Eye of a Needle

Deception & Bible Prophecy

No Laws No Life Literally

What I have learned I think.

Without the Ten Commandments our country has slid down an embankment at an alarming rate exponentially.

Israel was chosen to represent the laws because they were a peculiar people unto God.

They did their time and some were colored in different hues and valued differently. They came in lots of colors.

Selma, The White House, The Pyramids, The Vatican, and OBAMA.

The Hebrews that were enslaved by Egypt at the time which physically is one place and spiritually another Rome. I don’t know what they built: Pyramids? but Obama saying that African Americans built the White House in Selma is a bit weird. Maybe they did build The White house in Selma. I don’t know. But just remember he speaks in a funny way i.e. in dark sentences. And Obama is mocking in my opinion what happened in Egypt and using Selma and misleading people because that is what he does and has done since he came to the White House. He may be referring to the fact that it was because of them he is in the White House lured by free phones but not for free people because he has done a lot of harm that way in my opinion and he could be referring to the Vatican as the White House that they built. No telling what he means because he is not truthful. That “transparency” word is one of those words that I deplore *catholic verb* and also in regards to emails I think they can be manipulated by others and in code besides redacting if they want to. So because someone has personal or business or government business emails doesn’t mean they can’t be manipulated and in WWll people used codes to communicate. And doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton is responsible for all of them so have to read them in context as well. Anyone can get on someone else’s computer if they have the know how and add a little here and add a little there or subtract a little here or a little there to make it code. There are computer wizards and spies and lots of things. I’m not defending or attacking her in this situation because I know it can be done and anyone with brains ought to know that it can be done. And Obama may have written her knowing   her account was tagged without her knowledge to give information to someone else. It’s very problematic. Lots of possibilities depending on the angle. She may not know what she was doing at the time too since I have seen a lot of that as well in some people I know. Commas and punctuation can change a sentence in numerous ways as the bible demonstrates. So that’s my take on the mail, besides the possibility the mail could be a bunch of BS.

I think Benghazi was a way to threaten the OBAMA’s administration and those in it to be silent. Remember the witnesses that disappeared? (Kerry knew where they were purportedly.) Or could be the other way around. Like the mob does. A religious war! Remember what happened to Obama Care. It grew and it grew and Obama Care may be why Benghazi (and what I have written about it numerous times to warn everyone about OBAMA) occurred besides the obvious and what happened in Japan nuclear plants and the effects on us and others (a cover up) and it is the thing one wants in order to have control in a very powerful country since it was one of the best health systems in the world but it needed tweaking in many ways such as insurance. Remember they had a lot of trouble at the beginning of Obama Care with what was written in it. And money kind of went missing didn’t it?

I know that African Americans were treated unfairly for a long time and in some ways still are by some people. But so have other people been abused and manipulated and treated unfairly for other reasons besides the color of their skin. Such as their religion. WACO. Gender. Power. Other places as well throughout the world. Anyone with influence or money. And then in the political realm as well some people have been treated very badly because of power which corrupts. I think often many crimes or bad behavior is used when it is convenient to use it for political, religious, corrupt reasons. That is how the MOB works. And that is the problem with our government and the Pope wants to indulge them to come back to his church

as if they had ever left. It’s their tool.

What gives OBAMA value is those that follow him. Cause he doesn’t have any value without it (that’s why he bribed people to get a vote), and those that do follow him are his substance. Using people is his drug and in mathematical terms.

Kind of like the pope. Same thing.

I don’t know what ISIS is because we don’t really know what it is I guess it just depends. There could be many different groups of people doing weird stuff for different people and influenced by different people for their reasons. I’m not there and I have to count on the press and internet for information and I’m not impressed with the confusion. I don’t think anyone knows what is going on that I have heard on the news or on the internet. Self evident.

And then after my conversation about Andrea Tantaros she was on Fox asking if Obama was anti semitic. Which was in a way mocking whether she knew or not.  But it seemed a bit “out there.” She is under someone else’s control IMO! Which I wrote about in the last post below.

It’s self evident.

But I’m trying to understand what the word semitic means since she brought it up:

It means a lot of people besides what I had thought it meant. 

Why doesn’t Iran find another kind of power? Because they plan to use it to push Israel into the SEA The Holy See as well. The Vatican, and to be as powerful as they can for various reasons.

Remember the Chernobyl Disaster? Remember what happened in Japan and their nuclear sites?

Could be diplomatic madness: DUPLICITY

and in this case it might be multiplicity.

Jesus multiplied the bread and this may be a sick revelatory reactor, as in NUCLEAR.

Possibly to kill two birds with one stone or multiple birds. Population control.

When we fought in WWll we valued the Ten Commandments and were successful in putting down Fascism at the time efficiently and harshly as was the treatment of the Jews, and others, and to each other, by Fascism at the time.

I was gonna go after statistics on different religions, countries and their losses but realized that they had changed them so it’s not a good idea to count. As was what occurred when David counted his people in the Old Testament and many people died.

I watched a show with Elaine Chao who said that stats on the economy were not believable because of exclusion of other statistics etc. She is very enjoyable to watch, she is pretty but that’s not what I meant she explained her protestation of some data because of the exclusion of others very eloquently because she is one smart lady and we could go on and on socialistically about these numbers wasting a whole bunch of money figuring it out and I’m not sure it helps at all conclusively or exclusively or in anyway to count. It’s like the study of study. It’s not reasonable and not helpful and wasteful. Like COMMON CORE teaching. It sucks and excludes the talents of teachers and students that are different which is everyone. We are each a work in progress as my very wise niece told me.

We each have different talents and flaws


I AM The Lord Thy God knows them.

IF private companies want to influence our government they should have the right to invest in the study of study i.e. statistics and do it themselves by private donations without government assistance.

When the ebola patients died in Africa recently many died. The doctor that treated them lived and said he remembered all of their names but didn’t ever tell us those names and instead we got numbers. Statistics. I think it is time to exclude the statistics and remember their names. I think those names might be more interesting than the statistics and more revealing as well.

Get off the social security card system and dispose of it so it won’t dispose of us.

Instead lets go to a simple system: Supply and Demand: Consumption tax

Each state depending on their needs and their taxes that they receive via sales contributes to the Defense of our country an agreed upon % for Defense, to the debt earmarked an agreed upon % for the debt, for those that are on Social Security promised in their state to end it what ever they owe for that they earned by donating a lot of money that went down the black hole in space somewhere.

Licences to drive should forget the number go with the names instead and earmark those fees to highways, roads and bridge safety in each state. There should be no inference of race, color, creed, party, sexuality, etc involved on a driver’s license. A picture should suffice with a name and location with a driver’s license plates to connect the four:

person, car, licenses (drivers licenses and drivers license plates) and address.

Since peoples faces change maybe require pictures more often for licenses free of charge.

Police should be paid by the state a % agreed upon by that state to each city, county, township,  etc depending on their needs that are agreed upon by those that live in that state in those cities, counties, townships, etc. Supply and demand will be the determination of needs and where people decide they want to live and conduct businesses.

That way people have a choice.

Because of the things I have gone through and divulged in my posts and especially the last one before this one I wanted to add what we now know at least we think we  know about babies and their development in different stages of pregnancy at this time however it might be true and some of it may not be true. I’m not sure how we know these things and what tools were used to access the information and the reliability of them but it’s on the internet in many different ways this is just one of those sites :

Fetal development timeline

Sonograms that uses ultra sound may have had a part in some of the information and I have no idea how the rest of the information was gained, possibly even abortions may have had a part in finding out things we didn’t know. I certainly don’t think we found any information in an dark alley. In this article it says that sonograms can even be a danger:

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.39.38 AM


What is a Sonogram?

I imagine we will find out more eventually as we progress in other ways. I love the name sonogram vs ultrasound I wonder if that was purposeful as in porpoise which is different than a dolphin, isn’t it? Somewhere in this post I mentioned that my dad loved dolphins and reminded me of the Old Man and the Sea and some things about his personality and his honor and courage, his love, and other good things. He didn’t set people up or entrap them and he was diligent in good ways. Tried to play by the rules and a very unusual man. He loved dolphins. I’m not that part of this testament to him is still in this post but that’s okay cause God knows.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.37.45 AM


Here is another blog about development:

Brain Development Occurs in the Womb

BY  I don’t know if it’s true because I think it might be supposition in some ways and may be true in other ways. Conception being their meaning of life obviously to this writer in the post linked about the brain. I don’t know how this individual knows: such as the second trimester and the individual systems of language development. I had a sonogram and it was hard to see my babies. The picture wasn’t so clear as the one in this blog. Black and white. No color. ETC  So how do they get the pictures like this? I asked my ex about it the sonograms of our kids and posed the question about the color pictures that are so clear and he said they developed 3-D cameras in the last 4-5 years. But I have seen these kind of pictures a lot longer than that. SO I think there may be more to this than meets eye. IMO. How Early Can You Find Out Your Baby’s Gender with Ultrasound? Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.22.16 PM Usually done between the 18 week and 26 week. And this is what most people get a picture like this or similar…….>>>>>>> via sonogram/ultrasound. Every relative of mine got this that had a child even the next generation of them pretty recently.   They don’t usually get a 3-D picture like this below found on

Brain Development Occurs in the Womb

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.27.18 PM

Why not?

I know when I had a patent pending …..still do, the patent company wasn’t really gonna produce the object but a computer rendering of the object and show it’s uses to sell to the manufacturer. Computer rendering is quite an art these days. I used to do computer art and that was a quite while ago and I know the capabilities then were quite amazing. Reminds me of the picture of JFK on Jackie Kennedy’s lap at the county hospital when it was just a painting. It looked pretty real but it wasn’t and the testimony and the dress didn’t match because I proved it in my JFK investigation by transcribing and taking snap shots and study of testimony IMO which you can check out on Merangue’s Blog if you dare. So I think if they have the knowledge and capability they ought to offer 3-D pictures to pregnant women instead of a sonogram. I was never offered the option. But since we have it why not use it? Sort of brings to my mind the words:



Show Me

why we don’t get these kind of photos for pregnant women.

What travels faster: Speed light or the speed of sound?

“Not everything that counts can be counted,
And not everything that can be counted, counts.”
Albert Einstein

Not exactly sure what Einstein meant but I wanted to remember it by entering it into this post so I can think about it,

because I’m a bit frazzled.

Speaking of Show Me there is a state called Missouri “the Show Me state” (that’s their motto) and a city named Ferguson where Michael Browne was purportedly shot and now a bunch of people have been dropping out of the police department in that city and a couple of outsiders cops were shot. Which seems like a set up again of some kind. We had outsiders come before causing havoc and now we outsiders on the other side coming in. Did some cops kill other cops. They used to do that in our history because of the mob. New York and New Jersey went through a lot of that kind of stuff inside the police departments against each other bad cops killing good cops and I think it may be happening again to rile people up again. I could be wrong. Seems really odd though that the two cops that were shot were outsiders and since the cops were standing together in a group. I’m sure there will be twists and turns in this event to distance attention divert attention for political reasons and religious reasons. Crises are convenient.

St. Louis county police: 2 officers shot in Ferguson

On Fox I heard that one kid say that the shots he heard came from the “top of the hill” which is suggestive. Could mean a few things such as blaming “The hill.” Possibly suggesting “Capitol Hill.” possibly an inside job and an admission of some kind? They say the cops were ambushed. Listened to one kid for a few minutes but he seemed to be somewhat silenced by the press Hannity because of the “narrative of the Grand Jury” and Hannity should have let him talk and see what he has to say. He seemed reasonable about what he thought he saw or heard. Listened to one lady who is a peaceful protester and she was quite reasonable and mentioned the other 6 kids we don’t know about or know their names that have been killed yet the press is there for this shooting of 2 outside policeman that have announced their names however I don’t remember their names but has been reported about who thankfully are not in the hospital still and not life threatening wounds however a bullet in the back of the head doesn’t sound very safe for one of the outsider policeman to have been released from a hospital. Doesn’t sound right to me. I would feel a bit weird if I knew someone had a bullet in the head still and was released from the hospital. I would be making him get a second opinion because it doesn’t sound normal. There obviously is something happening in Ferguson that is very nefarious, IMO. I’m suspicious. I noticed the policeman now that talked on Hannity with cheeks blushed who seemed to be in charge sure reminds me of the blushed cheeks of the cop that resigned in the case of Michael Browne but a bit more plump. It is out of sync, like layers, and parallels every time there is double-trouble when cops are targeted in Ferguson, as if to hassle peaceful protesting of Americans which is their constitutional right. Isn’t it? Sure is a coincidence that two police officers from a different district were the two victims this time. SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON! 16 people said that Michael Ferguson had his hands up as said by the woman who was quite reasonable and spoke well. Why don’t we hear from them the 16 now just to be precise and or go back and find out if 16 people testified about the “hands up controversy” at the Grand Jury??? Comparative journalism not relying on the “the NARRATIVE” of the Grand Jury as the end all discussion from those who are protesting “the NARRATIVE” of the Grand Jury. Maybe they know more than the Grand Jury! It’s possible the Grand Jury was fixed. It happens. Another thing about it is that I put on the song I Know What I Know by Paul Simon and the lyrics included: I know what I know I’ll sing what I said, We come and we go, That’s a thing I keep in the back of my head. As if reacting to what I am including in my blog. Seems coincidental to me. I just put added the song on March 12th in reaction to the American Idol show with 12 contestants on the 12th of March (and now are 11 contestants left in the competition of American Idol) and writing this addition in reaction to it as my feelings about my beliefs of what I perceive is going on and what is happening in Ferguson. Trying to be accurate as possible. Then I heard on Greta on the 13th that Obama tweeted a short message (I don’t remember what was tweeted) about it. However I didn’t watch her on the 12th. I’m sure this has to do with statistics vs names. Deuteronomy vs Numbers in the OT and David counting his people and many people died (a lesson) and a reaction to that in this post. Some kind of strange dialogue betwixt and between (just a and a just) positions.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

or something like that going on here or vice-versa. Then on Red Eye they are talking about how many of what kind of animals they have eaten in a year statistically. So I goes they are trying to make some kind of moot FOX and mute FERGUSON point of some kind on Fox News about my blog post. DIVERGENCE

  • the process or state of diverging:
    “the divergence between primates and other groups”
    synonyms: separation · dividing · parting · forking · bifurcation
  • mathematics
    the inner product of the operator del and a given vector, which gives a measure of the quantity of flux emanating from any point of the vector field or the rate of loss of mass, heat, etc., from it.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.42.51 AM

Kind of like my pending patent vs Killing Patton written by O’reilly and Pat of SNL. and that reminds me of something  however I won’t reveal since it’s not nice or a nice time for me however people might wish it were that way always. My dad’s funeral was what I was meaning: the Caretaker or whatever twas.

There was also a young man with a black mask made of material that was trying to speak who would not take off the mask before the woman who was very reasonable and had quite a dialogue with the reporter for Hannity and then there was a person with a Joker kind of mask after that (white mask with black and red markings on it and looked more plastic) I think. I don’t know if they were the same people and he changed his mask or two people with different masks. Which was very odd because I didn’t notice the change just the two masks. Both masks seems a bit weird but hiding their faces for some reason. Fear and Intimidation?

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.06.22 AMLike theater masks just in a different message. The white mask was similar to the ones in this picture with the red however I don’t know if it was smiling at the scene of the interviews at Ferguson purportedly.

This made news on the Megyn Kelly Show: Bored pilot draws penis on FlightRadar with private plane around the same time that Michelle and Barack Obama flew in separate planes to the same place which Greta Van Susterne was really mad about.

It’s a Mad World

Gary Jules

Now on Fox they are reporting about the death of an officer somewhere else during a robbery and his last name was Wilson. The cop in the Michael Browne Case was named Darren Wilson. No comment: because I have no idea what is going on with the news because there is so much bad news going on. I’m worn out so I’m gonna lay low for a while I hope.

In West Phila., a salute for slain Officer Robert Wilson III

I’ll add that picture of JFK and Jackie Kennedy ASA I can.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 12.48.58 AM

Three wise monkeys

As a kid my parents had a statue I don’t remember exactly it’s properties but it was Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil representation in the form of 3 monkeys. Could have been a stuffed animal. Not sure but I remember it vaguely. And seems to me to be to be kind of a problem: Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.32.21 PM Does the world just prefer to be dumb? I don’t mean that in a degrading way to anyone. Some people lack hearing, and some lack sight, and some can’t talk. I just think it’s not wise to ignore what you see, and what you hear, and what you say. It seems very politically motivated and possibly some other things. If I ignored the used needle on a bus with kids in it going for Christian school outing which a few kids showed me I think it might have been a stupid reaction. When I grew up my brother used to tell me I was found in jungle with hair on my back and they had to shave me because I had a hairy back as a newborn. Before we were going overseas he told me and my little sister that they were going to put a needle through our wrists for the shots we needed. He and my older sister had my little sister and her friend throw tennis balls over the house and run around the house in different directions while I sat with a boyfriend and his friend just to be funny. I was embarrassed. We had a great time together in many ways exploring, camping and learning-experiencing about living and other things and I think experience matters to some degree. In some ways we were wild in other ways we weren’t. Experience helps to see the forest for the trees sometimes. Part of learning. I remember stealing a candle from a store. My friend used to steal clothes. Her parents didn’t seem to notice. I felt guilty about it and gave it my mom and didn’t tell her I stole it but I didn’t want it. Probably because I ate my sisters box of candy earlier in life. I know there is a connection between the two somehow. It takes time to learn and patience to develop a conscience and mistakes, trial and error, etc. We were not poor so there is a difference. I don’t understand why someone would cut off someones hands or shoot them for stealing if they did it because of stupidity, need, entrapment or under the influence of something wicked. Obviously it’s wrong to steal but I don’t think it deserves the death penalty via a over zealous cop or demonstrating Sharia law in a really sick way or to teach some kind of lesson wickedly. My dad had his car stolen because a soldier went AWOL and I don’t remember him pressing charges and had a sense of humor about it. He got it back. It was only a volkswagon. I’m sure the person had to deal with the AWOL part of the crime because he did get caught. No harm no foul. I think my dad earned respect and once we over heard about one soldier who was at the cleaners to press his uniform who wanted to get his uniform in shape and called my dad a SOB, something like that, not really sure what it was, but he was respected by some people and my dad was very disciplined. He let that kind of stuff roll off his back. As kids we didn’t get away with it if we said it to him. He spanked us when we needed it but kids are different than soldiers. He bathed his kids and cooked for them and participated in raising them. He took us places but we couldn’t afford hotels so we camped a bunch. He took my little sister and I to the appalachian trail (one of them) and we hiked it, ate dehydrated food and it was good experience for the most part. He was trying to teach us. When we were overseas and in the USA we traveled but we camped most of the time that we traveled so that we could experience some things we wouldn’t have been able to if we hadn’t camped. We ate a lot corned beef hash, spam sandwiches growing up and ravioli with green beans. Sometimes other good stuff homemade by mom when she could. He had his flaws and had high blood pressure as well and had to work things out sometimes. Nothing common about him. He was and will forever be a great dad! He was a real man in my time with him. And he was handsome as well. Although I had a friend said she thought he looked like a bull dog. I didn’t tell her what I thought her mom looked like. When she saw him he was painting the house and in between tours of Viet Nam so he may not have been smiling a bunch. He commanded a battalion of men, I think. Never complained to his family when like schools they bussed the kids, the army also promoted based on race to even things out more, or having his kids set up by a military police. He handled it with integrity. He took it on the chin and that was one of his features that enhanced him, IMO. Just goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Boy could my mom and dad dance. It was fun to watch for all their descendants. He was a great granddad too. One of those trips where we camped as kids I ran into a swan with teeth. Sound outrageous but I think I must have been near it’s cygnets (baby swans) but it opened it’s wings and they were really big and I swore I thought I saw a lot of teeth and  I ran. Same place my mom did her brass rubbing of some little guy about 2 feet tall, which I still have:

Stratford Upon Avon

where William Shakespeare was born and regarded to be a fantastic playwright. I liked his plays also. Insightful in some ways and deep. One of my favorite places was England and Spain. My dad grew tulips in England in little round plots. Roses in Virginia. They had a lot of parades in England. Very magical place in a way. Beautiful country both of them. My favorite music is spanish guitar and enjoyed watching the dancing of a lady with castanets. My least favorite place was Paris. Parisians were kind of unfriendly. But the country side was pretty in parts. What I remember about Rome were the pigeons and some museums. I think I got lost in Rome but my family found me or we ran into each other or something. I was a just a kid. I think they had coconut fountains. My imagination grew in England quite a bit and it has helped and my ears got better for some reason. I loved tether ball and horses and they had a lot of horses there. It’s where I started to learn to ride horses. Lots of funny humor in England. But in private school the teacher smeared ink in brothers face because his pen the kind you dip made a blot on the paper. Pretty radical behavior for a teacher. Abusive. We had a lot of fun there and adventures like stealing apples out of the orchard and being chased by the owner with a salt gun. Pretty flowers blue bells and butter cups flowers.  “A popular children’s game involves holding a buttercup up to the chin; a yellow reflection is supposed to indicate fondness for butter.[2] That’s where both my sister and I thought we could fly in our bedrooms like Peter pan and saw a hobo in the woods and monkeys in castles. I don’t even remember how we got back to the states which is kind of weird. One of my first pictures as a kid was of a swan under a weeping willow tree on manilla paper. They used to use the long leaves of a willow tree as switches and probably self flagellation for those that like to like some priests and those that want to show their piety. Some Islamic people flog themselves. It’s a bit weird but be my guest. I wonder if the cutting that kids sometimes do when they are reacting to bad things like incest or other things that affect them to get attention is related. Should I have just left the needle with the kids in their seat and let them play with it or pass it around? I alerted the bus driver or the person in charge (I can’t remember which) and I have no idea what they did about it. I wasn’t very welcome and was priced out of sending my kids to a Christian THEOLOGICAL school quite readily and in some other weird ways. So were quite a few others who weren’t rich enough. I think it was a blessing in disguise;) and shallow of them but it was about the money, I’m sure. While I had my kid there I developed a very bad case of Uticaria/HIVES for a long time. Painful. Had to get on Allegra to control it but I no longer do. That might have been because I closed the car door on my thumb and had to figure out a way to open the door which took me about 5 minutes. Boy did that smart. The Uticaria went away but that was after I left that situation and after my operation. The Theological School church was involved in some things I don’t think were good having to do with ecumenicalism. IMO. Stuff happened in the 70’s and 80’s, having to do with the 2nd Vatican Council in 1963 and maybe the third. Pushing Rick Warren on everyone. Mega churches etc. The Warren Commission was involved in the investigation of the JFK assassination and Jackie Kennedy was involved in Double Day Publishing Company and was an editor at that company settling for the one bullet theory. In the 60’s and 70’s was when the Ten Commandments rebellion began. Just in case you didn’t know cause some people don’t such as younger people and we should remind them when we can and they deserve the truth when we can if we really love them. I think it takes patience and I had some advice to take it slow with kids, otherwise they won’t listen. However my problem is deeper because I have a lot of resistance thrusted at me but I know I can depend on God and his help and their own experience!

I know in Christianity kids are taught to “Be careful what you see, etc.” If you see someone in the woods doing something strange are they supposed to ignore it or go tell mommy and daddy?

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Silence is not golden IMO it’s fear in many cases and dumb in other cases and kindness in other cases. I have been there and done that numerous times which later on down the road created problems when I did speak up. I don’t think it’s wise to silence people or kids. It’s communication depending on the reason and the intent and how it is handled which makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! Truckers have a handle and that is how they communicate to each other for various reasons. Some good and some bad. I had two big mac trucks jack knife in front of me on a trip when I had my two kids in the van and went down an embankment and didn’t tip over. It was very steep embankment and other cars were trying to avoid the trucks and did avoid them somehow. The reason they jackknifed was because one truck pulled into the lane of the other truck. Everyone survived.  No one even crashed or dented they were just shook up. My knees were shaking but it was a miracle no one was hurt and no damage to their cars. Took me about a half an hour to relax. That’s just one of those miracles but there are plenty more and some I don’t even realize, I’m sure. Which reminds me of a horse race I went to and watched one horse run into another horses lane and a few horses were put down with tents over them. It was really horrible to see. I didn’t want to go to them again, horse races, but I love horses but unreasonable to not go to races though I haven’t since gone to one. It’s kind of silly in retrospect: Recently heard about bees attacking a horse show with carriages/carts and thought that was kind of weird. Like it was premeditated. I think everyone survived. I think they could have saved the horses if they wanted to because I know they can with things that can lift their weight so they aren’t on their lame foot, till their lameness heals and put out to pasture and for kids to ride or for breeding, etc. I don’t think the death penalty is prudent or a deterrent once criminals and POW’s are caught. There is this thing called rehabilitation and probably could be improvements made in our prison systems to rehabilitate and punishment is part of it, some hard work, psychology which is an inexact science with other kinds of intervention, develop skills, reading, writing, art, math on their own time,  etc. Doing time as they call it in prison terms has to involve punishment and hard work and depriving of freedom (with protection) or it would attract too and we don’t want that either so definitely it has to be tough but humane. The military has some good ways that could be utilized jogging, things they do for discipline. I’m not sure torture for a POW is helpful except when trying to gain information and sleep deprivation is quite successful I think. Truth machines. It suffices. That sounds rather trident but depends on the situation and the person you are dealing with and what’s at stake. Good books for prisoners to entertain and learn. Most prisoners are ignorant or brainwashed or under the control of something or someone else or reacting to evil. IT’S A CONUNDRUM. I do think war is necessary in some cases. When in a war situation the Geneva Convention is supposed to be what we stand for and sets an example to the world. A good example. The Palestinian and Israel situation I don’t think can be cured. I don’t understand why the Palestinians if they don’t live by Israels laws to get along since it is their country can’t reside elsewhere (go where you want to go) with the ones they do abide with such as Catholic countries, and Arab and Muslim countries, Islamic countries. They have plenty of rooms. Israel bought the land and they fought for the land and made it better with their blood sweat and tears. I recall that Mark Twain had a description of the land a long time ago and it is kind of Ironic that the massacre happened in Munich.

“The city is known as the site of the culmination of the policy of appeasement employed by Britain and France leading up to World War II. It was in Munich that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain assented to the annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland region into Greater Germany in the hopes of sating the desires of Hitler’s Third Reich.” AND IT REALLY HELPED. REALLY. MANY PEOPLE DIED BESIDES THE JEWS.  Hence the Czechoslovakia rifle remark in the House of Representatives and the SIX DAY WAR. You would think we could learn from history but we keep repeating it. I WONDER WHY? Netanyahu’s brother was killed trying to save some people in another situation trying to save some Jews.

Operation Entebbe

If Iran wants to threaten Israel then Israel has the right to respond to protect themselves and others. I don’t think Kerry or the State Department of the US can know what is good for Israel. Maybe Kerry should invite them to stay with him. I know some Palestinians just want to live and be happy but end up being used by the wrong people and won’t stand up for the truth most of the time because they are a tool, and are afraid, and are being used that way.  Like a really bad experiment. IT IS SELF EVIDENT. What happened at the Munich Olympics in 1972 was a sign of their intent by their leaders that they followed. And then the planes that blew up in Scotland and other places. I’m sure there are some Jewish people that have married Palestinians and they can handle each other and be good neighbors and should be able to but digging tunnels ain’t cool and is very sneaky. Ants.  That’s terrorism. So if we are at war with terrorism why don’t they have the right to be at war with terrorism. Numbers can be misleading especially when people lie and aren’t truthful for a number of reasons. There are other power sources besides nuclear and the Iranians should use a different kind of power because I don’t think they have the right intent and are under a very bad influence. And anyway I think it will be devastating to them because there is higher power and it would be too bad to have to learn that lesson the hard way. Remember Chernobyl and Japan? And then Japan again and the Neocatechumenal Ways. Nuclear leaks aren’t a piece of cake either. Use their brains in a better way like their economy and I imagine that Iranian women might be quite helpful if you let them. They have a feature about them besides their bodies that is protective and an intuition often that many men don’t that God gives them for raising children and do better in certain kinds of work. They have endurance (they tend to live longer) often times that some men don’t and they should be able to work because something can happen to their mate and someone has to be there for the kids. Not all women are that way or until a certain time but quite a few of them get there eventually. Try to find that higher Power. I can only go by what I read and see on TV and by experience and what I have learned, but that’s my reasoning. I took a lot of hardship in a way getting there, some of it needless and self inflicted (though I didn’t cut myself though my vein did get cut because it went through a window but that was an accident) and by others but I think in my opinion it was worth it. I would love to live in a nice place but I’m not at that place now. I bought into fundamentalists ideals of some things I should not have that left me in a world in trouble. A trap. I’m not against fundamentals in that there are some basics such as the Ten Commandments and some good lessons in the past written about in the OT and books and movies and documentaries. Some of the fundamentalist ideals did a number on me.  Since then I’ve learned. I feel like I was trained in some ways even though I rebelled to cope with what I had to deal with though I was not aware that was what was occurring but I’m better prepared and aware (not a wolf nor a vampire. LOL) I’m grateful, resentful sometimes, but these are rough deceptive times and I’m toughing it out. My Ex aid I was hard core quite a few times because he isn’t into discipline for his kids. He just enjoys it for me. A little game he plays. Hard not to be resentful. IF I DID…..

In the OT God made the earth and told man to multiply, Jesus in the Gospel of John multiplied the bread.  So I think the answer to the earth and the world is to hope for the same that he would multiply the earth and world and the universe so that’s my slice on the problems we have on earth. Or expand it. Something which man cannot do but if you believe God is real perhaps He might do it which would solve a whole lot of problems for a while anyway. Sound reasonable?

John 1 King James Version (KJV)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.10.39 PM

Soon after the Dark Ages Benjamin Franklin arrives in America and then we had electricity.

He was a bit of a lightning rod and so was


We tend to take electricity and lights for granted and that higher power that helps.

At the Last Supper in the Gospel of John Jesus tells Judas to do what he must do and then it was night.

You can read about it in the bible. 

John 13:26-30 (KJV)

26 Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.

27 And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly.

28 Now no man at the table knew for what intent he spake this unto him.

29 For some of them thought, because Judas had the bag, that Jesus had said unto him, Buy those things that we have need of against the feast; or, that he should give something to the poor.

30 He then having received the sop went immediately out: and it was night.

I think Judas did what he was supposed to do. That’s my impression.



There is a part of the bible of the OT that talks about Ben, a bag/purse, stolen money, 7 year famine (spiritual and/or physical) and Joseph (who were brothers one was the youngest which was Ben after Joseph had been thrown into a pit because of one brother who didn’t want to kill him because of his dream about a coat of many colors which his brothers which I think were the sons of Israel the person I think the 12 tribes of Israel and they resented that he told them and resented the dream, etc. ). I think Benghazi has something to do with that event that occurred way back in history either pro or anti Israel and lots of other stuff going on. I think Benghazi is important and because it was so controversial and the many lies about it. I don’t know what it means I’m putting the hint out there as a possibility. Joseph goes through some stuff and some dreams and things happened as a result of those dreams and what was occurring at that time. A lot of similarities. Sometimes people misunderstand meanings of the OT and the NT and we know some of both have been changed which is self evident never the less interesting in the very least and I don’t think should be ignored.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 12.44.21 AM

However I’m not sure it makes much of a difference anymore because of the

mass deception and emints deception occurring.

I have dreams too. Sometimes they are pretty crazy and sometimes not crazy.

This is an explanation for why God chose Israel by Got Questions?org

However I think it is misrepresenting of the truth. I think the churches screwed up quite a bit and ignored the teaching of the chosen people, and in the last century did away with the Ten Commandments to have a dream which often happens to dreams for many reasons.

Trial and error kind of stuff sometimes with good intentions and sometimes with bad intentions.

Maybe because of lack of discernment, misunderstanding, pitfalls and stumbling blocks, spies, and all sorts of things that can go wrong with mice and men.

And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.
Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

They think alike, don’t they?

This and that

so I guess there is more than one stone they are talking about. And they don’t tell us what those stones are which is not helpful. Which makes me suspicious.

What was black and white and read all over?

Besides newspapers …………………………..

In the olden days they didn’t have pens, pencils, or keyboards

but I don’t think both those writers who eerily thought alike in the Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of Luke meant well.

I think they meant some things else’s otherwise they would have been more helpful. Here is the next verse:

Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
That does not help!
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.41.59 PM

Joseph wanted to see if Ben (and hear of word of his dad the person named Israel) was alive because he didn’t trust his brothers who did not recognize him when he was in a powerful position which is kind of weird, isn’t it? Was he able to change his voice as well?

I think I would recognize my brother or sister no matter why she wore.  (Does a leopard change his spots?) Ring a bell? It’s in the bible. So is thisThe Dragon gave him his power. And the Dragon wants to eat the baby. Who is the dragon? Anti Christ and a Cup or Tea tells about it a bit. Sceptors and things like that. And I imagine Devil’s Breath (Scopolamine) helped immensely in the 21st century to assist. So Joseph made some funny business with a bag (a set up in essence) to find evidence to accuse his brothers after they had thrown him in a pit and tried to kill him and then he went to prison and was able to interpret dreams of Nebuchadnezzar became powerful in Egypt and the reason for the set up was to find out if his youngest brother Ben was alive because Ben wasn’t in on the deceptions and his rotten experience even though it was possibly a bad deal changed for the good. He wanted to take care of his family through the famine that he knew was approaching via his dream. He got the people to put a portion of their crop into storage for 7 years before the famine. Lots of twists and turns. We didn’t have the InternetTelevison TVRadioTelephones, and Morse Code back then so he couldn’t rely on those devices to see about Ben. Might be a good idea to read about Joseph and the King Nebuchadnezzer (Chaldean King of the NEO Babylonian Empire) and come to think of it hanging chads. Sometimes what evil does God can change for the good. Usually you get to find out when the good happens whether it was for a good reason.

I’m still waiting though I have had some very cool miracles and they really help me to believe.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.25.41 AM

Forget me not

They are they which testify, I think. When I get upset, angry, afraid, etc I try to remember those miracles and they try to make me remember them and I try to remind my kids of them so they won’t forget. 

My mom used to like to paint these flowers.

John 5:38-40King James Version (KJV)

38 And ye have not his word abiding in you: for whom he hath sent, him ye believe not.

39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

Each of us have our own experience and miracles if we take note of them

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.48.18 PM

♡ Try To Remember – GIOVANNI MARRADI

When doing my studies on the JFK assassination I noticed Billy Graham was hanging out (Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon might be relevant so Devils breath may have been around a while) a lot in various ways with different Presidents and affecting them and those around them like to get Obama Care without reading it approved (Does that make sense?) and seemed to morph a lot around the people he was hanging with or trying to hang in his garden like a black widow hangs their prey for later use when it’s handy. Obama did visit Billy Graham and Franklin Graham early in his administration? WHY? Hung out at their home. So why were they complaining about Obama now? Yea their in cahoots. But I can’t know their intent because I don’t read minds. 

Garden of Gethsemane vs the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

I was going to edit this because it gets kind of involved and I might have just overdone it. That’s the thing about writing gotta know when to stop which I have not mastered. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow and maybe not.

Anyway the JFK assassination and what happened to his family and what I transcribed by CBS and my revelations about it might help there were zillions of books written about it and they seemed to settle for the one bullet theory, like a flood. When JFK was assassinated “what the man said” at the luncheon JFK was not able to attend at the Trade mart in Dallas: that church leader said that it was their fault the ones that attended. Guilted them. He was the head of the biggest Methodist church in the world at the time. I don’t think they had any idea it was gonna happen. But the church leader of that church said it was their fault and he was the same man who was also at the School Book Depository acting as the head of the investigation. Maybe a double. Blaming the victims type of psychology/mentality. IMO

Jesus in the Gospel of John said to believe on him whom he hath sent and I think he sends to each of us someone but we have to try to listen, observe, notice, discern, hear, see, use our senses, read between the lines because sometimes people can’t say things for many reasons or can’t know things, etc. Each of us have different experiences and they are important.

And when asked by some people what can they do to do the works of God Jesus instructed them to believe. That’s the work and it takes work because of the huge deception around us and those that are against us etc. Takes a lot of work not to believe also when you see the world the stars the sun the moon the animals the people nature

and of course deception doesn’t help.


Heard on Fox that President Obama wants to get troops out of Afghanistan within a year or so (not sure of the exact wording) but didn’t we hear this quite a few times?



Netanyahu won the election in Israel. He was running against a zionist named Herzog. I have always wondered what that term zionist meant but read on wikipedia that zionists think that God renamed Abram to Abraham, but in the OT of the bible God renames Abraham to Abram, at least that’s what I remember. I think it has something to do with pork. LOL


Should be an interesting few years ahead.





In any case I don’t think anyone is gonna tell us the truth about what is really going. And sometimes when someone adds too much detail I get suspicious like “6 years” and stuff like that. Was it necessary? Did it help?


Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me



There seems to be a lot of varia-bulls going on,

but I think the keys are the Ten Commandments.

A Standard with which we should let stand.

I wish I was prolific at writing the above but I think it’s important to everyone. A standard to aim for.

The mountains of God.

I think they are supposed to be instilled in us and leads us

to the way, the truth, and the life

and vice versa.

John 6:28-29

28 Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?

29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

Even if it’s just a particle, it’s a photon, it’s a start, I think.

(Not promoting the book The God Particle because I haven’t read it, nor have I read any of O’reillys books.)

These days it takes a lot of work to believe with everything we are hearing in the news. Everyone wants to control our minds. I think we have to go at our own pace (some of us are slow or have issues) because you can’t rush, push, and shove which politics, religions, and the press seem to be adept at. So many things happening so fast and many of them aren’t even real, many exaggerated, unreported, etc. It’s their tactics to cause confusion and fear while making a lot of money. Like forcing people to vote. C’mon. It isn’t healthy.

No offense Rush Limbaugh!



Sorry to hear about John Ritter. Didn’t know where to put this news, but enjoyed his comedy, very funny guy.

Hollywood Mourns John Ritter, 54

Weird because I thought he had died of cancer quite a while ago. Maybe a heart attack?  Can’t keep up with everything that happens. But for some reason Guy Lombardo came to mind as well as the Pope’s right hand Jesuit man Frederico Lombardi, the excuse maker for Benghazi.

WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Admits He’s Wrong On Ferguson, Gets Called Race Traitor

Unconventional wisdom: I think possibly the word that most people revile came from a man named Niger who is mentioned in the New Testament with Paul and in the writings purportedly by Josephus about the History of the Jews and other writings. Niger is mentioned and what Niger is said to have done in those accounts which was that he tricked some people (Jews) and I think that may be how that word that offends many came from but they added a ‘g’ to it to soften the word, perhaps, or for other reasons? Anyway I think Niger sold people out probably by rigging something, LOL. Something about a tower and fire. Although to them it wasn’t funny. Then you have the country Nigeria. That’s my opinion. It’s my suspicion that that is where that word originated and progressed. The tower may be a strange reference to the Tower of Babel and fire perhaps because of what happened in the Book of Acts, ETC, progressing to the One World Government with Teeth which doesn’t end up succeeding. Anyway it reminds me of that guy in South Africa who was at the ceremony commemorating Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela sign language interpreter “a complete fraud” – Truthloader


Kind of like calling some women prima donnas probably because of a chick named Donna. The leading lady of an opera who thought way too much of herself so then the word progressed to snobby women, etc.

Another example would be the name Jacobite. Another is the name Benedict Arnold.

So I think it’s all way overblown some names that evolve into slurs.

As far as the Palestinian Israel problems. Why not integrate like we did in America. Little by little. Integrate the Palestinians children into Jewish schools. I have no idea what their schools are like but seems like it might be a great start to building a relationship. Use some kind of incentive for the attempt such as lower bills, benefits, etc for those that participate. Maybe start with women that have children and no husband and offer free housing or an apartment to get it started so their children can get an education and the women as well. Spread some knowledge.


Rick Santorum questioned on Obama nuke transfer to South Carolina


Read and listened to Alex Jones about missing nukes and South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham and the new confrontation about missing nukes with Senator Rick Santorum and the misinformation about Syria at the time in regards to the gas attacks which truthers on line showed them to be false reports. Anyway I think the reason for the missing nuke debacle had a lot to do with Lindsay Graham having visited a patient at at a military hospital who he said was afraid and a witness in regards to Benghazi. And the reason for Obama wanting to go to Syria has to do with the Golan Heights. IMO Blackmailing Senators and whoever he wants to in government to get his way. So far it hasn’t worked for the most part. He has silenced some people using mob tactics but not everyone.

What happened to the 20 or more witnesses that then Senator John Kerry now Secretary of State John Kerry visited in Germany?

It’s a time for Truth:

Ted Cruz ‘imagines’ 2016 presidency in Liberty speech

Ted Cruz didn’t even use tele prompters. That’s a good sign. LOL

Imagine that!

I agree with getting rid of the IRS and simplifying the taxes to be filled out on a postcard for those still on social security and to pay veterans what they deserve for their service and the National debt, but who will watch over those postcards;

the postoffice?

I don’t like the IRS ruining lives which they love to do. Charging interest upon interest and upon penalties when federal taxes are supposed to be voluntary constitutional-wise. Ask Ted Cruz about that!

I like the idea of a Consumption tax so that Americans have a choice:

to save or to buy.

And another reason is we can hold accountable a particular person in charge of the state in which we live.

That in essence is a vote of confidence or doubt in our economy and our leadership and the product they choose to buy or not buy since votes seem to be easily manipulated using computer technology advantage and importing votes if possible. 

That a way those in leadership will care more about the economy

for those outside of  Washington, DC..

Who helped fund the Muslim Brotherhood? Some interesting statements were made by those in Congress at the time of the first coup in Egypt.

Isn’t it kind of funny that Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas.

We don’t really know where Obama was born. Uganda (because of Netanyahu’s brother and Entebbe) or Hawaii, I’m guessing.

Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta.

Next thing you know someone from Faith, North Carolina near Salisbury, NC or per happen chance someone from Salisbury, England will enter the race. Maybe Prince Albert?

Have ye any meat?

(What about Benghazi and those who left ahead of time and then Camp Bastion and those who left their post and some Americans were killed at both sites.) I think England needs to figure out why and who is responsible and let the USA know about it if they are an ally. Don’t get me wrong, I really like England but I resent the silence about those two glaring malfeasances and I think it’s a time for getting to the truth. Hemming and hawing about it isn’t helping. We know the excuse for Benghazi was offered by the Jesuit sidekick of the Pope Fredriko Lombardi that Susan Rice enumerated many times falsely.

I gather bread just isn’t enough for some people.

“I have meat ye know not of.”


Well, here’s some meat: 

Calgary: Golgotha

“Calvary, also Golgotha /ˈɡɒlɡəθə/, was, according to the Gospels, a site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls where Jesus was crucified.[

Place of the skull


Since the 6th century it has been referred to as the location of a mountain,[3] and as a small hill since 333.[4] The Gospels describe it as a place near enough to the city that those coming in and out could read the inscription ‘Jesus of Nazareth – King of the Jews”

Alternative locations of the crucifixion

Makes me think of  the movie:

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

Amusing movie with Hugh Grant worth watching.

US Calvary:

“Originally designated as United States Dragoons, the forces were patterned after cavalry units employed during the Revolutionary War. The traditions of the U.S. Cavalry originated with the horse-mounted force which played an important role in extending United States governance into the Western United States after theAmerican Civil War.”

If you don’t think what is going on these days doesn’t have to do with religion you are kidding yourself.

HHHHHHamas which makes it very difficult in Israel for Palestinians and Jews. Iran who wants to push Israel into the SEA or the SEE as in the POPE (THE SEE) as POPE FRANCIS who wears a dunce cap and fulfills it to the nth degree.

At the end of the interview by Bret Baier with Ted Cruz he recounted the end of his filibuster a whale back with the end of a Dr. Seuss book “I like green eggs and ham, Sam I am.” or something like that but thought it was interesting that he said it in that interview because his children really liked it.

Anyway like I said I found it kind of interesting.

I think independence would be a great thing for America and I know we need to stand with our allies against fascism but it’s hard to tell who is and who isn’t a friend or ally these days and what is their intent:

To indulge themselves? And at whose expense (pork)?

I know it’s complicated but I think kicking it down the road is really bad for everyone.

Four blood moons: Should we be looking up?

Or should we be looking down because of all that kicking.

This is what I wanted everyone to notice in the link above but there is other interesting stuff as well:

Alternative locations of Calvary

Rocky escarpment resembling a skull, located northwest of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, near the Garden Tomb

The traditional location of Calvary is not universally accepted. In 1842, heavily relying on the research of Edward Robinson, a German theologian and biblical scholar from Dresden named Otto Thenius was the first to publish a proposal that the rocky knoll north of Damascus Gate was the biblical Golgotha.[36][37] In 1882–83, Major-GeneralCharles George Gordon endorsed this view, and subsequently the site has sometimes been known as Gordon’s Calvary. The location, usually referred to today as Skull Hill, is beneath a cliff which contains two large sunken holes, which Gordon regarded as resembling the eyes of a skull; he and a few others before him believed that the skull-like appearance would have caused the location to be known as Golgotha.[38]

Nearby is an ancient rock-cut tomb known today as the Garden Tomb which Gordon proposed as the tomb of Jesus. The Garden Tomb contains several ancient burial places, although the archaeologist Gabriel Barkay has proposed that the tomb dates to the 7th century BCE and that the site may have been abandoned by the 1st century.[39] Eusebius comments that Golgotha was in his day (the 4th century) pointed out north of Mount Zion.[40]Although the hill currently referred to as Mount Zion is indeed south of the traditional site for Golgotha, it has only had that name since the Middle Ages, and previously ‘Mount Zion’ referred to the Temple Mount itself. The Garden Tomb is north of both.

Another alternate location has been proposed by Rodger Dusatko, a missionary in Germany. He claims that the location of Golgotha is just outside the Lions’ Gate;[41]

I saw this article and wondered if it was true or not:

Why Big Pharma Killed President Eisenhower

Since the ebola eruptions, the red cross leaving Benghazi before the attack, and Obama Care etc. I think it is not looking good!

When the former President Eisenhower got the news about the assassination of President Kennedy in my series that I transcribed of the CBS NEWS account of the assassination of JFK and the aftermath I thought the press acted kind of strange. He did also in his reaction but he was old and shocked by it but nevertheless the way the press acted was odd when questioning him. Hard to explain but it didn’t seem sincere. My main blog where you can find my articles are on Merangue’s Blog.

President Eisenhower was a war hero and helped to stop fascism in his career and probably made some enemies, like those that wanted revenge for Monte Cassino which you can read about on Ian Paisley’s site which has a lot of other good articles which I need to read but I linked the article and his site for your edification. History has some good insight and he seems to have a grip on it that most of us forget or were never taught.

Rome’s secret weapon for recatholicising the EU:

European Institute of Protestant Studies

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 8.21.41 PMOn The Kelly File the woman from Nigeria or Ethiopia who was put in jail recently for marrying a Christian man who was not arrested for some reason only her and I think she had a baby in prison (I think her name is Miriam) then went to the Vatican in the presence of Jesuit Frederico Lombardo and Pope Francis (for publicity) just wrote a book about the woman who was killed in Afghanistan for burning the Koran and was written about in the news recently and found to be innocent by the government in Afghanistan even though some people killed her anyway. Miriam’s book is called Heretic, but can’t find the book at the moment to link it but will later on. Perhaps there is more to the title and I didn’t catch it fast enough. I’m in the middle of doing other important stuff so can’t keep up with the influx of news lately because I actually have some things I have to do. I have no idea how she wrote the book so fast but the press is different these days. Anyway lots of funny timing going on I guess to prove something or unprove something for some reason. They are staging events IMO. Not saying it didn’t happen, but when did it happen. I think Miriam is trying to change attitudes. So she may have good intentions but still I find the timing funny since the news was recent and since the Vatican is involved as well as Fox News. 🙂

Miriam was written about in the Old Testament. You might want to read about her. She was the sister of Moses I think.

Maybe this is why?

dates calendar2015-03-17 at 7.26.19 PM

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