kid to kill troops knowing that kid was gonna die anyway or Chris Kyle. It’s a tough call. Either way the kid was gonna die. I just think the sniping business is hard on the person that does it for a long time. I would imagine he was deeply affected by that kind of policy to send kids to war. I think he should have shot the woman first to see if that might stop the kid but WAR IS HELL and probably that might not have worked. I did not see the movie or read the book about him. I saw a few shows and a clip of the movie and that is it. I think in the USA we ought to have a rules about Habits and Burkas while we are at war with a religion that uses them to  hide weapons to give to kids. I think we ought to have rules about their places of worship as well and should be watched carefully since we know they plan attacks in them and the same goes for the Catholic churches because obviously they are allied. Pope and Imams meeting trying to tell everyone what is good and what is not as far as beliefs is a bit DECEPTIVE and blaming fundamentalists for their religious interpretation of their religions that are bent on occupying the world both of them. That is their goal.

Catholicism and Islam.

Democracy is another bad excuse. I think that should be left to the country and it’s people and not us. Let them fight for what they want betwixt themselves. It isn’t working well in our country at this time, so how can we expect it to work in theirs.

Obviously Communism is another bad excuse.

When the twin towers were attacked we knew what we had to do yet we kind of missed the mark, if you ask me. All of the men were Saudis trained to fly in Florida. So we sort of caused a bit of our own trouble because of our freedom and I think Yea sure Saddam Hussein was a bad leader no doubt about it and yea sure some Saudis were trained in Afghanistan and we have interests in that part of the world we were trying to protect but the fact is the men that attacked the USA were from Saudi Arabia. I’m not an enemy to Saudi Arabia. But they are an enemy to the USA whether you want to admit it or not doesn’t matter, they still flew planes into the twin towers and they did not stop because someone thought it not proper to blame their ideology but blame it on radicals. If they were so radical how in the world were they able to get trained to fly planes in Florida. I do think beheading their population without trials in public at the permission of it’s leaders seems to convey that Saudi Arabia is radical. Caligula did the same thing didn’t he and he was a nut a cruel freak of nature and most people would agree he was insane and radical. Not allowing women to drive is radical just because they have oil isn’t an excuse to ignore their involvement in the attack on our country and others such as Syria. Their oil is certainly incentive. Maybe they need to be toppled and taken over so that they aren’t radical anymore. They seem to have gotten worse over the last ten years.  I don’t know anyone from Saudi Arabia but it’s hard to miss the fact that everyone of those terrorists were from Saudi Arabia so what did I miss in the equation that made us beat around the bush? Watched a video of a woman who was killed somehow in public so it was video taped and she was saying I didn’t kill, three times. I think she was beheaded but it took a few hits on her. People are being crucified over there. That is really whacky. They are radical and are causing a lot of grief to neighboring countries without remorse. Internationalize their oil so that every country gets a fair share. Why put up with their shenanigans sending their insanity to undermine everyone else. Because if recent history is a barometer I think they certainly are responsible for a lot of terror.  They spread their terror via their radicalized religion using Mecca and Medina and those two places ought to be eliminated to curb their ideology. Rein it in. I think it is driving them mad.

For oil you would cater to these hateful people that terrorize their citizens and behead them in public without a defense

How do you make peace with that? 


Videos of beheading in saudi arabia

How do you do business with that?

Saudi Arabia is the Gom-morah of the middle east.

MOG: Ministry of Oil & Gas(The Sultanate of Oman) MOG

Sodom/saddam was evil as well. Saud sounds like Saddam as well

Remember the oil fires? The USA in record time rescued the oil rigs. 

Might solve a lot of problems for the middle east and for the rest of the world. I bet terrorism will be lessoned by about 90% if it is handled correctly and quickly.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.24.25 PM

“The historicity of Sodom and Gomorrah is still in dispute by archaeologists, as little archaeological evidence has ever been found in the regions where they were supposedly situated.”

Maybe it was a prophecy.

The three holy sites of Islam are Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem.

Go to link above and read the explanation about Jerusalem’s site which seems spurious and imaginary. It would make sense that those two places might be a prophecy pointing to Sodom and Gomorrah. Two cities kind of close to each other about 4 hours from each other. The two holiest sites of Islam only 4 hours from each other seems kind interesting. Doesn’t it?

Two very EVIL places.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.41.43 PM

They claim Abraham was here and Abraham was there and Sodom and Gommorah are near where Abraham camped out possibly between the two places. Seems to me it’s a good possibility. Think of all the unmerciful acts that have arisen because of those two places. Think about the Twin Towers. People going to work. Civilians. And they think it is righteous to have flown planes into some buildings. Perhaps they are wrong. Then they send people here and there to cause havoc. People cater to them because they have oil. I guarantee a lot of deaths have been caused just to please them because they think it pleases their

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 4.31.33 PM

Perhaps there were two Abrahams. A decoy. OR an imitator?

Some might say that is ludicrous but hey what happens in war? Do we announce what we are doing and do it (sometimes we do) or do we not announce and use decoys and things like that to accomplish things that otherwise would not get accomplished? Or announce what we plan to do but not really and do something else in order to get something else done? Or do both in order to get something accomplished to occupy such as 2 fronts, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.52.56 PM

 If you chase two rabbits you might lose them both. LOL unless there are two hunters or a mirror image kind of thing going on but in this case ……> Kim Kardashian proved that statement isn’t true. You can chases two rabbits and keep them both if you know what you are doing. I think that adage about rabbits is Confucius type wisdom. It’s possible that Raquel Welch may have disproved that assumption in her youth but it doesn’t hurt to affirm it.

In the synoptic gospels after Jesus dies he travels from place to place asking for meat like he just got off a 40 day fast. 

But not in the gospel of John.

I wonder why!

We also know that the holy books were stolen from the temple when it was destroyed and we know that Peter misquoted scripture at the time as stated in one of the books after the gospels as if it was in one book when it might have been in another book. Lots of shifty stuff occur. We also know that in the Synoptic gospels people wanted to find the baby Jesus and kill him and a similar thing happened to Moses  as a baby or he would not have ended up in a basket floating on a river. So who is to say something similar didn’t occur with Abraham and they still call him Abraham when his name was changed to Abram at some point in the Old Testament. So………

Kim Kardashian Wears a Fur Bikini in the Snow: See the Sexy, Boob-Baring Photos!

Really not that boob baring. Pretty tame if you ask me or I would not have included them, it, this link.

I don’t know of course but it seems fitting. They don’t exactly exude mercy when they could, not even to their own people. I think the leaders are puppets in a way too. Puppets of who. HMMMMM You would think as rich as that country is it could do a lot better for the people and yet they manage to do great harm.

Ask DOD How much wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood Chuck Hagel and don’t forget his message to America. I think Mecca and the box might have the goods on that regard. Get it?

In any case we know they sent rebels to Syria, if they sent them there they sent them to a lot of other places too, and we know they sent them to the USA to New York with box cutters and seems to me they are asking for it using BOXCUTTERS. I think the people of Saudi Arabia probably would appreciate it if their country was liberated. It’s not like they get to share the wealth. I don’t think it can be democratized or tamed unless you get rid of the relics THE BOX and CUT IT  in their midst that they trek around every year similar looking to the white doilies in Manila and until that happens Europe won’t get much sleep nor the middle east. If you are gonna fight terrorism fight it where it originates from, their source.

I sound evil writing it but they won’t stop until someone stops them!

Remember what Obama said about letting something get out of the box and let it stretch it’s legs : terrorism

Probably has to do with the statue of gold babylonian stuff and idolatry with legs of Iron, feet of clay (not Cassius Clay) There is some imagery in the old testament having to do with that in a few places but I think it pertains and the references of looking at the box when you are scared by the heroine of a hoax at Sandy Hook Elementary. Obama said it would be lesson no one would forget. Anyway collaborating with him won’t help….which Cameron recently was doing probably because the Saudis Kings are their puppets or vice-versa. We know that the king of Jordan was a British puppet, wasn’t he? Obviously Turkey is a puppet too. Their leader looks just like the King of Jordan. He complained about Netanyahu. Doesn’t like jews I gather.

Maybe the hoaxes are what was let out of the box but to hide what happened in Benghazi, imo. It’s all connected and Obama sure has left a lot of clues because he enjoys it like Caligula enjoyed it because they are mentally deranged.

How many people were killed in the Twin Towers?

Companies in the Twin Towers: Before and after

WND Clarifies:

God Didn’t Tell David Wilkerson to Make 2000 Peanut Butter Sandwiches

What makes Sau. Ara. so elusive to have been able to avoid a response? How in the world were they able to evade detection? It’s not a tiny country. It’s the daddy of them all! I didn’t know where Sau. Ara. was 25 years ago as a family member in the oil business made sure to humiliate me about.  Some aspect about Sau. Ara. anyway It was a game of some kind and I had the wrong answer. They were in the oil business but thought I was an idiot for not knowing about them. I wasn’t in the oil business and was still a pigeon. He did not like jews as well. He didn’t like doing business with jews. Why would he like doing business with people that behead women and men? That crucify men. He didn’t talk about jews a lot in fact very little but I caught his distaste. He was very christian in many other ways. He was hard not to like as a person and he thought highly of himself maybe too much. Money and success tends to do that to a person. His son collected Nazi and Roman type of artifacts and toys. It was hard not to miss some cues. And they were germanic americans but often other types do the same. I don’t go around hating germans. It’s not like I want war. WWl and WWll did occur and I wasn’t there. I didn’t attack the Twin Towers in New York, the Saudis did. However I did compare the gospels and wrote about it and I think there is a link and a link to my situation with my family. And you have some sites in Sau. Ara. that seem to breed contempt for the rest of the world that are noteworthy that ought to be scrutinized for it’s complicity. I don’t even have a problem with monarchs. Hey if the people of the country are happy what difference does it make. But in Sau. Ara. even with all that wealth they aren’t happy and they ought to be happy and they aren’t. In much of Europe it appears that the people are not happy. In America now, many people aren’t happy. There are reasons for their unhappiness. That ought to be addressed. If you have good leaders and the people are satisfied that makes for a good vibrant country. And this country was happy for quite a while. I can’t think of a one that is content anymore. How did that happen? And even in regards to Sau. Ara. I don’t remember them being quite so harsh 30 years ago as they are now. I wasn’t watching or hearing about their treatment of women and sinners and only knew of them not about them. So what changed?

The Libyan leader Quaddaffi received a car company from Obama around the time of the G8 meeting in Aquila with Pope Benedict XVl and the Obamas were there. He ended up beaten to death soon after. Remember? I remember all the hoopla of him in his Michael Jackson get up visiting Rome around that time. I also remember when the Pope with his merry men were donning a hat of a company they acquired around that time as well. One of those merry men was a Hearst look-a-like the Popes secretary George Ganswein, a priest. Then the visit by the Pope to Israel and his big mac truck carrying something big and I remember hearing about an altar in Rome The Altar of Pacis also known as

Ara Pacis

so thought possibly that was what they brought to the Dome of the Rock. It’s pretty big.

PACIS means Peace



 Perhaps it was a tunnel maker. We heard that people were blindfolded to make those tunnels in Israel. And something else about who was in charge of that. It had to do with UN buildings and some person. A famous person. Recently. Hillary comes to mind maybe because she defended the fact that the abandoned UN buildings had a right to store arms.  But Jesuits are weird anyway. Cultish. It was a big item whatever it was and the streets were closed off for that item? I have no idea what the procedures were for the altar. Usually altars are where you altar something or someone. Offerings of some kind. And since the Courtyard of the Gentiles was installed at Notre Dame seems kind of connected to temple type apparatuses. If you are gonna have a court you might want to have an altar for religious cult type behavior And the image of the beast business in the bible and killing those that don’t worship that image might be that the altar is where they might do that and the hologram and shroud in Israel at Notre Dame in Jerusalem with an image and based on an image seems connected somehow, doesn’t it?

Then we had Benghazi with graffiti on the walls which I think may be more significant to the WYE PACIS accords.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.50.12 AM







And then all of a sudden in the last few years we hear about beheadings and crucifixions in

Sau. Ara.

In 1938, Benito Mussolini built a protective building for the Altar, as it had been reconstructed by Vittorio Ballio Morpurgo, near the Mausoleum of Augustus (moving the Altar in the process) as part of his attempt to create an ancient Roman “theme park” to glorify Fascist Italy.[3]…/…..
A new cover building, designed by American architect Richard Meier, now stands on the same site as Mussolini’s.[3] The new building opened in 2006 to controversy.[3] Nicolai Ouroussoff, of the New York Times described the new building as “a flop”.[46] The presiding right-wing mayor Gianni Alemanno, backed since July 2008 by culture undersecretary Francesco Maria Giro said he would tear down the new structure.[47][48][49] Mayor Alemanno has since changed his stance on the building and has agreed with Mr. Meier to modifications including drastically reducing the height of the wall between an open-air space outside the museum and a busy road along the Tiber river. The city plans to build a wide pedestrian area along the river and run the road underneath it. “It’s an improvement,” says Meier, adding that “the reason that wall was there has to do with traffic and noise. Once that is eliminated, the idea of opening the piazza to the river is a good one.” The mayor’s office said Alemanno hopes to complete the project before the end of his term in 2013.[50]

Mussolini was the leader in WWll that healed the wound of the sword of the Papacy.

Good discussion:


President floods radical jihadists with cash and weapons

Then we had the coup in Egypt. Actually two coups. And then the Syrian debacle which is still occurring and being exploited. I recall when Egypt was quite happy and americans europeans and from other countries visited and toured the country bought lots of products and cruises in that area and then the coup by the Muslim Brotherhood with the help of Roman Catholicism who helped. Raping the country. If you ask me this seems to have to do with the Obamas, the Clintons and the Vatican. A lot of people are involved.


I watched on Fox the newsreel of the men that supposedly attacked Paris and one of the guys message was we have avenged the Prophet Mohammad 3 times and then mentions Al Qaeda and Yemen. Doesn’t that seem manipulative to have said that as if another country starting with Fra and Sau. Ara. wants to have Yemen implicated in the supposed attacks? I guess now they want US forces to hit Yemen for some reason. Have they incurred more debt than they ought to have or pissed off Fra. and Sau. Ara.? Lucky we were able to catch his message on video and a very clear one at the right location for the poignant message. Al Qaeda did take responsibility but does that mean in Yemen? So did ISIS. Weren’t these terrorists homegrown? Did this take place in Yemen? Were they from Yemen? Why not Oman?  I bet Sau. Ara. would love to enlarge itself.

I think they ought to strike Turkey for storing the Shroud of Turin.

If Iran is going to control the Strait of Hormuz makes sense that Sau. Ara. might want to control Yemen, doesn’t it?

Oman is on the side of the Strait of Hormuz, is it not?

Does Fra. know this and do they have a chance to profit from it?

I would guess that they do!

That way they can push Israel into the SEE, see?

Obama Blames America for Muslim Terrorism

“RUSH:  Al-Qaeda in Yemen is the new focus.  They’re the guys that supposedly blew up Charlie Hebdo and all that.  So what’s Obama doing?  He’s releasing Al-Qaeda from Yemen prisoners at Club Gitmo in the middle of all this…”

Why the Oscars’ Omission of ‘Selma’ Matters

It may matter but I think the reason is Oprah Winfrey. Her relationship with the Obama’s and her idea of racism not having access to a $37000 purse. Kind of belittles/mocks her suffrage caused by racism to the nth degree. I haven’t seen the movie but I think her collusion with the first lady might make a difference to others in the field, maybe they don’t care. In my opinion, she’s a schmuck and if she was involved in the movie it was bound to fail in some ways. I don’t think she represents the interests of african americans very well and merely wants to manipulate them for their interest and by their I mean…..well you can imagine what I mean

to re railroad them.

Nice visuals on this you tube. 
And the Don’t shoot sign with both hands up in regards to the Michael Brown shooting and the choking death of Eric Garner.
Kind of a dichotomy and I don’t think she is sincere. She works for TV and I Imagine her livelihood depends on sports and entertainment. Like she is choking it like you would the enemy at a certain point on a battle ground and so I think she is pretty screwed up. Possessed.

Akin to Phil or Bill Donahue leading the Hebrews out of Egypt. Makes you want to roll your eyes!

Can we have a sensitivity session?

 Oprah Leads ‘SELMA’ March… 

A ‘you gotta be kidding me’ moment kind of feeling, LOL.

Why The Oprah Went to Selma

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.48.15 PM

Hard to take her seriously or realistically, but some will just because she has a lot of money. She is a good actress, but so what. Who cares. She is as pomp as they get. She reminds me of the preachers wife Tammy Faye Bakker who’s mascara was running down her cheeks most of her career. Just as believable. I don’t think she has a real perspective of much of anything if her show is an indicator other than for herself and the Obamas. Why not just take those in the march to Hawaii on America’s dime. If feeding kids minuscule lunches at public schools as a teaching moment is worthwhile and getting 45 million in that regard doesn’t say much for who is in the White House that she seems to cater to. I don’t think it says much about her and her ideals. It is worthless crap and against freedom and the way of life we should strive for. If kids need to diet they can bring a paper lunch. My mom used to send me sometimes to school with a pimento sandwich while the girl next to me was eating peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow creme. I hated pimento sandwiches. She liked them, though. I did not stick them up my nose. My sister stuck peas up her nose so she would’t have to eat them and threw sandwiches and other food on the roof when she didn’t like what was served to her. Looked forward to those school lunches especially on pizza days. I think they ought to serve seconds for those that want it so not wasting the food. Not all obesity has to do with food intake. Sometimes it’s a thyroid issue or something not working in the digestion system, and CRISES/stress etc. That is the motto and tactics of the Obamas isn’t it….CRISES. I think it should be run locally as much as possible to spread the wealth locally or whatever is grown and harvested in the area and not greasing the palms of some company invested in by those in our federal government without our knowledge. Kind of like the Boehner issue and Obama Care and his investment in a company that none of the population was aware of or could have been aware of to have made some millions and been given a heads up to make a profit off a bill no one read or wanted to read because it was outrageous and girded by lies: A way to undermine many good doctors, hospitals, and patients and our freedom to choose and support the ones that deserve it through their good business practices and their service by our patronage because they earned our trust.

IF by comparing the gospels I have pinched a few nerves too bad. The gospels do not harmonize and it should matter.  I think it is important and ought to be noticed. I think what happened at Benghazi ought to be noticed and I don’t think Oprah agrees since she was in Hawaii with the Obamas after Benghazi and Sandy Hurricane. I think it was that trip anyway one of them gloating. Seems vengeful to me. Sadistic. Definitely not noble and I think intentional.

There was a woman who interviewed the 3 kids after the hoax of Sandy Hook (two girls who were very giddy and the boy who seemed ashamed during the interview whose sister supposedly was killed) and her smile looks like hers as well as the woman who got in the car with the judge before LBJ was made President and sworn in on a Catholic bible on a plane after the assassination of JFK. One was black and one was white but they were the same person. Sounds strange but don’t let her fool ya. I recognized some other things too and others wanted me to recognize them in regards to that hoax from my childhood. Obviously my teaching of what I have stumbled upon is not unimportant or those people wouldn’t have been there that I knew. Same goes for some pictures of people supposedly killed at the Boston Marathon one of which was a neighbor of mine at one time. Funny thing is EX doesn’t recognize one of them even though he knew one of them or won’t admit it. Same thing goes for the cues I have received from someone very famous but I won’t say who it is that helped me to determine we are being deceived by Obama and his allies and possibly his competition as well. Like a tug of war and both sides are on the same side. I’m not a pigeon anymore.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.06.24 PM

Oprah is like a seed eater. Like the kids on the way to House of Candy, Hansel and Gretyl, getting lost because the birds ate the bread crumbs they dropped so they could find their way home and like the birds that nest in the mustard trees.

A lot of mind games and propaganda goin on:

Mind Games – John Lennon

In this you tube John Lennon in his unique costume looking like a quaker is dancing a jig and I saw a person do the very same thing holding a sign probably for car wash but was in front of a grocery store parking lot and trying to get attention because he was dancing a jig mocking and a car with messages all over it drove by at the same time but I can’t remember what it was all over it but it applied to my beliefs and their hatred for it when I was on my way to the police station to report assault recently. I knew something was up. It was insulting and I flashed back because I tend to react, a hand sign that everyone by now knows. I was real nervous and it took me an hour to find the police station even though it was about mile or three away. So they knew where I was headed and when I headed that-a-way. Baiting me in a way. So by mind games I mean by a long stretch and over a long time. What I’m trying to say is I’m not a pepper either the song just came to my mind. Just because I include a song in my posts doesn’t mean I’m the song. More like a collage of my

“deep thoughts.”

Never did hear back from those I left a complaint at the Police Station about a policeman and I was supposed to hear back within days and it’s been weeks at least. Probably got a threatening phone call instead the one mentioned below “talk about perverted.”

I’m not mover or a shaker or trouble maker, I don’t think anyway. I found some truth and sharing it when I can in my way using art and media. Is that a problem? I can’t believe that my beliefs could cause such a stir. Seems to threaten their beliefs and I sure don’t have a church or all the things that make up an organization, I don’t have secret societies, own schools, hospitals, businesses, or slaves. I write a few blogs. At the moment I have a few dollars.

When signs are all around placed in certain places for one to see believe me I do notice but I don’t consider them to be necessarily true ones assaulting my senses. However since the popes and vatican and many others seem to want to portray the bible as harmonious I am protesting that assumption.


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

I’m not gonna give up even though often I feel like it. And by that I mean what I’m attempting in this blog and other blogs. I have had a lot of crap thrown my way and sometimes I tend to throw it back but hoping my blog not the crap reaches in the right way at the right time to who I want to reach and others. Kind of have to trust God in a lot of respects because it is mind boggling what has been occurring to all of us and to the ones I love. And I’m sure it must be that way for a lot of people. It’s confusing. Very confusing.

Tonight Obama talked about not letting big countries bully little countries such as Russia and the Ukraine. What about Sau. Ara. bullying it’ s neighbors and those far away? That doesn’t count, because why? Oh I bet I know because of Obama’s god and his profit. OYL Let me warn you he is gonna double cross you at every turn. 

(There was  a leader of the Uk-raine that stole a whole bunch of money as I recall from the Uk-raine and then the plane wreck that was blamed on Putin. A plane also left Indonesia around that time that wasn’t found that went above radar and people were looking for it’s pings and the height that it went might have caused the death of the people on board the plane. Michelle went to China and was reported to have been playing ping pong. China a few years back was having problems with Rome in regards to their catholicism whether their religious leaders were approved of by Rome so there was some pressure on China by Rome. I think that is part of what occurred in the Uk-raine and should not be ignored and then Shep Smith was there amongst the Russian troops reporting and I don’t recall them arresting him. Shep Smith reminds me of READY and you will have to figure that out the meaning if you haven’t already. What is occurring in the Uk-raine is something we ought to dig a little deeper because I think Obama and the Jesuits have a lot to do with the dispute between the Uk-raine and Russia and I think it has something to do with Turkey as well. Kind of a set up of some kind and it had to do with a ton of money and the Saudi/Queen of England oil business (not blaming her but sometimes things change for the worse in an arrangement and it has, their arrangement etc. Same goes for the USA and our arrangement. You can’t and you shouldn’t do business with evil ad expect it not to affect you and your countrymen and women which seems to have occurred. ) Remember that the Prince of England is muslim and had a conversion on the way to Damascus. Putin helped Syria when accused by the UN of harboring sarin gas which I think was a set up by the Saudis which may have sent them to his country at one time. They accused his military of using the gas on its own people because some military man which sounded very hokey at the time like he wasn’t a good actor was involved in a phone call that happened to have been overheard (how convenient) and used as an excuse to blame the leader of Syria for attacks that didn’t happen and were hoaxes as was found out by much evidence on the internet by the FREE PRESS who noticed dead bodies changing clothes, children without protection walking through areas that were contaminated which is impossible and women leading them in their burkas/habits. We know that people were poisoned by what they ate over there quite a few and I think blaming Assad when it could have been brought in by those who are rebels to make them look like they died other ways. It was the rice that poisoned them. We know that Saudis have been sent to Syria as rebels against Syria and very well paid I might add and very well dressed and armed. So you need to check out some of that information besides some of the tee shirts that were worn on some of the people that looked like they might be from South America, Argentinian, Where ever the pope is from in some of those pictures that were used against Bashar Assad. Putin stepped in to help to destroy the gas and help Assad and then the Ukraine business occurred and Obama was dying to attack Syria for some reason for a long time yet he ignores the Saudis and their involvement and I truly think that is purposeful too. Susan Rice’s husband is in the oil business is he not in Saudi Arabia? It has to do with the Muslim Brotherhood fiasco and their plans which I believe included the assistance of Rome and their plans IMO and Benghazi. However Egypt fought back against the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria happens to border Israel The Golan Heights and I think that is what this is about as well. Then you have Iran and their control of the Strait of Hormuz and their nuclear plans and preparations, and Obama doesn’t seem to be too concerned. Now Yemen is the other hotspot because why would he bother with Oman since it is under their control already and the attacks in France prove it by what the terrorist said hoping to get us to be distracted for France in the direction of Yemen. The European countries are in for a surprise when they get screwed because of OLIVE OYL and ISLAM.

The leaders that think they are in good with OBAMA AND MICHELLE are in for a surprise when they get replaced.

It’s a bunch of SHIT ~!

It maybe your turn tomorrow, it may be your turn next week………….


If you think he Obama is on your side, think again! Too bad he isn’t more vibrant. He is not that good of a speaker as everyone has said. He is boring. Imagine this and imagine that….Like there is no there there in his words. I guess that happens when you say whatever you want to say even if it’s not true. Say it anyway and they will applaud and wave her writing tool around like a banner too bad it wasn’t a new years eve noise maker that would have been interesting and definitely fitting the occasion.

I remember quite a while back a theater was attacked in Russia with poisonous gas. Do you remember that. It was a long time ago and I forget how they resolved the situation but it was a no win situation.

I noticed that the applause came from both sides tonight for a lack luster Presidential STATE OF THE UNION address. Nothing new, nothing believable and yet everyone applauded when they were supposed to. No one sat on the hands it seemed. This President has been the most devisive of any president in many years. Nothing is beyond his reach because psychopaths don’t have limits. They don’t have principles, ethics, or integrity. So far with his kind of morality he has been able to do what he wants without accountability. Most of the audience shows up ahead of the President and his merry men. Anyway I thought it was interesting in a way that there was no dissension or disunity in the audience. That can happen when the audience is controlled by something invisible, odorless, tasteless, and undetected. A lot of hoopla over a very bland bunch of crap and backslapping bullshit. I wonder what kind of air conditioning system is in that room and who controls the air ducts. It was just too NICE and CONGENIAL without any CONTROVERSY and by now there ought to have been some. When he had his first address I remember someone stood up and said YOU LIE. I don’t think he appreciated it then, but it turned out to be true.

Do you remember when the Senate applauded the death of an unarmed woman shot at the gates of the White House and they took her baby? Why in the world would they applaud that? Did they feel threatened?


Do you remember when at a White House Press Conference recently with Obama and he remarked about his 53rd birthday amidst some big news that the press were hoping to get some answers or feedback and instead were stunned. Y

ou could hear a pin drop for quite a long time.When someone has control of people they get away with that kind of shit.



 Don’t forget he had his 44th birthday at the White House. 


So what happened in that time while the world slept?
ISIS seems to have happened. It was a JV team and quickly grew. That takes money.
What happened to all those tax dollars that disappeared, 600 million, was it? Maybe more because there is no accounting for it. There is more that is missing because of those bills that lead to nowhere the pork in our spending that none or rarely anyone follows. Then you have laundered money by the Pope and the Vatican overlooked because of their tactics such as at Notre Dame in Paris. Goes to Korea while Christians are attacked by ISIS but sent his regards.




I DONT KNOW, BUT I FIND IT RATHER COMPELLING THAT HE HAD HIS 44th BIRTHDAY IN THE WHITE HOUSE! I don’t know if the ten year period starts because of Obama either just seems to coincide with his lack of birth certificate stuff, his religion, his birthdays, his lies, and many other anomalies.



Hand is time in biblical talk so maybe he’s the beast?





How else could Obama Care have been passed with Pelosi saying “you have to pass it to read it” if you guys weren’t in a controlled environment of some kind such as some kind of poison that affects judgement and free will. It is ridiculous, otherwise, unless you are in on the deception which is possible of course you would not have passed it.




AND YES OBAMA’S ONE STATEMENT ABOUT LIVING ON $15,000 A YEAR WAS VERY POTENT BUT HE HAD A CHANCE WHEN HE HAD A MAJORITY IN CONGRESS TO CHANGE IT YET HE DIDN’T. SO WHAT MAKES ANYONE THINK HE WILL NOW? Instead got Obama Care going to silence us and started to go after ASSAD and protect IRAN through it’s nuclear vision. It was the doctors and their businesses that were attacked in WWll at first before we were involved. That is a key to controlling a country and bringing it down.

Obamas purpose isn’t good for the world but he is adept at misleading everyone.


Palin says she’s ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 campaign




in the future if you want one. I don’t think it’s healthy, in any case.

The Supreme Court has even been affected:


Obama is a lie machine

I listened to another woman representative on Fox and didn’t catch her name though pretty with dark hair talk about muslims and their innocence in regards to the Islamic radicals. Yep I agree to some degree but they are guilty of silence for the most part except for a few people. Of course many are being bullied by Saudi Arabia and it’s leaders that behead them if they protest or put death threats and a price on someone’s head. In japan in WWll many of those people had nothing to do with the war. In Germany in WWll many people had nothing to do with the Nazis. It was the silence that was deadly though because it allowed the Nazis to run roughshod over others without accountability and it snowballed. How many muslims are speaking up? Maybe 2 or three. They have silenced the rest and that’s why hitting the source is a good idea otherwise everyone will be silenced.








By the way I thought Jihad John was James Foley and now he looks like James Foley drugged up. His eyes lids look heavy and his voice sounds affected by sound effects and the way a voice can be manipulated to sound lower etc. It could be anyone’s voice cause you can’t see his mouth moving because he has a scarf over his mouth.

Do we always announce how much money is going to a certain group or cause so that they can ask for it in a ransom? I guess the Japanese did but it does seem kind of weird, and if it wasn’t announced than how did they know to ask for that same amount? Still haven’t seen heads chopped off or blood in these videos which of course means they probably are a bunch of bologna. Who knows. I know real terrorists love blood and want it to be seen. It just seems rather idiotic. Why not wear white instead of black. Why not blue. IT doesn’t scare me because I think it’s a bunch of hype and because I saw his parents after he supposedly was killed and they acted weird and what they said was also strange not because they were too upset except at their church, but not for the press. They seemed rather like they enjoyed the spotlight and wanted to send an ideologue while they were at it which was a bit hard to believe. IF it was their son they kind of used him for a cause and if not they kind of used him, I think.

Reports: ISIS video claims Japanese hostage beheaded

Just watched this video of ISIS and they look like clones and they look possessed. Very weird. Which would make it hard to fight. Obama said something early on about not being able to control their quantity or the number of them which that seed thing between him and the pope might have something to do with it.

Revelation 9:16

16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

Which is 200 million man army. Usually an army are foot soldiers.

Doesn’t mean they are mounted they could be the army of the horsemen which are talked abut it Zechariah or another book in the bible in reference to The four horsemen or one of the horsemen of the four horsemen.

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.
IN any case it doesn’t appear to be the same army as we have watched standing by a pool of an abandoned consulate not knowing what to do. This army looks different if it’s real which is hard to tell at this point. I do know that there is an army that has a directive by God with one purpose whether this is it or not could be just a duplication kind of thing via photo shop type applications that make one object into a bunch of them or something made of mercury?
As my older sister used to say Heavens to Murgatroyd. I thought it was a line from Batman but it wasn’t. I think that is what she used to say once in a while when she was exclaiming. He also looks like JFK’s son duplicated a bunch whether real or not I have no idea I think they are the same person. I revisited and checked the video from the link above the next day and can’t get it which is where this collage of similar looking masked men. Maybe it’s a spiritual army?

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.49.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.49.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.49.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.49.56 PM

I’m not a terrorist but I have seen plenty of movies and I think if political correctness is trying to protect our eyes from seeing evil and it isn’t gonna help. So I think this is a bunch BS using an english accent on the video of the man that looks like James Foley with prisoners wearing orange suits as in Guantanamo.

When I see a terrorist with a southern drawl I might take it seriously. Or speaking in arabic but this guy can’t speak arabic obviously or he would. Seems silly. It’s hard to figure either way. Kind of like a nightmare in this video marching and doesn’t look like the same videos we have seen of other ISIS members who look like a bunch of idiots like there may be two different armies called ISIS that aren’t the same that are against each other. These guys don’t look like they are interested in mating females or males. Looks kind of different andy they don’t look interested in chopping off heads of prisoners for money.


This is a good article. I don’t think we affect warming or cooling except perhaps when we use microwaves via HAARP and other places similar. But I think it is more local to where they are shooting those waves. I think small measures as was done in California for their unique situation, their physical  location etc probably helped but that doesn’t mean everyone falls into that category. I don’t think Texans are enriched by what California does so why should Texans pay for what California does. It should be controlled by the free market ideas of supply and demand. They are locked in by the mountains and the ocean so pollution tends to sit in-between. But because of those attributes they attract more people like the gold rush. Hollywood does the same however very few really make it. So their policies affect them and they ought to control the hoists of their own petard.  China has it’s problems due to their location and their policies but our policies and theirs are different. Our problems and their problems are different. I think it should be left to the locals to decide because they are the ones affected by their own policies and will attract or detract citizens, business, and investment depending on their decisions but what happens in China hardly affects pollution in the USA unless pollution travels.

However what happened in Japan to it’s nuclear site did affect the USA on our coasts (who was responsible? was it caused by man?) just like what happened in Chernobyl affected Europe. How many people died? Chernobyl was caused by man, bad management and was accidental, I think? What happens in Iran could have a major affect on what occurs to the middle east in a big way especially if they decide to use it to control the world somehow. If the Strait of Hormuz is any indicator of their intentions I would think that would be a good incentive to cease their progress. And if they aren’t careful it might affect them and those around them accidentally or through their intentions to control the middle east and depending on the direction of the wind might be detrimental to those that have bad intentions. Perhaps Chernobyl wasn’t an accident I highly doubt Russians would have caused their own demise purposefully but the wind and the weather affected the direction of the damage to crops and to people over a long period of time in Europe. I doubt man can control those kind of things so I sure would think it wise to control their advances and at the very least monitor them strictly. But Obama has plans that I don’t think will be advantageous to Iranians themselves and if the Six Day War is an indicator of  small vs large and few vs many etc I sure would be careful what you think or believe. We all have bad thoughts sometimes but

the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry

It isn’t as if God doesn’t know.

Who controls the wind and which way it goes? Have we figured that out yet?

The earth is pretty resilient in that it has volcanos and ways to vent that are not controllable by man which affects cooling and heating of the earth. The earth is ever changing and we might as well concede that we can’t stop a volcano or sun spots etc. So probably Californians should drive smaller cars or ride bikes more like the Chinese do.

Any way the meeting in this article above is a waste of time, money, and shows that really all they care about is money. Otherwise they would have had their meeting via the internet. No they have to make a big deal of it, wine and dine each other, and bring attention to themselves. etc because it is politics as usual.

Have you noticed what happens to a piece of glass in the ocean? The ocean is pretty resilient too.  It has volcanos as well and lots of interesting critters that help the ocean to be resilient and has things we have never seen before, still.

Timing is everything, well not everything but still very interesting the timing that is, isn’t it? Not sure it had to be done this week! I doubt it was done this week. They just want us think it was done this week for some reason. It certainly gets old their little twists and turns. Can’t wait to see the end of the Obama Administration. It’s like a BIG THUD. 

I think Eric Holder is beholden to something other than the truth. Some kind of game he is playing and it stinks. Probably has something to do with the response of the public to Obama’s poor performance the other night. Then the 11 out of 12 deflated balls. some strange stuff going on. 

DOJ to Clear Officer in Ferguson Shooting…

An unarmed boy was shot to death, not just one shot or two. I would say that was a lesson in Sharia Law.

It’s hard to fathom any of it because of all the deception and the lies.

The administration tried to disarm the public then this happened and Eric Garner as well.



and Al Sharpton is going to Oxford

Does anyone know what they are doing?


Geraldo and O’reilly are patting each other on the back for their professionalism in reporting

and fact checking

against the free press of the internet.

Here is my response to them:


They really like themselves a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.00.09 PM

Here is another:


and another:


duhhhhhhhhh da da duhhhhhhhhh

Small, Smaller, Smallest referring to that mustard seed and my posts about it in the links above about


The Parable of Faith


On Melissa a show panel discussing Obama and the economy with a chart about what the people blame for our economic woes had one woman on who said that the people aren’t feeling the recovery yet that is because the economy isn’t recovering. Facts can be altered in numerous ways to appear good when you eliminate certain criteria. Everyone knows that. When the people feel the economy is doing better especially the middle class then the economy truly is recovering and when the middle class grows instead of shrinks then you know you are doing a good job. Obama is not doing a good job and he has had plenty of time and the means to have accomplished it. He does’t want the economy to do better he just wants to shadow that with more lies. Why would he have proposed austerity measures with certain people in our government and overseas if he wanted the economy to improve? He just wants more space to get the job done….to destroy the USA and the middle class worldwide.

Researchers discover Small Papyrus Fragment containing Words from Book of Mark

 Says the papyrus was found on a mummy (a cross eyed mummy) in Egypt. How weird is that?
 The assisted suicide of the young woman whose mother is pleading now for the public in Oregon to legalize dying with dignity is a bunch of BS too.
Show me her corpse and I’ll believe you.
When the young woman was packing and talking about her condition and about dying with dignity
I think she was hoping her mom would talk her out of it
Check out the you tube and you can tell she was taking a really long time to pack. Like kids that threaten to run away sometimes do the same thing but they never leave the house. Know what I mean? DRAMA. Why pack?
I think her mom needs to go to a mental hospital. Get on some medication or something.
You would have thought she might have tried to get her daughter to Israel to see if they could help her but NOOOOOOOO
This is political BULLSHIT. I recognized her husband….cute little tale. She should have just divorced him. Probably would have been the cure for her brain disease, if she had;)
Reminds me of the family of James Foley, Gabrielle Gifford’s husband, Same kind of nonsense. And yes I often feel suicidal because of the unresolved mess in my family that I grew up with, the way I have been treated because of my beliefs (I think that is why for many reasons) and the state of the world and it’s leaders apostasy and shallow perception of truth and abuse of their power debilitating the lives of their constituents and laity.

Yes, I am Pro-Life Even in Cases of Rape and Incest. Here’s Why.

I’m including this post without reading it. I still believe it should be a choice depending on circumstances, the people involved, and other things. The fact is abortion has been occurring for a long, long time and women paid a big price often times their own lives just to please everyone else. They have been set up, entrapped, used, abused, blamed, demoted, devalued, dragged though the mud for eons because of naivety and compliance to a system set against them because of a deep-seated hatred for females and other females are also to blame. I think it depends on the female. I would rather the female decide what is good for her then an ideology that enslaves them whenever possible, however possible for their own pleasure what ever that may be depending on the woman and whoever wants to pigeon hole them. I would rather not let the system determine what is good for a woman or girl and let the parents or the woman decide and let it be between her and God. I think it depends on what you call LIFE. I don’t want a system that abuses women and girls and boys to decide what is good for them.  A system of men who never marry should not have any bearing on the decision for someone else’s future nor a person who shows up to a rally about banning abortion to look like a saint which too often occurs interfering in the privacy rights of another females body when usually it’s their hubby or their son out there degrading other females because they are married to a primp and a poser and/or raised to be abusers of females often times as revenge like some cheerleader moms undermining the chances of their competition. Often times it is an occult or cult system that ostracizes and tries to isolate and bully pretty girls for various reasons. If someone wants to end their life I think it should be done without assistance because their is no future in it for anyone whereas with legal abortion there is a future. I think if God wanted to punish me for abortion he would not have allowed me to have children later and he did under the right circumstances and they are adorable. I believe in God and I think He is on my side on this issue because of the abuse of girls and women rages and has for eons. But some don’t really believe in God and want to determine your future and be your god instead of letting you determine your future with God.

I truly think He would have not allowed me the privilege to have children of my own that were and are so cute otherwise and all the other women I know who have had abortions. DO YOU?

The Stones of Amen

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

Notre Dame of Paris and the Courtyard of the Gentiles

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

The answer to the question in the above post about George Bush

and what he thought he saw in the Pope’s eyes was himself, I think.

For Matthew and the Faithers:

Matthew was a tax man, probably a raiser of taxes as well. Josephus Flavius son of Matthias

Did you clothe the poor, did you feed the hungry?


Did you make them naked and poor, did you make the hungry

Remember Matthew’s Jesus cursed the fig tree and destroyed it by deception.

so that you could clothe the poor and so that you could feed the hungry?

That is the question to put it another way.

I had a dream:

The Two Rabbits

I went to my sister’s house and noticed a rabbit on an elastic leash hopping around in the yard. Thought it was really cute. And then found the other rabbit where they lived which looked like a wooden stall type abode in a dark attic and they were both on leashes while my sister was making me a cup of coffee (by pushing a button cause she isn’t one to make a meal and is not a very good cook) and her husband was lounging about I talked to the rabbits. They thought I was a doctor that lived nearby and I petted the head of one of the rabbits and said No, you’re mom and I are sisters or your mom and my mom are sisters or your mom and your mom (talking to the other rabbit as well) are sisters. LOL Not sure which but while in the dream it made a lot of sense. It was a very weird dream. Lot of stuff in between which I can’t remember except about purses and what was in them. Putting stuff from one purse into another purse and into another purse. They call it changing purses.

My mom at an old old age with her husband not alive anymore *my dad, in a place probably she didn’t much care for over after a period of time (because she told me about how some women that she didn’t know weren’t nice to her) while my little sister and I visited was looking down her nightie at her bosoms and told us that she loved them. We laughed of course. She left a note on her bed and I took it to read later. I can’t exactly remember what it said but it was referring to her things and was leaving them to my little sister. I gave it to my little sister once I had read it. She took care of mom a bunch and my dad especially during her divorce which was an ugly divorce with lawyers involved.

While married my little sister and her husband made a business of their own of his talents and he used my sisters talents as well to help them “make it.” She took care of a bunch of kids in the house etc. to bring in money while they weren’t successful until they were. Did that for quite a while and then became a saleswoman and started an apartment aspect of their business which eventually he gave to a friend in the entourage (because it was successful) to take over so she could take care of his other children by another marriage his EX who wanted in on everything. Her second marriage failed and kind of looking back because of his success. The ex eventually did too via her children. My sister even had a boob job to satisfy him at a place that wasn’t quite clean. A hole in the wall kind of boob job. The reason was because he compared her to his Ex who was not really pretty but she had big boobs.

One New Year’s I went shopping with her for a dress and we found a really cute black dress. It was backless to a point and showed off her legs. She looked great. To me she looked like a million bucks in the dress. The night they went out with his partner at the time and his wife the woman had humungous long boobs and a dress that showed them off so that not much was left to the imagination. Both were way over weight. Not really a pretty sight if you ask me. They looked like nouveau rich slobs. The guy reminded me of the gypsy with the beer boob, but much older. The woman wasn’t pretty at all but she had a very big set of long boobs. Anyway my sister’s husband put my sister down for not wearing a dress that showed off her boobs like his partners wife and bullied her to the point of crying. She went to the bathroom to fix up after crying and when she came out a man told her how pretty she was. She was pretty. People used to compare her to Raquel Welch because of her facial features and was very pretty and a pretty smile.

Another night she told me about was at a late night breakfast place after some partying and the woman across the booth was eating the mans penis under the table at Denny’s and my sister didn’t want to watch it and her husband bullied her for not being cool about it. Ridiculed her about it. By then he had become very successful with her help and had an entourage that followed him about to get those free trips and good salaries and free meals and was treating her like a dog with the help of his friends and former family.

Everyone loved him. He was a funny guy. Kind of loud. Boisterous. Definitely had some problems but not all bad and definitely not all good. A Joel Olsteener as well. Fans of his type of church though I don’t think they attended his church but that was what they thought of Christianity.

The other son from the first marriage married a beautiful blond church singer with a great voice who also got a boob job eventually and she kind of took over. It was his second  marriage. My sister’s husband took a liking to her and I think introduced his son to her. That son even once put a gun or a rifle to my sisters head but didn’t shoot her just threatened her because he had problems because of the divorce and was resentful of course even though my sister was raising him. He was just a kid at the time though. I don’t know about her skills as a mom but do know that she tried but it was a hard task keeping everyone happy. Shit tends to roll down hill if you know what I mean. She would get blamed by her husband if their grades were dismal or anything that didn’t go right was always her fault. She told me about a time they went to a church service and I forget the subject but turned it on her as if she was responsible when everything or anything went wrong. He wasn’t the type to see his own flaws. In other words he didn’t take the sermon to his own heart but to criticize hers.

When my sister got in hot water with her husband was because she spent some time with me because of my problems with my family that I grew up with and he didn’t like it that she was gone so long not taking care of his every whim. He even accused her of having an affair while staying with me. We were not having an affair. However the man that started to jog with her (a neighbor) was Catholic. He was included in parties I guess because he was a neighbor and was having marital problems and noticed the abuse in the home. They were having troubles by then in various ways and he was mentally abusing one son over another son over another son, his first born by his Ex that he treated like shit as well. Pitted them against each other and the son of the Ex pretty much and the oldest with the blond church singer won. It’s a form of control to please the patriarch of the family, imo. And then they compete between each other. My ex plays a game of it too in order for them to not respect me as much. It’s a power thing and it is not nice. When you have a bunch of kids it is hard to have enough time to be a good parent to all of them or evenly and work at the same time and often times men don’t allow or trust the wife to raise the kids because they want to control every aspect from a distance. And sometimes friends get in the way of good judgement and interfere in family values. The new woman in the family could devour dip and chips and talk at the same time but had a face of an angel, a pretty voice, and large calves. Just perfect. I think they are divorced or in the process which ought to be interesting business wise. She wasn’t all bad, but caused a lot of trouble. The ALPHA syndrome. She had a daughter by him about the same age as the other grandchild and daughter of his only daughter. When there is a successful business at stake people tend to get competitive to their share or rights of that business and use their kids. The business was written about as a top growing company and had a lot of attention given it. I remember being at her wedding and I hardly knew her she said something about my makeup without a greeting  anyway it was a needless jab and I kind of concluded she was jealous, not like I had toilet paper on my shoe and would have appreciated her critique. But I first met her at her wedding watched her sing and say some strange things as well but I didn’t judge her on her first appearance which was outstanding in some ways because of her beauty and talent but with a few glitches. Same goes for the sun when you are out in it too long sun bathing you get kind of affected by the heat and makes you sleepy or drunk on it that is why people get burned.

Earlier when I still was without child my older sister took a picture of me at their house in my bathing suit. We were around their pool during a visit. My sister, her husband, and their kids and Me. My husband at the time wasn’t there, usually wasn’t there, because he gigged a lot. Anyway when he came home from work she (the older sister) shot a picture of the hug he gave me. Sort of a bear hug because he was 6’6 and it was not a sexual hug but by the angle of the shot it looked like he was touching my boob under the arm. And he wasn’t. It was a fast hug so it took some doing to get such a shot. She was into cameras and loved to shoot really lousy ones of me. My older sister made a big deal of showing me that picture later with a look in her eyes actually they were darts in her eyes. It was an innocent hug as far as I knew. He had never made advances to me. However……..

Penises on the fashion catwalk – a flesh flash too far?

my older sister dreamed about my little sister’s husband and her kissing on a bridge while my little sister watched I think that was the dream that she told my little sister. Kind of an od dream. Course I dreamed after my 14 inch operation and septic poisoning about her husbands penis in my face but it was a nightmare. I was suffering from PTSD. To the man in the picture with me’s credit though that was the same weekend that my older sister’s son fell in the pool and no one saw it or heard it. He was only 3 years old and the husband of my little sister saved him from drowning. He was watching or noticed whereas my older sister and her husband didn’t notice or weren’t watching at the time. Lucky for them he was there. Their son had an earache that night because of the pool incident that kept my younger sister’s husband up all night and he had a tantrum about it but at least he saved his life. What is strange and sad about it is many years later after my sister had moved on to another marriage or relationship and her EX to another marriage he had a birthday party for his daughter’s daughter from his first marriage. She was 3 years old and died in their pool on her third birthday.

He called his new wife  “little field mouse.” Something like that. Very odd nickname. I don’t think I would find that too complimentary but I guess she did. She was the woman he had had an affair with or was I recall to have been caught at the office after hours late at night when my sisters first son was about 4 years old and something else happened when her first son was 4 years old involving that woman but I can’t remember what that was but had to do with a golf cart I think. So after her husband died she became available to be my sister’s Ex ‘s new wife. Pretty good timing. Obviously they stayed in touch over the years. I think my sister’s EX drove my sister out of their life purposefully in a way with the help of his friends and his first family or their kids, and I think it had a lot to do with their business as well. They crowded her out, kind of like what happened to Elvis Presley.

I had never met his daughter’s daughter (the one that died on her 3rd birthday) but she was pretty cute. I painted a picture of her from her funeral picture and remained anonymous for my sister to give to them. Actually I didn’t sign it after I had done it a few times over to get it right. She wanted them to think she had bought it from another artist I guess. Make it seem better somehow because it wasn’t me. My older sister did stay in touch with the Ex of my little sister but I didn’t feel I had the right to. My older sister was into communication, xmas letters, etc. Could be he was using my older sister for some reason or vice versa. I think he loved my little sister but a lot of things got in the way of their marriage mostly partying which he liked to do quite a bit until a certain point in time. I know he had a very sweet conversation with his grandchild (because I was told about it but I don’t remember exactly what was said and was relayed to me via my little sister which I think she learned from him and it was a loving conversation between the two. I think he loved her as his granddaughter in a good way and it was kind of haunting) before his grandchild died and went to cook some food for the guests and left her to play and after that she wandered off towards their pool and died. Pretty strange. I think it was spiritual. Something otherworldly led her there, I think. I don’t know where the daughter was, her mother, but I know she may not have been the greatest of mothers but was a nice girl at heart so she might have been waylaid or distracted somehow or there was a lack of communication about the kids whereabouts. It didn’t seem fair since he had saved my sister’s son’s life when he was three years old. Kind of seemed like a dirty trick in a way. I will never understand why that kind of thing happens. I think they ought to have a collar or wristband for people with kids and a pool to alarm them that the kid is in the water. Great invention I think if someone with brains has a desire to use it to save lives and pleasure at the same time. It happens really fast because when all the people were around the pool at the time of my older sisters son’s rescue within a few feet no one noticed except luckily my brother in law at the time. Didn’t hear it or see it he just slipped into the pool on the shallow side of the pool which was higher than him. Might save a lot of lives and lower insurance and keep a pleasure that most people enjoy with their kids especially in the south when it gets very hot so hot that is about all you can do for pleasure outdoors. Water in a pool is mesmerizing the way it glistens and sounds and can be a lure to a kid who is spacing out by it’s properties. Kids do get spaced out. Even adults get spaced out when floating on it on a raft. I used to get spaced out by the classroom when in class and sounds or a teachers voice. Daydreaming. I remember as a kid playing with a mercury ball on the floor from a broken thermometer. I was entertained for quite a while by it’s properties how it split up and reconnected and rolled around. I don’t know how old I was at the time. That stuff is poisonous so was kind of stupid but at the time I didn’t know it was poisonous luckily I couldn’t pick it up. Had a friend whose dog drowned in their pool and another girl too but I don’t know if that was purposeful because she was having boyfriend problems at the time and she seems suspicious. Maybe someone has already invented that pool wristband but they just aren’t able to get it patented because of the laws that inhibit our freedoms to produce good products in favor of other nations or big business (like the insurance business) and to keep the status quo. We have electronic fences for animals to keep inside a yard seems archaic not to have protection besides a fence for kids and bodies of water. Sure haven’t seen it advertised though if there is something like that. Seems to me certain type businesses like big business would rather kids drown than the alternative allowing inventions that might save lives and make insurance needless. Because no matter how much insurance they had or didn’t have she still died and I think the insurance business is Big Business insuring their own success regardless of the consequences to freedom, lower prices, hurting businesses such as in medicine, just to suck off other people and a temptation for some to abuse the system like making bad things happen to obtain insurance or to get people to buy into a system that doesn’t protect anything except financially, as if that would have saved her from drowning. Like priests in Rome who get their flocks to confess so they can intermediate between them and god instead of God. Otherwise why would the Pope (Benedict at the time ) have been wearing a hat of a business with priests around patting him on the back if they weren’t in the habit of stealing or obtaining people’s businesses and making a business of that it I think in illegal and/or immoral ways. I think unions are a big part of the mess involved and the information business that makes people more at risk to those that want to steal what others have built and established.

Or here is another example Billionaire Jeff Greene and his statement: Why doesn’t he try it first and see what happens!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.15.17 PM

Like The Samaritans Purse for instance and how it was obtained and how it has maintained itself a vicious circle. It seems like many disasters I think are manufactured to keep some people rich and in control of others.

My older sister had a boob job as well. She also had a deviated septum and ended up with a nose job with a nose that looked almost like my little sister’s nose. LOL but it didn’t quite fit her face and made her look kind of harsher where on my little sister it looked good because it fit her face. I don’t think the reason for the nose job was just because of a deviated septum because her nose was so altered in places that had nothing to do with the septum but that was the excuse. Her husband loved her new boobs. I don’t think he gave a hoot about the nose. I liked my sister’s first nose. It was kind of like an Angelina Jolie’s nose or a Marilyn Monroe’s nose not perfection but soft and fit their face because their lips were fuller.

Years later my little sister had a garage sale/neighborhood sale and allowed me and my daughters to sell our jewelry that we had made and I brought a mirror I had decorated with mosaic, my first mosaic. It was kind of okay. Took a long time to make. Her neighbor visited and sat with her and I guess she didn’t like me because she didn’t act like it. I never had met her before. My little sister told me to move the mirror where I sat it for sale near the front door so no one would knock it over on the brick steps but out of the way because it was breakable etc because it was I can’t remember the word she used something like conspicuous, distracting customers or something to do with driving the customers away or was causing customers to flee. So they moved their chairs closer to the road and less customers arrived so I said that it was their fault in so many words jokingly but not really. It was a WHAT THE …. kind of moment. She was affected by her neighbor obviously and I think it was spiritual as well. Like my older sister was affected by her friends that didn’t like me (which I think was spiritual also) and neither my younger sister nor me liked her friends because they were snobs. One in particular who had her teeth fixed from little grey teeth to a spark-ling white. Her name was the same as my older sister.

Ain’t That a Bitch

Just because I write about someone I know or knew in a harsh light doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. I have my reasons mostly because there are reasons that things happen and I’m using my experience or the experience of those I know or knew to illustrate that point for one. No one is perfect and most of the personal garbage in our life doesn’t mean there isn’t also somethings that are special in that person or persons. No one is only one experience or incident. It’s those incidents though that are quite pervasive i.e. pivotal points, markers (just like in the money exchange business) that stand out, but doesn’t mean there aren’t other good things, incidents, or characteristics, good deeds that are pervasive as well but they don’t illustrate my point. It would take years to write the good things, moments and/or the stuff in-between. The bad stuff tends to stick around longer. Probably because they unresolved and tend to bore into our lives and burrow. But you can see why I feel like my family and I have been attacked and there is so much more involved and our reactions weren’t perfect because we didn’t really have an understanding of spiritual warfare.

Speaking of boobs:

I think Prince Charles is dreaming.

To be continued……

By the way I felt my mother’s hand on my shoulder recently. I don’t know how I just felt it.

At a gathering a while back at my older sister’s house when I saw family I hadn’t seen in a long time, and afterwards felt as if I had been poisoned by something I ate because I had an attack on the way home. I think it was the nuts. Anyway I saw a cousin who was so emaciated in his spirit I think who had a world view opposite of mine who was a scholar in a biblical ways years ago. I don’t think it was him. He asked me when was the last time I saw my mother. Not “hows your mom doing?” etc which would have been appropriate and I know he had already asked my older sister more than likely since they were buddies as children and the same age and in touch with each other and had been there a lot longer. It was a strange question out of nowhere as if it was his business. So I told him when the family went to visit her I was with them. He never was that interested in my mother or me for that matter so it was a bit odd and I shared my websites with him to look at my writings that night. Never heard from him about it yea or nay. I guess he didn’t approve or attempt to read. It reminded me of a journalist who has a website on Drudge listed and that is all I will say. The ex noticed that I had eaten a grape that night that I could not finish, spit out in a napkin because it was sour and then I found out that there was an outbreak of listeria with walnuts around that time. The dip I had with nuts I was told that night was made of almonds. Later was told walnuts and it was blurted out in a telephone conversation I had with someone I know who was trying to tell me something WHICH I APPRECIATED. Of course I asked a few times what it was made of and I got the answer and I think it was truthful. Some strange stuff goin’ on and a lot of deception. Ex noticing I had a bad grape seemed a bit odd because I was discreet about it. FOILED AGAIN. I hadn’t seen that cousin in years. One time I was in my car driving years before and I think it was him behind me and what I noticed when he turned then though I wasn’t aware at the time a conceded…..ness. It is hard to explain but he wasn’t a friend, I don’t think. It was a glimpse, but I noticed and never forgot it. Maybe it was someone who appeared like him turing in the direction of his home but I knew whoever it was knew me;) by the way he acted.

I think that is why my Ex called me a fuckin’ and a vampire recently besides my schedule.

His mom didn’t really like my mom I heard it through a good source though my mom introduced her to her husband her brother because she liked her. She was engaged to be married and dropped the guy for my mom’s brother. She was a lucky lady and they had a good marriage I think. The reason she didn’t like her is because my mom had a few problems and wasn’t perfect and she was perfect in her mind. The thing I remember about his mom was when she said to me: “Beauty is as beauty does.” I don’t remember why she said it but it wasn’t meant in a nice way. It was caddy. I kind of knew I was on her poopy list. However she had a habit of putting her foot in her mouth. I know there was dispute about some china and and elephant from when my dad served in Vietnam and went to Hong Kong. I don’t know if the china I received was the reason. I wasn’t really making a big deal about either of them but it may have ticked her off. In fact I didn’t know I was supposed to have them until I was told I was. It wasn’t that big a deal to me to be honest. I don’t use it much in fact never have used it. When I was at the zenith of my family problems she called me and I would not talk to her because she never had called before that I recall and I was pretty messed up at the time. She was in the fourth limo at my dad’s funeral and I didn’t want to be with her then but my sister wanted me there. I would have liked to have been with my mom, of all places. I knew it was a dig to me because I was receiving many digs here and there such as a movie she wanted me to see with Keira Knightley and we had to drive to rent it so it wasn’t on hand called: Atonement. Her husband went to bed while we watched. Another time she wanted everyone to watch it the last time I saw her at my little sister’s new home for a family gathering when we saw my mother for that visit. So I’m atoning for her and I think it may take years and years and I don’t think it will ever be atoned for whatever. It means a lot to her though, the movie that is. I found it a bit boring, but I caught her meaning. It’s about a woman’s love of her husband and the sister that screwed up their relationship for a long time with her lies. She bought the movie after that sometime or other for some reason or maybe for that weekend? We didn’t watch it then it was just a suggestion made by her for the family reunion entertainment that weekend. In my opinion there are some movies that require only one viewing and that was one of them. Now instead of a ten page Christmas letter type written we get a one page letter with a page of pictures. So something has drastically changed. It’s not like her to be so brief.

This is how it was: One of my mom’s other brothers was an alcoholic. They loved him but he was the bad sheep you could tell by the way they talked about him and treated him and he was kind of messed up often with alcohol. Alcoholics are hard to take some times. The moment he came into money he was their chum. Then they didn’t mind hanging out with him even though he was still an alcoholic. That was what made the difference to them.



Little jack horner
Sat in a corner,
Eating his Christmas pie;
He put in a thumb,
And pulled out a plum,
And said,”What a good boy am I”.

By the way here are those pictures of the man on the curb during the first attack/bullet/ on JFK that didn’t quite go through his tie of the man that looks like who I was talking about in the next post. Bullets don’t stop because of a tie so it is something else that goes through his body and nicks the tie which I think was a contraption in the back section of the seat that ejected a sharp object pulled back through his back and back out again into the back section of the seat. The wound was that kind of wound when something is inserted and pulled back out like a sharp object otherwise his body would have thrust forward or backward depending on the bullets direction at the time of the wound instead of sitting straight up arms bent in reaction to the object and maybe trying to figure out what went through him.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.44.16 AM

Man has his right hand raised in the bottom of this photo looks eerily similar to his kind of a wave even the height of his waves like he’s got it all handled. (Which he doesn’t, it appears like he is losing his balance these days. Noticed one of his lackeys that looks like Lurch of the Adams Family (McDonough) was an apologist for Al Qaeda and Isis and Obama a day ago or so and all the places they were affecting in the Middle East and just recently it had been overcome as far as Obama was concerned so I think Obama is in a bit of a lurch.)  Looks like this guy is wearing suspenders and not a sweater. Possibly had to raise his hand for a line of sight (WOW) to trigger what ever needed to be triggered such as a sensor of some kind  on the car or in the car pushing a button with his thumb and releasing it as well. That’s what it looks like to me. When the cars go by the guy saunters across the street across the field.

Timing is important.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.23.59 AM

Fingerprint over where he would have been either standing or sitting and before JFK’s head wound which is about to happen when Jackie gets underneath and around him to shoot him. Obviously the fingerprint was purposeful!

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.19.48 AM

This guy is wearing a sweater whereas the guy in the top picture is not wearing a sweater.

I have no idea what the red circle is just a shadow and a diversion.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.18.27 AM

And he doesn’t stay seated on the sidewalk.


 Tonight Fox is airing the Boston Marathon terror stuff. The Boston Marathon is when normally? Third Monday of April. I don’t think this is the anniversary of the marathon so it must be the press making it’s case against Tsarnaev and it looks to be edited and designed by the press to railroad their patsy. The sounds are much louder. They have mastered it in a studio I’m sure to make it more realistic. That is not how they sounded when we saw it when it happened as it was reported that day. Amazing what a studio can do to make things worse than it was.  I bet they have done the same with the cinematography as well. As you recall one guys prosthetic fell from a wheelchair and had to be put back on the guys stub by the man that was pushing him in the wheel chair and that day they were planning on it and had everything in place for that as an emergency type practice for terror. Obviously having to replace the prothetic is a pretty good sign something ain’t right. Of course that isn”t included now in their edited version.  I think they need public outrage to help put Tsarnaev behind bars. As if it isn’t bad enough he was smirking in court and blowing kisses at the court hearings  trying to act like a scoundrel so he might get a fair trial that was reported by the press. Terrible sketches as well made him look like a knave. Anyway I think that Tsarnaev maybe about to be tried or something and the press is making their case since they are involved more than likely. His brother didn’t make it after being rundown by the police but they say he ran down his own brother afterwards. But eye witnesses that watched it said something else as I recall which has been excluded as well in their report. His brother looks an awful lot like Eric Bolling of The Five just older now. The bag was in front of the fence then behind it where and it looks like it was in the building in these films. And the backpack pictures of him were definitely altered. I recognized one of the girls that was supposedly killed was a neighbor of mine in my past. So either she was there or not there or they used her picture. The woman doctor sure looks like the woman that works for OBAMA but has regressed in her looks quite a bit since. IT’s a HOAX that has been ENHANCED. Lots of recognizable faces in the show about it that are lying their asses off. IT’s OBAMALTICS as usual. Must have something to do with Netanyahu coming soon to see Congress or something similar.

Obama, McCain, and King Abdullah

and the Burger Kings

Obama is in Saudi Arabia for King Abdullah’s death with Sen. McCain, of course (Mr. Religious Freedom Fighter of Islam the Muslim Brotherhood financier.) “The Future must not belong to those that insult the Profit of Islam” is what Obama said a while back at the UN. Now he is touting freedom of religion and not to blame a few violent acts on the religion but on a few extremists but doesn’t say that they are in the midst of a terrorist war brought on by the Saudis and their trained assassins.

I heard that King Abdullah was a wonderful guy via Cheney’s daughter I think it was. Never met him but they say he was a wonderful man (kissing ass), but beheadings and crucifixions still occurred in his country and he didn’t speak out against those kind of public square punishments or try to stop it or mind too much, not that I ever heard. I think he was a believer in SILENCE IS GOLDEN Perhaps diplomats out to diplomacize with the clerics of that country instead of wasting their time with the kings that don’t seem to have control of their country or they would have been able to stop terrorism such as the World Trade Towers, etc.

They send and finance terrorism, but they are not responsible is what Obama means by freedom of religion. He wants it both ways so that he may kill whomever he wants, kill whenever it suits him or helps him politically which is often, kill however he deems is appropriate, and kill wherever it is needed. It’s ridiculous and self serving of course and hoping you don’t notice. Why would they?

Melissa Rivers Sues N.Y.C. Clinic Where Joan Rivers Stopped Breathing

This was soon after Joan Rivers made a statement about Israel in support of Israel and about Michelle Obama and her sexuality not for nor against she just said “everyone knows …….” in regards to Michelle and Barack Obama. Anyway heard on Fox that the doctors took pictures of Joan Rivers at her bedside not sure if it was after she had died, before, or during the emergency, but it doesn’t sound professional at all. Possibly a veiled threat like Benghazi was a veiled threat in order to scare Obama’s administration and those that watched. I did notice that Senator Kerry was afraid during the hearings and wasn’t gonna allow space between him and Hillary because of that fear. So much for diplomacy.

Islam is not interested in ruling the world


The Vatican does not want to Catholicize the world

Has either said that they do? YES BOTH HAVE SAID THAT THEY DO





That’s why we need to get energy independent and let the other continent deal with it.

Why would Chancellor Merkel who was in collaboration with Obama utilizing austerity measures for the people of Germany appear at an anniversary commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz?

Doesn’t that seem a bit


Survivors visit Auschwitz a day ahead of 70th anniversary of liberation by Soviet army (VIDEO)

If you want people to succeed in your country you do not


austere measures on the people!

hope you read:

Indulgences and the Parable of Usury


Obama: Netanyahu meeting before Israel election ‘inappropriate’ – CNN interview


to raise money the next day in Law Vegas

after Benghazi was appropriate?

One Small Step for Woman 



I guess all the other women did the same that were on the team to Saudi Arabia but I would think the First Lady probably set the tone at least for that trip.

I watched Rick Perry on Sean Hannity talk about the legal problems he is having and some weird pictures of the woman looked like she was in a fleet seat who had something to do with this lawsuit. I do know that during the immigration rush Rick Perry acted really responsible for his state and with the help of Sean Hannity was able to show the American people what was occurring. I think he handled the situation at the time pretty well amongst the flurry of information and disinformation and political games that were flung at America and I think it had to do with Nations Without Borders and the intent to Catholicize/Islamacize America and the immigrants merely a tool and were without much choice but to immigrate because the countries and their leaders that they came from weren’t and aren’t doing their job and being mislead to inflict austerity so probably had to leave or immigration would be at a trickle. I think they were forced by whatever was pushing them to America an d I think it was the Vatican and the Pope who managed this surge for their GRAND vision of Nations Without Borders and so they don’t have to take responsibility for their bad leadership spiritually and economically.

But I think Rick Perry would make a good nominee for President. However on the issue about Syria I think he needs some work as well as all the other candidates in that specific topic. I think it is a very complex situation in Syria caused by a lot of outside influence and interference hence Damascus being the burdensome stone biblically speaking. The Golan Heights has a lot to do with the bad decisions made by this administration. The Book Of Enoch talks about the angels taking “women” and I think it means apostate religions/churches. The Golan Heights was conquered by Israel during the Six day war and I think some would like to undermine Israel and I don’t think it would be wise to try that for the sake of Israel, for the sake of Syria, for the sake of the Middle East, for the sake of Europe, for the sake of America, and perhaps the world. In my opinion it think it’s a HUGE MISTAKE to try to do that! I think Israel conquered the Golan Heights fair and square under the circumstances that they faced then and now. There are a lot of interesting stories about angels interfering around that area and I think there may be a good reason for that interference and it may be for the welfare of everyone to respect the border between Syria and Israel otherwise we might be

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Why tempt fate? And besides I think it was to fix us and that takes time and lots of groundhog days, if you have noticed, because I  the true God understands why men and women are confused about a lot of things and I don’t think he is a Jealous God. Why in the world would he be jealous? I think that was added by those that are jealous of God. I doubt he punishes the 3rd and 4th generations of people who are deceived though I think they do suffer not because of God but by those that added that to the Ten Commandments. Most of the Ten Commandments are pretty simple and when it gets complex I think more than likely it is conjecture on the part of whoever stole the holy books and altered them.

 I could be wrong. I haven’t seen the original Ten Commandments. But it seems to me when it comes to the Law of Jealousy that that shows there is something awfully wrong with parts of the Old Testament just as there are some things awfully wrong with the New Testament. The next post talks about the Law of Jealousy and I think it came from the eeeeevilution of those that altered women for the most part and blamed them for everything that goes wrong in relationships, families, encounters, and has to do with jealousy of women with women often times to please men. (take Hillary for instance, and her tactics with the women that her husband or someone that looked just like him encountered and take the Roman Catholic Churches attitude about marriage for priests and what happened to the women they encountered over the years historically hence they have a bunch of immature priests that have no idea what it is like to raise a child and make it hard for others to raise their children by their immature interference and why do they do that?…..money to keep the churches possessions and to take the possessions of others. If they cared about raising kids they would allow their priests to marry so they might learn the good and the bad and the in-between of relationships and family hardships instead of pushing them from one country to another to cover it up and to cover up their failures in those countries spiritually,  financially, and politically. In fact they ought to require marriage before allowing them to mentor other people’s marriages, divorces, and their kids. What they do instead is dissolve marriages catholically and call it an anullment to clear their name and keep their status etc instead of accepting a failure, which happens. False pride kind of words. Legalese. Very similar to indulging their own failures and condemning others for their failures. Not exactly fair. ) If you read some of the comments by women of the article about Michelle Obama refusing to cover her head with a scarf in Saudi Arabia it kind of makes sense, but it is not righteous, IMO. And probably fear has a lot to do with it as well but the wrong kind of fear otherwise why would they be punishing women often times that are raped even in their own families. HONOR?


The Stones of Amen

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

John 1:49-51

49 Nathanael answered and saith unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel.

50 Jesus answered and said unto him, Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, believest thou? thou shalt see greater things than these.

51 And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

ascending and descending is the same as rising and falling

In fact I remember it said in some forms of the bible that the statement 1:51 :

is rise and fall upon the Son of man

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

I had a brainstorm and I think Jesus in the Gospel of John may be referring to The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Reich means empire

The first reich the Holy Roman Empire

The second reich was the German Empire

The third reich was Nazi Germany

Remember Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew was born in a manger (anagram of german)

I don’t think the Gospel of John’s Jesus is the same person as Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) curses the fig tree.

Code Pink Tries to Arrest 91-Year-Old Kissinger for ‘War Crimes,’ Get Smacked Down by 94-Year-Old George Shultz

Kissinger was hired by the Vatican to help with their deteriorating reputation for child abuse and money laundering. He also helped get Obama in office. Kissinger also was hired recently, I think, by Obama. So not sure what is going on here, but probably unknowingly assisting in distraction because of Benghazi. It seems a bit late to go after Kissinger for Vietnam and Cambodia. How about going after him for assisting the Vatican to coverup their abuse of mankind in the present time. By the way Vietnam was started because of the Jesuits and the Vatican dispute over some land, I thought. Sen. McCain apologizing profusely to Kissinger because a few people protested and tried to arrest him I hardly call that a big deal….What about Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood? McCain gonna apologize profusely about funding that coup? Or did Kissinger have a great deal to do with the Muslim Brotherhood in collaboration with the Vatican? How about Benghazi? Kissinger involved? McCain is kissing Kissinger up the pooper.

I don’t think Kissinger represents Israel. I think he represents the Bohemian Grove.

I wrote next post quite a long time ago but I think his ties are for the Vatican, Obama, and Germany. I’m not gonna reread it or edit it but I think there is enough evidence in it that shows his allegiance. And as far as I can see or understand it hasn’t been good for the world whatsoever and has been bad for the USA as well. And I think their vision for a New World Order which isn’t that new with all their deceptions are on a collision course with God. So far it’s a failure.

The Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and the NWO-Revised *   

What about the unarmed girl that was shot to death outside the White House and her baby was taken. Members of Congress applauded. Gonna apologize for applauding her death? That wasn’t even during war but during the government shutdown and that was plain murder. I guess to Sen. McCain that’s alright. McCain gonna investigate that crime, or does he even care about an unarmed woman and her baby? Anyone gonna look into her death and what occurred or are you going to sweep it under the rug?

Who’s the scum?

I haven’t heard a peep about it!


No one knows where this money is coming from

“Turkey attracted $7.9 billion of income from unexplained sources during the first eight months of 2014, compared to an outflow of $90 million during the same period a year ago, according to the central bank data. In the three months that followed, $5.6 billion of that left the country.”

Probably came from the Ukraine whose leader had embezzled a bunch of money and then he disappeared.

Who is Sajida al-Rishawi? And why does ISIS care about her?

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.22.50 PM looks a lot like the woman with the huge pink tie who was standing behind Donald Rumsfeld when he gave a very interesting connection. I think she was a secret service agent but reacts very surprised and kind of shocked by what he eventually says about the planes that attacked NEW YORK CITY, the PENTAGON and the US with BOX CUTTERS on 9-11. He kind off gets his point out in a way so that he can get it out otherwise I don’t think he would have been allowed to say what he said. That is what it looks like to me like he was trying to tell everyone something important and was very smart about it as well. The link is linked in the post about The Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and the NWO above but here is a snapshot of her below behind Rumsfeld shoulder. In the post there are many interesting links that are included with George Bush and Hillary Clinton worth watching and you ought to try to discern the reason they made those two videos about a religion that neither were involved in. VERY STRANGE INDEED! The other video linked in the post with David Gergan was also unnerving. Lots of information in that post that may have been shrugged off but sometimes they provide a good vantage point as to what is occurring now and why. Plus her name seems to be kind of similar to the Palestinian journalist who was on often times in the news in regards to Israel and the Palestinians about ten years ago. Haven’t noticed her in the news or on the news in a long time. Regardless many people do resemble each other but still I think it is interesting possibility and you ought to watch the video linked with Donald Rumsfeld carefully.

I will transcribe it for those who can’t hear, can’t read his lips, or would rather read what it is he said but it is illuminating. Whether it was a slip up, I don’t think so. I think it was the best he could do under the circumstances at the time.

DONALD Rumsfeld pours out word from his mouth by mistake.

“I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face, (sniffles) if the people who bombed the Mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon……………………..”

They have cut off the rest of what he said since it was released a long time ago, but I think the words that were cut off from this video:

“were one and the same”

Rumsfeld Says 911 Plane Was “Shot Down” over Pennsylvania

I don’t think the obvious was the only meaning in what he said which would be that we shot down a plane for protection which would be the obvious conclusion.

I think he meant to say what he said:

“were one and the same.” which has been erased since.

in regards to the other events that he mentioned meaning the same group of people did all of the above.

Which I think means the NEW WORLD ORDER assholes.

Otherwise if he didn’t mean what he said and he blurted it out by mistake he did it very solemnly—– which doesn’t make sense. He was emotional because of what I think he found out sometime or other and was able to communicate it otherwise why would he say “what kind of world would we face” at the beginning of the statement.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.32.54 PM

Mitt Romney Will Not Run in 2016

 When George Bush heard about the attack he was in a classroom reading a book to some kids.

What is kind of weird is that the sniper that supposedly killed JFK did so from the School Book Depository in Downtown Dallas.

Kind of an interesting connection.

He could have been set up as well that day for some reason. I sure don’t think George Bush would intentionally kill a bunch of bankers and investors? But my problem with Goerge Bush is who he attacked. To me Saudi Arabia would have been the obvious source since all of the men on the planes with box cutters were Saudi Arabian. Weren’t they? And they trained in Florida to fly those planes but did we attack Floridians?

Did we attack Afghanistan for destroying Buddhas? It was the Taliban that destroyed the buddhas and the Taliban were muslim and I think under the direction of Al Qaeda who are Saudi Arabian because they want the world to be under their control. Weren’t they also growing heroin? Is Al Qaeda smarter than the USA? They knew what to destroy in Afghanistan why can’t our government understand what needs to be destroyed in Saudi Arabia? Obviously the Buddhas were holy to the Afghans. What is holy to Saudi Arabia, Islam, and the muslims? Mecca and Medina. It’s a no brainer. All 22 of the attackers of the USA were from Saudi Arabia and were called Al Qaeda and they used box cutters. I think referring to and pointing to the box in MECCA which is causing the problems in the middle east. Instead we have politicians with glazed eyes often times like they are possessed kind of like Michael Brown in one of his pictures. Not sure he wasn’t possessed but was able to make a statement with his hands behind his back etc. He knew he was being filmed and was making some kind of point or why stick your arms behind your back before ripping off a store. I’m not sure glazed is the right word but look like they are under the influence of something else. And then other people sticking out their tongues while they talk as if possessed by something else especially when involved in the hoaxes in the past few years under the Obama Administration. I even noticed it with the spokes person for the Pentagon in his eyes tonight when talking about whether to call something terrorists or radical terrorist or armed insurgents etc on the Megan Kelly Show. I think he was the same man that saved a life in the Balkans years ago or was shot down and was able to escape, I think, but what he had to say was ridiculous.

At this rate pretty soon we’ll have to call terrorists pacifists to protect their identity.

Moussaoui Calls Saudi Princes Patrons of Al Qaeda

………..”Mr. Moussaoui said he acted as a courier for Bin Laden, carrying personal messages to prominent Saudi princes and clerics.

And he described his training in Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.”……..

…………..”In addition, Mr. Moussaoui said, “We talk about the feasibility of shooting Air Force One.”

Specifically, he said, he had met an official of the Islamic Affairs Department of the Saudi Embassy in Washington when the Saudi official visited Kandahar. “I was supposed to go to Washington and go with him” to “find a location where it may be suitable to launch a Stinger attack and then, after, be able to escape,” he said.

He said he was arrested before being able to carry out the reconnaissance mission.”…………..

Not only that– who set up the President to read a book to kids at school so that he would receive the news of the attack while in the classroom with cameras ready.  (Don’t forget the School Book Depository one bullet theory of the Kennedy assassination and if you don’t think it’s related it is.) I believe that it probably was the Secret Service since it is the service in Maryland that suggests talking points to the Presidents. Gives them their routine and schedule for each day, right? Doesn’t the Vatican/Jesuit connection run the Secret Service? It is evident they knew it was gonna happen, often times a president is tested or so they say, but that’s the press saying it and the press were there filming him in the classroom when the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were hit by some planes. The press used to be mainly newspapers which for some reason were run by the oil business, I have heard but Gore invented the internet so he might be in on it maybe because he didn’t win the election, but instead got to make a ton of money on the lie of the century, Global warming  now climate change as if that is unusual which was first floated by the Vatican I think for an excuse for some man made catastrophes to blame  the weather when they are manipulating some weather patterns with places like HAARP that shoot microwaves into the atmosphere, the ocean, the land? Ever watch something cook in a microwave? It cooks fast. So they can buy off people so that they can make a bunch of money on a pack of lies. So everyone wins except for the people. Mainly because those people at the top are too stupid and don’t know how to fix an economy and the newest debacle is shifting people around from one country to another because they are too stupid to know what to do about foreign policy.

Here is an example of stupidity after Fukushima in Japan when the Vatican was trying to force the Neocatecumenal way on the Japanese Roman Catholics who were resisting because of the rise in suicide rates on the after trying out “the Neocat. way”  and wanted to wait 5 years but the pope said no at the time then the earthquake/tsunami occurred quickly afterward which caused problems with the nuclear sites and to this day we don’t really know the effects but I think Obama Care was a response to it because they wanted to coverup the damage that may have been caused by the Vaticans manmade accident and that is also the way to take away freedom from a country by constricting choice in doctors, care, medical business etc to funnel the whole business into whomever they (those who think they know whats best fro everyone else) choose. So I suspect it was a manmade event that also caused star fish turning up on the shores of California with nerve damage because they only have one nerve which involves their mouths used for eating and turning into jelly another is this mercury levels in tuna fish in Hawaii blamed on coal mining. They used to say to only eat tuna 2 times a week especially if pregnant because of the mercury found in them. I doubt it was coal. I think more than likely because of other nukes tested in water etc.

Japan’s toxic trials

Mercury levels in Hawaiian yellowfin tuna increasing

If you read what happened to levels of mercury after chrenobyl it looks as if mercury could be a by product of nuclear accidents, that is if you can find articles anymore on that subject because they tend to disappear to protect the guilty. Like women who are impregnated by priests they didn’t want to have to pay for their families or in case there is a divorce etc they don’t like to be held responsible for their intrusions and abuse of mankind.

That ought to concern the middle east about Iran which happens to have certain waterways that feed into other bodies of water that are important to everyone over there on that side of the world. The Mediterranean Sea could be affected by a nuclear accident or non accident and everyone that lives around it would be affected. That would include Europe.

The Secret Service aren’t the brainiest people in the world. Nor is the mob. The Roman Catholic Church isn’t very bright either or they wouldn’t be on the mess they are in. Anyway it’s like having a bunch of dumb asses running the world and something needs to be done about it.

 One of the women on the plane that collided with the Pentagon was a dancer, a journalist married to the Post Master General and her talk on the phone with her husband was quite interesting. I can’t remember her name at the moment but was seen in Poland later on hiding out I think.

So……..Maybe she wasn’t on that plane after all.

Lots of deception then of course but I think what Donald Rumsfeld said is still true and so I think it has to do with Jesuits, Catholicizing the world and Islamicizing the world and their strange relationship. LOVE HATE etc WHO is on top and who isn’t kind of relationship.

It’s a CONUNDRUM to make everyone unsure and keep the insurance business in business

and obviously all of it has to do with religions and an immense amount of deception.

Found this yesterday and thought it interesting so wanted to include it:

The Vatican Agenda:

How Does The Vatican View The Legitimacy of Israel’s Claims To Jerusalem?

Now Fox is showing news of Isis in Syria which supposedly has a 20 minute video purporting the burning of a Jordanian pilot to death and they keep saying you can see where he was doused with a flammable liquid in the picture and I sure don’t see what they’re talking about. They do a lot of purporting when it comes to Isis and their beheadings and anything that has to do with Syria. I guess Shepard Smith wrote notes describing it and his deep thoughts which I didn’t listen to because he isn’t really that deep. Anyway I think they’re tired of Jerry Seinfeld reruns. I still haven’t watched all of them.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.06.08 AM

New ISIS video shows Jordanian pilot being burned alive

If this were real he would not have meat

on his fingers or nails!

time frame on the video (22:34)

In other words it’s BULLSHIT!

Now Jordan King Abdullah is gonna execute a POW who supposedly is Al Qaeda without a trial in response to ISIS purportedly burning the pilot the one that ISIS wanted to exchange for their prisoner who they instead burned purportedly.

I don’t think it’s a good idea because it seems to me to be a set up of some kind. Like ISIS is pressuring the King of Jordan to kill a prisoner. Ever hear of the Geneva Convention?

ISIS is running the show and who is running them? Are they trying to silence the woman prisoner?

Who is they? King of Jordan King Abdullah, Obama , ISIS?

Seems to me to be a deception to enrage everyone and to kill whomever without a defense and without any reasonable excuse


being manipulated to the extreme and it’s INSANE.

Someone wanted her to be silenced, that’s for sure. Fox news said that she was executed just a while ago.

King Abdullah’s dad of Jordan was a puppet of Britain as I recall, was he not? That is why it was a surprise that they attacked Israel in the Six Day War. I may have it wrong but I thought that was the case. So now he is doing the bidding of Obama as far as I can tell. This whole ISIS/prisoner swap with Jordan is so convoluted. What kind of king kills a prisoner of war because of a terrorist organization threatening them and what kind of a president releases prisoners of war in the midst of a war?

This is OBAMA MADNESS is what it is. Purportedly the King of Jordan was on the phone with Obama during some important event colluding with each other recently, but I can’t remember what it was.

Anyway I hope he loses his condom, I mean his kingdom. He doesn’t deserve one anymore.

Obama ought to be arrested for his part.

Very well produced film and I still don’t buy it. I know what Hollywood is capable of and I have no idea what he was purported to to have said on the video but sounded like he was divulging information but since I don’t speak or understand terrorism language and since they put out a video to show his purported death to silence others it’s hard to believe. The bruise on his face looked like coal. Too well produced and staged.

Even if it’s a fake propaganda film it’s evil. If it is real it is evil.

It is a form of terrorism and way to well produced not to be propaganda and way too dramatic.

Chalk it up to propaganda with mega bucks.

 Now they say they are gonna kill her (the Jordanian POW) at dawn so she has not been executed yet so Fox got it wrong either then or now, maybe both.

I don’t think the army air force involved in the show need more arms. They seem armed enough. It’s some sort of game they are playing all of them and I think it will backfire what ever mischief they are up to.

Why no screams? Don’t people that are on fire scream? Certainly if they wanted to be realistic they would have included it in their drama.

So take General Tata and stuff it. (he was on Fox news believe it or not a general called General Tata) That’s english for something, I’m not sure but like good bye or cheerio kind of shit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.27.08 AM

Sen. Harry Reid is turning into Sen. Mitch McConnell:

Sorry to hear about his second accident once in traffic and the other on an exercise type equipment belt or something like that. I think it’s bit contrived why he keeps getting bruised in the face. Probably some form of Obama diplomacy. You people up there need to get Obama out of office and out of the White House. It isn’t healthy. I do feel sorry for Harry Reid. I don’ t like seeing an old man getting bruised for the second time and probably mob related and all the other freak accidents since Obama came to America. It would take a small amount of courage of each man and woman in the government including the military to get together and have him arrested. Cut off the Secret Service and Park Police and take back America. The politicians aren’t equipped but the military is equipped and

do your duty.


Stand up for each other and end his reign of terror. DO SOMETHING!

Otherwise you might as well burn down the White House so he and Michelle have to move to Virginia and live at Mount Vernon under house arrest. Honestly there needs to be something drastic done to remove his power from Washington DC. or kiss your own asses goodbye.

Give THEM the canoe. Stop pretending and GET IT DONE.

Take back America and let the EU take care of itself.

And after we have our freedom back we can help others with their freedom if they desire it which so far they have hampered our freedom instead for capital gain and personal gain.

Money can’t solve everything. 

Megyn Kelly’s Shockingly Rude And Unprofessional Treatment Of Gen. Wesley Clark

I watched part of her interview and with others as well and it is ridiculous the mine field they throw in front of themselves about terrorism and whether it has anything to do with Islam. I think political correctness may have originated with Wesley Clark. I recall he is a pleaser but not for the nation of America. I think he should have been a diploMAT instead. If we don’t get back our freedom and independence we are worthless to others seeking the same. And so far we have been worthless. And seems to me the Secret Service are getting served but have undermined the rights of politicians and hence their constituents. It’s time to cut off their power. The military is supposed to protect Americans and it’s time they do.


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.38.14 AM





Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.42.54 AM AND YOU GOTTA WONDER WHAT IS GOING ON IN HIS HEAD?



It’s time to get rid of their relics at Mecca and Medina to start with. Show them they can’t have that ideology anymore just like they did in Afghanistan to their Buddhist relics. They are gonna have to rely on their beliefs and relationship with God all by their lonesome instead of clamoring together like a bunch of rabbits.

They need a good lesson in truth: Their god is not God. Their god is a dick head.

Melts in your mouth not in UR hands.

If I had the means I would destroy them (Mecca and Medina) with short notice and without remorse, not even a smidgeon. And if that didn’t stop the ideology I would cut of their oil and routes in and out of their countries send them back to the stone age where they belong with clubs for weapons and caves to live in. I would destroy the palaces as well so they can live with their people;)

So on Fox News this headline appears after the purported burning of the Jordanian pilot and Jordan responded by killing this woman purportedly who looks like the lady in the picture with Donald Rumsfeld in the video where he says the stuff cited above a few years back and now even Clint Eastwood is being purportedly quoted by who the hell knows it says the King but then says it was a Republican so and so kissing butt purportedly. Anyway if she was really hanged she was a witness and that is witness tampering to cover something up and it needs to be investigated. If she wasn’t really hanged then we ought to have her extradited and sent back to the USA for questioning, don’t you think in regards to the attacks on 9-11 and the Pentagon, etc. Otherwise this too is BULLSHIT. She could be Obama’s sister!

Now they are not calling it Islamic extremism but have started the new term Muslim extremism. Not sure why but it is psychological like Global Warming changed to Climate Change. I think it’s to gain more followers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.33.41 AM

 I guess they are teaching us about Islam. An eye for an eye, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.54.59 AM



How come the young pilot on the right doesn’t have a chin dimple like the young man on the left.

Dimples don’t disappear with age or weight gain or drug use.

Plus the space between his eyes are totally different than the man on the left whose eyes are closer together. They are not the same person.


Piers Morgan compares ISIS to Nazis after watching video of Jordanian pilot

Democrats are going to be absent for the Netanyahu speech just like they were absent for the mother of one of the purported victims of Benghazi. HMMMMM I wondered why they ignored her except she didn’t seem very smart and repetitive. But if she really was a mother of one of the men killed at Benghazi they should have been witnesses for her, shouldn’t they?

She was upset not to be invited to the White House because of her daughter-in-law which was purportedly said by her a few times because her son’s wife didn’t like her mother-in-law and didn’t want her to be a part of the White House sorority fest. For some reason the Democrats didn’t want to hang out with her even though it was their duty to listen to her testimony and do their job at the time. It was some kind of a show of solidarity not staying for her testimony.

I wonder what that means? Just because someone is obnoxious doesn’t mean their testimony isn’t important. They sat for Hillary Clinton, didn’t they? They sat for Senator Kerry, didn’t they? Aren’t they pretty obnoxious as well?

Anyway I think she starred in an advertisement soon after same as the operator whose voice I recognized in the ad and on our phones which is irritating every time I hear her voice giving women a bad reputation just by the sounds of her voice. I can’t remember what they were selling Tupperware or something like that? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? That was obnoxious was it not? WOULD YOU WANT THAT FOR A PRESIDENT?


I can’t imagine who Obama thinks he is trying to influence Congress not to allow Netanyahu

to speak to our country via the House of Representatives.

Here Are the Three House Democrats Who Are Refusing to Show up for Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

“Last week, Blumenauer wrote in an op-ed for the Huffington Post saying that he wouldn’t go. He cited arguments used by other Democrats that the planned March 3 speech to Congress is just two weeks away from Israeli’s election, and that the U.S. should not be seen as favoring any one candidate that close to the vote.”

Is that democracy?

The Execution of Benghazi

When we had a revolution in our country there were a few other countries that got involved. Now we are doing the same as those countries and who do we represent? The king? The people? Which people? Oil companies? Europe? The Shites the Sunnis the many other things/tribes that are over there. I don’t think we know from what I have heard on the news and I don’t think they know either. Obama isn’t exactly honest. What about Manifest Destiny? What about the Civil War? Both sides were guilty of hate crimes. Both sides were guilty of war crimes. They behead people over there without representation. They crucify people without representation. They stone women to death for honor without representation. They aren’t democracies. If we were oil independent we probably wouldn’t get involved in other countries and their revolutions. Do they not have a right to determine their own future as a country? Since that video about the execution of the Jordanian pilot is found to be false what else is false that we are hearing about as far as the middle east is concerned? Probably lots of things. Jordan attacked Israel in the Six Day War. I still haven’t seen kids heads on poles as was told and I don’t want to. This film showed a lot of dead people including kids but who is responsible for those deaths? I had a hard time watching this film over and over again to find what I found. It wasn’t pleasant at all but I was suspicious because it was I had heard so over produced. A lot of money went into the making of the video and special effects. Plus the purported Jordanian pilot looked like he was high on heroin walking around in the rubble yard free and then gets in a cage? If he was killed he probably was martyred by Jordanians for the king Schmabdullah. What do they call those films that they dupe the actors and kill them:


That would be right up Obama’s alley, wouldn’t it?



(That would also align with the Michael Brown incident and his hands behind his back before he stole the cigars, otherwise why would he have his arms behind his back? etc. )

Now we hear that the death of the pilot occurred in Raqqa and occurred in mid January yet we didn’t hear about it till a few days ago in February which begs to question why. I know production of a film takes time and this film was heavily produced. There must be a reason for the delay of the news of the pilots purported death which happened to coincide with the arrival and departure of the King of Jordan to Washington DC to see Obama. I also heard that the pilot divulged information about other pilots and their locations and the blame was torture but IMO he was drugged by the looks of the person/pilot walking aimlessly through rubble. Did Clint Eastwood produce the film since he was brought into this via purported quotes of the King of Jordan? Is that why he came to America to pick up the finished product?

Obama condemns those who seek to ‘hijack religion’

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II canceled plans to attend the breakfast after Islamic State militants released a video this week showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned to death. In his place, Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Wisc., offered prayers for Jordan and read the New Testament parable of the Good Samaritan who saved a stranger who had been beaten and left for dead.”

One really applies to the other. What does the Good Samaritan have to do with Jordan, the King of Jordan, the Jordanian pilot, ISIS or for that matter Sen. Roger Wicker?




Who said that he was gonna win the war on Christmas?

(In his first term as President)

Wasn’t that OBAMA?

Has OBAMA rested yet? How many days has he been the President? 100? 200? 300? 400? 500? 600? …….. still counting…….

Did Jordan help stop terrorism in America? Did Jordan help stop terrorism in Israel?

Did Jordan help stop terrorism in Egypt?

Did they try to stop the Muslim Brotherhood or were they supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?

Bombs kill and so do DRONES.

OBAMA doesn’t mind using drones overseas. What makes you think he isn’t responsible for those dead bodies in that video?

I think we would be doing a favor by destroying Mecca and Medina for the people of the middle east. That is my opinion. Their religion is responsible for many crimes against humanity there and over here. I sure don’t think we need to be arming them. By arming them we are arming the enemies of Israel. Is that what we want to do? Is it wise?

Anyway something to think about! We could be on the wrong side of history by arming Jordan, if we do.

They say that Fox News is hosting the video that is 22 minutes long but the portion of the film I witnessed was longer than that. So why are they saying it is 22 minutes long now? It was at least 22 and a half minutes long which is where the hand was that I found not to have been incinerated that they made a big deal to show after they bulldozed the cage.

Wonder what that means?


“It seems very likely that ISIS’ sophisticated media arm saw the brutal new method of execution as a way of recapturing western media attention – despite the fact that burning people is specifically forbidden under Islam.”

What about Drone kills?

What about Benghazi?

It’s a way to hide evidence, isn’t it?

What about the Twin Towers? The Pentagon? ETC






Theres a newish show called Backstrom about a cop/detective (Rainn Wilson) who reminds me of a great actor in the past Orson Welles in a sort of corrupter kind of way. Really good show. Anyway on one show a 21 year old gets stabbed and they find a ribbon in her throat (I guess) that what scrawled on it “I am loyal.” LOL What will they think of next. Anyway he is an agnostic character but I thought it was kind of funny that the theme of this particular show was about religion and murder/secrets which is true so far as I have discovered. But “I am loyal” on a ribbon in the mouth/throat of a dead girl is really stretching it, isn’t it. Anyway I get lots and lots of ribbing about my beliefs and it seems to have caused a great stir but I read quite a bit of the bible and many apologists and kind of took a different approach and you would have thought I started WW111. That’s kind of how I know I must have done something right;) and wrong depending on who you believe. I have hard some miracles that keep me going in my beliefs that I never had before so I know i’m on the right track but I also falter and fail often, but I keep getting back up!

 I remember one of the first posts I wrote the reaction was astounding and I had no idea how sensitive the religions were to this kind of thought process but it was not my intention to freak everyone out. However, I had noticed a lot of deception before in the church and and with the personal experience I gained by living and being somewhat involved in the world of Christianity in America I just thought I would share what I found out. I wrote a bunch of stuff as it presented itself to me and out of interest having also to do with current events such as what occurred at Benghazi because it impressed upon me the coverup involved and struck me hard because of what Obama was doing around then and saying. I feel Benghazi was a BIG SIGN of the times we are in. I kind of thought of the man that was dragged around at Benghazi was a witness (against Barack Obama) as was prophesied in the bible but not how I thought a witness would present himself in terms of bible stuff. I didn’t think it would be like this. I was somewhat supportive of the idea of having Barack Obama as a President of the USA though I did not vote for him but everything he did and said betrayed him and his first conversation on the phone to Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel after Obama was in the Oval office with his heel in the forefront of the picture which was meant purposefully as an insult (or why have a photo of his phone call) tipped me off pretty well that he was bad news and up to no good? So I investigated as much a I could (that I had missed) about it and many other thing like what was said at the press dinners etc. I noticed his need for controlling the circumstances around him to make him look reasonable and that he was being prompted quite a bit by someone else (Kissinger? Secret Service? Vatican? Clinton?) but definitely he was being controlled and had been groomed in a way by someone. I don’t think he won the election fairly which has something to do with the hanging chads in Florida and computer hacking. So I must occlude it had something to do with the Bohemian Grove and the Club of Rome. I have read stuff in the past about them but didn’t waste too much time on it but there is pretty good proof in our recent history that betrays them and their cooperation to corrupt everyone else which seems to have been successful. It’s easy to do. It’s like sticking a rotten tomato (potato) with some good ones and it rots the rest of the tomatoes (potatoes) pretty quickly especially if you leave it with the rest of them by doing nothing about it which has occurred in our government and religions and their faiths. etc. I think it became exponential when Bully Graham made a pact with other religious leaders to protect each other by not holding each other accountable so as not to tarnish their reputations and in the political field not to call a spade a spade using political correctness. (‘Spade’ as in the suits of a deck of cards. Can you imagine playing the game of spades or hearts without calling them what they are or playing poker without specifying the suit of the card? Like getting up to bat in a baseball game with your hands tied behind your back. You can’t even play the game that way much less win. It’s kind of like dealing with a bunch of sponge bobs and patrick stars out there however it is a fun cartoon but how about Foghorn Leghorn and Bugs Bunny? They were really fun too, weren’t they? And while it may be politically incorrect Tarzan had it’s moments as well. LOL I’ll never forget the one with the trees that were tied together and tied a person of color “a native” to both trees ….. They were silly but it was a jungle after all. How about F Troop. Where did these cartoons get shipped off to? another planet that was insensitive? Harry Reid might not have bruised cheeks every few months if we hadn’t gone the wrong direction as a country worrying about stupid stuff and over doing it to protect the thin skinned. We might not have movies made about pilots in a cage being doused with flammable liquids and listen to Obama pontificate about rape at a prayer breakfast. I prefer good humor over raunchy bullshit that has been served to us by ISLAM and their protectorates because they are sick and demented and we need to go back to Saturday morning cartoons and lob a few their way and stop acting like their toilet paper and at the same time arrest Obama for his sick humor. Send him to Iraq to find his tribe and/or send him to Rome in a frock and then lob a few their way as well and I think everyone might have a chance to eat ice-cream with potato chips at 5 in the morning to catch some good entertainment in the future like we did in the past:

POPE: Parents can smack children for bad behavior…

The Papacy, Rome, Islam (Medina and Mecca) are really mucking up the world and they need to be smacked in the face super hard.

I also posted what I tried to transcribe of the CBS NEWS documentary of the JFK assassination (a few times because as I learned through the first time it kind of blossomed into much more than I ever thought it would in regards to religion and politics and their part in his death)  what I perceived because of circumstances beyond my control and things I remembered and it sort of coagulated into why JFK was assassinated IMO. It was kind of like eating an artichoke. By the time I got to the heart of the matter I had to go back and add what I had found out the first time around to the second attempt. Since then the news has gotten much more hard to trust as if intentionally trying to trick everyone not just because they love power but much more to hide and to make many people lose their balance and playing games psychological type games for propaganda purposes IMO and because they want a world without borders and a one world government/religion even though they can’t seem to build it. It’s a big mess. It’s like the Tower of Babel. I don’t think it is gonna work out the way they had hoped but in the meanwhile many people are hurting because they just won’t surrender to the fact that it isn’t gonna occur, IMO.

Many articles and posts are located and linked on the site called Merangue’s Blog. I hope you check it out. Nobody is forcing you to but it’s a choice and I think will help you understand some things going on. I have added some personal stuff to my posts lately because I have had to go through a bunch of shit along the way and you can skip that part if you like. I am doing it for reasons besides airing my dirty laundry and others dirty laundry because it helps me to keep track of things and why they are occurring because the deception is so humongous and helps to keep me grounded and to remember why I hate certain things and don’t want to forget just in case I get sucked into a deception since there are so many going on at once and to protect myself and sometimes because it feels good to write it, therapeutic in a way. I believe there are reasons for the things that occur  to each of us and those reasons a really important to remember and to discern when you can why things happen. And sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense why things happen but later it might make sense. I do know I am being tormented because of my beliefs in different ways as I have written about some of them in some posts but I keep forging on because I just don’t want that power to overcome me. I have had miracles as well that keep me going and I think things will improve for me, the people and things that I love, eventually.

l noticed the other night with O’Reilly talking about the national debt of 20 trillion which he said will be 22 trillion by the time Obama is out of office but the man who was offering his information said it would be 26 trillion dollar debt and I think because some get it. ABOUT THE FALLING BACK and the time difference I wrote about in a few posts below. I have noticed a lot of similar events occurring with basically the same presets and different people in a pattern of some kind like a Ground Hog Cay thing happening for some unknown reasons. Anyway I hope you check out the math in the posts below where you can find it tucked into a few places and my reasoning to give it a thought because it may have some repercussions or possibilities in your life if you do or don’t. I certainly wouldn’t force it upon you.

I sure wish John Bolton would get a different job. He is so full of it. I think Target might suffice. No offense. I don’t believe anyone knows what is going on over in the middle east and I think the reason is the Vatican and Islam work together and have confounded everyone. If we get our intelligence via either we are being stupid and I think John Bolton is proof.

What does John Bolton think of Islam and their holy sites?  Should they be protected because of oil?

LIES and more lies

The hooplah about Brian Williams and comparing Christians to Islam and their atrocities in the past because of Obama’s breakfast prayer time ………

and then some guy (Donahue) on Sean Hannity gets on and says that the dropping of gay men off buildings occurred in Syria and what I recall or by my recollection I read that it occurred in Saudi Arabia. Anyway it seemed like he slipped it into the conversation and probably purposefully. The Crusades were Roman, weren’t they? Yes Catholicism is different than Christianity that’s how things get so mixed up, because people think that Roman Catholicism follower is the same as a Christian. They aren’t the same. Protestants were killed by Roman Catholics as I recall and were burned at the stake for protesting the lies in Roman Catholicism. Shall we blame Syria? Why not blame Israel for burning Christians who were against Rome. The Spanish Inquisition was caused by Roman Catholicism, not Christians. Christianity gets blamed for atrocities by Roman Catholicism and Roman Catholicism gets to use Christians as their veil for crimes against humanity and then claim they are Christian. There is a difference between them! That is why the Pope went to North Korea while purportedly Christian children were being impaled by ISIS. The 15 year old girl in Syria who was purportedly killed by Jordan air fire is also ridiculous (they say that ISIS is accusing Jordan of bombing her). Who got the information from ISIS about Jordan’s hits??????? Who took the pictures of the captured pilot with his captor and the crowd of people? Obviously someone approved of by them. And who would allow their 15 year old daughter to go to Syria anyway? Roman Catholics?


The Roman Catholic hierarchy do not like those that leave their flock and employ many different ways to keep them or quell resistance to their religion. This has been going on for a eons.

Franklin Graham even protested Obama’s characterization of Christians on their high horses and Franklin Graham’s dad was a shill for Rome and I suspect the same of Franklin Graham and his girly magazines. His crusades started in England.

I have no idea if this is true but I think what is occurring in the middle east and within Islam is basically the same thing that happened to Roman Catholicism when many protested the lies and became Protestants, Lutherans, ……….

Syrian woman: I had to marry an ISIS police chief to save my father’s life


On Fox The Five Eric Bolling said maybe we should flatten Raqqa (Rakka) in response to the 15 year old girl who made a statement about Syria etc because it upset him what might have happened to her and like I said who would send a 15 yr. old as an aid worker to Syria in the first place and what makes anyone think a 15 year old would have any understanding of what is going on in Syria? 

But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.
So when Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew referred to Raca in this verse does it have anything to do with Raqqa Province (Rakka) of Syria? They sound the same so maybe it is a reference to Syria. Raca is capitalized as if a name not like uncapitalized “fool” which is also a name. It is specific and fool isn’t. (A proper name vs. not a proper name.)
Raca purportedly means empty-headed or stupid

Why did Jesus warn against saying the word raca in Matthew 5:22?

Paul of Tarsus (Turkey) was the one that said we were being judged by our thoughts. I have lousy thoughts often and have responded in my head with lots of bad thoughts and there are reasons for those thoughts often times not caused by me. So I believe this Jesus is out of his mind but nevertheless I think we ought to note the fact that Raca is mentioned and there is a place near Turkey (Tarsus Turkey, Paul’s Birthplace) in Syria called Rakka, don’t you think? I could be the point of this particular verse and the rest may be fluff to keep it in the Gospel of Matthew for a reason such as what is going on in Syria and times like these. It could be a prophetic warning and there reason he sounds so crazy sometimes in this gospel is because he possibly was having prophetic visions of the future (knowingly or unknowingly.) In any case this has to do with a Jordanian pilot purportedly burned to death in a cage and a 15 year old girl being bombed by a Jordanian pilot purportedly in response purportedly. Now 26 years old but was purportedly 15 years old a short while ago. Not to mention did they use Hellfire missiles? I have no idea but I have heard that there are missiles called hellfire missiles.

One thing I know is that the fact that Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew said it makes me think it. Without having read it I wouldn’t know it. Know what I mean? It is suggestive in its meaning so I think the verse means something else!

Getting tired of that word “purportedly” but it seems to fit just about everything we are hearing in the news.

CIA probes ISIS claim Jordanian airstrikes killed US aid worker

By the way I had no idea the Jordanian Pilot parachuted down. I thought he was shot down and managed to survive.

I think he was set up! But the dad of the pilot says he has three more sons so I guess it’s no big deal to him if his son was martyred since he is willing to give up 3 more. Probably martyred for honors sake. Was he gay?

I have seen three different versions of the Jordanian pilot and they are not the same person, sooooo I don’t know why but it is interesting since the dad is willing to donate the other three.

(The one with the crowd of people jeering and celebrating who looks like he is the real pilot. 2)The one in the cage. 3)The one depicted in a picture as the pilot {actually 2 pictures that are similar.) Anyway supposedly the pilot was killed a month or so ago and now after the visit of the King of Jordan to see Obama we get to hear about and see a video of a killing in a cage and watch the King of Jordan get dressed up in his military clothes strutting around looking kind of silly going off half-cocked. He bombs places somewhere and supposedly sending pictures of their bomb hits to the Pentagon. Was that just dumb luck?

New Allegations Renew Old Questions About Saudi Arabia And 9/11

Michelle Obama’s trip to china playing ping pong, the missing airliner from Indonesia (I think it was). Airliner crashing on the Ukranian border, missing billions and disappearance of Ukrainian leader and Sheppard Smith purporting/reporting about the unrest in Ukraine but not interfered with even though there was a coup of sorts occurring I guess because they like him. Was that just dumb luck?

Wakeup America:

The measles outbreak is very similar to the ebola outbreak in that I think it was purposeful. The Ebola outbreak coincided with Obamas meeting with African Leaders Conference. Was that just dumb luck? Measles outbreak has to do with ObamaCare and forced immigration by the droves, Nations Without Borders, One world government, One world religion, etc to make everyone capitulate with their outlandish desires. What countries sent their children to the USA and what religion were those countries predominantly? Roman Catholic. I would imagine the measles came from those countries or was manufactured by the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization)

Who is in charge of the CDC? Who is in charge of WHO? Where are their main WORLD HEAD QUARTERS? Who is in charge of Doctors Without Borders and the Samaritan’s Purse whose dad (Billy Graham) wrote the book: Just As I Am (giving his alibi during the assassination of JFK and some other interesting information), and DOD Chuck Hagel telling/warning Americans to GET READY!

Have nothing to do with that man! (read what is said by the wife of Pontius Pilate and her dream about that man and I think referring to either Jesus of the Gospel that tells about it or Joseph of Arimathea) and what Luke of the Gospel of Luke says about Joseph of Ari-mathea being a JUST. Arimathea means son of Matthew. It’s all related! And I’m sorry but ancient history matters regardless of the consternation of John Hagee. JACK Ready was a Secret Service Agent during the JFK Assassination and it is related as well who sure looked like Billy Graham with a funny hairdo shaved at the airport and sure looked like Obama at the roadside as JFK was stabbed in the back purportedly the fist shot. Whether it is an elaborate hoax or not it is related to Chuck Hagel warning about GET READY and of Obamas defense against the many hoaxes and real crises and the many lies which must have something to do with the Covenant with Many. A false covenant spoken about in the Book of Daniel possibly made by Paul of Tarsus, Turkey with man. (he is the one that explains it -calling it binding– so he must know) Which gets broken (which means it isn’t binding) or was he lying and that is why so much bad stuff is occurring because he breaks the false covenant he made with man! Paul was an Egyptian, wasn’t he? Says in the Book of Romans I think. The bible asks if he was the egyptian who releases a bunch of murderers in the desert. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But he answers and says he is a jew from Tarsus Turkey but does not say he is the egyptian so there may be two of them. I don’t know. I know in the bible  Jesus says “Simon Simon Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat.” Usually sifting involves two ingredients and since Simon is said twice I think those are the two ingredients that are sifted and might have to do with Paul. There may have been two of them. The Egyptian and Paul of Tarsus. Simon of Cyrene is mentioned as carrying the cross also and that could be one of the two mentioned. Or Simon of Cyrene is one and Paul  of Tarsus and one of them is the egyptian. Just like AMEN, AMEN is mentioned twice in many places but not until after the Book of Exodus where we learn about I AM THAT I AM and later in the Gospel of John he teaches about Before Abraham was I am.

At some point in the bible three shepherds are killed (physical) in one day because they hated him. In the book of Acts it seems to illustrate it but it seems to me the shepherds that are killed are the three gospels of the Synoptic Gospels (spiritual) because they are opposed to the Gospel of John which seems to be the most truthful. Two meanings possibly to that statement one fulfilled earlier by killing people and one fulfilled in our day or fulfilled then to make it seem as if it was fulfilled when the meaning was for this day killing lies. Not sure. But just because it is ancient history doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us now. WW11 affects us to this day and to some that is ancient history.

Food for thought and I think it matters.

I’m not sure I’ll ever figure it out but I think it is extremely important. I think that is why we are having these Ground hog days so we can figure it out while the rotten side is trying to destroy and deceive. IMO That is partly why I think ancient history has many clues as does the bible and what is occurring in the time we live in.

John 7:5-7

For neither did his brethren believe in him.

Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready.

The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.


Another assault on America using kids….And who recently was accused of violating the rights of children and laundering money?…Roman Catholic Clergy. Who put the Courtyard of the Gentiles in Paris, France at Notre Dame: Roman Catholic Clergy in response to those accusations against them. What church (WOMAN/Religion) is described in REVELATION by the colors of RED and PURPLE? CUP FULL OF THE ABOMINATIONS AND THE BLOOD OF MARTYRED SAINTS?








As far as Timothy McVeigh is concerned I have no idea why he did what he did

if he did it.

Remember there was supposedly more than one person involved. It was an attack on the part of government that has to do with Tobacco and Firearms in Oklahoma City. Kind of like Fast and Furious, The desire to DISARM AMERICA since OBAMA TOOK OFFICE etc. but wanting to arm the Jordanians. The Waco debacle had to do with the same (arms) and with a sect of Christianity and should never have occurred. The excuse was they were arming themselves and abusing kids but no proof of it because it went up in smoke! JANET RENO was the DOJ at the time.



How about the 7th day Adventists in Australia that had a huge fire at their gathering and many were killed?

Who gave Birthday Wishes or Anniversary wishes to the 7th Day Adventists in regards to their prophet that mis-prophesied about some prophetic riddles in the bible: George Bush and Hillary Clinton?






The Ecumenical Movement – Pope Benedict and Religious Leaders

It seems like this is where things kind of started to go sour.

This also may be a covenant the uniting of the religions in Christianity to Roman Catholicism and the one with the Muslim Brotherhood may be also covenant. 


I think this is a delayed reaction to circumcision, somehow, which protected the male species from disease at the time and was a sign and a covenant between Abraham and God and I think Abraham’s descendants. I think that was the reasoning behind circumcision and some more deeper meanings having to do with the brain vs ignorance and some spiritual meanings as well. The Abrahamic Covenant and because he was willing to sacrifice his only son. But I still don’t get it except that it was cleaner and prevented disease. It wasn’t called the Abram Covenant. Jesus in the Gospel of John said “Before Abraham was I am.” Or “Before Abraham was I AM” So either he is talking about the ram caught in the brambles which was sacrificed instead of Abraham’s only son or Abraham’s son who he was about to sacrifice or who was talking to him at the time either in his head or literally or the time before all that when freeing the Hebrew slaves of Egypt. Could be in reference to more than one of the above cited as well.

When Jesus of the Gospel of John said Call no man father but your Father in Heaven the Jews and whoever was in Jerusalem at the time (Romans and Muslims) were claiming Abraham as their Father. and of course Roman Catholic Clergy are called Fathers/Priests. I think Jesus was saying not to pray to them which means not to confess to them because they are ineffective at forgiveness which is plain as the nose on my face. Priests aren’t allowed to get married or be parents so they can’t possibly know how tough it is to raise a child. Jesus was steering those that have common sense not to rely on priests as forgivers of sin because they are incapable since they are to God plus it usually costs money or buying their beads to say the Hail Mary’s which is not gonna help anyone, not even the beads. The pope has to have a priest hold up the bible for him so he can read it that is how ineffective they are when it comes to biblical things. Recently he is trying to tell us whether we have the right to spank a kid and now it has to be done with dignity. There is nothing dignified about spanking but sometimes it helps the kid know right from wrong and it should be up to the parent within reason. Obviously a maniac raising a kid isn’t gonna help a kid. The thing about spanking is it is best done when one isn’t mad which is a mistake we all make sometimes or have made because emotion tends to complicate teaching. My dad used to have to catch me to spank me so by the time he did get me it made him mad or he would just give up. eventually he got a paddle and never used it but it scared us enough. Some parents used a belt and some their hands. Some use restriction, take away a privilege etc but in this house I’m not allowed to do any of the above because I don’t pay the rent. The one that does pay the rent gets to spoil the child and he was raised Roman catholic and sucks as far as I’m concerned at being a dad and I think he doesn’t deserve my kids so I pray about it often. Of course kids love it when they are in control because they don’t know any better. The parent that does that just wants respect and disrespect for the other parent. It is typical of divorce to punish the other parent using the kids. I am counting on God a bunch for my kids and hoping one day he will regret his religion and his stupidity. Makes one hate the other.

On Judge Jeanine the comments in regards to Obama’s Sermon on the Mount at the Prayer Breakfast recently bringing up what happened 1100 years ago like the Crusades was ridiculous said one person in so may words and another person commented that what Obama said was truthful but the point of his historical reflection had more to do with mocking the truth. Especially when he commented about that terrorists actually rape their prisoners etc in so many words was also mocking. It was kind of mocking what Angelina Jolie had said at the UN when she made some headlines in regards to rape in wartime. I kind of mocked her a while back more because it was like watching Claudia Cardinale speak to a bunch of natives about sex even though she was at the UN with leaders who should have more dignity but their reaction was humorous. It was a funny moment and I couldn’t help myself when watching it to laugh about it but rape is not really funny for people in war torn countries or in time of peace. I’m sure she meant well and has done a lot in that regard it is just a bit weird since she is kind of a sex symbol of Hollywood.

Obama was mocking Christians, Christianity, and deceiving in a way by connecting them to the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and other events that took the lives of many christians and jews and other minorities since it was Rome that was responsible and their odd but close relationship with Islam which is Obama’s religion. They play off each other to destroy others and the unwary.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing kind of stuff because they don’t like the truth because it exposes them and their treachery.

I don’t know Angelina Jolie’s heart so still give her the benefit of doubt even if she is pretty. LOL Pretty women take a lot of crap for their beauty and in her case talent and poise just to reach some success. Men have it much easier than women in that regard. Obama was given his success groomed for it) and in my opinion squandered it because of his religious zealotry to punish people for their differences and beliefs in a cruel manner and tried to with great success to undermine freedom and reward corruption with the threat of torture. That is what Benghazi was partially about and I think he might be responsible to some degree about the film of the pilot. Either he funded it or produced it somehow or another. I think he is evil through and through and full of tricks which is how he succeeds by that trickery and there is nothing worthy about it. Notice how right after the King of Jordan visited the White House the film came out and the Jordanian King went back to jump in his fatigues to prove himself. I’m sure Obama had quite a bit to do with that, not because he cares about anyone but because the more carnage out there the happier he is and the less he is held accountable which is his talent.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 1.46.29 AM


Here is a comment I found for this article and I think it is right on the mark and demonstrates how CDC and WHO are using kids and then lauding Nations Without Borders for their work whenever possible when they are probably responsible for many outbreaks and deaths. Don’t forget who flew in the ebola virus and the doctor and his infamous words regarding the names of the victims in Africa that he never forgot but never produced those names when challenged.

“Folks. Isn’t it even a tiny bit obvious, at this point, that BIG PHARMA is just a massive genocidal tool? The shots are killing kids. Now, in the US; we have ENTERO/ 68 a TB/polio hybrid and now we have MEASLES. South America is filled with paralyzed young women, who are also now infertile. 20 years old, paralyzed and infertile. What do you call that folks? I call that more or less DEAD.

75,000 young women in INDIA, dead and sterilized

OK? People. At some point, people have to understand that these folks are not playing.

Are you?”


The Feeding Frenzy and Brian Williams

I rarely watched Brian Williams but not surprised he lied about whether or not he was fired upon or embellished his story. I doubt he is the only person in the press to have lied their ass off although I think often they don’t realize they are telling lies because that is how deception spreads when they relay a lie. The timing of this story about Brian Williams is a bit suspicious, isn’t it since this happened how long ago?

I heard tonight about his excuse for his perception about being in a flotilla etc an it makes sense. He is not a military man. He felt danger, sensed danger because of all of the activity around him and he was in danger. Just because their helicopter went a different direction and wasn’t the one hit but landed because of other complications is reasonable and his feelings are reasonable in my opinion and his mind might have blown it out of proportion but that happens especially while in a country at war. He was still in the thick of it, regardless how close he was to it. He probably heard stuff on the radio and sort of walking in another persons shoes in a way without meaning to felt the effects of the environment and the men he was with and the sound effects he was witnessing hearing in a strange country at war which is the perfect backdrop for confusion. People tend to go into shock in certain ways when in danger and that is normal to some degree. I think this is way overblown and another diversion.  He is a news guy that most of the time is behind a desk in front of cameras reading what is prompted to him to read. To me lying is saying you went to Viet Nam and actually went to Guam. LOL. But that’s more of a male ego needing to be more important kind of lie to impress. Guys do it all the time to girls on dates. Brian Williams experienced something most of us don’t and we might have felt the same fear he recapped and because he has probably an overactive imagination probably his memory got jumbled and he admitted to such, I think. I haven’t spent too much time on this debacle or read or heard that much about it because in the scheme of things and with what is occurring these days it’s a small event in comparison and forgivable. The story probably grew as time went on which tends to happen in the public eye. Kind of like a drunken sailor telling a true event and going overboard. He should be able to go back to work and try to do better. To err is human. The human mind is fragile in ways because of experience and many other things especially when a person feels threatened. I think he has been humble about his misperception and I think at this point it seems to be a feeding frenzy. Perhaps he should write a book while he does his news job and use that imagination in another way.

I was driving to the store the other night on a bridge and saw a black shape very sleek and looked like a beautiful graceful black labrador lying on the side of the road as I passed by at 55 or so miles an hour at night. So after going to the bank because I had to continue on the bridge being a one way bridge on either side went home and got the ex to drive me slowly to the same point so we could stop if needed and it turned out to be a black trash bag full of trash flapping in the wind but it was not flapping before.

As far as dysentary:

I think we should move on.

NBC News Execs Divided on Brian Williams’s Fate


There is this gossip game that is kind of fun. I think my mom had us play this game with a bunch of girls when I was a kid. (Could have been in the Girl Scouts) You whisper in someone’s ear and at the end of the line of whisperers you can compare the substance of the last whisper with the first whisper. She also had a picture of women gossiping and the shape of the three women gossipers combined was devilish.

In a way the press has turned into gossip.

My Ironic Defense of Brian Williams


Strategy in the Middle East

Watched Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace who said we need a strategy: IF you aren’t willing to attack the ideology of Islam and their symbols such as Medina and Mecca their two holiest sites you will never succeed, IMO. IF you aren’t willing to attack their strengths such as access to arms and oil how can you possibly win?

When Fighting WW11 no one that I know of avoided certain Nazi places because to the Nazis they were holy or important to the Nazis or to the Japanese their most holy sites and that war was won. It was ugly, but it was defeated. When you go to war you go all the way, or you don’t go. 

Just found this video and didn’t listen to it very much at all but noticed a similarity in the looks of one of the preachers in it so I shall display it:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 7.32.07 PM

Pretty odd, looks like both George Bushes with less hair. (Kind of an in-between of George Bush and Charles Manson.)

His name is William Branham.

In this documentary he recalls that he was told by a pillar of light that he would know the very secret of people’s hearts and be a great healer later in his life. He talks with his tongue like one does who might be possessed or have Parkinson’s Disease or a drug side effect. He is southern.

I had seen this guy a longtime ago on video. Anyway there is a person named Billy Graham who was involved with many Presidents in the USA and very well could be involved in this type of deception especially since he was a shill for Roman Catholicism which is deceptive.

This person looks to be under the influence of something, probably drugs and other peripherals and has an experience like Paul. JFK had an experience in his administration when Jackie is in an interview with him an one of the filmers whispers “Does he know?” and JFK says some strange things about girls coming to the White House which bolstered Jackie’s claim that he had a type of relationship with his kids and played with his kids that was seductive (or a similar word but I don’t feel like tracking it down but is in one of my posts) in one of her infamous interviews with a Marilyn Monroe voice which was manufactured and copied. Very well could have been drugged without knowing it as well. Looked like it and sounded like it anyway to entrap and control. Probably has to do with the Secret Service. 

My mom told me about an experience not in detail but she and my dad had one night at the Pentagon at a party and it sounded kind of weird like they may have been drugged or experimented on with drugs. We also had a lady friend who was drugged and raped by some men at the Pentagon. At least that is what she thought and it was very hard on her. Lost her husband in the war. She certainly didn’t deserve that, did she?

Prince Charles is worried there will be very few Christians left in the MiddleEast but he had a conversion on the way to Damascus a long time ago and is Islamic and had his kids injected with a grain of rice size verichip because he wanted to keep track of them because he believes in freedom. His ex wife died in a car wreck amongst the press in a tunnel in Paris I think. She was dating a muslim man.  They made a statue of him with wings because he wanted to defend the rain forests and now the defender of faiths. The picture on the right is a smaller version of what was planted. His dad wanted to depopulate the world so I doubt Prince Charles wants to defend the faiths. Does it look like he has defended them? Have you heard him defend the faiths? They have a navy. The British left Benghazi right before it occurred along with the Red Cross. Was that just dumb luck? The British also left their posts at Camp Bastion so that a few american soldiers could get killed. Was that  just dumb luck? I doubt the Prince is on the side of freedom or on the side of American soldiers otherwise they would be interested in finding out why they left their posts and why they evacuated Benghazi ahead of time and under whose orders. Might help to solve the mysteries of both events.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 9.06.50 PM

Prince Charles says he fears for Christians in Middle East

He is mocking.

21 Egyptian Coptic Christians supposedly found in Libya were killed or rather beheaed by Isis. I wonder why Isis never kills Roman Catholics.  Oh that’s right they roll out the red carpet for the Roman Papacy. Isn’ that so?


PS: And if I could I would send Obama with Nancy Pelosi and my ex out to live on a small planet so they could screw it up together and could make lousy kids together. I don’t think it would take very long.(Personal :extreme generosity out of character and an attack)

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)


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