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Dancing With God

In another post called The Python of Roman Christianity, I wrote I included a trip to Branson, Missouri with my family when my dad sat down to his breakfast one morning at the hotel, he said, “Did I order this or did I throw this up?” (Words to that effect.) We laughed about it because of the way he said it and because it was kind of funny coming-out of dad. LOL.

When my dad died his funeral eulogy at The ARC (*they have a chapel called Cheever Chapel) included the message Dancing. I don’t remember it much because I only remember some things anyway about that day because I was grieving and nervous being with family at the time having our troubles between us. I think it, Dancing, was in reference to “Dancing With God” which often people think God dances with us. LOL. Myself I don’t think God is into dancing with us. There are all kinds of dances. Which dance does God like to dance the most? Jitterbug? Twist? Ballet? Dirty Dancing? The Hound Dog? Jazz? Tap? Hip Hop? Belly Dancing? Depends what is in fashion and what is not allowed at a particular time depending on where you live.

The other morning I was walking the dog Grizzley, an Australian sheep dog mutt, and happened upon a dove by a tree near the sidewalk. At first, I didn’t see it though the dog made me notice, but didn’t attack it thank goodness. The dove seemed to be kind of camouflaged, but there it sat. So cute. I said, “Oh, my Gosh.” I was feeling lousy and almost wasn’t gonna walk but managed to make it a few blocks when we found the dove.  I picked up the bird and secured my dog’s leash and held the bird to my chest and tried to make it home and the dog helped pull me because I was super weak and feeling really bad. I had to walk bent to make it because I wasn’t breathing well and the people around didn’t seem to notice at the building nearby. Finally, made it home and went to the back yard to get the bird cage where I store it just in case I find a critter. Then went to my ex in his makeshift room and asked him to get towel still holding the bird and told him the reason why I needed a towel. He was asleep in my daughter’s bedroom and went to my daughter and asked her and she didn’t want to wake up even though I had a dove. It was pretty early. Got a towel somehow and put it in the cage and got some Hydrogen Peroxide and wetted some cotton balls with the peroxide and squeezed the cotton balls on the wound of the bird after I had put the bird in the cage and took it to my bedroom. I was amazed the dog was so cool about it being a jumper, he thinks he’s a cat sometimes. I tried to soften up the bottom of the cage with a cloth and covered the cage with some material that was around.  I couldn’t tell how bad the wound was but something was wrong with one wing of the bird and lagging behind him.

I felt the need to take off the bra I was wearing because of how I was feeling and it made a big difference. I started to feel flush for some reason for about 10 minutes to 20 minutes afterwards. Gave my self a treatment albuterol and tried to feel better. The difference the bra made when it was taken off was remarkable. I was feeling some pain in the area beneath my breast near the center of my diaphragm. I felt like crap and started to recuperate once the bra was off. What really got me was the flush feeling I had afterwards made me suspicious like I had been poisoned. I was burning up in  my face. I remember a movie where a woman was poisoned by her clothing (by the pope’s killer) in the movie Elizabeth. The woman wore the dress that was Elizabeths to have an affair or something and died with a bunch of sores on her. So I had seen that you can poison people with clothing and felt like since I took my bra off and that flush feeling I had seemed related because it was not restricting or a tight bra though it had a wire in it. It was a Danceskin type material on the side of the bra which I had received (I think) from my sister in the mail recently when she sent one box of my mom’s clothing one month and then after that a box with some clothing of hers such as workout cloths that are Danceskin type tight fitting stuff and leggings. Never been used kind of clothing. I thought it was weird at the time since Diane would normally keep such things for herself and send me things she wouldn’t wear anymore. I have received some nice things from Chicos before from her, but usually received stuff I wouldn’t necessarily buy, but things that come in handy sometimes.

I read on the internet that doves like black seed so I assumed they meant sunflower seeds or the black seed in bird seed bags you can buy at the store for parrots. Later that day the ex brought home a bag of black seed called oil seed so I put some in the cage and then after that the next time he went to the store he brought home regular parakeet seed with black seed mixed in (which was what I wanted in the first place) and some clear plastic containers which I filled with food and one with water. The bird was not really interested in eating. The cats were interested in eating him when they realized there was bird in the house so I kept his cage covered to make them disinterested as best I could and for the most part it worked catching the orange cat who was checking out the bird if I left the room, etc.

I kept thinking about the e-mails I have received recently from my sister and had been suspicious maybe that some of it wasn’t from her, especially the e-mail about the cupcakes. Just didn’t fit her personality and seemed to insinuate something sexual or secret, not cupcakes in the food sense, by how it was written in response to a letter about her being a bit wide. I was insulting her for insulting me I think was the reason. But the way that email sounded from her in response sounded like someone ate some news they weren’t supposed to read such as what I sent her way and/or referring to boobs, or young girls. It sounded funny to me. One of the last e-mails from Diane I have received except of the ones she rebuked me as Satan in the name of Jesus Christ which added up to about 4 e-mails. “If you had seen the two cupcakes I just ate you’d be a bit wide, too“, something like that. Two cupcakes is nothing in my estimation as far as going off a diet, etc. No big deal, two cupcakes, when cheating on a diet so this sounded more about what I had written which were some things between us that I knew about her or about females. My sister is not gay, this I know.

We had been e-mailing back and forth about some things I had written to family in response to my sister’s e-mail about Kristen, my niece, suggesting that (this is what I thought she was suggesting from what I had read) to allow my mom to die blissfully without air. I was told later by e-mail I misunderstood what she had written and received a letter explaining how wonderful Kristen was with a bunch of black heart icons decorating her letter making some kind of points. It was a weird letter so I sent back a letter with a bunch of icons on it making a point about her letter which seemed really strange, as if she was under pressure to rescind her statements. It’s hard to explain but seemed like she was covering up and pandering Kristen for some reason. Very strange.

The only people I could be suspicious of as far as the black bra I had worn and taken off were Diane, Dave her husband, because he lives with Diane, or my ex who lives with me. It occurred to me that if someone put nicotine from the e-cigs on that area of the bra it might cause some problems since it doesn’t take much on the skin to poison you. It can be dangerous stuff in the wrong hands. He smokes e-cigs now and loves to make me feel like a jerk for not using my e-cig, but it doesn’t work for me and hurts my throat unlike cigarettes.

My eldest sister bought me an e-cig in Dallas a while back with the whole kit and someone took it and then again on a trip to San Antonio when she wanted to watch Atonement with the family even though she had seen it before with me at her suggestion. The family wasn’t interested in it though I don’t think they had any particular reason for their dismissal of that movie but ended up watching regular cable shows. For me, it was an insult because of the premise of the movie about a sister causing havoc in her sister’s life by falsely accusing her sister’s husband of raping her. My sister in deNile. I never accused him of raping me. I accused him of molestation which is in the post I wrote about and letters I sent to the family and something everyone doesn’t want to deal with in my family. I did however put forth the possibility of rape in a letter in regards to some women raped in Dallas area with a ski mask around the time that I had a confrontation with him and her about his molestation that happened earlier ( a few years earlier) in our relationship.

I never took the ski mask rapes seriously (except minimally as a possibility) in my head till I put a timeline to the events that occurred between us on paper Microsoft WORD, recently. I knew they had skied yearly with his family on vacations. I have no idea what a ski mask is or what it looks like, because I don’t ski. I think they are the woolen face covers to keep one warm with eye holes and mouth holes and nose hole? I don’t know. Yep just looked it up and that’s what they are and I imagine a rapist would use one that hid his face which would be the ones with holes and not a big face hole.

Then putting some psychological ideas to the idea such as my sister may have railed him at the time when I was not there to see it and she can be overbearing in some ways, which is kind of typical of male retaliation. He has some belligerence which he had displayed to me and to my mom (once to my mom when he announced his intent with Kristen in the Jacuzzi for a 3 year old  daddy-daughter talk about jealousy at night alone because of the coming new baby still in my sister’s tummy) a few times in regards to his foibles.

The area where the rapes occurred was in the area that they lived for a few years and in those same few years as well, then they moved to the other side of town. The ski mask rapist was never found and he was a white male. I never really heard much about it and it seemed to go away. Moving helped. I think the rapes are still unsolved as many rapes are unsolved. I had gone up north and out west so wasn’t staying abreast of the news or Tootie and Gary and doing my own thing with my husband at that time, now ex.

I also realize that spiritually things aren’t necessarily understandable, but possession of people can move from one person to another to retaliate using a weak-minded person or someone with problems or pent-up hatred. So wouldn’t necessarily mean it was Gary, but the confrontation we had had while I was very diplomatic turned kind of bad and began some kind of trend against me in the coming years by them and others though at the time I was unaware of until things happened and as they unfolded over the years into the fine mess we have now. I wasn’t aware of their intent until I experienced it and that takes time to occur, to coalesce, and to understand. The fact that I had to experience it is also a sign that it was not resolved though my brother tried to allay it it wasn’t allayed even though a lot of time had passed which begs investigation as to why when it is pretty simple. Why did it persist? The persistence of the retaliation is troubling and suspicious.

For me, it was ever-present in many ways so I never really overcame it or resolved it, but tried to work it out as best I could because of family dynamics, friendship, love, cohesion, forgiveness, though trust was not there for me such as often my sister tried to get me to spend the night if I was at her house late and I wouldn’t. I think it bugged her, too. Often tried to get me to stay on the couch and it was not an attractive idea for me and I just made sure to not spend the night and go home regardless of the time, or my condition, etc. She often tried to make people stay longer than they desired: one more drink, another movie, video, let me show you pictures she had developed and got back from the photo lab usually stacks and stacks, LOL. which is kind of weird! Usually when people came to my house which wasn’t that often because I didn’t really have a nice home I was glad to see them go. LOL. having the house to myself and so I can get comfy, go to bed, etc. not that I would push people out the door, but it was a relief for me. I enjoyed company when I planned it and cooked a meal and a movie, some conversation, and maybe showoff my latest art, play games. etc. With Tootie she wanted people around her all the time it seemed. Gary often would go to bed early 9:00 P.M. often, and instead she wanted people to stay with her to keep her company often till the wee hours of the night. Kind of weird.

The ex is now a non-smoker though he smoked for many years is now an addicted e-cig smoker and smokes e-cigs in his room. Can’t live without it, but thinks he is superior for being off cigarettes like often those that quit are the worst people to be around for those that haven’t overcome the addiction, making you feel like a louse. Yet he hasn’t overcome the addiction either. Honestly, I cannot handle the e-cigs because they seem harsh over the tongue. I like the cinnamon flavor the best because it reminded me of dentyne gum or cinnamon gum and the other flavors are kind of sickeningly sweet, etc. The cinnamon is a bit fresher and I like the smell. So I tried the best I could but even at a low nicotine rate it just wasn’t a smooth feeling.

Back to the bird: I got him in the cage to stand on my hand which was really cute and he didn’t seem to mind of course, probably weak. I set up a stick for him to stand on and to separate the water dish and the food dish because he kept standing in the water dish and tipping it over so found another dish that I got from an exercise video food management thingy that I bought into a while back where you measure the food out daily, but I haven’t yet LOL. (The small plastic dish was the color blue and the dove drank from the blue dish instead of stepping in it so I thought hey maybe birds see color, unlike I had heard about dogs being colorblind. Makes sense since birds are so colorful, though not doves as a rule.) Got lots of things going on and I’m not into cooking lately or health, working out, cleaning house, etc.. Lots of psychological type things hindering me from enjoying life abundantly besides lack of funds, jobs, friends and family and things that don’t disappear because of the isolation I have had to endure for my beliefs and my great sadness at times, often times. Also because of what is going on in the world, the lack of understanding about those things by the general populace and our government and I think purposeful malfeasance towards me and others by the same. Great confusion and in my opinion a concerted effort to quell the people who are disenfranchised by the great many lies and purposeful unemployment of some and bullying of others including kids at school to dropout. As in revelation type behavior to those that aren’t into a one world government, a one world religion, a one world pacifism to an unfair society that is anything but independent or free and only those that that one world religion considers to be privileged to live life abundantly and lying to it’s own so that they are like out of the loop thinking everything is hunky dory for the rest of us when it isn’t. Like I think happened in Germany a long time ago during ww11 but less noticeable and less perceived because they are picking on a wide variety of people and not just the jewish population. They are picking on the elderly, the middle class, the young, and the weak! They love the poor and the aliens so that they might be able to tax them eventually when they come out of the shadows and get a vote for making them dependent or imprisoned in various ways, cheap labor etc. Using them for their advantage only to pull the rug out from them as they did in order for them to leave the country they came from. I guess one world government isn’t working!?! Probably hoping to create another housing bubble for the newcomers to help with statistics and profit off them thinking they have a chance in America to rise in status when only a very few do and actually keep their home. An opportunity for politicians and their patronage. Strangle them financially with taxation and fees and fees on top of fees, so they fail whoever they want to fail picking out those (a few) they want to succeed that think like they do and do as they do and are willing participants. My sister bought gifts for the people she sold houses to. Spent lots of money on advertising to get business and then reward them with a silver platter as if they needed another piece of silver. That costs money! Geez, I kind of wish we were a monarchy. So damned tired of the BS elections that seem to never end and certainly don’t help with governance any more. It isn’t working because of the IRS and the many laws and regulations instilled and added to daily so that a regular person can’t succeed unless they are serving the wealthy keeping people like Senator John McCain in office for eternity using his daughter recently for needed good attention that is so obvious. We need different types than John McCain no matter how pretty his daughter looks, looks can be deceiving. He was on Fox News recently right after his daughter made her appearance lately which obviously is a tactic used by the worst of politicians and they will create a niche for her for him.

I digress.

I decided to give the bird some hope by taking him outside to hear the sounds and feel the day and he was acting so perky I decided to name him Perky. Really pretty, close up with the blue skin around his eyes and bright orange red eyeballs. I noticed his wound seemed mostly lack of feathers and not anything deep that I could see, however I didn’t check under the feathers that remained. He still couldn’t use one wing so something was wrong still. I’m not the Birdman of Alcatraz, though I feel like I’m in a prison of a type not as severe and I’m not as talented in fixing birds wings. Don’t know a thing about it much less what to feed a dove. So I cut down some branches from the trees in the drive way and covered the cage while he was outside on a table with leaves and branches to make him feel like he was out in nature again and it perked him right up and by him I have no idea how to tell the sex of the bird but I think it was young bird. Doves are kind of slow so probably got mauled by some animal or another bird. It was really cool watching him eat and drink and I thought I would take him to where I found him in the early evening or morning soon to see if he recognized the other doves nearby and maybe he would get well and the wing would get stronger which still lagged behind him when he moved though sometime was close to his body like the other wing. He looked like he was getting better within 18 hours or so, so it was kind of exciting and of course the thought came to mind to keep him because I have wanted a blue jay for a long time as a pet. Had a baby squirrel for a few days and that was fun and contemplating the prospect of a dove instead and feeling a little like Snow White. A little in that I have had to deal with some strange family matters and the dove, possible poisoning, etc though not the fair skin and black hair or voice. LOL  I like to sing with music and I like what I hear, but I’m about the only one besides my mom who liked my voice everyone else for the most part didn’t care for it, but singing makes one feel good I think. Like playing an instrument it is good for the soul depending on the music and one’s taste in music, but it’s a good thing to be able to sing for the fun of it.

I noticed a wasp flying around, but thought the bird would be okay because they must be able to deal with them out in the wild by eating them, you would think. The day before my dog had a run-in with a wasp and I think got his mouth, but may have avoided a bite. My cat used to eat them when they came and hung out inside near a window area. I would notice his jaw got bigger or his chin would swell or one side of his face and he would get in my lap in my face and there was this odd looking cat. LOL. Funniest thing, but eventually not good if you get stung too many times over a period of time. It was funny and silly cute to see his face like that all of a sudden and let us know if there was a problem in the old house which was not air tight around some windows.

I added some dry leaves to the bottom of the cage to pad it and some grass for the cool soft feeling and he looked all comfy inside. Then I started to get a little warm wearing a short sleeve thin sweaterish type shirt and decided to go in and change my shirt and came back and the bird had taken a turn for the worse and seemed to be convulsing. So I got the bird in my hand and took him out of the cage to hold him on my chest and took him to the fan inside the garage and hoping to cool him off if he was hot. It wasn’t that hot, but warm and he was breathing hard through his beak and convulsing so I held his head so he wouldn’t convulse with my finger gently stopping him from throwing it backwards, etc. After a few minutes he spit up some pus or some inside stomach stuff onto my shirt and a black seed or small black shell came out of his mouth onto my hand and the dove soon died and got stiff and I buried him in a plate sleeve my mom made for some china that I found and that I stored in some drawers in the bureau in the garage for art projects, etc. The house we live in is much smaller than the last one so have to store most everything in boxes and out in the garage and then found a place under a tree in the yard and shoveled out the dirt and put him in there with dirt on top. It was very sad. It seemed like a dirty trick being so perky and happy seeming and then goes into convulsions out of nowhere. Made me suspicious because it happened right after I went in to change my shirt which did not take long at all. Matter of 2 minutes?

What a difference 2 minutes makes.

Hence the Swimband vs the Juliette Bracelet in my opinion written about in that post linked. Nothing compares to an attentive parent but we all lose it sometimes depending on what is occurring. Nobody is perfect. Being out in the sun too long can make you drunk.

Vibrant and perky to convulsions and death.

I thought about my sister going home when my dad was supposed to come home from the hosptital that day and someone gave him a pill he could not swallow, he aspirated, and I have been suspicious of my sister in that regard because she went home to clean house for him as she went home to do laundry when I needed her to take care of my kids when I was very sick. So I didn’t trust the excuse, though it’s not necessarily an excuse. Her husband wanted her home or how would she have known about the laundry that was piling up and not necessarily an excuse as far as wanting to clean up house before taking her dad home to his residence to surprise him and because dad liked neatness and organization. Trying to please him and was excited, maybe and because of guests coming to see him perhaps and to kill some time in-between which when one is allowed to go home takes a while to get through the paperwork, etc. Wondering if I have been unfair that way about her, but still dealing with her total unfairness to me about what I have had to deal with and rebuking me a number of times and the weird e-mails I have received about mom’s eyes and sending me a picture of her with her eyes open looking bewildered…not a great shot of her and then a message saying, “Now she sees clearly.” and mom’s eyes are closed asleep. Kind of strange type e-mails if you ask me and also a picture on Memorial day of my dad’s grave with a few tiny american flags on his gravesite saying she visited it to honor him which I replied, “I doubt you honored him.” Visiting someones grave doesn’t mean honor as in the commandment to honor your parents. I don’t think it is a very good representation of that commandment. Look what Darlee Routier did on her son’s grave. Perhaps being a witness might be a better representation to what I know that she witnessed instead of pandering for $35,000 and at the same time if my mom has died then cheating me of inheritance which I don’t know. She hasn’t died yet that I know of so getting $35,000 early is bit premature and seems kind of greedy while trying to get my mom hospised without physicians care is kind of duplicitous which is UNKIND and transparent. NOt only that I can’t get anyone in charge of mom’s estate to give me facts about how it has been handled and spent so they must have something to hide. It shouldn’t be that big a deal to write a letter explaining even after threatening them with a lawsuit if they don’t and they still won’t. Sounds like some thieves IMO. 

I think of my dad in a more lively way because I have felt him and seemed like he was near me a few important times and felt like he was helping me and actually communicating with me in various ways even though he is deceased such as when Bridget my youngest daughter went into the hospital bleeding from both her anus and vagina after being bullied at school a few days later in the ER. I felt him near as if reassuring me of her well being, hope for her, and love towards her in another person, but it seems like the type way he might communicate. I felt he warned me about Obama-care when it first came out. I think he is involved in another sphere of influence or realm that I can’t see, but he is there helping in ways and warning in ways. So to see a picture of a mound of land with a headstone and with little american flags on it seemed trite, to me. Then the cup cakes e-mail, etc So I said she reminded me of the woman from Rowlett, Texas who murdered her kids, but I think was influenced by evil and a demon which I really think happened to Darlee Routier because of the shadow she saw which is not that far from the realm of possibilities and her having a birthday party on one of her kids graves throwing silly string and her family members around her seemed to be enabling her quacky behavior. It was a rather big insult, but so were the e-mails I encountered by my family and their ignoring my e-mails. The e-mails I received were eerie and seemed as if to taunt me, mock me, mock my mom, and mock my dad. etc. I sent an e-mail to family about her e-mails that seemed to show a level of insanity and not quite like the Diane that I remember and since she recently had a car wreck where her husband announced it on Twitter or Face book (said my ex) calling her his dear wife “My Dear wife” his third one forgetting to mention a bump on her forehead and unconsciousness which is a big deal but mentioning the car and the autos involved and their damage making trite of her condition which I only found out via an e-mail by her (I think it was her).

Diane saved $35,000 of my mom’s money from her estate which is to take care of mom which Diane was storing in a savings account till my mom’s death which seemed weird plus wanting to hospice her without a physician meaning a death watch (even though there are traveling physicians but dismissed the idea) which I eventually found out through various communications the meaning of hospice to Diane via Medicare/Medicaid was because it’s free which seems like a political remedy to do away with the elderly and to get some money: early inheritance using hospicing and Medicare/Medicaid for inheritance which I haven’t seen come my way but nevertheless my mom is still alive as far as I know, but from those pictures seems to be insinuating something else in a maddening insane kind of way. I can’t get my family to communicate with me about my mom because the last time I communicated those nasty notes in response to some nasty notes she said she would not write me about mom any more even though she is acting as caretaker and supposedly sees her daily and bought her a bird feeder for my mom to see out her window as if that costs $35,000 hanging by a shepherd’s hook suggested by The ARC people because I was unkind in my letters and because I think they are followers of the Grahams and his religion (BGEA and The Samaritan’s Purse which he stole and causing havoc in the world so people can take some kind of GREAT (as in GRETA macabre) journey with him. YUCK)). So now Diane was trying to manipulate what I was allowed to do or say and how I write it even though she did the same which sucks big time and is CRUELLA DEVILLE! You don’t have to respond, but write updates on mom is one way to handle it but she wouldn’t even do that. She wants the credit of caring for mom stealing money and being the one that lives nearby and getting a big chunk of dough for doing it even though it’s not moral to do so but trying to act moral about it. Like being a virgin but doing everything, but intercourse. eh-eh.  Sounds like Billy Graham. Started in England his campaign. She lives with a man that invested ZERO in their home near mom on the lake. Billy and Franklin Graham get Christians to fill boxes full of crap for kids that are penniless and without parents after destroying their land and their homes, their lives and their livings and call it a trip. LSD IS FAR SAFER! Just kidding but who needs that kind of a shoebox vs a parent, a home, a job, a living, a way of life, pets, neighbors, etc. and at the same time making money off the donated items bought. They are SHILLS. Greta Van Susterne promotes Franklin Graham often on her show. Travels with him to the various spots on earth where devastation has occurred to promote his Samaritan’s Purse which he stole, IMO from a man who died that he befriended not long after befriending him he passed away. One of my posts I included Billy Graham and a interview of him by Greta Van Susterne when I watched him kin of take on her mannerisms. It was subtle but like he was fitting into her like she was only a shell and he was the muscle or the mussel …..OUCH!…….A crab? Having watched her shows many times I have noticed for the most part she usually misleads as a lawyer and a witness on just about every thing she reports. She loves the macabre shows of the unsolved murders etc. You can hear it in her voice her fascination. She pretty much got her start when OJ had his trial for the murder of his wife. Kind of started out plain and molted into the butterfly of Fox News. Yet OJ got off and everyone knows he did it. I don’t care what color you are and the glove fit him as well because he got it on his hand even with latex over his hand which is hard to do. That’s her start as the Great Greta Van Susterne.

GAME OVER! Hash tag and all that she thinks so anyway. LOL

I guess if you were gonna take the prophecy about “a woman rides the beast,” literally I would have to say Greta fits that glove.

Drunk on the blood of saints etc,. OUCH!

She travels with Franklin Graham, promotes him, and gets off on murder mysteries that aren’t solved and not like she helps in any way to solve them. Look what she did with to the Trayvon Martin case, but made lots of shows out of it, which is profitable and showed she was way off the mark.

Just saw an ad for Summit

(my ex used to work in a building called the Summit studios that mostly housed sound studio businesses in it)

and a young woman with a hat and dress on sticking out her tongue and reminded me of that habit I see in a lot of people ADULTS in the last few years as if they are controlled by something other worldly and not good because children do that not adults you would hope, but I have noticed some adults doing it and that’s kind of immature and I think a sign of possession. It’s not cute when a woman  or a man does it: Greta would call it a brat, an army brat perhaps?

She has her minions three that often get on her show and spout off nonsense for her about nothing and add nothing to the show in legal terms or opinions except support for whatever she spouts off  Short and stout.

I’m a Little Teapot

Greta’s a real tea bagger.

There is something about tongues in the bible and how they melt right out of their mouths. So if you think you have a problem with it you might consider it. Noticed O’reilly’s side kick does it often, too. Book of Acts also talks about those tongues. That’s because of the Pentacost which costs and awful lot, doesn’t it? Pentagon I wonder how much it costs., Have you noticed that since the Grahams became so popular with the Presidents and many people in our country we have not won a war and succeeded in any country we have attempted to change their course? Look at Iraq, Vietnam, and all those other ones in-between. You think there might be a connection? My ex mixed the sound for Colin Powell’s book on tape at Summit Studios in the studio owned by his friend that he was able to buy while his friend went through a nervous breakdown. Didn’t Colin Powell pass out some false information about sarin gas and Iraq? Weapons they never found…..He also was in close contact with Obama advising him for a while at first anyway  when he spent some White House time with him. He got to be general at the time when the quota became a big incentive in the military. It worked for him and then he assists America by giving false information about certain weapons that were never located even after all the bunker busters we used over there.

We know that gas was used between Iran and Iraq but what kind is another story and we also know both of their leaders are scum bags but what kind of scum bags. They kill their own people and are evil. Nazi tendencies.

If you want to succeed in those places you have to be a True man

and destroy Mecca and Medina.


It’s their ideology and it has to go!

Otherwise you might as well take all your assets and all your money and burn it because we will never win against terrorism or any other form of suicidal maniacs! I think they are Sodom and Gomorrah.

Then you take out how they travel such as bridges, highways, straits that they are using to choke access to oil etc until they act civilized and stop trying to rule the world because they have oil. Big deal. So what. Everyone has it if they want to live in a desert.

Then everyone can have cheap oil and England won’t be tea bagging the USA and they will have to make a decision, do they want freedom or Charlotte’s web. That’s the name of the new princess in Britain who was named Charlotte to ingratiate themselves to someone who lives in North Carolina? The Grahams. Where did they begin their crusades? England. By who?

The HEARSTS =The HURSTs of Germany.

Charleston tries to heal after church massacre

It was really strange about that black seed/shell of a seed that came out of the birds beak perhaps the bird didn’t even shell it before eating it and I didn’t check to find out OR it was the oil seed itself. Don’t know but it was spit out on the top of my hand. IT didn’t sit well in his tummy or maybe he had been crushed by something and I could not see it. 

Took a bath and changed my clothes again.

Later that day after the bird died I walked the dog and walked by where I found the bird which was near the hospital. Before my dad died a dove, a mourning dove, was dying in the yard across from his window where he was dying. I picked it up and put it in the shade when I was with Diane after she picked me up from the airport to take me to see him after he had aspirated on a pill and it wasn’t looking good for him. That day my brother, Tootie and Diane talked about the quality of life issue and in reference to my dad. So it was quite coincidental that the bird I found was in front of the hospital and died after taking him to my home/residence, I don’t own it. When I went for the next dog walk there were 6 flags lining the roadway.  Big American flags. Then the next day there were 10 Big American flags lining the roadway. By big not a big as those you would see at the capitol, but not little ones you might wave at an election event. I asked the woman smoking in the corner who worked for the hospital (I could tell by the clothing) what was the reason for the flags, what occasion it was that they were out there all of a sudden and not before and she didn’t know what the occasion was herself or why there were flags lining the road in front of the hospital. Kind of strange.

Another strange thing: my parents phone number for a long time when they lived on Burr Road and maybe at another address was 210-661-0660!

Twenty-one is Black Jack, isn’t it?

666 was supposedly the number of the beast. Then 616 was also a number of the beast by others who disputed the numbers 666. The number of his name., etc. I still haven’t figure out the number of his name part but I can tell when someone is disingenuous, untruthful, misleading, and my dad was none of those things. Yea he wasn’t right all the time like the trip to the theater written about in the post on another blog linked on this page but he was very honest as much as he could be.

Route 66 is where the hospital is adjacent to.

Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew  “Tell no man that I am the Christ.” I wrote some blogs about it because he is telling them to tell no man and he just fed a bunch of people on the mount or had had the sermon  and they knew who he was at least they thought they did and seemed kind of a strange thing to say and the more he said it the more they published it (Luke’s gospel) which publishing occurred later than 33 ad. I don’t think they wrote on paper as civilians, but perhaps in Egypt on papyrus, such as Alexandria, Egypt. Course they had scrolls but it wasn’t like publishing a magazine. These are strange things to say that don’t make sense at all. I think in-between the sermon/feeding on the mount and after he healed a derelict not to be a derelict. He healed someone yet didn’t want anyone to know about it and yet desired witnesses which a messiah would want witnesses or what would be the point of sermons, healings, feeding miracles,  etc and there it is on paper in black and white. Seemed a pretentious thing to say and made no sense. You can find the post linked titled Tell No Man on Merangues Blog. Later thought well what if they (the transliterators of the bible) meant NORMAN as in the NORMAN Conquest and left out the R since they added commas and punctuation when in the past punctuating wasn’t practiced at that time and showed what a difference a comma can make in a sentence changing the meaning altogether which is related in the post called The Python of Roman Christianity Dichotomy.

Guess the same can be said for comets and red moons showing signs in the skies etc relating to bible prophecy.

I have the hardest time with the word Christ because I don’t know where it came from. His name was Jesus. Was his last name Christ? It is supposed to be a word that replaces the word messiah and I doubt Jesus’s last name was messiah. I think that is the biggest problem with the gospels is that word. What are its origins? Causes a lot of confusion not to mention the confusion Christians cause themselves by their bad behavior especially after becoming christians. Seems the moment you are indoctrinated (Catachised) lots of strange things occur. It’s like an excuse to be bad and pretentious.

Is Hans Christian Anderson actually Hans Messiah Anderson?

Is Chris Christie actually Chris Messiah i.e.?


I think the dove saved my life.

I wasn’t going to relate this stuff that happened thinking I don’t want to encourage more crap, because I feel like I’m dealing with the occult and their madness, but on the other hand it’s what happened and so telling it like it is shouldn’t encourage madness that comes of it’s own volition. Just relating things I notice or find that I think ought to be recognized or noticed for further investigation or some truths which I truly think I found for the sake of others that may not have noticed.

After the dove incident I took some long naps and the next day my ex asked me, “Are you feeling alright?” I said, “Yea, I’m feeling okay” or something to that affect “Why, wouldn’t I?” He said, “I don’t know.”

I think I know why. 

Wishful thinking!


My ex is a Virgo, more like Vertigo.

He called me a vampire a while back which was a strange thing to say when I was up late and we were not getting along (you might say) and the cat came in and bugged him and he cooed at the cat and I said, “Is the cat a vampire?” The cat did it for me to show how weird he is.

 (This was soon after I shamed him out sleeping in the same bed with my youngest daughter and then soon after the phone incident and assault by him and the strange cops that came that I reported  but never heard a peep from even though they promised to get back with me within a week about the claim.)

The ex stayed up past 3 am playing WOW last night.

Seems to me when talking about God the true God the real one the original article truth would play an important part of believing etc. The only one that mentioned truth is the one that mentioned the name I Am though it was written as I am In the Gospel of John when he says , “I am the way, the truth, and the life” so if you take that and go with the Old Testament when Moses asks for God’s name to tell to the Hebrews then God says to say that  I AM that I am it kind of goes well or I am that I AM or I AM that I AM.  The first commandment is I am the Lord Thy God. It goes together quite well, IMO.





Does not say I AN that I AN! 


Andromeda is the daughter of the aethiopian king Cepheus and his wife Cassiopeia!

In any case that is the difference between the two Peters,  I think!

And ana usually as a prefix I think means without.

Anorexia -An eating disorder that is characterized by a false perception of one’s body appearance

anorthopia-Being without correct vision

anuric – The absence of urine formation by the kidneys


anonym (s) (noun), anonyms (pl)
1. With no name known or acknowledged

The Synoptic “Q Source”

What do anacondas do: Squeeze the shit out everyone using the IRS, HAARP, and other tools i.e. muscle, etc constricting it’s prey

That’s why Franklin Graham had to say he had been harassed by the IRS when it is highly doubtful, he just wanted to be included with other people that had been harassed TO FIT IN.

Squeezing usually involves blackmail as well i.e. the need for indulgences for those socially acceptable and serving themselves and their goals ROME

And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.
Both lacking a great deal of originality! Obviously one stole from the other!

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