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Deception & Bible Prophecy

Person, Place, or Thing?

Obviously, it’s a noun.

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 God describes the prophet Jeremiah’s origin in similar terms:

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

First of all we don’t know that God describes the prophet Jeremiah. Since that verse is written in the Book of Jeremiah it is possible that Jeremiah describes Jeremiah to give him relevance as a prophet or whoever wrote the Book of Jeremiah. I imagine it was used to give credence to the nativity story in the Gospel of Matthew when John the Baptist leaps in Elizabeth’s tummy when he meets Jesus in Mary’s tummy. I guess they had a conversation or one was attracted to the other. Or perhaps leaped as one was affected by the mother’s body when meeting her cousin.

Anyway why didn’t Jesus mention Jeremiah 1:5? He did say something about hurting children though but he was not pointing to a woman’s belly, he was referring to kids that were born when he said: let them come unto me. Obviously sticking bombs on their backs or handing them a grenade isn’t acceptable. War time I believe is a very hard situation and often in the OT children were killed and after not mentioned in the NT children were killed in the many wars that occurred in those times and afterwards. Bombs don’t differentiate between age groups. Obviously if you have POWs that are kids you protect them as best you can. When the Roman Catholic Church was accused of child abuse they should have handled it better and responsible for making those children more of a child of hell by denying and hiding their felons obfuscating the truth in a myriad of ways and should have fired their abusive clergy and nuns, not move them around like musical chairs which is what happens also within our federal government and it’s employees when they abuse their positions but obviously they were so corrupt they were afraid of the abusers and what they might reveal about their institutions and used the press to retaliate using abortion as their weapon which is what they have been doing.


The Catholic Church and it’s masters have a lot to answer for regarding kids.

My first daughter had long legs and came out legs first (she didn’t have a chance to be turned which was gonna happen a week later) and didn’t move much in my tummy whereas my second daughter who came out with a cord wrapped around her neck did move a bunch. Both were Cesarean births the last being an emergency. She had shorter legs and in fact they were so cute as a child: she had two thighs on each leg. LOL. an extra crease between the butt and the knee, baby fat. Really darling too. The first child that didn’t move near as much had a protein drink almost every day (Protein powder from the health food store in whatever I made daily).

Anyway Jesus and John the Baptist never explain the leaping or their first meeting so it is an assumption that John the Baptist leaped by Elizabeth to Mary. Hard to leap in a tummy, isn’t it? He might have rolled over in her tummy, a flutter that women feel when pregnant, but he could not have leaped. It’s impossible. Do babies leap when they are born? It takes a few years to get the muscles and nerves to cooperate and train them to leap. Frogs leap and tadpoles swim and before that they just sit there in a jelly like substance.

But back in the dark ages they didn’t know. They thought life was in the blood. They thought those that were caught swimming were witches, that the earth was flat, and those born with moles were evil. They disposed of the ones that weren’t quite right obviously because if a baby was born with a mole and was evil they certainly wouldn’t have kept them, would they?

To consecrate is to make holy or dedicate to a higher purpose. Some say that consecration is to cleanse and then consecrated and that the cleansing comes first. To declare sacred. Peter used Jeremiah and misquoted Jeremiah in the Book of Acts I can’t remember but he did. It’s in one of the many posts posted on one of my blogs and other’s have written about Peter misquoting Jeremiah as well and have expounded upon that observation. I think it is a clue possibly that Peter did misquote Jeremiah and is relevant. Either he did it by mistake or on purpose or something is missing.

I think Elizabeth was pandering to Mary because Mary must have had a higher status than Elizabeth. And anyway who wrote about it. I don’t think anyone wrote about when felt a flutter in my tummy. She might also have been on the verge of a bowel movement which can feel like something is leaping inside, or was just very excited to see her cousin.

Peter is admonished by Jesus at the Sea of Galilee in a very kind way after he had risen. The reason for that is he wasn’t on the right track at the time and Jesus knew he would have some problems ahead. He had denied him three times when Jesus was arrested. I think Peter might have been what one calls a liar. The meeting at the Sea of Galilee after Jesus had risen they said he put on his fisher coat because he was naked. Meaning he had a few problems I guess he liked to fish naked with his friends. Showing off or something but I think his nakedness was because he had lied three times and was a natural born liar. People often lie because they feel threatened or afraid which is understandable but I think Peter had a problem with lying because he was in the boat naked and didn’t expect to see Jesus on the banks of Galilee.





When my mom was in the hospital the last time I saw her since she died we found her naked after my sisters and I had finished eating a late lunch. She had a UTI and was quite old on oxygen and could barely move except to take off the apparatus on her face. Anyway I complained to the nurse’s station and asked why my mom was naked. She could turn over but the blanket and the cover sheet was at the end of the bed and it is not easy to take off a hospital gown. Anyway she has dementia and I heard that often they get up to fix meals for their guests when in their altered state of mind thinking they are at home often brought on by the drugs they are given or controlled with in nursing homes. She was on Prednizone at the hospital more than likely for breathing and other reasons to give her strength which may have been part of the deal. So when I complained to the nurses station I was referred to MONTE at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, her supposed nurse, and she said that my mom had been naked all day long and had been taking off her clothes all day long and I said that is impossible we were with her all day long and she was not naked at least for 5 hours that we were with her and we hadn’t seen Monte in those 5 hours we were with her.

Before that my sister had developed a blister on her foot and needed new flip-flops because that way the shoes wouldn’t bother her blister so we spent a good two hours at one shop for shoes and my older sister said that money was no object in picking out her shoes. So finally she got her damned flip flops,. My little sister whom we were staying with gave me a pair of flip flops that looked identical to my older sister’s shoes that were quite used but I accepted them as a gift. They broke about two days after I wore them. I’m kind of hard on shoes but two days usage in my small abode is a bit weak. Strange but maybe the message was walk in her shoes and I did for a couple days when I got home.

Other nurses came in and cleaned my mom and dressed her. When we got off the elevator before we found my mom my older sister who was educated by the women’s bible group that goes to North Carolina for retreats (BGEA territory) and by the snobby woman across the street from where she lives who is British told me that three was the number of perfection and I said I don’t believe in perfection and the men that were in a cluster nearby about to get on the elevator heard that part of the conversation and had a good laugh. This is the sister whose husband molested me in my sleep lying next to my sister after I was directed not to drive home by my sister because it was a wine and cheese party, a company party (they had a cheese shop) and I was an employee and I guess she cared (I was her little sister by 6 years and they were only married by a couple of years), but opened up her hide a bed and we slept there and Gary and their other employee who was a male slept in their only bedroom with the bathroom of their apartment on Lover’s Lane. Gary had no reason to sneak up on me in my sleep except perhaps to prove that three is the number of perfection? They call threesomes a menage-trios. My sister shouldn’t believe in perfection either obviously. It was their first apartment they moved to another apartment with two bedrooms eventually in the same group of complexes on the same road. Soon after they started to receive that inheritance money of $250,000 or more a year for tax purposes by the Kirchers. DOTTIE AND JOHN KIRCHER. Gary’s mom and dad. I’m not sure if it was after I confessed to her about it in their first home on Winedale that they started to receive their compensation, the one with Mexican tile in the TV room where Gary told us in a meeting concerning the molestation that he would go to church, after he had called me a fucking liar on the phone so I guess he was kind admitting he did it or he wouldn’t have said he would go to church. They moved to another home in the same neighborhood soon after that was contemporary style home.

Anyway when my mom died I got the call from my older sister and they never called or wrote to invite me to the viewing, the funeral, the burial, the parties, or tell me even about the plans, etc. but told my daughter that they were not mad at me for not showing up. (I also heard that my older sister took pictures of my mom in the casket. I’m not sure why.I don’t recall my sister taking pictures of my dad in his casket so possibly trying to prove something?) I said to my daughter they didn’t tell me or invite me so how could I show up. I had been exiled because we had a meeting of the minds over this stuff beforehand because they were contemplating hospicing my mom because it’s free on Medicaid and my little sister had $35,000 in a savings account from my mom’s money and didn’t want to spend it until she died because it might look funny, I surmised. So instead bought her a shepherd’s hook (The ARC suggested that type of hook pandering her and David) with a bird feeder for my mom to look at through the blinds which can be very blinding and supposedly invested in a wheel chair though I don’t know she wouldn’t write me and apprise me of my mother’s condition or the wheel chair and said if I wasn’t nice to her she would not send me information or pictures of my mom because she insulted me and I insulted her back even though she saw her every day and if she was truly a nice person would have kept me up to date via e-mails without responses but she isn’t a nice person but a holy roller fake. Said I was not allowed to stay in her home on the hill overlooking a lake with a pool and did some other creepy shit after that. Called me satan and the devil because I divulged the truth about the abuse to my family exposing Gary and they couldn’t handle even reading about it. I had to live it. Sent a few pictures before that having my mom dressed in some kooky outfit with junk jewelry on that a 2 year old child would wear mocking her and said some crazy weird stuff about some things such as” if you had seen the two cupcakes I ate you would be wide too”, which can be construed as young chicks. So I reacted because she was acting funny like a loony tunes and dishonored my dad’s grave with some little american flags on Memorial day I think it was like that woman (Routier) did at her murdered child’s grave on his birthday with silly string and her family enabled her and I compared her to her (Routier) in an e-mail. I never got to see my mom again. My mom’s stuff (clothing and shoes and jewelry) had been pillaged at the ARC before that but we don’t know by whom because they would not be responsible for the property of their clients even though it’s their job. I compared the woman nurse or staff that my sister seemed in good with at the ARC who said she had organized my mom’s belongings in her room previously to my aunt and my mom said “thank you” to me directly with eye contact because she did favor my aunt quite a bit, the aunt that was a tea totaler and wasn’t very nice to my mom over the years and didn’t appreciate my mom because my mom had a few problems as most of us do. Wasn’t very understanding. Said things like “Beauty is a beauty does” when someone complimented me. That kind of jealousy? but it kind of turned my stomach. She was the generation before me and I was younger than her. I’m sure my older sister had informed my aunt of my faults to seize the opportunities she could seize in the family relationships. I imagine that $35,000 was a payoff to keep my little sister quiet and on their side and in their control either by the ARC or my other sister and her husband for their reputations sakes, or both. My little sister the dear wife sent me a few boxes of clothing of my mom’s soon after in two different occasions which is coincidental. LIke a set up of me. She is still receiving money from her divorce from her first husband and will be for a few years and it’s quite hefty. Invested her money in her home in the hills and her second husband didn’t invest anything of his money yet was quite the earner of money I was told. I have a feeling he is using her. In a few years I would imagine he might move on to his fourth wife. One of his past wives died a few years back. My dad called my mom by her name as if proud of her name and before his name often when he spoke of her or them or wrote of them because he loved her and appreciated her. David calls my sister MY DEAR WIFE as if he owns her even when she was in a freak accident that caused her to be unconscious communicating her accident to her friends on Facebook, I think it was.

That last visit David Sherman told me to visit again with only my two girls and no friends as we were leaving which is kind of a weird thing to say, I think, as I was leaving. The room I stayed in was at the bottom of the house in the garage. Sort of an add on and had been renovated to be an add-on bedroom with bath and if one was to turn on a car in the garage one might get carbon monoxided to death in the bedroom so I didn’t take him up on that offer because it made me suspicious of him after hearing about the hospice idea (which was soon after) and what it meant, though my daughter stayed with them for a few days for a few of the events they planned in regards to the death of my mom recently. I begged her not to go and I meant it. But she was determined to honor my mom, her grandmother and see family she missed. They bought her a ticket to fly there and back. They didn’t even try to contact me after I was told my mom died though my older sister said she loved me. Strange kind of love. I didn’t want to go because of our problems and the drama (in me and them) and I knew my mom would understand but I didn’t tell them either way. My mom didn’t go to one of her parents funerals either and set forth an example for me, I believe, to help me not feel obligated. Besides the last funeral I went to my sister played me. That was my dad’s funeral. I never heard anything back from her after that phone call so I asked my daughter and ex if they had communicated with my family to let then know I had decided not to go. I wanted to get back with family because I missed them and then got the phone call about my mom’s death immediately after I said that out loud in my garage but I realized I would be monumentally stupid if I did. Anyway a bunch of nieces and nephews stayed at their home for my mom’s death so amounts of kids didn’t really matter to David just when it came to my family. Often teens like to take a friend because they are that way. He has kids he ought to know but that was his special instructions for a visit to me when we were still communicating. I never said I was gonna bring friends so he was planning ahead assuming but I probably would have for one of my kids and maybe both.  I know I received a message not to visit and I believe it was from my dad who is deceased and that something was not right about his offer and stipulations. I don’t know how I receive these communications,  but I do. They come in my mind and I recognize the idea and who might be giving it to me.  It’s not something men often say to family that visits on their own. Usually men don’t care if they are cool. He isn’t cool and he is one domineering dick head and likes to look cool but isn’t rattling Diane for being late to dinner that he wasn’t paying for at the Olive Garden because my other sister was doing some stuff (diddling) before we left the hospital. My older sister is detail oriented to the nth degree and over thinks many things partially why it took her two hours to find a pair of flip flops made of leather and the same when picking colors or decorating wanting to please other peoples senses. It was grueling to shop with her or help her to decorate or anything that required a decision. Anyway I told my eldest that he was rattling her on purpose and not to be mad at her for being rattled. My little sister freaked out driving to the restaurant using her GPS and it made her even later because the GPS screwed up on the directions and we had to turn around a few times or her reading of the GPS and listening to it’s mistakes that was screwed up. San Antonio highways are very discombobulated anyway and not very organized and very busy. She sped to get there because she was afraid of his reaction. When we got there he was with her son having a drink and acted like it wasn’t a problem whatsoever, faking it. She was his dear wife after all and was a nervous wreck about being late before that. Something ain’t right. My eldest sister on one of those two trips offered me her GPS an older system for my car and I will be receiving it soon from her which is kind of coincidental but my daughter told me that after she visited for the funeral of my mom and a few other things as well eventually. I didn’t ask for the GPS it was offered to me but my older sister told my daughter that it was what I wanted from her. That’s not how it was. She offered it to me by telling me about it on a car trip with her and husband. There’s a difference. Both sisters were in control of the warehouses (2 or 3) organizing my mom and dad’s things from their home when my mom went to the other part of the ARC because of her frailties. Both get together to go through things. My little sister found a letter from my brother either an e-mail or written talking about Diane’s inferiorness in the brains department at the warehouse and told me about it in a phone call about a year ago or so and seemed to think my dad was responsible for the letter. I told her that it was a letter from Walter to my dad (because that is what she told me it was and trying to make her think clearer about it) so dad might not have felt the same about her brain capacity. My mom tended to keep things around forever like letters, pictures, junk, and drove my dad crazy a bit because he was a neat nut being a military man and my mom was an artist. He liked to throw things away and my mom resented his nature and he sort of resented hers in that capacity. One of their few problems between each other which is pretty typical. I have no idea if my brother actually penned the letter or constructed it in any way. It might have been placed there by someone for my sister to find to convince her one way or another and to affect my sister’s feelings towards my parents or my brother. I have never been to the warehouses or even know where they are. I did ask if they found the jewelry kiln that I would like it but I think my mom dedicated it to where she got it from which makes sense. My older sister hung a picture I painted on porcelain of a woman in red with a bonnet in a garden with black lacey gloves and her finger on her chin that I had gifted to my mom because she taught me to paint on porcelain and it was my best thus far and hung it in her entryway of her home next to this huge 8-FOOT portrait of herself and her first born in oil that was commissioned and painted by some artist in San Antonio that she hired in the style of a painting of a city with pastel colors that she was very attracted to for quite a while at a furniture store with art on the walls that she noticed by someone kind of a famous artist in our day for those kind of colors. Sort of Southwest pastelist, but in oil paint. Reminded me of the huge painting of a musician we met in New York that lived in a small town by a masons building that we stayed in. It was a Bed and Breakfast and what an experience that was. He had a portrait of himself with his horn in the stairway and that painting was possibly 15 feet or more tall. He was a doctor. It was when the ex and I were invited to New York to check out a building that had been  a meeting place of some Masons or some kind of secret group to make it into a music studio in partnership with his boss at the studio he currently worked. It reminded me of the movie with Jack Nicholson where the little boy has visions and says REDRUM called the The Shining. I nixed the idea of living in this huge monstrosity of a building with a temple and many rooms because I was not about to live in this abandoned building with that kind of shit around me LOL. The doctor and his wife at the Bed and Breakfast were not a happy couple though he seemed content and full of himself she was really not content. She forgot one breakfast and was drunk quite a bit and lonely I think. She was not a good cook and served scones quite a bit but had her book shop and I recall but I might be wrong that it was for kids behind the house that she cared about. It was really cute. It was a Catholic town on a river. The food sucked everywhere we went and was tasteless. Couldn’t even find a good burger and had to resort to McDonalds. The country side was beautiful. It made me never want to stay in a Bed and Breakfast again. It left a bad taste in my mouth for that kind of situation.

I don’t know if I said she could have the painting of the woman in red that I painted and I assume it was to come back to me since I painted it but possibly I did and don’t remember or my mom did but she never said one way or the other by saying look see the painting you painted that I hung in my entryway? It was there in her entryway in Dallas the last trip we took to San Antonio when I met her at her home in Dallas. I didn’t ask but I noticed. It is my work and I spent a good deal of time painting it because to paint on porcelain requires many coats and cooking in a kiln to complete and probably took months for me to finish because I’m a bit slow at painting. I finally asked in a few nasty e-mails for it back and never heard back from her in regards to that painting.  So I don’t think I did offer it to her or she would have said so and I don’t think my mom did either or she would have informed me of it, seems to me. I had already given my older sister a painting of a young girl close up on porcelain an old fashioned girl with flowers in her hair which she had hung in the same place for years which I have no idea where that was placed since. But I did notice in the many displays (shrines) in my sister’s home that I was not in one picture and there are many pictures of family. So I wasn’t good enough to be included or intentionally missing, but my painting was good enough to steal and to hang without permission or notice from her of even I love this painting, thank you. The normal way you might handle my seeing it. The painting I painted the porcelain painting from was quite famous but I can’t remember the artist’s name. It was called something to do with beauty. My youngest sister has a portrait she had photoed of herself at a photographer in the same pose with short hair do that she had done for her first David except facing forward. Sort of a muse a teasing sort of way which is in the background of a picture of my mom that was sent to me by e-mail from her that my mom had in a montage of photos she hung on her walls as you can see to the right above my mom’s head. It’s blurry though.Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.31.53 AM

My sister rarely had her hair short. I had the same hair do once early in my marriage.

It’s funny they told my daughter they weren’t mad at me for not coming to my mom’s funeral and burial and the events at my little sister’s dream home since they really didn’t give me a choice. Never wrote or called with information about it. That’s kind of weird as if they didn’t want me there, but sent an airline ticket to my eldest daughter and not to the other one who sort of still lives at home with me when she is not spending the night with her friends which is also kind of weird. She told me she wouldn’t go in the house i live it but she did not tell them. They loved my eldest daughter going because she was being used as a mascot for their reputations but I know my mom would have been honored that she cared.

While I was there visiting when my brother was there the time before the last time to see my mom my sister made a big deal about getting me an e-cig on the way to my little sister’s dream home. I was not allowed to smoke it in the house eventually and not even allowed to smoke it on the back balcony or real cigs on the back balcony even though they smoked pot on the balcony but David didn’t know that. David was not in favor of pot or anything that resembled smoke. Finally Diane allowed me to smoke on the balcony after it kind of slipped out of my mouth “Why can’t I smoke on the balcony where you smoked pot?” (paraphrased) thinking David had left to go to work and she called me a “bitch” or said “fuck you” which is about the same thing under her breath and I said “same to you.” I really thought he was out the door since he said goodbye and had reached the bottom stairs of their exit to the garage and I heard the door. I have no idea if he overheard but soon after the next day in order to make up they offered me a few hits of her joint with them on the back balcony and we got along fine though she backed her beautiful pearly van with the trunk up into the garage casing as we drove to drop off my brother at his son’s house. It was kind of funny and she did it again as I recall at the last visit with my mom without my brother but she was not stoned then and the same visit when he made his unusual stipulations for a man to make about visits of my family. I since have not quit smoking and do not use my e-cig because it is so harsh on my throat. I may try again later. The visit with my brother the second to the last time I was in that area to see my mom my older sister wanted to watch again the movie with the British actress that starred in Pirates of the Carribean about a woman whose love relationship with her husband was deeply affected by her younger sister falsely accusing him of raping her and set in England I think during wartime or in the past by about 50 years or so. The movie where they make love in a curtain standing up. Like my sister would be so bold with her husband. LOL. She made me watch it after we had had an agreement to keep the molestation and all that came after it from the next generation that my brother tried to arrange for my parent’s sake which was a noble idea and should have been respected. I didn’t know about what the premise of the movie was till she went to the movies store to rent it when I came to visit her and begged me to stay and watch when her husband went to bed. She tried to get the family to watch it again for entertainment at my little sister’s house and luckily no one bit and instead we watched a TV/cable? show about killing a dog by breaking it’s neck that had been hit by a car in the series called House of Cards and a few other shows. She had obviously bought the movie and was romanticizing her perception of the past and rubbing it in or trying to make some sort of point. Of course, by then she hadn’t known about the details of some things I recently sent her and her family after my mom’s life seemed to be threatened as well as mine.  On the visit without my brother my sisters seemed to have half minds. One couldn’t remember one thing and and another couldn’t remember another thing of things we had all been through and were not forgettable. One was when the first David’s grand daughter drowned in their pool at her 3rd birthday party and my older sister called me and we discussed it because she was in touch with him during and after the divorce for some reason which I was not because I thought it was not right and pushy but I told her to remind him about how he saved my older sister’s sons life, her son John, when he almost drowned in their pool when he was three years old and she had forgotten about her son and that visit and said she had to go to call David about that to encourage him. That was the same visit she photo’d me and David greeting each other around the pool when he came home from work which she tried to make trouble with because his arm was around me and hand under my arm near my breast, I suppose. But later presented it to me and my ex when we were still married as if proving I was the problem. He is 6 foot 6 and didn’t as far as I know touch my boobie. It was a quick hug and cursory since we were his guests and there was nothing unwholesome about it except I was in a bathing suit and he wasn’t?. However telling my little sister that she was dreaming about her first husband David and her kissing him on a bridge while Diane watched is kind of weird. It made my little sister feel funny. She is the one that told me about the dream my older sister had. They had a house off Inwood Road in the Heighth and Breadth of their wealth on a cul-de-sac with a laguna style pool with very dark water and a little wooden bridge over it (so if she was dreaming about that bridge that meant Diane was in the pool watching them kiss above her.) when Gary screwed up on the stock market and lost a bunch of money of my uncles and his own on some Tuesday in October. Caused them to lose their home and move down the social ladder. They still had a pool so it wasn’t that bad. They didn’t tell my uncle for a long time and were trying to gain it back without telling him to save face probably money they attained in other ways. I think he was working for Merrill Lynch at the time but moved to another investment company soon after or vice versa. They kind of blamed me for their loss because my uncle called and asked me about it and I said yes he lost your money and is trying to gain it back (paraphrasing) I didn’t tell my sister about the phone call but that my uncle did offer me a job which I turned down. He had a right to know and if I had lied I might be blamed and suffered the consequences and I was put into a catch-22 situation. I did suffer the consequences much later. I think they blamed my mom as well and she was punished ….hospicing her because she had COPD AND YET NEVER SMOKED. They blame dementia for the COPD and my ex blames drinking for both conditions. (Mr huge pot smoker most of his life in the past, smoker most of his life, and now an e-cigarette smoker and very obnoxious.)  She had a artery that was missing in her body or a part of an artery in her chest (I think the chest area) that was found to be missing early in her older age by doctors in an x-ray or some kind of test and they were quite impressed by it. They knew that. She might have needed an operation to un-obstruct another part of her artery so she could breathe that she was endowed with in her body. That’s what I think anyway. I reminded them a few times about it early on after my dad died as I did about my sister’s son being saved from drowning by the first David that she dreamed about at least I think that was the David she dreamed about. Could be she was dreaming of the second David before he arrived on the scene after my little sister’s divorce.

I came across a post written on a blog called New Wineskins about abortion. I had forgotten about his site which I used to visit a long time ago and decided to visit it last night. He talks about the prophet Jeremiah and his verse above about knowing Jeremiah before he was formed and forming of the person in the womb and consecrating the person in the womb etc and in reference to Elizabeth’s baby, John the Baptist leaping in her womb when Mary her cousin came to visit her with Jesus in her womb.

I wrote above how babies don’t leap in wombs. They can’t. They may twist and turn but they don’t leap.

Jeremiah the prophet was croaking about himself.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.04.34 PM

I wrote a post about the purse that Jesus had I included called where his apostles were acting kind of funny about the money and what was inside the purse and how it should have been spent on the poor but like David making stipulations about a possible visit from my small family this post demonstrates some small men who were more concerned about money than the were the message:

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

 Whoever wrote the Gospel of John said the Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man.

Hmmmm, why not? What does that mean? Did he commit to women knowing what women had to put up with men? LOL What would be the point of coming to earth if he wasn’t gonna commit to either men or women?

He turned the water to wine for the marriage in Canaan because his mother was concerned that they had run out of wine at the celebration. Back then weddings were week long celebrations. And he said “woman what do I have to do with thee” or something like that and yet he obliged her concerns. So he seemed committed to her at least at that time.

So one must ask what was in man that Jesus did not commit to them? UNYIELDING. DISRESPECT FOR WOMAN? SPIRITUAL STUPIDITY? HYPOCRITICAL? PENIS FOR A BRAIN? SPERM? MAN’S SEED? Deceptiveness.

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They have a tv show coming up

The site called New Winekskins is admonishing those and PERSECUTING WOMEN AND GIRLS who have a had abortions and giving stats about what segment of society has more abortions than others because he’s a man and has an agenda as most people do and can’t have one himself and is jealous. It’s like a man to make a woman feel guilty for making a decision about her own body to stop the forming of baby before it is consecrated or before it is formed. It probably gets him some chicks who are weak and he can manipulate or screw up. Makes him feel higher than her. That may be the thing Jesus didn’t like about man. Anyway I suppose Jeremiah the prophet didn’t consecrate these girls who are born this way or forgot to form them separate from each other to have their own bodies. I think the same may have happened to my mom being born without a part of an artery. Anyway Jeremiah says that whoever he is speaking of (Jeremiah and his dream) says that he knew them before they were conceived, forms them, and then consecrates them but what about the ones that are miscarried? What about the babies that are born with a disease that cannot be cured and die? Was that the plan? I don’t think so.

I think God does know if we will keep the fetus in our bodies, will miscarry, or abort ahead of time

because if he doesn’t

then he AIN’T GOD.

A prophet ought to know that about God!

But they didn’t have X-rays and CAT Scans and Sonograms then, did they? Or the many new advances in pregnancy care. Of course we are regressing now because they can’t even keep a woman alive longer than her grand mother. That happens when you protect bad doctors with bad insurance that is useless as far as the results go for some that aren’t as fortunate as myself with my kids.

Probably was upset with his surroundings like Jeremiah Wright is about America.

God knows before a prophet knows something so I think this prophet misspoke about God thinking he was hearing from God when it was his own imagination and dissatisfaction and he was probably a miserable man who didn’t like women  like the guy in New Wineskins and wanted to support Elizabeth and Mary’s baby out of wedlock as being the real Jesus. Wineskins are made from leather as in the TANNER in THE BOOK OF ACTS that Peter lived with who had visions because of hunger and not eating on purpose fasting and praying at a certain time of day to get that certain kind of mystique to induce hallucinations or hear things that aren’t really there such as one does when taking LSD. Praying when the unmelodic music sounds off in ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. I imagine a pregnancy couldn’t survive a man depriving himself of food and fasting for religious purposes or to cause himself to hallucinate.

The person Jesus warned Peter about at the Sea of Galilee.

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 Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man.

Inman, South Carolina

The Bush House and Shiloh Methodist Church are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[5]

Very close to Charlotte, Gastonia, and Asheville, North Carolina!


Billy Graham?

I heard or read that JFK didn’t want to commit to Vietnam but others did. Something about fighting a ground war in a jungle. Tunnels? 

The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren *

Perhaps Jesus meant Baron as in Von Trapp?

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 On the base I lived when I got pregnant by mistake there was a POW named Lieutenant William Calley that was housed there for observation and before or during a military trial that massacred a bunch of civilians in the war which is quite famous called

My Lai Massacre

They say he was under house arrest for 3 1/2 years under orders from Nixon.

They sure do look alike, don’t they? One is a bit tanner than the other. This was when the quota system was attempted to even out the race problem in our country and used the military first which is typical. We had problems with race and it was a good idea to change the status quo  to make amends to a race of people that were abused and enslaved for a long time. I was bussed and went along because it was what we were supposed to do and I think it was the right thing at that time. My dad did not get promoted after that and other things that occurred in our family because we were a bit wild but not any different than most other military families at that time. He probably should have been promoted but they made the decision not to. It’s very political when you rise in ranks in the military especially since we have a Pentagon. He never complained and loved his family more than his career, I think. He had four kids and a lot handle. Pentacosts a lot. So does the Pentagon. That was what occurred in the Book of Acts as well. Speaking in tongues as if that is proof of spirituality. If you watch those that do it it is not spirituality but more like insanity, though quite funny sometimes.

What happens in war is sometimes hard to explain and people don’t always handle it well depending on the circumstances and lose their minds because of the depravity of war. In the Vietnam War they used a bunch of propaganda and psycho mind stuff to weaken the enemy: the USA and others involved. That is part of war because war is hell. It’s tough.

I tried LSD a half a thing of Orange Sunshine with my friend who presented it to me at the time that year the one that introduced me to the boy in the woods at the ranger site but I don’t remember exactly when. I didn’t want to do a whole thing of it. It looked like a dot as I recall on a piece of paper. Anyway on a camping trip with some kids of the rangers group I had hallucinations way after that LSD experience on that camping trip and scared everyone to death but I imagined skeletons in sleeping bags when I awoke so I ran from the camp ground into a tent of girls and scared them half to death stumbling on to their tent because they had a light on but I didn’t notice the tent in the night. I never did it (LSD) again though I tried other things once or a few times and never tried them again except pot which I liked if it was mild and controllable, where I was in control of my senses but had a few laughs like having one beer or two. I was not unusual in that sense. The military was also using drugs on their men and women experimenting for probably many purposes. I heard about it from people in the military who were experimented on without permission. One woman was raped at the Pentagon after her husband a Lt. Colonel I think at the time or a Colonel at the time was killed in a helicopter in Vietnam. I guess they were thanking her for her sacrifice. Consecrating her.

Pot helps people to cope IMO. Cope with the bad economy, war, and bad things that happen and everyday life and menstruation and for family bickering. It’s like alcohol to some but is not addictive. When I decided to stop, I stopped. Many kids that were sent to Vietnam used it to cope. There is a funny movie about it that I got a huge kick out of with Robert Downey Jr called Tropic Thunder. Very funny movie but probably not what it was like in reality to be at war in Vietnam and the countries involved. More like the one with Mel Gibson called We Were Soldiers maybe a mix of both. They did not enlist many of the soldiers that were killed but were forced to fight and I think it had to do with the French colonies in Vietnam and possibly drugs. The heroin trade? The French Connection? The President of Vietnam President Diem devoted his country to Mary and all hell broke loose and the the stuff that occurred that LBJ and others talked about having to do with phantom ships that was hushed up. (President Kennedy was assassinated near the time of Diems death. Talked about it on some tapes he taped of himself. Talks about some secret group of people that might have been involved in the assassination of Diem and his brother. )

Which reminds me of Fatima.  A phantom who appeared to some little girls and told them things i.e. using kids to prophecy false prophecies and prophecies they intended to self fulfill to give the mystery to make more pew sitters and devotees to abuse. It’s the Roman Catholic way. Using kids. Using women. Using their own popes they often murder.

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Kim Davis has been emancipated with the help of the Presidential candidate who is really losing his ass Huckabee. I wonder was it orchestrated? Anyway she loves the crowds she said and is bubbling over into mass hysteria over her hardship of a couple of days in jail for her cause denying a marriage license to a gay couple to profit and to hopefully get herself reelected. What does she get paid as a clerk? And I guess Huckabee is using her as well for that same purpose. What a schmuck. He would be the most obnoxious of obnoxious if he were ushered into office and oh my gosh the music. SHIT. My dad will be throwing up his breakfast again if that occurs but he didn’t then and I doubt he will have to now.

My ex did the book on tape of Colin Powell at the studio which is coincidental.

Now my daughters cat is missing and her back door was left open and unlocked from the outside. Don’t know why and hopefully she will get her cat Gatsby back tomorrow or some time soon. As I said in my last post the ex put her keys in my purse for some reason? What a weird guy. Did he copy them but doesn’t remember? Who knows. Or knows and doesn’t care?

It called occult shit.

I’m writing it to try to keep up with it because it is hard to remember everything and have to because obviously something is up with everything everyone is doing and saying and it may seem like I’m a tattle tail but hey it’s what I do because it’s my way of keeping a log of events and lay it in my posts.

She might have left the door open herself or her roommates might have, but I don’t think so.

Her roomy found the cat. I think it was possibly her roommate Joy that found it.

NOW IF GOD WAS AGAINST ABORTION and knew I had had one (which he knew) why did he form two kids in my body later in life that were in my estimation PERFECT. Why did we receive miracles? One that saved my daughter’s life and mine in a car that should have been hit by a truck speeding when I took a turn when shouldn’t have or why did I get my cat back 7 weeks after he disappeared and why did those birds of prey come looking for something in my neighborhood by the thousand that came out of a cloud when my cat was missing for 7 weeks only to be found a few days later at school and why did my other daughter get her dog back 3 months later after he jumped off the back of the truck on a hwy? HMMMMMMMM?

I have been persecuted tremendously by the Roman Catholic Church. They are very good at it. I know what I did was right for my circumstances at the time. It’s my body and it’s my decision. Is it because of those miracles? Is it because of what I have been writing about for a while since I started hearing about the New World Order with Teeth. My mom told me at the ARC that she had and others had read my posts/blogs somehow or another. That’s pretty wild and impressed me so I know God is helping me even thought they throw everything they can to mock and try to upset me such as what I plan to retell at the bottom of the page.

I have no idea why the Planned Parenthood hires the people they hire that are on those videos. I wouldn’t hire them for a job probably no matter what the job was. They seem to be out of their minds. But I would not vote consciously for the clerk that was elected that was incarcerated for disobeying the law and for such a small thing to issue a marriage license as if she has the right to pick who someone marries or the right to disapprove of their union since its’s better for them to be together legally, socially, financially, physically, and for their mental state if they love each other. It’s better for everyone.

I have heard about women having many abortions and I trust they were needed because she might not have been mentally able to deal with pregnancy or babies. Perhaps had a mental illness? I don’t know but I do know there are many many people who should not have kids and do and many die along their way as kids because mommy’s have too many to take care of or can’t cope with the ones she has and a myriad of other reasons. Guns are a right for americans for protection and I think abortion should be a right for women and girls. Not all people should own guns those that are nuts and not all pregnancies should be allowed to progress especially in girls that are not ready to have children and the mentally insane.

Mothers often suffer after birth depression. I did. I watched my husband (at the time) cat die on the tenth day after my first child was born and he wouldn’t come home to help me deal with it as it was dying because he was gigging at a club. It was more important than me, my baby, the cat and my mental state. As if they couldn’t live without a sax player for a few hours. That’s depressing. Self importance. Anyway often that is a reason some babies don’t make it because of that illness depression in new moms. Why don’t those planned Parenthood video producers make some videos about Post Partum depression to help save babies and moms. Might be more productive.

Why put kids on Ritalin? to control their personalities usually suggested by the schools they attend because the teacher isn’t qualified enough to handle kids that are over active. Boys tend to be that way as children. Some parents use those drugs to lose weight that are supposed to be used for their kids….like my little sister and I think it was because she was expected to be perfect and had trouble with her weight and I think it affected her mind as well in a bad way and may be part of the problem she has. Ir’s supposed to be helpful to some kids but is way over prescribed. Add drinking to that abuse and familial abuse and you got trouble.

Why not produce you tubes about that dilemma? Might be more productive.

My ORTHODOX catholic friend had a miscarriage of her first baby at a late date and ended up having a second child with some big problems. Why did God protect my children from that kind of illness/comdition and not hers? She was devout. She had been married before her second marriage but had it annulled. Did it help her with her second child to have been indulged by the Roman Catholic Church? I don’t think it helped. She also did drugs as a teen as every teen I know did or they did alcohol. We definitely have a substance abuse problem worldwide and it needs to be reined in somehow.

Why not make some you tubes about that dilemma, It might be more productive.

Lately after the ex does something lousy he starts sweeping and mopping and cleaning as if that makes him next to godliness. I do it only when I have to such as if my daughter is coming to visit. Otherwise I’m done with housekeeping. I like organization and cleanliness because I hate looking for things and my fingernails get dirty for lots of reasons but I need a maid. An honest one that will work for free. Is that possible? Or is that me?

I wish I had tried to be a better teenager and not done the many drugs I tried or gotten pregnant.  I wasn’t the brightest kid and definitely influenced by my peers. I really prefer being straight, though I like how some drugs make me feel or how a few drinks make me feel when I’m in a bad state of mind or to feel better to unwind etc, Is that wrong?. I don’t think it is in the right circumstances. It’s normal and since there are so many assholes in the world it is necessary. I think the Vietnam war might have been a way to influence the future generation to try drugs at that time while the dads were fighting overseas and risking their own lives for other people.

We definitely have a lot of work to do in our society to make it better and I don’t think we are gonna succeed without respect for God but the problem we have is our perception of God are very different from each other. Watching the female clerk who was released from jail was mind boggling. She seemed higher than most people I have witnessed drunk and/or stoned. Drugs have their place in society in that sometimes they help people in sicknesses and coping but we have to figure it out how to control it better especially for entertaining ourselves as we do alcohol which is abused quite often even though it is controlled. I think the drugs that should be more available are the ones that help with sicknesses and seem to be over-controlled and not as available as they should. Like the kind that help people to breathe such as albuterol inhalants that are necessary or drugs that prevent sicknesses and they are so overly unavailable. It doesn’t make sense.

I don’t think hospices are the way to go for society. I think its a cop out and evil but it’s like the abortion dilemma it is being used in way to punish those that should not be punished. A political ploy. I think abortion vs hospicing is what is being politially/religiously abused and thrusted at the population as two forces against each other for political purposes for the never-ending election and they are not at all similar. If you allow abortion you have to have to allow hospicing phoney-boloney. Both are not the same or equal in any form or fashion because for example my mom had been born however that occurred and was not perfect and was abused by the system to make a point that is not based in truth. I consider hospice to be murder disguised as kindness for an inheritance or for a political/religious agenda whereas abortion is kindness disguised by religious and non religious zealots as murder. That is my opinion and I think it is truthful.

I think God knows the difference.

I still have yet to hear what it is like to be in a womb by anyone that has been born in this world and can explain what they observed in any form or fashion when and while they were in their mothers womb or what it was like because I don’t think they can because they are not aware while in that place and the womb was probably designed that way by God because of the many things that can possibly go wrong or cause the billions and billions of miscarriages that have occurred in the past or the billions and billions of deaths to fetuses at all of the stages of development while in the womb and/or abortion which can only occur when the fetus is in the womb.  I think that may be a blessing from God and some parts of society are truly deceived by the likes of Jeremiah the prophet. I think the fetus is part of the female body until it is born.

I would love to see studies of brain activity in fetuses to discover what is going on in their brain while in the womb but I think it is impossible to say or ascertain that ability to know what that activity means even if we can observe activity and is probably dangerous to the fetus at this point in time. Impulses. If pain is observed in fetuses that are miscarried or aborted I think that is important to resolve and make sure that both are painless for the fetus and the mother and I think that is done with anesthesia if properly employed on the mother and her fetus during abortion but I know anesthesia doesn’t usually occur in miscarriages which then presents another dilemma,

which is kinder?

Miscarriage or abortion?

A sponge is a living organism and reacts when pushed, dried in the sun, put in water but does it have feelings and is it aware? It doesn’t have a brain (that we know of) so that may be the difference. I think the body of evidence is still out there and undetermined and may never be determined about abortion and producing a bunch of insane women that talk about their abuse of the Planned Parenthood service for unwanted pregnancy (a condition) is not proof of anything except insanity in these people and deception at it’s core for persecution purposes of the deceived for deceiving and cruelty towards females. YOu have to admit they act like the are occultic type insane women that are on these videos.

I think we need to investigate more about procedures in abortions and miscarriages to make them more humane and painless for both the mother and the fetus and be much more discerning about who should be working at these places and discern their motivation. I think we need good doctors to be employed at Planned Parenthood who care about the truth who are interested in the truth and willing to devote themselves to the truth regarding all aspects of abortion, the fetus, and the mom.

Possibly there are better ways to prevent pain besides anesthesia, such as pressure points. When you are going to have a ceasarian birth they give you a spinal block epidural for labor pain which might also be employed.

When I was deathly sick and drugged up I wasn’t aware except a few times and that may have been because of God allowing it for some reason. I was out of it for ten days at least and don’t remember anything in those 10 days that I know of. I think it wasn’t till I was out of a certain stage of my sickness that I had any awareness. However since I was drugged up it’s hard to say. And when I was anesthetized the minute they put it in you you are without conciousness totally and when they cut my stomach all the way to the organs and cut a 14 inch incision and cleaned the organs in my body and cleaned the pus out of the abdominal cavity and pulled out my organs to clean the us off them I did not feel it. SO I highly doubt fetuses feel it if they are anesthetized with the mom during abortion. That’s my opinion.


As far as lying goes there are lots of reasons people lie mostly not to get in trouble. Like the event in the car on the way to the theater to see a movie with my family. My brother did his thing, my dad got angry about it because it was very stinky and windows were up and I laughed and my dad presumed it was me so in a way my brother lied by not admitting till years later it was him because he didn’t want to get in trouble. And while we train kids or try to train them not to lie they still do sometimes and so do adults. Sometimes we lie to ourselves.


I found a presentation about the TREE OF LIFE that is presumed to be in the AMAZON FOREST. The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden is guarded by the angels of God or God Himself. I listened to a small bit of the presentation about this Amazing Tree in the Amazon and thought I would include it, but decided to exclude it. I often don’t read articles in full but peruse them because I don’t have the time to read everything and usually just peruse the headlines and forget the article unless it seems interesting or applies to what I’m writing and besides we are barraged by propaganda and most of the news is propaganda IMO so it is hard to tell what is true and what isn’t.

When Adam and Eve left the garden they had a life span in the hundreds of years so why is it we don’t? All they had was a fig leaf to cover them and the fig tree was cursed by the Jesuses of the Synoptic Gospels.

I think the road to the Tree of Life is truth.

Not in regards to the car trip to the theater but truth in regards to the important things about life.


which in my estimation is kind of a direction to head in order to get to the TREE OF LIFE.

Truth in medicine, truth in government, truth in relationships,

truth in all kinds of ways

and each of us should try to get ourselves to deal with the truth in our lives about lots of things

and it takes time. Truth therapy. and while we deal with it learn about God and seek the truth about God which helps to get to the truth we need.

I think one of the Jesuses in the Gospel of John was trying to head us or turn us in the direction

we need to walk towards to accomplish that feat.

The first part of the First Commandment:


Disclaimer: Even though I have raked a few people over the coals and they do the same I love them too and I know many good things about them as well such as my family growing up and the kids they have that I know. Not all relationships can continue in the same way such as marriages that don’t work well together but doesn’t mean I truly want to destroy a person, though I felt like if I had had a gun while having a seizure I would have shot the person who said:  Water?

It was a cold-blooded way to react. I have a good memory and I won’t forget it though I might eventually forgive it doesn’t mean I will accept it as my due for my future walk.

The ex just came in and told me that he talked to his mother who has been ill who is the same age thereabouts as my mom and who is Catholic that his mom is in fantastic shape health-wise. My mom just died a few days ago and was treated to ho-spicing a few weeks before her death. Ho-spicing is a direct result of Mother Teresa who kind of fostered the idea and is one of the Catholic/hindu experiments. Obviously ho-spicing is intended for those they deem not as important as Catholics and in this case because I am there wurst critic! One of them at least. He was exclaiming about his mom’s health and not very concerned until today. TIMING IS EVERYTHING, isn’t it? My ex is the one that said “water?” to me during a seizure. I THINK HE IS ONE BIG EF’N FOOL.

Anyway. I think pretty soon my ex and his allies will be so ashamed of themselves but for now I have to tolerate their doo-doo. I think they are in for BIG SURPRISE!


My mom was a woman far superior IM-MEASURE (IMO) than his mom could have ever tried to impersonate or attempt to rise above. Definitely not the same woman they described in her brochure at the funeral/celebration/send off. Much more softer, abundantly sweeter, and very complex (intelligent), but they wouldn’t know that about her because they didn’t understand her. Fun, TALENTED, and so much more interesting than his mom could ever imagine. I would never have picked that picture of my mom for the brochure so I know it wasn’t chosen in kindness to her. Jealous? Her forehead was shorter. her eyes were bigger, and other things. The photo made her look like she was a martian. But then neither was the one sent to me of her wearing plastic jewelry that a two year old would wear and why I compared my sister to Darlene Routier or whoever that was playing her part. It was a put down because they pilfered what she had like the painting and her money and other things.  I wonder why, not really, I know why.

They can’t handle the truth.

My sister told me over the phone recently that she threw away all the photos of my mom with her friends that were at the warehouse that my mom had collected over the years. I wonder why? I wasn’t suspicious then because I know how many pictures my sister took. It was mind-boggling. I bet she spent hundreds each week on developing photos (money was no object). But why my sister would throw away the other pictures is kind of od and why she confessed it to me about is also kind of od. But like those almonds that turned out to be walnuts that she confessed about

it’s par for the course.

She didn’t make all of our clothes though she made some. Another blunder of the brochure. We shopped at Sears before each school year or Pennies and once she took me to a designer shop or two in Dallas on a visit and bought me a three special designer clothes when we lived in Virginia and I was so disappointed because I wanted more and pitched a fit. But they were expensive and I didn’t understand the difference and because I was a teenager with Aunt Anita. One I remember a black one piece dress with different colored polka dots on top and large black pleated lower skirt. 

I don’t know if she was President of the Army women’s club more than once. I know she was at least once. I know she danced the can-can too but then I think so did my sister for something having to do with a WOMANS social club in Dallas that my sister belonged to (which is REALLY INTERESTING) that was highly sought after for social aware status seeking women. I can’t remember the name of the club but probably helped her to join the ROYAL OAKS COUNTRY CLUB (money was no object) whereas my mom did it for an army party or something like that. Whoever penned the information in the brochure was incorrect in a few places which is kind of OD. You would think if family had written the brochure they would know that mom and died did buy us clothes. LOL. GEE SHOULD I TAG ROYAL OAKS CONTRY CLUB?



They were and are a great pair, my mom and my dad.

Marriage made in heaven.

I won’t forget his mockery or his STUPIDITY. My brother said a long time ago: he is a loser.


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.26.53 PM



You can’t tell me it wasn’t malicious to have posed her with plastic necklaces.


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.47.47 PM


I’m sure glad my kids didn’t inherit the club thumb pf my ex or his mom. I hope their kids don’t inherit that trait. As in CLUB OF ROME thumb. I hope they don’t inherit the lying problem my ex has either. Like Peter he is a natural born liar. I have caught him in so many lies I’m amazed by it. and then he cleans house and acts real nice. It’s crazy. He used to say about my first born’s fingers were like grub worms. I never noticed that but they were cute little fingers. I don’t know what grub worms look like but I will find a picture. Her fingers did not look like grub worms. Weird thing to say about your new baby, huh?

He fished though and I guess was comparing her fingers to what he used as bait.

I think he is doing the same thing with my daughter.

My brother had him pegged!


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.36.21 PMJoel 1:3-5

Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.

That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten.

Awake, ye drunkards, and weep; and howl, all ye drinkers of wine, because of the new wine; for it is cut off from your mouth.

My mom and his mom is

the difference between Mary the Queen of England and Queen Elizabeth 1 in the Age of Discovery.

This is my mom on her wedding day in her late twenties. I think it was her wedding day but could have been taken for her wedding photo before the wedding. I never asked. Check out her eyes which are kind of big and beautiful.

mom wedding

You can see why I and others compared her to the actress Dorothy Lamour. She was sultry in a good way and very graceful.

 When my little sister was going through her divorce she lived with me for two years. She had eventually gotten an RV that her husband and her owned through the lawyers so she cold take trips or get away from my family. She ran it through a bank with me in the car and almost pulled the ATM machine with her RV but she left the scene. I don’t think there was too much damage but we didn’t stay to find out. She stayed in my eldest daughter’s bedroom and bought herself a satin sheet set for the bed. My mom came to visit during sometime and stayed in her room and fell out of bed. Ended up in the ER because we called an ambulance and had to because of the fall etc. I bought a satin set eventually at Target for my room and tossed the damned set out because you slip around in it and it’s not a very cool feeling to sleep on, so I understand why and how she fell out of bed it’s hard to sleep on. Satin doesn’t breathe like cotton. When I was going through my divorce and asked for help she wouldn’t allow me to live with her because she was newly married.
TWO YEARS I had to put up with mucho drunkenness from my sister and she decided to organize my house because it wasn’t how she liked it and lost my recipes I had collected for many years. Gone. It wasn’t that organized either. OH well though I think it’s interesting about that satin seeing the satin my mom wore as her wedding dress. Very weird. Kind of seems like jealousy in a spiritual way.
I know she loved my mom but was desperate and I think spiritually on the wrong path and was spiritually indoctrinated by the wrong sect. Billy Graham.
On the way home from my elder sister’s house my sister got drunk at her house and was super obnoxious slamming kisses on ya and stuff which she tends to do when drunk. Hard kisses. We got in an argument on the way home and my mom was in the car on the front passenger side, my little sister in the back with my two children and we had some words any way while I was trying to make it through the neighborhood in my vehicle near my neighborhood to get home she started hitting me over the head with the palms of her hands a bunch so I could barely drive or see over the steering wheel. I made it home. My neck was being strained to keep my head up. It wasnt even Palm Sunday.  Got home and she was still furious and I was shaken and upset and I kicked her out of my home not with a kick but told her to leave. And she took my mom with her. My youngest daughter remembers that event. The one that said “that’s messed up mom” when hearing about the funeral of my dad and how I was treated by my eldest sister and her family. The argument ensued at my eldest sister’s home when talking about religion. She didn’t like my ideas.
I imagine she toasted my mom often (misery loves company) when she could and got a hold of her money somehow to help her in her divorce because they cost a lot of money especially when dealing with a lot of money. The attorneys raped her financially and I think were good ole boys so it was a hard time for her. They took advantage of her. I think she may have gotten Power of attorney type permission. It would not surprise me and I know my mom would have wanted to help her because she loved her. I don’t think Diane would have had my mom hospiced under any other circumstances except she is dealing with a good old boy and gold digger, IMO, and isn’t suspicious as she should be and easily influenced by pressure like my daughter was when she put her beautiful australian shepherd unleashed on the back of a truck going down a highway and he jumped and was gone for 3 months until he was obviously saved and found. Her boyfriend at the time was why she did that and I had words with her that day and said you don’t put something you love on the back of a truck. They broke up.
I hope my sister gets out of that marriage because in the years left when the checks from her previous husband cease I think her new Dear Husband might take it upon himself to move to the next butterfly and no telling what kind of shape he will leave my sister in.
So much suing family, eh? Isn’t that right, bro?
My mom at a certain time in their marriage and because my dad learned how to handle drunkenness of my mother which was not daily or weekly but came o suddenly sometimes but a reaction to her angsts in the past (her dad abandoned her and her siblings and mother when she was about 14 year of age) I think she seemed to have settled down and overcome her drinking problem most of the time anyway. She was quite a lady throughout her life most of the time and was worth every minute. A fantastic mom with a few faults. He was a fantastic dad as well with a few faults and they were a fantastic couple with a few faults.
They loved each other and loved their kids. Their love never died throughout their time together because it was true love.

Compare this to the picture on her brochure of her funeral:

mom brochure

This is what my sisters think is sharp. Obviously younger but does not look like my mom. Her mouth seems different and her brows her forehead and her expression is scary as if she doesn’t know who she is or why she is wherever she is and my mom was not that spacey. She did her makeup differently and she looks like my sister did it. In fact she looks like my sister in the eyes and mouth and expression in this more that my mom IMO. It’s weird. It’s really close but I would never have picked it if indeed it’s my mom. Kind of hard looking and my mom was very soft looking but my sisters would. Possibly perception that makes me taken aback. it’s like how my sister said my dad went back to Vietnam the second time for his career hoping to make general and when my dad came back the first time he was quite solitary and as I recall painted the outside of the house when my friend said he looked like a bull dog and I thought he was handsome. Sure he was in the army as a career officer but I truly believe he went because he cared about our country and the men and women serving who were in harm’s way. They had friends that were killed so it’s not like he had to go again but he did. and he was offered a large group of men I thought it was a battalion but possibly it was brigade. I thought it was about 1000 men under him but I wasn’t paying attention i was only 13 or 14 when he went the second time. Funny he never complained about not becoming a general, isn’t it? I never heard about it. He had a crazy family to deal with. HIs Volkswagon was stolen on base by a guy who went awol and he did not press charges though the army probably had their procedures. At the dry cleaners a man was freaking out because he was getting his uniform pressed because he said my dad was a son of a bitch. Something like that and we heard about it. He was stern but he wasn’t malicious and had a sense of humor. He took his job very seriously. He signed up for a project of transport the type that are kind of like an individual drone operated by the person in the apparatus for a person to travel in the air. He had imagination. I don’t think he got to do that project. He was gonna go home from the hospital the same day someone gave him a pill that he aspirated on and soon died and I think it was purposeful. Kind of like when I had some Cat scans done to me without the liquid to make it work when I was deathly ill even when I complained that i hadn’t had the drink that makes the test work. That happened a couple of times but the nurse had me get the scan anyway because it was on her schedule to have it done regardless even if it was useless and caused me to have another one. I lost a lot of hair needlessly. Lost eyelashes etc. That’s negligence and obviously purposeful since she was aware of the negligence beforehand. My little sister the same one that took care of my mom went home to clean the residence to prepare for my dad to come home and that is when he aspirated on the pill so she said. She is the first one that wanted to hospice my mom at her home with out a doctor using Medicaid because it was free while she had her $35,000 in a savings account waiting till mom died and I guarantee she didn’t know about Medicaids and Ho-spicing until David told her about it.

David, Bail, Saul, Paul and George

Woman Fisherwoman pulling two Sturgeons

*BIG FISH’ out of the water

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.52.46 AM

Do sturgeon taste good?

“Sturgeon is mostly protected now because it was over harvested, but in the 80’s was part of my diet. I would say it has the sweetness of halibut with the texture and meatiness of chicken.”

YEA I bet it tastes like CHICKEN.

How To Do The Funky Chicken

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.05.40 AM
Funny because my mom painted a schrooster on porcelain and my dad painted a farm in oil that I love
that are both in my breakfast schnook.

 My older sister and my brother were against the hospice at my little sister’s house and when I found out through some conversations with my little sister what it meant to ho-spice which meant no doctor then I was against it. She was trying to sell the idea to me of mom staying at her home so she could see the scenery and the deer and have Diane around her all the time but failed to mention no doctor till later in other conversations, etc. And the way she did it was kind of funny too. I told her about the traveling doctors a new business concept for doctors since Obama Care and she wasn’t interested. Probably because it would cost money. And then I knew it was a death watch. When the pictures above of my mom with the junk jewelry was emailed to me was around the time I felt her hand on my shoulder one night. That was a few months before her death as revealed by my eldest sister a few weeks ago. For some reason my older sister decided to hospice my mom recently and two weeks later she was dead and she said David was at the hospital at the time of her death. She said mom had COPD and she knew mom wouldn’t want to live that way so I guess she hired a hospice provider? I doubt my mom would want a sickness especially if they didn’t try to cure it but I doubt she wanted to die because of it. My ex said that my mom had dementia and Alzeimers yet when in the hospital she had a pretty good memory especially when on Prednizone so the memory wasn’t missing. The memory was there just prevented somehow. And I said she had dementia and he said “read about it, she had both.” He did not see her at the hospital or at her retirement center so I don’t know who he has been getting his information from. They say that COPD can’t be reversed. How do they know that? We have only heard about it in the last few years. Dementia can be reversed at least some types of it are reversible. I heard that my brother had a difficult time of walking and stumbling around and that could have been considered Alzeimers but had an operation that helped him. My mom only suffered one of the symptoms of dementia as far as I could tell. I know they drugged her at the ARC so she could barely stay awake because I saw her that way and she was definitely drugged. I’m sure that didn’t help the dementia. But there is law in Texas that you cannot in any bind a patient/client in these old folks homes meaning no barriers which is insane. What they were trying to prevent nurses and doctors from hand cuffing their clients or binding them with duct tape but should not mean barriers on wheel chars and a rail on the bed to keep them safe as they do in hospitals or for children in their strollers. Included in Alzeimers is paranoia though they say it differently in the article linked. There are all types of reasons for paranoia but to say it’s Alzeimeers is a cop out and I think has to do with covering their butts at the places that treat old people so they don’t have to be accountable, drug their patients to control them and make their job nothing more than shuffling around bodies as they do to children in schools with Ritalin instead of teaching them. They drug more than they should because she was out of it one day that I witnessed. My sister said she found her with a oxygen rate of 78 on day leaning over her lap and had to alert a nurse about it as if they couldn’t tell and she should have been able to lean on a tray on her chair and might have helped her to breathe better. They corral their clients who suffer from a myriad of things and they round them up like a bunch of horses (pintos, arabians, thoroughbreds, palominos, appaloosas) and include into one disease for the aged.

It’s interesting that they include paranoia as Alzeimers so that means none will believe them when they say certain things that might be true such as abuse of some kind and chalk it up to Alzeimers which means they can determine who they can abuse without any barriers to their abuse. I bet cruel people are attracted to retirement centers like child molesters are attracted to anywhere children tend to be such as playgrounds, schools, churches, child care centers. My mom complained to me about two women who she didn’t know at the ARC who were being mean to her for no reason. NOt physically at a least at that time but were doing head games with her making her feel bad. 

I saw my mom get her oxygen read by a person working at the ARC on the only finger that was curled on either hand by deformation or some kind or arthritis as if it might have been caused another way such as abuse and I thought it was very strange because while she did take the oxygen she was caressing the top of my mom’s hand and she did not appear to be the type to be affectionate whatsoever so it seemed like a warning to my mom to keep quiet and the finger that was arthritic was the middle finger and every time but once in ER or other parts of the hospital they take the oxygen rate on the fore finger as a rule on either hand not the middle arthritic finger. This was when we found the woman in a pool of blood on the floor with out anyone attending her and had to alarm them one of their clients was on the floor bleeding and it was in front of the nurses station and while I was watching the staff and the ambulance people care for the woman on the floor getting her on the gurney to take her to the hospital she said she wanted to go to the bathroom obviously fell out of her chair thinking she could walk because her bladder may have been full and there was no barrier on her chair. They ought to also have little beepers on the chairs for the patients to call a nurse so they can communicate two ways instead of one when the nurse or staff decide to grace their patient with a chat. My little sister said to me “concentrate on my mom, B’ and she was with my mom in the next room with a huge window and a doorway so it was weird because I was only watching for a few minutes and trying to listen to what was occurring some would say being nosey but that is important to be that way in a place that you find a woman on the floor bleeding out her nose profusely and no one attending her.

Before we arrived my sisters went to the bathroom in the entryway of the joint while I talked to some birds (Cockatiels) in their cage. Whistling back and forth and after the visit and the emergency about the woman on the floor both birds were on the bottom of the large cage on the back corner one on one side and one on the otherr side. Weird, as if they had some kind of sense about it.

As I said David was the last person at the hospital before my mom died said my older sister and his DEAR WIFE was beside herself. David Sherman my little sister’s 2nd husband the one that said looks eerily like the DOD Chuck Hagel (How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood Chuck Hagel) the one that said Get Ready America and didn’t question Obama’s motive which is his job to question motives since he had the job as the head of Department of Defense for America but was appointed by Obama and wasn’t really working for America but against America and resembles the ring bearer at one of the ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth at her Diamond Jubilee a few years ago (2012). Also resembles the man in the hallway when JFK was assassinated while Oswald was ushered through the hallway with the crowds of police, etc who looked like George Ball and that was the person that JFK mentioned in regards to the President of Vietnam Diem’s assassination in his White House tapes regarding that subject.

Isn’t that interesting?

My oldest sister said that my little sister was beside herself but I have no idea where she was at the time She didn’t say. They never told me they were ho-spicing my mom till she was dead. Then they tell me matter a fact like. No remorse.

Isn’t that interesting!

Ever since he arrived in the family

when we hugged greeting type hugs or goodbye type hugs

it was like hugging a corpse.

Barrel chested and very similar to what happens to people when they die. He’s a STIFF.

Very uncomfortable to me like his chest was hard as a rock. DEAD. Strange. Anyway you can see why I didn’t want to take my kids without friends to their home to stay in the bedroom in the garage.

Seemed like a trap of some kind.

He had had a heart attack before he met my sister online at a dating site.

I remember when my dad was in the hospital before he aspirated when I visited him during his sickness he couldn’t talk and he watched my little sister like a hawk and followed her every movement when she flitted about in his room which I will never forget.

I wish I had understood at the time, but I didn’t. I was not aware of the things that I am now. I thought he was depending on her and it appears he was ambushed and he knew it and was quite aware for being as sick as he was at the time and I think it was his way of showing me something without talking because he couldn’t at the time and normally when very sick and in the hospital you are able to relax and let the people help you but his eyes never stopped watching her. And she had been with them before that for a while and sure seemed like she was helping them but I think she was controlling them and using them. It takes a lot of energy to keep eyes open when very sick and on drugs and do what I witnessed. I could tell it wasn’t that easy because his eye lids were heavy. Anyway the day he was going home he aspirates and she said she had gone home to clean up their apartment when it occurred and I never investigated then if that was true because I wasn’t suspicious then but after all the weird e-mails from her and her other personality I became suspicious.

When I was deathly ill my first time with Sepsis and abdominal peritonitis she told me she would care for my kids and instead went him to do laundry because her husband said it was piling up. So she didn’t help with the kids and I think it’s kind of funny she went to clean their apartment in the ARC and my dad dies seems eerily like a similar type lie in regard to babysitting my kids while I was sick and my dad when he died. She does have a problem with the truth. A bit QUIRKEY/Quirky that way. I don’t know the depth of her quirkiness because i don’t live with her, etc but I imagine that was why daddy was watching her like a hawk. I don’t think he trusted her for some reason even though she seemed quite efficient and busy. Performing? Showing off? Not sure. But if she was deeply into the christianity that Billy Graham teaches I would imagine she didn’t know what she was doing sometimes. AS IN POSSESSED!!! “Forgive them Father, They know not what they do.” said Jesus, but someone knows. Obviously Jesus didn’t like getting crucified. It wasn’t necessary the plan to be crucified or there would be nothing to forgive if that was what he planned to do. Isn’t that right? Or is it? We have different accounts of the crucifixion that give different clues such as I lay my body down and raise it up again etc. (paraphrased) Those are opposite in meaning to each other and ought to be noticed by now. Were there more than one Jesus or did Jesus come more than once.

When my dad was near death after aspirating on a pill the day he was being discharged from the hospital I got the phone call and flew in from Dallas to San Antonio and my sister picked me up at the airport and drove to the hospital and there was a dove on the lawn beneath his window dying or stunned. And we got out and I moved it to the shade. And then went in the hospital to see dad and I got to listen to my siblings discuss his condition and determining if they should allow him to die or fight for his health and the three of them wanted to let him go and I wanted to fight for his life. I wanted him to have an opportunity to fight the problem which is doable if you try at least sometimes. He died shortly after that somehow. They said he wouldn’t want to be in a certain condition in life etc but when people are very sick they are in a condition they don’t want to be in because it is either painful or miserable until they are cured or medically assisted to make them heal. No one likes to be sick even with a cold. Should we not take medicine because we wouldn’t want to live with a cold or flu and allow it to overtake us, etc? You can die over minor things if you let yourself die of minor things or if others let you die. We wouldn’t have cures for diseases if we didn’t fight for life. That is the mind set of idiocracy and a cop out if you give up and surrender to death because you don’t like being sick or others being sick.

The dove might have lived. We didn’t check to find out because of what we were going through.

It took quite a bit of unfolding to grasp the meaning of my dad’s behavior. He wanted to live and so did my mom and she wanted to live to 105 and outlive her grandmother. So we have definitely regressed in the medical field since Obama took office under the direction of Roman Catholicism and Kissinger who groomed him and assisted them with their child abuse debacle (hired by the Vatican) using abortion and women’s rights and ho-spicing/inheritance as their weapons.


It is not blissful to die without being able to breathe, KRISTEN! As it would have been not blissful for you and for him if I allowed your son Malachi to fall off that ledge/ramp by the huge window at the ARC near the water that had no barriers. You and my sisters and brother are off the right path and ought to turn around. Miracles do happen if you try to believe. What is the work of men and women towards God

Jesus (in the Gospel of John) said it was to believe. That is the work we are supposed to do.

Ho-spicing isn’t that kind of work.

Ho-spicing is believing in death but it’ cheap cheep cheep cheep!

I know Britain has lead the charge for Right to Die! WHY?

For Liberty (remember those tea bags)


The crown is german and they think they are the root of David or so they claim. Not the throne but her family (Queen Elizabeth) because they aren’t blood relatives of the family before them that I know of.

I wrote about the genealogy in the Gospel of Matthew and so have others that I included in the posts I wrote about the catch-22 in regards to genealogy. In Revelation there is a statement that John the Revelator says I am the root of David. So we have the monarchy trying to prove themselves as the root of David. There could be more than one David as there are in my family via divorce and in this country there are tons of people named David. I have no idea if that is a true statement in Revelation, because how could I ….I didn’t write it.

Jesus in the Gospel of John didn’t say he was the root of David. Why not, if that was so important and neither did Jesus say he was the root of David in the other three synoptic gospels. You would think he would say that if it were true somewhere. What he said are those statements about I am in the Gospel of John which is written about when Moses met God. Those posts are on Merangue’s Blog talking about the abomination and desolation in two parts. Go check it out. There might be two Johns as well. In my family we have 3 Johns that I know of and there are tons of Johns in the world today.

Britain helped the USA and were our allies against nazism but that was because of Winston Churchhill and others but that does not necessarily mean that the crown helped to fight Nazism. They may have been double agents for nazism. Didn’t the Prince of Wales have a conversion on the way to Damascus? Like Paul had a conversion on the way to Damascus? He mentioned it quite a while back meaning he had become a follower of Islam. Had his kids tagged with some chip. I don’t know but they didn’t have much power at that time of WWll and were more like figure heads without power for entertainments sake and did a lot of staged type work to be seen and promote things that the government/religion liked people doing and because people like to see a queen and a princess etc and I have no idea if that has changed since but I bet it has changed with the rise of Roman Catholicism worldwide over the years and their desire to rule the world. That’s Faith For U. Chipping your own kids with AIFD chips. LIKE THE CELL PHONE AP TO KNOW WHERE YOUR DEAR WIFE IS AT ALL TIMES which a while back I told my sister when we still were friends to turn off that ap. And like the GPS in our cars. My eldest sent with my daughter for me to her old GPS. I haven’t installed it and not sure I will because so far even though i get lost a bunch in territory I don’t recognize I still know how to read a map and I have a mapso that I use as well sometimes. Anyway it’s good to use your own brain keeps it active and not someone else’s and after the wake/viewing debacle of my mom and the many lies I have encountered from her I’m suspicious of her generosity since it wasn’t my idea. It was hers.

My youngest sister was rear-ended I think by a truck recently and she told me she was unconscious (e-mail) though the way I heard about the accident before that was via the ex who said he read about it on Face Book when David her husband announced it regarding his Dear wife to their friends. I wonder if that AP had anything to do with her accident, or perhaps the GPS. But it wasn’t that long after he had her install that AP on her cell phone that the accident occurred. My oldest daughter was also rear ended a while back before that serious accident involving my sister but did not suffer unconsciousness. She had a sore body the night from the day of her accident because a woman hit her from behind though at a slow rate of speed because either she was eating or reading something in her car soon after we saw that man at a restaurant who was acting possessed and kept looking at me off and on and she saw it as well. My daughter told me to grow up when she lied to me about the arrangements and notification about the arrangements about my mom today and usually daughters don’t say that to their moms. They say a lot of things but she never has said that. SISTERS SAY THAT TO SISTERS. So those keys really were significant that my ex put in my purse that she lost before she left to honor my mom. She must have suffered a black out in her conversation with me. Her dad, my ex would say it to me to put me down like he likes to do. He is a loser and will lose her I guarantee it. It’s a matter of time and his is getting ever so short. He has had ample time to know the difference between right and wrong and keeps using tricks and lies.

The Kirchers are of german descent and entertained with the Bushes up north and some place I can’t remember the name but it will come to me. On the tip of my brain.

Billy Graham who is an evangelical (AVENGING ANGEL) BGEA started his career in England and is a shill for Roman Catholicism as his son Franklin is as well. I think they also are of German descent and sported an english accent when talking about the Beatles in one of my posts about JFK and so did Nellie Connally which you can find on Merangue’s Blog. The english crown visited the White House soon before JFK was assassinated as well. They had those tall black fur hats so I know they were british.

I’m of English descent and Irish, but not German, I hope. Not that they are all bad but they are pretty EFFED UP for the future I think since they just won’t give up on their idiotic ideas abut God. I would imagine God will probably give them another harsh spanking soon. I don’t know though. Anyway there is a book called The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea by TIm Cohen which goes over some of their lineage claims and some other interesting things as well about secret society type junk and some things about the bible. I have no idea if it is correct but interesting and a bit of a hard read. Check out page 191 which talks about a restraining chain and I thought of Dick Cheney, perhaps his daughter. They have been making the news lately, I noticed. I don’t know with any certainty but the unicorn could be Al Gore because of the myths he has promoted and he’s white.  LOL. Unicorns have one horn plus the horn would be like a goring kind of horn. They look like a screw up to the tip because they twist around so they bore like a screw screwing everyone. And he’s kind of boring, don’t you think? I’m not good at imagery. But I noticed he was in the news real recently though I didn’t read the story. I will think about it because I kind of remember something about corn recently but not enough to write about it. I know the bible also talks about a one horned animal of some kind somewhere in the bible that charges or something and the horn breaks.

Like I wrote i this post where did the word Christ come from? The bible says it is an interpretation of the word Messiah but it seems to lead to some very dishonest people. Christ sounds german to me but I’m not a linguist. Where did the nazis run to after WW11? Argentina, I think. Where is Pope Francis from? Columbia? While you wrestle with that poser do you remember the 1972 Summer Olympics?

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.42.20 PM

Nothing propinks like propinquity,

isn’t that right, George?

what a coward.

Phrase popularized in the 1960’s by US diplomat George Ball called Balls Rule of Law as in BAUL/SAUL/PAUL’

1 Corinthians 3:22

22 Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are your’s;

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all!

I prefer aqua marine and all those other gems,

diamonds are so common like lumps of coal.

In fact, people should buy original rings made by original artists that make a statement:

35 Stunning Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride

25 Stunning Engagement Rings That Aren’t Made With Diamonds

Unique Gemstone Rings Women

Then there are the ones that you have to look for made by great artists who don’t need diamonds.

 Diamonds are best used to cut glass and burr metal holes and way over used and over priced!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.42.18 AM

My mom had more class in her little finger than all the diamonds in the world and a lot of courage.


I think it is a possible a double entendre


dad in army

This is my dad.

Does he look like all he cares about is money or rank?

I think he is handsome but I admit one of his eyes is weird and I took after him that way. He had some moles. Had a great sense of humor and when he laughed it came from his chest.

Remember I said that my eldest sister said he went back to Vietnam for his career. So her perception of what my mom would want is far different than mine and she was in charge of the estate and my little sister received $35,000 ahead of time and saved it in her savings account.

In the brochure it says some stuff about my mom and dad and when my mom witnessed the the attack of Pearl Harbor and then the brochure mentions this: “About that same time, the Pearl Harbor attack occurred while Dot was visiting her sister Lorene in Hawaii. She volunteered at the hospital to help care for the wounded, and was soon SPIRITED BACK to San Francisco on a ship observing BLACK-OUT RULES.”

In the last post on this blog I wrote about those guys in France who were on The Kelly File last night who encountered a terrorist and took him down (the terrorist) and saved many lives on that train in France and two of them in a matter of two minutes mentioned BLACK-OUTS. And also the fact that one of the guys of the four was missing and hasn’t been heard from FOR SOME REASON. MAYB HE DIDN’T OBSERVE THE BLACK-OUT RULE?

Anyway in the brochure it also says: SELF PROMOTION SHIT ABOUT MY SISTER

“Though Dorothy never fully recovered from losing Walt, she was always cheerful, incredibly sweet and extremely grateful for the attention and care given to her in her last few years. Her daughter Diane moved nearby and spent many long afternoons pampering Dorothy and overseeing her care.”

Notice the wording starting with the first sentence “Though Dorothy never fully recovered from losing Walt”

NOT DAD? Her Husband? And was it necessary I mean obviously she loved him and no one fully recovers when losing a loved one. Why not write about Jennifer losing her daughter Juliette. She preceded Mom. Could have said at the end of the brochure Diane never fully recovered from losing her grand-daughter and took care of her mom a bunch. But she did recover, didn’t she. Perhaps she was doing PENANCE with mom and got tired of doing it.

Anyway she was talking about ho-spicing two months ago. Who was the intended audience of this pamphlet about my mom? Her friends are very old so must have been for family.

Gee I wonder who wrote the brochure? DAVID SHERMAN? Gary? Gary’s kids?

We did not call my dad WALT in this manner. We called him dad when conversing to each other about him or when talking to him. Now the Kircher kids called their dad Gary in conversation and when talking about him so it is possible the Kirchers wrote the brochure but my siblings DID NOT as far as I can tell author this brochure. I don’t remember the Kircher kids calling my dad Walt though. They called him Poppy. Same goes for my little sister’s kids. They called him Poppy. Plus the brochure is really choppy which is not the style of anyone in my family that I know of. Too many short sentences. My eldest sister is real picky about writing and had a hard time keeping things to a minimum such as christmas letters that usually were type written and about 10 pages long about everything going on in their family. The last one I got from my eldest sister was one page long and then a montage of pictures of her and her kids. SO something AINT RIGHT. It’s between David and Gary IMO.

Now that is VERY unusual since they were not blood-related but might make sense not to know some important things and Gary has been around awhile. David Sherman has not been around a while and would not know some important stuff like Sea World, the clothes, tour of duty, Poppy, etc I read a letter to the Arc about the shepherd’s hook that my sister supposedly wrote and I highly doubt it was her. It seemed to be in the same style as this brochure when they suggested that particular style of a bird feeder hanger at The ARC to my sister as if pandering her and her senses. What the heck and why would they suggest a hanger for a bird feeder she hadn’t yet bought. Isn’t that a bit strange? Kind of manipulative and self promoting as if they are on her side.

The sleeping arrangement of the guests (family) for this viewing was the kids stayed with Diane and Davids house at least for a couple of days while my daughter came and my eldest and her husband stayed elsewhere  and same with my brother and his wife. And they told my daughter they were not mad at me for not coming even though no one told me the arrangements or invited me to come. Never heard via e-mail or phone from my sisters or my brother anything other than the call that my mom had died and few snippets of information such as Diane was beside herself and not with David at the time and David was at the hospital when my mom’s death occurred.That she would not have wanted to live with COPD or in that condition and that they ho-spiced her two weeks before and that there was some treatment that they disputed about at the hospital, the hospice, and the ARC for my mom and then she died. Later the ex said that Alzheimers and Dementia causes COPD which is not true. It is BULLSHIT! What does one have to do with the other except forgetting to take a breath which is unlikely. Old people frequently get UTI’s especially in old folks homes which requires oxygen when it get’s bad enough. There is no relationship between conditions but that was his answer about Alzheimers and Dementia causing COPD when I compared my mom’s treatment to his mom like they had the right to hospice her. His mom received therapy (she’s catholic) that he exclaimed about her fantastic health soon after my mom had died. I mean exuberant. THOUGHTFUL. He barely had anything to do with her in many years. Seemed kind of unconcerned but it was after something good had happened to me like he won some kind of FUCKED UP game which I can’t wait to be over and done with he seems to want it continue until he can bury me. I don’t get it really. I don’t understand what he gets out of the deal.
We don’t have sex so that’s not his incentive. We don’t have fun together so that’s not his incentive. We don’t really do much together and don’t really treat each other nicely but tolerate each other. So what is his reason? I remember what it was the keys that he stuck in my purse that my daughter lost that I wrote about and my daughter home with the back door open that she told me about a few days later and her cat Gatsby was missing and turned out not to be missing. He was upset for me to have caught him being the last in my purse and with her keys and called me stupid. This was before she went to San Antonio for the wake or what ever you call it. It’s like some kind of torture being here I must say. I’m prevented rom everything because of IMO Roman Catholicization of the world and their way of handling the world. As if he couldn’t live without me? I don’t understand why anyone would want to subsist this way without some kind of compensation so I suspect he is getting some somehow or somewhere. Anyway I guess that’s how I got 20 dollars? I think he is getting compensation from them using my daughter and possibly blackmailing but I don’t know but in essence ruining my reputation in a way for their reputation because they have money. I think. I don’t know for sure of course but the timing is strange. I guess he’s my keeper. NO thanks. LOL. He keeps stalling about the electric in the house for 220 and more electric for the workshop in the garage. I can’t paint porcelain portraits until it is installed and the man that will do it is always busy though he promises to do it because my kiln needs a 220 outlet to work.Been going on for months. I haven’t painted portraits o porcelain for quite a few years since I moved from his dream home I helped to fund not from inheritance money which I never got but via a loan from my brother that was transformed into something else even though it wasn’t in the contract he wrote and signed. He’s a lawyer but I guess the rules don’t apply to lawyers just the feeble minded who were manipulated and lied about at the time by everyone she (me) knew except her parents who are now deceased and used by her ex and he went bankrupt and would not sell the house which was where the money would have been paid back to my brother as a last resort. I feel it is related to the portraits I painted for my sister that she absconded from my mom of the lady in red with the bonnet and the one I did of Juliette that my other sister told her divorced family was painted by some artist she hired somewhere or other, not me for some reason. That’s strange IMO. Wonder why DIane got rid of those pictures of my parents friends. Must be a reason besides not wanting to go through them and could have just boxed them and sent them out like she did my mom’s clothes. I feel like some kind of insurance card for my ex and my family but I don’t know against what or whom. My mom wold me the last time I vested to continue painting portraits and I would if I could.

My dad wrote a synopsis of their life that I talked about and stapled it together and gave it to their kids. I’ll have to find it to see what he says and compare to what the brochure said I’m sure I will find a few more problems in the brochure or it will jar my memory.

Unless my family blacked-out I don’t think they wrote the pamphlet/brochure about my mom or helped to write it unless they were under some kind of duress.

Now my mom on the other hand called my dad Walt. But she wrote well and wasn’t so weird. She had been published after all for a short story she had written and she knows she didn’t make all of our clothes and she knows we know that. LOL. In fact she didn’t sew much when in real estate except for an out fit she made for me for a Sorority dance I went with a boy I was infatuated with in my sophomore year of High School. A surfer. She sewed a bunch when we were kids but as we got older it got harder to do since we were bigger and she had other things to do. So why the lies? Diane used to exaggerate a bunch. i could mention a few but I won’t but having to do with sex. LOL

Starts with an sw…..s and ends with 4 times a week throughout her marriage.

 I guess that’s why they got divorced????

I love lace, but not to that extent and my name isn’t LINDA. LOL

When my daughter and I were having problems after her ER experience and the bullying in school etc she called me a name I didn’t like starting with a C. So I tried to have her punished for it such as taking her cell phone etc but it wasn’t allowed so I decided not to pick her up and called her dad to pick her up instead and instead she had a friend pick her up from the school she was attending in any case I kept the garage door closed and asked her to write a note to apologize about it and she refused. Told her to date and sign it and I would let her in the garage. Anyway she wrote a note to my sister who at the time was helping me deal with my daughter and thought I should be able to punish her for calling me a  c word. Playing two sides of the field I guess. Her dad was against punishment because he loved her calling me a c… I got that e-mail recently from my sister that my daughter sent to my sister defending herself and saying bad stuff about me . She was only 16 and 16 year olds are not easy to handle sometimes and when I got it I asked my daughter about it and she remembered it. It was quite a while ago when this happened yet my sister sent it when she and I were not mincing words between each other and I compared her to Darlene Routier a few months ago. Trying to cause trouble. She kept that on her phone to use against me and it didn’t work. TA-DA  Could have been two years ago or one. She didn’t call me a c word after that because I made a stink about it.

Here is that email:

On Dec 18, 2013, at 2:41 PM, Diane Howard-Sherman wrote:
>> I don't think you understand considering you don't live with her, nor will you try to help her. What she tells you, is a hell of a lot different than what actually happens. Don't talk to me about this when the source of my attitude and anger is your sister which whom I don't consider my mom anymore.

But she does consider me her mom still it was just an argument a dispute with a teenager going through some things and her dad taking advantage of it and my little sister and her DEAR HUSBAND taking advantage of it.


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.36.02 PM

I wrote a post that included some deep thoughts about time forward and backward and about Obama’s birthday. I said I thought he was 44 when he took office and had a birthday about a year ago making a big deal about it and he was 53 where the reporters were dead silent you could hear a pin drop at a White House briefing. And I was suspicious he may have actually been in office more than two terms. Perhaps I was right. I’m not sure which blog but most of my posts go back and forth between blogs and the main one is called Merangue’s Blog which which links many of my posts. It got to be too hard to  organize after a while because i had written so many posts that i stopped being concerned about it. Like my abode. I let the ex handle it most of the time. the cat box, the dog poops, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming. shampooing the rugs and a lot of laundry and the dishes though I do do it sometimes if i don’t have any to use that are clean. LOL

Mark 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets shall rise,

and shall shew signs and wonders,

to seduce, if it were possible, 

even the elect.

I know my mom was the President of the Army Wive’s Club, but not often. I know of once that she did in I think Ft. Benning and possibly twice but not often as the brochure says. Often is not a few which is usually more than two. Often is more than a few. I’m not sure when she was a columnist or which base but I kind of recall it.

Which reminds me of the Mustard Seed Dilemma in the Synoptic Gospels which I wrote about in a few POSTS

which are on Merangue’s Blog.

My dad served in Vietnam and served a year later in Vietnam after he came home for a year. He did not serve several years later. We had him home for a year in between his tour of duties. So something ain’t right with this brochure. The brochure calls it duties instead of tour of duties which is kind of interesting. My mom would have called it Tour of duties and so would my family. My elder sister would have edited it to make sure it was correct and she didn’t for some reason.

Then it talks about my mom’s hobbies and talents and forgets to mention ceramics to the extreme. She had many molds. Filled up the garage shelves with ceramic molds but sold them and gave them away before they moved to the ARC. She was not much into painting on canvas but she painted tons of good stuff on porcelain. One of the paragraphs ends with Dot and Walt often played bridge with friends and made a point of enjoying the cultural opportunities the city offered. That is schmuck talk. Sounds like a brochure of the city of San Antonio and not for a personal brochure about my mom. It also mentions some of the things they did with the kids and forgets SEA WORLD which we did a bunch and not even mentioned and often in comparison to being President of the ARMY WOMAN’s CLUB. Dad loved dolphin and they loved taking the grandkids to SEA WORLD and they did it a bunch. At least once a year or more. They bought yearly season tickets so they could go as often as they like through the time it was opened. How do you buy a home you built?

The second to last paragraph is about Diane moved nearby and spent MANY long afternoons pampering Dorothy and overseeing her care. And she did, but is that necessary? Might have been cool to do it on DIane’s brochure when she dies but on theirs. Oh well they have something to prove I suppose, but if you have to pander a daughter for loving her mother for $35 000 it’s a bit GROSS.


So David is pandering his Dear Wife and feels obliged and justified to use that $35,000. It’s his TOUR of DUTY.

I didn’t know David Sherman’s middle name was CHARLES.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 6.15.50 PM


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.42.06 AM

The last visit with my sisters to see my mom my eldest sister told me that General Cushing (she might have said Cush, but my ears perked up at that time because of the name) recently visited her son who is a doctor in the Army about my dad who has been deceased for quite a long time.

Isn’t that kind of weird! I wonder why!

I know I’m being watch closely and messed with in numerous ways. I was before i was operated on the first time when I was super sick and I tried to reveal it but no one believed me. I had a company messing with me, and family and probably a few other people. MY dad I think he and my mom figured it out and were able to communicate via my mom some things that they knew and other ways as well which I appreciate a bunch. For some reasons the other part of my family want to obstruct it and diminish it and attacked they call it self preservation but it’s far worse especially in these days and what we are encountering not very well. I’m doing what I can because I don’t know what else I can do. I’m not in the Senate or Congress and have no control over what they don’t do. But ROME DOES and I don’t think it will delay the inevitable. I think the delay has nothing to do with those using Catholicism for their protection. I think that will backfire on them pretty soon.

Just had a conversation with my daughter and after listening to her complain about work about one stuff I asked about my family at the funeral/wake whatever T’was and she told me that I did have the information about the details of the funeral/wake/whatever T’was and I said no I didn’t and she said she told me and I said you didn’t tell me anything till you got there to San Antonio because she didn’t know anything about the arrangements till she got there (and she said on the conversation before she got there it was because I didn’t have any money is why I wasn’t going to the funeral/wake at that time) and when I got a hold of you and she said that her dad said that Tootie talked to me about the arrangements and Tootie didn’t talk to me about the arrangements. She only talked to me when my mom was dead to announce it to me and hadn’t even made the arrangements but was having to go to San Antonio to make them (the arrangements) because she was not allowed to do it by phone and I asked her why and she didn’t know why but was going to fly in to San Antonio to make the arrangements. So I said that my daughter was lying to her and that her dad is lying. He didn’t hear a conversation between me and Tootie and I only had a one conversation with her when she told me my mom had died. And then my daughter told me that I need to grow up, so I hung up on my daughter. That is crazy!

Pretty hard to handle when people lie and are deceived. Her dad helping to achieve that goal. He said I talked to Tootie my eldest sister after I had the initial news about my mom’s death  from her by phone and HE IS LYING TO HER. And of course she trusts her dad but she shouldn’t because he is a liar (CATHOLIC) in every way I hope he dies so I can have her back forever. I begged her not to go and apparently I was right to be concerned. He is using her as he is using me and it won’t succeed in the end of them. Anyway as far as insurance I don’t think it will work I think he is in for a BIG SURPRISE and I will win his FUCKED UP game. God knows the truth and He knows whats happening and why. LIke I said she is still alive just not remembering correctly – had her memory sucked while she was there. God doesn’t forget. I know He will protect her for me somehow I just can’t reveal how because I don’t know how. But He will. It is very hard to deal with in the mean while but it is a matter of time and I won’t have to worry about it when that time comes and I will have my girls and those I love back the right way. So many things have happened to me and so many times I was saved and I don’t think it was for nothing. And I didn’t have to lie for it either. It was a gift.

In the Old Testament God actually stops the sun for an extra day in order to win a huge battle for the Israelites. Anyone that can do that can do what I think He can do so I have to be patient which is hard but I have no choice in that matter and have to depend upon Him to straighten things out because I can’t do it. Only He can and He will. There may be more than one ARK as there were more than one Jesus, more than one David, more than one time, and only God knows the reason why ETC.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.51.26 PM

 Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!

King James Bible
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Is one night with the Lord as a thousand years,

and a thousand years as one night?

There is a period of time after tribulation. A thousand year time.

I think everything we are going through in this country has to do with Benghazi and getting their ducks in a row and using everything possible to deceive overall and we are all kind of having to put up with their crap in the mean while. Like the Iran deal. That’s their duck. In the end times everyone in the world goes to war against God because they are being deceived for one thing and they are lying for another thing.


In the bible the OLD TESTAMENT it talks about the land of Cush (Cardinal Cushing) and Put (as in Putin).

Cardinal Cushing of Rome was the one that was at the naval station ANNAPOLIS where the naval academy is located on the east coast when JFK was assassinated and was involved in the marriage of JFK and Jackie Kennedy and his funeral. Officiated both ceremonies. THAT’S A SET UP. Why would a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church (a very famous one) be at a naval academy? Who does the Navy take it’s orders? The Vatican?

Anyway not recognizing the signs or reading about the signs in the bible and UNDERSTANDING THE SIGNS is a

monumental mistake for the loser.

Might have been a good idea to have been kind

and truthful.

Isn’t that what truthfulness is?……KINDNESS.

Second half of the FIRST COMMANDMENT:



Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.07.34 PM


Syrian Girl on the monumental media deception behind the crisis


U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria

and blame it on Assad’s regime’ 

YUP I think it’s the truth and because of the Golan Heights.


Border Song by Aretha Franklin

Wrote about it while it was occurring and some people made some you tubes (those awful truthers) about it as it was occurring showing corpses changing clothes and nuns running around dragging crying children without masks in Sarin contaminated areas with nuns wearing painters masks on which is impossible without succumbing to death and then the rice that was shipped from India or China that poisoned a bunch of people in Syria were probably one and the same that died and Obama was dying to send warships to the area etc. And not to mention the tape of some military men overheard by Germany talking about poisoning with sarin. Oh that was a good one. Syria seems to have substantiated it’s reputation written about in the OT as a Burdensome Stone. Certainly didn’t contradict it.




I think he is blowing steam about the Iran deal for a vote in his future career. It sure isn’t gonna feel too good when he gets nuked. I think both Washington DC the White House, The Senate, the House of Representatives, all the other departments of the Federal government, such as the Supreme Court and the Treasury Department and not to mention The Pentagon and the Vatican are very close to that conclusion.

Blood rising to the horses bridle may mean their own blood.

Believe me it isn’t 25 years away. It’s on our doorstep or Obama and those helping him wouldn’t be causing all this commotion and smokescreen. When I heard that Iran wanted to destroy Israel in 25 years I had to laugh. That is one BIG LIE and we are welcoming it. DUH 25 years huh? Not like they are gonna tell us truthfully their time frame. Only America does that.

How come our candidates don’t mention the



Are they O phir ing to mention it?

Might that be the blood they are responsible for shedding.


and using abortion to wield that rite.

UNBORN AIN’T BORN. If miscarriage is not born than abortion is not born,

unless partially born then that is quite different IE to show a heart beating to a woman to freak her out for political purposes.

If miscarriage is legal than abortion should be legal since EVERYONE knows that you can cause a miscarriage on purpose

probably with some version/variation of a mustard seed and a myriad of other ways which I have written about laboriously.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.46.59 PM


Rome has been doing it for eons.




The woman clerk that lost it about gay marriage attracted to the job like child molesters are to children and nut cases like the actress above to planned parenthood sites and sadistic nurses to old folks homes, it’s a problem we have to confront and deal with because like moths are attracted to a light.

Jesus when he entered Jerusalem said his burden was light. Figure it out yourself, because it’s kind of deep.

It’s so deep I’m still trying to figure it out. LOL

John 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.



Revelation 22:16

16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

Which David? The one that slew the giant, the one that danced before the ARK, the one that counted the number of his people and many people died, the one that married another man’s wife (Uriah) when he sent him to the front lines to be killed because she allowed him to see her bathe……………?


The immediate descendant or descendants of a person, animal etc: progeny

a product, outcome, or result

Offspring can mean a lot of things not necessarily what we assume it to mean. 



a :  descendantschildren

b :  offspring of animals or plants

:  a body of followers, disciples, or successors

 I think it means he came before David and he came before Abraham.
He said: He’s the root of David and Before Abraham was I am.
Chronologically biblically speaking David may have existed before Abraham?
I’m not sure it is important except that he came before and after both.
Like a good parent!
I AM the first and the last
Which reminds me of the time my mom got me out of that van at the park. It was embarrassing but she had her friend with her and did what she could to protect me while she was in real-estate and so did my dad when he helped me at a time of great duress and still does with help from above. She did other things as well that embarrassed me.  I’ll never forget the things she did for me. I’ll never forget the time I was on restriction for a long time because I stayed out with sorority girls at a drive in theater watching The Night of the Living Dead till very late/early without telling my mom and my eldest sister and my brother had my little sister and her friend throw tennis balls over the house when a few boys came to visit on the front porch and not only that but had them run around the house in different directions a few times. They really had some fun at my expense.

Went outside this morning and looked at the sky and noticed the morning star. I thought I would add part of a Wikipedia article about the morning star:

Morning Star


  • Morning star, most commonly used as a name for the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise. Venus is also the Evening Star. The ancients first thought the two were separate stars and later realized it was the same star appearing as the harbinger of the Sun in the east and marking the end of the day in the west.
  • Morning star, a name for the star Sirius, which appears in the sky just before sunrise during the Dog Days
  • Morning star, a (less common) name for the planet Mercury when it appears in the east before sunrise”

Pretty wild that it is the only star to shine in the morning and I guess the first one to shine in the evening which probably means it is closer than the other stars and brighter than the other stars and possibly bigger. The sun is considered to be a star of our solar system. The solar system’s location is in the Milky Way which is a galaxy. Sirius, the DOG STAR is the largest star twice the size of the sun in our galaxy.

 Approximately 170 billion (1.7 × 1011) galaxies exist in the observable universe.

“Sirius is also known colloquially as the “Dog Star“, reflecting its prominence in its constellationCanis Major (Greater Dog).[14]

Seriously, the morning star seems to be watching over the world, doesn’t it?


Basically stars are suns. The evolution of a star is quite interesting because they expand to a red giant if they have a certain sized mass and then degenerate when their hydrogen fuel at the core is used up:

 Once the hydrogen fuel at the core is exhausted, a star with at least 0.4 times the mass of the Sun[2] expands to become a red giant, in some cases fusing heavier elements at the core or in shells around the core. The star then evolves into a degenerate form, recycling a portion of its matter into the interstellar environment, where it will contribute to the formation of a new generation of stars with a higher proportion of heavy elements.[3] Meanwhile, the core becomes a stellar remnant: a white dwarf, aneutron star, or (if it is sufficiently massive) a black hole.

Before the Collapse of a star:

The final stage occurs when a massive star begins producing iron

I wonder why!

Iron Age

What Happens When Stars Produce Iron?


Silicon is a chemical element with symbol Si and atomic number 14.  It is a tetravalent metalloid,

more reactive

than germanium

(Pretty strange considering Germany and ISIS and Silicon Valley)

I wonder if there is a way to determine whether our sun is producing Iron. Seems kind of important considering the GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES NOW CLIMATE CHANGE ADVOCATES.

Funny how nature and things like that are connected somehow via names and purpose.

Jesus said that he did not commit to man because he knew what was in man that may be because men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.  I highly doubt he would come to earth and be non committal to mankind (man) because then what would be the point of coming at all.

Don’t you think it’s odd that the Army cadet training base in the eastern part of the United States

is called West Point? West of what?

I think it’s weird.

What Does It Matter

“What does it matter…..” was what Hillary Clinton said in regards to Benghazi and I thought this might help her and those who think it doesn’t matter:

“Matter cannot be created or destroyed—it can only be turned into something else.

I don’t know about this statement except that I think matter is turned into something else but I think it can be created or why would our universe have expanded or how could it have expanded.


That’s kind of interesting since it’s the holiest site in ISLAM. I guess God Doesn’t AGREE.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.37.46 PM

ON September 11th


Gone up to 105 dead!

Saudi authorities criticised after hajj stampede kills more than 700

Definitely something wrong with Mecca!

And on the other end of the spectrum:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.49.00 PM

A Rainbow Appeared At The World Trade Center Just Before 9/11 Anniversary

Fourteen years of tearsScreen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.52.35 PM

Sure seems like that rainbow is a heavenly sign IMO

It took me 14 years to have a child after I was married but I didn’t really try too hard to have one. In fact I was kind of ambling around in life. I wasn’t in a hurry to have one.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Judy Garland

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.22.49 PM

Ho Why!

Now he’s vacuuming. Weird.




Somewhere in the bible it talks about men being rarer than the gold of ophir and I think in terms of the end times.

Ophir (/ˈfər/;[1] HebrewאוֹפִירModern OfirTiberian ʼÔp̄îr) is a port or region mentioned in the Bible, famous for its wealth. King Solomon received a cargo of gold, silver,sandalwood, pearls, ivory, apes and peacocks from Ophir, every three years.

The Gold of Ophir

I think the reason is they are rarer than the gold of ophir is they won’t stand up for the truth and are afraid of Rome and Islam. Lightning striking a crane killing over 105 people at Islam’s holiest site ought to tell you something.


and they are a bunch of GOOD OLE BOYS and I think they will regret it. Lightning didn’t strike me after my abortion or anytime since but I bet California will regret their decision because they will abuse it. It’s an excuse not to strive for cures.

Don’t forget Newton’s Law.

The average life span will definitely decrease and those for this will bear the guilt for those that get abused by a political football.

Better prenuptialize before you marry someone, that’s for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.49.17 AM




Assisted-suicide bill approved by California Assembly

I wonder which way time is going and possibly the fires actually occurred after the passage of assisted suicide.


Just because a date goes this way doesn’t mean time goes that way. It’s up to God which way either goes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.48.07 PM

California burning

The weather is quite lovely in Texas. I think it was a big mistake to have tempted God.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.49.39 PM 

I had not heard about the fires in Oregon or Washington state but heard about it from the ex this morning and that they were worse than the ones in California yet I never read anything or heard on tv about them till now. I think it’s the reaction to an action to muck up the signs as usual to confuse and confound instead. And many people get screwed who had nothing to do with that DUMB decision in California. Like my parents who got screwed and so did I by the Hospice Crisis. But I know they are gonna be okay in the long run and I will see them again.

I found a twenty dollar bill on my desk today and I didn’t even have to ask/beg for it. A FIRST TIME EVER and after that trip to San Antonio. I wonder why? I thanked the ex for that generosity (although I think he owes me anyway. Like I said earlier what is his compensation? What is he getting out of this deal that I don’t see him getting. Ruining my daughter?)  I will win her back with God’s help and she will learn not to lie eventually.

There are lies and there are lies such as there are bikers and there are bikers. i.e. Theres a difference!

She called her dad tonight and didn’t even mention our confrontation to him which was quite harsh. I find that odd.

I wouldn’t celebrate that reaction, because it could happen to you.

It is suicidal.

something to do with IRON I would imagine. Self destructive and against the truth which is the wrong way.

The right thing to have done is reverse the decision in California. That is the right way

But the occult doesn’t do that, instead they occult the truth hoping to stand and they won’t.

That is what is going on, in my estimation.

It’s kind of like a baby that doesn’t want to learn having a hissy fit,

a tantrum.

And when that ladder is raised they will be on the bottom rung.

Kind of interesting because on Mother’s Day weekend my eldest sister a bought ticket for me to visit my mom (told me I could stay at the ARC which is cheaper than a hotel and not at my sister’s home because I was exiled) after some nasty letters about the ARC and my suspicions about them and my little sister in regards to the Shepherd’s hook bird feeder and the pictures she sent with e-mails that were od and sounded an awful lot like a mix between her and her Dear Husband (cupcakes). I was in the hospital sick as a dog and the ticket was wasted and my elder sister said “$400 down the tube.” I wonder what she meant. All I could basically say and I did with some other nasty things I had to say is “fuck the $400. I was in the hospital” to MRS. fuckhead (my eldest sister) who said that money was no object when buying a pair of flip flops.

Should be interesting what the repercussions of this decision in California will be but I don’t think it is good.

Gonna have more papers to sign when at the ER saying I want you to do whatever you can do to cure me which was assumed and now in California it isn’t. It’s a license to kill. I bet we hear a huge sucking sound out of California. Ought to affect the real-estate market as well. All those mansions are gonna be worthless!

The decision in California for Assisted Suicide probably has something to do with those starfish that turned to jelly and the plankton migration north and dead whales etc  FUKUSHIMA: Poisoning sometimes takes a while. The affects of Chernobly weren’t just the initial deaths but the deaths that occurred for years later.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.27.23 AM


Jindal: Trump ‘looks like he’s got a squirrel sitting on his head’



Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.08.43 PM

“Over the past 24 hours, Bobby Jindal has made this a top priority. The Louisiana governor earlier had fired at the Republican frontrunner with this zinger: “We know that Mr. Trump has not read the Bible, and we know this for a simple reason: Donald Trump is not in the Bible. So we know he has not read it.”


How can anyone know whether or not Trump has read the bible? Oh I see in reaction to the trumpets sounding that I wrote about. Well, you don’t know that for sure, I sure don’t know that either, but to say he hasn’t read it because he’s not in it is going on out on a limbO.

Donald Trump told O’reilly after O’reilly pidgeon-holed him that he would DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD and of course Donald Trump also said he will build a wall but I read in the bible (somewhere in the bible) is that no wall will be built, so what does that tell ya?


I don’t think we will need one.

Said that he won’t tear down the scaffolding around the renovation of the White House only to rebuild it if he is elected because he heard rumors (from the builders) it would not be completed. However his adversaries are saying it will be completed. He’ll leave it and use computer rendering if he needs to for photos.

He also said he doesn’t drink. Milk Shakes?

He said he likes O’reilly. NO ONE LIKES O’REILLY. He has no redeeming qualities that I have been able to aspertain.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.48.36 PM

Portland artist uses period blood for Trump portrait

“Artist Sarah Levy titled the portrait “Whatever.” It depicts Trump mid-sentence with one eye completely blotted out by red and his infamous hair windswept with streaks of dark blood.”

I just found out a few days back from my eldest daughter (because I didn’t realize it) menstrual discharge slough isn’t only blood. She said it wasn’t blood but I read it is and sure looks like it but not like blood that comes out of your arm if your wrist is cut. The reason we got into this subject was because of talking about swimming in the ocean and attracting shark and said that shark aren’t attracted to menstruation (which I’m not sure if that is true) and it kind of progressed from that subject to the makeup of menstrual fluid.

They’re eggs and uterine lining to seat the eggs for possible interaction with one of zillions of sperm if they are smart enough to find it. It’s called natural selection, separating the men from the boys in the seminary pool of their penal institution. Anyway it has blood (because it clots, I think) in order to stick to the uterine wall and in it also hormones and other things which is why it has a a peculiar smell unlike regular blood. WHile some might call it unclean it is important stuff. Sweat is unclean. etc. (Probably why Mary when she saw Jesus after he had arisen before he saw the Father would not let her touch him, because she was menstruating and back then they didnt have kotex and tampons. So it was his way to be subtly kind about her condition. A tee-twanty-ton moment. What my family called the Grand Tetons when we camped nearby because of the smell we noticed. ) That is why it is important for girls to have privacy during menstruating and in the old days women menstruating separated from the rest of their tribe to menstruate.  It’s quite a big deal and yet our public schools won’t allow a girl to go to the bathroom because of some 10 minute rule yet if a boy asks they allow it. Which is crude and dumb. Girls ought to be able to retreat in their homes during menstruation and maybe a bit before the process of menstruating to relax while this is occurring and take homework home to makeup for absence and screw the attendance rules for money. Not like the teachers are worthy of holding the attention of youth especially these days. If they are worth what they earn they could come up with homework plans for the female during menstrual periods. It is a stressful physical process occurring in the female body and ought to be respected as it was in the old days instead of a freak occurrence of some freaky stuff without regard to what it might do to the female and how it might affect her feelings about herself and her body and what her body is capable of which is miracle and instead treated like a number. They lose blood and some more than others and some tend to have low iron and can pass out, faint, suffer from diarrhea and vomiting during periods and have many other health problems as a result etc. affecting their bodies, if not eating the correct amount of the right foods and getting the vitamins they need, resting, which could affect the outcome of future pregnancies and might end up with smarter offspring and a smarter human race with less problems passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another with better results and probably avoid millions of miscarriages. Like what terrorism, war, immigration, and migration, bad economy does to the female who is ovulating or menstruating which I’m sure causes some major problems at the time of and later in life and those that cause terrorism and wars and migration for their political and religious deceptions probably are responsible for more deaths to the unborn than personal abortions and miscarriages added together. So they better watch out what they do and better do it for the right reasons or they will have a lot to answer for.

Psychological terror is also DESPICABLE.  I have seen a bunch of it in the last few years via the press. Isn’t that right , GRETA? Game over and all that kind of shit. It’s not good to mess with people’s minds because it might backfire.

Not to mention keeping women down via persecution and screwing up the middle-class with notions about AUSTERITY. That is not good for women of child bearing years and could in God’s eyes be considered


I was accused of stealing the Yaeger Meister a minute ago. LOL

Timing is everything.

Anyway went outside and in the dark noticed a frog hopping from my car to under the ex’s car. It could nave been a teeny weeny rabbit but I thought it was kind of weird.

How many eggs is a female human born with?

“I did not know the answer but would have guessed a few thousand – the one we release each month during the reproductive years plus a bunch more for good measure. Thanks to smart phones, we soon learned it’s much much more than that…. in fact, we lose a thousand eggs every month. Wow!”

Female hysteria

This  may be what is occurring with the clerk who went nutty with Mike Huckabee a few weeks back about issuing a license to marry to a gay couple. Read it. He has a lot to answer for, IMO. I think he’s a huckster.

  1. promote or sell (something, typically a product of questionable value).

As far as humility is concerned that’s not what I see when I see Dr. Ben Carson. I see an unabashed fraud. Remember these words by the candidate Dr. Ben Carson: “You get what you deserve.” Everyone knows that’s not true. Not a good candidate for the office of the Presidency, if you ask me!

I challenge you Dr. Ben Carson: What is the smallest of seeds?

Trump Criticizes Ben Carson , Says He Doesn’t Have ‘Energy’

He lacks luster.

Ben Carson was chosen by Obama for a breakfast and got attention from that point on.

I have to say this because I just can’t help myself as far as physical traits go and because I notice these things after watching some weekly show with my daughter once recently with the woman who was in The Last of the Mohicans (which i really enjoyed as a movie and her part was good too, love the music – a lot like Brave Hearts music) and is starring in this soap opera and they never move certain parts of their face.

What is the deal with Carly Fiorina’s mouth? It’s kind of weird. Hope she can loosen up for the debates and stop trying to introduce herself. We know who she is. Time to debate on the issues, isn’t it?

Just because someone doesn’t have the knowledge doesn’t mean they don’t have the know how.

I heard a lot of promises a year or so ago for votes and haven’t seen one accomplished.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.43.38 PM

Laura In-Graham says that Donald Trump has to start decorating the Christmas tree. Usually that doesn’t happen till after Thanksgiving. How about this one: he needs to start stuffing the turkey. Does she get a bonus? This is the epitome of the problem in Washington Federal worker’s compensation hand outs. No wonder she is so full of herself.

I guess, she thinks decorating skills are important for the office of the President. They are already in the process of renovation, what more does she want?

Has Laura heard the phrase?: To strive for something better.

 Probably not, those who live a cushy life, usually don’t.

The Bare Necessities

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 6.38.39 PM

Fox is promoting heavily Ben Carson I think with false polls. I don’t think he is nearly as popular except to the press when he said something about Temple tithing which I’m sure is right up her alley because she gets some of those tithes after they do the laundry. Pretty, but gross.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.53.16 PM


In the post written by New Wineskins he talks about not putting a new spirit into and old wineskins or both are spoiled. Well humans are not wine and our skin is not leather. He is talking about reincarnation or cloning.

Why not heal the spirit and heal the body.

Is that too hard for the god of New Wineskins?

Yes, it is too hard for the god of New Wineskins.

When Jesus appeared to his disciples they didn’t recognize him at first and had to THRUST their hand into his side (the wound) the one that he got when someone speared him in his side while he was on the cross to prove to them it was still him AND WHOEVER PIERCED HIM DID IT TO PROVE HE WAS DEAD, I THINK MAKE SURE THAT HE WOULD DIE OR TO HASTEN HIS DEATH BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER IF THAT HAPPENED AFTER THEY HAD HEARD HE HAD DIED SO QUICKLY. Anyway water came out of the wound as I recall, not blood. Obviously he had died or blood would have accompanied the water that came out. I have heard that whoever speared him speared his liver (Shakespeare?Britain? or reference to the earthquake and the spear?) and that was the reason the water came out of the wound (not blood). And I don’t know when the earthquake happened but I think when he died and tore the temple’s curtain from twain to twain (which may have something to do with Mark Twain as far as time goes who visited Israel and said it was desolate at the time he saw it) but the curtain (temple veil) possibly (temple evil???) was supposedly really thick and tall and the earthquake tore the veil in half or in two. Here is an article linked about it and the possible meaning of the veil being torn which talks about the height of the veil (from top to bottom) as well being changed by Josephus (Flavius? son of Matthias?) so from twain to twain may also mean width though I don’t know or in reference to time as in past present and future and who knows what other kind of time there is that we haven’t yet found:

What was the significance of the temple veil being torn in two when Jesus died?

The 2nd temple was Herod’s temple and I think it was evil (they were under Roman control/occupation/possessed at the time and Islamic control obviously since both go hand in hand) and Jesus was trying to show that it was evil and not his Father’s House or not his house anymore because of the money laundering (and sacrilege? corruption), but I’m not sure. Lots of spiritual kind of stuff that I can’t verify it’s meaning in total because of the obvious. But seems weird since we have been talking about livers being farmed in those Planned Parenthood you tubes recently by a bunch of crazy lunatics (they act like lunatics so I presume they are lunatics and are possessed/under Roman occupation/Occult sickos). I certainly can’t verify the information in this article but it’s there with some links. They talk about Christ but like I said I don’t know where that word came from but is an interpretation of the word/name Messiah. I think history provides enough of the answer to that which I hinted at somewhere in this post)

This is kind of gross:

Personal note: The last place that pus was in my body was the liver so they thought possibly my liver was the origination of the pus when I had the peritoneal abscess which poisoned my blood with Sepsis quite a while back but I haven’t been the same since because it affected me deeply among other things.

The Synoptic gospels say the curtain was torn from top to bottom and the Gospel of John says from twain to twain so I think it a perspective one Roman/Islamic and one Israel, possibly because I think as Pope Benedict XVl said, Maybe it was not the jews that killed Jesus. (paraphrased) And the synoptics might have been talking about height (physical) and the Gospel of John might have been talking about Breadth/width or time. I think time because of the twain wording.  It might have been the Roman soldier (or whoever it was) that speared him might have hastened his death or other things but also provided proof of the original body he kept (catch-22). The tomb was empty and they guarded the tomb. He was not a clone or a carbon copy.

 Obviously, that was his original body improved upon (healed) with the scar, and he appeared differently from the last time they saw him on the cross dead, swollen, bruised, beaten, cut, sliced up by thorns on his head bloodied because he had been healed. It was proof it was him: that scar or hole. If you put a new spirit in a new body you basically have replaced the whole person. IE a carbon copy, IMO. When you carbon copy something the next generation of the copy is usually not quite as clear as the first and it gets progressively worse as you go and you get memory loss and pretty soon you don’t know who you are and turn into a mind numbed slave.

It proved he was authentic and not a product of cloning (forgery) which would not have cloned that scar. Cloning is a product of DNA and a scar isn’t usually included since is not part of DNA but caused by an experience;getting speared.

I don’t believe anyone ever could have housed God in a temple or an ARK I think it was impossible then as it is now. But perhaps all of these events were to prove it or something like that or to demonstrate it as a teaching tool but seems impossible from the outset to me. It doesn’t make sense to me how a human can contain God the creator or even think he can. So that’s my take on the Ark of the Covenant stuff. I could be wrong but seems highly unlikely man can do that or would be instructed by God to do that since not only did God create the earth, but also the solar system, the universe, etc.  I don’t think it is merely physics or a physical reaction especially after the miracles I have witnessed. I think the Ten Commandments are the GOOD covenant but could be all the other stuff was because we don’t always keep them or are able to keep them sometimes because of the obvious intervention of some pretty nasty people who make it impossible to keep. But that was why they had animal sacrifice, not human because of sin. I guess the ark of the covenant was the presence of God not necessarily God. (The presents of God? The gifts?) I don’t know.

The tearing/ripping of the curtain (evil veil masking evil ) was significant.

Not like man can own God though some try using the NEW WORLD ORDER attempting to Catholicize/Islamicize the world.

IT AINT GONNA WORK and SURE HASN’T SO FAR. But they are insane so we have to tolerate their nonsense for a small bit. And if you read the news online that is what is going on INSANITY! While it may be funny and sometimes we do have to laugh because it’s good for you to laugh but it isn’t funny when misfortune comes upon you for no good reason.

My family did try to reconcile and a few were not willing and resented the attempt for some reason. My eldest sister who called to tell me about my mom’s death at the end of the conversation said she loved me and I said the same. But she didn’t love me when my mom and dad were alive or she would have tried to do the right things for them and it would have been so easy to have done the right thing a long time ago for her and her husband and she would have communicated with me about my mom when she decided to hospice her and about the arrangements. She was able to alert me of her death. I think there’s a bunch of deception about it and I think I was right about my mom and the timing when I was receiving some real indications of malice and mocking of my mom and dad in a macabre kind of way. It is easy to get drawn into it because of the way it is thrust at you from all sides. My mom was not perfect but she was the only person in the world I would choose to be my mom and the same for my dad. I was blessed. Some big tricks have been played upon my whole family and I think it is because of my beliefs and an attempt to thwart my beliefs which are based on sound logic and desire to understand. Very hard to understand the tricks though because they don’t make sense and probably meant not to make sense i.e. OCCULTIC to disperse the family and incriminate the whole family and cause havoc to undermine the truth for a profit, a false one. Truth is important and that should guide you. Anyway my mom last time I saw her said she knew about what I had written (and it’s on record on that tape) somehow not in those words but I got the feeling from what she said she was aware. She doesn’t have a computer. It was taped and my younger sister was supposed to send the tape (promised) and she didn’t and probably resents it for some reason or she has forgotten. Might have something to do with David her current husband the one she tip ties around (requiring her to lie and requiring her to be what she is not) the last one to be at the hospital near my mom before she died. Like the abortion controversy million and millions of abortions have occurred and myself and a very few people had defended it. That is nuts, but they are tip toeing around the controversy because they are afraid of the false front persecuting the females (their sisters, mothers, friends, wives, daughters and their families) for their decisions which is a symptom of tribulation. Some men and women don’t like women to be in charge of their own body. They want to FUCK THEM in every witch way using falses information, propaganda, false pictures of the fetus without veins, rumors, suppositions, etc. It is sadistic, but what is in man (I believe) is that trait and why Jesus did not commit to man.

Peter asked, “What shall this man do?” “If I will that he should tarry, what is that to thee, follow me,” said Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. The one that taught about the Father.


I AM the Bread of Life. I Am the Vine. I AM the Way (the measure and the direction), the Truth and the Life. etc.

  I’m also supposed to receive a carved hope chest of my mom and dad’s possessions that I liked and I still haven’t received it though it was promised to me when my daughter saw the family at the viewing (they reminded her and she reminded me which I had forgotten about because of all the junk going on) and before that by my parents, etc. Anyway I’m counting on those miracles!

That tis what the god of New Wineskins is trying to sell ya.:

Replacement Theology.

Ie promoting death.

Our country ought not go down that road and instead try to learn to cure: not as in leather tanning but as healing and finding cures. Strive to overcome the temptation to take the easy way out. I strive even though I have been screwed. It

s one thing to say no life saving efforts at a certain point such as during a heart attack when the bones are brittle

it’s another when you can heal and deliberately don’t for political/religious/monetary/familial angsts type purposes.

In the end times a certain church/woman sells the souls of men (and women) because she has learned the art of cloning. And by coincidence the person who writes for New Wineskins his name is ART. Go check out his site.

New Wineskins

No one puts… new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved. 
Doesn’t that sound like a tanner? Wineskins made of skins from animals or perhaps human? What happens when that wineskin breaks?…….and the next and the next…..

‘Shocking’ Report Details Purported ‘Scandalous Relationship’ Between Catholic Colleges and Planned Parenthood

Probably some kind of art in this article. I have no idea I just know the Catholic Church is one BIG PHAT LIE.

Has a picture of a baby in utero in color and we haven’t’ gotten there yet or we would be receiving those instead of sonograms in black and white when we are pregnant.

So the picture of the baby in utero is computer rendered!


Like this:

Trump releases policy paper on Second Amendment

 many in the military have PTSD and they deserve the right to protect themselves for trying to protect Americans. They earned the right to carry a concealed weapon if it’s was legally bought or awarded to them by the military. Better learn to cure PTSD instead. Marijuana might be helpful for a way to relax and laugh. 


‘Protecting Second Amendment Rights will Make America Great Again’

 Both can’t be right and both were on the Drudge Report and you wonder why there is an increase in mental illness in this country and others? This is why. Deception by the Press and whoever runs them.

We need to protect the 2nd amendment rights.

Donald Trump Just Released His Second Official Campaign Position — the Second Amendment

For many reasons 1) an agenda that is made up. A fantasy.

About 20 or 30 years ago I used to render pictures on POSER a computer rendering program for making human looking models with lighting etc..

WHAT? Fetus with no veins? Look at your wrists and see if you can see your veins. Babies have veins.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 7.58.39 AM

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

I had no idea there was a bright light in our tummy, did you? Sure didn’t see one in the sonograms I had. It might have helped. Barely could tell the sex. It’s really sick to use rendered animation for propaganda against women and girls. It’s also dangerous to have certain tests to fetuses if you plan to keep them.

It is evident that many things can go wrong in a pregnancy besides genetics. My aunt had a baby delivered by a drunk doctor and her baby didn’t live long and while he lived he didn’t live with her and her husband long because of the boys physical/mental problems. Those 9 months anything can happen and after that bad things can happen so why not find cures for those problems even those genetic problems. Then everyone is satisfied. Not just for our parents but for ourselves a little down the road and for our kids further down that road and their kids even further…………………………………

Japan & Fukushima

I hear that Japan is gonna release into the wild or rather ocean some water that has been treated from the Fukushima reactor man-made accident and are going to do it in installments. Fishermen are unhappy about it because they obviously distrust that water. I don’t know how they clean it up but if they have to do it in installments it can’t be that good. Luckily for the west coast El Nino is about to begin and I would imagine it might affect ocean currents  and change the direction of that water to a new place possibly the opposite direction. Who knows?

Remember Murphy’s Law?

Instead of preserving both spirit and skins as New Wineskins portends,

they both can be improved.


Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 9.11.26 AM

I thought she was pretty then as well, but she didn’t.

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