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Coptic Christians Hoax in Guantanamo and the Domino Effect


I watched the burning death of the man in orange in a cage and found it to be a fake which I wrote about in the last post and while I tried to find the same with the 21 Coptic Christians who purportedly were slaughtered like goats on a beach I realized they probably made this movie in Cuba. One of the guys heads that was purportedly severed was smiling and no blood while the guy next to him was bloody as could be and since they died the same way at the same time it seemed a bit odd he was without any blood.

They wear orange suits like at Guantanomo and it happened to be on and ocean side and we just normalized our relationship with Cuba recently. Makes sense to me. They wear the same orange suits as those at Guantanamo and so it’s logical they shot this movie in Cuba and since they are not known for movie making as Hollywood it makes sense it would be a bad movie and it was a bad movie. I thought I was watching them play a game dominos with men in orange suits because they wanted to be dramatic. A bit ridiculous and the music sucks. They ought to be shot for making the movie and for the music. The orange suits gave it away. If terrorists such as ISIS wanted to be really dramatic they would have these guys wearing white so we could see all the blood. They would let us see a close up of them cutting off heads, but they don’t. They look like they are cutting them but not so you can really see it. So it’s BS, plain and simple.

In comparison to the crappy music on the purported ISIS videos here is some good music:

Spanish Guitar – Best Hits Vol.2 – Part 1

Harvest Moon Neil Young


Barack Obama wants to help employment in Islamic countries even though he got Chancellor Merkel of Germany to push for austerity measures early in his presidential career and she went along of course like a dope.

Cuba is very Jesuit and the Jesuits want war because it’s their bread and butter.

It’s hard to know the reasons they are so nuts but they are. I think they call it being possessed. I don’t feel like or want to even try to reason about their freakin’ insanity. Trying to point to Rome as their next stage in their terror but they had it wrong Rome isn’t north of Cuba. Kind of gave it away and hoping their merciful Allah or whatever it is that guy says on the O’reilly show and Hannity Show whenever he comes on their show under his breath and shows them which direction Rome is from Cuba. It’s too far to float on a raft but hey let them try. Anyway I wouldn’t go to Cuba for a vacation if that’s the kind of product they want to serve the world. I’d rather watch them eat the heads off chickens then the rot I have seen produced on you tubes for Allah. No wonder the religion of Islam is so sick. By the way did you notice when they stuck their hands in the eyes of their purported victims they didn’t even squirm? I would have though there might be a reaction to that but there wasn’t which was a big clue to the ridiculous antics of some religious fanatics with nothing better to do at a beach then act like you are slaughtering people. Some people like to fish, swim, hang ten (not literally but as in surfing), fly a kite, make sand castles, chase crabs, and all that stuff. But as I recall Isis didn’t know what to do when hanging out around a pool at a consulate somewhere in the middle east. They just stood around it looking perplexed which is kind of sad that they don’t understand why people build them to get wet and cool and splash around, etc. I think Sharia law probably doesn’t allow swimming like the Roman church thought that it was evil to swim even accusing those that did of witchcraft in the old days. Basically they have bought into misery with those laws just to be assholes.

The Moral Authority is the Ten Commandments and if people would just try to live by them the best that they can everyone would be getting along. God didn’t expect us to be perfect or there would have been no need for the Ten Commandments to have been etched in stone as written about in the Old Testament but at least we might try to take the spirit of those commandments to heart.

I hope someday the middle east might obtain a sense of humor and get into cartoons even about their prophet. Who the hell knows what he looked like and who cares what he looked like. He was in love with a nun that ought to tell you something. Think of Mother Teresa and that ought to make you want to forget about the religion of Catholicism and Islam. I realize many respect her for her deeds but I don’t.  I also recall reading an article about Mother Teresa written by an atheist or agnostic Christopher Hitchens but thought it was truthful. And I would rate him 1000 times a person as Mother Teresa because at least he was truthful. It is women like Mother Teresa that breed atheism and agnosticism because of their untruthfulness trying to appear holy etc. What I mean is I respect his honesty even if an unbeliever because he  has more chance of being a true believer since he counts truth as being important and exposed her. I know he died a while back but I think that doesn’t necessarily mean he lost his opportunity to become a believer since I think nothing is beyond the power of God even death OBVIOUSLY. OF course I hope that the religious liars would also find the truth someday somehow someway somewhere because I don’t believe that God is jealous even if that was added to the Ten Commandments. I think the fallen angels were jealous. Why would God the creator be jealous LOL. It’s ridiculous unless meant in a different context then is generally accepted.

Criticism of Mother Teresa

Watched a show on MSNBC about a family in Dallas and their horrific experience with a young officer of the Dallas police. I guess because of a medical emergency involving the mother-in-law the driver of a car her son-on law ran a red light to get her to the hospital and the officer wouldn’t or didn’t allow him to assist his wife with her dying mom and wanted to teach him about attitude. The Dallas Police were embarrassed by the incident caught on tape but should have been horrified, not just embarrassed. The mother-in- law that died was a teacher and a very fine human being from the sounds of it and I think this had to do with racial prejudice. The son in law is a football player I think anyway and sweet as can be. His attitude was amazing about the incident and forgiving of the officer who resigned from the police department. I think it must have been plain stupidity and ego involved to have treated the family the way they  were treated. Definitely needs to be retraining of p0lice in regards to the people they are sworn to serve and protect.  I hope for the officers sake he doesn’t forget what he did and learns not to be an asshole and changes his attitude. Peer pressure can help people learn and I hope his friends try to teach him as well. He ought to donate his time to the things the mother-in-law was involved in and/or whatever service that seems fitting by the family who was mistreated at a time of great distress. Perhaps he might learn kindness and develop a conscience through their kindness and patience. He may not have been raised well and was kind of young and insensitive and thought he was so right when he was so wrong which is typical these days and was prophesied to be this way but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cured. He probably needs their help and intervention and hopefully has a chance to be a good person if he faces his character flaw. I don’t think he should have resigned but put into some form of help psychologically and punished in some way via the police department and their peer pressure and held accountable for his actions so that down the road he doesn’t make the same mistake in another incident in his life and career. PROBABLY OUGHT TO HAVE THERAPY SESSIONS FOR POLICE WITH MENTORS IN THE DEPARTMENT TO HELP MAKE A COHESIVE AND GOOD ENVIRONMENT FOR FIGHTING CRIME AND KEEPING things lawful. People tend to make the same mistakes over and over again when not held accountable and end up destroying themselves and others in the process. It’s like some women and men end up in bad relationships over an over never learning and spreading misery around. Might be a good idea to get an older officer with a good reputation to befriend him and teach him to be a good cop and make the horrific circumstances that family faced have meaning instead of abject failure. They deserve it in their mother-in-laws name and in her legacy in the after life when she is resurrected hopefully AND SEEMS VERY LIKELY SHE WILL IF THIS STORY HAS MERIT OR TRUTH AND ISN”T JUST ANOTHER DECEPTION AMONG MANY THESE DAYS.




It’s late and I’m tired and haven’t slept in a while and recovering from health issues I will try to rewrite this and edit it so it sounds like I’m not an idiot. Just wanted to release my inner suspicions. I’ll add some pictures of orange suits from both places soon.



Guantanamo Prisoners

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.25.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.26.00 PM







Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.26.18 PM

21 Coptic Christians

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.30.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.30.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.30.21 PM

Look Familiar???

But these guys have pockets. Not sure why they need them though.

ISIS’ army of 7-footers? Experts say video of Copt beheadings manipulated

Like the Spanish Inquisition and the black outfits are a bit over done, aren’t they? They probably are the muslim brotherhood or something like that nevertheless it’s aggravating to have to listen to it night after night on Fox. It’s a bit morbid and unimpressive to say the least. Used to be Egypt was kind of a happy place and for that matter so was Syria until the Ukraine business and the coups in Egypt supported by Senator McCain, Mike Rogers, and others in our government. IT appears our government has lost it’s moral authority along with the Vatican who never had it.Sep 27, 2012

ISIS/ISIL that have been filmed in various places in middle east aren’t ashamed of their faces and like to be seen and these guys are hiding theirs. Another good indication this is a bunch of BS.

They main man with the Egyptian outfit making threats with a hard g sound wants to know where they hid the body of Osama Bin Laden in some hidden sea and I would just say ask this guy the one that wrote a book about it and he knows which sea they deposited their Sheik of Saudi Arabia so he wouldn’t become a superstar. They knew where Osama Bin Laden was all along so it wasn’t like it was hard to track him down:

The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden

He ought to know he made a whole bunch of controversy about it on Fox News and then some seals were assassinated while this guy got the credit for killing the Sheik of Saudi Arabia while with a wife sick in bed. It was a real tough assignment.

Wikipedia says that Osama Bin Laden was laid to rest in the Arabian Sea.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.23.43 AM


The purported egyptian in the funny getup camouflage making threats also describes where he is way toooooooo much which means he wasn’t even near where he said he was. That’s what liars do, you know? They exaggerate. I think he is CUBAN. I think he has a beard from the looks of his mask and a long mustache. Looks like a full lower lip and kind of a long nose. I guess if he was proud of his looks he would unmask himself but he seems to be ashamed and doesn’t want to be recognized because he probably is someone well known.

Probably thinks he is “the guided one.” since he dresses differently then his comrades. He says among other things

“……..Especially when you are fighting us all together: Therefore we will fight you all together……..”:

And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? 
therefore they shall be your judges.
Obviously this Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew in this verse 12:27 wasn’t Jewish
because he says “your children!”

Similar type personality.

Makes about as much sense too. LOL

In another video of a beheading I think it’s the same guy who really sounds like a buffoon and a douche bag or a daoush…. whatever the hell it means.

This guy wants everyone to believe that all the different factions in Syria and Iraq are all together and anyone who would make a film whether a hoax or not about beheading people isn’t trustworthy. Obviously they are not all together or on the same sides because he said they were all together. That’s my feeling about what this person said on an evil film produced to terrorize. Obviously a satanic film and he’s probably a Jesuit.

Anyway if he were where he said he was he is not where the rest of ISIS is so he is not all together, which is  evident by how he speaks and what he says and what kind of movie he likes to make.


Andrea Tantaros one one of the originals of The Five but taken under the wing of the woman on Fox with the pretty eyes (the African American woman) that turned to me once when I was at home in my living room after saying how pretty she was in my home in the privacy of my home” I was waiting for you to say that” during her conversation on Fox with guests and after Andrea Tantaros ‘younger brother died because he had learning disabilities about a year or so ago though I doubt she recalls. Her brother died (purportedly by natural causes)  probably because Nazis/fascists/politically correct generally don’t put up with those that are impaired in such a way and I believe because Andrea Tantaros was smart once no longer though since being taken under the wing of this woman at Fox and is one of the women on the show Outnumbered. She said Jihadi John is known to be 27 years old…how do they know that much less have named him though he did not introduce himself by name and know where he came from and where he went though he did not divulge that in any of his videos Jihadi John is a nick name given him which is BS. Did he write and tell them or did those he beheaded write and tell them how old Jihadi John was and where he came from? Now they know because some friend of his says he knows him. Why now, brown cow? And they say he is gentle. That’s a good one. Because it helps their cause to id him NIOW even though it’s probably BS as most news we have had to be entertained with on Fox and the many other news stations.

Great deception involves propaganda, duh. And you get propaganda via the news and the press and supported by religious leaders and their inane followers including political followers.

Check out the cloths of Turin…he’s probably one of them. There are a bunch of them. Cloths also mean priests. But Catholics think the shroud of Turin is or was Jesus or a snap shot “a selfie of himself” as crude as it is and even though there are a bunch of them and each of them do not look alike. But Catholics also call priests fathers even though Jesus told them not to call any man Father but your Father in Heaven and because priests are not holy and are not God and are mere men posing to know the truth and don’t because they can’t even tell the difference between the gospels, much less read them with out someone else holding up the book. They can’t forgive sins or indulge those that commit them either with instructions to say a bunch of Hail Mary’s or a donation to their church.  If you ever watch or have seen Father Jonathon of Fox news that ought to be self evident or if anyone has ever listened to the words that bleat out of Pope Francis. Father Jonathan is not even a man he’s a boy with the intelligence of a nincompoop but he is pretty ,,,,,, stupid. 

I think Andrea Tantaros has been altered because her personality has changed for the worse. She is now just a pretty face and a pretty body posing as Andrea Tantaros though very graceful she is now an air head.

But to their defense of faith grace is all that matters. They don’t get it. FAVOR. Being favored for stupidity and beauty.

Andrea Tantaros has changed into something like a 1/10 of the person she once was. Probably controlled by them somehow….drugs or something. She is now more of a female model than an intelligent human being that she once was. And I believe it was because she had an inquiring mind once that she has been tampered with in a dreadful way. I really appreciated her then and still do because of that. I feel sorry for her for having been messed with as she has because she was quite a lady once until they did whatever they did to her and her family more than likely. She was Catholic but that is how they control their flock and keep them prisoner to their false religion even though it looks like she has it all. She doesn’t anymore. Appearances are deceiving as anyone should have learned by now if they still have any brains left in their heads. They probably use the eucharist as their control food. Why not? They receive it weekly and then of course there are many other ways. Do your homework on Devil’s breath which controls people for about 4 or 5 days as if they are slaves of someone else and don’t remember or even care what they do to themselves and others.

Why would that woman say that on air on camera to me in my living room? Because of my beliefs and is threatened by them and because we are living in the times revealed in Revelation and because the Roman Cathlic Church is at war with men and women with their lies because they know they don’t have much time left as a power. I was taken aback by it but realized I wasn’t the one with the problem because I didn’t invade her privacy or theirs. But I became aware I was being watched and tampered with. She wasn’t the only one that invaded my privacy from Fox news. I’m not lying about that interaction ever since Benghazi. Where do we get our intel about Jihaid John ? Probably the same place we learned about the video tape excuse given a bunch of times on Fox news via Susan Rice and others about Benghazi in the Obama Administration Jesuit Father Frederico Lombardi the spokesman for the Vatican who came up with the excuse for Benghazi first and foremost and spokesman for the Jesuit Pope Francis. They are liars and pimps for the woman which is a religion revealed in Revelation with her cup overflowing and dripping with the martyrs for Jesus that they love to martyr because they are DRUNK on the blood covenant with many even if often times it’s a hoax for the Obama Adminsitration when ever they can to make a name for themselves to keep the status quo. Drunkenness usually means being out of their minds. Anyone who has observed drunkenness knows “they know not what they do” because of their drunkenness.

ON the abortion issue they want to use it to whip women into submission because they want to decide who lives and who doesn’t, not because they give a crap about anyone or even the possible. That’s what WW11 was about. Deciding who is worthy. 6 million Jews weren’t worthy to them. Nor were many other minorities. That is why ebola was rampant in Africa (thousands died) without a cure except for a few doctors doing the testing of their drug for themselves. Those africans that died weren’t worthy. That’s what the Nazis did as well to many people they experimented on them. The Roman Catholic Church were in cahoots with HITLER. Yea sure a few Catholics tried to do the right thing and hid a few but they were ineffective for the most part. They made deals with each other to protect each other: the Nazis and the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy and the Islamic people they used for their protection. Not the poor ones just the royalty. That’s why there is a caliphate in Islam in part. Because they are resisting though very confused. They have been driven there to madness by Rome and her daughters and Islamic religious leaders. So don’t complain when they head your way. They are reacting to evil with evil. That is what war is a reaction to evil and usually involves evil because of false religion and false beliefs and all the crap in-between.

When I had my abortion as a child a priest interacted with my sister on a plane about it and it was not a coincidence. She never told me what was said she thought she was dealing with god. LOL. They wanted me to have one to use against me because of my beliefs are against them. They didn’t try to stop it either in any form or fashion. Not even with advice about it. They just wanted to know about it as their bully pulpit. I’m not a pigeon folks. I’m their enemy. I know it and they know it and they will lose in short order. Truth is their enemy as well. They don’t like it and they don’t want to face it because it exposes them. The reason I know I’m their enemy is self evident. Why would they interact with me in the privacy of my home if they didn’t feel threatened by my beliefs. I don’t invade their homes or spy on them. I worked hard to find the truth and I wrote about it as much as possible even amid the GREAT DECEPTION that is still occurring. Pretty much why I remember things that they seem to have forgotten umpteen times over and over again with minds that are like sieves.

I received true miracles not hoaxes. That’s what helps me to keep on working through my troubles with them and telling it like it is as much as possible even if it sounds very weird which it often is not because of what I do but because of what they do and are willing to do to me and others that give a crap about the truth.

If they wanted to put down terrorism they know how…But they don’t because it might affect their wallets and their businesses and they are afraid to do what needs to be done. It is because they are afflicted with disbelief and in DENIAL and makes them part of the problem but if they don’t they will be swallowed up by it sooner or later no matter how rich they wish to remain.

IF you are holding a million bucks in your hand and a guy with knife is at your throat do you think he won’t still cut your throat? Do you think it will deter him or her?

You need to wise up to the Jesuits and their devotions to evil and what they are willing to do to protect the Vatican and usually involves trickery, slaughter of innocent people, great deception and anything that they can do they will do because it is the power that protects their status, etc. They basically make a vow against God.

I don’t think this guy is with ISIS or he would show his face. I think he is hoping that protection will come to protect the Vatican. His blood statements are blood covenant type statements. He’s a nut. A fruit cake.

ISIS in Libya ? Experts say mass beheading video may be a hoax


This guy says it may have been filmed in Qatar! He also says they appear to be Satanic which is probably true. A satanic cult which I think is prevalent in Cuba and Central America and usually found in the most backward places. Think of Haiti and voodoo which is satanic. Franklin Graham has done a lot of work there.


Annunaki –
Found In Genesis 25:32


Notice that the journalist photographer that was purportedly killed James Foley was also on O’reilly show talking about his freelance work in Syria and was interviewed by Oreilly having appeared on his show before his demise. Obviously this is a Jesuit diversion type crap for Obama and Saudi Arabia. If our government really wanted to handle ISIS, AL Qaeda, etc they would destroy Mecca and Medina but they don’t and also the Vatican since they work hand in hand. Isis doesn’t want to hurt the Pope or the Vatican or they would have already. How else can they receive laundered American tax dollars and drug money. Remember the billions that are unaccounted for I think at least 6 billion probably to have a bunch of orange suits made with pockets.

I read that the writer of the Gospel of Mark well his name was Mark but might not have actually been the writer of the gospel written in his name and may have been a Coptic Christian. Paul said that Mark didn’t want to work so that’s probably why he ended up in Cuba penalized for not helping Paul of Tarsus, Turkey (near Raka Syria) out with his delusions. I have no idea if Raka Syria was once part of Turkey. Could have been a long time ago. It is only mentioned once in the gospels in reference to Hellfire and Council. Perhaps something to do with the 1st Vatican Council? 2nd Vatican Council? Anyway Paul was from Turkey and so I think the Person speaking in the gospel about Raka was from Turkey and not from Israel. Paul does do some cursing in his writings of those that don’t accept his account which since have been found to be at odds with itself by many who have taken the time to investigate and compare accounts of his travels and travails.

 I truly don’t think the real Jesus or God expected people to put their necks on the line to please the martyrdom hopes of Rome or Christian leaders including coptics and any others and their apologists, or Islam. Obviously when forced to submit to a power that is evil isn’t really a very real test of faith or belief or true conversion. It’s evil.

If I thought that I wouldn’t believe in God.

It’s commensurate with blaming a victim of rape. I know God would not think in such a way but many religious leaders think that way and it helps build their churches, or get them donations, followers, makes them look godly, etc.

I think it is the perverseness of those religions and those representing them who are corrupt and have corrupted their positions and beliefs that force themselves upon other people and their own flocks and get off on it when some are martyred. Forgiveness immediately after a bunch of people are beheaded is bit over the top as Shenouda leader of the Coptic Christians forgave the beheader of 21 coptic Christians that were purportedly beheaded and may I add that I forgive you for forgiving them. How ridiculous. If I wore a shiny black turban on my head would it seem to be more meaningful BULLSHIT. Forgiveness takes time and isn’t that easy. So when I hear someone say that so easily and quickly I know it’s false forgiveness, shallowness, remoteness, far removed, dissonance etc and either we are dealing with deception or a pervert. Forgiveness takes a lot of work otherwise it wouldn’t be sought after and so important. It isn’t a right, it is earned. IMO and it takes a lot of patience and love to get there to that place. I know. Some think they have forgiven only to find out they didn’t years later because they didn’t really comprehend or deal with whatever it was they were dealing with in truth. I think true forgiveness happens in phases or layers and takes a lot of effort and is a very deep condition or state of mind and heart made much easier when based on believing in God and truth revealed by the true Jesus who was a jew who didn’t promote himself but promoted his Father in Heaven.

I do think God expects us to fight, resist and expose evil and defend ourselves whenever we can. Otherwise what was the point of Jesus coming to Israel when he did other than to alert his people (JEWS and those with common sense who might witness truthfully) of the deception which I think was the main reason he came and was crucified.

Rare birth: Baby born completely encased in amniotic sac

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.01.28 AM










What a coincidence. Just a day later after writing this below about the amniotic sac a baby is born inside a sac at 26 weeks 3 months premature and it’s in the news even though it happens to one in 80,000 births but they weren’t in the news! I wonder why. His name is Silas.

“It’s particularly surprising in a C-section, because the scalpel usually pierces the amniotic sac.”

“The doctors must have missed Silas’s.”

They must have missed Silas but very tough to do. Must have taken a lot of finagling to do it and you know what I mean by finagling and just in case you don’t look it up:


I wonder… did they find a piece of paper in the womb saying “I am loyal?” LOL 

Did the mom eat the sac?

Both my kids were C-section babies full term. I guess God made sure they weren’t premature. OF course when I had mine they used a laser and not a scalpel. I guess the medical field is going back in time for some reason and resorting to the old tools of the trade. Perhaps it has to do with Obama Care.

I think it is perverseness of religions to determine when life begins. Do people walk around in an amniotic sacs with an umbilical cord in their stomach? Why spank a new born? Why massage them when they are born? Is it to make them breathe on their own? Do chickens roll around in egg shells? Does anyone remember what they were doing in mommie’s tummy? If so, please relate it. I don’t know of anyone that remembers.  If so then men who inject their fluid into an unmarried girl or woman or married girl or woman married or intended to another should have their dicks cut off and their balls stuffed in their mouths. If so then the pill should be illegal to the married and the unmarried. Rubbers should be illegal to the married and the unmarried. Any birth control and even the use of thighs should be illegal to the married and the unmarried because they wasted a seed, their sperm, and tried to avoid life and are


and if we go that route it might be fair.



which could be considered life if you want to get technical about it.



Masturbation would also have to be illegal having spilled or ejaculated sperm into an environment where it cannot grow and thus should be considered to be an early abortion by a man if you believe the bible literally in all cases as many do.

Without sperm there is not life. Without seed there is no plant.

If a woman or girl decides she does not want a man’s seed to grow in her body (in her environment)

she has the moral right TO PRUNE HER BODY because it is her body.

Please read about sperm and learn:


“Sperm is the male reproductive cell and is derived from the Greek word (σπέρμα) sperma (meaning “seed”)”

Have  you ever looked at sperm under a microscope? There are a bunch of little tadpoles and they move around so obviously they are life, but not all of them make it, so about a million of them die.

Any kind of copulation would also have to be illegal or any kind of affection that might leads to copulation. But what about Aids? Herpes? Any other sexual disease? Abortion is a right for girls and women under any circumstances and between her, her doctor, her parents, and God. Let no man come between that. They have used pregnancy against females for too long and it is time for men to sit in the hot seat for their crimes against women and girls and boys when we all know what has happened in the past to prevent children. Let’s not be liars about it. I have heard of so many reasons for miscarriages and most and probably all miscarriages were avoidable so shall we start legislating miscarriages as well?

 If not, then forever shut your mouth about it. 

Miscarriage Statistics

Stress being one of the biggest reasons and who causes unnecessary stress on pregnant women such as when bad things happen around them.  There are plenty of reasons if we want to be honest about it. Taxes. Floods. Disease, High prices. lack of food, lack of housing, insurance costs, cost of medicine, bad advice, etc. I would think the leaders of all the countries, states, cities, towns and parishes in the world would fear the repercussion of their part in the miscarriages of children. There are many other reasons as well for miscarriages and most are not reasonable reasons except for the inability of a child to carry a child or care for one. Many miscarriages are caused by ignorance. Shall we legislate ignorance? Many miscarriages are caused by overactivity. Shall we legislate overactivity? Many miscarriages are caused by needless accidents like falling. Shall we legislate falling? tripping? WHY NOT? Some are caused by bad traffic. Shall we legislate bad traffic?  Work place environment? Shall we legislate it if it affects a mother and



What does born mean anyway. It means a life right?

Why does one need to be reborn again

if they already have life?

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

Conception vs Birth

I reject and repudiate the idea that conception is what the basis of abortion should be based upon. And if you do since I did not conceive it in my mind as far as I’m concerned it was not life nor wanted in my body by my mind and therefore not life. My pregnancy was as far as I was concerned an alien encroaching in my uterus. WHEN I HAD AN ABORTION IT WAS THE GREATEST RELIEF. WHEN I WAS PREGNANT WITH AN UNWANTED PREGNANCY IT WAS HORRIBLE. I rejected that idea therefore it was not conceived nor accepted as a viable or feasible to me to have a baby regardless what someone did to me without my approval nor sanctioned by me. I did not endorse it nor validate it and I did not conceive it, nor recognize it, nor allow it. 
In fact I do not know the mans name who impregnated me and chose not to remember it hence he did not exist, but obviously he does and I wish him no responsibility for my decision because I didn’t ask or tell.
When Mary of the Gospel of Matthew had her baby she did all of the above in the positive with permission, acceptance, approval, validation and conceived and magnified it in her heart and I did not give permission, accept, approve, validate, conceive or magnify it in my heart.
Conception is not life. An idea is not life. A concept is an idea. A blueprint and a plan when not implemented does not succeed.
When a baby is born
and has breath and a heartbeat with all the necessary things to live then it is life in the physical sense but not obviously in the spiritual sense since you have to be born again to have life as stated in the bible if you accept and validate that you have to be “born again” to have a spiritual life in the literal sense.
As I repudiate the idea that radical Islam is the enemy. ISLAM is the enemy.
I repudiate the idea that radical Catholicism is the enemy. CATHOLICISM is the enemy and anyone that unites with Catholicism’s lies and approves of their religion or endorses it or validates it in any way are the enemy.
Both religions are based on lies hence they are the enemy!
Both religions are death in the physical and spiritual realms and have demonstrated it numerous ways.
Shall I recount them for you?
My Prayer
By the way Hannity, and all  those that are judging women and girls for their decisions they made and make in regards to their own bodies in regards to pregnancy I have prayed fervently that you lose every possession you have, every thing you hold dear until you stop punishing them because you are a hypocrite in the strongest of terms and are a drunk Catholic. You will regret your harassment into the personal lives and personal decisions of females. As far as I’m concerned you have raped me again and again every time you have done this. So you do not deserve anything IMO. I hope you learn.
I was 15 when I got pregnant and I was tricked. If you use or have used birth control of any kind you deserve great and immense torture for the torture you have used your pulpit for and for the lies you have furthered in your career. It’s coming your way and theirs. It already has in a way and it won’t get better until the Vatican is destroyed and it’s influence that it has abused for centuries and you ignore because you are a drunk MF.


The Reichskonkordat is the most controversial of several concordats between Germany and other nations that the Vatican negotiated during the pontificate of Pius XI. It is frequently discussed in works that deal with the rise of Hitler in the early 1930s and the Holocaust. The concordat has been described by some as giving moral legitimacy to the Nazi regime soon after Hitler had acquired quasi-dictatorial powers through the Enabling Act of 1933, thoughReichskanzler Hitler himself is not a signatory to the treaty and the treaty does not make mention of Hitler, or the Nazi Party. The concordat is addressed to President Paul von Hindenburg.

THIS IS YOU: PIUS: false reverence; sanctimonious

For me: Abortion was a necessary evil and for many other women and girls
as war is a necessary evil!
And obviously the war against Hitler and fascism was necessary.
If you believe it wasn’t necessary you are insane.


I do magnify in my heart who I believe in and magnify in my heart my own children and those that I love and who I believe God sent to me.

I also magnify in my heart the truth when and where I find it. 

I don’t believe conversion to any belief comes from the edge of knife or from accepting a lie. So many Catholics truly aren’t Catholic and many of Islam are truly not Islamic and the same goes for Christanity. IPSO FACTO
It doesn’t really matter what you think you are if it isn’t based on the truth, you are not what you think you are. If Allah isn’t god then all those that believe in Allah are not islamic. GET IT? WHY?
Because Allah is not God.
I hope that helps those that are extremely confused.

ANALOGY: Let’s put it in terms of food. If I go to the store and buy a bag of potato chips and turns out they are fritos and I eat them thinking they are potato chips does that make me a frito?
It means I got ripped off and was deceived.
Who bears the responsibility for you being deceived?
So I would suggest that truth is important when ever you can
 to stick with it.

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

The gospels had not even been written until after he was crucified as well as the books afterwards: he was talking about what had already been written. The Old Testament which testify of him:

The one that said “Before Abraham was, I AM.”

and also said:

If you had believed Moses, you would have believed me.

Then why don’t you believe the Ten Commandments? Moses was involved in them with I AM.

If you don’t believe Moses how in the world do you believe anything else in the bible?


Moses came out of EGYPT (CATHOLICISM AND IT”S DAUGHTERS which includes ISLAM) with the Hebrews he helped to free from slavery of with the help of the LORD who called himself I AM THAT I AM.

Read about the Law of Jealousy and you know damned well they (priests and cults and those involved) poisoned them to protect themselves from monetary repercussions, protect their reputations, undesired marriage, and many other excuses and techniques to abort a child accidentally of course and to humiliate women and girls. When a girl or woman has to make a decision such as abortion or being a mother married or unmarried I think God can handle the rest, like He did with me and eventually gave me two children that I love under the right circumstances and that are absolutely beautiful, funny, special enough for him to do wonderful things for them in spite of the hate and vitriol I have received for the truth in regards to my decision when I was a child and in spite of what others have done to my kids in retaliation for my beliefs.  It is the male dominating of women and keeping them down that makes them think the way they do and with the help of some really bitchy women. There is a joke about Roman Catholicism and everyone knows about their habits. Same goes for ISLAM and all the other religious liars.

Why do some women remain without children who can never have them and some are able to. You don’t think God has anything to do with it? Why would God allow me to have kids after having had an abortion and not give that honor to other women? (I didn’t use birth control most of the time I was married and didn’t get pregnant till 14 years into the marriage.) If you don’t think God has anything to do with creation even the creation of babies you don’t believe in God. Do you believe in creationism….or not?  If you don’t think he knows whether you will keep your baby in your womb ahead of time or not and determine if you are fit to be a mother etc then you don’t believe in God. If you use birth control you are guilty of abortion as is someone who has had an abortion. IF you are guilty of a miscarriage you didn’t take care of your pregnancy and are guilty of negligence as is someone who had an abortion.

Do you think God would rather women die with their embryo in an alley with a hanger in their vagina or have a doctor preform a safe abortion and that woman is able to have a child later when she is able and mentally ready to have one.

Do you believe in God or do you believe in the


Because generally people who have a pregnancy by mistake unmarried or are mentally unfit basically received the equivalent of a BIG BANG. That’s why they call it banging or gang banging a woman or girl etc.

There is a difference between the creation of a child in the act of love than in banging a person which is what happened to me and it was not enjoyable in fact I only remember a small part of it because it was my first time and it was shocking because I wasn’t mature enough to understand it or comprehend it and I never wanted to see that person again whether in his mind I deserved or encouraged it in any way or not it’s still no excuse. I was high on a beer and maybe under the influence of something that I didn’t know. But the fact that a Priest of Rome (a Father) got involved makes me think I was set up because that’s what they do.

 They call abortion miscarriage for their constituents and abortion for others that’s the difference even if purposefully miscarried in various ways.

That’s why in Catholicism sin is forgiven by indulgences for their constituents because they support their sin and not other’s sins.

Thats’ why when they have a bad marriage they annul them for their constituents and not for others.


That is why they think they have life and they don’t. Because they call their priests Fathers when told not to by Jesus who they claim to have faith in. That’s why they make areas parishes (Church territorial units) vs perish (To die). They instruct their followers in seminaries (Theology institutions). What do you think inseminate means. (To impregnate others with their nonsense.) They think they have the right and they don’t. THEY MOCK GOD and that’s why they were in collusion with ISLAM during ww11 because they were on the same side. Both want to rule the world which is violating the world because it is not their world. They didn’t even create it.

Ron Paul won’t get my vote

because he drinks too much and is too weak in his deliveries but there are a lot of drinkers in USA.

(I have witnessed the effects of alcohol and what it does to a person physically and mentally and he bears the effects of it quite a bit!) though he has some good ideas.

The job of the President is sobering or should be!

Nor will Ben Carson get my vote because I have seen somethings spiritually come out of him such as

“you get what you deserve” which isn’t always true. Not exactly Presidential. Lots of people have what they don’t deserve through lining their pockets on the labours of others and I think you fit that category, no matter what else you have to say. Just like Obama who says you didn’t create that business etc kind of a ying and yang relationship.

Did the jews get what they deserved in ww11? Hence he is a liar. Did Jesus get what he deserved? 

Chris Chrisite has a lot of heart but that’s not enough.

Rubio is a fine man but I don’t think he is in touch with people other than his religion, in a way. I believe his religion is a sham it’s too bad but he is a good man and pretty honest as well with what he is in touch with. I think he is not quite ready for the Presidency, but right on about the Clintons. I hope he is able to continue to serve in government because he deserves to. I loved his water drinking on his rebuttal of the Presidents speech a while back and Hannity’s reaction to it was very funny. However I believe he would try to be good at whatever he does. The reality is Rubio is that some people are being held back purposefully because of your religion and because of their beliefs whether you know it or not. Many Germans didn’t know for a long time till it was too late what was hurting other people because of their religion. The Religion of Catholicism and Hitler and their agreements. So ignore it if you dare but I wouldn’t if I were you. That’s the problem with Washington DC they are out of touch with reality of most people in the USA because they don’t spend enough time in their own states and way too much time in Washington DC. (Now he is worried about the workers in Venezuela which happens to have a lot of oil. How about the workers in the USA? Ever think maybe…just maybe it is because they are predominantly Catholic and Catholic countries tend to rape the people and the land for a commodity and where ever they parish as does our federal government. Pope Francis is now praying for one of his many victims this one a boy in Venezuela. Just lay on the floor with a pillow and lick some feet. I’m sure it will be as meaningful, comforting, and devout as luring the mafia back to the church of Rome if they give up their ways. MOCK MOCK MUCK MUCK) 

Rick Santorum is way too pompous and without a  good reason for it.

Rick Perry and Scott Walker are the two I would consider fit for office of the President because they actually did something when they had the chance instead of YAP about it.

And I think Ted Cruz deserves a good chance as well.

 I wish those three would run somehow as a team if that is possible. LOL

Rick Perry: ‘The Unemployment Rate Is A Sham’

I don’t agree with any of them in regards to a womans rights but I think they will regret it if they interfere in her rights and I think it will hurt them and their future daughters immensely because they can’t even tell the times they are in which if they would read Revelation they would know that Roman Catholicism is their enemy and not their friend and is the woman that causes the death of Christians and others because they have been false witnesses to the gospels and the Old Testament because they believed the imposters over the true Jesus who spoke the truth about the Father: I AM THAT I AM. and why they face the troubles they face and didn’t face in the last 8-9 years because they didn’t comprehend THE GREAT DECEPTION they are intimately involved with politically.

 American Exceptionalism is not Exceptional

and because one thinks they are shows they are about to fail and to fall.

Was it exceptional to allow Obama to stay in office after Benghazi? Was it exceptional to have allowed Obama Care against the will of the people? IS it exceptional to allow Iran their nuclear power? Was it exceptional to arm the Muslim Brotherhood? Was it exceptional not to deal HARSHLY with the country that actually was involved with flying planes into the buildings in New York killing a lot of people. Is that exceptional because you have interests in Saudi Arabia or do business with them. Is that what you call exceptional?

Papal Confusion and the Problem with Roman Catholicism

I was a harsh critic of Pope Benedict who I think was very mixed up but somehow something happened to him that made him try to do a few good things in regards to his flock such as teach them that maybe the Jews weren’t responsible for the death of Jesus and his belief in truth as being important and when there were a few martyrs I think he honored them and meant it and he resigned which was noble and courageous. He was raised and forced to be in Hitlers army at one time as a kid. I think anyway. I don’t think he was right about the Courtyard of the Gentiles and did some bad things as well. IF these things are true which is hard to determine because of the GREAT DECEPTION.

However I do know that

Pope Francis is an abomination of a pope: of course he is Jesuit, so what do you expect. Pope Francis also stole a necklace from a martyr a story he told about himself hoping it might rub off on him whatever courage this martyr had or characteristic he desired of him and thinking it was cute tale and it wasn’t it was ridiculous and it did not rub off on him. He is still an ass.





That was one of the questions asked of each of the CPAC why they think America is exceptional as well as some other issues social issues such as abortion, marriage, etc. Why because Hannity was instructed in a seminary and wants to impregnate all of the above into each candidate and he has no right.

Pigeon hole you and make make you their birds.

(The daughters of the Whore of Babylon.)

I suggest the republican and libertarian candidates takes this one good advice stay away from social issues. As Rick Perry said about the states I concur. A lot of women including republicans have had abortions because I know of some in the past : read the statistics. Work on what is your job Defense of the USA, grow the economy and businesses allowing the middle class to grow abundantly, cut the pork, balance the books, diminish the IRS and it’s insanity…simplify and lower taxes on the middle class if not abolish the IRS and leave taxes to the states and let them donate to the Defense for defense whatever helps their state, and of course cut off Obama Care so that the medical field is free to conduct their businesses without the Feds evil intents and attained by trickery, protect the Constitutional rights of the people, leave the private lives to those that live them and be sure to make sure that the votes that are voted get counted correctly and aren’t cheated from you because of computer technology and those that know how to manipulate it because obviously they do know how to steal them and they will if they are able. Bring back the power to the states and the cities and to the people. If you grow the middle class you will reap great rewards and retain your power that is self evident. Make it huge.

Basically the Feds really are supposed to defend our borders and that is all not everyone else’s especially those that put our soldiers at risk or walk away from their posts so our soldiers are sitting ducks such as was done by the State Department and it’s leaders at Benghazi, Camp Bastion and many other times. I would think it might be a great idea just to get rid of the State Department all together. They don’t work for our interests and are unable to make any sense whatsoever and haven’t stood by their word  and hide witnesses and effective as a maggot, etc. And definitely get rid of the Secret Service who work for the Vatican. Hire who you need for your own protection such as policemen etc

That’s my advice.

The power of the dems is keeping the poor poor keeping people unhappy and protecting the rich. And their will never be a reason to run for office if you don’t exponentially grow the middle class, thereby removing the misery of the masses. which if you grow the middle class everyone will gain because that is who buys the majority of products that the rich and middle class sell. If you grow the poor and blow off the middle class about 1 percent of the population might be happy for a short space/time until they get run over by the masses and the poor and produce anarchy and the rich then lose their heads more than likely mentally and eventually physically.  

And some Republicans do the same from a different angle, often.

Jesus said you will have the poor with you always I believe because of the Church of Rome and Islam. So instead let them take care of their own. Growing the middle-class then some (of the poor) will find jobs and aim for an education and a future in the middle class thus growing the middle class and buying more products. Walmart can’t hire all of them. And the rich can’t support them all.

The Hannity social manipulation of the candidates is to make them dependent on Roman Catholicism. But he is Roman Catholic and thinks he does have a right and manipulating their course and their ideas to line their pockets etc and that is a huge problem for the USA and the world it affects because it is Vatican like. So Spock (Leonard Nimoy) of Star Wars died and someone in space sent a hand signal of Dr Spock of Star Wars from space.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.27.27 AM

 Big Deal. Of course I wish he hadn’t died, I liked his character but I sure didn’t know the actor himself. Dr. Benjamin Spock also wrote a book about how to raise a child and many people followed his advice. I never read it nor do I plan to. However I enjoyed the shows Star Wars that is all they are is mere entertainment with a lot of imagination just like many others.

Obama did mention something in space letting out of a box (mecca) and stretch it’s legs and teach a lesson no one will forget which sounds pretty rotten. So the hand signal in space may be part of that crap and his death as well. And the astronaut wife Gabrtielle Giffords whose husband an astronaut marched her around for Obama’s gun control may have something to do with it after she had been shot in the head in Arizona (McCains state who played computer games as Hillary Clinton was being questioned by Congress in regards to Benghazi saying what does it matter) and she was jewish and in congress and obviously Jesuits aren’t much into JEWS. They probably have some deep seated hatred of themselves like Hitler did. If you were Hillary wouldn’t you hate yourself? I know if I were her I would be sorely disappointed. regardless what she makes talking about nothing and being totally useless.





Why do you think Obama had Ben Carson for his prayer breakfast: Because he didn’t like him? And if Rand Paul thinks marijuana is worse than drinking excessively and the havoc it causes in women’s bellies and girls bellies and other vulnerable people, on the highways, and in families just because it is legal doesn’t make it so. More women are impregnated while drinking a beer or having strong drink than while smoking a joint or a cigarette. More people are killed because of drunkenness on the highways then because of someone sitting in their home smoking a joint. More unwanted sex of both sexes occurs because of alcohol and those who drink to give them that thrill up their leg. More incest occurs because of alcohol. I have done both and I know the difference: (marijuana undetermined though helps cancer victims and some other diseases and alcohol which pickles the brain but taken in moderation is healthy). Of course marijuana should be limited, regulated, and controlled as is booze and booze should be more controlled than it is.

I believe it is no ones business who marries who. It should be their choice and it is safer for homosexuals to be married than not be married, IMO and if you care about people they are people they deserve the same rights as everyone else. If you care about the spread of sexual disease you should approve of their marriage for their sake as well as for others health. It keeps them grounded as it does for other people until the love ends in the meanwhile they learned about a longer term relationship regardless of how you feel about their sexuality. It is morally better for them. If you had a sister, brother, mother, dad, son, or daughter who happened to be lesbian or homosexual wouldn’t you want them to have a long term relationship with someone they love with the protections financial and physical and the other ways for their well being that everyone else receives. And if someone wants to marry 5 wives or 5 husbands it’s their business IMO as long as everyone agrees that is involved because some people aren’t satisfied with one person and it helps them to not fool around etc. SOLOMON did it and he was allowed to build the first temple by God. GEE ain’t that weird. He had over a hundred wives. Marriage to one person is new idea forced upon others and is no where except in Paul’s testimony which is fallible at best but I believe he was a Roman Catholic. He said he was jew from Tarsus Turkey. Could be he was both. Hitler denied his jewishness and who the hell knows why. He was a mad man.

Why are there more women then men in the world? It’s been that way for a long time. So what are the left overs supposed to do? Steal a mate? Become a nun? Just think what might have happened in the case of King Henry the 8th. Anne Boleyn might have been allowed to keep her head regardless of only having a female for daughter she might have had some sons, but Roman Catholicism was calling the shots at that time. The Spanish queen might have been able to live in a good place other than the Tower of London. Gee they beheaded people in England. My gosh. They did it in France as well during their revolution. Gee I wonder why?

Even Princess Diana might have been able to enjoy her grandkids if she hadn’t been in a tunnel in Paris with a drunk driver and amid the press in that tunnel aiding and abetting in her demise.

Course Camp Bastion and those that left their posts so a few american soldiers died comes to mind and Benghazi and those that left ahead of the slaughter comes to mind as if they knew something was gonna happen. Or did those terrorists just happen to find a weakness and coincidentally those other things just happened to have occurred.

No Tears for Egypt’s Coptic Christians

Also read an interesting article above about Coptic Christians by a woman who hates them and found it to be interesting viewpoint especially since the basis of many of my posts are comparing the gospels. I do remember reading about that there was a time when Alexandria Egypt had something to do with starvation or something similar to the jews in Israel in the past. Anyway I’m really jumbled being on steroids and having been sick as can be and not having slept and trying to get my house in order while recuperating.

Now Franklin Graham is complaining about how Barack Obama being Islamic. A bit late isn’t it? Probably had his little head in a girlie magazine and 9 years later wishing Obama was a Coptic Christian like his daddy. Anyway did Franklin Graham ever discuss Benghazi and what occurred? NOPE.



Petrified Wood (dead wood and hardened), Ptah (egyptian)/Peters and Petra

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.22.37 AM

Whale Blowing out its hole like we do sometimes

And when DOD Chuck Hagel said for America to Get Ready …Ready was the Secret Service agent who may have been responsible in part for the assassination of JFK and looked like Billy Graham with some alterations shaved hair etc and was hiding behind Jackie Kennedy at the fence line at the airport making signals to someone. And I think he reminds me of Sheppard Smith when he was at the Ukraine reporting some things yet not being arrested in the Ukraine while supposedly things were going on that he did and the agent did too in the car looking the other way from who was really doing the assassinating to mislead and very similar in their nature. It’s not normal for the Russians to allow the press to watch them take over a country purportedly and report it so why was he allowed to do it without a problem. But he did the same act as Ready did in that car to mislead. I noticed it and it seemed like the same thing. And Billy Graham started his crusade in England and I think the Ukraine may represent Britain somehow and Billy Graham as I have said over and over again was a shill for Rome puffed by The Hearsts who I think are representatives of the family in Germany who have the same name spelled a little differently in German style. using a u instead of ea in the spelling of the name I think. Obviously very wealthy and powerful in some way and the Hearsts controlled the press and may still in some ways. And Hertz  name sign was at the JFK assassination above some buildings and a Hertz drives people that are dead to their graves and they make their money that way and have for a long time. Billy Graham was with many Presidents in our country affecting them. And Oreilly (BLOW HARD) is involved and was reporting about the assassination when he was younger and probably misleading as well. The Heartz castle is in California and their influence may be affecting Hollywood I think for propaganda purposes. It’s my observation of things and feelings about it. The hand signal of Michael Brown that no one knows for sure that he made or not that Al Sharpton (who isn’t really very sharp) says for everyone to surrender because Michael Brown purportedly signaled which I did not see or hear of except from the boy who I think is a liar. Al Sharpton I think is influenced by the BGEA and is misleading people with the hand sign as is DOD Chuck Hagel (How much wood would a wood chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood) who was telling everyone to Get Ready as in Petrified wood and Obama visited Netanyahu’s country Israel a while back to Petra (part of Jordan) with heavily armed men Secret Service and some other types (seemed like Black Ops that have affected places in the middle east like Pakistan where AL Qaeda nestled) and I think affected Netanyahu. I don’t know if they Netanyahu and Obama really saw each other or not but some things I have seen lately don’t seem like Netanyahu. Just telling what I observed I don’t know what it means. But I think surrendering  hands up is leading to Rome and possibly to Raqqa (council and hellfire) and that video of the cage and the burning man which was a hoax I think but still insane either way). But I don’t know what it means but Al Sharpton is making beaucoups of money misleading people whether he knows it or not or means to. Because the boy lied about something else and I think about the hand signal. I think Michael Brown was a prisoner of some kind and was executed and was used and he was trying to say it in what he did at the store with his hands behind his back rocking back and forth before he stole the cigars and reacted to the store clerk and the boy didn’t apologize (aided and abetted) he led him there to mislead many in african americans of Ferguson for OBAMA and HOLDER to do whatever it is they are doing. Petra was supposed to be a safe place for some to go and hide at least told by some christian leaders. I still don’t know what this means. Petra was a fortress in olden times sounds like Peter and I think there two of them one was Islamic (ACTS) and the other was Jewish (son of Jonas?or Roman? ). Story of Jonas was he was in a whale turned white because he was in it for a while after being thrown off of a ship because he didn’t do what was told for him to do and was spit out on to dry land. It may be good it may be bad. I don’t know. Whale represents a lie. How big a fish is etc. I caught one and it was a 15 footer. etc. Peter had gotten money out of a fish while fishing supposedly in the Synoptic Gospels to pay his taxes. Jesus in that particular story was bribing him and mocking I think. Lots of stuff going on back and forth like waves in a Sea/SEE what they call popes on a ship tossed to and fro. I don’t think there is mercy there that is why there are those that are being martyred instead possibly and may enjoy it. 

The denial 3 times by Peter and what Jesus told him to do was to make him feed his sheep and I think what is going on with the Obama administration, Ferguson, Michael Brown, and the many distortions, may be a perversion of what Jesus told Peter to do and what he did as told in the Book of Acts (murdered people for their land and made others very afraid to get their money and whatever they have communally as in maybe Petra which was the idea of Petra a commune. Petrified forest can’t see the forest for the trees.). Nevertheless God the Father (I AM THAT I AM) and the Jesus that told the truth I AM are more powerful and He has power over death and I think Michael Brown was martyred (If that is even true because I saw it on TV and it could be a farce, I DONT KNOW. I wasn’t there.) and that isn’t what the true Jesus wanted. He wanted us to live life more abundantly. Maybe hiding them nevertheless too but it’s very weird.

IMO Oreilly and Obama are Yinging and Yanging everyone

Hope my observations help.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.25.06 AM

killer whale

A Test of Faith in Brutal Captivity

INTERESTING INFORMATION about JAMES FOLEY and his conversion to Islam from his Roman Catholicism upbringing while in Syria under duress and imprisoned. What concerns me is he was beheaded and then in one of my posts he is beheading others after his demise which makes me think converting to Islam isn’t good but under great duress it’s understandable. I hope he finds a way out of it and I think it is possible to do in the after life and after death. I think the gospels of the Matthew Mark and Luke (the Synoptic Gospels) are basically threaded quite a bit with Islamic ideology since they share some of the same parables and stories and are in conflict with the Gospel of John in many ways if you dare to compare you might notice the divide between them. Since Rome was occupying jerusalem at the time of jesus when he was crucified and before while teaching as a jew in the gospel of John it might not seem that big a deal to convert from Roman Catholicism to Islam depending on how radical the islamic teaching presents itself. The mustard seed parable is a good example that connects the two. Praying with beads, worship of Mary, and many other things that ought to make one suspicious. I think Kayla Mueller might have been romantically involved with James Foley and may be why she was killed if in fact she was killed by jordanian fighters after the false burning of a captured jordanian pilot and a movie about it month later to embroil the King of Jordan into sending planes to Syria to prove himself or to kiss ass hence the timing being very suspicious to the visit to see Obama at the White House, the film release of a burning man that was a hoax and the capture of the pilot a month or so before who was probably killed a month before and I don’t think he was jordanian. I think he may have been jewish. I think James Foley meant well in his activities in Syria but that doesn’t mean he should have been there. I think Rome loves to use their flock to gain martyrs for their business to interfere in every country in the world causing havoc, death, decay, lies, great sadness, conflicts in regards to their religious and political purposes to control the world and judge the world according to their 7 mountains (7 deadly sins)., etc. I don’t think she should have been in Syria either. Anyway it’s too bad how Rome abuses their parishioners and tempts them to do their dirty work to make the church appear good when if they would stay out of everyone else’s business there might not have been trouble in Syria or to the extent that it exponentially imploded with the help of Saudi Arabia and other countries bent on gaining the Golan Heights to needle and torture Israel. No I don’t think Foley had much choice being Catholic and naive to their past such as the World wars and many other attacks on many people in the past just to be in power to corrupt the world and profit off their souls. I know a lot of wonderful catholics but they are deceived. It is a CULT and John the Revelator says to come out of her my children so that you do not partake of her sins because her sins are HUMONGOUS and the church of Rome will face a very scary end. It’s like the main theme of Revelation so don’t take it lightly. Read it and weep.

(Obviously if Pope Francis says that Islam is a religion of peace he is lying. Pacis meaning submission is not true peace, it’s slavery.)

Kayla Mueller’s Family Shares Her Last Letter Home While An ISIS Hostage


Does the Bible give us guidance on ISIS evil?

Dr. Michael Youssef gives his take to Laureen Green of On a Spirited Debate about end times and selling a book called

Jesus, Jihad & Peace: A Prophetic Vision of the Middle East

I hope he reads some of my blog posts comparing the gospels so that he might understand the confusion in Christianity, Islam, and Roman Catholicism if he has the mind to understand what is written and what is not and what is obvious deception and what is not and debate about it. It might help and it might not but if he can’t see the difference between the gospels and their accounts of the same events and compare the characters and witnesses then something is wrong with his critical thinking:


Merangue’s Blog

 I think ISIS is what you get when you do business with evil such as with ISLAM for their oil and aren’t willing to defeat their ideology (MECCA AND MEDINA) because of political correctness.


So there shouldn’t be any reason to complain about them when the Saudis did the same kind of stuff to their people while we did business with them and I sure don’t recall Hillary confronting them or any one else for that matter.

Now ISIS purportedly is announcing they want to attack a mall or malls in America. Fox thinks it might be in a mall in Minnesota and I guess they heard it through the grape vine.

I think they mean the Washington mall which is basically Washington DC and includes the Pentagon as well and the branches of our government which was attempted once already. And don’t forget MALIA OBAMA. They could mean that as well.

I do know that in Revelation God puts it into the heart of some army and I’m not sure it is ISIS ( there seems to be quite a few of them and they are not all together so no telling which one or some other one) to attack the Vatican and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Read my posts below on the subject tucked in a few posts about the blood coming up to the horses bridle and the measurements included lead me to think those are the two places that it is speaking of because the Washington Mall is run by the Vatican and the Secret Service in Maryland partially because our national capital is not independent.

Why would God do that? Think about it.



John Kerry wants us to believe his BS and using Russia and the situation in the Ukraine to do it. Remember what he said about space between him and Hillary Clinton. He is a fraud, a coward, a cheat, married for money, a liar, and a thief.  He is self deluded and a lunatic. I trust Putin far more than John Kerry. Remember Benghazi, John? Who met with the witnesses we never heard from again that were flown to Germany? John Kerry. Even the Senator Lindsay Graham said he met with one witness at an army hospital who was afraid to testify about what had occurred. I think LIndsay Graham got a bit mixed up and on the wrong side of things but I hope he tries to do the right thing eventually but he seemed to know about the Muslim Brotherhood too much which I think has something to do with his religiousness and made a mistake by supporting them. Very bad foreign policy but I know it’s confusing when faced with great deception and receiving false INTEL from the Vatican and the Secret Service, The State Department being one of the worst imaginations possible having had Hillary and John Kerry as their leaders,and all those other infected parts of government. I’m not communist but neither am I a fascist like JOHN KERRY and his close friend, Hillary. Who met with Syria’s leader Bashar Assad and I think set him up….John Kerry and Mrs Heinz. I would trust Bashar Assad before I would trust John Kerry. At least when he was interviewed he was honest. Before Obama Christians were protected in Syria far better than now and since Obama and Kerry and his hipster Hillary. It says a lot but when one lies to his own country and hides witnesses as did John Kerry with the help of the State Department and in reality lied to Congress (the government of America who had a right to hear the truth) he does not deserve Americas trust or respect and in my opinion is a

traitor to the

United States of America.

Obviously the other opinion of what is occurring in the world is much truer than Kerry’s lies.

Kerry calls for ‘real’ probe into killing of Jewish Kremlin critic (Because he cares so much and loves to hide witnesses etc)

provoking with Obama, Clinton and so forth because he is possessed by Jesuits of Rome and their false religion.

What happens in Russia should be handled by them and hopefully they will do a better job than we did when JFK was murdered or his brother or his son. Why Kerry is involved is beyond my perception except to divert attention from his own lies that he was recently caught in.




It’s called a “stay of execution”

you assholes.




By the way when those Saudi pilots who flew into the twin towers in New York

that were trained in Florida,

who was the governor at the time?

And why does who I think it is act like there is a screw loose in his behavior? IMO he doesn’t seem right in the head and there must be something we don’t know or do know and are overlooking which I don’t think is a smart thing to do especially since his mom said he shouldn’t run for President. Is it his religion? Pretty positive anyone with a brain has got to admit he doesn’t seem with it….all there…..etc

It does seem MIGHTY COINCIDENTAL! Did he know? IF he did why did he allow it? What was the reasoning, excuse, reward, or benefit of it. Was there a deal between the Saudis (Al Qaeda) and who the governor was at the time in Florida?

I think Sean Hannity should ask him those questions?






and on the brink of your own destruction.




PS:I was impregnated by a GI on a army base and the abortion was done by an army hospital and i was found to be unfit to have a baby by a psychiatrist.

Did you serve your country in Vietnam for two years? I was without my dad when I was 12 and 14. Very important years for a girl to have her dad. He served there for your religion that got us into that war. You are a piece of pork and are unworthy to even exist. As far as I’m concerned you are pimple on O’reilly’s dick. Sorry, I have some anger issues but I have been barraged in many ways.

My dad has more honor than you can ever dream to have. And you dishonor him and his service to save lives of men and women that fought for the country you claim to love. He also fought in Korea.


Your religion deserves to be annihilated and it will be destroyed because

“It is written”

IN THE BIBLE in Revelation. I’m just revealing the truth so help me God.

I HAVE LIFE but I also have regrets as everyone does except Hannity and Jeb Bush.

And yes I am angry

Even JESUS had anger whom you claim to believe in and obviously don’t.

GOD has anger that is why he allows the destruction of the woman: your religion.


 who crucified Jesus His only begotten Son because he had understanding of the true God and was given power by the true God. I have no idea if the Book of Matthews birth account is true and certainly cannot be proved to be true as far as heritage because it was corrupted as I wrote about in another post and others have written about. But what one does and says makes a difference and should be important. And often times in the Book of Matthew he says some pretty weird stuff however the witness who wrote it or those that kept it in the dark ages and wouldn’t allow people to read it probably played some havoc with it which is the Roman Catholic Church and Josephus Flavius son of Matthias (Matthew) who admitted taking the the books at the time of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and was the adopted son of the Flaviuses who was also hired by Rome for propaganda purposes so I imagine he did what he was hired to do and reek havoc on the holy books he stole. He was traitor to his country for Rome though I’m not sure he had a choice but it definitely drove him over the edge by the looks of his writings about the history of the Jews and other things he still left some pretty big clues maybe on purpose or by error.

 A few posts about the heritage of Jesus and the Catch-22 and some other things that I wrote earlier in my studies and with the help of others who I found to be quite interesting:

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST MAN)

Abomination of Desolation

 Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

Josephus and His Footprints


I wasn’t a believer in God then either. I didn’t learn from a priest or pastor. I learned on my own time with a lot of dedication and hard work and compared and didn’t earn a living doing it. I did it because I wanted to learn about the truth and about God and Jesus.  I have spent an enormous of time and hardship to present it using my talent for those that don’t have the time or understand what I have learned and because of all the crap going on in our country, our government, religious institutions, and overseas. I’m an artist. I can only present what I believe to be true but it is as difficult because of the deception in the press in the news, and everywhere else where truth is suppressed, hidden, and all the other things such as propaganda that go along with deception which is quite a bit.

Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead near Kremlin

Prominent Russian Opposition Figure Shot Dead;

Obama Condemns as ‘Brutal Murder’

Of course he does. 

Obama wants a transparent investigation into this mans death.

What about Benghazi?

By the way he should be saying an investigation with substance. Transparency is basically a misnomer. By transparent he means translucent which means nothing i.e. so that objects cannot be seen in a other words so that the truth is hidden. Obama uses dark sentences as told in the book of Daniel. That is who he is the one that uses dark sentences the part of the Book of Daniel that is prophetic about Obama.

What do you think he meant when he said: “There is no there, there.” when speaking about Benghazi

Lack of pity, comfort, or mercy…….




Which is part of what reaches the bridles necks in the two places I wrote about in a few other posts

one starts with a big V and the other I think starts with a W. And I don’t mean volkswagon as in getting to float I mean more like the TITANIC and the HINDENBURG. Get my gist?

………..because he had none there or anywhere else.

That is what this man speaks in, dark sentences. That is who our government is dealing with and better wise up to that fact!

Obviously Obama is involved in the assassination of the man in Russia to provoke as he loves to do.

Islamic State in Syria abducts at least 150 Christians

How in the world did those Christians get into Syria and why would they migrate to ISIS occupied territories? They must have lived there, eh? If President Bashar Assad had wanted to cleanse the land of Christians he had plenty of time before ISIS arrived. He has been President since the year 2000 and his dad was the President before him. Why would he wait until the year 2015 and why would Christians suddenly arrive now?

Pressure builds in Congress to send weapons to Ukraine

Don’t do it.

The same guys that wants to do this wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to succeed in Egypt obviously evident by the statements they made to the Muslim Brotherhood at the time and by the amounts of money they sent their way. Anyone who supported the first coup in Egypt should be fired from our government and sent to Egypt to answer for their crimes against that country and it’s peoples and for the carnage they left behind them with their stupidity.

Those who supported the Muslim Brotherhood are not in their right minds.

Voices: Russia has radically transformed in one year

Here’s a doozy for ya. This person says that Ukraine ousted pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych and what I recall is that he fled and stole a bunch of money from his own country. So right off the bat this story is based on lies.

I’m amazed by the obsession and infatuation with Hillary Clinton by the press which also is not independent or free but a bunch mutants run by and influenced by the Vatican. Absolutely ridiculous.

No! Hillary Told Right Away That Benghazi Was Terrorism

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 3.33.47 PM


My other blogs on religion, comparing the gospels, JFK assassination and current events:


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Can you imagine the White House press briefings with Hillary Clinton?


The Oscars are hoping for equal rights for women (at least the women are anyway via Arquette) and I think they think Hillary Clinton is their ticket:



It didn’t work before, why would it now?


Does it matter?

Hillary Clinton kept running list of enemies and allies after 2008 election: report

Does it matter?
Isn’t she a bit immature to say the least? So Junior High School, isn’t it?

Hillary Clinton’s War on Women

Does it matter?

Didn’t she have an opportunity then? How she treated Monica and other women in her husband’s shenanigans is reason enough to leave her behind. It’s one thing to cheat on a spouse (probably under the influence of who they prayed with, more than likely) but another to ruin peoples lives and futures over it and they ruined a lot of lives and will continue to do so. And some were killed which ought to make a difference to women who want equal rights which they deserve. She is not fit to hold any office or position in government except in comparison to the many other men and women that aren’t fit as well. The most remarkable thing she ever did was dodge some shoes thrown at her.
That is not a good enough excuse.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.30.28 PM

Letter From Billy Graham to John F. Kennedy

(Check out the middle paragraph. Read between the lines as well. Probably should have taken it up with JFK instead of his two closest friends. What are friends for, anyway? He was awarded the Big Brother award by LBJ for good reason. He was also outed by Richard Nixon. Notice his signature as well. Not just Cordially yours but the rest of it. He also wrote a book Just As I Am giving his whereabouts during the assassination and his account of what happened between him and JFK jr.. Do you understand what he means by that signature? MOCKING! Thinks he is God which is prophesied about.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.28.42 PM

Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

I think he’s Jealous.

Clintons – Satanism & the Clinton Death List

 Does it matter?

 By the way Patricia Arquette and the other famous hollywood actresses or actors: are ya willing to invest in my patent on my invention $13,000 (I’m a female) and a small investment in my business ($20,000 or more) so I might get equal pay or for that matter pay down the road for the investment, if so please send me an e-mail romeo1miracle@hotmail.com and I’ll send ya an address to send a check! OR is my politics and religion not politically correct enough in your eyes? Does it matter? I certainly would love a response either way with reasons if possible. I’m not begging for money, I’m asking. I would like feedback on my posts especially comparing the gospels and on the JFK assassination and it’s ties to the 2nd Vatican Council and the other things I have uncovered with a lot of diligence amid immence deception! AM I WORTHY? I make about I’ll guess one/1000th of what you make so how much are you concerned for other women? I know you can’t give away your earnings just because someone asks but I have hit a wall in regards to my future purposefully IMO and would appreciate help if you can afford it. 

The timing of my potential patent happened to be occurring around the same time as the writing of the book Killing Patton about a war hero written by Oreilly. That’s not coincidence. Are you supporting Oreilly and his control of you? He attended the awards ceremony soon after a few good entertainers died mysteriously. I don’t think it is coincidence. He also can’t seem to not promote Hillary Clinton every chance he gets whether in a good light or bad it is still promoting her. Why? She is Jesuit and so is he. Are you Jesuits in Hollywood? Do you care about the mysterious deaths of your fellow entertainers? If you do care speak up and say it out loud on camera and stand up for your friends or you don’t deserve life, liberty, freedom, love, money, reputation, beauty or talent and deserve instead death and burkas and it will come if you don’t stand up for the truth and you definitely don’t deserve equal pay because if you aren’t willing to stand up for the truth it really doesn’t matter what you get paid because you don’t deserve pay at all if you can’t muster up some courage for friends and your peers and instead act like NAZIS and their followers.

Oscars kind of apologize for omitting Joan Rivers from ‘In Memoriam’

I’m sure we know the reasons why she was left out. Shouldn’t those actresses have complained about that faux pas? And how about the suicide of Robin Williams. You know damned well he was not suicidal.


Saudi Arabia condemns man to death for renouncing Islam…

I do deserve all those things you possess because I did stand up for the truth and for friends that I don’t possess because I believe in truth and that truth matters. I will possess it all those things you possess one day while you lose it if you don’t change your ways and quit acting like demons.

I know I won’t hear anything back because you are fictitious and in my opinion lost relevancy for many reasons. I think many people are starting to realize it. Like watching Star Search over and over again until it gets very old. LOL. Really old. Hollywood is dying IMO. Like watching millennium over and over again which is redundant probably because while trying to stay relevant became irrelevant.

Maybe they ought to move Hollywood to Haiti and start fresh. Instead of filming kids on a trash heap on the verge of food poisoning or tetanus or many other diseases and death to get donations for them might instead get on the heap and not allow them to eat those 15 day old tamales for your causes and to make you look concerned. I guess you are only products of your business with no choice but to be politically correct so you will be allowed to work regardless if fellow actors and actresses are murdered and black listed because of your give a shit attitudes and you know who I’m talking about just recently. Just act like it didn’t happen that will really be courageous even if they were “friends.”

What are friends for anyway and what difference does it make?

And while I feel for Kyle and the sniper’s wife to some extent not really knowing her at all and think she is very pretty my biggest problem with him and her was writing a book, advertising it on Fox, and counting his kills. IF he hadn’t counted them it might have made a bigger impression. Why would you count them? After 10 or more seems that wouldn’t be important if you were there to save lives instead of take them. Seems more like someone who might collect scalp heads for a living and wear them on a belt as proof to gain a reputation. So I think there is more to that story than meets the eye. But I doubt that Clint Eastwood would go along with that kind of propaganda would he? But I wonder why he was brought into the video about the burning of a jordanian pilot and if there is some connection. Maybe I’m overly suspicious, but why would you take someone to a gun range if you thought they were nuts? And the texts between him and his buddy might have been fabricated as well so that his wife might gain a foothold in Hollywood which she has. Amazing what people will do for a chance to make money and be famous. And seems to me making a movie while involved in a trial is a bit unusual and unfair IMMORAL and should be frowned upon which makes me think it is propaganda for profit maybe at the expense of her husband and his friends lives using a sick mentally deranged person possibly through drugs to do the dirty work and kill two birds with one stone so to speak to make a name for herself.

Who profited off the book and movie? His wife? A woman wouldn’t do that would she? Well Jackie Kennedy killed her husband but what does it matter? Does it matter that she may have been under the influence of Devil’s breath?

Did Chris Kyle remember the names of his kills or were they just a number like the Ebola doctor that flew from Africa after thousands died of Ebola without a cure who said he remembered each and everyone of their names but did not ever divulge them because he was lying. Anyway she had his dog tags with her at the Oscars and was dressed like a movie star and as pretty as any of them could have been and made a great impression so was this fictitious as well so that she might get some notoriety?

I even defended his right to kill a child who was about to kill a bunch of soldiers because of some burka clad/habit wearing bitch who would put a bomb on a kid and used a kid that way and make a monster. Anytime anyone does that they lose their moral ground.

It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, is it? I’m not accusing her except for profiting from it because it may well be someone else’s device to gain her and her profits. It doesn’t make sense the whole story and ought to be scrutinized severely and movie should have not been allowed to be played in the midst of a trial. However our justice system does stink so it’s hard to know what is right and what is wrong these days. The Trayvon Martin is a good case in point and Zimmerman’s behavior afterwards and his rise to success afterwards is disconcerting. His estate, his treatment of his wife, the extinguisher event on his way to somewhere for no reason. His interview By Hannity wasn’t fully comprehended by the press when he said he was the gun. I thought it was a good interview by Hannity the best he has ever done but he still didn’t understand he was dealing with a lunatic who killed an unarmed kid and had no right to.

The Last Sign of Michael Brown

with his hands in the air surrendering purportedly and not purportedly is hard to be determined since there is no proof except by witnesses and I have not seen those that said he did or didn’t but heard only what we heard as it was unfolding by the witnesses then and now being discussed on Fox but I did see a video tape that I saw on Fox of him with his hands behind his back as if a prisoner rocking on his feet before he stole the cigars. I think that was the sign from him. He wanted to be noticed so he was rough on the clerk on camera. He wasn’t a gentle giant at that time. He was unarmed. He was a big boy in size. It should have been handled differently. The policeman screwed up and should have waited for backup, tazered him instead perhaps, shot him in the foot, used dogs to track him later, stun gun, sprayed him in the face with whatever that stuff is called if the cop was attacked by the kid, use what they do to african wild beasts * I mean no disrespect* to study them and then release them in to the wild to tag them for studies, etc. His companion was involved in his death possibly in cahoots with that cop and aided and abetted and (the companion lied) as well about it which is suspicious. Did he get charged with anything? That’s my opinion! He was under the control of someone else or something else and I think he was entrapped and executed. Stealing cigars isn’t a good enough excuse to kill an unarmed boy. There are a thousand different ways he could have been handled. All we saw was a body in the street after the store video and people reacting to what was going on that they witnessed. I have no idea what happened in the Grand jury.

Back to Chris Kyle. And maybe Chad Littlefield was the intended target?

I believe that Fox lost it’s moral ground by being impressed by the number of his kills that were counted because regardless whether he had the moral right to kill the enemy they are people who are really mixed up and are not a just a number. They are mixed up partially because of the religion of Rome which supports Fox News and supports Islam and vice versa which is false worship. Why do you think the women wear burkas that look an awful lot like habits? Why do you think they pray with beads both religions? And all the other similarities between them because both are closely related to each other. If you would read or listen to Walter Veith on the subject of Rome and Islam you might begin to have some understanding and realize if you don’t change and get out of both you won’t survive soon.

Former Marine found guilty in

‘American Sniper’ trial

Most people in the military during war don’t count their kills because it’s not something they are proud of or enjoy. They usually don’t talk about their experience either (because war is hell but sometimes necessary) or write books about it and go on Fox to sell it. I asked my dad about his experience and he would not relate them to me because he was an honorable man and still is an honorable man and a real man who did not relish killing but cared about protecting his fellow man and his men under him. He didn’t even enjoy hunting the one time that he did. He served because he was raised in the military and loved our country. He also used to say that Bill O’reilly was a blowhard. LOL  and he was right but I found that out myself over time. That is my experience with the military men that I grew up with. I think because they are honorable men and men that count their kills are NOT honorable. It’s not how many one kills that makes him a hero it is if it made a difference and I don’t think it did as far as I can tell in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere in the middle east because look at the state of affairs over there now. Seems to me to be a big failure so far. So far neither administration (Bush or Obama) had or have a good concept for defeating terrorism or the desire of both Roman Catholicism and Islam to rule the world which is their desire stated many times. Look at the EU are they doing better now? Look at America. is it doing better now? Look at the Middle East.

So what can make a difference? They aren’t willing to make that difference and so everyone loses until they are willing to do what needs to be done

because they are deceived

and are not willing to face the truth.

It’s a tough and a very rough situation

and it hasn’t improved as of yet. 

I guess when people go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan because of some Saudis,

it’s a bit absurd,


When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor did we retaliate by attacking China? Australia? India?

Just because they took advantage of another country to use to train is no excuse. THEY WERE TAUGHT TO FLY PLANES IN FLORIDA! What would have happened if we had held Saudi Arabia responsible for their citizens and their families would it have made a difference. I think it would have made a huge difference because they could have financially broken those saudis seized their assets and their ties and made a huge dent in terrorism and their desire to infiltrate other countries with their disgusting religion.


I think it would make a huge difference now as well. IF that doesn’t stop it you destroy their holy sites

it will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. If you destroy their businesses and their oil reserves they will change their ways. That is what it will take!

Are you willing to sacrifice your own children for political correctness?

Will it take the death of your own child to think right? Because it is coming down to that for Europeans and Americans and worldwide and until you wise up and face the truth you will be responsible for

your own demise and the demise of your children’s future and deservedly so.

Do you love your kids?

Now sniping is different than regular combat duty. So they may have had to count their kills. I don’t know but it can’t have been good for Chris Kyle in the long run and he was assassinated so obviously it wasn’t good for him. And it wasn’t good for his wife either unless she is involved which I hope she is not but I will say that the story and the circumstances reek to high heaven. Just like the many murders and diversions that have occurred in the last 9 years. And it wasn’t good for her kids and his because they lost their dad earlier than normal. When war happens and people have to kill each other they usually don’t enjoy it. They don’t get fed steak dinners while on duty in another country fighting war. They get rations. They don’t get paid a bunch of money to fight for our country and they deserve to be treated correctly when they come home. They don’t deserve to be assassinated at home for doing their duty either. I don’t trust the story especially taking a crazy person to a gun range. Chris Kyle should have known better so what happened to him that he would be so idiotic and foolish to do so? Maybe he suffered from PTSD as the murderer of him and didn’t know it. I think war is hard on the brain and takes time overcome for some depending on their circumstances. Very much like the mother who purportedly took her crazy son to the gun range and armed him with many weapons to go to a school and kill kids and teachers even though it was a hoax as we found out later. The devil is in the details as far as I’m concerned those details matter. I suspect this is a diversion for the sake of the Obama Administration and their religious fervor to kill and destroy America., one of many.

So what has changed in the military, I wonder?

That is why they use abortion against a child or woman to give them moral ground

and they have none and I do. It’s their delusion because I did have two children afterwards and I did receive miracles and so did they and I’m not lying!

I really respect this man and his opinion though we probably don’t agree on many things and because I do think there is a bunch of deception that he is not aware of like many people.

Rumsfeld on dealing with threat of ISIS

Kerry is such a jerk which is highlighted in his statements included in this video clip especially in regards to IRAN. He is so devoid of any common sense, it’s scary.

US ‘surprised’ Israel did not support UN vote on Ukraine’s territorial integrity

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.35.58 PM



Susan Rice: Netanyahu Visit ‘Destructive’ To US, Israel Relations

Susan Rice you have no substance and I hope you lose your business along with your husband. When you repeated the lies about Benghazi over and over again and denied any meaning to those lies you lost your character. How can Netanyahu’s visit be destructive and who IN HELL do you think you are you little dumb liar and inconsequential nymph. The only reason you give a crap about the visit of Netanyahu without consultation of your god and your messiah Barack Obama is because you are a derelict and have business in Saudi Arabia and you know it and so does everyone else.

The House of Representatives can call whoever or invite whoever they want to the House of Representatives without any Obama Administration consultation as Obama does when he invites whoever IN HELL he invites to consult with him. They are separate branches of government.

 Did you ever apologize for lying to the United States about Benghazi? Until you do you apologize and submit to the truth you deserve nothing and should lose your job, your business, your assets, and lose all connections of those nerves that create synaptic activity located in your own brain that you don’t deserve to keep. Let Obama try to save you from what you deserve and maybe you might wake up and do what you should do.

Anyway Susan Rice:

Obama gave consultation about the visit of Netanyahu to the Congress on a video tape;)

I’ll give your three clues:

Future, Insult, Prophet of Islam

And one more thin mint: UN

That is PURE EVIL.

OBAMA earned our hate for those that do hate him and for those that don’t, I pity you.

White House jabs at Netanyahu continue

Netanyahu accuses West of forsaking non-nuclear Iran pledge

The Iran Threat: President Ahmadinejad and the Coming Nuclear Crisis

Alireza Jafarzadeh

The Iranian Nuclear Threat: Why it Matters

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike

Also talks about the American Liberty Ship and the Six day war. Why was the ship there to begin with? How was Israel to know it wasn’t the enemy if they made themselves look like the enemy. The ship was in the wrong place at the wrong time but definitely in the wrong. IT was a very strange occurrence I have read about it kind of like what happened before the vietnam war and the phantom type stuff that was occurring and the evidence put forth by a few at the time about it. Very interesting as well. The devil in the details that ought to be scrutinized but instead hushed up and lied about. WHY? Deception. Like KERRY hiding witnesses after Benghazi. WHY? Deception.

Kind of like: the MONTE CASSINO in WW11. NAZIS HID IN A PLACE THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE THUS MAKING IT A LEGITIMATE TARGET OR HIDING WEAPONS IN UN BUILDINGS IN GAZA during the tunnel raids by terrorist against the jews in Israel FOR PALESTINIANS HAMAS AND OTHER TERRORISTS  TO USE THUS MAKING IT A LEGITIMATE TARGET EVEN THOUGH HILLARY DISAGREED. WHO CARES WHAT SHE THINKS MATTERS OR NOT SHE IS DEVOID OF REASON HENCE A NUT! HAD THOSE SHOES HIT HER IT MIGHT HELPED KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO HER LITTLE BRAIN. (I have to add she had a daughter that they the Clintons love because of my remark about her accomplishments avoiding some shoes earlier. However I don’t obviously have much respect for the adoration of her by others which I find as absurd as many things lately such as Monica’s stained dress shadow on a portrait of Bill Clinton like an oil slick or water stain depicting Jesus or a statue of mary weeping in Mexico, or a vagina in Mecca, etc. )


 In the Old Testament when Passover occurred did they drink the blood? No they didn’t. Just in case you didn’t know. Yet that is added into the Gospel of John. We aren’t supposed to drink the blood of the sacrifice. If so then why not drink the blood of the Coptic Christians that were beheaded purportedly:
They are sons of men.
Obviously that is part of the corruption in the Gospel of John to drink blood because that is what happened in the Synoptic Gospels (gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke who also said that Jesus fell on his face in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was arrested and at their last supper they purportedly drank his blood before he was even crucified which is kind of impossible since he hadn’t died yet unless they  drew blood using a needle and a syringe and that did not occur at the last supper in the Gospel of John.
Go ahead and look up DRACO if you have a mind.
Jesus said to believe on who he sent is all you had to do then what does blood have to do with it?
Do you see how the keepers of the holy books and gospels have played some major reediting and things like that besides the false witnessing after they destroyed Jerusalem at the time and not to mention
but I will anyway
crucified Jesus.
That is why comparing and discerning is a good idea.
And where does it say to accept Jesus into your heart and you shall be saved. That is what the Grahams sell and it is no where in the bible I have seen.
Remember what Billy Graham said about the jews?
“They don’t know what I really think……”.(Nixon taped it)
Jesus was Jewish. The one that mattered.

John 8:58

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham wasI am.


I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised*

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

On a personal note because I am keeping track of my life I recently got out of the hospital and tried to cook a really good salad and spilled it on the floor, most of it that I had accomplished and the Ex said after I apologized for being weak and clumsy because I was a bit shaky responded WHATEVER after I said I would try to bake a cake. It’s been only a week after being in the hospital for about a week. So I said that I wouldn’t make that cake whether I do or not for my kid and me in the meanwhile. What can I say except I was married to an asshole but we did have some cute kids. But the day that I can leave I will not care one iota what happens to him. He is an abomination of a man, IMO. A very bad example of a man. I would say he isn’t even that. I guess he was raised that way, little did I know. I was a pigeon. I’m not a pigeon anymore.


And I will never forgive him:)

Took him about 4 hours to get over my salad accident. Right after writing this he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. FREAK OF NATURE!



And I have to admit I have some flaws as well.

I can’t wait for the day to close the door on him in my life. I WILL CLOSE IT SOMEDAY SOON one way of another. It may not sound Christian or good but it is the truth which is good even if it is hard. Meanwhile I have to put up with his shit often. Women have a right to be upset when they are with the inferior s-ex.

The man.

Very few men can live up to the meaning of being a man. IT’S SELF EVIDENT.

He is nuts and has been for quite a while and it is very difficult to deal with but I know there are reasons and because he doesn’t really understand the times we are in and doesn’t really know what he does sometimes such as yelling at me to GET IN THE CAR >>> when I was gasping for breath to go to the hospital falling on my car on the way but said IF I DID in response to my reminding him what he did and that HE WAS SORRY if he did.


THAT AIN’T VERY SORRY and later saying it was because we weren’t married. IS THAT SICK OR WHAT? LOL


I believe he is drunk like many and via his lack of beliefs and lack of care for truth is on the wrong side and is being used to punish me and allowing it because of his religion and lack of character which he thinks he possesses. LOL That’s revelation for ya and it is happening all over the place on earth right now. I don’t doubt it for a minute. Well sometimes I do but still most of the time I know why when I’m thinking correctly. He would screw up my daughters future to punish me. That is how sick he is and how sick many of you are.

Timing is everything and I see through this shit.

One of the men in cages in Raqqa the last face is an author I recognize supposedly a kurdish rebel.



I think it might help some people to write everyday what happens to them to compare a few months later so they won’t forget and then might be able to see a pattern and reasons for what is happening to them personally and in other ways. I wish you would read my posts comparing the gospels especially because it is the most helpful to understanding what we are living through right now and why which are found on Merangue’s Blog linked above.

As far as ISIS having a END TIMES apocalyptic frame of mind there are reasons that they do. Some are economic reasons, some are religious reasons, some are living under a hellish type existence reasons which doesn’t make them more sensitive to others. False worship doesn’t help their attitude. There are lots of reasons I’m sure but I don’t think we can solve their problems. They have to solve their own problems in their own countries. We need to solve our own problems and we can’t seem to even make a dent that way so how in the hell are we gonna make a dent in theirs? We have to protect our borders, not theirs. we have to protect our country, not everyone else’s country. How often do you see anyone protecting AMERICANS overseas? We should bring our men and women home and not arm everyone over there and let GOD handle it. Might get some good results for once.

And those that we signed a geneva agreement with should be protected if we did. We are spread so thin we might as well be crepe paper and are ineffective as far as I can tell.


Heard on Hannity with Mayor Guiliani about the thousands and thousands in Iran who are being killed and the spies that are being killed in Iran and I’m trying to figure out how the ex Mayor of New York could have received this information about Iran. Who is he getting this information from? The Vatican? He didn’t divulge where he got this information from which makes it untrustworthy as far as I’m concerned. Is that normal that an ex mayor of New York would have this knowledge? Is he really the mayor or is he someone else? Seems quite odd. Maybe he knows not what he does, and maybe he is under some kind of  control of someone else, or something else all together. I know Iran is a rough territory but it does’t make sense to me at all.

As far as I’m concerned Iran is a threat but I don’t think Iran is responsible for everything going on in the middle east and that is what Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to have said at his speech that I did get a snippet of and in my opinion Saudi Arabia is causing a bunch of trouble as well. So I think something fishy goin’ on.

Did Iran send planes as missiles into the Twin Towers? Saudis did.

Did Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Rome help us during the Revolutionary war? The CIVIL WAR? ANY WAR? C’mon. WW1. WW11?


And definitely stop IRAN if we can however we can. Might even benefit them in IRAN in the long term. But I don’t think that President Obama wants that. I think he wants to destroy even his own people. That includes IRAN and if you don’t think God might allow it because they want to push Israel into the sea/See. THINK AGAIN!





I realize most of the citizens just want to live life if they can, fall in love, have kids, etc. BUT

Don’t forget the SIX DAY WAR! It should be humbling to those that are neighbors of Israel and it’s enemies.

PRIDE IS A FUNNY FLAW. What happens to pride…….. and where does it go?

It started with the GREAT DECEPTION and we are all affected which started in biblical times of the gospel which is why the gospels don’t


Think about what has happened since OBAMA has been President whether his fault in total or not it is obvious we are in times of ABOMINATION AND DESOLATION which seems to repeat itself quite often and anyone who thinks crises are good for any people on a regular basis is really not well in the head. SInce when has it been a good harbinger of anything? PLEASE TELL ME.

No they are for other purposes which are to distance himself from anything he causes or that is caused by others to protect him or to effect/affect him for reasons more than likely having to do with money and fear.

If everyone would stop lying it would help. Honestly I don’t know how any government can be effective if we are tricking each other all the time. I think it would be a great time for most countries to become separatists/independent for their own sanity. Unity isn’t working in any form or fashion anywhere, is it? Diplomacy isn’t working anywhere that I have seen so there must be a reason for that disparity such as we are headed the wrong way and the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ISN’T GONNA FLY and because of it and because of the influence upon the diplomats via those certain places described in the bible where we get our information and intel from who have deceived even their own people just to hold on to power which soon is about to dissipate into thin air, obviously. Started in Egypt with the coups and the Muslim Brotherhood, didn’t it and it was prophesied that even Egypt would not escape. LOOK IT UP. The steps. LIBYA is another one too that is involved. And another country or two which I think includes Ethiopia and the Sudan. LOOK UP about Damascus being a burdensome stone. It’s written about IN THE BIBLE. Not easy to understand but I wouldn’t ignore it. Probably has a lot to do with Turkey since that is where the Shroud of Turin was kept for eons and from and where Paul of Tarsus is from etc. False image stuff. Those countries will be at his steps. It doesn’t say whose steps, but it’s a male of course. So we can deduct females from the equation of those verses in the bible at least as being the cause.

I still believe that MECCA and MEDINA will be destroyed in the process because


and they are located in the WILDERNESS OF SIN.

Makes sense since we don’t know where those two places are and by the sounds of it they weren’t small destructions so they should have been found by now, you would think. And since things are kind of going backwards it also makes quite a bit of sense. Isn’t that how Obama leads from behind? The two places were close to each other as well and Abraham camped between them for a while and they are close to each other and represent false worship. That is the reason for their destruction to come, IMO.

IN the Old Testament they blame it on homosexuality but I think that was a lie or an excuse, suppositions, etc.

An oxymoron and an easy target. DEFLECTION.

I think by SODOMY meaning screwing people in a really bad way because of false worship.

The reason wasn’t homosexuality it was forcing themselves upon the angels that came to Sodom and to Lot.

Ie Trying to rape them!

And then Lot offers his daughters for their pleasure and later his daughters try to have sex with the dad i.e. INCEST. But you probably never bothered to read about it and discern.

Sounds like the Wilderness of Sin, doesn’t it, but they probably had business interests they were protecting: OIL




Here is a perfect example of self deception and a catholic through and through not to mention a perversion of her upbringing and a self deluded psycho:

The Catholic Pagan: 10 Questions for Camille Paglia

May you reap your reward soon with your Pope Francis. By the looks of her she is half way there.

What a bunch of crocodile shit.

What is the First Commandment anyway and why is it the first commandment?

Probably because it is the most important commandment.

 I am the LORD thy God

Thou shalt have no other gods

(He didn’t say we are the Lord they God and the power of moses via I am that I am surpassed all powers that tried to compete at that time in Egypt and will again surpass all powers.)

and yea it is really confusing still. I don’t think I know it all but I’m passing what i have learned and if there is error in some of my conclusions or suppositions it is because I’m only a mortal.

None of the ten commandments deal with homosexuality.

The Gospel of John is the only gospel that talks about I AM.

No graven images is the next commandment:….SHROUD OF TURIN

The Shroud of Turin is a death cloth which is a graven image of someone and no one knows who it is but could be the guy beheading people wherever the hell he purportedly beheaded people which looks like a hoax. If you look at the different Shrouds of Turin there seems to be 100 different ones by what I saw on line so it is ridiculous. Now there seems to be a lot of different guys beheading people as we have been witnessing lately. And Paul mentions some kind of cloth and he is from TURKEY which is above those places named as the steps and near RAKA (RAQQA) Syria where ISIS is purportedly causing havoc. Men of the cloth also are priests which Catholics call Fathers which is against what Jesus told them they should do that they claim they have faith in. Paul also mentions a covenant and catching people in their thoughts (BIG BROTHER SYNDROME) etc so I don’t think he is a good guy at all and if he used the cloth he was urging false worship using it as does ROME for tourism, money making, and false worship with all the other things that they sell besides the souls of men. DOES IT MATTER?

 Read the rest of them on your own, but one commandment is not to bear false witness and seems to me most of Christianity and Rome and Islam have done a bunch of that in their witnessing of JESUS in the Synoptic Gospels which has hurt a bunch of people.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 2.28.44 PM

Found this on the internet on the Blaze site. Had to include it because it is humorous and I think the mother should not have been arrested. Reminds me of the man that wore really short shorts to teach his daughter a lesson about wearing short shorts. It’s parenting and parenting isn’t easy and sometimes parents do really funny things to try to be good parents. My mom and dad did some funny things sometimes as well. Each kid is different even in each family and what works for one kid doesn’t work for the other etc as all parents know. The ones that arrested this woman should be deprived of their own children for interfering in this mom’s parenting. Probably arrested by a politically correct dumb ass, if it is true.

Cops: Son told “road rage” mom to call police, but she insisted they go after suspect

Looks like the disturbed young man in Paris (I think it was Paris) a few years back who murdered a few people. Remember?

The video of the girl going to isis and saying goodbye to her dad and that her ride was here was kind of funny on Fox though I’m not sure who made. I do have a sense of humor even in the worst of times sometimes.

People Are Furious About This ‘SNL’ Video. Is It a ‘Disgrace’ or ‘Perfect’?

I guess I’m weird cuz I thought it was funny and didn’t take it to heart. Just as I find Mel Brooks funny in his inquisition video. I heard Greta say they have received so many pictures of people maimed and impaled and still have yet to witness one or one I thought was reliable. But that’s the press for ya making wild claims and not putting forth evidence so we have to rely on what they say “their word” which I don’t rely on because I know they would if they had evidence but instead put out a lot of non evidence.

Here is a really funny you tube 2 parts by Jon Stewart. I was gonna say good and funny but thought it better to say funny because I’m not sure it’s good just very humorous and worth watching. I had a good laugh because he sure can deliver comedy even about his own heritage and political humor the way he does.

However there is a clip of Netanyahu talking about a power vacuum in Iraq if Saddam regime was changed and I saw a video in the past of the Bathe Party and people being afraid of Saddam Hussein and I guess assassinated to make them afraid kind of like what happened in Korea with an uncle of the Korean leader that we heard about or something like that and heard of stories where Saddam Hussein took his people and dipped them in acid for entertainment so I don’t think he was a very good leader for his country to make them afraid of him however that could be propaganda but it did not look like it in the video that I saw a long time ago when they were in a room with a bunch of his Bathe party. I can’t remember how they died just that they did to set some kind of an example.They were definitely afraid of him and there was trouble between his country and Iran where lots of people suffered with sarin gas, I think, at least pictures of it on both sides though I’m not sure about that but it looked like real pictures of poisoned people and kids. So I think it’s kind of weird but I wasn’t very aware back then about what was going on between the two countries of Iran and Iraq but it was not healthy. So I question if that was Netanyahu then because I don’t know. Seems like it could be a facsimile of him somehow cause I sure don’t remember him making that speech about Iraq but like I said he might have and I missed it but I don’t trust it either.

And believe me I catch the meaning or the point of the deception in theory. It’s not like it hasn’t been shown in multitude of ways before that particular demonstration and I noticed them as well, I also had my own revelations about it plenty of times I just didn’t talk about it or write about it. It’s hard for people to accept the truth when they don’t want to and would rather not however it’s not wise or helpful to ignore. It’s dangerous and foolish i.e. 

presuming to know the answer when the evidence is still unclear when LIFE begins or who has the right to determine what occurs in their own body or what to grow on their farm, and when, and by whom, and whether it would have been successful



 lacking information then and the tools we now have invented and still we don’t know the answer in a physical world.

However in the spiritual world (which affects in a magnitude of ways the physical world more than you can imagine or contemplate and actually I believe the difference between life and death) I think we do have the answers because I believe I found them but I wouldn’t force it upon you, offering it for your edification and for me for many reasons as I learn.

The difference between living on earth and living on on an uninhabital planet.

With God the unimaginable is possible

and even for those that don’t believe yet

or didn’t believe.

Imagine that if you can.

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart skewers everyone involved in ‘Speech-gate’

I still wish people would watch some old cartoons once in a while or a little of Bob Hope. In fact I kind of want to invest in some of his movies and I love Faulty Towers etc I wish the ISLAMIC influenced people would have a chance to laugh. etc instead of stoning to death raped women and throwing homosexuals off buildings and beheading their people and others and cutting off their hands and flying planes into buildings with people in them, killing jews and killing christians and vice versa, etc. and take the words of the real Jesus to heart: be kind to each other.

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

JUDGE JEANINE and Peanut Butter

I watched Judge Jeanine on Fox with her good friend so she said who lost her Jewish son in Brooklyn and had a museum made for children is in my estimation a mock. The one that looked like Ann Margaret with a black hair do and bangs and mini skirt. A mock for the museums that record as best they can what happened in ww11 to the jews during the holocaust. She didn’t even act like her kid meant anything to her so obviously it wasn’t her kid. What she said was in my estimation mocking the Jews and their attempts to never forget or let anyone else to forget because it matters. I remember hearing about a jewish kid in brooklyn killed by other kids that happened a long time ago and the preacher that helped the murderers of that kid because they were obviously mixed up kids a gang (which kicked off his career as a Reverend and an Evangelical preacher for the BGEA-The Billy Graham Evangelical Association) and the one that wrote a post about Billy Graham (who launched his career and crusades in England and a shill for Roman Catholicism and the HEARSTS)

William Randolph Hearst

 his last post and he died EXPOSING Billy Graham for anyone who had the faculty to notice, and I did. His name was Rev. David Wilkerson who also made thousands of peanut butter sandwiches for the firefighters before the Twin Towers were terrorized with planes because he thought God told him to somehow. I can’t be sure of course what she meant by her appearance and what Judge Jeanine meant by her good friend or her appearance but I suspect and I think judging by her performance it to be BS.

Catholicism: A World Without Borders  and the New World Order:




Hannity went to Israel and he saw the tunnels and heard about the UN buildings that housed weapons to be used against the Jews in Israel and I saw his two shows (I think it was two shows. That was heroic) about it. However it helps to have synaptic nerves to get the meaning of the clues you found instead of just finding them…..Some after thought. WHAT DO THEY MEAN? ANALYSIS. It’s not enough to find clues you have to discern them to some degree and listen to those that give them even if they are friend or foe. Sometimes the foes are controlled by others.

Think about this Hannity:

Toronto tunnel mystery solved, say police

they found a rosary inside this innocuous tunnel and a poppy, heroin.

I wonder if someone put Dragon’s Breath (a drug in Columbia from a flower) in the beads and rubbed them praying what that might cause? A slave (who knows not what they do) for 4-5 days? It’s possible. In the eucharists they eat every week? To mock: I am the bread of life. Lots of things evil does to make a slave and to enslave you. Import heroin via beads. It doesn’t take much heroin to make a slave. Afghanistan grew it, didn’t they? As I recall that was one of their crops. So Catholics make a cracker (slave owner) and feed their flocks and possibly even matzos and hummus possibly.

(Not to mention spiritual blindness, but I will.) That is why Obama was able to keep his job because no one has a will (of their own) in our government because they are being run by the Jesuits  via evil devices, etc

Here’s a video for ya and it’s comedic but think of the possibilities:


A few people said they were blind folded and had no choice who helped to build a tunnel or two in Israel and a priest mocked Israel about buildings/churches that they had to bomb but gave warning to those to leave those buildings ahead of time having restraint and the priest said something about where should they go? Taunting IMO or something to that effect (they could go to the Vatican and hang out) and Hillary Clinton defended the fact that UN buildings had weapons stored inside. IS THAT A CONSPIRACY? Maybe a Jesuit conspiracy which is Catholic. Rome and the Vatican are known for their many tunnels and in Jerusalem the Catholics own the place known as Notre Dame which housed the graven image for a while for tourism and many sites in Israel because they care so much for Israel. If I were Israel I would remove them because they are sneaky bastards of hell. It’s called connecting the dots and common sense.

Maybe you ought to watch the reports again about that uprising in Gaza?

By the way Hannity I have never seen your wife which is interesting for someone so famous. In the Gospel of John: Jesus said to Peter (the Church of Rome) that he will have denied him three times and something about a cock crowing:

There are a lot of ways that can be interpreted. Let me explain:

First: The Synoptic Gospels which are 3 gospels that don’t include I AM.

Second: WW1, WW11, WW111 (which in my guessimation would have begun on 9-11 or for that matter 1963 we just didn’t know it and those that started it did, and perhaps it was 1967. Hard to say.)

Three: The night of the arrest.

Four: 1st Vatican Council, 2nd Vatican Council 1963 (to make the Gospel of Matthew the preeminent gospel of the 4 gospels and you have to ask why? what were they afraid of, that is, if the gospels harmonize)….And maybe possibly a 3rd Vatican council (perhaps at Raka ….Raqqa) we don’t know about YET (in the Gospel of Matthew it is mentioned in regards to a council and hellfire.) Anyway something to consider.

Could mean all of the above.

Which could also have a bearing on the 3rd day and it’s interpretation.

A day is thousand years and a thousand years is a day.

QUIT BEING SO DAMNED SMUG (because believe it or not you are as rotten as your worst enemy and any other adjective found on the page of “atrocious” in the Thesaurus) and are as deceived ABOUT YOUR RELIGION AND IT’S PREMISES WHICH I KNOW ARE EXTREMELY FAULTY AND FULL OF


perhaps because you know not what you do!

Netanyahu’s Speech to AIPAC?


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.59.11 PM

I could dissect the speech to AIPAC but I don’t feel the need because it is self evident. Figure it out yourself but to be kind I’ll give you a hint SIX DAY WAR.

I did not watch but snippets of the speech to the House of Representatives.

The Dems snubbing his speech in Congress probably has something to do with the same reasons they snubbed the mother’s testimony of a purported Benghazi victim.

And Kerry’s response to Netanyahu and the description of their relationship is absolute fallaciousness.


“melts in your mouth not in your hands”

I shoudah been a detective I coulda been good!

Israel will have to do what it has to do in regards to IRAN whether Netanyahu has his own will or not which he acts like he doesn’t and seems like a facsimile of Netanyahu (in France buffooning him purposefully about him trying to get in front with other diplomats as if he would be so ridiculous and in the USA a few times when I noticed he was in Israel at the wailing wall and wasn’t falling asleep like the pope who appeared to be taking a nap and the French President talking about him lying etc BULLSHIT as if the French President or someone who was the French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is a BULLSHITTER respectfully a secret follower and possibly

the cock that crows)……..


which was about the time of the G-8 meeting in Aquilla Italy because of an earthquake. Which could be the beginning of ww111 as well we don’t know because sometimes people don’t tell ya or announce their intent though Pope Benedict XVl did kind of announce it: World Government with Teeth. Not sure it was his intent but it was in the news. Pope Benedict XVl was born at Markti Inn, Germany because their was no room at the Augean Stables. I have no idea if their was a manger (german, metathesis of the word manger, the meat iss, International Space Station? Whatever it was that Obama said to let out of the box that was in space to teach a lesson they will never forget? The 153 fish? 153 Hail Mary’s. 

George Ball diplomat:

“He often used the aphorism (perhaps originally coined by Ian Fleming in Diamonds are Forever) “Nothing propinks like propinquity,” later dubbed the Ball Rule of Power.[10] It means that the more direct access you have to the president, the greater your power, no matter what your title actually is. “



What is death?

It is what it is

as opposed to


which is Life 



Which is French, obviously. IT’S DISGUSTING!


Obviously a corrupted part of the Gospel of John probably by those that kept the books written and did all the things they did in the Dark Ages and Vatican Councils, etc.

Jesus glorified His name before He was crucified written about in the Gospel of John.

The other statement I think was an assumption/presumption added later to glorify martyrdom and holy wars, etc. That’s my feeling about it.

Self defense is a necessity because not everyone is good and they have bad intentions but no matter what it does not glorify God in self defense or by offense. He does not need to be glorified by death. He is GLORY.

Lazarus was resurrected so Jesus had power over death which he demonstrated not because he glorified death or martyrdom. But he proved that he did have the power given to him by his Father.

Notre Dame of Paris and the Courtyard of the Gentiles

 but I think he had a manager Georg Ganswein, his secretary who might be a relative of the Hearsts (sure resembles him) who dressed him and made sure his braid on his back was straight needlessly.

John 21:18-19

18 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, When thou wast young, thou girdest thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not.

19 This spake he, signifying by what death he should glorify God.

And when he had spoken this, he saith unto him, Follow me.

Netanyahu protecting Israel……… waiting for an election isn’t a good reason to wait.

Kind of a necessary evil.

Obama ain’t gonna help! He is evil. He is stalling. STALIN? I’m not sure Benjamin Netanyahu will help because what I have seen doesn’t seem like him from what I remember and there have been some clues. I think all of this is for the American edification and for Obama to look like he is in control. IMO, which he is not in control but psychopaths like to think they are. EGO. A BLUFF. Possibly he suffers from another brain malady similar to a psychopath and sometimes they think they are a messiah. What are those called? (But they have drugs that help keep them under control.) Time magazine wasn’t very helpful in that regard. LOL

How many people did Stalin kill? 20,000.000? And they were his own people.

Israelis and decent Iranians ought to take heed as well.

Lots of propaganda going on and Pelosi tears and Obama posturing which is his talent.

Do Jews tattoo?

Just wondering cause I noticed eye liner tattooing on Netanyahu at least in some pictures and some videos and I know they aren’t friends LOL and I thought they didn’t do that as a rule of thumb one being ww11 and their tattoos and another because they are supposed to not do it according to their laws. So don’t fall for the BS, okay? He may not believe tattoos are evil. Nor do I unless you are being marked for death but may be a warning for our sakes in that moses laws but is not in the Ten Commandments which is for all of us. And back then people that did might have been hurt by the needles they used that might have been dirty such as hepatitis, etc. they are pretty careful these days with how they do it and sometimes helps those that are hurt, burned, born with some abnormalities and helps with discoloration of skin and lips to look prettier without using lipstick, or to have eye brows that you might not have for one reason or another etc to look and feel better and sometimes to express themselves artistically. It is still a risk if you go to the wrong people but if you go to people that are careful and take it seriously and their reputation proceeds them. When I was very sick they gave I’m not sure how many CAT scans and few were unnecessary because some of the staff nurses didn’t care whether or not I had drunk the liquid I was supposed to drink in order for the Cat scan to work correctly even though I told them. They just wanted me to do it because it was on their schedule. So I lost a bunch of hair and bunch of eyelashes. I couldn’t brush my hair or it would fall out, like I had been nuked. I don’t think the doctors knew that I hadn’t had the liquid before then for those CAT scans but it was a county hospital the one that JFK went to.  My personal doctor told me when I went to see him and also told me to take vitamin D which helps against cancer, I think. So I did get a tattoo for eye liner to make my eyes POP so they said. I didn’t think they Popped or worked very well. However I was supposed to reinforce it and I didn’t so it’s not her fault who did it. I just didn’t enjoy it at the time and anyway that’s whole different story. But anyway for some people it helps depending on who you go to. The first time I went in bad condition to that hospital I was taken off my prescription by my doctor for antibiotics and a day later or so I almost died because the one doctor at that hospital didn’t think I was that sick though I don’t know why because I was so sick. He misdiagnosed me. I went to ER again and was diagnosed correctly with Peritoneal abcess and Sepsis. I was the sickest person in the area I was in ICU, they said. Anyway those doctors did a fantastic job and covered for the one that didn’t. I don’t know what happened to the other doctor. I was attacked/threatened with a woman and her cain a really big one 6 weeks later by some really weird people when I went for a checkup who said “it was my fault.” Or something like “It’s because of you.”  They were insane at the time. I replied: I don’t know you , I think that was what I said. Because I didn’t know her and thought it was weird what she was saying and I was afraid of being hurt by her cain. So I complained to the desk clerk. After that I went to the hallway to wait for my appointment. The man was belligerent to the patients because he had to wait. So the police came and escorted the man out who was making a scene in the room with the other people as well because he had to wait 6 hours because of the shortage of doctors at the time and the other patients were very patient about those hours waiting and talking together in a nice way and after that they were silenced. It was the woman that threatened me and the man as he was walking out with the police said that he liked my back because my husband (ex now but sometimes friends and sometimes not for a number of reasons) at the time was rubbing it because I was in pain from my abdominal incision 14 inches long and very deep. It was absolutely freakin’ strange and definitely some signs as other signs that I started to notice after that. I saw the woman later that day after my appointment and she was normal acting and didn’t recognize me because I don’t think she knew what she was doing at the time. He looked like a biker and a very low down kind of biker. There are bikers and there are other kinds of bikers. It was the woman that was sick because she was the one with the cain. It was one weird experience. Throughout the threatening that I felt and from the woman with the cain my husband now my ex just sat there dumbfounded so I handled it the best I could by alerting the lady at the desk and went to the hallway to get away from their hostility. It was quite a long while ago.  Soon after my ex then husband at the time saw a man with a T-shirt on at Target as I recall but I don’t know because he was the one that told me about it that said:

Proverbs 26:11
As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.

I don’t know the meaning of what happened but that’s some of what I remember and I noticed.

As far as imitations: Hitler had some imitations and I would imagine that fascists might do the same for their enemy as well! And possibly our allies do it too.


Netanyahu draws red line on Iran’s nuclear program | Reuters

which occurred in 2012.

Why would he wait 3 years to make the same speech basically to AIPAC and the House of Representatives which they have already seen and prostrate to Obama his enemy. IMO buffooning him and all the drama before and after.

He wouldn’t. GET REAL! It’s a trick.

FALLING BACK and Obama is taking you with him.

Remember when they arrested Jesus and he said I AM and they fell back

and allowed his friends to go their way. They didn’t arrest them for some reason.

But Peter followed to see the end.

How many days was he tortured and questioned? I don’t remember. 3 days?

At the Sea of Galilee after Jesus rose he gave instructions to Peter to feed his lambs and his sheep so why would he say I want Peter to glorify I AM That I AM or I AM in his death.

He wanted him to feed his flock. Not eucharists but the truth. Eucharism is a religious act. A religious rite. EU and the eucharist. Has nothing to do with the truth which is a spiritual attempt to do what we should do when we have the ability to. That’s why high taxes hurt people because people have to lie and the IRS/FED loves it either way because they screw us royally. Making people pay penalties and interest on those penalties making you poor when you don’t pay and then make deals with you when you can’t. The IRS needs to go. THE FEDS.

(As you can see I’m still learning and using logic to determine truth from added lies and presumption even in my quest for the truth.)

He was trying to prevent his death. Peter used the sword on Malacus ear (not sure of spelling) and Jesus healed it at the Garden of Gethsemane when he was arrested. And obviously Malacus was his enemy and had bad intent I think. Though it doesn’t say what Malacus did later. He just arrested him. Just like Judas who did what Jesus told him to do at the Last Supper and later told by a Peter of the book of Acts and whoever wrote it, was hung in (Akeldama/Aramaic for field of blood which was purportedly an impressive place) and described his death in some detail in that segment of the Book of Acts and Jesus was crucified in the place called Calvary (Golgotha a place of a skull) outside of Jerusalem’s walls at that time purportedly.

Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem. 

is in the Synoptic Gospels and I wrote about that too because it is insane and makes no sense IMO in one of my posts. Unless at the time Jerusalem was occupied by Roman Catholics who parish and divide their territories by parishes (Paris is where the word parish comes from. Perish is verb meaning suffer death.)

I think Jesus in this verse is saying he is a prophet but does not say that in the Gospel of John but nevertheless it is in the Synoptic Gospels written by someone they claim called “Q.” The Q Source.
As in QUELLE: to kill, to put down, mock, etc which I wrote about in another post if interested and others have as well expounded upon the subject which I tried to include some that did research in another post on Merangue’s site. But I think it helps when someone speaks plainly as I believe Jesus who glorified the Father did in the Gospel of John.

The site next has information about some secret societies and Skull and Bones a masonic group of crazy ass nuts is one of them which might be pertinent? I guess Yale has a secret group of men who get off on being in one of these secret societies where Bush went to school however I have no knowledge of his or their affiliations since I don’t know them.

Top 10 Secret Societies

 My experience with a Masonic Lodge

I was led to one empty masonic lodge in pursuit of a dream of another person who wanted to buy the building and make a music studio out of the empty building and have us live in it located in New York State. We declined and tried to have a vacation while we were there. I felt like I was in the movie while in the place called “The Shining.” There was no way I was gonna live there.

Both his parents died of brain cancer close in time and he was a bit off his rocker (I think because of where he worked very near a cell phone tower and weird haunting type things happened in that building also and strange sightings though my ex doesn’t believe it has anything to do with it though this person sold his business to him because he was going nuts as in near nervous breakdown but I do think it’s connected and was not in New York. The man that was photo’d that was not Ambassador Chris Stevens at Benghazi who was being held by some men that had a cell phone in his mouth which we have found through investigation to have been the State Department cell phones with their passwords communicating with each other) and while in that state in that area I won’t mention I don’t think anyone knew how to cook a decent meal. We stayed with some strangers in their house a Bed and Breakfast and the B&B male was a doctor who played trumpet or some horn and had a self portrait of himself about at least 10 feet by 3 feet but that could be just memory it was in the staircase so it was quite big. He thought VERY highly of himself. And his wife was not a happy camper and forgot to feed us once at least I think LOL and had some alcohol problems but she had a cute shop behind it that she was proud of. Could not find one decent tasting meal for the week we were there. Even their burgers sucked. The meat sucked. Their sugar sucked.

It was what you call a helluva weird place.

McDonalds was the best they could do in that area. Pretty countryside and landscape! I think it was very Catholic area. ANd so what was a Masonic Lodge doing there. It was empty but it was huge. The wife of the one that was off his rocker to some degree didn’t even have pillow growing up as a child and she was Catholic. She was pretty and sweet and they divorced after having quite a few kids which they loved. She was an accountant and he became a teacher of some kind. That’s the last I know about them. They were friends. My ex bought his business before that. Just felt like adding this because it brought back some memories because of the secret society stuff.

I’m not sure it is pertinent but a man totaled or wrecked my ex’s car that morning before the trip and was from India. The accident was his fault a lot of fog and he was speeding and ran red light I think. And the ex just nearly missed running into a gas tank at a gas station. At least that is what I was told and I was not a happy person, you might say in a foul mood and exhibited it! 

If you have read some of my personal stuff I was attacked over a cell phone by my ex! Assaulted. I tried to press charges and advised not to and abused in various ways IMO by the police and others on the way because of it. I have seen strange behavior because of cell phones and I think they are dangerous to our society and others for many reasons. I think they may have a great deal to do with bad behavior of citizens and non citizens and what was it that Obama gave to lure voters? A cell phone. Some kind of control mechanism is involved that we don’t know about possibly. Locating people and using them for nefarious reasons more than likely. Blood drives at public schools may be involved. Implanting possibly, marking, or something usually having to do with Rachel drives (which the name I think is Catholic based and arming enemies of Israel) but I think it is highly unusual to require that or ask for blood in a public school and should be scrutinized. The Red Cross left before what occurred at Benghazi obviously having knowledge beforehand. And now we have




I guess some things happen for a reason such as my experiences that I have shared to some degree.

But I truly believe I found a good measure of truth and have been helped because of it

and hope it helps you.

I wrote about the Covenant with Many and mentioned also in a few other posts.

Deception tries to deceive but also reveals itself. What’s good for the goose can as well be good for the gander. What I mean is it can backfire on those that do it and more than likely will backfire;)

House committee subpoenas Clinton’s personal emails in Benghazi probe

It’s not like God doesn’t know what’s going on.

But there is also a Peter in Acts who witnessed the disemboweling of Judas and Judas was hung and Peter described it and obviously a witness of it so he must have been involved and killed a few people for their land and followed Paul instead and didn’t feed his sheep. He had a particular time to pray like Islam do fell into a trances etc and did other things similar. That is my opinion. He starved them and raped them of their resources, dignity, and many other things and denied Jesus the Jew the one who taught about his Father

3 times.

I’m not the sure the Peters are the same person. The reason is because of the references to son of Jonas etc but there is a difference between the Synoptic gospels and the Gospel of John and you ought to try to notice the difference in personalities and the message. Big difference but even so some of the Gospel of John is corrupted and most of the Synoptic Gospels in my opinion are corrupt such as cursing a fig tree for not producing fruit out of season which is silly and mocking. Absurdity. Even between the accounts in the three gospels don’t even harmonize which I wrote about which ought to alarm you.

Basically cursing the fig tree making nakedness and no forgiveness of sin etc. Because if you read the Old Testament and the Garden of Eden God covered them with the fig leaf because of sin, so there is a difference between the false and truth if you believe in God.


In the gospel of Luke (synoptic Gospel) there is a verse Luke 24:40 that says this in context:

Luke 24:39-41King James Version (KJV)

39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

40 And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet.

41 And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?

Islam eats dates and figs (though I believe they destroyed the fig crop back then in Israel in a trade war of some kind) after they fast. Also dates (Lebanon perhaps?) were used for traveling food because you can dry them etc. Dates can also mean women or men meat in a real grotesque kind of way (using them) and a gossip kind of way. But the verse above says he showed them his hands and feet. In the Book of Acts the Peter in that book has Sapphira and her husband Ananias I think is his name killed for their land and for not being honest about what it was sold for however they knew that (trickery and entrapping possibly the husband tricking the wife or they were a part of putting fear into those around them for their possessions like a commune I can’t be sure because I wasn’t there) and said something about the feet of them carried them out like ants. (The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah.) Reverend Billy Graham (mr. schmuck) had a teaching about ants which I added in one of my posts to demonstrate his way which is the wrong way. Jesus in the gospel of John was pierced in his side and water came out. And when he showed himself to his friends Thomas who had doubts put his hand in that wound and was taught to believe and IMO Jesus the real one wasn’t in his Nike shoes running around ten miles in a New York minute asking for meat everywhere he went.

When at the sea of Galilee

Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye anymeat? They answered him, No.
He tells them to put their nets on the right side of the ship they were in and there ye shall find and they brought in 153 fish. So obviously the Book of Acts and the Gospel of Luke is mocking/mucking/quelling etc.
i.e. Everyone falls short of the glory of God

  So there is a difference and you should check it out. I wrote a post about it on Merangue’s site but I can’t remember which post it is, because I have written so many of them. When I find it I will add it.

Obama leads from behind because he likes your nakedness. It keeps him satisfied. It’s his hold on you kind of like the mob and indulging the mob by the Roman Catholic Church and it’s friends.

Confusion, crises, diversion and crimes are his friends. Creating havoc, and posturing. etc.

He was 44 years old first year in office of the Presidency and is now 53. Do the math and remember the press the day he announced his 53rd birthday mocking them and you could hear a pin drop for quite a while. He does not care for anyone but himself and how he appears. That is what you call a sick puppy.

Psychopaths are similar. Lawlessness.

Why did he age because he was building an army to kill, the junior varsity army using tax dollars he stole from various countries. IMO

I can only make assumptions based on evidence in the news because I don’t sit in the Situation Room of the White House hiding evidence about Benghazi and making fallacious excuses about video tapes and causing coups selling car companies and killing the person afterwards even if he was the Libyan President and stuff like Rome and Obama did and do. Droning people etc. and causing their madness.

The study of the psychopath reveals an individual who is incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for their actions.

And you can’t compare me because I believe and he doesn’t or he would care about IRAN the people of Iran and want them to live and be free and would definitely care about ISRAEL.

And I have had miracles that prove it to me and I don’t have to prove it to you and have a couple of kids which are miracles to me and they have had some miracles too but it’s tough to teach them because of a few reasons I won’t go into and the world is making it hard. But I have seen that God cares about them even so and is helping me and I count on Him because I have to because of this world and it’s craziness especially since Obama cheated the voting system and came to Washington DC. and the stuff going on in the EU and the Middle East, Africa, South America, (the world) etc that effects the USA and them as well.

  The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren

By the way in regards to Stephen who in front of Paul was martyred and said he saw the things he saw, was he an ambassador with a first name Chris and a last name Stevens and now is a plant eventually to be a parking lot,

literally, maybe? 

Snowden says U.S. not offering fair trial if he returns

US should offer a fair trial to Snowden but I don’t think they know what a fair trial is anymore or if they ever did. He did a service for the America people by telling us what was going on! One of very few. I call that heroic. I think he told the truth and that matters. He should believe in God and Jesus that told the truth about God, I AM,  I hope, and stick with the truth as he perceived it since that is all he can do, and come home to where he wants to be and let God handle the rest.

I’m not delusional, but I think Obama is delusional. And he has a lot to answer for as do those that are hiding the truth about what really happened at Benghazi and use crises after crises to hide it but it was a sign to me of what and who he is. A fraud.

Obviously I can tell the difference in peoples faces quite well because I’m an artist;) And since Benghazi I have learned quite a bit and it was a sign at least for me.

In January Menendez criticizes a speech by Obama and a while later Menendez is being charged with corruption by the FEDS. Pretty strange! What about freedom to criticize i.e. Freedom of speech?

I guess that’s how the mob works!

Obviously I hope everyone comes out okay and I say things in anger that are harsh and mean because of all of the deception but personally I’m hoping for and praying for BIG miracles that I believe are possible because of God and His power and the power given to the true Jesus I AM that represented him. I react like others do sometimes when upset. I don’t really want bad things for anyone when I’m calm and resolute.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.35.41 PM







Help Me By Joni Mitchell 




My main site is

Merangue’s Blog

which has many things I learned comparing the gospels and the JFK assassination/2nd Vatican council etc. Hope it helps.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.42.58 AM

PS: I’m glad that Jodi Arias got life instead of the death penalty. I think some strange stuff happened to her and possibly set up which screwed her up. I think her boyfriend was the one that seemed like a fake and I think he played her. The whole story seemed really outlandish that I was able to hear a while back especially in regards to some place called Margarita Ville. She seems like a sweet person. I don’t know why she turned off people as much as she did except when she did her yoga thing in the questioning room of the police department and acted kind of strange. Possibly suffering personality disorder or possibly has more than one personality because of whatever happened to her. I think she can do her art and is talented and be reformed with therapy hopefully whether she is guilty or not. I’m not convinced that she is guilty, but I did not hear all the evidence or see it but via the news. I doubt she got a fair trial because I don’t think we have an exceptional justice system whatsoever yet and we need to work on it an we can do better. In fact I think the justice system has deteriorated tremendously and needs to be overhauled. I think our government is a mess in every way imaginable and it doesn’t help society and it will hurt those in power eventually and harshly if they don’t get their shit together but you have to have courage and I don’t see much of that. The bigger they are the harder they fall and it will happen. It’s bound to happen sooner than later.


The death penalty is not a deterrent

as I have learned by what all of us have witnessed but it is more of a temptation (like insurance that is full of holes and is not insurance but a temptation as well. They are schemes like Obama Care.) for lack of real and truthful Justice system that we have to abuse the people and those in government by those that do that for various reasons (religious, political, and social satisfaction)

to get them to a


Tsarnaev should not be given the death penalty and I think more than likely had an unfair trial or in the process of an unfair trial and it’s determinations. LOTS OF DECEPTION OCCURRED IN BOSTON for those reasons in parenthesis, as occurred in Benghazi, and Connecticutt at the school Sandy Hook Elementary and lots of evidence to prove it but those that

have an agenda

a World Government with Teeth

are ignoring it because of those reasons especially in the press and in the SHARIA Islamic, Christian and Roman Catholic, atheist and others  influenced parts of government

which includes the Justice System because of deception and deceive themselves.

Russia’s President Putin said that he warned the FBI or some institution in our government about Tsarnaev family. The woman who sometimes is a contributor on Fox News I think from Turkey- Catholic orthodoxy wrote a book either online or published a different way about the study of the family before the Boston Marathon occurred which came later. She said she did anyway. She decries (JUST KIDDING! I added that word because I DON’T LIKE IT AS DISCUSSED BELOW) on world political affairs and what we should do about them. I really don’t respect her point of views since then and her deceptions IMO. Seems to me we have a problem with possible manipulation of evidence and people. I think it might be someone set him up ….and others have proved pretty well the hoax involved such as prosthetics coming off of victims who were injured, but not really. Bags in front of the barriers and then mysteriously behind them, and photos that were altered for some reasons, Sound effects added to videos etc. Seems to me to be entrapment for nefarious reasons.

Harrison Ford Survives Small Plane Crash

PRETTY COOL and hope he gets better. Good thing there was a golf course around.

I had hard of hearing as a child, many ear aches, and so had to avoid planes and probably why we went by ship to Europe which took 8 days for the reason that we did. IT got better as time went by but I did develop other skills observing. My dad had hard of hearing. Not sure why but I think it might have had to do with war and the noises and maybe it was also hereditary. He trusted an awful lot. Maybe too much. My mom is an artist and it turned out he was too.

Is that a crime?

They are really great to me.

He had wonderful dreams that I got participate in. Buying a yacht that we never had. But we would go look at them. He reminded me of the Old Man and the Sea when he got older. He loved dolphins. He liked to golf. Golf was good for him, too. He thought all of his girls were neurotic. LOL, and by golly he was right. Hard not to be neurotic. He was taught that Revelation had already occurred because that was what he was taught and he believed in God though was not educated in that way. We didn’t have the tools.

My mom taught me art and her sister taught her. Her sister fell off a two story building and broke her neck doing laundry and hanging them to dry. I think. Some thought she committed suicide. I heard a story about her husband before they married (not sure about that whether they were married) who drove her on a really rough road to abort her pregnancy. She was 26 when she died. She had two children, tots. They called her sister (nickname) but her name was Lorene.

I remember as a child staring at the small bronze statue we had called The Thinker and then it moved (I thought it moved) and was very scared. When I grew older I had a few weird experiences where I could see my self out of my body and could make myself do it a certain way how I slept but I chose not to and prayed about it. They call them out of body experiences because of the possibilities I thought might be dangerous to me and maybe because I thought it wasn’t right.


and if you had a brain you could figure it out. Sometimes the past has some answers.

No insurance

insurance is a temptation

Life insurance is a temptation: Lacie Peterson for example. Scott Peterson would have received $250,000 also I heard that he didn’t want to have a baby. So it was a double temptation because he had a girl friend. I don’t know if he did or didn’t kill her but those may be the reasons if he did kill her. Life insurance didn’t guarantee anything for Lacie Peterson or her unborn baby and even for Scott Peterson

so why have it. I think it is morally wrong to tempt. He may have not developed a conscience and she and her family paid a high price for the insurance business to keep afloat on things they can’t guarantee.

to make people sick and buy certain drugs or to die depending on the insurance as in life insurance and to protect bad doctors often and screw good ones though I think insurance on objects buildings equipment is wise, etc,, not people who cannot be replaced or made safer or cured by insurance meaning there are no guarantees thus making them healthy is an incentive so they can keep coming back to the doctor who helped them or hospital they like and trust), cash based, free market, with charity for some who don’t have the cash, payments, patience, bartering, working it off, because of an unfair system thrust upon them

by greed (avarice), theft, and coveting, lavish-ISH-ness, unfair advantage, lack of conscience, etc there are so many reasons self grandizement, stupidity in economics, squeezing the middle class to make them poor such as Obama and Merkel tried to do…>Rome> have complied to others…> the mob>, overtaxation, high prices, insurance, unfair treatment of the self employed for BIG BUSINESS, cheating your constituents, etc.

Choice and fair competition helps the drug business as well to keep them honest. Insurance doesn’t help. It drives up the cost of everything involved in healthcare and makes it unaffordable, a Catch-22.

And I believe that will change and has to change for everyone and will be a good change for everyone and everything involved:

Doctors, patients, choice (which helps that temptation thingy to make people sick not occur so that the good doctors reputation proceeds them and bad doctors will decline in numbers for the good ones that can replace them. WEEDS THEM OUT which helps the colleges that train them and good doctors don’t have to cover for bad doctors which does happen quite often and did to me), health care, fair and healthy competition, economics, Big Business, small business, research, and progress and much more than that is not imaginable yet but might be revealed as we go for the gusto!

There were great doctors and inventors without restricting them (via some bad patent laws and some good and some trade laws bad and good) in the past that did amazing things and we didn’t have insurance and where would we be without them today?


I’m speaking of those inventors and doctors and those that helped them in the physical world and those in the spiritual world sent to them by God whether they knew it or not for His reasons.

The kind of intelligence that made a difference.

Insurance in peoples health is an indulgence, pretty but harmful.

Those in the insurance business probably have other talents but because of the stupid economy get into the insurance business. That’s my opinion!

Hence the reason for OBAMA and MERKELs AUSTERITY SHIT and who knows who else is involved. And while numbers may not lie since they are only data manipulating them does lie and how we abuse them. Such as excluding some etc

I’m not running for office and can’t incur everything I wish I could but I tried in another post to include the amount of abortions so I didn’t exclude it, it just isn’t in this post and I was making a case for my viewpoint. It is on the internet for those interested and I did not manipulate them just putting it out there whether true or not, because I can’t know how they count them.

When the middle class is doing really great and is really big they will know it. And everyone will gain and have a chance to live the American dream including the poor (who aren’t only african american I know because I knew  of a white girl with red blond hair who lived in a shack with a drunk dad (I think) with other kids in the woods in Virginia) and the rich will still be rich if they want to be using their brains otherwise they may lose those brains literally or by insanity (crises upon crises……….) because of the growing crime rate and terrorism some home grown who are very anxious and all of the other crap overwhelming them and overwhelming our government trying to make you madasin MOHAMMAD which is the purpose of those crises and believe me its purposeful and not a V as in victory but it’s a secret. SSSSHHHHH

Think about those revolutions that have occurred in the past in many places because of austere measures and manipulation. It happens and usually the rich get blamed.

Decry….I hate that word. It’ so so so Catholic. Usually and often used by the pope’s messengers because it is so devoid.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.35.31 PM

By the way, I don’t mean to demean Greg Gutfeld but you did have brilliant idea and expressed it well with The Five. Sometimes you are out there on cloud nine philosophically in an artistic way and I enjoy your shows, but you hit a home run! I’m gonna try to watch it again if it’s taped to show it and transcribe it, if possible and ASAProbable;)

Well I’m kind of exhausted and I can’t find the video of it but it was about the following: Climate Change vs Al Qaeda and what the administration and others are doing to make us not fight Al Qaeda. I wish I could find the you tube but I’m really tired.


I did read where the idea about GLOBAL WARMING and now CLIMATE CHANGE began and it was not AL GORE! I don’t think he created the internet, but I don’t know about that for sure it just doesn’t seem logical. He may have felt cheated in Florida and who is to say one way or the other.


HAARP and others similar installations may be in involved for that purpose, nevertheless ……

we must press on

one more thing. I think it might be wrong to have social security numbers. The reason is about what is written about David in the Old Testament and wanting to know how many people he had I think because of war and many people died.

 That was the lesson of that event.

It’s not about how many as the Six Day War ought to illustrate.

Maybe there was an election and that was left out or erased or not perceived by whoever wrote about it and because there are some people that think the world is too small for all of us and might get it into their heads a way to change that. Possible? Maybe to win an election. There may be things we don’t know about that may have occurred to make some people more and some people less recently for nefarious ideals to



PSS: I think a great name for a boy would be Dirt. Not because of the obvious (an inner hatred of men of something like that which I don’t think I have except when I do) but because real dirt such as earth is hard to make. I don’t mean dust, or clutter, or uncleanness, but because I think it’s cool.


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