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Mother Teresa, Hospice and some BELIEVABLE Witnesses

Today I had a strange conversation when listening to some people of Fox News talking about a person who committed suicide during some attack in Europe and the man commenting and I don’t know who it is because I only heard it walking by the tv and he went into his explanation of ISIS saying ISIS fighters do not commit suicide and as I was walking into the kitchen from the living room where the tv was playing said bullshit. Islam teaches suicide and the rewards for suicide if taking the life of their enemy will be rewarded with a bunch of virgins but then maybe ISIS isn’t Islamic. He also said ISIS believes suicide is a huge sin. Then I said out loud because the ex was around if ISIS believes it is a sin to commit suicide they aren’t Islamic but are Catholic because Catholics believe it to be a mortal sin to commit suicide and the ex disagreed with me for some reason. I know catholics have been taught it is a mortal sin to commit suicide. I said the Ten Commandments meant murder not kill in the commandment Thou shalt not kill which more than likely is was and will be Thou shalt not commit murder. My ex said no it says kill and it’s not what it means etc as if he knows and has studied the matter or even read the bible once through or halfway through or even one book of the bible. He said to me that I don’t know what it means, hence I’m an idiot in his eyes and minimal brain. He’s missing part of the frontal lobe of his brain which you can tell by the slant of his forehead which once my dad mentioned to me probably referring to my husband at the time without saying his name, but I never forgot it. LOL It’s true. He obviously knew something of the future before I did. My ex started telling me how he avoids killing spiders on the job. He kills wasps and mud daubbers, flies and ants, fleas because he is allergic or reacts to them on his skin if he is bitten by one and other insects if he has to but I reminded him about the little mice, baby mice, he killed on the wall of our house which he sprayed THEM with Turpentine and he replied “When?” As if he hadn’t done it and I said when we had mice crawling up the bricks on the porch and then eventually he admitted killing the mice by spraying them with turpentine. Actually it wasn’t turpentine I think it was much harsher than turpentine and used in spray rigs sometimes and to clean oil based overspray after it’s dried which is tough stuff and also removes grease, thins oil base paint and a very odorous chemical which he used a bunch but I can’t remember the name of it at the moment but I will remember and add later. It was lacquer thinner. So why did he deny it in the first place? Then he admitted he didn’t want mice in our attic which is killing. He’s ridiculous and a liar through and through. Probably doesn’t kill spiders because he is one, but he does kill spiders because I have asked him to kill a few for me in the garage. I bet if he lived in Australia he would be killing spiders. I killed a few spiders in my life one in particular hidden in my daughter’s bath toy she used in her sand box outside and it was a black widow. She was only about three years old. I killed it a bunch. I saw it when I went to clean her toy in the kitchen because it was a mess and as I recall she brought it in to the house and I looked and there it was hiding in a Winnie the Pooh bath toy which had some moving parts and was a really cool bath toy of molded plastic with some deep crevices with a swing and other things. I destroyed the spider and I heard that black widows are territorial so if you find one usually there isn’t one too nearby unless it is a female with baby spiders. But I never felt safe about the sand box after it happened. Not only did I spray it with 409 or something similar I stomped on it and I ground it into the soil so there wasn’t much left of it. It was a small black widow but the way it’s front legs are long it looks wicked and it had the red mark as well and it’s poisonous especially to kids and animals. I don’t think it was pregnant but might have been and of course I would have annihilated it even more so if it were. LOL It was a ridiculous what he was trying to say. I said Jesus said (in the Gospel of John) “Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man” and he obviously represented The Ten Commandments. Phil said I didn’t know what I was talking about.  It was a sign that Jesus said “commit to man”, don’t ya think? The manly church of Rome. Probably referring to the commandment Thou shalt not kill when in actuality it was Thou shalt not commit murder and is the meaning of the commandment.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
Doesn’t say kill but he says murderer.
I didn’t murder the black widow. I killed it.

I rest my case for now.

I transcribed Christopher Hitchens Hell’s Angel a documentary on You Tube about Mother Teresa and her mission because for one thing he is British and some phrases and words are hard to understand and because the video is very fast moving and I wanted to give it the same treatment I gave to the JFK assassination when I transcribed the CBS series about the assassination of JFK. Boy did I learn a thing or two by doing it. I did it almost twice but never finished the last one for some reason. The reason I did it twice was because of what I learned the first time through and wanted to add what I had learned to it because it’s important stuff. When a parent says more than once a lesson it’s because there is a lot to learn and sometimes a deeper meaning or more than one meaning. Kids are hard in that they don’t listen or don’t always learn a lesson or when someone repeats themselves as was President Trump accused of doing people in high places acted like he was losing his mind. It used to be by repeating a lesson was how we learned by rote so you can do it in the dark. He has a young son and many of the people which work at the White House and in our government don’t want to learn like my ex.

Rote learning is a memorization technique based on repetition. The idea is that one will be able to quickly recall the meaning of the material the more one repeats it.

It works for most people, but not the ex.

He refuses to learn the lessons he should.

He refuses to even try.

Gary (my nemesis) preferred association type of learning which he taught his son which worked for his son. He had a learning disability early on and association can help jar the memory but memorization is also good and for the most part superior to learning via association and sometimes one helps the other. Mutual learning techniques. Association can be a tricky business: if you associate with something something else and one part disappears, then what? Forget both parts? I didn’t memorize the bible but it sunk in and when the prophecy in Daniel moved to the Gospel of Matthew I KNEW SOMETHING WAS IMMINENT. 

Obviously, there is a dumbing down going on in our country and probably a Catholic inspired idea to keep them in their fold.

Do you remember Nancy Pelosi’s technique? Don’t read it, just sign it.

How many pages was it she was toying with and it grew all through the Obama Administrations.

I believe the more you learn the more you remember.

There are some people who have an easier time learning than others because of pride and prejudice, and learning disabilities. Brain malfunctions. Synaptic impulses (brain synapses) don’t always have a developed receptor (receiver) or vice versa.  Style of teaching can also make a difference if someone learns or doesn’t learn no matter their capacity to recall. Art is a way to teach. Music and Poetry. There are lots of different ways to teach and to learn but only using one type of technique might be destructive such as CORE TEACHING. 1 plus 3 may be 5 blah blah blah or the whole is greater than it’s parts (Obama style or NIMROD’s STYLE) but THAT depends on the part, doesn’t it?

Or if the part depends on THAT, etc.


I recall a picture of JFK with woman and it was a picture of the back of his head in the photo but the part was different. The hair part. Anyway I am going to add the transcription but want to say I did the best I could and will add snapshots from the film of things I noticed or think are pertinent as I go forward and a link to the you tube for convenience for the reader (to let the reader understand;) I did it on Word so have to make a few corrections as I find the corrections because there are a few things not quite perfect as I’d like but I think it is important to display on my blog today not quite complete and because from Word to blog post it looks different and because reading is different than listening especially if you are hard of hearing or are waylaid by interruptions or interference, spiritual and/or physical interference.

It’s about Mother Teresa, hospice and a lot of her victims.

Hell’s Angel by Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens: –All over this unhappy globe there are heroic volunteers putting up a selfless battle on behalf of the wretched of the earth, but only one of these is considered to have an invisible means of support to be nothing less than a saint. What makes Teresa of Calcutta so divine? Irish Woman’s voice:

(probably a reporter)

–Long before Mother Teresa’s helicopter touched down about twenty past eleven this morning the crowds were gathering here at Knock.

Knock Shrine (Mary’s Hill)

Priest: –Among all of you who have made this pilgrimage to Knock this afternoon we are privileged to have with us as a special guest at THIS MASS a pilgrim who has come from afar (afire?), a woman whose worldwide symbol for goodness and holiness…

(Picture of John McLauphlin a tv news commentator of the show titled The McLauphlin Group who at the end said BYE BYE and became famous for his sign off from the show pictured here sitting next to Billy Graham and other people with a cross behind them and in white coverall with a big blue cross on their chests and girls in blue behind them similar to the colors of Mother Teresa on her head anyway. So sort of cultish stuff going on, IMO. Reminds me of the airport scene at Love Field in Dallas when JFK greeted the crowds behind the fence right before he was assassinated about 15 minutes or so later.)

Christopher Hitchens:

–Not many claims (Picture of Billy Graham and BYE BYE John McLauphlin of The McLaughlin Group anyway I think it is who is sitting with Billy Graham)

made by the Irish clergy are widely or uncritically accepted even in Ireland, but the saintliness of an Albanian nun named Agnes Bojaxhiu is a proposition that’s accepted by many who are not even believers. Mother Teresa herself receives extravagant adulation as no more than her due: Priest:

(with hand making some kind of statement. I think it’s a catholic priest hand thing they might learn in their training to be a priest to look priestly with a little tongue kind of trying to act like Jesus portrayed in some movies like Rhodes scholars have their hand signals when making a point with their thumbs even a baptist minister often shown on Fox news advertising who has a big following It’s also a Bill Clinton gesture and I think I have seen Obama use the same gesture. It’s ridiculous. Like little clique beetles.)

–Of all the women in recent history no one has captured the imagination like Teresa of Calcutta. I’m not being facetious and I’m certainly making no comparison when I say that no woman has made such an impact here since her lady herself appeared in 1879.

The Hummel Figurine, Mother Tersa

Little girl in crowd looking directly at camera has her hand in praying position and looks familiar. I think I saw her in the JFK crowd at airport at Love Field.


Mary McLoughlin was a housekeeper to a priest who saw a vision of a few bible people and is expounded about in quite a few articles on the internet. It spread across the town at the time of the railroad (business) and their town got famous more than likely from the apparitions. 

Christopher Hitchens: –So how did this (says either the word box or auction/sale) of hyperbole and creduity (says either credulity or creduity) get started? –In that year of grace 1969 the scrupulously neutral and objective British Broadcasting Corporation permitted that old fraud and Mountebank mont mulgatch (don’t know who he is or if it is the right spelling and did it by sound but mulgatch, mulgridge or could be Mugwrench but turns out it is Muggeridge as I looked it up on the internet) to pay a devotional visit to the Calcutta shrine. Malcolm Muggeridge:

(talking and walking with Mother Teresa entering shrine or building he says algezen or the same sound as if her name but could even be referring to Al Jazeera son. Al Jazeera means the island, No man is an island? Of course Al is a male name or something to do with algeria the country next to Libya and might have to do with an aul Saul, Paul. But it was weird he was talking like she was a he knowing how

he’s talk to he’s.)

–AL GESON, when after I met you in London really the only thing I wanted to do is to come to see you and your work here and I’ve seen it and of course it’s a….it’s a shining light.

(I highly doubt he would have said what he said to her if she were a woman or would have even been interested in her work. Billy Graham started his crusades in England as well.)

plural noun: algae
  1. a simple nonflowering plant of a large group that includes the seaweeds and many single-celled forms. Algae contain chlorophyll but lack true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue.

(film clip of babies crying in cribs inside the place both enter I presume)

In light of the expose about Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens I thought I should include a story on the news about a plane crash which happened yesterday.

Algeria military plane crash: 257 dead near Algiers

Christopher Hitchens: –Himself, arrogant almost to the point of humility, Muggeridge became persuaded that he and his team had become the divinely appointed instruments of what he claimed was the first television miracle. Ken McMillan cameraman: –Doing “Something Beautiful for God” we…there was an episode where we were ummm taken to a, a building that Mother Teresa called the House of the Dying and Peter Schaffer the director said, “Well, well it’s very dark in here. Do you think we can get anything?” And we had just taken delivery at BBC of some new film made by Kodak which we hadn’t had time to test before we left, so I said to Peter “Well, lets have a go.” So we shot it and when we got back several weeks later, month or two later, there sitting in the, in the (conversation is garbled) chair in the studio and eventually up came the shots of the House of the Dying and it was surprising. You could see every detail and I said, “That’s amazing. That’s extraordinary.” (Kissing ass) And I was gonna go on to say you know three cheers for Kodak but I needed a chance to say that because Malcolm sitting in the front row spun around and said, “It’s divine light…It’s Mother Teresa. You will find that it’s divine light, old boy.” And three or four days later when I was being phoned by journalists who (two words garbled) newspapers were saying things like we hear you have just come back from India with Muggeridge and you are a witness to a miracle.

(My older sister had a dog named mugger, a bishon-frise which she obtained by her dog breeding friends to breed whom she had met at church and to show at dog shows and eventually all the dogs ended up in the laundry room of their home during the time of the ski mask rapes in the area when they bought a home after a few others, but it was not in California. She got into dog shows and bishon-frises after the molestation when she and he moved to a two bedroom apartment in the same apartment complex but another building. At the time she didn’t know except for when he would masturbate in front of me pacing the floor when I spent the night on their hide bed couch unopened. I can’t remember if it was before or after because it’s been so long but she called him in to their bedroom by saying”Gary get back in here!” I was thankful she did call him back. I think it was before because I thought perhaps he was sleep walking. I gave him the benefit of doubt which was a mistake on my part. We had breakfast an omelet with velveeta I think which she made the next morning and I didn’t say anything. (My sister wasn’t into cooking and one of her best meals. Gary did the cooking for the most part as did their first son in law for a short time.) The dog shows and breeding was a stage she went through. Bulimia for a while, shop till you drop stage, decorating till everyone drops, shop till you drop, photography, shop till you drop, real-estate while shop till you drop stage, and of course plastic surgery using fraud of insurance scams, I think. Some people will go to a lot of trouble to have plastic surgery.)

 Christopher Hitchens:

–And a star was born. –This profane marriage between tawdry media hype and medieval superstition gave birth to an icon which few have since had the poor taste to question.

(not sure of the meaning of “poor taste to question” but obviously he is and so are quite a few others in this film tasteless. Perhaps being sarcastic because sometimes he is sarcastic.)

Man: –It’s like uh ….. ya ya you’re actually seeing a living saint.

(Looks like the guy who memorized the bible but with an accent, Jack Van Impe

Jack van Impe as I remember him a tele-evangelist except with an Irish accent.

AND KEITH DAVIDSON SEEN LATELY ON FOX NEWS IN REGARDS TO SOMETHING, A LAWYER, TO DO WITH COHEN AND I THINK THE PORN STAR SUING TRUMP) the guy represented with the woman on the internet as Jack Van Impe is not the same Jack Van Impe however she looks the same which is kind of a twist. I wonder why. Also noticed that David Koresh sure looks similar to Assad with curly hair and of course a new show is out about David Koresh excusing the government for their destruction of a cult, which it was a cult. There are a lot of cults the biggest two are Catholicism and Islam. Lots of lying going on. I remember. I watched it closely in utter amazement how our government rushed to destroy kids, parents etc caught in the middle. It was definitely avoidable and patience might have saved lives but politics got in the way. He was cornered and Janet Reno blew it big time probably cornered as well into rushing the situation by using tanks to ram walls/ buildings which started an explosion and fire broke out which killed some people. (76 people died at the Waco Siege and probably more). The FBI was involved as well as the ATF (Now the ATFE) probably under the influence of the BGEA, Billy Graham, a shill for Roman Catholicism. 

I have a good memory.)

 Christopher Hitchens:

Held between her fingers is the Rosary (ROSEBUD) enjoying the attention/praise and kind of like she is enjoying get one over on the public like cultists tend to enjoy. I can’t help but compare her to other cult leaders but she is a sneaky one and really blew it, IMO. She should have built a hospital in Calcutta for her sake and for others. It would have been noble and appreciated. The Rosary is kind of a shared neurotic dependance on beads because of a lack of memory to help remember which prayer to say to Mary amongst a few religions.

–“Give a man a reputation as an early riser, “ said Mark Twain “and that man can sleep till noon.” How does the reputation of Holy Mother Teresa look if just for a moment we switch off Malcolm Muggeridge’s kindly light.

(Not sure what he means citing Mark Twain except that Mother Tersa was a man and slept till noon?)

The bible in the Gospel of John says that the veil of the temple when Jesus was crucified was torn from “twain to twain” and was very thick which I think in a weird way was referring to Mark Twain. Mark Twain gave a description of Palestine when he visited and said it was desolate and I think it is a reference to time; from biblical times “the Diaspora” to the visit by Mark Twain which was before the Jews resettled and re-established Israel after WWll. Maybe the mustard seed of faith was about moving a mountain from here to there was intended to mean the veil of the temple but it is not written as such and also because the mustard seed is not the smallest of seed and because I think it was added later either entirely or partially as a new enlightenment since the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed and to uplift the stature of a couple of people to ingratiate their character like the secret admirer which wasn’t a secret being written about in the Gospel of John with Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemas and their conversation with Jesus or vice versa Jesus’s conversation with them about being born again. A second chance. Many people don’t have a choice of who or what religion people are born into and experience helps to understand (in different religions or countries some under extreme duress) and learn and you can’t grow without experience and especially if you can’t remember your experience. Even though the mustard seed isn’t the smallest of seed and we have learned man’s seed is smaller microscopically (microscopes had not been invented in biblical times) and since we now have microscopes and have learned to understand the difference between the two perhaps it will help people grow spiritually not just physically. The mustard seed is easy to plant and grows like a weed which can grow quickly and take over a garden like some plants and/or weeds do which is why you have to weed your garden from time to time or your yard or it will take over your garden or your yard. Regardless of the size of the mustard seed not being the smallest of seed just a little bit of trust in God or hope in God or dependence on God is enough to get more than one chance and God does work in weird ways and puts people through tests sometimes and/or the world and forces them to hope for better and is not enough to prevent life from occurring or to prevent spiritual growth in even an atheist or someone of a cult because I think God is gonna make us learn one way or another no matter what is thrown in our way to stop us from learning. I would be disappointed in God if I didn’t think anything is possible because otherwise we are doomed forever ALL OF US  because no one is perfect and I don’t think God is unmoved by the human and animal experience. I have learned a lot from animals. Kids learn affection and love via animals which is why I think kids should have pets to care for even little fish, birds, cats, dogs, horses etc. and to learn responsibility. You can tell if someone has problems how they treat their pets. Usually problems don’t occur in a vacuum. There are causes and effects besides physical impairments not the fault of anyone in particular and sometimes because of the fault of someone else. Kids having kids is also a very big learning experience for both child and parent and if you aren’t able to have one in this life I ‘ll guarantee you one in the next life because it is amazing and very difficult even under the best of circumstances and sometimes hard to learn in the best of circumstances. I just cannot fathom a God who would discard a person, soul and spirit) because the person was raised under an evil regime or died because of the stupidity of others, or never heard the truth not even a small tidbit of truth for whatever reason or only lived for a minute.  I don’t think one gets to escape learning from God no matter how hard one tries to stifle it in themselves or others because of the power of God. To me if God were any less God would not be God but only a statue weeping. I don’t think any rite observed or not observed or any covenant true or false is gonna prevent it in the long run. Might delay it but it won’t prevent it from happening. The true power of God. I don’t think the true God expects us to be shamed into observance of him as Islam tries to impose and as most religions tend to wield power over others and males over females. etc SOOOOO the harder you try not to understand the harder it might be. So try to understand and truth helps obviously. However I enjoy movies and fantasies because often there are little life’s lessons in the stories and sometimes it’s nice to view life vicariously because real life can be overwhelming and often movies are restful to escape for brief time periods. Relax and enjoy learning or make it hard for yourself. As far as the sabbath there are all kinds of sabbaths but the one written about on the Ten Commandments is to point us to the Gospel of John and Jesus written about in the Gospel of John and vice versa he sends us back to the Ten Commandments via truth. I’m sure there are some flaws over time that have been included but there is enough in both to spiritually grow and in experience and in nature to know our universe isn’t a mistake. Life is amazing though sometimes hard because of stupidity and lack of understanding (two different things but in my family we had a rough time because of lies some little and because of pride and because of interference mostly by fools and bad angels and help from above and we are still in the process and each of us will win.) There are good angels as well and why I know abortion should be provided to females depending on her wishes and desires and her experience. I feel comfortable in the invention for the sake of females and family planning as the pill or any other birth control. I do think males if they plan to be active sexually or don’t plan might start employing circumcising their desires or tie off their worms for experience sake in order not to impregnate a female before she is ready to be a mom, a good one. My mom and dad understood that and stood by me. Problem arises often because of lack of experience and youth and you have to forgive youth for mistakes made because youths will make mistakes. Never the less I believe females have rights bestowed by God because of the human condition. 

“Angels shall rise and fall upon the son of man.” so you might as well learn the Ten Commandments to help yourselves prevent yourself from stepping into some poop which everyone does even when at our best or learned of the Ten Commandments because we are human and sometimes forced to deal with a lot of shit thrown our way. It is easier and kind of simple compared to the rest of the bible.

Quoting Mark Twain out of context on Palestine

    Mahir Bose (author and journalist): –Mother Teresa is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. She’s a symbol. People in the west talk about her so Indians adopt her at that level. The fact that what she does on the streets of Calcutta is really irrelevant to them. They couldn’t care about it and most of them don’t even know, but Mother Teresa is the sort of figure you show to visitors. (When you study bible prophecy it is someone who wins the Nobel peace prize who does great harm to the world at least taught by some prophecy people in the business of religion but might have been a fulfilled prophecy and no one had the balls to say so. Obama got one too.  A lot of people get the Nobel Peace Prize. Roosevelt, Carter who gave away the Panama Canal and caved to Iran and even Kissinger How IRONIC, but this is also about Nations without Borders, Doctors Without Borders, Catholicizing the world in various ways, etc as well.)


  Christopher Hitchens: –Mother Teresa’s flagship institution is her home for the dying, a hospice, which purportedly sweetens the last moments of otherwise destitute lives. Mary London (Writer and former volunteer): –My initial impression was among the photographs and footage I’ve ever seen of *Belson and places like that because all the patients had shaved heads. There are no chairs anywhere. There are just these stretch of beds and they are like first world war stretch of beds. There’s no garden, no yard even, no nothing, and I thought; What is this? This is a, this is two rooms with 50 to 60 men in one, 50 to 60 women in another. They’re dying and they are not being given a great deal of medical care. They are not being given painkillers really beyond aspirin and maybe if you’re lucky some buphren (Ibuprophen derivative? something like it as a pain killer) or something for … for the sort of pain that goes with terminal cancer and … and the things that they were dying of. And, and, I thought, What’s the point?


Mother Teresa: –Right from the very beginning I wanted to serve the poor purely for the love of God. I do give them what the rich people get with money I wanted to give to the poor with the love of god. Mary London: –They didn’t have enough drips. Ummm, the needles they re-used they used over and over and you would see some of the nuns um rinsing needles in under the cold-water tap and I asked one of them why she was doing it and she said, “well, to clean it” and I said, “Yes, but why are you not sterilizing it? Why are you not boiling um water and sterilizing your needles?” She said (shrugged), “There’s no point. There’s no time.”

(She was in a hurry, that’s why.  Probably wasn’t getting paid for her devotion.  Had some plans to go to lunch with her nun friends.

WHO pays nuns? How do nuns earn money? being maids to priests? Cleaning after them like babies, grown up babies? Could the World Health Organization (WHO) be providing salaries for the nuns? Nuns have to eat too, right?)

Christopher Hitchens: –Mother Teresa’s cult of death and suffering depends for its affect on the most vulnerable and helpless, abandoned babies saved or the terminally ill the supply the occasions for charity and the raw material for demonstrations of compassion.

(picture of a sign with the words “I am on my way to heaven” in English)

Mary London: –The first day I was there when I had finished working in the ummmm women’s ward I went and waited on the edge of the men’s ward for my boyfriend uh who was looking after a boy of fifteen who was dying and an American doctor told me that she had been trying to treat this boy and that he had a really relatively simple kidney complaint that had simply got worse and worse and worse because he hadn’t had antibiotics and he actually needed an operation. I don’t kn, recall what the problem was. She did tell me. And she was so angry, but also very resigned which so many people become in that situation. She said, “Well they won’t take him to a hospital. I said, “WHY? All you have to do is get a cab, take him to the nearest hospital, demand that he has treatment, get him an operation” and she said, “They don’t do it. They won’t do it. If they do it for one, they do it for everybody.” And I thought, but this kid’s fifteen.

Resigned as well but telling it like it is, I think. Going against the tide is hard and it takes a while to coalesce information received and action. Sort of a shock and awe kind of feeling especially in a different country.

I remember when I was asked to find an oxygen generator which my ex knew of the place and the number and I found out information about the price of a used oxygen generators (he rebuilt them) and then something happened between the executor of my mom ‘s estate started bullying me emotionally about Mother’s day and other things. I was pretty fragile emotionally. So I wrote her an e-mail saying “do it yourself.” Plus when I talked to the place my mom resided called The ARC in San Antonio (ARMY RESIDENCE COMMUNITY/CENTER) told me the insurance provider in Dallas denied her an oxygen generator beforehand so we were going through some strange stuff. I got the run-around. I talked to some nurses one who lied her ass off to me about a previous visit when we witnessed a woman on the floor in a puddle of blood with her eyes open in shock in front of the nurses station but the station had high counters and the nurses were in a meeting at the time in the room inside the room behind the desk. I alerted them and they called the Emergency people who came and took care of her and she said it didn’t happen and it did and I told her I had witnesses and I doubt she was there 24 hours a day everyday but it didn’t matter at the time and talked to another nurse a male nurse who tried to help a little but was limited in what he could do not being the boss and kind of let me know his limitation. I was about 5-6 hours away. I called the doctor and his number didn’t work on his business card that I had retrieved when visiting so finally was able to reach him after some communication with the ARC and found out he didn’t actually do much there at all. He worked 3 hours on a Wednesday night at the ARC each week for all those people and traveled to West Virginia or Virginia in between doing his important work. The ARC only had one other doctor and I don’t remember his name. I did not talk to him. Things got real wild in the family concerning mom and the past babout Gary and lots of bullying from my eldest sister and being called the devil and satan by my little sister probably in her defense (probably kissing ass for 35 thousand dollars) and also banished from her home a half hour away in order to visit my mom. 

Whoever was in charge of killing my mom was determined to murder her and to get to me. I think. My eldest sister was in charge. I don’t know the instructions and never saw or heard of a will. I know my dad had one because he was that way and he trusted her or was testing her. Not sure. I know the second new husband of my little sister was interested in what was left of the estate and communicated with Gary who sent him a crumpled little piece of paper with some numbers on it but I have no idea how much but my little sister told me of the interaction between the two men. I know Gary and Lori were in debt big time partially because of a huge wedding of a marriage that went sour and probably because of losing money on the stock market in the past on a Gary scheme trading options and in huge amounts in one minute on a Tuesday in October and people started dying who were owed and then the plastic surgeries, etc. I think my little sister was being entrapped big time and silenced to make her look bad and she did look bad. The same with my brother whom my ex knew his finances and how much he lost gambling baseball. My brother was pretty good at it and a had won a Federal case against our Federal Government worth millions but I never knew how much and I know he did not lose it all gambling though I know he lost some money gambling….who doesn’t? He also invested his money in property. He was kind of private about his money so I doubt he told my ex how much unless he was testing him as well. 

Christopher Hitchens: –I ventured on my own butlickavitch (possibly saying for a look a bit/a look at a bitch? investigating I think is his meaning) to the missions of charity in Calcutta in early 1980. Who could fail to be touched by the work of the orphanage. Not I, though I did find myself a little put off by the mission’s motto: He that loveth correction, loveth knowledge. Sniffs – giving the Jesuit piety pissed off sign like O’reilly does who loved Jesuit style correction. No I think he’s pissed off inside his living soul and exposing it. You can’t fight it alone. You have to expose it first in a believable way with believable witnesses. –A bit of a workhouse ring to that, perhaps, but it was Mother Teresa herself who completed the wreckage of the effect. As we stood by the tiny cots she turned and said,

“This is how we fight abortion and contraception in Calcutta.”

–Now it might be argued that a campaign against family planning is low on the list of Calcutta’s many pressing needs, but as a leading member of the Pope’s fundamentalist tendency on matters of sex and procreation Mother Teresa has made this single issue into her global crusade. Billy Graham’s crusade was also global. Very few crusaders are global. His started in England after WWll because ROME LOST as did the Vatican and  Germany and a few others involved as their allies. Everyone lost to some degree but war is hard. Mussolini lost. Mother Teresa: “The greatest destroyer of peace today is the cry of the innocent unborn child. If a mother can murder her own child in her own womb what is left for you and for me to kill each other.”

Is the mustard seed the smallest of seed? NO 

The steps of his strength shall be straitened, and his own counsel shall cast him down.

clenched teeth as she says her schpeel

Christoher Hitchens: Tenderness about the unborn is an emotion that I share myself but tenderness about the unborn also becomes an overtly political matter when it’s preached by a presumable virgin who also campaigns against birth control.

How tender?

Tender about catholic induced miscarriages given a thumbs up because of membership in the religion? Illegal abortions given a thumbs up run by the mob of the Roman Catholic Church. Tender about third world negligence or any world – first world and second world negligence. Tender about 6 million jews. Tender about rape. Have you ever had a kid of your own? Tender enough to admit a woman/girl has a right to determine when she is ready to raise a child with her critical faculties in tow like being married and in a position to handle it and/or wanting to handle it. I got pregnant the first time I had intercourse at age 15-16 years of age with a stranger by a ranger and I don’t remember parts of the act of intercourse except it hurt and I wasn’t asked and didn’t even know how to do it and had done acid half of one anyway during that time when I was pregnant and other drugs at the time though I never bought them during that time. Does it sound responsible acting? I was in denial because I didn’t want to be pregnant. Everyone was involved in drugs and booze. REMEMBER? How soon man forgets and lays the responsibility on the female as in the Garden of Eden. TYPICAL. I was tender for myself. Sorry, I don’t buy your tenderness. I believe in a different God than you. I believe he understands mankind and the hard choices made by females who have the wherewithal to make the choices. Those critical faculties I used however I didn’t the night it happened. Should I pay for it the rest of my life as I have especially during the Catholic persecution and inquisition using hospice and journalists mostly on Fox News in the last ten years. Are heathens forgiven by God? Are believers forgiven by God. I KNOW I am forgiven by God and so are my parents for helping me and so is the army for allowing me to have a safe abortion in a safe place. The army that set free Europe. That one.

Men who are against abortion and women who are against abortion

have as much tenderness about the unborn

as I did when I planted my tulip bulbs upside down.

I have tenderness for living breathing babies when I see them being mistreated and used as a political football. Like when I saw a boy (a tot) in a cart at Sam’s baby sat by an Indian woman not seat belted in the shopping grocery cart and she was shopping and not watching the boy and he fell out of the shopping cart because he was standing up not just once and fell onto the cement floor and I heard the sound of his head hitting the cement. He lived but I don’t know for how long and I don’t know how big a bump he got and I don’t know if it caused brain damage. It was sickening but she was hired to take care of someone else’s kid. It definitely wasn’t hers. I don’t even know if the parents were told. Resigned. Do you call the police and accuse her of negligence with someone else’s kid at Sam’s Club? I know Sam’s Club more than likely had cameras but I didn’t know it then.

I have tenderness for people being entrapped. I have tenderness for animals as well. My cat was mistreated to hurt me. Another pet was shot by a neighbor and killed. By the way I saw him later when we went to the store and I was with my daughter who saw him and we saved a person’s pet by intervening who was with our dog that night and took him home and found his owner a few days later. I guess it wasn’t good enough. Is anything good enough? However, this expose by Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa is a good enough endeavor and actually might make a difference with God’s help and maybe mine because I have tenderness for my parents who were murdered because I had an abortion and because I wrote about the mustard seed lie and many other subjects having to do with the gospels by comparing the gospels later and exposing some lies and also because of money lost on the stock market which neither my parents nor I were involved in and because of molestation and sexual misconduct on the part of my brother-in-law towards not only me. Incestuous misconduct and then belligerence and harassment when it suited him usually when drinking beer and possibly because my sister might have provoked him without telling me and retaliation from my older sister when it suited her. Like he never grew up nor accepted my intervention to halt it in a nice and civilized way for the sake of everyone including myself nor accepted a few other siblings intervention later on to do the same for everyone. WE DID OUR BEST and it wasn’t good enough. Not only them but the friends as well who knew didn’t do anything but say “It is harder for a person who had money to lose it than a person who didn’t.” Her friend Babs Kincaid and a suite mate in college at SMU Not sure of spelling of last name but married to Sammy Kincaid a banker. Our attempt wasn’t good enough for them. Everyone loves to use abortion as a mace against females, but what about the elderly and infirmed who were born and have souls and contributed positively to this world and fought wars for freedom and some even have spirits and put their trust in contracts, promises, wills, legal stuff and their kids. But the Catholics want to catholicize the world as if the catholics have a better idea of God: Mother Teresa and the Jesuit Pope Francis, et al.

WHY? What’s the point?

Jesus says to call no man father but your father in heaven and everyone especially catholics do it about priests, cardinals, and bishops. Catholics call their priests by a title undeserved which is why Jesus said not to honor THEM. Catholics are insane. Did your dad wear the shit these priests wear? Alter boy lace and stuff or a priest’s collar. Dogs wear collars, too. Catholics honor them with the tender title of God and the God of Roman Catholicism is a DOG. Not in the sense we all have as pets but like Mother Teresa.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Back to the expose about Mother Teresa:

Mother Teresa in front of a huge audience:

–Let us promise our lady who loves island so much that we will never allow in this country a single abortion.


(looks like a papal type apparatus used as well when Pope Benedict XVl visited Jerusalem and gave his speech on the precipice at the Mount of Olives, I think it was, and as other popes when sermonizing to big crowds away from the Vatican. Sounds like she took possession of Ireland at Knock; the madonna of Knock, Mother Teresa… egads)

–And no contresepes.

(french word for contraceptives)

Did my best for now to transliterate or translate the connection below in regards to contraceptives intrench.

“Revue des deux mondes (two worlds) – Page 774 – Google Books Result”


“Il semblait (assembly) que ces ruses (what or who tricks) d’outre—tombe (overseas falls-Hoover/FBI) eussent été (to be) imaginées pour aiguiser (alaska-place of eagles USA-HAARP-guessing) la passion de Mariette (to stir thé passion of Mary-puppet also Mariette, Georgia) et le piquer (and the sting) au jeu (game of chance) dans ses contresepes, dans sa lutte avec (wrestling with an angel) le mort ( of thé dead) qu’il (who) poursuivait (to follow) (who accuse). Le plus petit bibelot (small trinket), à Boulaq (Cairo, Azbakeya, and the River Nile), rappelait (rappel-comes down mountain? moses) à. son inventeur (writer-Franklin Graham?) un incident, un voyage, un ami associé à. l’entreprise, un souvenir de jeunesse (youth), …”

(holes in rubbers? Foxes have holes? youthfulness trick of faces which I have noticed )



 A laid back, very flirtatious guy who is strong and well endowed. He’s everyone’s friend and is sweet, but he can can beat your ass if you push him over the edge. (strong but effective)

I don’t know but it is very


 I think the magazine is about cultures and sending a message to the future from the past about tricking the land of the eagles. Not sure but seems like hinting at it. I did a little rappelling in my youth with the rangers. 

And basically saying BIlly Graham who said something about the journey and wrote a book about it and friend and inventor of the mission of Mother Teresa’s tricks. etc

Christopher Hitchens:

–Mother Teresa has no politics so she maintains and so many people believe, but when she came to London in 1988 ostensibly as an advocate for the homeless she bent the ear of the IRON Lady (Margaret Thatcher) and sought to steer her to the support of a bill limiting abortion. The sponsors of that bill who arranged the meeting were in no doubt as to her intervention, was political.


MIHIR BOSE (author and journalist) –She’s not a party political figure, but she’s a political figure in the sense that. One, she is part of what may be called the Catholic agenda the Christian, the broader Christian right agenda in the Catholic Church has been following what has GENERALLY been considered a hard line approach under the present pope. Now, now she’s part of that agenda and that is fairly a political agenda. I mean you know, uh, no abortion, opposition to birth control, ideas like that are, are fairly, you could say their there would be contested in the political arena. And the second factor is that she is also part if you like of the western agenda. Where the West is still part of the third world.

COCK CROWS and picture of a large group of Indian women with kids looking impoverished to the nth degree.

Christopher Hitchens: –The rich have a poor conscience. It wants, in fact, it needs to think that someone somewhere is doing something of the third world and the Mother Teresa myth ministers to this desire.



Malcom: –Here is a western woman who has forsaken her life albeit whatever life she might have had in Albania, um you know, for, for sacrifice herself for the people of the third world. It makes the west feel better, you know. This is, this is one of us again, once again rescuing the third world.

(Albania sitting awfully close to Italy to be a coincidence and directly above Libya. There is a prophecy but can’t remember which one about steps and from Albania to Algiers is sort of like steps besides throne spoken of in the Gospel of John lifting his heel against me. Albania is kind of lifting the heel of italy. Is it raise his heel or lift his heel either way it fits depending on which language we are speaking of.)

Conversation between Mother Teresa and Malcom touring some slums:

Mal: amazing

MT: amazing

Mal: He’s got his rations now.

MT: Yes he got it, he’s cleaning it…

(Cleaning rations? the eucharist laced with Devil’s breath? I wonder if it is addictive.)

Christopher Hitchens: –The subliminal appeal that she generates there is something of the mission to the heathen, something of the old colonial outpost, and something of Florence Nightingale; while in the silented abject demeanor of her patients there is something of the deserving poor. (Urban Dictionary -Silented: To have a thought or idea, and forget it right away. As if you came up with the idea while staring at one of the Silence, and then looked away. Coming from Doctor Who, where the order known as the Silence are “memory-proof”, so you can only remember them while you look at them, and you forget them) –The Great White Hope of this iconography takes on the Big Black hope (hole?) and the rewards are by no means all in heaven. –For someone whose kingdom is not of this earth Mother Teresa has an easy way with thrones, dominions, and powers. Why do the rulers of this sinful and selfish world find her so awfully congenial? Is it because she returns the compliment? She may or may not comfort the afflicted, but she has certainly never been known to afflict the comfortable.

That’s my job.)

Ronald Reagan: –…..some people…. Christopher Hitchens: –See her here posing with Ron and Nancy Ronald Reagan: –….in the truest sense citizens of the world Mother Teresa is.

(Reagan hands her something)

Christopher Hitchens: –The very hand that bestowed the medal of freedom to Mother Teresa armed and paid the death squads of Central America. Accepting the award with her customary modesty on behalf of all the world’s poor she croaked,

“I never realized that you loved the people so tenderly.”

Christopher Hitchens: –I must say I haven’t noticed that either. Reagan’s proxies murdered among many others four American nuns and the Catholic ArchBishop of San Salvadore Christopher Hitchens continues: –at the very moment that he was celebrating mass but visiting the slaughterhouse states of the region during that period Mother Teresa found nothing untoward.

“Everything was peaceful in the parts of the country we visited” she claimed

after touring the killing fields of Guatemala adding for good measure:

“I do not get involved in that sort of politics.”

(probably a few good apples amongst the bad and the Jesuits probably got rid of the nuns and archbishop while it was easy to do in ORDER to make martyrs is why. Probably because this was a Jesuit-influenced campaign and Oliver North was involved in the Iran-Contra stuff and gave the clue on his testimony/documentary War Stories With Oliver North about General MacArthur linked and so did the Jesuit Bishop in a documentary without meaning to in regards to the Philippines a documentary about WWll and torture occurring in the Philippines at the time and about his intervention and I think the bishop wanted to take some credit .)

(film of a man crying and a bunch of dead people under sheets)

–In 1984 a ghastly chemical spill from the Union Carbide Plant in the Indian town of Bhopal took two and a half thousand lives (2500 lives) and poisoned thousands more.

(Woman rasping saying something in a different language and upset and people putting eye drops in kid’s eyes)

–This was an act not of God but of a negligent multinational corporation.

(People angrily protesting)

Actually it could have been sabotage to gain favor.

(I think it was sabotaged from what I have read, but negligent to have situated the site in a highly populated area and not protecting it a little more seriously however might have been impossible to protect when state sponsored terrorists want to sabotage via a state that sponsors terrorism (The State of the Vatican) and isn’t likely to be thwarted. 


probably for cheap abundant labor but sabotage to popularize Mother Teresa

which made her popular amongst the rich to gain favor. Very Catholic.)

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence,
neither was any deceit in his mouth.
(Mother Teresa aka algeson)

–Mother Teresa’s advice to the angry victims?:

(and she croaked)


(nodding her head)



Mihir Bosey (author and journalist): –What Mother Teresa’s done is she has accepted implicitly the idea that there’s nothing much that you can do for the poor except take them off the streets and, you know, then look after them. You cannot change their attitude. You cannot make them feel that they have an ability. They may even have the means to improve and change their lives. She, she’s not bothered with that agenda. She’s only bothered with the agenda of trying to rescue their souls and make them a bit better before, before they go on to the eternal life, which is very um, understandable, with, in fact, a very old fashioned Christian idea. It is, it is not a question of saying: How can we tackle the real problems of poverty?

(Mass with some priests face down lying on the floor and Mother Teresa claiming a eucharist)

Christopher Hitchens: –Like most people who claim to be apolitical Mother Teresa is in practice and in theory an ally of the status quo and when the status quo is threatened, a trusted ally of the conservative forces. This places her in bold contrast to those, even among the religious, who have rejected the fatalistic and submissive conclusions about poverty that are promulgated by Catholic traditionalists like her. Fr. Jean Bertrand Aristide: –With our hands, with our l-life, with our love we hask justice and we hask freedom and we take justice. Because, the justice is not like a gift which they give. No. Liberty. Freedom: They don’t give that. We have to take that. And if that we go to the streets and we took our liberty, we took our freedom asking for justice.

(People celebrating with some plants jumping up and down yelling)

Christopher Hitchens: –Roman Catholic Hierarchy has never forgiven Father Aristide the legally elected President of Haiti who it regards as a base heretic for his efforts to chase the money lenders from the temple he was banished from his order and forbidden to serve mass. Till the very last the Vatican was the only foreign power to recognize the military junta of (garbled) Haiti. And the ground for this too, was prepared by Mother Teresa. –In 1980, she visited the island and accepted the Haitian Legion of Honor award from Baby Doc Duvalier…She found much to praise in his corrupt dynastic regime telling astonished reporters that she had quote, ”Never seen the poor people being so familiar with their head of state as they were with the Duvaliers. It was a beautiful lesson for me,“ she simpered. “I’ve learned something from it.” –The Haitian people indeed could not wait to get close to the Duvaliers only their turn (tern?) moved forever to the French Riviera.

(Large crowd in a stadium waving red flags with yellow markings and clapping – a political type rally with words on large banner-


looks like Shimon Peres

–Mother Teresa admires the strength of the powerful almost as highly as she recommends the resignation of the poor. When she visited her motherland of Albania she appeared to take seriously St. Paul’s notorious assertion that ‘the powers that be are ordained of God.’ The Albanian authorities had proclaimed the world’s first officially atheist state. They had persecuted all forms of worship except that of their leader Enver Hoxha

Bektashi Order

–not wit abashed, Mother Teresa laid a bouquet on Hoxha’s tomb. Not content with honoring a Stalinist murderer and despot she also bestowed a wreath on the monument of the greater Albania a cause that was once smiled upon by Pope Pius the ninth and his friend Benito Mussolini. –Albania is from the secular reasons quite rich in orphans. So there was (a name I could not transcribe or find – Skopje? <Macedonia but then Kosovo and also the Ottoman Empire) an orphanage specialist to praise those institutions of the regime while keeping silent about it’s victims. –If it sometimes seems that the saint of Calcutta is never actually in Calcutta at all, this may be because she operates more as the roving ambassador of a highly politicized papacy:

(Film of Pope John Paul getting off a Vatican plane kisses ground and Mother Teresa with prayer beads in hands clasped at her face and nose excited acting, smiling and nudges a person next to her nodding and communicating from a far to the pope in adulation while kissing her beads then puts a large red and white lei around the neck of Pope John Paul. Not sure if this was before or after he kissed the Koran. Probably after. After claiming him he eventually couldn’t talk and developed his disease.)

–A magican (german? Could have said magisterum) foreign policy has taken her from the shores of Lebanon where the Roman Catholic militia perpetrated the mass murder of the Sabre and Shatila Camps to Nicaragua where the cardinal (not sure if he is talking about Pope John Paul when he was a cardinal or the Cardinal beneath him Ratzinger who became pope after. The Glory of the Olive guy. there were others as well probably even secret ones more than likely) was the patron of the (conduit Contrait? Not sure the word used) to Armenia where she helped mother church gain a foothold in the Soviet Union in return the present pope is known to have placed her on the fast track for canonization. This is the kind of politics in which she does indeed get involved.

Sabra and Shatila camps

Remembering the Sabra and Shatila massacre 35 years on

In the wiki account – linked first it blames Israel but it seems it was or possibly is a change in history and was perpetrated by the roman catholics which seems likely in order to cause trouble especially if associated with the Jesuits, but who knows… I don’t. The other link about the massacre. It mentions a group called Phalange (French) which means the bones of the fingers or toes. Finger probably fingering some which brings to my mind the story of King Nebuchadnezzar and the finger of god stuff and of an evil ruler in the Old Testament, Belshazzar. 

Picture of Robert Maxwell and him on phone in a newspaper page with the title He hijacked her as part of a money making ego trip and then another newspaper clip of the Daily Mirror with a picture of Mother Teresa and the title to the story is A letter from Mother Teresa to all Mirror readers and on the side a verticle title of a story KIDS WHO WILL KILL TO BET

(I think a personal dig at my family and to provoke me but I tend to get paranoid which I have a right to be because of my discoveries which have provoked the attack on my family and entrapped my family, sort of a pre-emptive strike or strikes before we knew what hit us, IMO. My ex as I explained somewhere in this blog post mentioned the amount my brother made on a case he won as a lawyer and he didn’t even tell me that I remember anyway lodged against the Federal government legitimately and lost some money gambling on baseball but not all of it as my ex implied.) –Robert Maxwell’s genius at self-promotion made a nice fit with Mother Teresa’s talent for fund raising. It became hard to decide which of the two was (using the rich not sure what he says but it is about three words English-ized so hard to decipher) or was it both.

Billy Graham was a successful fund-raiser as well.

–In the United States Mother Teresa accepted way over a million dollars from Mr. Charles Keating, a right wing catholic fundamentalist and anti-pornography crusader who was also a California savings and loan tycoon. (Mr. Maxwell resembles Mike Huckabee a past Governor of Arkansas (Sarah Huckabee Sanders dad) and FBI J. Edgar Hoover on the right or sort of a mix with a bit of scum like Mr. Maxwell all rolled into one and Charles Keating looks eerily similar to Ted Olson the Solicitor General for George Bush during 9-11 whose wife (often a guest on Fox News Barbara Olson) called from a nearby plane (Flight 77) being terrorized and was able to get on a phone and talk to her husband and he recorded it and told us about the box cutters to intimidate it’s passengers and could not seem to control or overcome the terrorists because it was so dangerous to overtake people with box cutters. GIVE ME A BREAK. Course if people like my ex were on the plane, it’s possible. She was later seen in Poland though I have no idea if it was a reliable tip.)

Mr. Maxwell

J. Edgar Hoover (FBI)

Mike Huckabee

Is it my imagination but doesn’t John Kerry and FBI Mueller

look an awful lot alike. 

I think so. 

John Kerry Heinz

Mueller of the FBI

Trump attorney Michael Cohen asks, “Says who?” – YouTube

Very similar but with a bit of Michael Cohen and Gary Hart. Interesting combination. Interesting and little bit of the guys in the other montage of Mike Huckabee, Mr. Maxwell and J. Edgar Hoover. hmmmmmmmmm helping Obama in the long run using diversions and probably not by their volition to be fair in regards to Benghazi. That is my opinion and ripping up our constitutional rights in favor of ISLAM,Fascism and the Vatican.


who who anyway Cohen “says who.” Does he say anything else? I don’t know.

I wonder if THE FBI broke into the DNC Headquarters when Nixon was President. Staged a break-in to take down Nixon because he exposed Billy Graham, hence Kissinger, and surreptitiously the Vatican and it’s shill Billy Graham and ended the war in Vietnam. It’s a possibility I would not discount.

Watergate Scandal The affair began with the arrest of five men for breaking into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate complex on Saturday, June 17, 1972. The FBI investigated and discovered a connection between cash found on the burglars and a slush fund used by the Committee for the Re-Election of the President (CRP), the official organization of Nixon’s campaign.[4][5] In July 1973, evidence mounted against the president’s staff, including testimony provided by former staff members in an investigation conducted by the Senate Watergate Committee. The investigation revealed that Nixon had a tape-recording system in his offices and that he hadrecorded many conversations. 

As if it wasn’t mutual?

“Either you love him or you don’t” said to Nixon (supposedly with the actress because he was notorious for going out with actresses) by Robert Clary the eve of the assassination of JFK which could have been heresy and sometime or other Bob Crane was brutally murdered of Hogan’s Heroes.

Christopher Hitchens:

–Keating’s problem was that he was using other people’s money. He’s now behind bars after the greatest scandal in American financial history, but while he was flying high Mother Teresa flew right along with him. She got the use of his private plane. He got a personalized Mother Teresa crucifix, which he used to store up treasure on earth.

(In the background I think it’s a secret service agent who says “Lets get them/him out of here.”)

–Why should the missionaries of Charity have such a special vocation for work among the rich? And does Mother Teresa pick frauds because they need her help more than the honest billionaires? It’s not a question that she’s ever answered, but then in the prevailing atmosphere of piety and adoration it’s not a question she’s ever been asked. –The Teresa cult is now a missionary multi-national with annual turnover in the tens of millions. If concentrated in Calcutta that could certainly support a large hospital and perhaps even make a noticeable difference, but Mother Teresa has chosen instead to spread her franchise very thinly. To her the convent and the catechism matter more than the clinic.

Isn’t it funny where words originate from

such as the words

catechism and catacombs

Mother Teresa: –…….135 countires and there are 400 convents all around the world …..

and says some other shit but I can’t understand it and then she laughs and says


(She or someone changed the numbers from previous recording from 500 to 400 convents and her speech is muffled much more than it was when I first heard it so perhaps it has changed because it actually has changed and 100 convents have been eliminated or it’s a recording change especially since it is muffled quite a bit and needn’t be muffled being recorded in close proximity and the rest of the film is easily hearable. TYPICAL. PERHAPS BOTH. Wouldn’t that be a coup! People do it…change conversation using sound studios to alter the truth. Japanese films) 

Next film clip is of Mother Teresa holding a baby and the baby looks scared and it almost looks like she sort of controllably shakes the baby and is talking to the baby. Kind of strange. Maybe trying to keep the baby from falling asleep which is usually the opposite of what most moms do. Of course, she’s not a mom. 

–Modesty, Simplicity, Humility. By these canonical key words we are taught that we may recognize saints yet Mother Teresa regards herself as mandated by heaven which is hardly modest. She lends spiritual solace to dictators and to wealthy exploiters which is scarcely the essence of simplicity and she preaches surrender and prostration (frustration?) to the poor which a truly humble person would barely have the nerve to do, when she speaks about private or public morality opposing family planning for example or defining abortion as quite literally the greatest threat to world peace? She takes on the grim and tedious tones of the zealot and the fanatic. In a godless and cynical age it may be inevitable that people will seek to praise the self-effacing, the altruistic, and the pure in heart but only a complete collapse of our critical faculties can explain the illusion such a person has manifested in the shape of a demagogue, an obscure antorist, and a servant of earthly powers.

I looked up the word he says as obscure anterest or interest but is affected a bit in a British way he does because most British speaking people do I think no matter what race and hence why I wanted to transcribe this you tube and add my two cents because it’s super important and a lot is lost in translation by watching and not reading and you miss some important information partially because it’s human, lack of concentration, and you miss some important clues by not studying it but you kind of have to know what to look for or want to understand the enemy of mankind. I wasn’t raised catholic but had a taste of it at the Episcopal church and the stuff going on at the time a lot to notice and I didn’t notice enough while experiencing it but I have worked at remembering and have realized some things most people don’t. The devil is in the details in this though revealing the scam a very deadly scam is more like the devil is all over the place.  

I have no earthy idea the meaning of the word he said. Two words together but I did look up both words separately and the following is what was written as the first answer to my search of obscure and I thought it was kind of funny in light of the things this you tube called Hell’s Angel’s REVEALS about Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens but I have some other ideas as well about what possesses her. And I think it’s Manson (son of man) IS Billy Graham. Or IS IS Billy Graham / Mother Teresa. Reagan said it about Mother Teresa in the clip shown on his you tube. A connection. I have seen some of the same things in quite a few people and it’s in her and him I have noticed in my studies using my talent as a portrait artist. A lot of people recently (religious tele-vangelists zealots) say what is is and of cours Bill CLinton said Depends on what is is. 

In some of the later writings after the gospels Saul who molted into Paul introduces his mom and the rest of his family and TERSA or  something like it is one of the names in the group and at the time I looked it up and the information is in one of my posts written quite a while ago. I tend to have changed quite a bit but it’s really interesting and quite a bit of it I still believe to be legitimate information but you should always beware. So here is the definition I looked up.

“What obscure, niche stuff are you into that you don’t generally bring up about at parties

because you’re pretty sure

no one will know what to say?”

It’s funny.

It’s funny like what my dad liked to do when I was young. He liked to twist words up. Say them backwards and discombobulate things a little for a laugh. A little laugh. I wonder for joy. Or play hand games with babies when you hand something to a baby and instead give them your forefinger: Kind of like what happened to me. He loved kids, our kids especially. He had a TIA later in life and really discombobulated his sentences and scared us quite a bit having driven many hours for the birth of his great grandkid. While it happened it wasn’t funny but afterwards it was funny because he was okay after getting medical help and we were at a hospital at the time for my niece so in a weird way it was a good thing however a nap still might have avoided the TIA. On the other hand maybe it was a sign besides preparations in the elderly and to take it easy but also a deeper sign. It’s that kind of funny. I remember the feelings I got when it happened and I heard echos and every thing was different. Yet, I wasn’t having a TIA.


I perceived it and the way Gary acted. Amused at the wrong time.


Sort of like described by the female contributor to the you tube about a nurse when she answered the question why don’t you sterilize your needles and she shrugged and said what she said.

The kid being born I saved his life a few years later when he was a still a young boy. He was unfazed then too. All he wanted to discuss with me was about my underwear. His grandchild was dangerously close to death and his name is quite a name for a kid.

Gary was totally unthankful and uncaring. Maybe he didn’t notice me yelling go back, go back to his grandson because there was this huge drop near where his grandson  was making a decision whether to look over the edge about two or three maybe four stories down in height but above us and he had fallen back from our family walk with my mom in a wheel chair at the Arc and with my siblings and Gary and the neighborhood below it. He did go back. Something happened there which was why he wanted to check it out because there were no barriers to protect a person from falling. as if it had collapsed like the bridge in Florida recently or something else happened. Half the ledge was gone. Missing. I noticed but didn’t till he made me notice by his actions. Anyway the sound the echo sound made when my dad had his TIA was like

 a big void

had entered the waiting room.

My mom and my older sister ran to look for a doctor. We were in the waiting room to see Kristen’s baby and Kristen. Gary was sitting on the wall across from me on what usually lines the walls of a hospital room but this was a waiting room. I jumped down from where I was and tried to tell my dad not to say anything more because it was coming out all wrong. I knew he knew what he was saying but the words came out wrong almost like backwards and it seemed the more he tried to communicate the less he could and I was afraid he would get frustrated and Gary kind of didn’t do anything. It wasn’t his dad but it was weird. The hospital gave him some potassium and treated him and he was back to normal shortly after and then it was funny in a weird way. Of course a TIA isn’t funny but how he talked was funny but not at the time he was doing it and I could not for the life of me imitate it nor could anyone else. I felt it and heard an echo a big one in the room as if the room was somewhere else. Altered, and in my own mind, reverberations. I don’t recall ever feeling the same sensations or hearing the same sensation before or since. Not like that. My husband at the time every time he would go to the Kircher home would get a headache for some reason. I don’t usually get headaches or it is very rare for me but every time we went to their home he got a headache. Something was affecting him only in their home and this was before cell phones. More like the air in their home and they did not smoke though he drank beer like a fish.

In any case, what occurred was diabolical as diabolical as the Manson murders, exposed in this you tube about Mother Teresa. It happened to us. CRAZY. Hospice was made more assessable via Medicare because it was offered for free during the Obama Administration when my little sister first called me about the proposition of hospicing my mom at her home but in a whisper she told me it was free but with no doctor input. As long as you didn’t use a doctor it was free. I found out about traveling doctors who can visit a home and suggested it to her by phone and she declined the idea which was when I voiced in e-mails a no answer to the idea to my siblings and they did too. At the time It seemed sinister plus I didn’t think my little sister could handle it because I had seen in the past some things when she would lose it that she did to me and her kid when he was small. Her heart was in the right place, I think she meant well, but I knew she could not handle taking care of my mom for long and I was afraid if something happened she would not be able to forgive herself. She wanted my mom to see her home and the deer and be able to watch nature out their huge window and or balcony which my mom would have loved, but not without doctor’s care. Like a suicide endeavor. Doctors care those who travel would have been easily affordable having thousands of dollars available. (at least 35 thousand dollars of my mom’s estate given to her by the first family – the Kirchers) The e-mails got really weird after it between the siblings as if someone else were writing them like her new husband saying strange things or like her but under the influence of something evil or macabre messing with me as did my older sister and I was afraid for my mom’s life and started writing letters to people who might help and no one helped. I wrote some letters to the family to expose whom and what I thought should be exposed just in case it was the reason for the decisions being made that IMO were deceptively made and for the wrong reasons and I wanted to be sure everyone knew kind of like putting the cards on the table for everyone to see. Then time passed and then my older sister called to tell me my mom was dead because she had hospiced her for two weeks without telling me. And then said she loved me. Not that my mom loved me but that she loved me but it was not sincere. It was as if she got the last say in the matter and loved it and obviously she was wrong. It was sassy and really fucked up but I was in shock. She will never have the last say about it because it was evil and she will wish she hadn’t or whomever it was that possessed her to do it and gloat about it over sex and money and the mustard seed, which isn’t the smallest of seed. I even heard some sound effects of my little sister on the phone for quite a while usually at the beginning of the phone call which Gary had made fun of her voice at certain times in the past imitating her the same way (I remember) when I made a phone call or answering one. A frantic, nervous sound effect of her voice saying my name. I have been harassed for a long time and it won’t pass and whoever it is behind it will pay the piper and will be sorry whether they have a conscience or not. We don’t communicate anymore at all and has been very hard. I saw her or something representing her at the hospital recently but was in three parts/three people. Very weird but I caught the meaning. Hard to explain. It definitely has to do with Billy Graham and the BGEA in a sick fashion. Fallen angels. Angels shall rise and fall upon the son of man, which is occurring in lots of different places, peoples, tongues and situations and I’m aware of it.

A spiritual war.

A big one.

I think knowing the difference between son of man and son of god helps and I think the Ten Commandments helps for a person to aim for as a standard to be a son of God and I think experience helps make a person know that. And also finding out that the smallest of seed is not the mustard seed, which kind of put a hole in the whole kibosh, didn’t it? Last, but not least the truth is important but not the way people like to test you or try to entrap you into a lie which was done to Jesus at a turbulent time amongst many imitators and frauds and those who…etc. God knows. Anyway the you-tube is very revealing and worth transcribing. I’m going to finish this one as soon as soon is.

The Pope is getting scared as I write.


PS: I’m glad I did take the time to transcribe one of Christopher Hitchens’s exposes and will post it when I decide is a good time to add to my next post which i just did.

I want to double check some things and figure out the significance of a few things. Christopher Hitchens pretty much outed the whole she-bang and whether he did it for humanity or for God

it is good.

At least for the creator of humanity who does have the last say and is the Creator

and is not Mother Teresa.

My repeatable lesson:

Mother Teresa says,”The greatest destroyer of peace today

is the cry of the innocent unborn child.

my  response: Because she hears the cry of the innocent unborn child?

Mother Teresa says: If a mother can murder her own child in her own womb

WHAT is left for you and for me

to kill each other.”

My response: A VERY DIABOLICAL thing to say and to preach and to implement.”

Don’t you think?

And she never had kids of her own;)

Because she couldn’t. God wouldn’t allow it. If you were God, would you allow it?

I still think what Malcom said to Mother Teresa was kind of weird, you know, the name he used.

algerson. He said it like a familiar first name.

Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria; U.S. Blames Assad

(Kind of feels like a time loop. The tornado warning the other day just like the day after christmas however a little different since the tornado didn’t touchdown and destroy homes, power lines, stores, and trees, tossing them from here to there. etc.  Everything else was similar timing of the day, the day temperature change, the sirens, etc and then a similar attack in Syria and the same reaction sort of something about a red line (I thought it was Netanyahu who had the red line demonstration at the UN and not Obama.) Obama has no lines. The tweets by Trump vs other Trump tweets are kind of similar. A pattern is emerging of someone tweeting in his name writing short staccato kind of tweets kind of like how George Bush talked in very short sentences and I don’t think it’s his personality in other tweets. People ought to study his tweets and see if there is a pattern. I don’t tweet so I don’t know but heard it on Fox and thought weird how choppy his tweet was and I know someone has done the same but usually his aren’t quite so weird. There must be a reason for the loop probably to get more information perhaps?) A little while ago a chemical attack is reported to have occurred in Syria reported by Fox News in the town of Goutha but there is no town called Goutha (I don’t recognize Goutha as a site in Syria) and noone will show the kids foaming at the mouth even though the accusers maintain that they have videos of it, hence there is no evidence of poisoning, just kids being sprayed with water by their elders and receiving emergency care and probably wondering why, what’s the point. Cute kids, though. If someone has evidence of foaming at the mouth because of a chemical attack it should be exhibited immediately for the sake of believability. In the Obama Administration it was reported a sarin gas attack in Syria but found to be false news and was poisoning by the rice shipment to the neighborhood which came from China through India to the neighborhood poisoned. Nuns were walking kids through the alleged sarin attack crime scene without any protection other than a painters mask on the nuns and not the children which does not protect you from sarin gas hence it was a false news story. So don’t believe it otherwise they would show it. When a person has evidence usually the person uses it to prove their allegations especially in wartime. It’s bullshit using really cute kids. Saw one video of one man with white stuff at his mouth (could have been cotton) but no one else and if they had a camera or film to shoot a picture of him they would shoot it of the others. He might have had an epileptic seizure but you know it might have scared the people around him people that are either superstitious or trying to gain political favor using his malady which might happen because of fear and the affects of war. Man on one film said people who just touched the victims were affected however it doesn’t look like it to me. There seem to be a lot of people hanging out washing the cement or tile floor with a hose which you would do if someone was vomiting or bleeding which happens when one bombs another but doesn’t mean it was a chemical attack or a sarin gas attack, does it? The French have evidence Assad used Chemical weapons on the peaceful civilians but  the English don’t yet but both are sending their yachts out towards the vicinity in anticipation.

Carly Simon – Anticipation

(I’m not a prophet either.)

“Russia offered another explanation. A spokesman for its Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, said Syrian warplanes had struck an insurgent storehouse containing toxic substances to be used in chemical weapons.” Not like it wasn’t attempted before and the last one when Obama was president and Germany taped the conversation of the military and luckily they had their ears on the right military person who betrayed Assad and lied IMO How convenient. Sounds believable about the excuse given by Russia, but still no videos of kids foaming at the mouth so the Russian explanation is probably an assumption or who knows what? Almost every video I try to watch can’t be played for some reason. Probably doctoring them up to improve the effect. Add some foam, cotton or toilet paper possibly to hold the tube to the contraption on the face of the man in the video. The kids looked sick but could be food poisoning. WHO feeds them and where do they get their food? The UN? ONe of the kids was the same kid in a video of the even that occurred during the Obama Administration so I guess lightning strikes twice to some people, the kid leaning against the wall on the floor with the slanted haircut (english looking) style of cut however my mom used to cut my bangs weird a few times when I was a kid but I curled her hair funny as well when she allowed me to play with her hair as an upcoming hair dresser in the 60’s but not in retaliation. Learning. 

Who would stay in the war zone with their kids? Someone who can’t walk away?

Where are the mothers…are they foaming at the mouth?

“A 14-year-old resident of the attacked town, Mariam Abu Khalil, said she had left home for her examination on the Quran — scheduled for early morning because fewer bombings were expected then — when the attack took place. On the way, she saw an aircraft drop a bomb on a one-story building a few dozen yards away. In a telephone interview Tuesday night, she described an explosion like a yellow mushroom cloud that stung her eyes. “It was like a winter fog,” she said.

Sheltering in her home nearby, she saw several residents arrive by car to help the wounded. “When they got out, they inhaled the gas and died,” she said.”

But she didn’t die even though it was like a winter fog and it stung her eyes, hence it’s a lie because she would have been poisoned as well and would not have been able to talk about her experience or what she had witnessed

though going to take an exam on the Quran is bad enough.

Who would schedule an exam on the Quran for a 14 year old girl in a war zone? 


(I think it would be rather smart to bomb a perceived enemy territory with laughing gas and film it

as long as it isn’t harmful

and can be administered via a blast from a bomb.)

Like when some people tested Jesus and said their daughter was dying and he went to check it out and they laughed him to scorn:

one of the stories in the gospels which is a bit on the weird side of things in opposition

to some other stories in the gospels about a dying girl.  I wrote about it in a blog post but don’t know which one

because it was years ago and have written a bunch of blog posts since then.


The bible in the Old Testament says Damascus is the burdensome stone (it does seem to be a burdensome stone, doesn’t it?) and I don’t think we should burden ourselves with their civil war. Heard on Fox we are supposed to police the world. Who says it’s our job. Did Damascus or SYRIA burden themselves with our civil/revolution war and lots of people died. (estimated at about 620,000 men in the line of duty and many more people died because of disease, starvation, and the affects of war on a nation.) I don’t know how long it took to rebuild our nation. I think it would be better to let their civil-revolutionary war play out and so the nation of Syria can get back to living instead of interfering and making the war continue with our input without actually winning the war which is ‘adding on’ and extending misery in my opinion and making the war in Syria a business. Either you commit all your forces in Syria in full swing and get the job done which would mean a war with Russia and possible nuclear war ramifications which I think the Vatican would love us to do or you stay out of it all together. The town probably took Victoza. Assad says he didnt use chemicals however sometimes the military has spies who would influenced by Obama. The USA and mostly the UN are antagonizing the situation unless we are willing to start a draft of americans to serve the armed forces to liberate Syria which is a big sacrifice and will probably affect our freedom not protecting our own borders because we are too busy defending their borders, Can’t do it all. We could try, but we would be basically in a WWlll situation and no one knows if the results will last long enough to make a difference and more than likely would go nuclear and many many many people will die and those kids will die as well if we do, more than likely, there won’t be a kid left alive.

There won’t be a country left but a big crater called Syria.

I think Egypt and Europe should liberate Syria.

Halabja chemical attack

Sometimes the past has information. This article states some countries involved in producing chemical weapons and suppliers to the attack.

We ought to if we want to win the war over Syria and every else we should destroy the ideology of Islam by destroying their holy sites in Mecca and Medina of Saudi Arabia if we truly want to make a difference. Hit them where it hurts, otherwise don’t go to Syria. It’s pointless. Then after Mecca and Medina is destroyed turn your weapons on the Vatican and most of our troubles will be over.

Can Nicki Haley do that?

I watched part of the JFK entertainment show on Fox about JFK and it was kind of interesting in some parts but oh what a botched bunch of shit as well. The riderless horse with a stirrup backwards was her idea. (Jackie Kennedy) I grew up for a while on Stirrup Lane when we lived in Alexandria for about 5 years. I think it is not a coincidence. What’s the saying about mice and men:

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry

don’t they?

Couldn’t have learned to ride with out my mom and my dad who made it possible for me and for my little sister, too.

It was a sad show with lots of INTENTIONAL MAJOR GENERAL mistakes. Jackie Kennedy wanted JFK to be a martyr. That’s interesting. She was possessed obviously to have shot him in the head in front of everyone and she had help and to want him to be martyr is absolutely INSANE. IT’S VERY ROMAN CATHOLIC but catholics are so romantic. (“You ain’t pretty, but you”re good for having babies.”)  Boy did she play Bobbie Kennedy for a fool and Bugliosi as well: The details she gave in the car when they arrived at Bethsaida, I mean, Bethesda. “I thought it was a backfire at first.”

No, it was you! GEEEEEEZ

You learn something new every day, I do almost every day. I didn’t know those things.

I had a horse and I didn’t need stirrups;) I could ride bareback and jump bareback but of course it doesn’t matter whether I could or whether I couldn’t what is important about the prophecy is the bridle, the blood of saints (MARTYRS) rising to the horse’s bridle not to the stirrup, nor the backwards stirrup on a riderless horse having something to do with Lincoln probably killed by Mary Todd his wife in a theater and JFK killed by his wife or someone who looked like her and the false covenant made in the Synoptic gospels at dinnertime at the

The Last Supper.

I wrote some stuff about the false covenant one of a few made and you can find it if you go Merangue’s Blog linked below.

The false covenant spoken of by Daniel in the most obvious place

in the bible at the Last Supper in the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Synoptic Gospels were written by someone or something referred to as the Q source probably short for QUE as in spanish

for what

or an Acronym

Acronym Definition
QUE Quebec
QUE Quetzaltenango (Guatemala territorial division)
QUE Voice Transmission (radiotelegraphy)
QUE Quality in Undergraduate Education (national project; Georgia State University)
QUE Quake, the Universe and Everything
QUE Quantum Undetected Error

But actually I think it is short for Quell – to quell – a french word as in Notre Dame  meaning Your lady

  1. put an end to (a rebellion or other disorder), typically by the use of force.
    “extra police were called to quell the disturbance”
    synonyms: put an end to, put a stop to, endcrush, put down, check, crack down on, curb, nip in the bud, squashquashsubduesuppressovercome;

    “troops quelled the unrest”
    • subdue or silence someone.
      “Connor quelled him with a look”
    • suppress (a feeling, especially an unpleasant one).
      “he spoke up again to quell any panic among the assembled youngsters”
      synonyms: calmsoothepacifysettlequietsilenceallayassuagemitigatemoderate;


Also has something to do with 14 generations in regards to the Gospel of Matthew which I wrote about as well and the posts are on the same page linked with many other links from others who helped me

quite a bit.

I think it was a curse type covenant but may have been necessary to learn about time loops and revelation : a blessing as well.

Kind of like children. They can be both at the same time. I love my kids.

Another interesting facet of the show on Fox about JFK was the Cuban Missile Crisis and having to do with a deal made with the leader of the Soviet Union Nikita Kruschchev regarding Turkey behind the scenes which I never knew happened and the show about JFK said that no one else knew

so how did the film makers of the show about JFK on Fox station know? It might make a difference if we figure it out.

Sort of new information but I have no idea how reliable but on Thanksgiving Day JFK said something kind of memorable “Let the children play with the turkey,” before he was assassinated. Some kind of trade-off having to do with nuclear weapons and also that JFK’s vision was a safe world without nuclear weapons. Maybe there wasn’t a tradeoff but is purported by whomever made the show about JFK aired on Fox so I presume Fox knows? I guess we had nuclear weapons in Turkey at the time probably to protect Europe but I  have no idea whatsoever but since Syria (the burdensome stone of the Old Testament)  is Turkey’s neighbor it might be important and I recall Jesus of one of the gospels saying:

But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.
I think referring to RAQQA and disputed territory between the two nation states Syria and Turkey.



In biblical times there was a council when Jesus was tried and was crucified!

What was the Sanhedrin?

Battle of Raqqa (2017) – Wikipedia

“The 2017 Battle of Raqqa was the fifth and final phase of the Raqqa campaign ( 2016–2017) launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against the Islamic State (ISIL) with an aim to seize the city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIL since 2014. The battle began on 6 June 2017, and was supported by airstrikes and … “
more on the link if you are interested. So I think it was a threat. Not sure if it should be heeded. I don’t make foreign policy and I don’t know the leaders but one of the Pauls of the bible was from Turkey who was identified as letting out a bunch of murderers in the desert it says in the bible and he says he is a jew and where he is from etc Turkey…Makes you wonder who wrote the Gospel of Matthew, doesn’t it? Probably a few people adding on.
Hellfire is also a place on the Game of WOW which is really fun. Sort of a portal place THE BIG PORTAL and an achievement in the game of WOW to get there. It’s where you get better and more powerful weapons by doing quests in Hellfire. However it isn’t as much fun as the battlegrounds, IMO though I don’t do them anymore.
I learned quite a bit doing them and it was a blast. Someday, I may.

I don’t think you can overcome me because I have learned too much and I am doing the things I’m supposed to do which is be a witness as Jesus was a witness who said Follow me. All I can do is reveal the things I’m witnessing from the winepress of god –  it’s news including a lot of false news and propaganda and try to sift though it, exposes by individual witnesses like Christopher Hitchens, and those who witnessed the assassination of JFK and lied quite a bunch, and relate the many correlations in my life for my family and from my studies of the gospels and the bible comparing events told and prophesied. I have not read the Koran but it had the same mustard seed lie in it relating faith to the mustard seed as does the bible. Try to understand it does affect all of you whether you like it or not and you can ignore it if you want to but I wouldn’t ignore it NOW. We didn’t know when we were going through our lives the evil we were contending with or why and it makes a difference if we want to win Armageddon or avoid Armageddon which may be in Damascus all the way to Egypt and involving the Sea/SEE of Peter i.e. the Meditteranean Sea and the Papacy in Rome. I want to shut it down as far as the SEE is concerned because it is INSANE as INSANE as walking around a black box in MECCA. RIDICULOUS SHIT and causing harm to the world. SUPERSTITIOUS and SADISTIC. Like dealing with Hitler and his followers who were INSANE PSYCHOPATHS. MINDLESS SHIT.  When Jackie had Patrick a baby boy who died being born a month early (8months) and it affected them quite a bit and she got the royal treatment and then she killed JFK.. My transcriptions are very interesting and my snapshots even more so regarding the JFK assassination and Obama I think was there somehow at the sign sitting when the remote control was used to pierce him in the back to his tie. I know a blind sheik was at the airport. Love field. A few others watching who are very familiar people in government. Some interesting equipment was being employed as well. And even at Berlin when he made his famous Berlin speech if you look close as I did.  Our government is making abortion only available up to 15 weeks (ticker tape on Fox News announcement constantly pricking women however possible on Fox and via our government) and yet the REAL JURY is out on when is appropriate. I think it could be 17 weeks because of the things Jesus said at the Sea of Galilee. It was a riddle of some kind having to do with the number 153. I cannot otherwise think he would have done so since he said the other stuff as well about starvation vs feed my sheep. Hospice. (I think he was referring to it and about fasting as not necessarily a good thing. Something also having to do with the pyramid. 17 is the number of something important. But don’t listen to me because I’m just a peon. We will find out soon enough. But one thing politically and religiously speaking if insurance companies are not willing to insure the unborn, what does it mean? I think it’s because insurance doesn’t have faith which is why insurance exists. Banking on lack of faith and going with the odds instead. A big gamble but I think the powers that think they will be are gonna lose probably the difference in two numbers of weeks. (of years maybe?)  Geez if you had only said so two weeks ago you could have entered heaven. SORRY I don’t know heaven except the good in my family the people and animals I love and in the world. To me that’s heaven. Who knows what the end game is gonna be. I don’t but I know whom I believe the most. I sure don’t trust insurance companies (denying my mom an oxygen generator),  governments or religions and their promises anymore because for one thing they are liars and I bet it’s gonna hurt when it turns on them. I think it already is hurting people and more so those who don’t understand why but it will be doubly worse for those who don’t try to be truthful or more maybe. Is denying someone oxygen, starvation? Probably. Jesus said feed my sheep. I think my dreams will come true. I’m counting on it and it’s a good dream but I can’t ignore what I see as if it isn’t happening because it is happening to a lot of people. I used to know how to play bridge but I haven’t played in so long. Good game. I do know it involves trumps. But which one? LOL. I truly hope a woman has the right to what she wants in regards to her body no matter how pregnant she is. That is my belief until I hear different from God the creator of the universe I’m going with that belief until then. Many babies don’t make it even after full term in many places for political and religious reasons and negligence. Send the parent a shoe box or as in Jackie’s case a gun. I realize she might have had deep depression but it is what is on the CBS News and I have given her many excuses such as the possibility of  Devil’s breath having married a shipping tycoon in the business of the derivative and ingredient of a sea sickness medicine. I remember JFK also in his speech saying LET MY PEOPLE GO referring to Moses in his inaugural address. I don’t think it will happen unless someone destroys the places I have suggested at least not for men because Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man. CRAP as a MAJOR GENERAL RULE. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Those places represent other gods before me. Is that totalitarian? I don’t think so as proven to be the opposite by their own petard. I think it’s common sense. I believe in freedom of religion but the problem is these two religions with holy sites Mecca and Medina and the Vatican don’t. It is why people came to america to begin with, isn’t it? Made a constitution leaving women’s rights beneath them except the one to protect her husband. How convenient. It never occurred to the writers and authors that women matter. When mommies not happy …. no one is. The two religions are responsible for a lot of sorrows for many people. And I think if our country goes to Syria and interferes many more will wish our country hadn’t including our country. Fox war drums are getting louder and louder. Blood pressure is rising in them. Laura InGraham is drunk on her power but she is so obnoxious. Power of the press. The wine press of GOD.  She riles me and she knows it and I rile her. It’s my duty because she is a liar and a woman hater for some reason. Oh yea she plays the game with women but she doesn’t like other women unless they agree with her at a given moment and calls them smart if they tow her line. She wraps people around her as if she owns them and she does. Hannity, poor fellow. You can do better she isn’t worth a hill of beans and she will ruin you. I have known a woman similar in my life but better. She was still better most of the time. Laura isn’t most of the time. I don’t like her and I like a lot of women but I have had to listen I didn’t have to but I heard what she had to say not once mentioning Hospice, Mother Teresa, the Pope with a critical mind. She is a shill. She is in the thick of murder. REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM. She might just get what she wants and ooooh it might not turn out how she hopes. The reason I wrote against Obama dealing with Syria in his administration early on is because he was not to be trusted which he proved, didn’t he. He sure proved it in our country. By the way some of the pictures of Jackie look like she is infested with Obama. Or was. Hopefully something good will happen to the real one when the shit is over.

Saw Sarah Palin talking to Mark Levine on his show on Fox and she was very political both of which were adulating John Bolton and it was just totally unbelievable crap and acting as if Obama was a normal person and he isn’t. He is described quite a bit in the Gospel of Luke who described a fraud and a fake Jesus in parts of the gospel  i.e. the false prophet of ISLAM shit. I have done some work on this BIZNIZ as well. Both of which are in denial and does not help ANYONE. Sorry because I like both of them but it’s like not gonna move mountains what was said in their adulation of Bolton.

a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
“revelations about his personal life”
the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world.
“an attempt to reconcile Darwinian theories with biblical revelation”
At this time I think revelation is revealing the lie about the mustard seed debacle
as silly as it is
and the resistance to the truth about it
as silly as it is
and about Hospice which is MURDER which is not silly
in retaliation
 for being revealed as a false premise and the religions who caused it misleading people to commit murder.
A war against the God of truth and the God of truth will win so

geddon board! 

As Bill Cosby said “the nuns mean bizniz!” when he first had to deal with them through his wife

who was a catholic and he had to donate money for a building before he was accused…


I think the Roman Catholic nuns wanted first dibs and obviously knew something ahead of time

always trying to be the middle guy.

Get the money and run so the other women had to fight for theirs. I doubt the Church of Rome is helping these women and if the nuns knew why did they have a building donation and not give the money the nuns received to the women he allegedly raped instead of building a building? Probably has something to do with Christopher Hitchens suggesting Mother Tersa should and could have built a hospital in Calcutta. That’s why. LOOPY DE LOOP

To CUM between man and women, girls and boys, and God.

I wonder how the nuns knew?

Sorry for my explicit description of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s clergy,

but the Catholic church is a masturbation of truth.

The scum of the earth and nothing more. Scumbags and mobsters.

and Fox news reply is : Putin said Israel is responsible for the attack in Damascus.

Who told them? PUTIN? Or was it my ex? Putin was right about the USA press, but I don’t need to repeat it,

we know.

Why is it the priests and bishops and cardinals dress eerily similar to Islamic clerics. Is it some kind of statement, or what? Draconian.

Brian Kimmel kind of set up the joke because of a book reading display by Melania Trump to some kids on Easter day when she said:


my transliteration of Melania Trump’s first words I have ever heard her say out loud and with a lisp

except her interview in defense of her husband and her only right stated in the Constitution.

I kind of get the feeling it’s a repeat of JFK and Jackie but I don’t know who is going to assassinate who first.


(Just a sick joke, okay?)

The Truth About the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Is The ‘Ring Of Fire’ Becoming More Active?


(great show about survival tips based on true stories)

Other blog posts:

Morality vs. Instinct and READING

My Main site

Merangue’s Blog

Circumvent to avoid (defeat, failure, unpleasantness, etc.) by artfulness or deception; avoid by anticipating or outwitting: He circumvented capture by anticipating their movements. 3. to surround or encompass, as by stratagem; entrap: to circumvent a body of enemy troops. SPERM

Invading Turkey would circumvent a lot of Syria’s complications.

I guess to make a point my internet went offline and the phones in the house. So I went to the store and asked the people who run it if I could use their phone and they dialed for me the ex’s number. They are Korean. He answered and I said the phones are not working and the internet is down. And he said something like Oh I know what it is….he hadn’t paid the bill and said he did not get a message as he normally does before it shuts off in order for him to pay the bill to keep the internet on. A power play of immense stupidity. He said it might take sometime to do but it came on within 5 minutes. I’m not stupid. He cares about me so much because I could have had an emergency AND luckily I didn’t. I guess trying to show who he thinks is the boss but it isn’t who he thinks. LOL I told the clerks at the store I was glad they were here and thank you! I don’t know if it was by accident or not and I don’t care anymore whether it was or not because it’s a ridiculous ploy but in my educated mind with my marbles in tact (CRITICAL THINKING) I think it was purposeful on his part and taking full advantage of it. It’s what you call a catholic prick. I think Christopher Hitchens agrees!


and I think God appreciates it


as do myself. LOL

INFO WARS ALEX JONES has some good stuff sometimes and should never be silenced.

The ex just called and I have been home for a while and he said “FINALLY.” He couldn’t call me in all this time and I said I was online almost immediately when I got home and the guy at the POBIC (place of business for internet connection) said, Oh I see, it didn’t reset.

I don’t know who’s fooling who and I don’t care.

As far as James Comey is concerned his concerns probably grew as time flew by.  That’s how it is often! It was what happened to me and my family. A small little lie grew and grew and hurt a bunch of people, the people I loved, even the one who lied

a little lie.

Then my mouse started acting up and it was a wire on top of a wire causing problems. I figured it out at least temporarily.

I’m gonna add a little advice: work with Putin and get rid of the chemical weapons in diverse places. There is a civil war and a revolution going on in Syria and lots of bad players using kids involved which makes the job much harder to control and find chemical weapons.

Give him a hand.

I don’t believe he is as cozy with Iran as some purport. There are a lot of liars. Sorry. I think he cares about his country like we care about ours and these countries on the edge of insanity are near his country because of the Vatican and it’s bad ways Sainting Mother Teresa?. Whether you like Russia’s elections or not is irrelevant OR stay out of the mess in Syria and Turkey all together. It would suit the Vatican if we did what Obama wanted to do because both are in cahoots together. Obama would not have been elected if it weren’t for Henry Kissinger and the Vatican. You can see how Obama affected our country far worse than any other president playing the black card. LOL

Reuters says Putin failed his obligation. Actually says Putin betrayed his obligation. I don’t think he betrayed it, we did because Obama IS THE BETRAYER, THE DESTROYER, the vatican did by interfering and I would love to see though not really anyone else try to tame the area and find chemicals which can be hidden in a drum or a barrel in a hellhole around people who are known for lying a lot. Instead of adding more fuel to the fire help douce it. It has enough. Otherwise the prophecy may come true a few of them for those who try to make it worse. I saw the interview with Assad and Barbara Walters a long time ago and I thought he sounded sane and said “It’s complicated” which it is. He didn’t lie. It obviously is complicated when you have Turkey next door. Israel and the Golan heights on the other side India not too far away, You have Germany and those still in a hitler state of mind interfering. And last but not the least threat to mankind is the Vatican and their hand is in this not to help. Not to mention Obamas puppet in Jordan who added fuel to the fire like a dumb-ass. Jordan was not aiming for ISIS. It was something else it was doing for Obama. It is complicated. Wasn’t it Jordan that betrayed Israel? The six day war and Israel won. 

For many years christians lived peacefully under his regime. Does that count for anything?

Can’t say that about Obama, can you? Can’t say that about the Vatican, can you?

Israel may get a new devil. Sorry, but it is the thing Israel has said in the past about Assad:

“better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t).”

Obviously meaning they could handle him and had because of the Golan Heights.

It is gonna get real dicey if our country doesn’t step back.

We can’t even contain our own borders or protect our schools, airports, buildings in New York, embassies, and Fox for the most part are dying to go to war in Syria. Send your own sons! Doubting Thomas is calculating his hopes to fight the war in Syria. I hope he gets to go. I hope Geraldo gets to be the Damascus war correspondent as well. PURRFECT

President Trump, would you send your son to fight in Syria? Would Melania? I’m sure it is acceptable in Syria for kids to put on uniforms like it is for little girls in Turkey to be humiliated and slobbered on to be a martyr for the President of Turkey. I hope Laura InGraham gets to send her kids. Hannity, how about yours?

Send our troops to Turkey instead.

Remember what Obama said at a correspondent’s dinner about the children, I don’t care whose children they are flying in Manhattan after curfew or something like it referring to 9-11 jokingly and about MIchelle’s arms (no one should bare arms but Michelle) and then what JFKennedy said about letting the children play with the Turkey, soon after he was assassinated or before. Come to find out JFK gave something in Turkey to end the Cuban missile crisis in secret. Obviously something important about Turkey. Michelle said do it for the children at some point. The President of Turkey molesting a little girl (or planning to anyway) in uniform in front of a crowd to be a martyr is pretty damning evidence. I watched it. It might be the answer for the USA to consider in the shining light of everything we know NOW being revealed via Revelations.

Thank you Tucker Carlson for a good interview of a congressman who wouldn’t answer anything

and a former captive in Syria who had some good information.

Basically what I got from the congressman is we have some other reasons for being in Syria


which I believe are the Golan Heights, possibly oil interests as well. Didn’t Israel have an oil find recently? 

‘Foreign Policy By Viral Video’: Tucker Rips ‘Geniuses’ Claiming to Know Truth

About Syrian Gas Attack

I already saw it and hopefully it hasn’t been edited.

 I recall writing a post about the renegades/mercenaries from Saudi Arabia in Syria during Obama’s administration and it was obvious by their apparel which kind of gave it away. I think we ought to reassess our foreign policy and actually deal with Saudi Arabia who with the Vatican think they own the world and prove to them they don’t instead. I’ll add the pictures when I come across them.

And Stormy Daniels looks an awful lot like the actress Helen Hunt as well who played in the movie with Mel Gibson What Women Want

who thought they wanted him.

The bible brings up the issue and a lot of people don’t want to deny women’s rights

but want men’s rights but I don’t think it’s gonna work


Stormy Daniels is enjoying herself too much to be taken seriously, IMO. She’s very pretty and looks an awful lot like Laura InGraham with big boobs, I guess sort of a Marilyn Monroe figure without talent. Marilyn Monroe had talent so I guess more like the woman who was beheaded in a car wreck Her name was Jane Mansfield and was also a sex symbol back in those days though I don’t think she did porn. I heard she was a smart cookie or was it Marilyn who was the smart cookie. It was Marilyn and the other wasn’t. I remember one of the two was really dumb and couldn’t have been Marilyn Monroe. A lot of people liked Marilyn Monroe and she was murdered. She didn’t commit suicide. I don’t even think she had any plastic surgeries either. She was a natural beauty. She made the best of what she was given. Murdered. I read about it quite a bit.  Trumps lawyer was robbed. Who the heck knows why but over 130 thousand dollars. I have not seen Stormy Daniels talent but she sure is getting a lots of attention for having sex. But she does not look talented to me just a drama queen. Hmmmmm. Can she sing? Can she play guitar? Can she play anything? Can she paint? Can she write? Can she speak 10 languages? How about 5? 3? 2? 1? Can she do anything? I guess you aren’t allowed to spank? Did the serpent beguile her? I know it beguiled Laura InGraham. I’m not sure of the lesson in this endeavor or why the FBI and the DOJ would be involved. Makes no sense. I think she needs a therapist. I do know women in the past didn’t have any ways to make money other than do what she does to survive and to feed her kids. Is it what the USA wants for their daughters, their wives, their sisters, their friends? I don’t think Laura InGraham is very smart either because she is on the wrong side and it may spell her doom eternally speaking. She ought to mention nightly for her contribution against women’s rights what was discovered by Christopher Hitchens if she wants to keep her soul. GOOD ADVICE to a deceived chick. Then maybe someday things will be better for other women besides ourselves.

Now I think I will add pictures to the work by Christopher Hitchens some of mine and some of his and do my other job.

I’m so proud of congress. FACEBOOK?

Yes I think Trump should fire Mueller. He’s a cog in the wheel of government.

One less bell to answer, One less egg to fry, One less man to pick up after….


Yes my e-mail account was stolen obviously because when I put my birthday into retrieve my account it won’t let me put in the month. The button of the month doesn’t work. So how does a person do it if it won’t let you. But I had to really jump through hoops to get to the point of it not allowing me to enter the month. A Dead button. The ex gave me his account number but not the right one for days. I don’t know if he was doing it out of stupidity or just being a catholic prick. Probably both.

I guess I’ll start a new e-mail. Why not?

Today my daughter was a curse. LOL Her boyfriend she told me complained about how much toilet paper she uses because she uses toilet paper too much in his opinion. IS HE NUTS? YES HE IS so I called after having a tiff with the daughter about my bluntness joking wise and she freaked and he hung up on her so I called and I left a message on his answering service (unbeknownst to her though I threatened I would) and asked him on the message if he would like us to pay for the toilet paper? I guess he doesn’t have a sense of humor like me. RIDICULOUS. I’m sure I’ll hear about it either from the ex, the daughter, and/or PATRICK, her sick boyfriend. She said who says that in regards to my humor and I said I do but who complains about how much toilet paper a FEMALE uses. A FREAKIN’ CRAZY SON OF A BITCH although supposedly his mommie is nice acting. I have never met her and don’t really want to because he is not good enough for my daughter but she may end up with a freak who was hassling about where she was and she told him and he wasn’t satisfied and he should have been. So out loud I said she was having sex jokingly (sort of) because of the toilet paper debacle between them (and might have done it anyway) and she was furious (LIVID) and he OBVIOUSLY is VERY VERY VERY unsure of himself and he should be. I don’t think they share love, but it’s all she has been offered boy wise because he still lives with mommie and her husband who I hear is very mean and abusive which is why they don’t sleep together in the same room and he takes after him. As you can see someone has to teach him and I can be a curse, too. When husband and wife sleep apart usually is a sign of abuse. A lot of things.

Mayor of London

London mayor is anti knife. Maybe I need to refer him to my blog post Person, Place or Thing, but I think the mayor is past the red line. Is London at war? A civil war? Political correct shit. Was it black? You should be able to expect more out of a mayor. A simpleton.

 A Turd in the Back Seat

They don’t call me Rosanne Rosanna Dana for nothin’.

Another false witness and she is scared I can tell but going the wrong way, darlin.  I recognize her too when I was trying to get an invention going through a company. She was the secretary or someone who was eerily the same and even sounded the same. Had me sign documents, etc.  Parsing words on Fox News about Obama and the lady interviewing is right there with her being an Obama follower the lady who always has a look of no understanding and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. IN A FOG. The guest lied.

The Vice President Pence is going to Peru in place of Trump.

I find it odd.

Another odd thing is Fox is using some of the same footage they did for an attack earlier with the same kids. I recognize the kid from earlier presumed attack. It kind of makes one wonder why use old footage of the same kid. The boy with the slanted haircut, if this actually happened twice or is this like the tornado warning? I think someone is trying to tell us it’s a lie.

Some big lists, I mean BIG LISTS  as in


of accidents during war by Americans involving military aircraft.

List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1940–44)

List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1945–49)

and it quite possibly is true of any nation at war usually there are accidents however Germany didn’t do it by accident. Not that Germany didn’t have accidents but piles of bodies in mass graves having bullet holes in them or crematoriums is different. Is Trump gonna be planning a war in the war room with the Pentagon generals instead and with his masterminds. Ridiculous. like Mattis, I would add a song but I can’t think of one this time. Usually it pops into my head but this time it didn’t. HMMMMMMM. The woman on Fox who I wrote who seems to look like she is in a fog I would have to say General Mattis has the same look as well but with an added ingredient, HATE. 

I get the feeling he has a bone to pick. There is such a thing as male makeup. It is called foundation.

I don’t use it much, but I’m not on the front lines like he is.


Zuckerberg is getting grilled by a bunch of computer duds. “I suggest you have a different user agreement” one of them said and treated him like shit as if the Congressman was superior. What about Obama Care? I don’t think so, but he sure is taking full advantage as if he is above the law. IS HE?  I think we have a Congress losing it’s ideology in favor of something more sinister. Gang man ship. I don’t think it’s gonna work. I think Congress most of them are in the wrong league. TRULY. Comparing what hotel he stayed the night before to privacy issues on Facebook is going overboard. It really is. Zuckerberg didn’t tell him which was cool and I guess the Congressman thought he really taught him a lesson. Does he not have a lawyer? Congress has something to hide. I suppose my teaching is being attacked via Congress and Facebook? I don’t use Facebook but read a few things on it. I had set up an account and didn’t like the exposure of it naturally. I heard about my newest brother-in-laws FaceBook lack of respect for my sister when she had had an accident. I think she was rear ended and ran into another vehicle and he announced it to her friends on Facebook. It was disgusting and left off she was unconscious which I found out later from her via e-mail. A user of women. The title was used abusively and disrespectfully and diminished the seriousness of the situation thus diminishing her. She deserves better and a lot of what happened to my family when it got real nasty seemed to occur when he joined our family. She met him via a dating service online. He was there to take advantage of a divorce and her settlement. Like a good catholic boy. “How much wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood” kind of guy. He was at the hospital when my mom died. A very cold mother fucker and I said he seemed dead to me. Like the head of the DOD of the Obama Administration and ring bearer for the Queen at the Queens Jubilee. He told me once when she had an invitation for me to visit when we were still acting like sisters: Don’t bring your kids friends. What kind of man ….I have never known of one who gets so involved in order to control other people, like myself. I never did or got the chance to and would have brought friends of my kids if they had had a desire to bring a friend if I had decided to regardless of what he said because he was an ass or I would not have bothered to come for a visit. Plus I would have probably also used a visit in conduction with a visit to my mom and in conjunction to go to the beach with the kids and my sister knew it and she liked kids. She loved kids and was kind of a kid herself which was why partially most people loved her or liked her. Same with my parents. Kids at heart. It was a parting order from him. I have never met anyone as controlling as him and she was being controlled. She was afraid of him. He used her money from the settlement to buy a house with her on a lake and did not invest his own money. Married three times. One of his past young ex-wives was dead. He was manipulating and maniacal. All the ‘M’s of a sociopath. I remember what the DOD of the Obama Administration said once which was telling about Obama’s motives. Well, being a mutual Saudi kiss ass, no wonder. Motives matter. Motives matter in regards to murder or an investigation of a murder or murders of many people. Motives matter because either someone does it purposefully for a number of reasons or by accident. Motives are the difference between innocence and guilt, imprisonment, prison, and the death sentence and makes a big difference in catching a murderer if you can determine motive. That is how much motive matters. Believe me…it matters. For a DOD to not question the motives of an evil President of the ilk of Obama is reprehensible. Dereliction of his job and responsibility to the American people. He called my sister THE WIFE. My dad never referred to my mom as THE WIFE especially in the occasion he used it, but he never did anyway. He called her by her name DOROTHY and usually when talking about both of them he said “Dorothy and I” out of respect for her and his love for her. That’s the difference between a prick and a man married to a very wonderful woman. Difference between love and something else. Saying THE WIFE is worse than saying what a lot of guys and dolls say when referring to their wife my old lady or my old man having been married a long time usually out of fear and/or how they were raised and sometimes jokingly familiar. THE WIFE?  I got one email after a little time and it was kind of weird about cupcakes at this point things were not good. I kind of thought the person was not her I was in an e-mail interaction with and I think either talking about young girls disrespectfully or boobs. Could have been about food, but I don’t think so. It was maniacal sounding and sort of a double-entendre and soon after we stopped communicating. I felt like I was dealing with something evil.

A catholic saint by one of her names Mother Teresa’s motive matters to me and many other people and to God.

I think most of Congress needs to be replaced because they are getting a BIG HEAD. In truth I don’t know what the Facebook dilemma is all about and I don’t care I just don’t like the Congress at this time. Lack of privacy as if Congress has protected privacy of the everyday girl or woman. They have not and they know it. Isn’t Graham hard to watch. Lindsay Graham. What a disgusting asshole he has turned into. Hey Graham who was the witness you met at Bethesda the one who was scared and a witness of Benghazi. Can you answer that? why did you say to the mullahs of the Muslim Brotherhood to not act up or you were gonna get take back the tax dollars you gave them. OF course the muslim brotherhood did act up and what you said was of no effect. You had already crossed the line and sold your self short…your soul is trash …. I just thought of a song:


If our country decides to go to war it would be wise to go to Turkey and makes more sense. Why would the President of Turkey be pawing a young 6 year old girl to be a martyr? It was really gross and she was not happy meaning it was against her will to be pawed and used by the President of Turkey. It would help stem the tide of war possibly and a pincher kind of move but I don’t know if our government has the wherewithal. Depending on cruise missiles instead of getting out on the battle field (the hardest place to be more than likely) which would probably make generals rethink their missions and especially if their kids are on the battlefield which in biblical sense might actually be without their knowledge if we are dealing with what I think we are dealing with. THE END TIMES

Is Turkey using kids in Syria? Obviously it is.

Too many signs not to be relevant which is why Obama wants war so he can take as many people with him to hell. He has wanted access to those chemicals for a long time and even toured some places with chemicals and then mocked about some things in Indonesia recently when he visited as if he had access to other kinds of weapons and probably using them in Syria. Would it surprise you?

This Day in History: Nerve Gas Attack on Tokyo Subway (March 20, 1995)

Not too long ago this occurred and I have no idea if it causes foaming at the mouth but I’m pretty sure Obama would I know where to find something that does and use his favorite mode of transport, a drone.

A Qatarian (leader from Qatar) is on Fox news saying Bashar Assad is responsible for the last 7 years for the everything. Was Abraham Lincoln responsible for the all the deaths in the Civil War? We know Colin Powell said chemicals were taken to Syria but I think under the muslim brotherhood shit or before he might have accepted the chemical weapons under some kind of agreement with his brothers and was tricked….I sure don’t know, but the meeting with Sen John Kerry and Assad with their wives is kind of suspicious. If he was so afraid of Assad why was he there WITH HIS WIFE? Assad could have poisoned them, and he didn’t because then Benghazi happened and the fraudulent congressional hearings in regards to Benghazi while Sen. John McCain played games on his cell phone and John Kerry testified (sort of) an then last I heard about Kerry was he transported 30 witnesses to Germany never to be heard from again and then he had a bicycle accident in Paris after hanging in there with Hillary (no space between them) and taking over her job as well before the Trump administration.

Headline on Fox “Missiles on way to Syria” which could mean many things.


Oh yea also Putin supposedly told Israel to stand down and Putin is moving his ships from Syria minus one submarine. It doesn’t work? All of this so we may know and so the world may know and which by the way Trump in the past said he wouldn’t announce his plans yet Fox is announcing his plans and Putins plans. I’m repeating their headlines and news. Me thinks it is either a trap (for whom?) or who knows, because I don’t know. Might be propaganda. I guarantee Fox news is getting some ratings for their contributions to the war in Syria. How many submarines does Putin have? Can anyone tell me the answer? Just one? Remember the lost nuke we never heard if it was found and remember supposedly Putin had subs kind of close to our country.

I guess it’s anyone chess?

Kind of funny since the Gospel of Matthew’s Jesus said what he said cited

somewhere in this post about Raca,

and brothers,


It would be exceedingly smart to annihilate the ideology behind Islam and Roman Catholicism my way and might make the average joe happy. Half the battle is defeating the ideology. The rest might fall at your feet because of it but then again it might not depending on who you are and what you did to stop tyranny. Did you contribute or did you not contribute. School lunches don’t count.

I’m sorely disappointed in the nation of Israel.

If we get involved in war in Syria all the way or wherever don’t expect much of a thank you.

We sure didn’t get one from the nation of Israel.

I can’t be more unimpressed with Netanyahu, NYET at all.

Nyet for anything he has done, but for what he hasn’t done. I guess lines don’t mean anything.

Once upon a time…..Oh well

Sorry mom, I don’t mean you.

Lots of funny alliances in the Congress which don’t make sense. Like Grassley etc of Iowa the CAUCUS STATE

Sen. Chuck Grassley Wants Vote On Bill To Protect Special Counsel

Fire Meuller!

I asked the ex if he had heard from my daughter not telling him anything about the argument because I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and I don’t want to manipulate a response and said he had and come to find out Patrick in the past worked for the INTERNET COMANY and all along I thought he worked troubleshooting over the phone computers with people who had computer problems (not an Internet Company dealing with computer routers and modems which is different than troubleshooting a computer itself working at home) and was fired for telling the truth (he was entrapped) but my ex said he is trying to get his job back from the INTERNET COMPANY. FUNNY I NEVER HEARD IT WAS AN INTERNET COMPANY (modems and computer appliances related to the INTERNET connections for a computer to the internet) which kind of is a bit of stretch from the story I was told. THE EX GOT KIND OF DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT and said he got fired for being a dumb-ass (telling the truth?) and for hanging up on someone which was not what I had heard. I can’t remember every detail but in light of what just happened him hanging up on my daughter, it’s kind of funny.  He was fired a long time ago in fact over a year ago. The ex is pressuring my daughter to find a job which she has been searching for but it is hard especially for females of a certain type of heritage though she does work hard when she works and is worthy. I know. He named two INTERNET companies one which just got wired recently. When someone gets defensive about something not really personal it pricks my ears to hear. Nothing was said by ex to me about my daughter’s and my tiff yesterday or from her boyfriend or from her so I don’t know what’s going on but I guarantee something is going on’ because it was kind of harsh. Too many common variables not to notice. I had heard it was a computer company which isn’t the same thing as an INTERNET company. Overlapping. You learn something new everyday however my ex is a liar through and through and is up to something or he wouldn’t be sooooooooooooo defensive. Both my daughter and her boyfriend on the way to the place of their abode saw a UFO together in the shape of a pyramid but upside down about a year ago. Mr. Perfect is fucked up and said to me “the customer is always right” which is not true. Sometimes the customer is fucking crazy and there is no way to deal with them which happened to my other daughter who was hassled on the job by a nut. Let me assure you the customer is not always right, nor is the employer, neither the employee.

Catholics are in a different category or so catholics think and are taught not to read the bible to find out the truth about Catholicism.

Now he just said steroids out loud and I asked what he meant and what he said from one room to another across his small abode and he said some crap and SKIRTED IT (LIED) like good old catholic prick and then he snorted. It’s what he does when he thinks he is right and he is wrong and he snorted again. I can’t tell you what a prick he is though I have tried my best he is taking full advantage of his religion and their crap even though he said he gave it up before I married him so we were married under false pretenses which is sooooooooooo catholic. He starved his mom and misappropriated her words and her actions because he knew it was painful (extremely painful) to have a feeding tube jammed up your nose even with the stuff used to deaden the experience it doesn’t always work depending on one’s nose and nodules etc and I had to be anesthetized in order for it to be done and I was in extreme pain and should not have noticed the nostril exorcize but I did notice. He knows it because he was there learning but I don’t think he suggested it for his mom counting the days it takes to starve someone to death (and to make her a martyr for Mother Teresa and the Roman Catholic DOGMA) for a few computers and a car to gain some upsmanship with his daughter against me : HIS MEMESIS.


He just snorted.

I think it’s pride or something like it when one snorts the way he does. His nose is out of joint or something.

He is going to lose everything he cares about which isn’t much in his eyes.

A while back over ten years ago he developed floaters in his eyes and tinitus in his ears.

The ex said Mueller can’t be fired because of something he read about a few others who would have to fire him. Rosenstein and down the line to the Solicitor General.

I think he could be fired. IMO and should be since he is abusing power and should put him under oath and have him investigated for his abuse of power. I have no idea if what he read is true but he seems to be interested more than normal in the affairs of Trump.

I hope Trump has the balls to fire Meuller because of Mueller’s abuse of power, but let’s see if he does. I think he would be supported by many in the USA even Democrats if he does have the balls to fire Mueller. But maybe he doesn’t so why would anyone want him to go to Syria to fight a war if he doesn’t have the balls to fire Mueller. A bit of a catch -22 if you ask me but it doesn’t have to be a a catch -22 if he has the balls to fire Mueller. I think I hate this guy.

The ex doesn’t believe that the Vatican hired Kissinger to help their reputation who propped Obama. He propped him. I remember his blurbs during the election of Obama the first time around. Our choices sucked but that’s part of the process. He thinks the Pope is a joke which in a way he is being the fool he is but takes full advantage of the catholic crap going on. Starvation of his mom and tried to make me guilty of it by association and did the same to his daughter who didn’t know and is not responsible in any way. She is in her own little world still. Most people are. MY EX KNOWS BETTER. I have told him over and over again and he refuses to believe me. He makes it hard for me to teach my kids extremely hard. You don’t have your ex falsely arrested but it was WHAT he did because he didn’t want to handle his daughter who was out of control acting up and had a lot of reasons for her behavior which most women/girls do. He couldn’t handle that I divorced him. It was the best thing I did one of the best things I could have done and did in my life and he screwed  me over. Some bad things happened to her at school before we got her out of school because of the process. She ended up in the ER because of it. I’m glad I divorced his ass because he is an asshole. I think he poisoned me with help from his friends which got me very sick not just once. I can’t prove it but in my heart I know because of his pride not for his kids, but his pride in himself. Sold them down the river and other women as well. A COWARD. I’m not talking about the boyfriends ….. in the sense of the river. I’m talking about their rights and equality.

King James Bible Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

Obviously, a prophecy as well.

LIKE NIXON who was taken down which happens sometimes when you get your hands dirty trying to do something right such as for exposing Billy Graham as a fraud and a shill, taken down by the press who are for the most part deceived by DEEP THROAT, KISSINGER and those who work for the Vatican. But at the time we didn’t know what we know now. He got us out of Vietnam which is another reason. He didn’t have to, of course, but he helped a bunch and as a nation we should be thankful he did. I’m sure it wasn’t easy because truth is hard but I bet there would be lots of people who have lived their lives who wouldn’t have if he hadn’t. He may have done it using some weird ways though I have not been convinced of his guilt on some things he was accused of, but it had to be done somehow. Our government is ensconced with a lot of shit. “The swamp” as Trump calls it. There is a funny movie (hysterical in parts) about the Vietnam war called Tropic Thunder but the war was not funny while it was waged and for some it never ended. One out of ten Americans who served in Vietnam were killed. 58,148 people killed and many more wounded. Amputations and crippling wounds were 300 percent higher than in World War ll, 75,000 Vietnam Veterans are severely disabled.

Many Still Missing

As of April 14, 2017, there are 1,611 Americans still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War across Vietnam (1,258), Laos(297), Cambodia(49), and China(7).

Vietnam War Facts, Stats and Myths

“France progressively carved for itself a huge colony, which would form French Indochina in 1887. France continued to rule Vietnam as a colony until France’s defeat in the First Indochina War and the proclamation of Vietnam’s independence in 1954.”

Also the leader DIEM dedicated his country to Mary and all hell broke loose. He and his brother were assassinated. Other weird things happened before hand. apparitions. It was still french for a long time. The war started in 1955-1975. Not a coincidence and something to do with xavier or some name and probably jesuit. I can’t remember everything. Perhaps St. Francis Xavier. hmmmmmmmmm there was also a a murderer of many people in Vietnam even before we got involved. MASS KILLINGS. Demonic shit. Like in Indonesia in WWll (Oliver North documentary before Douglas McArthur was able to intervene fully probably RC stalled.

There are plenty of times when I wanted to really mess my ex up, but I held myself back because of my daughters, my parents, and my beliefs. I was tempted. I know God will do it for me with help from my parents and kids (when they realize.) So I write and lay it all down as best as I can to demonstrate from a woman raised in the USA. I think it helps others and I think it is what I’m supposed to do. God didn’t say I should or say my name and direct me to do it like Bill O’reilly was told by God, he says anyway. I don’t respect his God at all. My ex thinks it will never happen. Of course, it will. WATCH and learn.

I do think war is necessary sometimes but I think it should be done in a serious manner with a goal and not just a reaction. Sober-like and with truthful information and the problem is the Vatican and many others of our supposed allies aren’t providing truthful intel and should. You don’t go to war on a fabrication of an event unless you enjoy it. Enjoy mass murder and I don’t think you can ever get information reliable information without the army involved nor ever win a war without the army involved. Just an ongoing conflict as we have noticed in most of the wars we are still involved in. I think Putin might have been poisoned during a dinner meeting with Obama regarding chemical weapons, a meeting in some weird place, I can’t remember where but might have been raised up again like I have been a few times. It’s a possibility. I have never met Putin, nor know him in the least but I watched the Obama Administration as closely as I could and did my best to expose him via his own words and how he twisted the truth. I know from what I could see Putin had good motives in regards to Syria and the chemical weapons to handle it and others didn’t have good motives in order to entrap Assad the President of Syria by birth and to eventually entrap Israel because of the Golan Heights. It is the goal of the enemy and we should know it by now and also to kill for the sake of killing. Craziness. But like the mustard seed lie some people can’t handle the truth, nor want to….. especially the Vatican.

Fox news and Major General Rattan’s unauthorized daughter is saying for Trump to get impeached. It will be better for him and talking to the other girl who lied a little earlier. HUH? Jesuit inspired of course.

Talk about deceived BOT her job depends on it and she likes her job deceiving. Perhaps both have to for some reason, nevertheless and regardless of their position my advice is

Fire Mueller.

He abused his power. Worry about it later. There are more important matters to worry about

and take seriously your choices before you jump into a PROXY war or into impeachment or both but don’t count on too many more loops because I’m sure there is a limit.


take her advice and get impeached by an abusive branch of the government.

How absolutely absurd but it was suggested on Fox News. It’s a bribe, but you can’t trust people who bribe. There is always a twist.

It’s like not making a hoop in basketball or missing a ball in football or baseball or tripping a horse on a race track for insurance and taking a few others down with you. We saw it at a race track and it upset me but I didn’t realize at the time why these things happen and realized are usually mob related. My dad didn’t either, I don’t think. Besides children, his family, he also loved animals and dolphins and I believe he loved horses too. He walked me home which took a long long time from a horse show I entered probably on a saturday through country backroads amongst the cornfields to get back to the ranch we housed our horse. It took a long time and it was quiet. I didn’t win. I hadn’t practiced enough and was a novice at riding and jumping. Little Joe refused to jump a very dangerous jump. A drop off about three to five feet. I fell off as he stopped. Sort of like jumping into a pit. I didn’t much care for it either and didn’t mind him not trying to jump down. I got a white ribbon. LOL I never tried to practice a jump like that even after because it wasn’t necessary even if you like jumping a horse and I did. We learned together Little Joe and I at the ranch mostly and I fell a few times but persisted. ‘Our backroads trip was very nice and fatherly. I don’t think he was disappointed. He didn’t say he was. We were both on the horse and our horse fell because of the asphalt and slipped and landed on top of him. I jumped off as I recall. Then Little Joe got up again and I got back on our horse and my dad took hold of the reins. Our first year owning a horse. We didn’t get lost and I know he mapped it out to get there a way I had never gone. He never complained having a horse fall on top of him on asphalt but I bet he felt it later. I will never forget it but I don’t remember what he was wearing. I wish I did. Sort of a quiet time with my dad. We didn’t have many of those quiet times because of other kids and events etc. A wind came and blew down his door off the hinges in between I think the TIA or before and his death. It literally happened for no reason. He fought in Viet nam for two separate years in Viet Nam while I was young teen. I was into myself at the time and things…friends, being popular, partying, skipping school  in the time of the Vietnam war when everyone else was basically doing the same thing and we were very wild. He was being hunted by the hunters. Maj General Rattan took him to hunt dove after he retired and he came home and didn’t enjoy himself one iota. It was dull and not his cup of tea. It wasn’t his thing. He wasn’t against hunting but I don’t think the sport of it interested him. He would rather have been home with mom than with the GENERAL. Can’t blame him for that. Not my cup of tea either. The Rattans. My older sister was friends kindly with Nancy but out grew her as well. Gary I think used her. Maybe General Rattan used her to call me about Gary and when I left in the mid morning. I don’t know who put her up to it. I never heard who put her up to calling me. Maybe someone mimicked her. I don’t know because she enjoyed flirting with Gary even after she knew so. He paid attention to her and I don’t think it was something which happened much to her as a rule because of her beauty. Molestation is a tough thing in families. It really is hard to cope with and Jackie’s daddy I heard had relations with her. Mine didn’t. I don’t know if it’s true about Jackie Kennedy but she has been cited as saying she was a hunter when needed. Whatever it meant it was not good, I do know her marriage and meeting JFK was a set up by the cardinal a very high up cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church I think his name was Cardinal Cush something like it who was also at a Naval base (annapolis) when getting news of JFK’s assassination. Now why was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church hanging out at Annapolis? Why was he called? (He officiated the funeral and their wedding.) Beats me, ( I guess he wanted to get there on time to be the great cardinal of the Roman Catholic Martyr. It must have been planned. we were overseas at the time. Later when I was with my older sister she told me some person by the same name who said he was a friend of my dad but not a cardinal came to see her son. Someone in the army. I don’t remember anyone by the name. It could have been Cushing. I don’t know why she told me because it was out of the blue on one of the last trips we were on together to see my mom. Like my invention I came up with the guys name was Kush whom I went to present my invention and and he said every part of it was good as far as a patent and there were a lot of parts and replacement parts as well. I had other ideas he poo-pooed but the one with the many parts he was impressed by, I thought. Had me sign papers with the woman who looks like the lady on the show Fox who was on Obama’s team who lied her ass off with the dark haired woman on Fox news with the glasses who said Trump should go ahead and let himself be impeached when I said what I said and flipped her the bird as I turned off the tv. Kush reminded me of my cousin who seemed mindless last time I saw him but the person I dealt with about my invention was like my cousin on steroids but much taller and was a patent lawyer. He shook my exs hands quite heartily. My cousin wasn’t mindless before. Playin’ me, I guess. So lots of deception going on. Probably only wanted my signature. So let me say it isn’t just China who steals our integrity our inventions and our ideas. It’s the Roman Catholic Church and all of their allies which are many and probably selling them to CHINA. Always being the middle guy between everything and everyone.

We had separate friends like most kids and siblings do. Nancy was hers, not mine and probably on her side when what happened happened. My dad warned me about Obama care early on so I wrote about it but at the time but didn’t know about hospice. But I saw it in his eyes before Benghazi occurred. My dad’s eyes are kind of unique and I have been horrendously harassed in evil ways since via television and the internet. using my dad’s face at Benghazi. I don’t know if he was there or not but its the one eaten up. Ill show you and you compare when I can find it among my pictures of the 6 blogs I have been posting on. It’s not on this one. I looked but was one of four pictures in a photo montage. To unhinge me I suppose. It’s his mouth which i know very well and his chin. I loved his chin. Very strong and you get to know people and their physical characteristics over many years unless plastic surgery is used like Laura InGraham on a regular basis. Now her eyebrowss are gonna start getting close to her hairline like Michelle. Boy did her looks improve but she had a lot of surgery though I think did her quite fairly compared to Laura. Eyebrows aren’t usually so high so she might think about lowering them to look natural or shave her hairline. I wouldn’t paint her because of it. It’s fakey. I wouldn’t paint Laura InGraham either because it’s fakey and everyone sees it they just don’t mention it, not usually. Oh Laura it looks great and it doesn’t. But I will because it’s true. I wouldn’t paint Cher. Way overdone. Might as well paint a barbie which is not my thing kind of like the pope kissing a ceramic jesus baby doll. Can you imagine trying to kiss Laura? She can barely control her lower lip when she talks. There has got to be a better way. LOL

Like putting fake petals on a flower that fades as flowers do. I think it may partially be causing some problems in the long run. People trading their looks for cheap thrills and overdoing it or whomever is doing it overdoing it because I guess it’s addictive, like tattoos, beer, booze, drugs, and cigarettes eventually it catches up with you. Perhaps why Laura is losing her frontal lobe as she goes but I think it is more than surgery making her weird. I think it’s

 her religion.

If she had the faith of a mustard seed

wouldn’t her lips just magically swell?

I guess her faith isn’t enough to move a mountain

from here to there either and she has tried her way but not so as to make much of a difference.

I think I have on my blog changed things far more than Laura InGraham using TV almost every day but go ahead take credit for not telling the truth about much of anything. I don’t care about your religion. It’s fakey. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FAKEY!

or find a different doctor. I think she is a follower of Dr.Billy Graham and he was fakey too.

Part of the hospice movement starving a parent might be related to those who think they have to look or try to look like they are 30 years younger without success. Kind of goes hand in hand doesn’t it. Wrinkles sometimes show character and fakey big lower lips don’t! Is she planning on a drought hoping to get a raindrop from a leaf but instead caught in her lip for a tiny drop of water. There are places in the world where the people put a plate in the lower lip and over time add larger plate until their lip adjusts kind of like how people make bigger holes in their piercings to stick something thicker in the hole (its a fad) and eventually they can actually serve food on their lower lip and don’t need plates. It might be more successful. I don’t know why pygmies do it but it’s tribal stuff I’m sure and I read it once but at the moment I have more pressing needs. It’s like House of Faces in the movie Game of Thrones out there. Isn’t it?

Watched Oliver North on Fox come out and lay out a map of all the possible sites in Syria to attack and showed his prowess in foreign intelligence and he looked a lot older than normal and even looked like George Bush the first President of the Bushes mixed in. How weird and why bother since most people don’t care about those places but I guess to inform the enemy for some reason. It didn’t seem like what Oliver North would do since he was kind of secretive except in his documentaries.  He is not the type of guy to inform ahead of time his plans or his possible targets.  I thought it was interesting. I saw George Bush with a veil of Oliver North, kind of a mix between the two. Amazing what can be done photoshop-wise and on film. After I mentioned about the people in Syria in clothing that seemed to represent Saudi Arabia. But it looked real whereas Oliver North didn’t quite look right to me. Lots of deception and DIVERSION. Sounded like him but I saw more than him in himself. I know I sound rather mean but I have been treated terribly and my family as well and lot of other people and have a right to be mean and will continue to try to get the truth out as best I can of the things I see and hear and read and add some shallow cuts as I go to whomever deserves them and Laura InGraham deserves far worse. She’s a caddy piece of dung IMO It’s devilish what is going on. An attempt to thwart the revealing of revelation and it doesn’t seem to be successful because I learned and there are some good people who expose evil and are still trying but we need to try harder. Let me tell ya our people have been being watched/monitored for a lot longer than 10 years. It’s been going on for a long, long time since WWll more than likely

but things change and they are changing.

Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin’ 1964

a little before his his time and it sure looks like things are changing quite rapidly. 

Depends on why you wanted the position as President, I guess. For yourself? or for the USA?  Can you handle the heat or not or would you like to work for Fox News instead as a Fox girl or something even worse which I’m sure there is.

She had the look of Obama in her eyes when I flipped her the bird and said FUCK YOU deaf girl as I was turning off the TV. Enjoyed it too to much. Kind of gleeful. She wasn’t all the way deaf and has had speech therapy since and all Schlickered up but she was schnoookered by Gary and I think her dad. Is it the best that could have been done to her. WOW not that good in comparison to who she gave away. Kind of resembles but not as pretty as Jackie Kennedy. a devolvement of Jackie. I was pissed which was the point of the news cast to test my ability to withstand and I don’t know if I failed or not by what I said and flipping the bird but sometimes it’s unavoidable. It was for the moment anyway. Obama uses every trick in the book, devilish. I’m sorry for saying what I said but I have limits and have been through much more than she has ever been through as far as I know and I am not willing to sell myself short for a few years on Fox news perpetuating lies. I hate hearing and seeing Obama in people it’s like seeing a very powerful demon or the devil

but whose end is nigh.

I hope someday I will look much better than I do but with the same genes and memories and with the people I love and have loved (and pets) on a beach enjoying the day and having fun or at my parents home playing Balderdash or the many other things we did as a family before Obama was thrust into the USA via Kissinger and the Vatican and hospice was implemented. I don’t care what happens to her and her family. Why should I care. She wasn’t my friend and I never would have wanted her as a friend not because she was deaf partially as was my dad to some degree (probably due to wartime noises and practice and the kind of diseases experienced by those times) whom I love dearly and so was I for a while as a child but because she is irrelevant to my life as irrelevant as the people next door which sounds terrible but true. In times of troubles good neighbors come in handy but I like privacy and of course have not had it for a long time unbeknownst to me for a long time though hints of it when I got pregnant as a kid. Such as when I called my older sister for help and she came to help me long distance to tell my parents. A priest sat next to her on the plane. How often does a priest in priests clothing sit next to you on a plane? It never happened again since and she has flown a ton more. She confessed to him somehow after getting into a conversation with him about me and felt like God was talking to her or the opposite. I don’t know what he said (she never told me) but priests clothing tends to put people off and make them confess especially younguns. She had not educated herself anymore than the rest of us about God to know the difference. It took me a long time and study to know the difference. It was not a coincidence. I even tried the one year bible and got lost. I listened and read and experienced and eventually I understood way more than most people in regards to God and the bible. It’s too bad preachers and priests don’t actually tell the truth. Probably not allowed to and would lose their collars and easy money. They were listening to our calls in the 70s.  I think priests were doing more than just listening I think probably setting us up to fall. She must have forgotten to tell him about her abortion before me. Hers was illegal and I guess it was okay by the priest’s god. I think it was illegal but I didn’t ask. It was done somehow via the Kirchers maybe? She came home for a rest after it but my parents didn’t know. I was a kid and did not really understand it at the time. I just knew it happened. THE GIG IS OVER NOW or the gig is up meaning what it means. Because we know the tricks and that privacy is only for the Vatican to hide behind but not for us like their wall. Oh the Vatican loves it’s privacy making dirty deals. As far as I know Nancy never married nor had kids in all the time we knew her or of her which was quite a long time because she was so so so I don’t know. Maybe she was a nun and I didn’t know it. Probably. Makes sense to me.

Sting – Why Should I Cry For You?

I have shed a lot of tears but not with your family in mind, sorry.

Anyway the ex just called me a bitch after telling me to turn down the music of Melanie (Long Long Time) and close the door. It was really late or early in the morning. I said I will close the door and yes my sire of my children bowing facetiously and he lost it and called me a bitch as I was closing the door and I asked if he lost it and he went into his excuses irately: because he has to work in the morning. But did he ever contribute anything meaningful to end tyranny and evil. No he helped it against me and against everyone else even his children and you can’t get much worse. He is a traitor as far as I’m concerned. A traitor to my family.


Great song and hopefully sounds better on your computer than on mine (I blew out the speakers) which I use to write on and music to listen to on the other and to play WOW when I have time. The computer was one the ex gave me he had used and replaced with his better one he got murdering his mom and offered me a new one. I said No thanks. He had offered me the computer way before he murdered his mom so I didn’t see the problem and will accept his used computer again if I need one if he gets a new one to replace the one he has. I have my limits. I draw lines too. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I use mine for a treasure one can’t measure at the end of the rainbow.

It has been a long long time for me, too.

The Sun and the Moon

He’s normal this morning but his client whom he talked to on the phone is upset with him and freaking out about his job and he may lose it. For some reason the paint is peeling off the woodwork. LOL At least it’s what he just told me. hmmmmmmmm which will affect me in the long run but maybe not. I have been forced in a myriad of ways to be here but who knows maybe I’ll win the lotto which has it’s own set of problems for winners sometimes being murdered, friends coming out of the woodwork, never trusting anyone but I don’t anyway, etc. I’ll let everyone know if I do and then I will go into hiding. It’s a sick world.

Mad World – Gary Jules

If I do at least I will be able to remove myself from him.

Now Sheppard Smith is telling some stories about Saudi Arabia and the US via Obama interfering in Syria. Why did it take so long to come out. Well for one thing I had pictures of mercenaries from Saudi Arabia in Syria and possibly it might have jarred some memories in one of my posts. But I do not believe Sheppard Smith regardless. He is a mouthpiece for what ever is good for him. (Probably the Vatican) Believe me Obama wanted access to those chemicals to use on whomever he wished for whatever he wanted to accomplish. Like right now he would love us involved in Syria and at war with Russia and get access to the Golan Heights because he is evil. Who attacked the towers in New York City?

Fire Meuller for his sake and for everyone’s sake.

To make a story short for the sake of everyone else: my ex said last night

that the customer is always right.

He went to the job the next morning which was today and turns out the customer was wrong

hence the customer is not always right and my ex was wong. 

My ex finally admitted though I didn’t ask for a correction but the rock he and his friends sat on at the Grand Canyon was not the Balancing rock but the Table rock balancing when the park ranger got the band to one by one leave the Table rock for a safer place. I guess it has been balancing for a long time (thousands of years.) I don’t know the difference between the two rocks but the Grand Canyon is not to be underestimated for it’s dangers. It’s a dangerous place and don’t bring pets or little ones. I wouldn’t even bring a teenager. Headlines on internet saying Get Ready Russia was what DOD of Obama Administration said to America a while ago? REMEMBER when he said Get Ready America. I remember and you wonder why people are on pain medications and other drugs? This is why. Politicians and the press having fun. Nicki Haley the outrageous UN Secretary (JK) is recounting what supposedly Russia thought about Britain because of the poisoned (false stories about some spies) I can tell by the picture of the woman, doesn’t look sincere and I don’t think Britain is responsible for the attacks in Syria either. I think a few honest people attempted to show Assad doesn’t have a reason to poison people with saran gas or chemicals when bombs are as affective and showing lack of motive though some don’t need one just hate but, maybe it’s the UN needing to be needed.  Secretary General Nicki Haley is making a name for herself and honestly I think she is ridiculous. She doesn’t convince me of anything. A total turnoff. Pretty though. I think she’s deceived even herself. When I watch her I feel like i’m in grade school listening to a teacher teaching us not to talk in class, pass notes or chew gum. Her presentation is lacking something I think its called convince-ability. Like Pence wearing a leather jacket on an aircraft carrier with a bull’s eye on his ass.. I suggest she find a job using her talent but then why not just waste tax payers dollars in the most useless entity in the world. I wish we could exit the UN since it is fraudulent, obnoxious and expensive. She has very good diction though. I think it’s the point as to why she is there. That’s my opinion. She will probably be successful in dismantling the UN by her formidable presence and scary speeches, which is cool. It just might work. Good looking jacket. I want one, the tweed jacket and looks good on her with her hair color, her natural coloring and the overall affect. Nice, where did you get it?


What does the Bible mean when it refers to the gnashing of teeth?

(Hopefully she will step back and think hard and be somewhat open minded about things I think she doesn’t realize or notice. QUIT ACTING. You might be being deceived and the same goes for the UN ambassador to the UK Karen Pierce. It wouldn’t be the first time, would it? Think about motive and take a little lesson from Tucker Carlson and a few of his shows on the subject of Syria and Assad and even Russia. I’m not saying it didn’t happen though it appears it didn’t by the evidence seen but if it did think about trickery/Obama think about who would have something to gain and who did gain and think about The President of Turkey pawing a young girl to be a martyr and think about the past and many lies we have seen regarding palestinians using kids for target practice and think about Christians living peacefully in Syria for quite a while and think about the Golan Heights and think about Palestiians living peacefully in Egypt for a long time until the muslim brotherhood occurred and think about when Obama was president and a military man set up of his regime and Germany was involved who happened to have taped a conversation which seemed like a put on and the mask used which could not have protected anyone from sarin gas. Think about it and because someone rules with an iron hand may be because someone has to sometimes depending on the different clashes of civilizations in one’s country. Think about 6,000,000 jews and the deals made via the RCC and HITLER. Think about it. HARD. Read my blog posts and learn what I have learned about deception and truth. and last but not least think about the history of the RCC and protestants burning at the stake. sometimes there are traitors in one’s own government as we have witnessed in ours. )


An attack in Syria occurred dramatically and I guess three scientific research places were destroyed. How come we didn’t know about those places before. No one mentioned it. Not in the news at all nor our government. Should be interesting in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll see because of the fog of war but both Britain and France were involved in the attack in Damascus but for some reason Germany wasn’t in the coalition. Kind of odd. I also heard one guy say that Europe does not want to deal a blow on Hezbollah and Iran. Why not? Something is not right, but then usually something isn’t right. I can’t remember his name but ‘Phares’ something like it. He sounded sane like he knew what he was talking about. Never saw him before but he was on Fox for a brief moment or two. Almost as if Israel is being held prisoner, a hostage of Evangelicalism i.e. Catholicism. Overconfidence is unbecoming.

Overconfidence is one example of a miscalibration of subjective probabilities.”

Melanie – Nickel Song (Original) – YouTube

Statue of Mary weeping.

The French President has evidence! I wonder if he will show it or are we supposed to trust but not verify.

Political correctness gone past the red line.

I hope the French reap a lot of illegal immigrants who start camping in Notre Dame and in all those tourist places. whYNOt?

The less chemical weapons the better, however I can’t believe Putin didn’t destroy 3 research centers in order not to have Damascus bombarded. More to this than meets the eye, for sure. Maybe it was 3 enemy research centers having nothing to do with ASSAD? hmmmm? I guess next Trump is going to remove Assad from power, right? because he is an evil man? Isn’t that language we have been hearing for weeks? A murderer of his own people? So if our country leaves Assad in power than their words are BULLSHIT about their reasons and perhaps hiding information? INTERESTING TIMES. Or is this gonna be kind of a forever war. I don’t know. TATA was on as well some guy and I have no idea who he is but TATA means bye bye in english. A military spokesman of something. Why would our government do nothing in regards to Hezbollah and Iran in Syria? Are Hezbollah and Iran good? hmmmmmmmm Why is Europe protecting them? For Israel? or against Israel? Why not an investigation of the facts of the chemical attacks or are we hiding the facts of the chemical attack. Supposedly Israel hit the site or sites but to no avail. I am very uniquely surprised by their ineffectiveness. Usually Israel is precise, but not this time. These are legitimate questions and ought to be asked. This is a spiritual war and people are being hoodwinked, I think, BUT I’m not. When is the USA going to kill the monster (trumps words) ASSAD? DID we leave Hitler in charge in WWll to continue atrocities in a multitude of ways? Comparing him to Hitler. PROVE IT. Did we leave Saddam in power? Nope. Damascus is the burdensome stone so who knows. I sure don’t. But I think I know the game and it’s spiritual with a lot of people in the crossfire. Could be just buildings without chemicals to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes done dramatically for spiritual reasons (Islam and it’s allies) because Israel should have been able to handle it and didn’t. They have in the past but UN and others restrict them from doing what needs to be done to avoid nuclear war with Iran sponsoring terrorism in Syria with the help of Saudi Arabia and I guess Nicki Haley. Everyone wants to be a hero. I know the game because my ex has tried it with me. Cut the Steel L-bar above my head holding up the garage door opener, so he can save me. Very evangelical. This is what is going on. It didn’t pass the mustard. He fixed it alright and then tried a different tactic but didn’t work because it was insane shit and does not impress me whatsoever. I have written about it a ton and will continue in my next endeavor to learn the things other people I respect though I don’t always agree can offer in their experience. There is a bunch of face stealing besides identity theft to have to contend with but hey it’s what is displayed whether it be deception or not I will respond to it as I see it and throughout this time as best I can.  We have our own war going on in our own country and wild fires which ought to be extinguished as quick as the attack on Syria. So I hope I see it.







I know God cares. I won’t forget but not sure I care to remember about you. NYET NYET NYET

I’m not impressed by any of IT. The rattling of sabers is not impressive. It’s NOISE.

Anyway, I can usually tell where I stand in juxtaposition to Geraldo. I think I’m in the right place at the moment.

What You Need To Know About The Suspected Syrian Chemical Attack

I still have yet to see foam. I think there might have been an attack

and a remedy for certain types of chemicals or poisons

like poison anectodotes and some got it and some didn’t because I don’t think these kids would be alive  

and the USA is being duped which is not unusual.

SOMEONE forgot to rinse her off. I wonder why fingernail polish and all.

Does asthma medicine prevent chemical weapon death? The elders sprayed something in the mouth of the boy in the video

and then put on some ventilation masks.

It’s not the kids faults. (nice clothes)

Another Stupid F**king War – See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

Trump hasn’t been himself lately, has he?

Chlorine Poisoning

U.S. officials: Blood samples show nerve agent, chlorine in Syria gas …

Is Syria guilty of hitting a pool supply shop?

The girl in the picture kind of looks like the Indian woman i saw at Parkland who was in a stupor. I don’t know why she was in a stupor or in shock and being in a stupor didn’t say anything. She was obviously older. It’s the profile of her. Strange. We were in a mental ward of Parkland  Hospital during the renovation of the hospital, I because I told them I had thought about suicide because it was asked of me by the front desk. Of course I write about it and sometimes feel it. I was there for some medication on the sly and then I was guarded by a weird looking lady who looked like my mother-in-law but black and she was saying dumb things as well. I was in the mental ward a couple hours 3-4 but seemed like forever and released after I received my medicine and given some at the hospital really strong stuff for anxiety. They called me later in the day to see if I was okay and had made it home and I said yea. I had to really work hard to drive an hour away in heavy traffic high as I could be on anxiety medicine. Heavy duty stuff whatever it was they gave me. I saw her in a stupor in the same room and she wore her hair similar without the bows in her hair. I didn’t ask the lady in the mental ward if she was from India so perhaps she was from Syria. You don’t go up to someone in the state of mind she was in or not in and chit chat (*where are you from? cat got your tongue? etc) but she was one of the few women there. She didn’t move for the whole time I was in the mental ward and looking straight ahead eyes wide open, her hands not at her mouth just down probably high on something but catatonic. Like she had been through something horrible or seen something horrible. She didn’t move a muscle. You see things like it in movies but in real life pretty much the same however it was real. There were others in the ward both men and women. Tried to feed me some lunch and I accepted the tray and didn’t eat. It was gross. This was during the time my ex was being very bad, controlling and abusive in many ways  and I was learning how to cope with the catholic prick befuddled because I had divorced him so I had to go on the sly and he never knew about it as far as I know.Just everyone else who reads my blog. I have no idea who does or doesn’t. I don’t check my popularity or lack of and probably the latter. I add some tags sometimes I add categories basically is all I do to my posts and let it go whereat goes. I felt for her while I was there but not like I knew her, not even her name. I wondered what had happened to make her act the way she was acting or what she had seen to make her in the condition she was in.

I was thinking trying to give Trump, Britain, and France the benefit of the doubt perhaps they knew about these three buildings via Putin? Who knows. I have a suspicion it’s a lot of nonsense. How much do those missiles cost? I heard or read quite a few were launched to strike strategically and precisely and a bunch were shot down. Is it precision? War games? UN needing to be upheld PROPPED UP for the globalists using women. I don’t know if anyone recalls while Obama was President the attacks (terrorism attacks) on civilians many of the people involved blacked out like it wasn’t them doing it. Something was controlling them. Before the Vietnam War there were apparitions of ships (ghost ships) which LBJ didn’t understand nor anyone else what they were seeing or not seeing but we ended up in a war we didn’t win but killed lots of people in the interim and during it’s course.. Roman Catholicism seems to depend on apparitions and ghosts and Obama used cell phones and both work together sometimes and sometimes against each other for the same end purpose to deceive.

A general (McKensie) was on giving his assessment of the attack and what was employed, when and where and by whom. He did mention Syria retaliated with 40 missiles willy nilly kind of missiles which in my opinion was intended to give the military an excuse if civilian casualties occur which more than likely did but these places are out in the desert which might have had less civilians involved. The attack IN DAMASCUS probably had civilian casualties. He also mentioned that it set back Syria’s chemicals back for years however there was supposedly an attack on the same date last year and it seems it didn’t set back Syria’s Chemical weapons by years. ONE YEAR MAYBE OBVIOUSLY. LOOP DE LOOP of the chemical attack a year ago when Trump first took office.  The response was different however I think the initial attack “chemical” was NOT different which is the loop. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? IF IT WAS A FAKE EVENT or what some people call a false flag then neither response was correct. 

Karen Pierce the UK ambassador to the UN you are probably way off the mark!

She reminds me of someone in my past actually a close friend to my little sister who taught my sister to lie a bunch.

Funny girl, but dangerous in dangerous times. Actually I didn’t find her that humorous and had to put up with her because she was a friend to my sister. She thought that this is funny: Do your boobs hang low do they wobble to and fro ….. It wasn’t just once I had to hear it and she would bounce her boobs to add to the affect of the joke. Like watching Laura InGraham hysterical over Sean Hannity’s Don Cor’leone imitation. Uncomfortyable. I had to hear a lot while my sister lived with me. She was very big. I don’t think she was a good influence on my sister, but it’s a free country. I think  both were influenced by the BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelical Association.) I think she would have sold my sister and my mom and me….anyone down the river if it was profitable. She never married or had kids. When she would do her act you had to laugh to be hospitable but it was forced laughter. Very uncomfortable Her last name was York.. I remember when I went to visit my mom with my little sister at her abode at the ARC my mom looked down at her bosoms and said I love them. Something like it and we told her we did too. It was really cute. She didn’t breast feed us but she was a wonderful mom. At the time she was bring grilled by Dr. Denham who was an asshole around the same time period. I didn’t know it at first however the first time I met him I didn’t like how he treated her. He was trying to determine if my mom had mental problems or needed to be moved to a place for total care. My mom had had a fall on the stairway which is a big deal. I heard from my little sister who lived quite close in comparison to us to her. It was a lot on her plate to try to keep up with negligence and a new husband in her new house. They were drugging the patients which is the case for most patients at an older age but she had many lucid times as well. I caught the ARC in negligence. Severe negligence and had witnesses. I didn’t try to I happenstanced upon it. One woman when we visited one of the last visits petted my moms crippled finger—the middle finger as she took readings of her oxygen intake and heart rate using a pulsock at the time on the crippled finger. We asked her to take a reading for some reason. I don’t know if she resented it but the way she took the reading was threatening in a weird way. SADISTIC. It was as if she was not happy we asked and it was not normal. It was I think the same visit when we found a woman on the floor bleeding from her nose in a puddle of blood. Hectic time. I felt something amiss. My sister had made friends with a lot of people in the place so was not as aware as I was. I didn’t know anyone and I’m less friendly. My mother’s things were stolen, things my little sister had just bought would disappear and I met the nurse who had gone through her things and my sister had more trust than she should have had but they really pulled a fast one on her IMO. It was the same nurse when the woman we found in a puddle of blood on the floor in shock slopped up the blood on the rug with her feet and white nurse like shoes and while it may not seem abnormal to have cleaned it the way she did it was her who made me feel funny and how she did it. She looked like my god mother. I said so to my sister in front of my mom and my mom looked at me and said THANK YOU. We were seeing the same thing.  It helped her I hope and it helped me to know. My godmother did not appreciate my mom like she should have. She was a tea totaler and did not respect my mom because my mom wasn’t a tea totaler. My mom introduced her to her brother and she ditched her fiancé for him a week before they were to be married. My uncle was a good husband and dad and brother and son. He loved my mom and his wife. My aunt was very caddy. Peer influenced to the nth degree and thought she was perfect. She was beautiful and a good sense of humor at times but lacked understanding. Competitive with other women. When my other uncle an alcoholic most of his life and brother to her husband came into some money she most of his life had no respect for him and showed it behind his back but when he came into money she loved him. She played the other uncle as well. USED HIM. She was the one who said about a picture of me Beauty is as beauty does. It was unnecessary because I did not put the picture in her home of me. Her husband did and for some reason the conversation turned to the picture during a family gathering. I sure could have lived without the whole conversation. It was because I had had an abortion. She had her good points but judgmental to the nth degree. I didn’t tell her about my abortion but somehow she knew. My mom was being harassed at the place she lived.  I think when I noticed who she resembled to the nth degree it made my mom feel better and she was not feeling well and had recently come home from the hospital because of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which happens in old folks homes often and even to the staff and falls tend to accelerate the condition which can be deadly. I didn’t realize a lot of things until time passed and it piled up the meaning of the things I noticed. It piled very high. Before my uncle died my aunt fell in love with another man which kind of was funny. Miss perfect. I don’t think it worked out and she was having to care for my uncle but he cared for her most of his life very well. Treated her with great respect but he did a lot of flying his airplane. Taking off from the abode to do his favorite thing. To get some space. Obviously my mom was aware and lucid but without oxygen it makes it hard. My little sister found my mom at a level of 77 which is near death (she had bought a pulsock on a visit earlier to be efficient as my mom’s caretaker when she was able to which I suggested and she did it happily my other sister who I think was in some kind of trance I suggested the same and she responded as if she didn’t need it. What do I need a pulsock for kind of attitude and she was in charge of the estate. She herself suffered sometimes from respiratory problems and she wasn’t a youngun being the eldest and I suppose the insurance provider however working her ass off in real estate because her husband lost his ass on the the stock market and might have been in the middle between my mom and my sister like acting as a little prick supposedly an accountant or had been educated as such. When my little sister came to visit my mom who was hunched over in her chair neglected (I think in the hallway where they put their patients sometimes between meals and so they can watch the patients) and we got involved trying to get her oxygen and phone calls were made etc. The insurance company provider refused her an oxygen concentrator said the people at The ARC. It was mind boggling to deal with for everyone involved not knowing who is telling the truth and who wasn’t because one lady lied when I told her about the woman in a puddle of blood and said it didn’t happen as if she was there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was an automatic reaction. It happened. I was a witness. So it was frustrating plus our family woes got in the way of my mom’s health and well being. Then later she was hospiced without my permission or knowledge for 2 weeks and then I got a phone call that she had died and not invited to her funeral and exiled from my little sister’s home nearby my mom because of true accusations in the past and blaming my mom for the loss of a great deal of money on the stock market trading options and she had nothing to do with it: her brother did and my brother in law who made a deal with each other and both lost. It happened on a Tuesday in October and happened quickly so it may have been KNOCK KNOCK kind of event because a lot of people lost money quickly and probably purposefully. All it takes is a group of people who manipulate stocks and options etc. and lot of novices or those not in the conclave lose. It was rough.

We still don’t know nor have seen evidence of foaming mouths and the evidence but the French President who by the way depends on the UN for it’s power and back them up all the way. It’s hard to know what to do but hopefully it will be okay in the long run and short run. I think the Pentagon needs to contemplate REVELATION and the BURDENSOME STONE in the Old Testament and perhaps there is a reason other than mankind’s lack of belief which is definitely involved. Do your best is all you can do and open up those little minds. Might have been more appropriate to have investigated the french evidence and it’s motives, the innocent civilians motives in a civil war, and let the people see but instead got rid of it. FOAMING MOUTHS? President praises himself for attack. What would anyone expect: Oh I really fucked up, LOL No one knows it’s only been a day since.

And still nothing about Hospice/MURDER SUICIDE even by the Pentagon. DEAD SILENCE.

IT’S A SPIRITUAL WAR and we shall see. I think Revelation will be fulfilled sometime or other but looking like we are edging closer. In the Book of Revelation the Roman Catholic Vatican doesn’t make it through because of Mother Teresa and her mission which the RCC PROPPED (and many other reasons) and I guess the Pentagon supports as well the UN, the EU, The New World Order, Islam and our President and many more mass murder suicide by Hospice. I don’t think Gods like it and is letting us know..

Strong earthquake on the east coast which I happen to love parts of  but I don’t think 4.5 is super strong but perhaps a sign or a warning. Maybe we will have a new one some day.

As far as I know or trust our government there might have been some people in the bunkers (prisoners)

that were blown up and should be investigated.

The morality of chemical weapons suck but so does the morality of other weapons which kill kids and parents, women etc.


The reason the UN is so worried is because it is easily made and assessable to anyone who has a mind to make them hence puts them in jeopardy. The UN and those in government really don’t give a shit about the people over there they give a shit about themselves and those coming here and because there are so many because they are taught not to use birth control and are the flood as in the days of Noah but not as in water but people. The UN ought to do something about it and get there religion which teaches people not to use birth control and the right to plan their families otherwise you are gonna get run over by the people. Grab the problem by the little balls in the Vatican to stem the tide.

Melanie Safka – Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma – YouTube

I digressed a bit because of the interference of world affairs. Believe me the world does not like my interpretation at all. I am going to try to finish my transcription of Christopher Hitchens Hell’s Angel expose and add it above where it belongs. I had done more but somehow some of it got lost in the process of the goings on of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. Actually I finished Hell’s Angel but kind of digressed as well into my own experience – My two cents. Actually, I think I have more than two cents but I’m trying to be humble.



I’M BACK: listened to a little more from Christopher Hitchens about his great knowledge of the goings on all over the world which he has quite a bit but about his squeamishness about abortion and the wickedness of those who compare it to birth control. It’s why god gave WOMAN a WOMB, not man. I bet he gets squeamish when a female has a period/menstruates. I bet he wouldn’t like it but we handle it because it is our body and our right to determine whose baby we want to have and when and where and how. A GIFT FROM GOD.


ABORTION Is Birth Control and is not wicked, but Certainly not BRIT CONTROL.

When one doesn’t believe in God one can’t see the forest for the tree, but I do.


ASK GOD if you dare.

Believe me this tampax is tame in comparison to most I ever have seen. Many of globs, chunks of bloody looking stuff. I remember once when I was gong through some bad stuff at the office when at home in my front yard talking to a neighbor my body expelled massive amounts of blood and I had to back up to go inside hoping she didn’t notice. CUPS WORTH of BLOOD in one moment. Luckily I was in my yard and not hers. I was going through the change of life, naturally. It went on for a few weeks to a month while I was being threatened, ganged up on by a bunch of assholes at the office, I was being tailed, followed, I was being watched, being hit upon, I was assaulted at the office by my brother i law and most of the things that happened were to protect him from my reaction which I tried to be civil about and I almost died. I spent 10-14 days unconscious and for some reason God spit me out again to deal with the shit going on and so I do. I may be quite frank about reality but someone has to.

By the way, from what I have read of the bible Jesus never said he was the Christ.

Christopher Hitchens died on Dec 15th, 2011

Thank you for the expose on this GREAT EVIL called Hospice!

If I had not had an abortion

I would not have my two daughters

that I have

so I’m thankful I had an abortion.

I truly am.

I think I won.


Here is a picture of such a cute kid I found on the internet somewhere while writing the last blog post and just thought she is one cute adorable kid and had to add the picture.


“92-year-old ‘will instead focus on comfort care.”

As far as Barbara Kush is concerned:  


Sorry, I have to comment: she told her son Jeb Bush not to run for the office of President and he did and he assisted with assisted suicide against the families wishes in Florida as the Governor of Florida in favor of the man who might have caused her demise and the RCC mandate of hospice and also probably gave immunity to the Saudis and where the Saudis were trained to fly without landing in his state when he was governor and they ran planes into the Pentagon and New York town towers on 9-11. He crossed a few lines or in other words he double crossed the lines of normalcy and prudence because he was not right in the head and she knew it. HE was married to a catholic woman (I don’t know her or have ever seen her) and probably under the influence of Billy Graham as much s the rest of the family was and presidents since WWll except Truman who though he was a charlatan. We won WWll. Haven’t won any wars since but been involved in ongoing clashes without any reasonable goals or ends. which doesn’t help keep Fascism at bay, maybe it does to some extent, but reigniting WWll into WWlll by spreading our military super thin luckily with major advances in technology besides nuclear options and using it for power instead of attempting to stem the tide which was thrust at us for the sake of martyrdom and for the Vatican Jesuits. Learning how to protect nuclear power is hard in the days of terrorism when a state sponsors terrorism to do what it does such as the Vatican state trying to cause a nuclear war between the USA and Russia, IMO. I think it will end but when is the question. I KNOW WHY. Everyone talks about dealing with the ideology and does nothing about it but proliferate political correctness the same ideology in many respects with different victims deepening on the objectives to keep the Vatican afloat and most of the ways used came directly from the Vatican’s deep seated deception using the basest, coarsest parts of people as stated in the Gospel of John before Jesus was crucified. You can always find the sweet spot in people (facetious, of course) if you look hard enough and put them in jeopardy or by trumped up charges ( a pun) or to put it another way a pow (prisoner of war) etc or put their families in jeopardy and also via dumbing people down even the pope who is quite dumb but those behind the scenes however in the long run dumber. Trying to control the Presidency, or control the office of the President. imo. It’s a struggle but an unusually big one from the moment he stepped into the oval office. I like ovals. The pope is just an icon and promotes idolatry to the nth degree but not necessarily by his own choice. So as far as learning the truth, you might as well as each of us blunders through our lives. Don’t ya think? Pope Francis was accused of prostitution, but I don’t know the veracity of the accusation- probably why he was chosen to keep him in line. A read part of his family died in car wreck but I doubt he cared too much. It wasn’t noticeable.

The power is behind him probably the Secretary of State of the Vatican.

Hostage type stuff. Mob type tactics. 

There is an age when some people get dementia etc and she might have it. I don’t know. She often looks like she is inhabited by something like Billy Graham on some poses, whether it is her, I don’t know. There are drugs for dementia and other late life illnesses and conditions, but when she was younger she said the stuff she suggested way before Jeb ran for President but it was her wish when she said  it.  I think and a warning for us but maybe has been overtaken and weakened. I think she is making a mistake or someone is making it for her or through her. It affects the next generation. She had it pretty good in her life. I hope she is able to float herself in her families eyes. I bet she gets medical care regardless however others aren’t given the same privilege because she was or is a wife of President Bush. Double standard propping a bad standard. IMO At least she announced it or was able to beforehand so her family can be with her. I sure wish I had been given the same for my mom to be with her. Sometimes people do the oddest of things for the oddest of reasons and I have no idea of her reasons. It is a political stance a very dangerous one and easily abused for money or for other reasons. She had money, didn’t she, before she was married, as I recall. Oh well. GOD KNOWS. I’m not going to display them because everyone has seen them pictures. It is self-evident and maybe she has no choice. A very stoic woman like my mother-in-law.

“Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy that flourished throughout the Roman and Greek world until the 3rd century AD. Zeno of Citium founded stoicism in Athens in the early 3rd century BC.”
The fact, it was announced to the world beforehand is kind of interesting though. Should we follow in her footsteps? I don’t think so.

Senator Rand Paul: Do FBI agents Strzok and Page still have security clearances?

The answer should alarm you

Sheppard Smith reported Hannity is also involved somehow or another via the lawyer for Trump who was mishandled unconstitutionally testing the premises of our country’s founding writers of the constitution and writers of the bill of rights, the legality and power of the constitution itself and the bill of rights, testing the people who are supposed to uphold the law, and the people, and of course testing the winepress of god. I guess he got too close to something or possibly guilt by association. Probably Laura InGraham. Definitely Laura InGraham spinning off his show and he spinning down on her show. Its a strange spin off and while pleasant it is not easy to watch someone being seduced which is not too uncommon. Very disingenSuous. Very hard to do especially if it’s based on a lies, the spin off. Hence Stormy Daniels in a pink suit, no less. (Jackie Kennedy pink suit?) Some strange tactics. I think it is very twisted. The forever interaction between shows is very oily. Lathering. Yeasty. The most arousing small talk I have ever encountered. NOT REALLY. It’s so stimulating, let not your heart be troubled; Ye believe in God, believe also in me. It is however and immense amount of glad handing which is typical amongst all of the press (Comey and Stephanopoulis whispering sort of) as if in a league of their own. Anyway it’s rough out there.

Throw your nets on the other side of the boat and there ye shall find.

Helps to look both ways sometimes. 

I thought Mitch McConnell’s excuses were interesting in regards to the Omnibus bill: We couldn’t very likely go to the Dems and change our deal even after knowing nor learning something…… In his own words said a bit more eloquently: but, of course, you can. He was in an interview with Neal Cavuto on Fox news making  a lot of excuses halfway through the interview (actually the exuses were in the forward part of the conversation. You don’t have to stay locked in a deal if it isn’t finished 3 months before and was using Big Government as his excuse. If this is the way the Senate works he has to be excoriated for it, whatever it may be. What deal? Why didn’t Neal Cavuto ask him? It’s like an incomplete sentence which can be completed and it can even be completed after it is a done deal. It’s called a reversal. I don’t know what he was referring to because Neil Cavuto didn’t ask because I think he knew. Problem is the people don’t know what the two know betwixt each other. I was surprised there wasn’t some canned laughter after he spoke.

A Supreme Court Justice Scalise died a while back but not before saying “the constitution was a dead document” as opposed to? He either said is or was. Probably partially the cause of his demise which I don’t think was on the up and up at some hunting Large/Lodge in a county in Texas. He was a pro lifer in the sense he thought abortion is wicked (not his words but I surmise), but he was reared in such a way and probably never read the bible. It was a suspicious set of circumstances it seemed and he became a RC martyr but I don’t think it was his idea.

Maybe it will all be alright……..maybe it will all be okay…….


Noticed a verse

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Except move a mountain

nor accept that the mustard seed

is not the smallest of seed

neither the implications of both.

The riddle of it is Paul gets to do Paul’s things in you as long as lucifer is with him.

(called being possessed)

Dana Perino said Alex Jones doesn’t count but does Dana Perino count? How do you know if you do? Ratings? I wrote it first in regards to school lunches ….hmmmmmmmm.


“Even General Mattis had to finally admit, many months after the airstrikes, that there was no proof that Assad had, in fact, used chemical weapons.” Funny, I don’t remember it but I only remember it when Obama was President. Either there was blackout of the internet and the news for some in regards to it but I think referring to the first not the second one. Who knows. I don’t think either one (when Obama was President or Trump was President) has a good solid ground of evidence and espiciously in the race to bomb Syria however we are not privy to every piece of evidence but what has been provided has a lot of holes enough holes to fly Planet X through. I know he was tested as every President seems to be tested but I don’t remember Syria was the test for Trump till recently. I write a lot and maybe someday I will remember everything, but I think it’s part of the Great Deception. He dropped a mother of all bombs on a bunker but it wasn’t in Syria or so it was reported as such. Could Gen. Mattis be mistaken? How odd. Gen. Mattis is kind of a new addition to the Trump team, isn’t he?

Watched The Secretary General of the UN Nicki Haley answer a question on Fox News Sunday and it was a long answer as if memorized (seemed like forever she was all over the place) orated with clenched teeth trying to impress everyone with her knowledge of the world affairs as if it helps to know the mess the world is in and I definitely don’t think she can fix it and definitely the UN is not going to be able to handle the mess either, though it tries but to no


Watch and learn.

Turkey is worried…..hmmmmmm, I wonder why.

Syria ‘chemical’ attack: Experts finally visit Douma site

Good you tube about the factions in Syria, the Burdensome stone of the Old Testament. 

Merangue’s Blog

Seeing this video by Christopher Hitchens may be the place we should be bombing is Albania. she was only born in Albania but she sure fucked things up, didn’t she…. if she was a she? Mother Teresa declared war in her/he own words. And war it is.


My daughter and I treated ourselves to some crepes and tarts from La Madeleine but we din’t have utensils. I have kind of been lax about doing the dishes. She found some plastic utensils in the drawer that I sometimes keep from meals eating at fast food drive throughs and then I think I said to my daughter,”We can do this.” Kind of a take off of the show The 100. Looking forward to watching the next show coming out sometime this month I think the 23rd. Interesting show and the response of the show with the three dragons a year away Game of Thrones. I’ve been kind of having a hard time with boredom and going forward keeping my goal in the forefront which is hard when dealing with some things besides the Great Deception I suggested the ex get some cards to play poker or other games like Cribbage or something and he said we had some but it’s been years. He looked for a bit. I said “we could gamble for money”. He said, “Why not just go to the casino nearby and I said because the casinos win and I want to win. (I have some goals in mind.) Anyway he didn’t find the cards and said he would get some in few days. We’ll see if he does. Already forgotten once. I reminded him again..

Everyone is Going Insane! Podcast

If I came to the Vatican and systematically killed every priest, cardinal, bishop and alter boy

would the pope saint me?

My Next Post may be

Grace Left The Party Early.

Or did she?

Barbara Bush Died.

Like a dynasty.

Mitch McConnell is wong.

Barbara Bush, former first lady, dead at 92

My ex last night told me he had met Barbara Bush at a gig. I never knew that one. News to me. I remember he met a woman where I worked (a dinner theater- The Wind Mill Dinner Theater) who said he was as thin as a reed. He didn’t meet her she just said it to him as she was passing by on her way home from her acting gig. Her name was Joan Fontaine. It was a strange thing to say at the time but he was. He also played the saxophone but she hadn’t seen him play as far as I know. You learn a lot about a person when you have babies and go through a divorce. He was not raised well but he was the fifth son and the youngest son of the family and his died died when he was a teenager. I never met his dad. His dad suffered many heart attacks before he died which was a complication for having been shot on D-Day (at least what I was told) but I heard and because of shrapnel in his knee or leg which was never removed. I think he had had 12 heart attacks before he died, maybe one more. He was already dead before I entered the show. I think it was a long death in a way but doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved as much as he could be.

I never met her but I liked her from afar and she favored my mom to some degree which is probably why, but I loved my mom best and loved my dad best as well, of course but I thought she was kind of a winner in her own right when she still had her rights. Anyway her son George just told a joke about himself and his mom which she told about him which was kind of funny in light of things. Something about drinking and smoking while she was pregnant with George and probably the only way she could get it done. Interesting family until the last one which wasn’t funny. SICK. Mentally unstable.

You would be surprised at the possibilities. With God anything is possible. Yesterday, I saw a family of robins outside a window at the hospital as I was leaving making a nest, really pretty ones as a couple of girls training to be nurses were hovering behind me my ex said  though I didn’t notice. I saw the robins. There was no reason for the nurses to be hovering but perhaps for one nurse to show one training where the exit was as if she didn’t know. People and employees come and go through the same door.

There is more to life than politics.

I asked the ex again while he goes to pick up some food he offered if he would pick up a deck of cards. And he got kind of riled and said “what is it with you and cards.” I said, “I want to win some money.He said, “Not from me. I’m not gonna gamble with you.” I said “over a long period of time.”  He refused because he’s a lot of fun. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG. I think it is the death of a relationship and a very slow death. He knows he would lose. killing me softly……Now he’s vacuuming. He cleans when things are not going his way. Cleanilness is next to godlessness. Takes after his dad. “I wanted you to bury me and me to bury you kind of guy.” to the end. which might be sooner than he thinks. One way or another it will end. A thousand years is s a day as a day is a thousand years, etc. It was probably good he didn’t go on a lot of trips with the family in the long run and in the short run. He missed a lot of fun but I stopped going to his gigs as well. I think I didn’t miss much even though I like music just not the bar scene. and getting drunk which is what you do when you go to see a band your husband at the time is in. What else do you do at a bar? I tired to dance but his brother wanted me to dance closer to him. We were already slow dancing. How close do you want to get? I didn’t ask. but he complained to me for not dancing closer i.e. rubbing pelvic to pelvic with him while the husband watched so I taught myself classical guitar and had kids instead, worked on some art and hung out with my sister but not without some of her troubles while he and his older brother argued about whether the female at the club was a prostitute or a girlfriend of the guy who owned the bar of which neither knew either. They were drinking. My options were limited but the trade off was better as long as I could balance it just right which I tried to do my best. I had MY ten day old baby in my arms suffering from Post Partum birth stuff after a caesarian birth and his cat was dying in front of me and he wouldn’t even come home from his gig to help because his gig was so much more important not ever considering me or what I was going through. He could not let his audience down nor his band for a few hours. UNBELIEVABLE.

I think all along he was hoping I wouldn’t have kids. He had a varicocele. We rarely had sex. They had operations to alleviate the problem and pills for adding testosterone to his sexuality which had a side affect to kill but I didn’t want him to take the pills and he didn’t want the operation, I suppose. He wanted to be a star. From his standpoint he didn’t realize he had a problem, but I certainly noticed he did. Having MY kids was a miracle. He went to Mexico for a gig at a resort when I found out I was pregnant after 14 years of marriage and I continued to work the job using a ladder and thought “this is fucking nuts.” I was very careful. Bad enough watching him fish in a scum pond in the middle of the woods with cotton mouths or some kind of water snakes all over the place popping their heads up as he was in the water fishing with his friends. I think either cotton mouths or water moccasins. Not sure which but only saw a bunch of their heads popping up around him. I thought he was nuts but I didn’t realize how nuts. He was not nuts about me of course, he was just nuts. He hated my guts.

There was an accident on Southwest Airlines which is normally a very trusted airlines. A woman was sucked to death and turned into Mother Teresa.

Kind of a strange story but the plane landed safely because of a few.

Sanctions Flap Erupts Into Open Conflict Between Haley and White House

Nicki Haley is standing her ground against the White House and the White House counsel (Kudslow? but for Pence) saying she was not confused. I think she was. You know what they say about insanity those who suffer insanity usually are the last to know.  She calls it confusion but I think it’s more. Something was wrong. Between the two or three the timing was off and the intel was a bit mixed up, putting the cart before the horse. By mixed up, I mean, intentionally. In essence, She was representing the UN before representing the US depending on who or what you believe to be truthful. Obviously the UN and the RCC are intertwined. Tough spot to be in. May be the clue about the hand by James Comey is the best clue he could divulge in his tell all book without realizing it, like my ex does from time to time. A bird in the hand. In any case Hardball is trying to explain how she got ahead of herself and I don’t think Hardball can explain it. I don’t think she can explain it either. A lot of people are trying hard to explain it away. This explanation will be the press fodder for a while.

It’s kind of obvious how it might have happened as I have tried to reveal.

Video shows monk seal pup playing with knife

Who gave the seal pup an orange knife! I bet it’s the rubber kind of knife you find at the dollar store. Cute seal. My mom could imitate a seal. Can your mom do that? Where the rubber meets the road. The seal wants to be a walrus.

Maybe Obama is the mayor of London, now blaming knives for knife attacks in London trying to be politically correct or the false prophet some call it right when right is wrong and wrong is right. Obama enticed the new pope who is not so new with a carrot probably after his fiends raped a few girls to get some dna via some eggs. He’s a dirty mother fucker but it isn’t gonna change anything. He is still gonna lose his soul. IMO. Of course I’m not GOD but what he did to our country and to others the tricks using some powerful drugs invisible, tasteless, odorless drugs to prepare his crowds for his speeches. It’s called cheating BIG TIME. It’s sad when someone has to go to such measures to get an applause. Can’t get much wimpier than Obama. Can’t even shoot a basketball as he demonstrated once. Remember? A no talent. “The future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam” is what he said at the UN and I do it as often as necessary. Often it isn’t necessary….just depends on what needs to be said.

I want to know who the white hats are that were at the scene of the alleged Syrian sarin/chloride attack which was witnessed to be a normal attack without chemicals, he said white hats yelled chemicals, gas or something like someone might do on a plane and yell fire. The witness was on Tucker Carlson show (NOT ON HIS SHOW included in his show from afar). The ex said the UN uses blue hats. I don’t know. I do recall seeing Pope Benedict XVl in a picture I have with the Secretary (Of STATE – The Vatican) Georg Ganswein with a bunch white helmeted men. Company takeover and were celebrating. Chrysler Chevrolet or something like it when Obama awarded a company to Libyan President Ghaddaffi and then Ghaddaffi was bludgeoned to death after or before visiting Rome during a G-8 summit. The picture was taken around this time but a little after (which might mean before reported backwards) and is in one of my posts and the Hearsts son was there in his Lacey alter boy clothing.

Who is being referred to as the white hats at the chemical/attack in Syria?

The guy who straightens the braid on the back of the pope for the sake of the camera and likes to be noticed. It’s his job. I watched him do it when the pope stopped his car to honor a memorial of some martyrs on a bridge. Then Ganswein jumped out of the car knowing the camera was running/rolling to get in the picture. The braid was fine but he needed the attention. Some people need an exorbitant amount of attention and will do anything to get it. A real tough job.  He does more than adjust a braid. I read about a braid that was found during a raid of a site near Jerusalem in the old days It wasn’t Jerusalem but somewhere in Israel in some writings by Josephus and the clues left behind after the whole group were poisoned.  A pointed awl etched message a picture of A little tree, a scarab and a mausoleum. I read about it and I wrote about it when I was working on the subject at the time, which I’m not going to go into any more about it on this post but kind of like what happened in the 70s in Guyana and the Jim Jones cult. I don’t think it was a braid of a girl left behind.

What to do about it? It’s an easy one. Set them back a few years.

I know it sounds wild but their saint declared war.

 A priest who attended the funeral of Mrs. Bush said everyone loved  her. I didn’t. I didn’t even know her. I didn’t have a desire to know her because I have a mom although I like older women and have had a few older friends who I would classify as good people and I am glad to have known these women late in life. One which was in France in the French Underground  doing what she could fighting against fascism whose dad was taken away from her by Nazis never to be seen again. She was helpful to me at a hard time of confusion and could never replace my mom but she meant a lot to me.

True story.

I painted her with pastels and have not finished it which I need to do. 

I had another friend which I didn’t care for much but she was married to a friend of my husband who died in a car wreck though my ex says it was motorcycle wreck. It was a head on collision. He had had a fight in his yard with a snake while mowing the yard and then had a heart attack and told his wife not to bother calling a doctor or taking him to the doctor because there wasn’t time because of the distance being in the country.…. a week after having the wreck and didn’t go to the hospital which I suggested he should because sometimes you can’t tell even if you feel good after a wreck especially after a head on collision. He didn’t go. Before his wreck we went fishing with my eldest daughter when she was young at their pond on their land in the country and she made a big deal about my daughters clothing. It was ridiculous. Giving me a lesson of some kind. She was in between being a girl and teenager and didn’t wear her best clothes to pond fish at their pond. The lady was a sour puss. I had to put up with some real winners. He died right before 9-11.. His name was Allen, but I don’t remember her name. On their land I never saw a motorcycle and had been there a few times and even saw what was in their garage which was open so the ex is bit mixed up. If he had had a head on collision at 50 mph on a motor cycle he wouldn’t have been able to have called. My cousin had a motorcycle. Mrs Bush has a bit of her in her but I think it has to do with Billy Graham and he can’t win. I think she got back her robin.

Paul Simon I know what I know

Last night, I asked again “Hey, did you get the cards?” And He said “No.”  I said “Are you planning to?” And He said “EVENTUALLY.” and something like “when I feel like it.”  LOL Parting is such sweet sorrow definition. A line from the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare; Juliet is saying good night to Romeo. Their sorrowful partingis also “sweet” because it makes them think about the next time they will see each other.

You do not want to be in a Fox Hole with this guy. I think we are in a waiting game of some kind. 

HOLD HOLD HOLD Like being temporarily held back by my anemone,

good thing I’m prepared.


It’s in Russian so who knows what is being said and even though I took Russian language I didn’t continue learning the language so I don’t remember anything in regards to the language except a few letters. I think it is an attempt in a twisted way to blame Al Qaeda instead of the Vatican where I believe the blame lies or in conjunction. or a simile?

Comey and McAbe if you combine them together kind of look like Jeb Bush. Oh well.

Still no cards.

My ex took my daughter to get a personal loan to up her skills in her field to learn eyebrow tattooing (can’t remember the correct title for the skill.) So he went to Chase Bank to get a loan and the bank refused and said the bank no longer gives personal loans even with collateral – my silver – worth at least the amount of the loan. The suggestion was for her to get a credit card and charge her gas on the credit card and pay the payments for 3 months and have a job which she had but it went sour. So we are going to test the advice. In the meanwhile hopefully something else will come along. The bank person told the ex Wells Fargo and every where else would do the same or won’t do the same. So much for small business expansion in the USA. Silver isn’t worth the cost i.e. I think it is gonna lose it’s value since it can’t even be used as collateral on a personal loan. Before he went or while he went to the bank I was thinking about the braid and the story of Samson (the strong man) in the OT. Cut off the braid and Samson has no power. Braid being either the RCC/pope with the braid, The Secretary of State of the RCC who adjusts the braid or the State Department. Lots of lessons in the OT. I think it’s the meaning in our day, anyway in regards to dis and dat, thee and thim, etc. Keeps the people down unless you buy their product…..gas, credit card debt, or work for thin. We are going to test the banks theory of relativity and I will keep doing the things I do. The ex doesn’t really care what she does, he’s catholic. Boy, did he take advantage of my family when he could. Lots of quagmires to contend with for the average person up against the man.

The Man’s Too Big, The Man’s Too Strong – Dire Straits

Still no cards.

I have prayed about it and hoping for a response and I will keep thinking of ways and praying for ways. It may take a while but I think there must be a way because she is worth it. She really got screwed by the man and his friends which helps the man feel superior to keep a female down even his own daughter. It isn’t the way. It’s his way but it isn’t the way. I don’t think he will succeed as he hasn’t yet succeeded. 

Last week or so he told me he had a bunch of work for the next few months and a really big job offered to him worth abut 5 times as much as what she needs but now he doesn’t think he will take the job because it’s too big for him even though he was going to take it. It’s his life:  I said I would help him on his job and he said I couldn’t and I said I could and he said “it”s my life.” I hung up on him. I could do as much as his brothers did at this stage in my life when they were younger and they got paid rather well and I didn’t. Amazing. He is gonna try not to do the job because it’s too big…doesn’t want to hire anyone to help or get free help to help his daughter etc. This is a quagmire. THE SWAMP. I hope it’s painful for everyone else as we plod along and especially for the him. The man with a sloping frontal lobe.


I have heard there are realtors working by the hour now which will undermine the realty business quite a bit, I would think, but it is how it works to dishevel business and catches up with every other business eventually.

The circle is gonna get smaller and smaller and smaller till there is no circle. I just have to wait it out. I’ll keep you posted with my little notes.

I called him again to push him a little harder and he said he already has an ocular headache so I am having an affect on his little tiny head and I will keep pushing him. He said he doesn’t want to worry about it today and I said don’t worry about it work on it until it gets done and she gets her training.

A Young Brit reporter on site in the eye of Sheppard Smith is saying there are videos too graphic to show about the alleged chemical attack (Chloride/sarin) in Syria and talking about the delays for investigating by gunman and seems to me a link to the videos of the brains of babies being sucked out during an abortion. Trust but verify. Try it. Show the evidence. He says they have the videos so Fox News should show the videos and put the videos on the site of Fox News so those who want to view it or critique it may do so. We’ll see if Fox News does, but I doubt it. One of their witnesses is a female in a black hijab from head to toe giving her contribution about the chemical attack, sort of cryptically. And some others also but a few who didn’t look too comfortable with what they were having to have to say supporting the UN and it’s coalition. Didn’t look sound, nor sound sound, neither believed by me, myself and I.

A woman guest whose son is in Syria appeared on Fox News who said her son is lost in Syria and he loved what he did in Syria. She said even if at the opera they still want their son home. (words with the same meaning and almost a direct quote) Something like it. Very thoughtful and if he is hearing it I’m sure it helps. Reminds me of the James Foley family reaction and the Christopher Stevens family. Perhaps plant a tree or an asparagus garden on his name or in his service. The two party democracy is not working any better than a bunch of guys dressed in white walking around a black box in the same direction in the center of Mecca. It’s the same thing. Jesus said to Peter and those fishing with him to throw their nets to the other side of their boat and there ye may find. It helps to look on both sides for clues like when crossing the road.

Dana Perino gave her angle about Mrs. Bush while in repose and her decision to refuse medical treatment….
for the cause? Her mission? Very calculating to add to the repose of Mrs. Bush after she has died. Don’t ya think? We already heard about it before she died. Did it need to be repeated to sink in? Was it necessary to add? It must have been to Fox News. PROPAGANDA. Usually a personal THING but in this instance it was ADVERTISED and CHEAPENED MRS. BUSH. This is Foxes idea of discussing hospice without getting to the nitty gritty about hospice how it began and why and by whom and the many ways it can happen. through a good con job, not reading the lines, not reading between the lines, trusting the wrong people when dealing with a bunch of anemones and/or be afraid, cornered, with your back up against the wall, entrapped and/or be brainwashed, in a bind, and empty headed, enticed and/or be desensitized like a crab about to be cooked. It can happen a myriad of ways and puts other people at risk and at the mercy of the NWO and ought to be scrutinized and chastised for what it is. BULLSHIT
a veil for murder it you have a mind to which is part of the problem with the practice. Like witchcraft is kind of a practice. Trickery. Practice makes perfect.
And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.

I think he meant “a prefect.”

Prefect (from the Latin praefectus, substantive adjectival form of praeficere: “put in front”, i.e., in charge) is a magisterial title of varying definition, but which, basically, refers to the leader of an administrative area.


I decided to see the verse in context because I knew there was a reason for my suspicion of the precept and it was the next verse

33 Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.

Sounds eerily similar to Paul and his writings. INANE maybe a bit INSANE and not the personality of the person or people in the Gospel of John, anyone or ANYWHERE IN THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. It is a sentence/statement which makes no sense one part of the sentence not having to do with the other part of the sentence. Only to a lunatic it might make sense. I don’t think it rates in the scheme of things to take this verse seriously. I think it misses like a backfire.

Will Dana Perino refuse medical treatment the next time she needs it? We’ll see someday.
I bet not.
I had a dream during a nap. It was a weird dream kind of avoiding work. Sean Hannity asked me out on a prom date. I didn’t know he had asked but I was reminded about it by him in the dream in his silver tuxedo so I went along with the premise got dressed in some strange outfit (some kind of prom outfit) in my dream dragging the outfit along half on half off. I said in the dream to whomever I was talking to in the dream and said “I don’t remember being asked to the prom” and then said “I sorta do” but I don’t remember it (it was suggested by Sean Hannity in the dream) so I woke up thinking this is nuts obviously been watching too much television after I had looked up Tibet in regards to the seal picture above in the post which i noticed when I went to look at the seal video again. There is a string either on the seal or the orange knife. Probably the knife. Bait. Cute seal though. Really cute soooooo cute. Must have been the coffee or some kind of dream spinner as a tan car drove by or a snort like an Afrin cocktail up my nose from a nurse ( a form of it in another name) the other day which was extremely too much on one side having caused some discomfort since and off and I have been on the verge of an earache and sore throat however I have staved off the affects for now. She was a bit clumsy and having a bad day, I think, but trying. The dream reminds me of the time I went to the prom and I wasn’t asked with a girlfriend and a guy friend. We showed up for the fun of it. She had extra clothes and I guess it was her idea or his. I know it wasn’t my idea. It was a spur of the moment kind of activity. We showed up as a threesome and a bit late. I don’t remember much about the night other than getting a dress and showing up. It was like playing dress up as a kid getting in our costumes. Probably how it occurred: she was called for an impromptu date while we were at her house probably listening to an album by the Beatles and it kind of went from there. I think all of us were bored and a little idea cropped up into our heads bouncing off each others minds and VOILA.
Watched Fox last night while eating with the ex and the advertisement came on about the First Baptist church which comes on frequently and asked the ex would you go to the church that says you can be next to god as it says if you go to their church and he said he had gone to the church. I think he played music and he said his boss and his wife attended the same church and officiated somehow for the church and she sprinkled holy water on their business doorways and it didn’t help to bring in business or whatever she was trying to do with holy water. The couple offered a salary job to my ex and fired him the next month. Something was wrong with them. He had worked for them for many years free lancing so it wasn’t as if they didn’t understand what they were getting into. It was offered by them. It was absolutely insane. The business kind of slowly died. Nasty bunch. Let’s just say very few decent people in the group. Had a secretary who was kind of cool. He ended up with their car before he died which he bought from them.
An ex wife of one of the people who worked there was present at an Obama press conference early on, I noticed. It was funny what she said, in other words she was rubbing his back verbally complimenting him and he hadn’t done anything at the time. It was early.
The ex finally bought the cards and said he wasn’t gonna play with me. I asked, “Did you get the cards?” He said, “I did, but I’m not going to play with you.” and after going to the store I asked him where he put the cigarettes he bought and he said on the furniture. So I looked on the table where he stood and where I was sitting when we were talking (about the cards) when he came back from the store and I couldn’t find them. So I asked him again nicely. “Could you lead me to them because I don’t see them” and he said “Are you blind?” because he had to get up and show me. So he showed me the furniture he put them on which is more than a piece of furniture with drawers and cabinets. He likes to fuck with me. When he asked where something was a few days ago I told him nicely where he could find the thing he was looking for and directed him to the place and I did not say, “Are you blind?” and I didn’t have to get up to show him. It was where I said it was otherwise I might have gotten up to show him but would not have said, “Are you blind?” The encounter ended up with a fuck you type slur towards him from me. He’s a pussy in my eyes meaning he’s an asshole, a dud and a little prick. His idea of friendship, not mine. How can anyone be friends with him? I told him before he went to the store, I said, “You know, my family liked playing games.” He mumbled something, but I didn’t hear it well enough to repeat it. More like he grumbled something.
I think he’s a bad sport.

Jackie Wilson – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher 

Our House Crosby Stills Nash & Young – YouTube

The funeral in Houston (where Gary grew up before going to Connecticutt) for Barbara Bush who Neil Cavuto opined on Fox News ” she didn’t wear makeup…… and commenting about her bone structure and mentioned she wanted people to take her as Just as I am which is the title of the book written by Billy Graham who thought he was god. My mom’s structure was much different, luckily. My mom liked makeup. Only the hair was similar. It was the style for a certain age group. I guarantee Mrs. Bush didn’t look like my mom when she was younger. Mrs. Bush looked like a Graham. Interesting she is quoted by Neil Cavuto in regards to the book Billy Graham wrote, isn’t it? My mom didn’t read it. None of us bought the book as far as I know but the BGEA interfered in our lives in a foolishly harmful way. The lady at the store said the funeral was at a catholic church. Typical, it’s the RCC business; Funerals. I saw the chaplain or leader of a church in the waiting line to get seated from California the one with the glass walls. I don’t remember the name of the church or the name of the church leader, but thought it was kind of funny seeing him at her funeral. Not the Saddleback church /Rick Warren but as big.

It was a mock. or is a muck. In any case, miracles do happen and I saw a family of robins making a nest the day before she was said to have died.

Saw a snippet of Judge Jeanine and she advertised her book which I intend to checkout on Amazon though I may not buy but noticed a lot about loyalty the word keeps coming up with Comey’s book, Trump, the porn star, and others. It’s getting thicker in Washington DC I think.  What is loyalty without verification or truthfulness it’s like adding one person who is loyal lies to the next person who is loyal lies back which doubles the lies regardless of loyalty.  I think it is counter productive. Loyola stuff. IHS kind of loyalty which is Jesuit, isn’t it?

The ex had some pain on his rib or sensitivity and so I gave him a pain reliever ibuprofen because when he went to work and complained about ocular headache to the doctor he was working for (a he or a she) on their home who gave him a funny look and then he started having a twinge on his rib and I think the ibuprophen helped him for a while and today he explained and was complaining about his aches and pains to me in the last week. Ocular headache and heartburn for three or four days and the sensitivity on his rib etc and we discussed it kind of at length as much as you can. I told him “you don’t know what pain is” meaning he has not experienced pain like I have experienced pain. And then he said you (meaning me) better pray for him (himself) ……and a bunch of other stuff in the same vein and I said “why don’t you pray yourself¿”. Basically he was trying to say if something happens to him we’re screwed and he did say it. Everything depends on him and how good he feels a fact I consider to be a kind of a catch -22 of his making. A threat of some kind. Heal thyself. I’ll send his body to science to figure it out and hope for the best for me. It’s a sick world and he is a sick person in the head. A pussy, a dud, and little prick. I rest my case as far as my description goes. In the old days in INDIA and in EGYPT when the male died so did the wife, the servants, and the pets and everything worthless was thrown on to the fire. I’m not his wife. I think it’s in the air what happens now. We’ll see but it may take a while to find out so don’t hold your breath. There is sort of a space between us as far as communication goes.  The fact is he doesn’t know how pain really feels which is partially why he lacks empathy. I remember when my pulse was up over 140 for no reason in a resting state a couple of years ago or so and he said to me “Mind over matter” and went to his room to go to bed. It wasn’t in pain but I was scared. He could have cared less in fact I think deep inside he was hoping for something worse. You can’t say anything TRUTHFUL to this guy without being threatened. In regards to the ocular headache his daughter he said, she said  “Oh dad, it’s nothing”. All he needed to do was take an exedrin or two but refused because it had the opposite affect when he used to drink a bunch of coffee but only has one cup these days. Anyway going from dark roast to medium roast coffee because he thinks the dark roast might be affecting him. He used to like to drink italian style coffee called espresso because Mark Jaco (A Mason as in Masonic)) did who was a friend of his whom he admired but didn’t drink it at home only when he was out to look cool. Superior.  It’s a pose of some kind. Same with Jaegermeister but does drink it at home.  Everyone does stuff like it to some degree in some facet or form hoping it does make you look cool. Usually how fads get going. When someone is scared if you have an ounce of empathy you don’t say “mind over matter. ” I handled it I took a half of a Xanax which was all I had left in my prescription and tried to settle down. It helped. But he loves to scare me his way like cutting the L bar on the garage door contraption over my head and then notice it and fix it or mock me when I’m emotionally upset then deny it or smoke out the house with a fire he decided to have in the fireplace impromptu he said it wasn’t planned yet I tripped over the firewood earlier in the day so it was planned. Was smoking out the  house planned as well? I think so. Like telling me he hates my guts when I take him up on an offer HE made ten seconds before in regards to my cat before my cat died. AN deny it a bunch but then admit it was because I divorced him was the reason and then deny it again and again. I think it’s insanity of some kind. I’m not a psychiatrist just an observer of these things but also I like to write about it as well. It helps to remember, IMO. I’m being punished for divorcing a catholic alter boy and I would do it again and again if I had to:( to be divorced from a catholic alter boy.) which I don’t because I don’t want to. I would never date one again either. There is something wrong with them. Nevermore ready to do the things I? do, do?; and say what I? say. say; and feel what I? feel, feel; and hear what I ? here, here; and see what I?  si, si …….

George Bush, Sr was in hospital with a few minor illnesses probably caught at the hospital reported by Fox news, and it was also reported he wants to live to 102. And on Drudge was this story: How did it get discovered? Who smelled Uranus?

Uranus smells like rotten eggs…


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The Night The Lights Went Out In In Georgia

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

It’s hard to remember the season or the exact night the lights went out in Georgia but they did and later the same thing happened in San Antonio.

My older sister was home from college for a short visit and staying in my little sister’s bedroom down the hallway from my bedroom and next to my parent’s bedroom upstairs. The stairway started down next to my bedroom.

Not sure why my older sister stayed with my little sister but I think it was because there were two single beds in her room and mine was a double bed.

We all heard the sound and scrambled. When electricity goes out usually it makes a sound somehow because appliances shut down, etc. It was so dark you could not see your hand in front of you so we had to feel our way to our parent’s room and it was a task that seemed like a long nightmare kind of like in the movie with James Carrey, the comedian in a long hallway in the movie The Cable Guy and the hall kept getting longer and longer  As it turned out my older sister was not familiar with her surroundings and jumped out of bed and into a wall. THUD.  I felt my way around the banister and got to the doorway of my parent’s room about the same time my two sisters arrived in the same space attempting to enter my parent’s room and it was a struggle between us partially because we could not see and we wanted to get in there as quick as possible but we could not all fit in the doorway at the same time so had to feel our way into the doorway and single file ourselves without knowing who was first, second, or third. We were excited, upset, and giggling because of our struggle getting in through the doorway.  Finally got into their room and to their bed and rested our heads on their bed with our knees and feet underneath. We felt kind of safe however it was disconcerting not being able to see a thing. The whole neighborhood was in the dark. It was pitch black. Finally the phone rang and the operator said something to one of my parents alerting them the lights and electricity would be back on soon. Don’t know how the operator called OR WHY DID SHE CALL US but the phones were not connected to the electricity or to the tv etc. That was who we were told it was until my mom said “What if it wasn’t the operator,” scaring us half to death. So we remained in their room for quite a while until the lights came back on.

Vicki Lawrence The night the lights went out in Georgia 1973

I have no idea if something occurred in Georgia that might have had to do with the Ten Commandments such as a statute disallowing the commandments in court houses because at the time I was a kid and not paying attention to much of anything other than my friends and family.  Ten years or so before JFK was assassinated and the Vatican 11 was occurring in 1963 having to do with Opus-dei and other Roman Catholic groups attempting to unite all the religions under their management.

Not sure of the year but I think the Ten Commandments were under siege. People had been rioting the few years before about the Viet Nam War and other angsts on college campuses and in Washington DC. I remember a Senator who was trying to save the Ten Commandments but people thought God had died and often referred to GOD IS DEAD in their rants during their protests. Now what would make people say that God was dead if there weren’t some attacks on either the bible, religion, or the Ten Commandments?Atheists were vocal and didn’t want the Ten Commandments in public places because the commandments offended their senses but there were not that many atheists but one in particular a woman named Madelyn Murray O’Hair:

“Madalyn Murray O’Hair (née Mays; April 13, 1919 – September 29, 1995), who also used multiple pseudonyms (her most preferred being M. Bible), was an American atheist activist, founder of American Atheists, and the organization’s president from 1963 to 1986. She created the first issues of American Atheist Magazine.”

…………Roe vs wade was also occurring sometime in that time span.

Abortion was legalized in two states. California and New York, I think.

“In two landmark decisions – Engel v. Vitale on June 25, 1962, and Abington School District v. Schempp on June 17, 1963 – the Supreme Court declared school-sponsored prayer and Bible readings unconstitutional.”

It was confusing because so much was going on all at the same time kind of like the marches and protests these days. Black lives matter…Trump protests,  Government shutdown protests, and memorial closing protests etc and all the other strange things we have all experienced and watched on the news here in the USA and elsewhere in the world in the past 8 years showing a huge amount of confusion which I think is


The 25 Biggest College Campus Riots of All Time

like rebels without a clue so they made up causes.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Into The Great Wide Open

I don’t think anyone hardly noticed the Senator who was attempting to save the Ten Commandments. He was kind of a short guy who I don’t think was respected on the left and was minimized on the right because he was so right and I think he was the Senator from Georgia. I can’t remember his name but will add it when I find it but I remember what he looked like. I was just a teenager at the time and kind of out of it for the most part being a teenager which is enough for a teenager. I didn’t go to the rallies or protests because my dad was serving in the war putting his life in danger but I still had no idea how big a deal it was but watched the rallies and protests on TV along with the death tolls on the news of the americans killed in Viet Nam and the surrounding area and footage of some battles. My parents lost a few friends in the war. The big deal contention was the draft… and a lot of people trying to avoid the draft or worrying: were they next? Not sure how the war started but I think it started because of a French colony. LBJ was the President who got us involved in the war. He left his mark as well some good some bad but one good was he named who was BIG BROTHER  by giving him an award The Big Brother Award: Billy Graham. Who said the USA needs an Evangelical Roman Catholic Shill to be our BIG BROTHER? I have a big brother and I like him just fine the one God gave me and because I know him and I don’t need a STATE SPONSORED BIG BROTHER the one the devil wants us to follow because I don’t know him nor do I want to know him. He wouldn’t even get on an elevator with a female. Why would I trust him. He doesn’t even trust himself. Who needs that kind of big brother? LOL My real brother didn’t mind getting on an elevator with me. At the time I had not done my homework (AT ALL even in school in the subjects I took) about what was occurring regarding phantom ships and other weird stuff that occurred and was hushed in Washington DC. Nixon got us out of the war and underwent the Watergate break in (of the Democratic offices) ……..affair/scandal which was tame in comparison to the things that went on during the Obama Administration. He resigned but left his mark, some good ones and some bad. The good one was he exposed Billy Graham’s hatred for Jews. He said, “They don’t know how I really feel about them” caught on tape and referring to jews. Our representatives and the press basically gave a wink and a nod to Obama in regards to things he might have been found guilty of such as murder and terrorism if anyone dared ask the right questions (some tried but I don’t think they understood the times we are in having to do with revelation or they would have been better questions and Obama let others take the blame like a good ole boy) and pursued the truth and might have been considered a traitor and hung for his crimes and his family expelled from our country with most of his staff but we have progressively had gotten used to it by the mere force of overloading our senses which is a ploy to distance everyone from the truth. Overload them with nonsense.

The LBJ years and the NIxon years were full of turmoil. Lots of changes with the hippie generation and the freak generation after it, etc. Bussing was implemented and quotas were implemented to even things out racially in different fields and in the military who set the example and because of some crimes involving race such as the assassination of  Martin Luther King and some African American kids hung in the south, and other racially inspired crimes such as a jewish boy killed in New York by a gang of eight and them the gang was mentored by Billy Grahams underling Rev. Wilkerson who left his mark as well implicating Billy Graham in his last post written which I wrote about in some posts found on Merangue’s Blog before he was killed in East Texas in a car wreck involving a truck with lumber, etc. but what about President John F. Kennedy. He didn’t matter? Killed by his wife, Jackie Kennedy in another frame of mind (obviously mind controlled). What about Senator Bobbie Kennedy who fought corruption in organized labor (i.e. fighting organized crime-the mob-terrorism) and a previous Attorney General while running for president killed by Sirhan Sirhan (a Palestinian) on the anniversary of the SIx Day War obviously a thorn to Roman Catholicism and the Vatican State and Islam. Did he not matter? What about JFK jr and his wife and HER fetus and her sister during his personal investigation of his father’s assassination after visiting Jesuit Cuban Fidel Castro and the Great Evangelical Billy Graham while running for the Senate. Did they not matter? Hillary Clinton wanted his seat more than he did in the Senate? Or did Billy Graham (a shill for the Vatican) want her in the Senate more than he wanted JFK jr? Obama was in a hurry to get through the door?








the State is the Vatican State!





and their families




and probably the main reason: wanting to catholicize the world







I think it would be a good idea if the press and our government and our country encouraged Obama to leave the DC area for the sake of the new administration and encourage Obama to be a gentleman and leave for the sake of our country. Go back to his hometown in Chicago or whatever. His kid in school is a lousy excuse to stay on in Washington DC. I went to three different high schools when I was a kid in three different states and they were not private schools. I was bussed to a black neighborhood in one of my years for my country and it was not easy but it could have been worse and I was happy to do it for the right reasons though I left some good friends which was hard to do but they too were in the military so they were going other paces as well. If his kid can’t handle it then she isn’t very flexible and is but a glass flower and surely won’t survive in the real world without a to of help. …Is she made of crepe paper? THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY which WILL BE HIS LEGACY. WHAT A Disservice to the african american race and he will be remembered for it. Henry Kissinger hired by the Vatican to help with it’s lousy reputation (sexual child abuse, money laundering, murders, mob ties, pornography) endorsed Obama which paved his way to the White House. I wonder why? I wonder what Kissinger’s relationship was with Billy Graham. I have no idea. I don’t think Obama would have been President without Kissinger’s endorsement however the other choice sucked not Sarah Palin, but John McCain. But Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska where H.A.A.R.P. is located so she needed to be restrained. And then came the tsunami/earthquake in Japan causing a nuclear disaster after the RCC tried to force Japanese Catholics to accept the RCC’s Neo-Catechumenal Way and they tried to refuse and stall FOR A MERE 5 YEARS because of a rise in suicides and it did not sit well with the Vatican or Billy Graham and before that the earthquake tsunami in the Indian Ocean which altered the axis of the earth physically and politically a hub famous for child abuse, child pornography, and child prostitution. (PROBABLY CATHOLIC.)

That’s phenomenal.

An Holy Kiss

This post was one of my first posts but I just now considered maybe one version of the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was prophetic and one wasn’t.

Henry Kissinger was also a confidant of NIxon.

Obama and his ideals set the African-American race back quite a bit psychologically and mentally within their own ranks, neighborhoods, and to others and to me though luckily there are remnants of citizens of the African American race that keep Martin Luther Kings dream alive because they actually are extremely talented and careful and dignify his legacy by their example which is detrimental.

OPRAH IS NOT ONE OF THEM THOUGH SHE IS SUCCESSFUL SHE IS AN OBAMA LUSTER and promoted politically correct nonsense to her unwitting fans

for the sake of the Vatican and for ISLAM

so no wonder she is successful because she sold her own soul for temporary pleasure and other peoples souls as well, many others,


and also went with Michelle OBAMA to Hawaii during an American CRISIS using SENATOR INOUYE’s death to have a good time on the AMERICAN dime. YEA she can act but that is all she is is an act LIKE IN THE BOOK OF ACTS. A fake and a fraud.

Slavery started in Africa by Africans of Africans.

A Lousy Excuse OBAMA Using His Kid for his own selfish reasons because he is a ………

Saudis pair up with McCain, Graham to fight 9/11 families

I hope the travel ban includes places like the Baltic States: Herzogovenia, Croatia , Bosnia, and the other one. AS WELL AS SAUDI ARABIA who should definitely not be allowed to partake of any political sway in our country or be given any political immunities as well as all the other powerful arab states who sponsor terrorism. I have firsthand knowledge they don’t love America and plan to move back to their countries after doing whatever it is they are doing in the USA to believers and being promised wealth for whatever their task is/was in America.

So far I am very happy with the Press Secretary for Trump (Sean Spicer) who is very candid, explicit and very informative and definitely SHARP talking with the press and the press is very actively questioning him on many issues unlike what occurred during the Obama administration. I think we ought to compare IQ’s of him vs the press secretaries in the recent past. Talk about a major paradigm shift. Everyone seems to be on intelligence drugs. Before they were like milk duds on heroin. Obama couldn’t even throw a hoop and how many times did he try? It was embarrassing. Definitely taking cues in his ear from someone and and and

How much coffee does the President drink in the morning?
or What perfume does Michelle wear? Do their daughters enjoy their school? Does Michelle like the color red?

kind of noodles

from the very start of his reign of terror. Like getting to know an African American for the first time kind of shit who wasn’t. Like watching a soap opera such as All My Children or General Hospital and Obama was playing in the leading roll as Allan Quartermaine in Port Charles. It was that interesting and informative! However, if Herman Cain had been President I’m sure there would have been some intelligent questions proffered by the press and intelligent answers as well, so it wasn’t about race all together, was it? Or how about this press declaration:

“I have never seen you lose before”

which was during briefing by the President himself in the beginning of his administration. She happened to favor a friend of the ex (his ex wife) who watched soap operas all day while raising her kids making a huge mess (I heard about) and was liberal and I think very politically correct which means there are no words for anything potentially important. LOL

Oprah Winfrey fit right in!

My brother believed Al Gore’s crap and was an agnostic. However he believed in the Judeo-Christian values as well. I hope he isn’t an agnostic now but I understand why he might be because of the things the church does and because of things that happened to him during his life, and happened to his friends and his family. To me those values are worth fighting for and I think to him as well and to everyone in my family whether we are together or not at this time. Those values are the crux of the matter.

What are those Judeo-Christian values based upon?

The concept of “JudeoChristian values” in an ethical (rather than theological or liturgical) sense was used by George Orwell in 1939, and has become part of “American civil religion” since the 1940s. The term “Abrahamic religions” is used to include Islam as well as Judaism and Christianity.

“More Christians are gonna die!” claimed Franklin Graham a few times. Not sure why he said this a few times because it was on the internet.

Jesus said a few times or once anyway “your father is the father of lies” and Obama lied a bunch. Obama also said “The future must not belong to those that insult the prophet (profit) of Islam” referring to Mohammad at the UN and I know he was wrong but it showed his allegiance. Did the press ask him what he meant? Why he said it? NO.

The vatican representatives (and popes) are tricky when dealing with the holocaust using christians as their apology for the holocaust because the RCC aren’t and obviously were responsible. It’s in one of my posts what was said by one of the popes and I don’t want to look it up because my posts are vast and the search engine isn’t helpful for looking up or partial quotes on WordPress blogs but it was interesting to say the least the wording used to shift the blame. Christians were not making truces with Hitler but the RCC was at the time and the prophecy of the healing of the deadly wound of the vatican was occurring as well.

I think Jesus was referring to Abraham because in that time period they considered Abraham their father and it is in the New Testament and so I believe it has something to do with ISLAM and Roman Catholicism because that was who was occupying the country of Israel and in Jerusalem .

I’m using deduction.

There was a false covenant or two and obviously there was an Abrahamic covenant. What does a dick/penis have to do with God? Did God make a covenant with women cutting their clits? NO. Instead making girls females have their clits cut at an age they can intensely feel the pain. The covenant was about foreskin? What about hemophiliacs?  Did God not consider them worthy of exemption since they bleed a bunch? Back in those days it must have been a death sentence like Aids was to many hemophiliacs in our day. Anyway if you read about it and what God supposedly said that “it never crossed his mind” it doesn’t sound believable (because he obviously knew what Abraham was thinking so it had to cross his mind) when talking about binding Jacob and slicing his throat for a sacrifice even though God told Abraham to take him up to the location and sent an angel to stop Abraham from doing what he was about to do because it crossed his mind OBVIOUSLY etc. I think there was also another false covenant at the last supper because of the differing accounts of the last supper between the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and the Gospel of John.

In a part of the bible God says there will be no Canaanite in the city of Jerusalem in the future yet the Abrahamic covenant seems to imply something else. Did God say canaanite males or females or did he mean both. I don’t think God makes covenants with only males. The church however does. Do the Ten Commandments differentiate between male and female?

Are women exempt? I don’t think so. However the Ten Commandments are inclusive as far as honoring your parents (mother and father) and honoring your children (boys and girls.)

Some time or other Abraham camped between two cities Sodom and Gomorrah which get destroyed and eventually his name is changed to ABRAM but Islam says it the other way around. Islam says a lot of things backwards, if you notice.

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses and not to Abraham. That’s a big deal since it is the foundation of the Judeo-Christian values IMO. The RCC changed the Ten Commandments and it’s a big deal that they dared to challenge Judeo-Christian values subtly though it was noticed even by catholics who wrote about it and helped me to notice and i think it was done to mislead their own and others and basically deny Jesus in the Gospel of John and because the commandment about the 7th day leads to Jesus of the Gospel of John. I don’t know any other legitimate reason for it. Leads to the Jesus that said I Am the way, the truth, and the life. that leads us back to the Ten Commandments the first commandment that says I Am the Lord thy God and to Moses who asked God’s name to give to the Hebrew slaves and God said I Am that I Am.  The RCC came up with a multitude of values some involving obesity which sometimes is unavoidable depending on many factors such as diabetes and other factors and many other ridiculous evils they themselves fulfill and values they don’t fulfill. You need to read Revelation because it describes the RCC to a tee. No one else fits the mold but the RCC and it’s ally ISLAM a CO- CONSPIRATOR and both want to rule the world and yet the world is not their world. Did either religion create the world? No, but they sure corrupted the world with their nonsense making it impossible to live by their nonsense even to themselves so they invented indulgences for their own.

You can look up the dispute between the Commandments of the Roman Catholic Church vs versions in a multitude of articles about it written by catholics and christians, agnostics and atheists. There is plenty of evidence and almost a decoy or a deliberate attempt to strategically mislead with a mountain of minutia to the commandment about the 7th day dispute and I have read so many reasons to disregard it but none of them rang true to me however the matching to Jesus in the Gospel of John seemed to fit the reason for this commandment and many took it way to far not allowing people to cook on the Sabbath or, pick corn, shuck corn, roast corn, or eat corn, or walk through a corn field (a very sugary starch, carb, and a vegetable you should not eat if you are gonna diet [however the American Indians really liked it and shared it with the Pilgrims and many pilgrims starved to death….just kidding]) chew gum, spit on a sidewalk, or go to a game or drive to visit someone or work on a job that requires you to work on the Sabbath Day, etc which is another diversion in my estimation. I think words and petty ideas may have been added as to what you can or cannot do on the Sabbath.

I think the sole reason for the sabbath commandment was to be honored, remembered, and noticed for the reason given above. IPSO FACTO

Because of time changes and leap years and many other things relating to calendars no one really knows nor can trust what day or which day is the sabbath except for the evidence given which leads to the Ten Commandments, Moses, and Jesus of the Gospel of John. It could be on a Wednesday as far as we can know.

He did not say he was the blood of life.

I believe Abraham was a reaction to Moses and because of the army that the Pharaoh lost during his conflicts with God though I don’t think God has given up on those in these two religions but is demonstrating these days the breach between God and mankind/womenkind because of deception which is immense. Some common sensewould help which God gives to each of us but the RCC ‘s reaction is to make people not read the bible only buy them. Definitely computers help to compare because the bible is wordy which is linked.

Anyway the bible´warns about a false covenant and yet no one I have read or heard about knows which one is false and if it is prophesied in the bible I’m sure the bible contains it otherwise it seems to be a moot point.

Crimes and Punishment

Terrorism isn’t always a crowd crime. So as far as proof of someones actions resting on a boom such as a bomb or firecracker is a ridiculous test of proof of a persons intent or terrorist action. Some and probably most terrorism is individual against individual terrorism like the mob and such as hospice. I think what happened to my aunt was terrorism which I wrote about in the following post. I think what happened to my mom (hospice) was terrorism sponsored by the RCC and indulged by the RCC and Obama using LBJ’s legacy. BADA BOOM!

IT s the type of terrorism that goes unnoticed (one on one crime) and is probably the most prevalent of terroristic type crimes either sponsored by the state or church sponsored terrorism because it’s a cult, obviously. The RCC is famous for terrorism throughout it’s history but it has gotten even more brazen because of hospice using it to prey on the weak. Easy pickens and to punish families and it isn’t like God doesn’t know it,  comprendez?

The RCC/Vatican isn’t just a religion

it’s a state.

I hope to see in my lifetime the total destruction of the RCC forever. And truly I think I will see it in my lifetime because of what Jesus said at the Sea of Galilee and because my mom was special unlike those that discount what Jesus said and why he said it.

She may be why he said it.


And I know why she said that the way she said it.

Sometimes one person makes all the difference and I think she is one of those. And to her my dad made all the difference. SO watch out RCC because your days are numbered.

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

Picking Fruit and Veggies 

A guy on Fox News was saying we need illegal immigrants to do these tasks because it is so hard to do and the pay is less and US citizens aren’t willing to work hard and get paid less. Americans would pick fruit if the cost of living wasn’t so ridiculous in the USA. But when Americans pay 20 times the cost of another country for oil such as what Venezualans pay for oil or Iraquis pay for oil then it’s hard to reconcile getting paid 20 times less per hour. We are paying for everything via taxes stolen and laundered via the Vatican throughout the world and dispersed without any true accounting and not getting much back for it but lots of headaches because of illegal immigration and other RCC VICES. An excuse of illegal immigration and it’s not a good one based on half of the economic system in place and not the other half not in place. Kids would love jobs like that to get a start and young adults as well if they didn’t have to pay the stuff illegals don’t pay for when staying in the USA and send back to their countries.That is why consumption tax is the way to go so that illegals do pay as much as USA citizens pay while in the country and believe me there would be half as many illegals in the USA if we did because the incentive wouldn’t be there. There would be a lot less crime from illegals and citizens of the USA caused by resentment. Price Gouging the USA is part of the problem and unaccountability of our government not investigating the holes in the system used by the federalis to keep the Vatican in business throughout the world making life difficult for everyone including illegals who wouldn’t have to trudge through Mexico to find work because good ideas like consumption tax create jobs in the long run. 

Do illegals pay for anything most americans are forced to pay? They are getting a free ride  and some are getting taken advantage of (especially young boy and girls) and the rich get richer. It’s bullshit. The USA has two sides of a brain and one isn’t working. Consumption tax would also inspire saving, good decision making skills and investment instead of junk spending which in the long run would help those in the lower class and middle class to be inspired and creating small business and growing the middle class which is the goal I hope or we all fail in the long run. Without a fluid middle-class you end up with


but many prefer shoe boxes with junk in it for the parentless children to ease their consciences but it won’t last. It is unsustainable.

IT helps to use both sides of the brain at the same time. IF we didn’t have a power struggle between democrats and republicans every two years it would help and instead voted people into office to do a good job without labels or parties based on their knowledge and their skills and performance and keeping their false promises. The only people getting rich off this kind of government 2 party system is the government and it’s lackeys including the press growing the federal government who i surmise waste a lot of time and money screwing each other and most of all screwing the citizens and spend most of their time getting elected again.

Pretty soon at the rate we are going and if Obama had had a third term employers would have had to buy homes for their employees no matter what the race, gender, religion, creed or color and of course they in turn will prefer machines.

I have already discussed many times insurance and it’s evils since it is an incentive to cheat and to reward bad performance over good, keeping the state quo and costing a lot of money and deaths which is less taxes collected under any tax system. Why should an employer pay for birth control when we have Planned Parenthood unless employers are having sex with their employees which probably occurs with many illegal aliens and doubtful they will complain. A conundrum but VERY CATHOLIC.

A false Jesus said that life is in the blood but life is also in an ant hill. Should we insure ants (evangelicals)? However in the book of Revelation it says the woman is drunk on the blood of saints so it doesn’t sound like life at least not for the saints but for the woman sucking off their blood i.e. the RCC. And God puts it into the heart of some army to destroy the RCC. Hopefully ours because it would be good and deserved. I know it won’t be ISIS unless it’s a decoy ISIS and because they would have done it already being in the vicinity.

That same year at Christmas my dad got a video camera and played with it. He always read the instructions of appliances or anything that needed instructions. He had all of us pose in front of the video camera as a family with our pets and one by one made each of us disappear and reappear. It was kind of silly but one of the tricks of the camera. I don’t think he did much with the video camera after that. They were cumbersome at that time and he retired and started a business afterwards.

I looked up Senators of Georgia and the guy I spoke about is missing. Perhaps another state but I don’t think so. I think it’s deception. Like books that O’reilly writes to rewrite history from a Catholic’s perspective and purpose.

Leaks Suggest Trump’s Own Team Is Alarmed By His Conduct

White House leaks are common, but leakers suggesting the president might be unfit for office are not.

It’s kind of like we have two different planets going on at the same time yet in different times. Saw a Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters article on the net and Pelosi referring to Bush etc. I don’t think mankind can do that and God can and he must have his reasons.

To reveal.

He stopped the sun for a battle in the Old Testament

and that miracle probably has more than one fulfillment and meaning.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.26.46 AM.png

I think the federal government is overrun by Catholics and Trump is having to  deal with it and I think if he is genuine HE WILL because I do think Trump believes in God and takes him seriously. So all these strange stories by the press and by people who are upset at his determination will do anything to hurt his reputation. One is to make him mentally unstable which is a good one. He seems mentally stable and so does his press secretary. I think the press is losing it and so are many staunch catholics. So it may be kind of interesting the different perspectives we are gonna be hearing about having to do with the the new administration and it’s part of the game of the RCC but God can play even better because he sees the hands each one are holding but many people don’t believe he can. But his instability mentally unstable stories also can be false leaks to confuse the enemy. I think they are confusing the enemy. It seems fear has gripped many in Washington and I think many are melting.I don’t remember everyone freaking out over Obama and he was definitely mentally a basket case and over compensated with is calm demeanor as if he was superior mentally of others and he definitely wasn’t and and and a sure sign he was being fed info in his ear. I watched him lose it as the cameras flashed in his eyes when he was running for president the first time and became unfit to make a speech for a few seconds or about a minute and it was obvious he was merely a puppet.

Trump does not act like a puppet.

Anyway there are 7 of them in Revelation. Can you beat that?

Kissinger did not endorse Trump and he was elected because the people recognized a person who cares so I think he is mentally fine. I think the left and some on the right of the left better change or they may find themselves gnashing their teeth with Obama, Kissinger, the Papacy etc etc etc. when that day comes and it is coming.

I saw a little bit of Oreilly’s interview and the questions asked and I thought Trump handled him as best he could dealing with a nut. The RCC wants us to go to war with Putin and has been baiting us during the Obama Administration with false news such as the sarin gas poisoning in Syria and truthers online demonstrated its lies and it was easy to see who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. Not wearing masks or wearing painters masks as if that would help. Dead people changing clothes and positions. I think there was a poisoning but it was the rice shipment not sarin gas and germany overheard someone in the syrian military lying his as off. It was ridicule and Putin helped to secure Syria at the time because of the threats by Obama and the left and the RCC do not like Putin. I wonder how O’reilly knows of murders by Putin. Can he name one? Be specific. We all know he worked for the KGB when Russia was the USSR. Does Oreilly question the Secret Service of the USA? What about President Kennedy? What about the pope in Russia (Alexia I think was his name) killed (poisoned) by the Vatican? Did O’reilly accuse the Vatican of murder? No, he ignored it. Did O’reilly do any shows about Benghazi? No, he ignored it like the plague. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT???. I think because he is a Jesuit and will do anything (even impale babies) to protect the Vatican because it is his bread and butter. Remember Beatrice Arthur? I do. I remember very clearly and it was pretty gross how O’reilly behaved. A sad sad sad example. I know what kind of person O’reilly really is.


What makes you think Trump isn’t baiting you? How else do you catch some fish.

Why didn’t O’reilly bring up Saudi Arabia to Trump

and their plans to fuck-over americans.

Aren’t the leaders responsible for what their citizens do in other countries?

 DOES THE BUCK STOP when their citizens enter other countries?

The Sound of Silence

(Original Version from 1964)


Our leaders should not be allowed to enter their countries unless there

to take over their country via a huge ISLAMIC SHOWDOWN


(I believe are Mecca and Medina because of the name of Abraham to ABRAM and vice versa in Islam was a good indiction it might not have happened as of yet and no archeological evidence it had happened and because both places are located in the area called the wilderness of sin. Meaning i didn’t come up with this hypothesis out of thin air.) I think that strange vice versa is a sign and not only a sign but kind of a point of some kind possibly a spark to a huge end/purpose and I think it will reconcile truth from fiction

We never have found evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah

so it might be a future prophetic event about to unfold

like so many biblical things to be fulfilled

we thought were history and weren’t.

I know my dad was taught by the methodist church (I think that was where he was taught this notion as a beginner in bible knowledge going to methodist bible study classes to learn later in life) that revelation had already occurred unless he learned it from his youth about biblical things. Some of what is revealed in Revelation has occurred or was partially fulfilled but obviously some of it isn’t finished. Since I have had to experience Obama’s administration for 8 years or more when so many terrible things happened to my family it is apparent the teaching he learned and told me was not true BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. So the church lied to him and he passed it on. This is how deception works. At the time I knew he was wrong but hadn’t done my homework and was in the beginning stage of doing it. IF I had known what I now now I doubt what happened to my family would have happened but we were not in the know at the time and were attacked viciously in many ways and I will never forget and doubtful I will forgive (I’m not the only one who feels this way:LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE DO) till I see the end of the Vatican for their part in the demise of my parents using Hospice and others involved with the BGEA since it was this organization my family endured their NONSENSE but it was very destructive NONSENSE. It was beyond cruel and it was evil. I can’t forgive it. I won’t. I forgive my family when I know God teaches them the truth and helps them stand up against evil and cruelty. The RCC and the BGEA deserve a great deal of punishment for their DECEPTIVE influence and intervention and from the sounds of it and looks of it the destruction and end is coming soon to these religions including ISLAM and nothing anyone does will stop it. Might as well leave it. The Methodist Church played a HUGE role in the assassination of JFK as well that was not good as I found out during my JFK transcribing TWICE the CBS coverage of the assassination of JFK which you can find on Merangue’s Blog. I found out a lot of things of which I had no idea and learned quite a bit since then and because I didn’t foolishly and wantonly accept the one bullet theory which was insane UNLIKE so many in our government on both sides of the aisle wantonly did accept. WHY?

And why is my dad pictured on the pictures of Benghazi?




include this picture of my dad. Because he warned me about ObamaCare after he died?

It ought to scare you! Which came first Obama Care or Benghazi? We don’t know for sure because it did not write itself overnight.

I had a reaction about this photo last night and ended up at the hospital for few hours because it does get to me on top of my regular health problems. I have had this photo I found regarding Benghazi for a few years and it hurts to see it and discuss it but I have to and no one understands. No one. One of the few wonderful parts of my life MUCKRAKED by a depraved source. I’ll guarantee it’s gonna hurt whoever did this more than it hurts me, my mom, or my dad. A lot more.

While at the hospital I had to wait a few hours it was very busy with other sick people ahead of me. The lady before me who enjoyed a piece of shit programing on one of the two TV’s in the waiting room was asked if she needed a wheel chair by the guy who works there. Don’t know his name ….don’t want to but he looked eerily like my ex’s nephew and she said mono I can walk. Didn’t look very sick or act it and had lousy taste in programs TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS AND VILE. I did say to the wheel chair man can you turn this program off? and she wouldn’t have it but it was junk and few people i recognized were in the program for split second. One was Billy Graham and the other was George Bush.  I don’t know what you call it but some kind of subliminal flashes and I saw them. Then when the wheelchair asshole came to me he didn’t ask if I needed a wheel chair but I saw one and he didn’t want me in the wheel chair and by the time I made it to the room and bed he assigned me to I was in bad shape and worse than I was before. Anyway I hope he loses his job and has an accident where he is the kind of shape I’m in often because of this kind of stuff i have had to go through to tell what needs to be told for my sake, my families sake, and others because it is really important Not only that i hope he loses the things and people he loves, the pets he loves, the children he loves everything, HIS MONEY , HIS JOB, HIS SENSE OF HUMOR WHICH HE LACKED ANYWAY, and everything dear to him etc I hope the worst for him. It was so rude and calculating. I hope God saw it, noticed, and will see to it to teach him a good lesson he will NEVER forget like Obama did for many people but better. IT sounds rather harsh but I have been through quite a bit and didn’t deserve it. IMO.

One by one the ex’s family he grew up with is gone eat some dust.

The doctor wasn’t very good either. I tried to explain to him what had occurred 24 hours before which was an attack a very painful one and he wasn’t interested at all. He was only interested in what brought me to the hospital in the last 2 hours which is INANE as if one isn’t connected to the other like a horse with blinders only seeing ahead and not the sides or behind. Maybe he was a horse? A talking horse. Mr. Ed. Anyway I lost it and said some things about my dad and Benghazi and I knew he didn’t understand and he said “Don’t get mad at me.” which you have to admit is a kind of funny thing for a doctor to say as if he wasn’t really a doctor but an excuse for one and not a good one which is what Obama Care did to our hospitals and our medical field and then he told me he wasn’t allowed to give me pain medication which I think was a lie. He is working in the ER and if he is not allowed to prescribe pain medication he shouldn’t be working in an ER or in any hospital anywhere. I think it was some kind of ruse and purposefully but subtly not treating me as well as the others because of politics and religion and it will bite his ass and his dick, I hope. Most doctors are above that kind of reaction, good ones are anyway. Don’t get mad at me? wow IN the end times many will be overly sensitive but he hasn’t seen anything yet and I’m sure will harden his thin skin like a Komodo dragon and soon he will be a stone to be walked upon and I will clean my muddy boots off on his cold stone body.

The nurse however was kind and did her job and the others did as well.

I will find out both names and report it;)


I have 6 gaul stones and thought maybe the painful experience I had 24 or so hours before was that I passed a gall stone. I have never experienced it before so don’t know how it should feel but the doctor said “you don’t pass gall stones.” Yet the woman in bed in the same room with curtains between us was having gall bladder problems and one of the stones ended up in a duct of the gall badder. Maybe that is what happened to me, I don’t know. IN any case she was getting her gall bladder taken care of and they ignored my problems because he didn’t want to know.





“Usually, the stones pass from the gallbladder into the bile ducts. They may remain there without blocking the flow of bile or causing symptoms, or they may pass on into the small intestine without being noticed. However, if the gallstones cause a blockage in a bile duct, a person will have pain.”























Wouldn’t it Be Loverly – Julie Andrews (My Fair Lady )


Subliminal messaging is weird especially when you see it as it enters your brain unlike what it is intended to do to suggest without seeing. I’m glad I saw it coming.

There are way too many rules in the medical field protecting who: the insurance companies? That is who those rules protect not the patient nor the GOOD doctors.

IT has got to change. I remember hearing a lot of promises that have not been kept and maybe it is time to change those who made false promises in congress. CRUZ i one of them that lied his ass off I think he did unless he didn’t but didn’t he promise to do more? Didn’t he say he would get rid of Obama Care or was that only IF he became President. LOL

I guess free lancers and truthers are our best source of information but not always such as the green screen Isis beheaders in Cuba trying to act like they were in Libya (it seemed anyway to be threatening the vatican and it seemed like the be headers weren’t in Libya) which I found out on Fox by a very good reporter that I do trust quite a bit as far as the green screen, LOL. Really strange stuff. I figured and deduced it to be a Jesuit ploy.

Is Nordstrom a german company?

Maybe Trump supporters should boycott Nordstroms;) LOL

Especially next Christmas season!

Does Nordstom have some illegal immigration sweat shops in America or Mexico?

Explains why many illegal immigrants are so well dressed coming over the border compared to the people I saw in the waiting room and on a daily basis in america who are citizens.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 9.06.50 PM.png

My what a big fish caught today.

The same groups the US beat in WWll seem to be the same groups causing trouble for the USA today. Is it any wonder?

All this controversy about Jesus and bread and I wonder if he actually said breadth and all the references to bread are a distraction added possibly later in jest such as the 40 day fast experience he had being tempted about stones turning in to bread. Referring to people as bread throughout and there are lots references having to do with bread.

LIke when the apostles think he is mad at them and they are on a boat and the apostles say say “is it because we brought no bread?” etc and because Jesus dips his bread at the last supper in the Gospel of John in some kind of mixture called SOP at the table as a sign of who betrays him and Satan enters that person and he goes and reports to the temple which was under occupation by the Romans which I think he had no choice and Jesus knew it and they give him money and he throws it down which was obviously intended because he wanted to beat someone to the punch but later in the books after Paul is shipwrecked with some prisoners on board on their way who escape in the Sea of Peter (SOP). The Mediterranean Sea or the Sea of the Philistine (SOP) before the name change to the Mediteranean Sea. Lots of twists and turns like a pretzel. People being referred to as bread and stones and heels is a bit odd. Raising his heel referring to Italy because of the shape of the country. A boot. In the recent past a heel was shitty person: he is a real heel. Usually an insulting person. People who talk down to others would be considered a heel. Many other examples. But also think what the nazis did: they clicked their heels as an allegiance to Hitler as they saluted their commanding officer. They were shitty people for the most part. I’m sure there were a few that weren’t but nevertheless it’s hard to tell on the battlefield who is naughty or nice.

Battle of Monte Cassino

As when Monte Cassino (a BENEDICTINE abbey)  was bombed by the allies and some people were totally pissed off and made a vow of revenge even though they were hiding nazis which is a no-no when at war and on the losing side. The allies noticed nazis there and attacked which is a normal reaction to an enemy when at war. You can read about it on the site called

European Institute of Protestant Studies by Dr. Ian Paisely

Think about crickets which rub their heels and make a lot of noise. In Iran I think they raise their heels real high when parading their armies like Obama when he doesn’t get a golf ball in the hole on his 7th try. VERY SIMILAR! LOL Anyway whoever raises their heel does it against Jesus in the Gospel of John.”He shall raise his heel against me” is what was said I think at the last supper by Jesus in the Gospel of John. He may have been referring to Obama, IRAN, and the nazis. There are others that raise them too.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.25.03 PM.png

I have never seen anyone do that on a golf course no matter how bad they played

unless they were in the process of a fall.

NOt lonely that holding his golf club like a hammer. Kind of gross isn’t he?

Jesus in the Gospel of John talks about the Rise and fall of the son of man with Nathan after he tells him he saw him under the fig tree and then of course there is the

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Yet there were only 2 world wars. I have always wondered why it was called the third reich but I have wondered lately why West Point is on the eastern side of our country. Some things are hard to explain.

LIke this for example even though it occurred on the heels of Trumps attempt to protect Americans from terrorism:


I think there were 7 stores who dropped her brand of clothing because her dad did what he did in regards to immigration. One of those stores was Nordstrom and another Belk and others, etc.


I’m not sure it is a good time to sell her clothing line in foreign companies but perhaps she should try an american company or two and I bet her sales will skyrocket. It’s easy to make bad on something good if you try hard by not trying to sell it. THE TIMING WAS TELLING. Too bad politics is even in the stores that sell to americans but I guess it is and used as a strong arm to strong arm the president of the USA and to strong arm his daughter. Personally i have not seen her clothing but think about those people that refused to design clothing for President Trump’s wife the First Lady. THAT IS RIDICULOUS and mean-spirited. There are always others who will design for her and probably do a better job in the long run and instead of masculating her might actually do the opposite because there is nothing wrong with being feminine. Usually a sign of jealousy to refuse to design clothing

because you don’t like someone’s views

but if it comes to that kind of showdown

everyone can play.

I bet Nordstrom backtracks soon or at least next year after Christmas when sales drop like a lead balloon.

It’s like people who paint portraits of women and in the past have maculated them quite a bit and usually they are men doing the painting. Women artists tend to be kinder! I think women were not allowed to paint portraits in some places in the past because SOME women CAN do it better. I have noticed art of male painters in regards to painting males and they are very kind in the past to males which is kind of funny if you ask me.

I met an artist via my job when in college and he was married but wanted to paint me for practice and he was kind and the picture was huge. I liked what he did but probably has been painted over for practice. I looked good then so it wasn’t too hard. When people age their character shows in their face often with some lines and things. Life wasn’t too easy on them etc especially if you have kids, but some people don’t understand how hard it is on a person’s body and skin etc and instead degrade a person for those character lines instead of respecting them for giving up some things along the way while raising kids and the things their kids put them through as well.

I know in Hollywood they love young ladies even if they can’t act which is why so many get plastic surgery as they age and some ruin their looks but I bet it has to do with who does the surgery whether male or female and probably politics and religion play a part as well like what happened to the female comedian (Joan Rivers) a few years ago who died needlessly. I think politics and religion played a huge role in her death (and her plastic surgery sorry to say but there are plenty examples and if people were honest about it we might get to the bottom of why it happens to some and not to others and be able to oust a few plastic surgeons for their malpractice (but INSURANCE COVERS THEIR ASSES BECAUSE OF LACK OF HONESTY and screws some and raises others CHEERLEADER MOM MENTALITY) because she was kind of outspoken which as a comedian is normal. They make fun of everything so it is too bad it happened to her but it was during the Obama Administration which is par for the course. There are many who have had plastic surgery and come out worse. WE ALL KNOW IT. YOU CAN TELL who has had plastic surgery a mile away like how they purse their mouths etc (though many males are so often cheap they don’t care especially if they take a few drinks and put a bag over someone’s head while they perform. IT’S TRUE IT’S TRUE) and most decent people overlook the surgery as they did the flaws. Besides there is always someone prettier and younger and more talented. I think in the case of Joan Rivers her sin was honesty and Michelle didn’t like it but if Michelle had been honest he/she might help others who are similar and instead did the opposite or someone did. What a waste. I hope they get to the bottom of her untimely death.

It’s a compliment oftentimes to be made fun of by a comedian because it is what they do. Every president is maligned by comedians for fun.

SOOOOOOO, it wasn’t about race, was it? Just an excuse. Race in the sense of getting through the door ahead of everyone else but not race in reference to one’s heritage.

But what if it’s the wrong door.


LIke IRAN. In a race that may be INSURING it’s own destruction and a few others nearby

like Saudi Arabia even if they are on friendly terms at the moment. Things change.

Lady Gaga did great at half-time and her body was fun to watch as she sang and performed. Very feminine and I prefer watching her over Madonna any day who I think is too muscular and sorry to say reminded me of a frog LOL as if she took muscle drugs. When madonna started her career i really liked what she did but progressively got worse as time went on and needn’t have if she stuck to her own niche and instead copied lots of famous actresses and it got old but probably was acting through overly competiveness. She can do it again of course and try to be herself. Probably has something to do with the producers steering her talent TOO MUCH instead of herself steering her own talent. As far as being a communist, I don’t agree. “This land is your land “is not a communist song. I don’t necessarily think Bob Dylan was a communist as much as a poet (though he might have thought he was  communist but not really a communist but didn’t know it) which is attractive to both communists and to capitalists. All of us have a little of both in us. If he had been a true communist he would not have accepted awards and shit like that and given all his proceeds to everyone else and he didn’t that I know of. I love the song because it’s a good song. PERIOD. Some common good is good as long as it is GOOD common good and doesn’t stifle free thought, the arts, and free enterprise. It’s not like we have walls between each state. HOSPICE IS NOT GOOD but it’s hush hush which means it is BAD!


Have you seen the huge doors that Putin walks through? I don’t know but they look golden but could be brass doors. If that is communism it has taken on a new form and shape. Talk about capitalistic. Three or 4 goliaths could walk through those doors.

Anyway if you watch the movie “The Russians Are Coming” you kind of get a different feel for russian communists but so little gets out of their country as far as information so it is hard to know what it is like in Russia. Good movie and fun to watch. Silly. When Russia was the USSR it was much different and less attractive. LENINY. Everyone wearing scarves and labor clothes is what i recall especially after seeing the movie Dr. Zhivago. They have had quite a history. I did take a class in Russian history and it was quite interesting but it was a long time ago.

What we experienced with Obama during his reign of terror was not common good.

It was fascism. Delusionary and without vision.

BOB BECK says Nordstrom wasn’t selling any of Ivanka Trumps clothes so that is why they droopped her and yet used her to attract other clothes lines. Then they owe her and must have been pretty good stuff to have attracted others and if they had tried to sell her clothes they could have. Must be losing their mojo. Anyway they dropped her because of Trumps immigration policy PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Timing is evident.

The store is not any better than Lord and Taylor or Dillards, etc. There are many others department stores that can replace Nordstroms. I have been there a few times and I was not overly impressed. It’s a department store, big deal. They overcharge for what you get. Scrivners/Scribners was really superior yet smaller.  There are plenty of more original department stores than Nordstrom out there. Target and Walmart could compete if they had better dressing rooms and if they reorganized but they prefer a certain clientele. Many other smaller stores that beat Nordstorms by a mile as far as styles, beauty, and prices all over this country. When you think about it clothes only last so long because styles change every season so just because something is made well  (double stitched)  doesn’t mean you will wear it more than the clothes you might buy at Target or Walmart unless you work for Fox News. In fact you wear it probably one tenth of the amount of time you wear regular clothes.

Trumps attempt to protect us is good because he is trying to gain control of an uncontrollable situation left to him by Obama and the Pope on purpose in order to protect himself and what was done at Benghazi and to make our country unstable and in harm’s way of Iran and other terrorist nations. The RCC and Obama and terrorist nations know they are in trouble. I think Trump should add more countries to the list and he isn’t the only person to suggest it even the libertarians felt we needed to separate ourselves for a while. Get it together since so much desecration has occurred and to correct it.

I don’t think Trump is trying to hurt immigrants because if this country gets terrorized because he didn’t do his job those immigrants will perish as well wherever they reside.


If we get into a good trade deals with Russia I think it will be a PLUS for the world and for both countries and we should pursue it. I don’t think other nations would like it if we did which means we should. I think Putin has showed quite a lot of restraint and good judgement and i think would be a great trading partner and a very good partner in keeping fascism contained which at this time it needs a great deal of containing besides having a sense of humor talking about his countries other side which I thought was funny promoting his countries …………. as the best which shows he is not a moral laurel. He has an open mind and intelligence etc. Much better intelligence than the RCC, Germany’s intelligence, and even the FBI. He has shown his knowledge and INTEL and I think much more reliable than those named. He has been on that side of the world which I think our country does not understand to the extent that he does because he has had to deal with them at a closer range. I am glad Trump thinks he can get along with him and I think he can because both are willing to work with each other on equal footing unlike Obama who wanted to rule the world like some kind of Pharaoh he imagines himself while snorting some cocaine or shooting up some heroin or some other drug to keep that kind of unrealistic dream. Obamas interest in syria was not worthy but cynical and intended to be used against the USA, Russia, Europe, and Israel and eventually everyone. If he had been a good president he would not have vacationed in Hawaii during a huge crisis on the east coast nor let Michelle and instead delayed it spending eons of money on those that were affected instead of Oprah’s and Michelle’s BS. It was gross and showed his lust for self- aggrandizement and lack of breeding early on and theirs. He wants to destroy ISRAEL. PERIOD.

And still does.

How much did they spend.

I think they should pay it back.

Will Oprah help?

I think it was way over any of Oprah’s assets but if she loves them as she acts like she does than she ought to offer her help to pay back the debt they owe and the Obama’s should be held accountable. Maybe Paul Ryan could work on their excessive spending debt and hold the Obama’s accountable like a good Senator would if he were good, that is.

If not maybe God will hold their feet to the fire instead somehow.

We should get out of NATO as well though Trump is for it. In my opinion NATO is our problem and US needs to step back from it.

Break old ties and start new ones that work for us now not ones that worked in the distant past.



Groups want Trump to close loophole allowing illegal immigrants to abuse tax credits

Most illegals don’t have any idea about loopholes or taxes because they don’t pay them  but someone does and it should be investigated. I think it is related to obama and the vatican. How would they know unless someone taught them in Mexico or somewhere else and Mexico is PREDOMINANTLY Roman Catholic.

NOW THE EX REMEMBERS. A half hour has passed and he remembers, now after he read an article about it on his own which says gall bladders pass gall stones but it is uncommon and I asked. “what does that mean, uncommon.” and he could not specify. I said “one out of a hundred?  what?” He could not say but obviously he knows he got caught in his lie or he would not have looked it up so he must have some pretty nasty characters heeling him and he will be sorry and so will they be

super sorry

FUCKING assholes.


You can’t imagine what I hope for but I do. IT IS SUPER BAD.

It is worse than that. I want him to die. That is how I feel about his lies. HOwever I will not be the one to accomplish it but someday it will happen and I will say in my head


Anyway the reasons Gall bladders hurt severely when they do is because the stones are passing into areas that are sensitive and usually people have the gall bladder removed because of the pain. The ex loves my pain. And I will love his pain for eternity. I remember when my pulse was up to 145 and he said “mind over matter” and went to bed. I will never forget his deep abiding love and friendship. He wants me to die and has for a long time but hasn’t been able to legitimately accomplish it without incriminating himself and somehow I pass through. He never tries to learn nor cares a twit about the truth and someday he will regret what he has done and he will ask for a drop of water but I won’t hear nor see him, hopefully and that includes the family he grew up with everyone of them. Trying to get me to be grateful for being falsely arrested and he was the one that called the police. He deserves my send off because he is a little prick from hell.

Anyway in response he got his daughter to act really shitty to me like he got the doctor and the nurse to do the same. I left a message on her phone after her little act and told her “You know what’s really gross is your dad got your pretty car by starving his mom to death,” after we had some nasty words between us.

Can’t get any grosser than starving your mom to death, can you?

Divine love of the Rodgers clan and deluded but not sure they realize it.

I pray he dies soon with his friends and family with the exception of my two daughters.

Before the end of this I guarantee I am going get both my kids to change their last name and my youngest her middle name and my last name as well. The Rodgers name is trash as far as I’m concerned for all the things I have had to go through but he is acting very nice today but that doesn’t mean he will tomorrow and I like constancy.

My daughter did not act like herself when we had our spat and was degrading to me and yet she is young and doesn’t really know how to be tactful but it was more than I could take from her disrespect for me and she was not acting right IMO or for the right reasons but was acting on her dad’s part for the wrong reasons and it was gross though she tried to make me feel gross for some reason. IT hurt me and I hurt her back witht he truth and I think she needs to have it drummed into her what he did and I think did for the wrong reasons wether or not his mom wanted it or not but he wasn’t there to know but had heard something many years before about old folks homes and how she did not want to be treated the way they treat old folks. Doesn’t mean you starve your mom to death. and besides she probably did not want a feeding tube put down her nose because it hurts like the dickens and until I was put under anesthesia they could not do it to me in a desperate moment when I was in severe pain elsewhere. She may have refused the feeding tube for that reason alone and was misunderstood and besides she could not talk. Sn people change their minds sometimes. However what she had her sons do or what they did to her will have far reaching affects on many others that my not want to be put down like a DOG and with less kindness as well. I twill have far caching affects on hospitalization and Emergency Rooms. ITs a bad deal because it can be abused for peoples assets and for money like the Catholic church has done in the past not allowing divorce to protect their asses and assets and causing great unhappiness for those that truly should be divorced and not allowing priests to marry to learn the hardship of it sometimes. and to actually be of use to the world YOu cannot direct others if you cannot experience what others experience nor should you be able to. Like having a child raise their parents. It doesn’t work that way.

One of his nephews is coming to town for a cheerleading convention down town. The one who is the youngest son of the eldest son of the Rodgers clan who lied all the time. My first experience with him (Joe Rodgers) was in Michigan when I first met him when his oldest son who was maybe ten years old or less and he whacked him across the face for nothing and it was a very hard whack because he had funny look on his face. HIs wife divorced him soon after and moved back to Utah and remarried. She was a Mormon. He avoided paying child support for a long time and then came into some money and bought some stuff for his kids and I guarantee he stole it because he was also a thief. He was the one that said he served in Viet Nam when he was on some island Guam or something like that. He lied incessantly without shame and his mother didn’t teach him. None of them tried to teach him not to lie. It was not my job however I kicked him out of our home twice after some hard lessons and one was he tried to seduce my sister when she was drunk and stole some things and used us for a free ride and the other I can’t remember why and he told his family he beat me up which he didn’t. However he tried to rape and I think he did beat up a friend of ours at the TMZ daughter. She was a nice young lady. This is what I have had to deal with and I guess the youngest son my ex was just as bad however I didn’t know it till I knew. He put op a good front Mr. Proper fuck.

Talk about fucked up. She never let them read the bible like Nancy Pelosi who suggested the congress not read Obama Care. It’s a catholic problem and it needs fixing however I really don’t want to help them anymore because in my opinion catholics need to help themselves and so does congress.

Start reading the shit you dish out or 

prepare to get fucked for eternity.

It is very strange but the person i saw in the hallway going to the bedroom of my ex in my ex after my daughter left the house and this was after he remembered reminded me of Gary when I first met him at the airport when I was 13 years of age or so. So it was punishment for him remembering g all of a sudden to use my daughter which gary was that tip and so is my ex to attack. Using their kids especially females. He looked me over real good up and down when I was 13 as if he had plans. We went that day to an army picnic. Also reminded me of Gary when my dad had a TIA at the hospital when Gary’s daughter Kristen had one of her babies. Like some kind of demon. My dad had driven 5 or so hours and I don’t think got a nap at an old age but my sister didn’t care for others Just herself and pushing everyone to their limit on her account or her families without thinking of others. My daughter seemed like my older sister as if whatever demon that possessed my sister to hospice for two weeks my mom without telling me before she died was in my daughter, So I am fighting something big and  NASTY. Because if you don’t  or haven’t read my other posts Gary my brother in law molested me while I slept next to his new wife. They were only married a few years and she was 6 years older than me which is NASTY to do to me and his wife and my family and hers because if affected us all for many years but like I said it wasn’t my job to teach him, it was her job or his parents job and I guess they failed to do right by him and for him and for themselves and others. I could use some genuine prayers from genuine believers which are few for my daughters and me. LIke I said I would love to see my ex depart and never see his kids again or me because he is such a liar it’s scary and only remembers when he doesn’t have a choice or is caught. He got her the car on his moms starvation diet to get in good with my daughter to outdo me because of the divorce and because his religion hates my beliefs which I believe are closer to the truth than theirs. It is so gross to have to deal with liars on a consistent basis.. What he did to his mom is gonna have far reaching and super bad affects on the next generation if there is one, which I doubt especially since Jesus said what he said on the shores of Galilee to Peter as a warning to Peter.

I’m not Peter. I’m a female for one thing and my name is not Peter. Peter represents the RCC as it’s mascot for Paul whose name was Saul probably a spelling homonym of SOL as in SUN which is a star in the center of our solar system and there are many solar systems (500 so far that have been found) that were created and are not the creator. Paul sounds like POL and probably represents or is the homonym for politics and when you take off the first syllable you get I-tics as in blood suckers. Blood suckers have to have a host to live off of but those can be taken out of the way as is predicted or prophesied PERIOD. It could be ghost or it could be the holy one is taken out of the way, etc, not sure but since so much of the bible has been found to have been edited a bunch recently we have a big problem which happened a bunch in the 70’s and 80’s and the 90’s by the RCC (and definitely in the dark ages by the RCC) and other religions like Rick Warren’s religion etc of tossing out some good old folks out of their own small churches for the new way Mega Churches which isn’t working very well anymore,

is it?


He murdered a slave whacker and was chosen to lead the Hebrew slaves to freedom

Those old folks must have mattered.




We  aren’t that important if there are found so far 500 other solar systems. So I think our country better get it’s shit together and do right or we won’t get to do it anymore.

Doesn’t the swiss guard – guard the Vatican posthumously in those funny costumes?LOL


Swiss could represent the moon as in Islam or cheese as in swiss cheese. Could mean the Sabbath and keeping it holy. Strange but still lots to think about

what is meant by holy one

or holy

HO-ly or holy ghost.

Tonight on Fox news with O’reilly was a woman with the Robert Kennedy foundation of something or other type club or organization and today I asked the ex if he had heard anything lately about Robert Kennedy and he hadn’t heard anything about him in many years and neither have I. Didn’t hear her just saw her and she looked like a Kennedy through and through. So the big guns are out and I don’t think I’m being ignored because I just wrote about Robert Kennedy which I thought was not coincidental.

I had to go to the hospital again today and had a totally different experience a day or so after the circus I had to experience called an ER fun/run like a circus with the exception of a few. IT was like night and day. I got the treatment I should have gotten the second time around. Had a few testy moments with the new doctor but he was older and more professional and his staff took him seriously. Every person was professional and kind. He wasn’t exactly kind as he was good and talented but still wanted not to worry about my gall bladder experience even though it is connected to what is going on with my COPD. He did kind of lie I could tell when he looked down when I asked him because he had said in an earlier conversation that “Emphysema is COPD” and I retorted “I’ve been around. I know COPD is a catchall.” Especially since Fukushima and those that like to spread plagues like Ebola as a scare tactic and political and religious groups to get them to carry OBAMA Care, so on his next visit I planned to ask him “If COPD is emphysema, why do we call it COPD? Is it because it is politically correct to call it COPD?” Funny thing is I kind of think he knew I would ask him that question. He responded: ” I don’t know I’ve been doing it for three days” In between all that I had sent the ex home for a while because I wanted good treatment from the hospital and got it and even a very good nurse said I did the right thing by returning to get the right help though she didn’t say the last part. Anyway they did what should have been done the first time which I appreciate, and did it happily, too. When I went today at the beginning i thought maybe the reason I was having to go again was to find out the name of the asshole no wheelchair asshole because he didn’t do it just once but twice in a matter of seconds which was disgusting and callous and PREMEDITATED. So I guess I did the right thing because I must have needed it but he wasn’t there this time. I’ll catch him later I’m sure.

It’s a family affair ere. It’s a family affair ere.

Sly & The Family Stone – A Family Affair

Guess what….I’ve been doing it a lot longer than three days. Nearly ten years I think but after so many years it’s hard to count when there are at least 365 days in a year because I don’t do it every day or keep track of every second of the day and I’m still learning as well.

I didn’t get his joke at first but the ex when there tipped me to it’s meaning and it was a good one and it was telling though he may not realize it. He is kind of dry with a dry sense of humor and a bit crusty like old people sometimes are a little that way because they have been around.

I recall when Jesus was with a prostitute when some people wanted her to be stoned and he drew a line in the dirt or sand and the older ones left.

The fact is there are lots of spies with their little eyes, but they don’t know it.

In between a few conversations with the good doctor I spewed lots of facts i have discovered to the ex in some kind of order but not nearly all the facts and suppositions as well as the things I have found and I didn’t realize it but the doctor was with another patient nearby and I saw him  move like the wind (which reminded me of the past president of Iran and the DOJ for Obama EricHolder that I explained either in this post or the last one called The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, but could have been for legit reasons because it is an ER or both.) for some reason and I thought oops I may have given away some information or spilled some beans but it’s okay if I did because we need to know and we are all in this together (even Iran) in some ways and besides God knows more than we know and can handle everything on his end. I think IRan needs to know they are embarking upon a field they do not know how to handle well because they lack experience and will more than likely have to learn it the hard way because of lack of experience and a lack of belief IMO of the true God who gave us the Ten Commandments so they are at a disadvantage and could regret their desires and lust for power. I understand their desire because of the past but there are other ways to win power and less dangerous and the club the Iranians want to join is rough and tougher than they are. When we attained the power in our country was not by our own volition but forced upon us to fight fascism. It is not necessarily a blessing but a curse to some countries such as Korea to us it’s a blessing because we won WORLD WAR ll because of it but also a curse in some ways. It was a curse to Japan because they were on the wrong side AT THE TIME and on the side of Fascism/racism and on the Jesuits side which is the wrong side but they do like to play games with the lives of their supposed friends. The masons as well who started out on a good foot and ended up being infiltrated as all the other sects and religions and faiths by assholes and because of deception. It has become a curse to the USA because of the food chain poisoned in the oceans by MAN_MADE accidents such a s FUKUSHIMA instigated by stupid politics of religion of the RCC and those in it that have very little common sense but lust for power. Not only the food chain poisoned but the balance of oxygen since the plankton that were poisoned in the oceans which provide 1/3 of the oxygen on earth so it affects EVERYONE especially those like me who were attacked and in one day received COPD as an excuse for the poisoning via walnuts vs almonds because of a lysteria outbreak and it was purposeful because of my beliefs and maintained in various ways via deceived and forgetful ex’s and his friends and their friends to have an easy time of it during a very deceptive, false religious and political Détente which will bear out eventually to their demise unless they change their ways and do good and start remembering what they remember. Start being truthful for the sake of others. Sounds wild but true and I had to find out the hard way and with lots of investigation and got some answers from some true friends and they know who they are but rare friends some in high places and some in low places and some family members involved somewhere in between who have helped me and are in the hands of God. Some on the other side of what we call living and some on the inside whom I hope to sit on a beach together drinking a Pina Colada or beer or drink of choice in our chairs with funny hats on together one day above it all enjoying the sounds, sights, and smells and tastes and all the other senses we are blessed with as over comers and past the bull shit. Like the girl I met who wants to invent the perfect anti biotic and get rich from it. A great desire if you ask me. It doesn’t happen overnight and it is a tall order but doable if you believe in God, the real one.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8King James Version (KJV)

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.


Vintage Chatty Cathy toy doll TV Commercial 1960’s

I don’t remember what my little sister received the same Christmas and I am suspicious she got a Chatty Cathy doll too. She knows a lot of things, you know. We were only about a year apart so it makes sense she received what I received or we shared it but I definitely made mincemeat of the doll. I kind of remember dropping it in the road when it stopped working or because the string broke when we lived on a cul-de-sac.

Like the flip flops she gave me the same weekend my older sister spent two hours searching for some flip flops while visiting my mom and she said “Money is no object.” They looked exactly the same but the used ones were definitely used and I wore them for a few days and they broke, but mine were free.

We used to fly together in our bedroom like Tinker Bell and she remembers doing it as well the last time we reminisced about it and she remembered the HOBO with the knapsack and his german shepherd in the woods behind us beyond the fence line and the monkeys from the castle we dared each other and other friends to approach closer to in our playtime and the apple orchard being chased by a man with a shotgun. She wasn’t there when I was offered some candy from a lady in a car in order to get into the car with her. I refused of course. We shared lots of experiences together and apart. Eating ice-cream and potato chips on Saturday mornings at 5 in the morning to watch Shirley Temple and cartoons. It was kind of a ritual.

The experience we reminisced about in San Antonio was the blackout in Georgia. My older sister was there and so was my younger sister sitting around the dinette table laughing about it because it was funny. I think it was Easter weekend late the night before Easter and as we were finishing up the baskets and dispersing of candy and coins inside plastic eggs and we were kind of giddy being so late at night or early morning. We had already painted the eggs with the kids and they were in bed. My parents were in their bedroom asleep downstairs. Not sure if I had kids at the time but partook of the whole she-bang with their kids often but I might have had one kid but that isn’t as important to this few weird minutes. Anyway I think I was ready to go to bed upstairs or go to the bathroom upstairs but the lights went out as I was walking up the stairway which was steep and kind of narrow with a bannister. It was strange. On the wall to the right was a picture my aunt had painted of a painting my parents really liked: A big ship on the ocean. I bet my aunt did a better job because she was quite an oil paint artist as was her son who also was very talented at his art. Since it was so dark I grabbed the wall which happened to be where the painting was hung because it was a big painting and almost knocked it off the wall and had to adjust it so it wouldn’t fall off it’s hangers. It wasn’t the first time we had reminisced about that night in Georgia but probably the first time we did it all three of us together. The end. LOL

Yea probably boring or anti-climatic to many but you have to admit it couldn’t have been a mere coincidence since it never happened since or in-between. I think when the the lights went out in Georgia it might have been during Christmas vacation.

None of us know everything occurring at certain times. And so something may have occurred to me that was different to you but even something else may have been happening either OPUS knew.

I know at some point recently the Catholic Church in Rome wanted to force Sunday worship which is wrong of course. Enforcing Saturday worship is also wrong as well.

Enforcing any kind of worship is wrong

and foolish

and evil.

Islam wants to enforce worship as well beheading or stoning people without representation and usually based on false accusations and even if not false

it’s wrong such a homosexuality or having sex with an infidel. LOL

Enforcing atheism is also wrong and evil which in my opinion is

enforcing the foundation of most religions off our lands or off any land

but especially our land.

This land is my land, this land is your land

Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land

The foundation of many and most religions is The Ten Commandments and ignore these commandments at your own peril but it is not up to me or you

to enforce the Ten Commandments.

It is up to God who designed them using Moses.

Moses stuttered or had a speech impediment and asked for his brother’s help with God’s permission or it was suggested by God (don’t remember for sure on that point) when he came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments dropped them and broke the two stone tablets because he saw the people dancing around a golden calf they had melted from their golden earrings (in that time an eating was a sign of ownership and must have been quite a few) to make the golden calf and Aaron who was in charge while Moses was on the mountain for quite a long time was weak in other ways and fell for peer pressure to allow them to lose it from hysteria similar to the democrats and what they are doing these three weeks since Trump was sworn in as the President of the USA. Anyway a group of people killed the false worshippers even though they were weak and afraid and had just been freed so very naive as well and probably could have been dealt with fairly if Aaron hadn’t been kind of stupid and if that group hadn’t been zealots to impress God and Moses by killing them. I guarantee there were spies involved on both sides to cause havoc. Moses might have had cleft palate which affected his speech by no fault of his own. Sometimes two people are better than one but in this case I don’t think so but someone had to help while he was away.

My godmother was once in a group of people in line to meet some people and thought the person she was talking to was joking the way he spoke and mimicked him a hairlip and turned out he was truly a hairlip or had a cleft palate. Can’t remember how you spell it but it was kind of funny because she often put her foot in her mouth which sometimes was funny as well though other times not and I don’t think he was too offended (probably used to it) but she was embarrassed and I don’t think she meant to be offensive. A family story we enjoyed and perhaps we shouldn’t have enjoyed it but we couldn’t help it. Luckily for guys they can grow mustaches and beards unlike women who do the same but lots less and can’t cover it up without surgery or makeup. Anyway she told the family story so it is to her credit she did giving us a heads up about herself. I just wished she understood my mom better and loved her for the way she was even with some faults of her own.

Each state has their own rules they design because of the makeup of their state and in our country we have 50 states with a couple extra sort of states. I think we overdo it in many places because of the many scams and infractions but since we are the people I guess we get to get involved and try to change those rules using the voting booths and freedom of speech and the right to have some social unrest within limits such as what occurs on campuses usually because of false information and political stupidity but not always.

Breaking property and windows and burning peoples cars is dangerous and destructive and better be a good excuse for it and three weeks of Donald Trump is not a good excuse. Dirty politics. He may have accomplished a lot but we have not seen good or bad results yet so its really childish and like a bunch of nut-cases having a tantrum all at once because they lost the game of politics at least for 4 years. If you can’t handle it get off the pot. Should have protested during the Obama administration and against Obama Care and against hospice and against the broken promises to out veterans to be taken seriously now. You lost your moral ground to be allowed to act like a bunch of babies in diapers who don’t know their shit from some one else’s shit to eat. LOL

My parents loved to lavish us when they could and my sisters did the same for their kids and I did to mine usually at Christmas time and Easter and their birthdays because of tradition.

Jesus said Your Father in heaven knows your needs, meaning God,


but so does your father and mother here on earth and in heaven.

My parents knew my needs when I had my abortion.

So far we don’t really have the answers about when life begins because it is sort of an interpretation at this point what life is especially in the beginning stages.

Some think it’s at the time of conception, some think it’s at birth and some think it’s somewhere in-between those two points and some even think it is in the sperm or semen because of the Old Testament interpretation of the seed of man.

Men and boys spill it very often on the ground, on a wall, on themselves, on a sheet or blanket, on the thighs of a female, in other people’s mouths, in a rubber, in whores, sluts prostates, and prostitutes, some times children, etc. and probably  in cabs, in the woods, on a tree, etc. Luckily sheets can’t reproduce and many of the things named can’t reproduce or don’t reproduce

and we,


have a right not to reproduce

if we don’t want to

with or without our parent’s permission

because often times

parents can be brainwashed

by cults, lies, and peer pressure.

We have a right to stop it at any point until it is not part of the human female such as at birth, when it breaths it’s own air after they spank the baby and cut the umbilical cord or when he or she or he/she is breathing on their own or with the help of machines such as for premies (premature births) and give it all the chances good medical care can afford to assist with or give not based on the money aspect to assist in that endeavor or attempt in my opinion and in many other people’s opinions and in most religions of the world because even though a person is raised catholic doesn’t mean they are completely catholic as in Rome’s version of catholicism or even the other countries catholics versions of catholicism who reside and are raised as catholics, protestants and all the others. There is such thing as individualism amongst catholics and protestants, and islamic muslims, muslims, and all other religions:Et al.

which I have come to learn.

Et al.” is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia, which means “and others.” It is commonly used when you don’t want to name all the people or things in a list, and works in roughly the same way as “etc.”

In wars often females get pregnant by the enemy and during a coup, or during times of false peace times and true peace times depending on the parties involved.

Remember what was said in the movie called Brave Heart by the evil English king who wanted to breed them out talking about the scottish people and the scottish females and irish females and welsh females, etc and i’m sure that kind stuff goes one in many countries by sadistic, over-bearing assholes like those residing at the vatican and all over the world in their sanctuaries, churches, parishes, convents and charities, adoption centers, orphanages, and anywhere there are females of any ages because it is a tactic in war and peace and between social classes and for self-serving reasons such as keeping abusiness afloat as well either to degrade someone’s daughter or wife or to snare someone’s son, boyfriend or husband, or to degrade a female by another female or male one is competing with for one reason or another. There are lots of those excuses and other reasons usually involving money or lack of money. LOTS. Sometimes to degrade the family of the victim whether under duress or vice because of an upcoming election or as in the military the promotion of one over the other wherever there is competition and even in business or for political and/or religions purposes to change the scenery or chances of others against others. It is endless the reasons because of sociopaths who were not raised correctly or developed their sociopathetic or sociopathic tendencies out of greed to inflict damage on others.

The buck should stop with the female before or after conception sometime before birth which I believe BIRTH is the beginning of life in reality but not always depending on politics and religion and their pressures to overbear on the public which can kill often times does when they are supposed to serve with tons of minutia to get rich or be on top somehow of keep power like the democrats are doing now and should try to be reasonable and thoughtful and give Trump the same opportunity to try to do good (hopefully) as they did for Obama to try to do bad and early on showed signs of deceptiveness and murderous intent of our citizens and pushing our buttons to cause dissent between races.

It is the right of the female because it is her birthright being a female and it is up to her self determination to decide when, where, and by whom or what she wants to reproduce and between her and her God to decide and come to terms with the option of abortion a form of birth control as well as the practice of using the rubber, the pill, the day after pill the month after pill and all the other options available and it is those countries that have many options I consider to be ADVANCED civilizations. However the Sudan probably thinks they are superior where many women have their clits cut for the males and females to inflict their sadism upon a female hoping by HER LACK OF Sexual PLEASURE will control the population and is proven to be a false notion because often and most of the time males are at fault because the smallest of seed isn’t the mustard seed but the man’s seed and their VERY small minds that usually occupy as much space as the semen spermocyte in their dick. Sorry to be so mean, LOL, but it’s true especially when under some forms of pressure, deceit and self deception

with a hat on or a hard on

or a hard hat on.


Not trying to be offensive but even though I was hard on this pope he did a few things that were surprising and was a proponent of truth in some things which I think may have caused his early retirement but it was quite an elegant one as well. I think he got some good help from spiritual people on the other side of living who helped to give him some balance and bravery and I think he listened. It’s not easy sorting through some heavy stuff spiritually and physically but at least in some ways he tried in a very hard place to raise his children to a higher plane but I don’t think the Jesuits liked it. Interesting character if you read up on him and notice some interesting facts about him but I think he warned a clarion call of things to come and I listened though I did not trust without verification etc but I appreciated that call and his warning and coincided with my father’s death and life afterwards.I think my dad helped him on the bravery thing giving him courage he needed which is how we get it sometimes if we believe in God.

One of those truths he promoted was TRUTH IN CHARITY which is a big problem these days. The other non-truth was a coming world government with teeth that he warned about or vice-versa depending on how you look at it.

Both connected and both verified.

In other words he tipped us off and gave us a heads up.

There were a few others as well such as Faith was the New Enlightenment

and warned about the Court of the Gentiles at Notre Dame in France

and affecting Israel and the USA, Europe, Russia, the Middle east, Africa and Asia and the world at large

and he said maybe the jews weren’t responsible for the death of Jesus.

I’m sure there were others I did not get wind because of the wind

but my dad also warned me about Obama Care and the Hospice dis-service after he died

and so did my mom

believe me those truths and non truths are connected at the hip.

5. I Thirst (John 19:28)

Not everything in their post is right but some is and worth reading for others though I have read many like this article but it might help to educate those that have not and lead to other good posts about Jesus and biblical stuff. The bible is the same you know. Not everything is true in the true sense of the meaning of truth but yet in some ways true. And if you read between the lines there is more to know because in the old days people were not as FRANK with each other and now trying to make us less FRANK and politically correct to suppress the truth and in some way Frankness can be bad because it’s often coarse but sometimes it is good depending on the subject matter and when talking about sex well we all have some kinks in us or sensitivities because it is one of the most confusing subjects on earth and in the world which is why it needs to be discussed.

You  can’t understand it unless you experience it and it’s not always good depending on who you experience it with and when and how and many other things. Obviously virgins don’t know diddley squat about it so they aren’t much help except to parade around on false notions that having sex up to a point makes you innocent or women who walk around pregnant with fetus without a husband makes them on some moral high ground etc. But the females do take the punch and they should not have to and should also have the same rights as men Self determination because it is their body until it isn’t.

Other Nasty Politics

  1. Texas governor legalizing medical marijuana for some and not for others. Any good reasoning behind that particularism or separatism? I don’t think so I think its either being a fraidy cat or peer pressure. Same difference. No wonder he resides in a wheel chair…he deserves it. I think wheel chairs should be disallowed for governors who are assholes that think with the brain the size of a spermocyte in a little prick.

2) Oklahoma charging no tax on ALL food items  INCLUDING PREPARED ONES and over charging tax on other products and trying to dismiss consumption tax on a very unfair and premeditated failure of the consumption tax.

Probably has something to do with the governor of this state Mary what’s her facelift and lip injections, boob job BULLSHIT Obama follower PUSHING THOSE BOOBS IN WHOSE EVER FACE TO GET THEM TO REASON WITH THEIR DICKS INSTEAD OF THEIR BRAINS if you look up the history of her politics involving Obama and what she did for him probably more than you realize behind the scenes to get those attributes which did not help.

You do not have to overcharge on tax on anything to have good results in the consumption tax because more people will pay in the tax revenue via consumption because it is obvious they will spend more being able to buy more for the buck over the long haul including those that are illegal and more people will flock to a fair state if treated fairly that are legal and invest in a fair state because it is fair. It’s called good economics and good politics but some people are unwilling and unyielding just to prove a point like you cannot live by bread alone. And quit stealing other peoples ideas and calling it your own. You don’t have me fooled, nor God even though you think you are one coy bitch. It will come to haunt you one day and you will wish you had tried to do right.

I think these people need to go to college and learn about economic micro and macro beginning stage and get an A in the courses taught by an expert of economics before being allowed to be governor or a senator or a congressman of a state and show some respect for the people they serve in more ways than one. I’m so pretty when you ain’t that pretty to some. Females need to get a hold of themselves like Pelosi and quite rubbing their boobs in Shumer’s face before she loses those boobies because of a car accident and they explode in his face! They kind of did already, didn’t they?

A woman died in your state that shouldn’t have of suicide because she didn’t get the right medical care and was ignored and lied to and limited by insurance shit and misdiagnosed purposefully because she was a christian woman loved by a lot of people and in great pain and was driven to it, affecting her family and others in a detrimental way and it will rest on your shoulders and weigh you down town the kind of down town you don’t want to be for a long time when you die. Anyway she should not have died the way it happened and in desperation. She had a common disease curable 20 years ago by diet and drugs and the people she was allowed to see because of insurance said it was all in her head and she blew her brains out eventually because of the sad state of affairs in the state of Oklahoma.

She was young too and much prettier than you.

Politics is not the place to use boob jobs and liposuction to get your way and you do a disservice to other smarter and more reliable women in politics but I guess that may be the point and purpose you were given to shut out the more valuable ones to women and men and the citizens of the USA. What kind of power would do this kind of chicanery.

I will tell you: NOT A GOOD ONE.

Grease u better shape up

Olivia didn’t need big boobs to be pretty she just used what she had and made the best of it and made a big splash. Eventually she may have but for the right reasons and she wasn’t in politics she was entertaining and still a cut above many.

I don’t resent these things that improve a body or some ones face to make them prettier or sexier but use it right. Don’t abuse it and don’t steal it. At some point you kind of have to give it up. LOL especially when sick or old and hope everyone forgives you for your lost beauty and sees other things beside your flaws which are many in all of us but some hide it better than others.

I was thinking about my older sister and how she used to be and she was once a very fine person and had qualities she lost along the way because of the abuse she was dealing with from her husbands folly and the abuse she dished out unfairly I think in retaliation and peer pressure which is very tough and false often self serving BULL SHIT and I think she was dealing with a demon as I have been dealing with who is very hard to overcome. Not her husband but who he was dealing with inside himself and yet failing miserably because of false things we are all kind of fighting. It is hard when you can’t see it coming and how tricky it can be. Hopefully my mom and dad and God will do their magic on her one day and change her back to herself because I think those are the people that love her the most besides her kids.

GIOVANNI MARRADI -Try to remember

It was mostly when she was with her haughty friends she got her haughty attitude and it was hateful to the max and premeditating shit was the worst of all. Hiring me to screw with me is really shitty. And I know that her friends don’t care near as much about her as she thinks. IN fact probably not at all. They used her as well. Of course hospicing my mom with out telling me for two weeks when she died was unforgivable IMO. The only thing I can do is think about her as young person when she wasn’t like the person who would do something so hateful. Stunningly bad. It was a bad spirit in her who would do such a thing. LIke dealing with a person with multiple personalities. She used to do that breathing thing out her nose like O’reilly does when he is insulted or something and I have seen the ex do or heard him do it even from the next room and he didn;t know why  usually when I wrote something about the RCC and so it had to be a spiritual manifestation in him a bad one.IT is what ever that spirit is, is who it is. like getting even with someone when you have no right to just to get back at them. vengefulness.

for instance when caught in a lie to avenge because you got caught in the lie you made yourself when you could have been truthful to begin with like when my ex said he didn’t remember when he did then admitted when he knew he was caught and then retaliates to make me look bad by using his kid against me who happens to be my kid as well but it is gross whatever it is. Severely evil, baseless and distorted. and is using me for some reason because in reality he wishes I was dead but needs me to live his useless life and to have a hold over me. It’s totally fucked.


I want you to bury me and me to bury you kind of shit.

Mentally deranged but it is kind of humorous if I weren’t the one having to deal with it daily and as Robert Frost said on inauguration day of JFK

On Art and Government: The Poem Robert Frost Didn’t Read at JFK’s Inauguration

but what I remember seeing is what he said when he got frustrated and is in one of my posts about JFK on Meringue’s Blog he said something like

Somehow he would get through it or somehow he would find a way through it

I think he said and I am hoping I will get through it and out of it and over it and past it. Meaning I will find a way out of this totally fucked up and mentally deranged set up and ahead of it to a place I belong with people i love and the pets i love and the places that I love and remember and not have to deal with this crap which is what I married totally unbeknownst to me at the time. Like I was hoodwinked and I was. I think we all were but mine’s the worst, I’m telling you as if it was some kind of arrangement for everyone else’s sake. LOL

Know what I mean?

Anyway it was snowy day and the sun was bright and he couldn’t read because of the brightness thinking it had probably to do with Kennedy who was a courageous guy  in lots of ways but not perfect. I have compared him to Jacob and MOses because of his desire to be free and I think that  is kind of who he was. Jacob I  think was the one that took the blemished sheep and profited his herds grew etc through some kind of trickery and he was blessed by some kind of god but I don’t think it was the right one. SOrry to say. Perhaps it was the right GOd in an uncertain world full of evil helping him and going to reveal through his travails later anyway He married Rachel I believe is the case and she used herbs to attract others which I think has to do with Dragons’s breath or Devils breath things like that to attract someone to someone else and determine peoples and couples etc. she was beautiful and he was tricked by Laban her dad and his mother’s brother (his uncle or the brother of Sarah I think) to do servitude for her and he ended up with her sister Leah who he wasn’t attracted to and had to work another 7 years of slavery to attain Rachel. I think is the story. It’s a Catholic story with a bit if islamic stuff because of Laban which is a part of the female body the labia which is kind of what is depicted on the metal lips of the  islamic thing a bunch of white clad muslims walk around in one direction which is a labia (arabia?) in Mecca so he got tricked by Islam and Mohammad and when at the airport in Dallas there was blind sheik I noticed at the airport as he went off to the place he was gonna get his head blown off  by his wife Jackie Kennedy in Dallas who I think represents Rachel though she was in an altered state of mind which I noticed her acting weird. She wasn’t herself and probably because she was a woman who had been abused by her dad a drunk and was holding on to whatever could keep her up. She was quite the beauty and wasn’t perfect by any means in an imperfect world of evil. I think their marriage was a set up but I think at times they loved each other. It wasn’t their fault they were born.

He was sort of sifted like Simon by Satan (the BGEA) to be wheat instead of the real thing. Simon, Simon Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat which is in the gospel of Luke and is very french sounding. Jesuit stuff.

Do not ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country

kind of stuff and then he discovered or promoted the Peace Corps

Nice but not necessarily true and didn’t solve a lot but did some good things too

Better than nothing.

Genesis 29

Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

Anyway very similar to the story of Sarah and Abraham who I think was Jacob’s mom and dad. I’m not sure about it but like a loop de loop kind of thing. Abraham married his cousin etc.Anyway Laban should not have tricked Jacob but he did and so I have surmise that Abraham is the father of lies as was Laban….OBVIOUSLY using Jacob for 14 years of labor for his daughters hands in marriage. Obviously his daughters were nothing more than slaves as well ad meant nothing to either Abraham or Laban. KInd of like ISLAM and Roman Catholicism. Many of us who have been raised the were raised were lied to and used like my mom and dad who served out country and then levied to about what they would receive when retired and gave up their home to receive it the they earned serving our country and were fucked by politics and religion.  I lost my only  home I ever had that my older sister lied to me about when we bought it setting me up becauses her husband is german and an asshole and had me isolated because I spoke out about my treatment. I wasn’t perfect but I reacted like many girls do when I was young and then my life turned around badly and none understood. I didn’t either because I didn’t know the consequences of speaking out then and later and now. But you have to for the next generation to understand that no matter how pretty you are it doesn’t last and you will be hospiecd for not lasting unless you have lots of money and can hold it off for some time but you can’t hold it off as long as you think and now that the truth is getting out it might not matter at all. Because guess what it is being revealed and Revelation is occurring and the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WILL DIE along with it’s daughters and all the other religions and so will Islam and then there will be Judgement and some will rise again and some won’t. I know I have seen my parents signature and testimony by the things I have seen not on the tv only or the internet only which can be manufactured by the press and many in the religions but what they saw in the future and guess what

it was connected and verified


And so I probably won’t last long too much longer but I got the word out my way.

My ex is acting much better and I know he knows and is trying to help me more but he know I have less time anyway which will be good for him for a short while until it isn’t.

I’m using him because I have no choice. He is using me because he has a choice and isn’t doing right by me in that sense and will be sorry in the long run which isn’t as long as he thinks.

I have learned quite a bit and did my part unbeknownst to me that I am also in the same position my mom was in and sort of gave up my home unknowingly kind of in the same way within the same ten year period or more to be hospiced a bit differently but I’m being hospiced and some people are trying to be kind and some aren’t.

And the spirits ghosts that have played havoc on my body in retaliation like throwing me into the ballet bar that was in my living room at the time by the front door when my daughter and I argued and it wasn’t her causing my first rib injury which was super painful is evil but still I got the god news regardless via my parent who loved me via God who loved them and my daughters as well. I saw the look on her face when it happened and she was shocked because she didn’t do it. SHe as too far away at the time and on the other side it is physically impossible. Something else did it because it wants to abuse her for her youth and me for the truth..

I saw Phil’s mom and she was not too good looking or in a good place a place turned into a circus and I know my parents aren’t there. I did not see them there. Hopefully there is away out for my  motherinlaw later via hearing because truth is like that and can get through just takes a while because deception is like crazy shit which makes it hard but God can do miracles even after death.

I’m kind of in-between a good place ahead and a circus by what I have endured and on my way soon probably partially be causes of life style decision that were not good burt a result of some things I had no control over against me and my family. Those of you  who think you have it good. Wait and see. Take note. You may not be in such a great place as me someday because you didn’t care to reveal the truth as best you should. I think my dreams will occur and maybe I will be caught up or whatever it is in-between before I die but I think as with being born you have to die as well to get there. I don;t know because I haven’t done it before. there is always a first time LOL. It is scary.

What is terrible is what my sister did to me and my family and I don’t think unless she and her kind change they are gonna enjoy life after death for a long while. But I don’t know because I haven’t been there yet. But I do know is avenging angels those that aren’t happy don’t want it out and want to end those headed in a good place and help those that aren’t because misery loves company. and the RCC is also a company of many types mostly mob types. But if they tried instead to do the opposite it might help them as well. But may instead be the last to enter what they denied others of.

I hope Trump can do good if he is on the level but I think only time will tell.

I had come up with a time span of Obama in office and think I was right it was more than 8 years more like ten with GREAT DECEPTION involved by a GREAT MANY PEOPLE.

And he may still be in charge and making it hard for TRUMP to do right by others and then again maybe they are on the same side because of deception but one thing I do know is we are not an independent nation. We are not free and we are not better or worse than other nations because we deceive ourselves which isn’t necessarily our fault because we were deceived by GREAT DECEPTION (or because of where and under which religion we were born which is not our fault) for many years BUT it’s coming to an end because most people don’t know it and are acting dumb and hospicing their families via deception and not revealing it because of shame and because they don’t care about their daughters which has a two fold meaning if you can figure it out.  IT is scary and it is evil and it will end maybe not for me but eventually and then who knows. I do know the RCC will burn in hell forever and so will Islam for their fathers LABAN and ABRAHAM who I think are the fathers spoken of by Jesus  as the Father of lies and they did a bunch to each other to get on top of each other and fuck each other over which they do quite often in absentia using others.

One thing that might help is if they did not worship oil and place it above truth and destroy Mecca and Medina and the RCC for starters. Not the people but the institutions that corrupt the people. It does happen one way or another either by God’s hand or ours or both because there is not as many good and righteous people as Abraham tried to swindle down to save them. And it was only few. In fact I don’t think anyone was righteous at all but deceived and it hasn’t happened yet but will. He allowed his wife to be takin in by a ruler in some area and had her lie and say they were brother an sister and they were cousins but he would have been killed if he hadn’t and didn’t have much to back him up at the time. God did help him eventually but he ended up with a slave girl from the palace  who fucked him and Sarah over and then Abraham and Sarah screwed her over because the slave girl mocked her a bunch and then she got help from someone an angel. So a lot of that going on. Back and  forth screwing each other over. Somehow I don’t think it is the True God way up higher than the gods below because truth matters.

I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t there and can only go by what I notice and read and hear.

The RCC is prophesied to get destroyed and so is Islam DESERVEDLY SO for judging and telling us not to be judgmental to see the difference between evils. Almost everything is evil that we do as far as ROMAN Catholicism and Islam is concerned that they made up to make those evils. Most of all placing oil and access to oil above the truth. Not caring about their daughters in predicaments is also another sign. My parents cared and did the right thing for me at the time and my sisters did the same thing except one who thought she was a virgin when she wasn’t and became a tool for the BGEA early on but didn’t know it. She was a kid. She was innocent enough but thrown away like trash in the wind. She was and has sweet things about her but her and her husband poisoned me at my other sister’s house when my MALE cousin said WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOTHER? As if he cared but a small smidgeon. He was a spy in his eye. I had seem my mom with my sisters and family when they did and yet he asked me and I was not his close cousin or friend, my older sister was so it was suspicious how he asked what he asked. He had layed down for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION OF TEETH and he was a bible scholar at least while growing up but a member of theMethodist church as well. maybe the poisoning was  without her knowledge but she did admit finally it was walnuts so she has a chance to try to overcome for at least admitting it AND MAYBE FOR A SHORT TIME. I think like the vice president of obama who blurted out GET A SHOT GUN someone was speaking through him and thorough my sister and I think it was my dad to help us. Her husbands used her for her looks and reamed her as well the second one was worse than the first by a mile. DAVID SHERMAN.


LOL what a fucker.

Who is to say how gods work and how GOD works. I can’t say because meself is neither.

I’m a witness and sometimes a good one and sometimes not

because of the deception

and a mountain of BULLSHIT.

Those that do it purposefully will be sorry like the Japanese in WORLD WAR ll but they were deceived by the Jesuits of Romans and that is who they should blame for deceiving them, if they want to take it out or get their pound of flesh. GO THERE where it started. and they were deceived again by agents of the same though they are very talented at deferring their guilt, but it won’t last too long because too much water under the bridge the Jesuit pope mocks about. DIRTY WATER and CONTAMINATED BY MAN-MADE DISASTERS that could have been avoided and weren’t for the sake of the two major religions of the world who want to rule it but can’t because it isn’t theirs to rule that caused it who work together and against each other to be on top.


Neither will win. Now the traditions we cherish above truth is understandable because it was a fun tradition placing Santa above truth because we didn’t know the truth. We don’t need Santa to have a tradition to give our kids gifts and to rejoice about a new year coming because in essence SANTA is SATAN. Jesus was not born on CHRISTMAS DAY and even those in those religions knows it and admit it but for the sake of BIG BUSINESS and Taxation practices and for the hate towards the middle class and lower classes it persisted and that hate will burn down the upper class because it can’t maintain itself without the middle class and lower class.



and those children are in mall of our countries on earth.



THE RCC and ISLAM represent both.

OUR real fathers and mothers our dads and moms gave us the gifts which were good because they loved us being their kids. KIds are a blessing but not when it’s not guaranteed by marriage and with the love of parents. Not an orphanage or a convent or fostered out because you have no common sense to use birth control.

I asked some questions of the ex while he was trying to help me last night this morning and it’s about time he did because he owes me a great deal but doesn’t realize it yet but I see a glimmer of hope in his actions a form of SYMPATHY even if it is pathetic LOL but we talked and his mom took in some foster females that the RCC in Michigan proferred to many families because a family of 21 children could not continue or maintain or sustain  itself. She took in two girls for a short period of time (6 moths to a year) who needed other families in their crisis which did not fix it but to live off of because they don’t believe in or didn’t believe in BIRTH CONTROL. AN RCC STUPIDITY OF MEGA PROPORTIONS. The boys of Phil’s family tried to take advantage of the foster sisters while in their home and tried to get them to do the chores they were supposed to do and his mother I found out had it out with them for it.LOL

KInd of a funny story and a sad one as well. But shows she wasn’t the monster I thought she was …just deceived. She wasn’t a monster before that to me but I resented her for some things besides raising her son to be an idiot. LOL and because mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws don’t always see eye to eye LOL most of the time and i did not marry her religion because he said he wasn’t a catholic anymore when I did and he lied to himself and me. We were married in the Methodist church.I was against Catholicism even then. I knew enough then to be against it and to guard against it. However at one time for a gift I bought her a book written by Pope John Paul.

Now the first time I stayed at her home was when I got her son to quit a band because he was being abused by the band he was on the road with who supported a star a mimic of Elvis Presley called Johnny Harrah which was how we met at a dinner theater when they performed at the theater I waited tables at. I started to wait tables when it was dinner theater for plays and musicals which I enjoyed a bunch but it turned into a circus afterwards . I went on the road with him at some point and it was kind of a drag. We were not married but had traveled from Tahoe to Las vegas to Dallas to pack some things at my home with my parents and then to a place in michigan where they got a gig. Pretty much within a 48 hour period. HE had found out his boss was cheating him via the union who thought Phil was the boss of the band and his boss was cheating him and each member of the band was being cheated by quite a bit each paycheck. I suggested they quit of course and instigated their move away from this band leader. They did it without his knowledge and screwed him good. Left him in a lurch. When in between michigan gigs I stayed at his mom’s home for a while with him. I did not go around making messes either.Not more than a month (I don’t think)  while there she left a note to her son and I asking us to do the chores and listed what she wanted done. She was working at the time. In fact she was a working woman most of her life after her kids were old enough. Funny comparison compared to the Foster sisters who were catholic and obviously a tool to make her look good to her church. I was insulted. We were not married but I thought it was insulting because i was a guest in her home. I didn’t do the chores. I let him do it if he wanted to. And that soured my feeling about her from the start. I wouldn’t do that to a guest in my home but she was used to living alone and probably didn’t want us there anymore and it was a signal of that feeling. When her sons (two of them) used us during times they war having troubles either on their jobs or with women or their wives they were divorcing. The first son was the worst example the one that lied all the time. He stayed for the first time about 6 months or more and the second time about the same. i never asked him to do the chores and I did the cooking and he worked for us . We were trying to help him because of his divorce. He did offer to cook once and burned the meal. Anyway he got paid and I didn’t yet I could work around his slug ass and do ten times the work he accomplished. He played at it and we would catch him faking it and found him stealing putty knives and things which was weird. Our rig was stolen twice and I think it was him but it was blamed on a mexicn who was at one time phil’s employer who had a company and rigs and trucks of his own so he had no need for ours though he did have a problem with addiction because his mom was nurse who had some medication in her medicine cabinet he got hooked on which was similar to heroin which became the drug he got hooked on afterwards. He had a successful business in between his problems and a very nice family. Phil actually learned from him how to do certain things and was paid well doing it. But anyway the eldest took advantage of us in every way even tried to seduce my sister when she was drunk and I did not let him. Later his other brother chastised me that is a bit strong word for what he did but thought I was ridiculous for interfering in that attempt to protect my little sister who had a drinking problem she learned at college. Drinking vast amounts of beer at clubs. I had suggested that both go out together as friends to meet people because both were single at the time. I did not want her and him to be an item and he knew that but was showing disrespect for me and her. He had a drinking problem as well and so did the other brother that stayed with us who had three wives and three divorces over a period of time and kids by two of them. He however loved the worn he married and the children. I  had to kick her out for us to deal with him beause we found somethings in his stuff that was ours. He was stealing from us. I didn’t do it Phil did but he was pilfering our tools. Her feeling were hurt and she was hysterical and I don’t think I handled it as well as I could have but I was dealing with a jerk. The two brothers worked for the union in the car industry. One was a utility guy and stuck with it which is someone that learns all th jobs and goes to the workplace to hang out and replace those that are sick or not able to work and got a good pension and the other was a total loser, the eldest a liar and a thief and a potential rapist and an abuser of kids and women. He told the story how he beat me up which he didn’t to his family up north when he returned to michigan. They knew he didn’t but did not confront him about his stupid lie which might have helped him not want to lie again or so easily. Instead he beat up a young single girl and tried to rape her a daughter of a friend ours which did not remain that way afterwards. During our trysts with the eldest son our van was repossessed. So then because of the burden of the eldest son on us phil wanted to sell the silver my parents gave as gift for our wedding to us to a  person who would hold it and resell it back. It wasn’t a company but the person whose daughter was almost raped. I allowed it but I didn’t like it. Cant remember which came first the attempted rape or the silver. He filled out the collection quite a bit while holding it. I received it back years later for a christmas gift and he got all kinds of kudos for it. It was a favor I did for his stupidity and mine as well but i wasn’t a part of their family to know their kinks. It was ridiculous how much kudos he got for getting it back which was the agreement to begin with so it wasn’t something to get rewarded for and now it’s mine.

By the way I do this all the time for some reason I get Isaac and Jacob mixed up. Nevertheless I think they are related and I’m not sure it matters too much but because most people don’t care anyway. SO it might not have been Sarah’s father who was Laban and Isaac was the one that bound to have his throat sliced by Abraham. SORRY. Love means never having to say you are sorry but I’m sorry for that mistake. I have done it before in another post or two. There is so much to learn in the bible. I still haven’t read it all either. I can’t even get it straight between Jacob and Isaac. I think Jacob was the one who tricked his dad Isaac who felt his chest of hair at his mom’ request to be the master of his estate basically. It had something to do with lentil soup and the meat that his brother hunted and wanted cooked for him and really silly stuff. Isaac was rather old to have been so blind and stupid to have done what he did, I think. Sounds like the stories of Jesus when the people laugh him to scorn over a child who wasn’t dead. It’s like making a movie of a kid in the line of fire getting shot by Israelis that the Palestinians put there to get shot for attention. Sort of a BENNY HINN kind of thing who is a Palestinian christian but not really. People get slayed and hysterical but that’s religion for ya. I’m not hysterical except when I think about some things going on like hospice. I can’t compartmentalize the death of my parents in such a fashion. My mom was victimized wrongfully and with malice of forethought she she deserved the opposite. She was really quite a lady.

My mom extended her hand in friendship to his mom and she didn’t deserve that grace. IMO

Indirectly I blame her for what happened to my mom because time does not always go forward it can go backwards as well. IT IS TRUE.  What she had her sons do may have affected hospicing of my mom and while my mom was not catholic may have been used against her and because she was my mom and she was wonderful and sweet with a few problems. sometimes like a child and when you needed her like a warrior almost all of the time but deception got in the way a few times by a really bad demon we were having to cope with which should have been handled by his parents not mine when he was growing up. 

TIme is not only linear which is how angels rise and fall or go up and down the stairs of J Jacobs ladder. String/yarn is linear when pulled in opposite directions but not linear when crossed over or folded or looped etc.

If a string can be manipulated

Time can be manipulated.

Astronomers say that when you see a star in the sky it might not really be there anymore because of the time it takes for light to travel. You may be looking at the past. That is why when my cousin asked me when was the last time you saw your mother I thought was weird. She was till alive as far as I know at the time. He reminded me of a press person that is famous and a guest in the past on fox and others like he wasn’t really him. Trying to get information about my mom and me. that was the night I was poisoned the first time well actually may be second time if you consider my first operation when I got sepsis and almost died and was at odds with a big company who were bullies and even was messed with at the real estate school because word gets around and people get favors to harass women who might be trouble in the field of real-estate protecting their assets of course over truth. They knew Gary accosted me at the office. They had cameras. I know they knew.

DNA can also be manipulated.

I won’t name him yet.

Between or after one of the times we kicked Joe Rodgers out of our living quarters he moved to the river near austin and camped out and met some outcasts and got in a gang of people who I think stole our rig and truck which was a piece of shit truck. The reason I suspect is when he went to michigan he had a rig which he didn’t have before. NO one confronted him how he got it and he might have traded one for another but I know he was a thief. He wasn’t all bad but something happened to him who he hung out with and many lies. Those lies can add put to a real problem. There are ways to confront a liar without calling them a liar but it should be done however it can be done whenever it can be done for everyone’s sake because they will do it less and less the more they are caught. I have been working on the ex and he is finding it harder to get away with but still tries. It gets old. HIs are dangerous lies to me and his daughters and others. But he doesn’t look like a liar or act like one which makes it hard to distinguish but it’s a tough situation. People like him more than they like me because those lies usually are to make me look bad and to make him look good. It’s sick.

But mostly because she was a ROMAN CATHOLIC we didn’t get along and she supported them even though they didn’t her after her husband died. They were horrible then to her as if she didn’t matter. She told me about it yet she wanted to support their invention


It is sick and what I would call masochist reaction but she was raised to be a masochist even though her mother wasn’t catholic. VIOLET CHOSE to be CATHOLIC and because her husband was catholic. She loved the church BECAUSE OF THE MYSTERY and mysteries as you know aren’t always good. SHe loved Latin sermons but didn’t understand it and preferred it to knowing what was said in the sermon or what ever it is called.

sometimes mysteries are nightmares.

Her husband said she wasn’t pretty but good for having babies. That is sick for someone to say to a woman or a wife and she told me about it. She wasn’t not pretty. Prettiness is in the eye of the beholder. He was an abusive man obviously and Phil told me about it a little more last night: abusive to her and her children especially the first two kids until she stood in his way and he was still abusive but flailed at it in order that she would not leave him which was her threat to him if he continued to use his fist on their kids. The first son became a big liar because of it. The second became kind of effeminate but was also a very handsome guy but still effeminate and when his mom was in the hospital asked me why he wasn’t allowed to get information the first time she was in the hospital the first time before she died and was starved to death but i found out in the conversation that the eldest was able to get information and I said because he obviously is in charge of the estate and he should have known that. WOW. He is older and not a dumb guy guy by any means and makes much more money than me also married to a teacher and has two kids a girl and a boy but now older. His daughter had some problems his son came out okay because it is easier to be a guy in this world and not having unexpected pregnancies and abusive boyfriends etc. I think they invested more in him than her in funny ways. I know she must have acted out some things they did not understand. I tried to talk to her his wife and she was stoic and didn’t want to hear or help me at the time I was hurting emotionally though she was nice lady other than that. I remember it hurt me the way she acted like she wasn’t allowed to help me. I needed a friend at the time, someone. She just did the dishes and didn’t say anything to me. People are uncomfortable talking about sexual abuse especially catholics and I wasn’t handling it well often.  But not handling it well at all is worse. IMO Catholics are I think taught to be silent (and golden like those that worshipped a golden calf.)

I’m not a masochist

but have tendency’s to not quit smoking which is hard to do when under duress and isolation and friendless and other things like seeing my dad’s picture at Benghazi or my families pictures holding my tot as if a pow in IRan by my sister even though my daughter isn’t with her. Strange manifestations of evil playing with my head. I did not take those pictures some one else did and while not a perfect representation such as different colored eyes are close enough to cause harm. It is Stressful to the max. OR seeing my little sister lying about being shot 5 times in the leg in california at a massacre at an airport and BIlly Graham present or as a baby in a cage outside a window on a floor above the ground level. Someone evil is fucking with me using my family and the family I grew up with I guarantee it is Billy Graham who has fucked with us all over the world. He is a shill for the Vatican and anything false he can find. He is a fucker a mother fucker like Mother Teresa. I found out a lot of information via the assassination of JFK and through others about BIlly Graham and later.

Billy Graham is and was EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL, etc

I haven’t had a vacation in quite a few years trying to get this out because I love my families and thought I should get this out to the public to understand what we are dealing with a mother fucker from hell and we better talk about hospice honestly and openly in order to win the war on terrorism. It is a sign and one spoken of by Jesus at the Sea of Galilee as a sign of the end if we don’t deal with it and follow me he said. to PETER and RCC’s better get real.

I smoked in the present because of the stuff I found out and the things that were thrown my way and that I saw and heard about in very nasty ways.

I know my mom was punished not for the abortion she stood up for me for but because my sister’s husband lost money on the stock market in a matter of minutes and lost her brothers’ wifes money and had to deal with it because they called and asked if he lost it and I told the truth yes he did and they took it out on my mom and also because my dad owed them money because his business did not succeed after he retired from the army after serving in Viet Nam twice and serving in Korea. They did not have to invest in his business and most business fail as did every business they built or invited in and attempted to do which is not abnormal most new businesses fail but we should keep trying. Usually takes a few years but it is still MY sister and her husband have a lot to atone for but wanted me to atone for them.  LOL even though he had molested me in my sleep many years before but I can’t be responsible for my sins and theirs. ITS NOT FAIR though attractive to them I’m sure to place it on my shoulders which are not big enough to bear. SO I smoke when I shouldn’t because it’s not good for me and am addicted to terrible poison and addicted to telling the truth which hurst me and them and hurt my parents too but it needed to be told as well. We are at the apex of something big.

Her children knew and didn’t stand up against their dad because they loved him and let me shoulder it as well.because I wasn’t perfect and she proved it and i proved it my way too. We were fighting the same demons in a way but I tried and he didn’t. and to them it’s easier not to and be her slave and make her look good and make me look bad etc. IT’s easier but it won’t help in the end. I understand their dilemma but it won’t help in the end their dad or their mom or them or their country, etc.

That’s the difference and she didn’t because she had too much pride in the neighborhood.

Maybe by telling the truth he might change his mind and try to do the same but I think he is a coward like the nazis were especially en-masse but they did lose the war and will lose again even though they never really did stick to their treaties and never intended to give  up and lied their asses off. Not all of them of course a few had a conscience.

You have to teach and learn to have conscience. Babies are cute but they need to be taught and the older ones teach better than the youngish ones because they have been around.

I believe in forgiveness but you have to want it to get it. One of the stupeist films in history was the one that included the words love means never having to say you’re  sorry and she died. LOL

I hope our country brings the Ten commandments back and respects them for the foundation of good values and in a way if you learn about the Ten Commandments

they are genius and inclusive.

Not the RCC ones but the real ones. But the roman catholic ones are better than nothing but still are lacking and deceptive and won’t get you through.

The real ones speak for themselves when you allow them too and might make the difference between night and day and a good dream and a nightmare.

Males obviously like to take advantage of females and they shouldn’t like those foster sisters. She tried to teach the boys to be better within her range of knowledge probably in part to gain acceptance by a church who deceived her in the middle and the end of her life.

We  shouldn’t let them do that because they aren’t all that,

you know.

The health problems we are facing were caused by the RCC and Billy Graham using Japan nuclear accident using HAARP and others places to make an earthquake to make a tsunami to force their hand and make them capitulate to a world government gone mad as a mad hatter. Poisoning the food chain and affecting everyone eventually.

In North Korea because of starvation the next generations are affected being shorter and smaller.

HAARP has good tendencies but was warned about as having bad ones too if in the wrong hands by it’s inventor as is the case with every invention invented.

There are others around the globe.

Same thing with people who are created and have good tendencies but have bad ones too in the wrong hands.

Jesus said angels shall rise upon the son of man and I think Jacob is that person. Because of Jacob’s ladder his dream and the angels going up and down a ladder. He has a fight or something with an angel someone and ends up with a weird hip caused by the altercation. When President Kennedy got off the plane from Hawaii to Dallas he limped as if his hip was injured going down the stairs of the plane he was on and then the blind sheik in the crowd at the airport and all the other things that occurred and those are only a few of the reasons I think he represents Jacob to some degree anyway besides some of the things he said and did and of course the coverup which was huge.

Great skit by Melissa McCarthy of Sean Spicer on SNL and I bet he can handle it too. Saw it on Watter’s World and helps to laugh out loud. Kind of reminds me of my posts with the pictures or a highlights magazine we used to entertain ourselves with at a doctor’s office as a kid. I have to watch it again.

A little while ago we had it out and he tried to threaten with not the arrest. what a wimp.

I told him I saw his mom at Parkland when I was there. It was before she had died and was starved to death. She was guarding the hallway and me while i was there and lying her ass off . I explained it in another post. He doesn’t believe me of course. What I saw was she was a black woman and really stupid. I did not put her there but she was there and it was weird. I saw another woman I recognized who was married to a Roman Catholic actor and going through a divorce on a gurney  in the hallway crying a bunch. I don’t know why his mom was black and stupid. She was talking about a marriage of about 35 years which is close to what ours was to a nurse which the ex said was actually 33 years. He says that’s not close. I said 35 is close to 33 years but I thought it was closer to 35 years of marriage we had. There is that 2 year difference I keep running into. I don’t understand what I witnessed but I do want to be truthful about what I saw. The actress who was there crying was very famous and overweight. Did n0t look like what you would think. It’s not easy witnessing because it is strange but if I lie about it I do myself and others a disservice. Anyway she lied about an alarm and warning someone about the alarm on the door and that she told her not to open it and that is not what I witnessed and it was kind of a surreal experience to hear her shit which was backwards. She was sort of an exaggeration of herself somehow or a parody.  The place was like a circus at the time and disney land with  buses etc. Going through a big renovation. Maybe I was being tested to see if I would lie about it or not.

WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT IT? What would be the point?

Anyway he twists everything he lies about. LOL It’ is hard to keep up. I hate his guts. Every time he proves himself unworthy and he is.

Third time’s the charm

Had to go to the hospital again an oh what an experience that was. No one was in the lobby so thought wow cool no wait in the ER but alas everyone had already been taken to their respective ER rooms and we had to wait a few hours. Waited with a very nice couple older and a bit wiser as well. The lady was so cute reminded me of a way older little character from the book Madeleine. Sitting in a wheel chair with her doting husband. He didn’t really dote as much as he was sweet to her and they made a cute pear. She had a lot of physical problems. Anyway conservatives through and through, but very sweet. As we talked a short little squat woman with dyke haircut came through from the back out the ER door and complimented the ladies in the admitting office for their smiles and how much she appreciated their smiles and under my breath I thought in my head said something under my breath as well but in essence saying schmiles schmiles what matters is doing a good job. She left the area and went outside and marched right back in as if it was her duty to come back and plopped herself in our area to read a book. Most people who want to read a book don’t sit and read while a conversation is going on and usually go to another area but she wanted to hear what we were talking about FOR SURE. And we kept on talking because it’s our right to talk about whatever we want to talk about. Discussed lots of stuff as she sped read. No one could have read those pages so fast as he was smacking her gum hard and with spite look on her face. Every once in a while I’d catch her face reddening because she didn’t like what we were saying. I stared at her and she didn’t look up. I wasn’t trying to piss her off I just don’t like spies whether she knew she was or not. It was wild. This went on for quite a while and every once in a while the couple would fall asleep from the wait. Something was driving her to sit there and listen and act like she was reading. WEIRD. WEIRD WEIRD. We didn’t get excited just calmly talked but it pissed her off for some reason. The couple did not notice because she was on their side of the room and they couldn’t see her but I saw her and she knew it. She almost finished the whole book about 1″1/2′ thick book as we sat. I bet she doesn’t even remember a thing she read.

I did say out loud though not loudly to the ex I think someone in that admitting room should have come out and said sorry about the wait. When they called my name the woman who admitted me did apologize as we went to the room I needed (not that it was her fault) but it is considerate to do. We had waited almost three hours. I overheard them cajoling in the admitting room so it wasn’t as if they didn’t have the time to do it but didn’t until the walk down the hall to the room. All in all it was a great experience and the hospital did a great job IMO. I was pleasantly surprised and the doctors were fantastic doctors as well as the whole staff. He knew what he was doing which makes for a great business and the people that worked for him knew it which makes a big difference.

While we were there there was a Code Blue and someone died I heard. It lasted for about 15 minutes. Maybe it was those vibes, who knows because the woman reading was back and forth to the back and front quite a bit. Probably not her fault but she was really really mad acting or whatever was in her which is the core of the matter because sometimes people don’t know what or why they do the things they do or why they feel upset: Barometric Pressure? Cell phones?

Don’t know why conservatives are such a big threat to dykes? We aren’t. We weren’t talking about anything too controversial. We even talked about the skit about Sean Spicer that was so funny though they hadn’t seen it. Freedom of speech is the enemy to this particular woman for some reason. I think it was spiritual. I’m surprised she still has teeth the way she chewed her gum and I would have had to change my gum a few times. Maybe that was what she was doing when she left the room a few times to go in the back to the ER rooms. Besides we were there first in that area so she was invading our space. At least about 30 seats in the whole area maybe more and she sat two spaces from the couple and about 8 feet across from me. I know when I read I usually like to read in quiet without interruption to get the full gist of the book I’m reading especially books without pictures otherwise I have to read it again. She was not very good at faking it. And I know she did not like our company or she would have said something. Not one word. She didn’t even look up because I was watching her. I knew she was up to no good. Where would she be with out freedom of speech? Hiding.

If the bottom of a tennis shoe could talk hers was talking at me. LOL

Almost like a snake.

Sure couldn’t get away with it in Saudi Arabia, Clinton’s supporters (DOn’t ask DOn’t tell) really helpful. Got paid to say it a bunch too which is kind of deceptive.

Remember this?

Obama Talking to Israeli President Netanyahu in his Lincoln Continental?Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.52.59 PM.png

I don’t know who took the picture but it does seem PURPOSEFUL. DID OBAMA KNOW?

DID THE PRESS EVER ASK HIM? I doubt it but the caption was that it was considered an insult to Netanyahu. Did anyone ask Netanyahu?

Reminded me of a time when I was in a hospital waiting room for 6 hours and one person shut everyone up with his loud outbursts and his woman blamed me for it. Said it was my fault he was all uptight and I had never even said a word to him but was talking to a couple of men across from me and next to me all of us in our perspective illnesses and talking about our conditions and talking about God. Everyone in the room was doing the same which was about 60 people. We did it for about 5.55 hours until he freaked out on us and you could hear a pin drop kind of like the Dems and the majority of the Press and some Reps are about Trump. I had to leave the room afterwards and went to complain to the lady behind the desk who had some cops come and escort him out. And then on his way out of the hallway that I went to to get away while the husband at the time was aghast never moving or helping and then as he left the hall the loudmouth said something snide to me about my back. UNREAL. Then saw his woman later on after my doctors visit wandering around as if nothing happened. Like she had no idea she tried to attack me with her cane.

Roger Hodgson – Give a Little Bit (Live)

A friendly face is nice and usually they are at the hospital and it can’t always be easy;) especially dealing with the sick and infirmed and sometimes not always a good ending. I’ll never forget the jerk off who wasn’t friendly and wouldn’t offer me a wheel chair twice. That was downright shitty. Only one out of 100’s of helpful people that work there.

Billions and billions of times better than what I watched happened to a blue bench that Kim Jong-Un  of North Korea sat on and was enclosed in glass at a hospital. Like the pope. RIDICULOUS.