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The Rumor Mill and The Republic

I watched a show the other night actually part of the show because I missed the beginning of the show but found it to be very interesting about a ship called The Republic that sank with a billion dollars on board and I assume some people as well.

One of the things I found interesting was that our government didn’t know the exact location of the ship yet the Coast Guard did know the location of the ship.

I find that kind of weird.

My uncle was in the Coast Guard.  He lived in Louisiana, a salesman, and had a few kids 2 girls and a boy and a very fine wife who died of Cervical cancer. His son worked on an oil rig as a worker *laborer of some kind and they had a daughter that married a man that bragged about finding the richest source of oil in South America but he also bragged to his girlfriend (my cousin) whom he eventually married that we dated and we didn’t date. LOL It was a photo session and he was a photographer but I think he wanted to impress his future wife and I don’t think it impressed her very much because on one of my birthday celebrations I overheard her comparing my legs to her legs starting with the word SEE and I really didn’t want to hear that on my birthday. She has longer legs than I but she also has hair growing out of her nose and a short waist. LOL. I used to have a very little waist until I had kids and my operation made it much worse and I plan to thin down but nevertheless it’s tough to take someone comparing themselves to me on my birthday with family. It was kind of a surprise to me but not the kind one wants on their 40th birthday party. She was sitting close to me so who or what influenced her to bring it up then to her husband, so I could overhear? DID THEY DISCUSS IT OFTEN?

Now Trump and Cruz are comparing their wives. Trumps wife is absolutely beautiful and Cruz’s wife ain’t too bad herself? What are they really like in bed? JUST KIDDING. Do they wear their wives? Just because you fooled them once doesn’t mean you will fool them again. LOL.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.23.59 AM

I think Ted Cruz has lost the election because of this picture alone. LOL. Lousy photo of his wife and looks like she’s got a strange mouth but her mouth looks eerily like Ted Cruzes mouth. They say people take on the looks of their dogs and pets or vice versa and perhaps that includes TED of course because people say it doesn’t mean it is true. I’m trying to figure out who she looks like.

On second thought I don’t think it would be wise for Joseph Biden to run.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.46.13 AM

Looks like a picture I have seen of Billy Graham shaking his spear or maybe he doesn’t like Brussel Sprouts but if you had some sauce they can surprise you any way it looks like a sign of solidarity he is displaying. Amazing what Photoshop can produce.

One of the pictures that my cousins husband took of me before he met my cousin when I was younger my other uncle displayed in his living room and it was the same picture that his wife my aunt said: “Beauty is as beauty does” in a desparaging kind of way when the picture was being discussed and I’m pretty positive it had to do with her knowledge that I had had an abortion though I did not tell her but I’m sure my eldest probably did because of the problems we were having with her husband and even though she had had one herself but it wasn’t known by the family she grew up with and she told me and came home one weekend to recuperate from it when I was still a young teen. Anyway my aunt was my godmother, lol. Her husband on the other hand was very optimistic and told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. He was very similar to my mom in that way and I think he meant it. He reminded me of Victor Mature, the actor in the movie Samson.

 I think my cousin married her husband not because she loved him but because he was gonna be successful that is why it took her sometime to decide though they dated for quite a while so she probably grew to love him before marriage possibly what I mean was it was a hard decision for her and usually it isn’t a hard decision unless you are weighing other things besides love. I don’t think she had a high opinion of herself for some reason but through their marriage and dealing with his family and mine her self esteem took a few nose dives. His mom was an atheist and very critical of her child rearing capabilities and even though her grandson was very bright but introverted her mother in law made my cousin feel like a lousy mom even though she was a good mom, a very good mom! My little sister went to high school with her husband when they were in their teens and was the first to meet him and kind of felt he was hers. They were very close so when my cousin married him there were a few problems because of that controversy. They also went to the same church and were into the crusades of Billy Graham at the time though they may have only attended one gigantic gathering, if that, but it was it’s influence early in their Christianity. His dad happened to appreciate my little sister as most older men did because she was very funny and has a good sense of humor and pretty with a pretty smile and most older men like those qualities and his wife was a dog in comparison which makes one appreciate other women. She was very critical for no reason except she was a mother-in-law (maybe a wee tad jealous) and that’s one shabby reason but very prevalent in today’s society among women. Like my ex’s mother (my mother-in-law_ blamed the ex wives for bad marriages when it was their husbands that started the downward spiral of their marriages in many ways….excessive drinking….lots of boys nights out…..probably one night affairs because of the drinking….excessive sports and sporting events….abusiveness….and thinking their shit was good when it wasn’t that good. So the girls started their nights out and met other men and left their dilapidated husbands for better horizons whether they found them I have no idea but that’s what occurs often in that kind of a marriage.

My cousin was the woman my ex called after the category 3 or 4 tornado to check in on me because the of power blackout and because I have some health issues and before that she asked if there was anything she could do so I think he felt he had the right to call and when he asked her to check in on me one night while he was gigging she refused because her husband said he would not fix her tire if she got a flat tire which isn’t very kind and they are only a few miles from where we live so it was kind of selfish and self serving. He is in the oil business. There was no power and it was cold and had to have a fire in the fireplace. She could have invited me to her home for the night, but didn’t. I survived the night though and actually enjoyed the night. His lie about me dating him caused some problems and I told my cousin we didn’t date but didn’t want to rub it with details like it was only a photo session at the time because I didn’t want to humiliate him or embarrass him. LOL And now I do! Her husband told me once that it was impossible for Texas to have an earthquake when I told him I felt a small tremor once. He is a geologist but being a geologist he should have known that any part of earth and it’s crust is vulnerable to some degree. Oklahoma sometimes has small tremors but I guess Texas is immune? And Mexico also has tremors. LOL Any way his last name rhymes with Ted Cruzes last name but spelled a bit differently but sounds exactly the same. A homonym of the name Cruz. I didn’t know that he found the biggest oil reserve in South America and I had never heard that story before but that is what my ex told me the other night that he had said to him probably while drinking. What I heard was that he was involved in a certain type of drilling for oil and a certain way of finding oil to drill (possibly having to do with HAARP or sounds) which I think is controversial and possibly he was hiding his involvement in that kind of shale business and possibly it has to do with fracking *whatever that is so maybe that is why he told the ex something all together different but maybe none of the exhortations about himself are true. He is a wino so that may be why he brags. When he engages in wine tasting he means bottles and bottles of wine and thinks he can handle it. Anyway my ex ended up calling emergency personal in the area which came by to check on me which is their job since during a tornado lots of objects are dislodged during high winds and end up in the road such a nails that can cause flat tires which is one of the hindrances during the aftermath of such an event which can cause trouble for emergency personal blocking traffic and adding to their


This was when the guy mentioned that my ex lied to the emergency personnel in a phone call which I found to be quite odd basically he said something like, “So your ex lied…..

I think he said husband but whose gonna make a big deal about nothing.

When my daughter was in the hospital a while back (not the first time) I saw my cousin in the lobby on her cell phone as if that was all there was in the area and I went to speak to her and when she looked up it wasn’t her. She sure resembled her. I’m a portrait artist so I have a keen sense of features. It was after a tumultuous visit with my daughter over a TEE SHIRT which made it even more suspicious that she was there as if she was watching me or following me or trying to reach me for some reason.

About ten years ago more or less she came to my aid and kept me company when I was severely injured and having major health problems acute peritoneal abssess and acute Sepsis when I nearly died and brought me peaches and plums when I was at my home recuperating which were very helpful for pooping since that was a very hard thing to do after my operation. I used to have to hold on to a chair for about an hour while on the toilet and it solved my problems. It was a wonderful aid and she spent a few hours a day for quite a while with me watching movies and talking, etc and when she spoke to my ex recently after the tornado she said could not spend time with me so I knew it was her) and then her husband quashed the idea of her assistance all together so she didn’t have to. I spent many days and telephone calls and visits uplifting her in many ways over the years when she was having family problems and when the schools and church were pressuring her about her children who were being kids. She was a bit old fashioned in a way that was good and her kids were brought up that way. When I first met my cousin she had the cutest voice and southern accent I had ever heard and my family all got a kick out of her drawl and she was pretty like Snow White and her daughter also has that look as well. Her son was in to computers and less into sports but she managed to get him into a sport he enjoyed that fit his personality and was able to bring him out of his safe zones which was the computer. So she took criticism well with help and overcame some of those criticisms whereas I think the schools and church would have liked to have seen her kids on drugs like Ritalin so they could have control of her kids. It’s easier than teaching the kids.

I found out she had attempted suicide once though I don’t know how or when or the details but she told me about it and I thought there was something definitely wrong in that marriage for that to occur. She was pretty independent and a lot like my mom and looked quite a bit like her in some good ways but anyone over a period of time getting negative responses and possibly in nefarious ways someone or something trying to belittle her can be brought down low to feel unworthy and inadequate and feel those feelings but she didn’t succeed and usually you do when you really want to commit suicide. But either way something was awful wrong for her to go to that length either to hurt herself or gain attention.

She also was the one that said that Gary was The Golden Boy of the family (his dad was President of Conoco Oil) and told me about his frat picture dancing nude on a table at a frat party that my sister his wife was proud to show my cousin or she would not have shown it. I think that got her into trouble with my estranged family the ones that protect Gary and his ways which are not good because of their reputations which mean more to them than the truth or fixing his problem which can hurt others besides me. My older sister is ruthless as I found out over a period of time and because of her misplaced anger got pretty familiar with that ruthlessness.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.23.46 PM

I noticed that the woman

Aung San Suu Kyi

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.30.58 PM

 who was under house arrest in Mynamar (Myanmar, Mayanmar) was mentioned to have been ruthless in her quest for human rights and she is mighty skinny as if she throws up her food or something like my sister used to do to lose weight because she was an over achiever in some ways and would go to that extreme to lose weight or be comparable to others that are NATURALLY thin. I noticed she resembled my sister in her smile (her teeth and lips) in her profile when I saw her on TV the other night. She ought to wear skirts that let her walk instead of a skirt with the latitude of a one leg clearance but she likes to be noticed and thats one way to look graceful but REALLY SILLY. Even Morticia had some leg space. Obama made a big deal about the woman from Mynamar in the past as a heroine of some kind which is a very Islamic area isn’t it and one of the ten toes (Taus) possibly or near them which are south of that area and had great respect for her suffering but he feels her pain so it’s all good. Of course, he doesn’t but like Bill Clinton they say that but don’t mean it but they like it just the same especially in women. It makes them want to bite their own lips besides bite a woman that they rape in a hotel room such as Juanita Broaddrick’s lips. Of course they don’t make their own lips bleed just the woman in the hotel room. She looks eerily like the woman on the controversial Planned Parenthood videos making false claims and being rewarded by the pope of Rome, Pope Francis. I don’t know what the woman in Myanmar was under arrest for or what her beef was but hopefully trying to help other women in her zone.

Obama talked about a war on women early in his Presidential career and there definitely has been a war on women besides the Planned Parenthood videos that are flakey and felonious in their accusations without any evidence but a bunch of nutty women making claims with the help of the former obnoxious, over-acting, republican, IBM, italian, alarmist female presidential candidate Carly Fiorini. LOL. In the bible the word woman represents religions and women of course. A woman rides the beast By the way the black limo that the Presidents ride in is called The Beast)…the whore of babylon….etc….. So I think there is more than one meaning to what Obama may have said hinting it had to do with only woman’s rights but other things as well whether he knows it or not. Often I notice some things said that seem to be a thought of someone else’s but exiting out other’s mouths. The Borg syndrome. That is what the mustard seed is partially about. Spiritual voices in spiritual places making statements via people and half or most of the time they don’t know why they say the things they say when they say them and to whom and when they say them because often times there are good and bad spirits that use people that are good and bad depending on their station in death and life.

Back to the ship that sunk I guess during some war though I have not looked into it’s relevance though I think it is relevant partially because of it’s title and a billion dollars on board. Anyway during his escapade at the time of his failure to find the billion dollars on this ship this guy killed some man that was dating his wife who had given up on her husband goals and lost her feelings for him or something like that and was seeing someone else and he stated on this show that he thought that a man has a duty to attack something attacking his family but IF it merely was an affair that she had and she was aware of what she was doing than he deserved to go to prison for killing this other guy but I don’t know the details and could be the guy did something to her to make her concede to him and was attacking her and maybe the husband knew this man was crazy but that’s not what interests me about this ship. What I found interesting as i said earlier is the Coast Guard knowing the location whereas the US government being so out of the loop about the location of the ship or were trying to hinder this man’s search which might have much more to do with truth than a billions dollars. For one thing he has improved upon the ways sunken ships are found and salvaged which could be very important for learning lots of things in the future and of the past such as how it got sunk or who sunk it and why plus it bears the name of our form of government which is supposed to be a republic, not a democracy which is a newer idea and not necessarily a better form of government depending on how it works and for who. (A Republic for which is stands, etc Which Republic?) In any case I plan  to look into the adventure and the ship called The Republic and hopefully watch it again if I’m lucky because it sounded intriguing and there might be more to its demise than what meets the eye which may be why he is doing what he is doing and he seemed interesting in a piratish kind of way and thought how nice the adventure he that had gotten involved in included his son regardless of his success or lack of success for obvious reasons and because it has improved some sunken ship investigations/salvaging and for the future of raising some lost ships and some of the answers might help to know some things such a who and why that have derailed our country in many ways. Like the attack on the ships that have actually started wars and the Strange Stuff that occurred with The Liberty and/or the sightings of phantom ships that our government has silenced the witnesses to these important events and they might help us to recognize the enemy(ies) within our own government and their intent and how it is related to political events and religions but some parts of our government don’t want us to know the enemies within our government because they are the enemy within.

When I was a little youngster I remember one of our birthdays for the oldest daughter my mom had us play the rumor game and someone would write something on a note paper and whisper it in the ear of the person sitting next to her and it would go down the line of people (birthday guests) until it came out totally different at the end of the line and compare the two messages in the front and at the end which often were quite different. That’s like spiritual messages sent via one person or by a spirit and ends up screwing up everyone with the wrong message as it is passed along or can screw up an awful lot of people along the way depending on their preset thinking often or their personal precepts  and in governments and the religions of the world and their political goals.


Like the 400 Islamic radical fighters that was said to be in Belgium and the 400 radical Islamic fighters that have been sent by ISIS to Belgium and someone even mentioned ISIL as the culprit all reported that way on Fox News so obviously it’s a rumor and one of the rumors is more incorrect than the other and probably there is a reason behind the rumors and the persons or groups spreading the rumors. But can all of them be correct? Noticed that one of the Bekgium attackers looked like Tsarnaev the Boston Marathon attacker, eerily similar, and one of the three americans hurt were Mormons religious types mission-ARI-s from UTAH the same state where the NSA is located and where Ted Cruz gained the delegates of the State with the NSA and one of those Mormons is called MASON. Did they name him after the jar or after the secret group called the Masons or did they forget the -di- in the middle as in Madison. The Mormon missionaries were probably Masonic. DUH. Maybe they were in Brussels laying bricks?Anyway they mentioned there is a fourth attacker that they have not found. Maybe he is the fourth attacker and perhaps there are two more that were with him?

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.01.18 PM

By the way Tina Turner I think was the best entertainer I ever witnessed on a daily basis a few times a day. She really was/is a fantastic energetic piece of work however I’m not a buddhist. I have not studied their religion so I don’t know their tenets, etc. I don’t think though that they should burn themselves up to make a statement. I don’t agree with that kind of martyrdom or any kind for that matter. I think it sets a bad example. Like the Kamikazes of Japan, etc and a desperate act when all they had to do was surrender for freedom vs fascism. I think that is why animal sacrifice is preferable and sufficient (sorry Betty White and her animal activism but whoever or whatever isn’t my lifeline. We don’t eat humans do we? Except in the case of Pepsi which is a drink unbeknownst to the public for a flavor enhancer whether it is true I have no idea but coincidentally my mom worked for Pepsi and I’m sure that is why the rumor about Pepsi) but fascists prefer human sacrifice (because animals are so cute) as long as they get to choose who they want to sacrifice and when and where etc. and as long as it isn’t themselves (like Scott Walker in regards to tubular pregnancy which is absurd that he even exists), except in the case of the Japanese. I recall one of the Japanese Roman Catholic CLERGY saying that they were the mother of all martyrs when they tried to stall the NeoCatechumenal Way (a catholic idea) for 5 years because of the rise in suicides of young people and then the tsunami hit and caused a great deal of harm to them and our beaches on the West coast and to the ocean life. I wondered if that was manipulated by HAARP and whoever was in charge then. I know that the Governor at the time (Sarah Palin) was a friend of Franklin Graham eventually. Probably ran for President with McCain as a diversion to her because of the site in Alaska called H.A.A.R.P.  I wondered then did Franklin Graham have something to do with the tsunami thinking he was doing God a service being a shill like his dad who was a shill for Roman Catholicism because of some tweet from Obama about another is on it’s way? When thou gets old another shall gird thee and carry thee where thou would not……   is what Jesus said on the Sea of Galilee to Peter and may be referring to the CHURCH OF PETER WHICH IS ROMAN CATHOLICISM, isn’t it?.Roman Catholicism is a very Paternal religion run by Priests whoso far as I know are unmarried males. Then Acts occurred speaking in tongues etc ( and John walked away) with an Islamic Peter that lived with a tanner (of humans) which I think are the Jesuits (mob) that practiced Islam because of the time he prayed etc…….and then he said “Follow me.” Then in the Book of Acts they made up a story about Peter going to prison to self fulfill that prophecy to confuse and entangle Peter at the Sea of Galilee. That is what I think is the truth. EVIL ANGELS who didn’t believe but had faith in faith and a mustard seed that wasn’t the smallest of seeds.

(NO I don’t think skinning an animal alive is cool either like is done in China and other places or killing off the whales and eating fish parts to enhance one’s sexual performance. LOL silly stuff and I doubt it does.)

I don’t like see horses put down in horse races and had to watch three put down from afar. They did it with tents so we didn’t have to watch but I think they should use tents to lift the horse until it heals but insurance makes it preferable especially if your horse is a loser.

INSURANCE SUCKS what it causes. Maybe Betty White ought to look into that aspect of animal rights and human rights insurance.

Jesus said in one one the gospels or one of the three synoptic gospels that the sign of his coming was: A woman shall be grinding at the mill and one shall be taken and one shall be left. I wonder if he heard it through the grapevine and misrepresented the meaning by a woman vs a rumor or if he was talking about both? Could be talking about THE PRESS which might be a sign since it says somewhere in the bible something about



I think that statement is in Revelation.

Could have been written sarcastically about the Press as a sign.

 I know that I heard on Greta’s show that Franklin Graham mentioned something about the Great adventure/journey of some kind having to do with GOd because he thinks he is God could actually be tests >TESTS THAT INVOLVE PURPOSEFUL FAILURE:  Roadblocks as in an ant farm, to cause failure or the feeling of failure to undermine the experience of people and make them his people instead: All roads lead to Rome kind of tactics which are many and usually quite evil like the road to Mexico that that one guy got caught on and couldn’t get off of and ended up in a Mexican prison. Franklin Graham’s dad Billy Graham was a shill for Rome and that is how they get their followers in impossible situations that make them their slaves spiritually and physically and do things they might not do otherwise if they were thinking correctly such a take $35,000 dollars of someone else’s ahead of time and store it in a savings account before hospicing to make it look right when it isn’t right in order to promote hospicing the elderly which is murder/suicide and should not be allowed to accomplish itself on our parents, our veterans and their wives and/or anyone or anywhere in the USA.

The world government has made it very difficult to be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we cannot allow their ideas to flourish in our country or we will not be a country anymore but only a slave to the world’s ridiculous antics and OIL IS NO EXCUSE.

The world’s appetite is too big to afford with tax dollars from America citizens and using our people as their soldiers: the world needs to afford it themselves and sacrifice their own lives instead for freedom, fair trade and for their energy sources.

My suggestion would be to make MECCA<MEDINA and the VATICAN lose their influence and it would certainly help our INDEPENDENCE and help to minimize FALSE WORSHIP! THEY DESERVE TO LOSE IT SINCE THEY HAVE THE MINDSET AND DETERMINATION OF TAKING OVER THE WORLD AND HAVE EXPRESSED IT IN MANY WAYS using mindless SLAVES (fiorini), immigration, cell phones, subjugating women and girls and boys, infiltrating the PLANNED PARENTHOOD with a bunch of nuns to make their fallacious videos full of hot air and no truthful evidence, etc.

When I felt my mom’s hand on my shoulder before she died a while later she said B-O-B. The letters or the name Bee O Bee. That is what I heard.In a dreadful, worried and sad way: she said B-O-B.

Later after her funeral and recently I had a vision of her and she was quite happy and excited like we had passed some threshold or something. I felt like dad was right behind her and they were entering my bedroom. I can’t pinpoint what that point was or when exactly.

My uncle used to make advent boxes for Christmas especially for the Kircher family because I presume he appreciated their influence since Gary was “the golden boy”, my uncle was also my Aunt’s boy in the sense she favored him sort of like her patsy and especially after his wife died she had much more access to him and to his help. Beauty is as beauty does. My aunt was quite beautiful, blond and vivacious but she lacked some qualities that my mom developed and retained throughout her life. The fact she didn’t appreciate my mom says very little about her in my estimation and I’m a pretty good judge of character once I get the real scoop and experience a person. Good thing my aunt didn’t have daughters, that was a blessing! She only had two kids so I wonder what happened the other times my uncle and her intertwined, or did they?

In one of my blogs on one of my posts I showed a video of Benny Hinn an obvious charlatan and making people fall backwards and by his suggestion they do in hysteria and delusion and his reference to Billy Graham and his parable about the ant. You can find it somewhere on my main title site called Merangue’s Blog.  Lots of interesting posts included with many links to other peoples insight and knowledge that have done quite a bit of research which helped me with mine and might help anyone interested in helping themselves.

As far as my cousin is concerned she should have tried regardless of her husband’s threat not to help her if she got a flat tire. NICE GUY. I WON’T FORGET! I think she made a big mistake and what about LINDA? DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO HELP HER. SISTERLY LOVE:HOW BEAUTIFUL. I don’t consider my cousin worthy of friendship anymore because she is only a slave to her husband who is a slave to oil and he is one piece of shit as far as I’m concerned and that goes for his family whereas my cousin’s kids are pretty cute but it had nothing to do with her husband. I think it was her genes and her mothering that made them attractive for sure in many ways. Too bad you wasted those genes mixing with his genes because you demoted them because of it and hopefully you can find the truth with your kids and overcome the ghoul you married.

Most of the drive was clear of debris. I didn’t get a flat but in any case you exposed yourself offering help and not giving it and exposed your husband in a very treacherous way. GOOD LUCK cuz you may need it soon. I would hate for you to be in a fox hole with that guy if things get ruf. To whom much is given much is expected but he doesn’t really give it to you, does he? No, he doesn’t: YOU EARN IT!

He has to get you drunk on wine to cope!

I know my sister’s friend Miss York has some involvement in the crap that happened to my little sister and to my family. They hung out and Diane paid for a lot of things and they got drunk together and she was a habitual liar and taught Diane to lie (I think). She and my friend when working the dinner theater are two people my brother did not like and I understood about Meg but Jan I didn’t till lately because of her annulment in marriage as if it didn’t happen and a miscarriage at 6 moths or later in her pregnancy. I don’t think even her second husband knew LOL. It was probably purposeful. She reminds me of KT McFarland who I think is a liar but it has to do with their religion which are the same. I’ll never forget KT McFarland talking about Tsarnaev’s family and writing a book either on line or in print abut his family obviously because they were being watched and KT McFarland was in on it or she would not have had anything to write but that was a while ago and yet she did nothing to stop terrorism (that didn’t really occur)! McFarland is the auditorium at SMU where my kids and many other kids performed their ballets once a year. Diane’s friend was kind of fat and thought she was a comedian and basically was not funny to me but Diane laughed at everything she did. Her main joke was: Do my boobs hang low do they wobble to and fro etc. and she had humongous boobs because of her weight. It was a pain to listen to and try to be cool about her humor when my sister lived with me for a couple of years. It makes me suspicious of why my mom when Diane and I visited looked down at her boobs under her nightie and said “I love my bosoms” and we laughed but I didn’t put the two together and of course there was money that was stolen from my mom’s account making her less attractive to keep in a retirement center, I’m pretty sure. Miss York was also friends with my cousin’s husband. I’m pretty positive my mom was receiving cues from someone or somewhere and my ex didn’t seem to be bothered by her being hospiced  roman catholically (murdered) because she had dementia but that is debatable. We had a family friend who had dementia early in her life but no one tried to hospice her. She was still quite a lady and a good friend to my mom and helped my mom with me when I was hanging out at the park and hid in the back of a van when I was restricted from the park and vans. My mom seemed lucid to me and saw things others didn’t which is spiritual kind of stuff like I do but I don’t have dementia though because I have felt very low sometimes people have tried to institutionalize me but that is because I’m a threat to their faiths which are false. Pope Benedict XVl admitted that faith was the NEW ENLIGHTENMENT and obviously was added to the bible later to CHAPTER 4 OF THE GOSPEL OF JOHN and the parable about faith in the other gospels: the mustard seed which is proven to be false because it isn’t the smallest of seeds). So it also must have been added to the gospels, right? He ought to know! So my sister’s friendships were definitely a ring of liars. Liars like to cover up their lies hence the Newest Enlightenment: Mother Teresa and the hospice crisis and of course it is false but they want everyone to partake so that they may not be held accountable for their lies. TYPICAL OF A CULT. REMEMBER JONES TOWN, GUYANA…. essentially the same thing. The reason I brought it up is I watched a movie with the fat woman who is a comedian in the movie SPY, Melissa McCarthy who is very funny and attractive because of her personality and good writers as far as humor goes IMO but she reminded me of Diane’s friend and I bet if she didn’t have good writers she might not be that funny still the delivery is as important as the writers.

Their Youth DIrector at the church on Hunnicutt was a baptist by the name of BOB BANKS. He was married but wanted to date my sister. He ended up working for Gary Kircher at his deli as manager. He wound up divorced but definitely led the youth the wrong way. He also indoctrinated Gary Kircher. He was involved in some other cagey deal for Gary and to support Gary’s side when it comes to family sexual abuse. I was there’) He will pay for his deed someday, I hope. I don’t think there is any escape from it. Might as well just lay back and enjoy it, in fact, I hope you choke on it.

I do hold out hope for my little sister because the night I ate some walnuts in a dip she served at my elder sister’s home but told me they were almonds and I had my first COPD attack after the gathering on the way home. She later admitted on the phone that the nuts were actually walnuts during the time of the Listeria contamination of walnuts because I insisted on asking a few times via phone calls. So maybe she was hood winked, I don’t know and maybe she is learning that truth matters. I do remember her mentioning her husband David Sherman finding the almond/walnuts to add to the dip out of their pantry the night it was served to me.

My eldest sister on the last visit I went with my two sisters to see my mom before she died told me that her son had been visited by a friend of my dad called General Cushing (She might have said Cush but it alarmed me just the same). I don ‘t remember General Cushing being a friend of my dad and never had heard of him before except I had heard the name which was familiar: Cardinal Cushing officiated the wedding of JFK and Jackie Bouvier and officiated the funeral of President John F. Kennedy and when he was assassinated Cardinal Cushing was visiting someone in the Navy at Annapolis when he got the phone call pretty promptly but I had no idea he was a general or are Cardinals actually Generals of the Roman Catholic Church? Why was Cardinal Cushing at Annapolis? Cush is also an area of the world and represents a certain group of people. I have a feeling he is quite powerful in the church and if he was looking for my dad or information about my dad via his grandson he was up to no good. But my ex said army people do that all the time they look up about themselves in their books like a high school reunion kind of stuff for civilians (which I never did because it was not attractive idea because for one thing I went to 3 different high schools in three different states) and read about someone else they knew in the past and want to socialize with their relatives that they have never met before or been introduced to before which is true about some in the army because they are kind of a close knit group and friendly for many reasons (especially in foreign places and every base even in the USA is a different experience and until you live it you don’t know it and a new experience even for my parents) but he seems to know more about the army than I and I was an army brat and he wasn’t.

Therefore it doesn’t seem remotely plausible

after all that I have been through

with my sisters and him.

What is bad about their lies is it hurts other women and their parent’s rights to protect their daughters from encroachers. It’s the chicken way out to lie but typical of a false religion/CULT to encourage that kind of appeasement and cover up in order to perpetuate itself and they are rewarded for their lies. ITZA CHICKEN But their Father is the devil and that is why they have trouble with truth and they were indoctrinated by the BGEA and it’s offshoots who have pledged not to rat on each other for their reputations but also to retain some credibility which was Billy Grahams idea which is unbiblical.


Not all of us get an angel instructing the future husband

or their one night stand


 not put away their girlfriend or their one night stand

because she is pregnant.

PUT AWAY WHERE? RUSSIA and in PUTIN An asylum or a convent?

Very much like the movie about Salem witchcraft and their hysteria and lies and what it does to others. It’s sickening.

Pope Benedict XVl also admitted that maybe it wasn’t the fault of the Jews in regards to the crucifixion of Jesus and he retired kind of early for someone who was that aware! Who replaced him? A JESUIT named Pope Francis who thought it was cool to tell of stealing a dead man’s necklace (who was martyred) to gain his courage. Maybe it has helped him (I have no idea) as a reminder of courage. But people should not have to be martyred for the church to succeed. Truth would help because many people really desire the truth and the world would be a better place if TRUTH was held in high esteem.

Fox News has put on some questionable shows and in my opinion trying to silence people but also to intimidate people, start rumors, start wars, and they ought to CLOSE SHOP! They made their debut on the ClInton Lewinsky affair admitted by one of it’s news casters in a show about the beginning of Fox News and obviously The OJ Simpson trial where Greta Van Susterne and Mark Fuhrman (who is often a guest when it comes to murders and police stories that are misrepresented on Fox News) and how a few others got their start. THEY ARE WICKED except for a few that somehow have kept their integrity. THEY ARE EASY TO IDENTIFY and are probably the only reason FOX has been able to continue or tolerated.

These are unusual times, times I have never experienced or even heard of except in REVELATION.


To my cousin: I think your husband may be in for a surprise when he has to answer for himself and he will have no one to blame but himself though from what I gather of his traits he will probably blame you.

King James Bible 3:12 And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

I remember that on Greta’s show which often endorses and features Franklin Graham son of Billy Graham  that Franklin had hopes in Barack Obama at some point a few years back or so and that thing my mom said to me B-O- B might have something to do with Barack Obama and may mean Barack Obama Baal:

Baal is in 17th century goetic occult writings one of the seven princes of Hell. The name is drawn from the Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians.

and it kind of makes sense because seems like everything went to hell when he took office though it wasn’t that great with George Bush either since 9-11 and his brother Jeb Bush while Governor of Florida the 12 Saudi Arabian pilots were trained to fly but not to land and instead went after Capitalism…..

(and a particular money management company that Gary Kircher had worked for a few years around the time of that infamous Tuesday in October when the market went berserk and he lost his ass on the stock market. “I don’t care whose kids you are you can’t fly airplanes down Manhattan” or something similar was said by Obama at a Press dinner and perhaps referring to CONOCO OIL. My abused niece watched on top of a building in Brooklyn as it occurred and then soon after moved back to Texas to live by the ocean and met her husband Mr. LEVI White  (obviously a slug. Was he a set up to my niece. Strange coincidence about the name being the same as my great Grand mother, isn’t it? And they were trying to hide abuse by Gary. It may have to do with some German style cultish type of christianity and proposing the right to end peoples lives at their discretion for political and economic reasons like in WWll. They used to steal the teeth of their victims besides their jewelry, their homes , their businesses, their assets, their parents, etc what makes anyone think their proclivity and propensity has changed just because they signed some treaties. Like I mentioned in some other blog posts Gary collect Nazi and Roman paraphernalia and while it was only a peripheral interest with sexual abuse and degradation to females An inbred kind of attitude. His dad hated Jews and dealing with Jews and his dad was President of Conoco Oil so I guess some of his attitudes were taught to him. His dad thought way too much of himself and put on a lot of airs and was drunk a lot I guess he had to in order to put up with himself: his other son and wife were both doctors and Unitarians. I heard that he did something that brought a great deal of shame to him during his presidency but I have no idea what it was but I’m sure it was to have him in the vice of someone or something, don’t you bet?

Probably the cult of Od

which I think is from Germany and probably has something to do with HER-OD and it’s temple. Hillary’s statement about cookie do-ugh comes to mind and her and Bill Clinton’s relationship with BIlly Graham which I posted a picture of them together praying in one of my posts on one of my blogs linked on Merangue’s Blog which I think may be mocking in a spiritual way the bread of Jesus i.e. his body.) During WWll some tested the SUStenance of bread by only feeding bread to their prisoners and very little of it which is documented in the book written by Elie Weisel called Night and I think the cult of OD is about replacement theology. The abused niece also had a sister and she married a guy named HEB after a divorce (possibly an annulment) from a Fuhrmanish type person that took after her dad. And then there is HEBDO that occurred in France. I wonder if it’s related? ) to eventually be a proponent of death by hospice against my mom, granddaughter to Mrs. White, for money and for the Kircher REPUTATION and the Kirchers at least a few times went up north to the Bushes hideout in Maine called Kennebunkport along with Bob Phillips my ex-husbands old friend and crooner from Texas. The Kirchers were regulars at the golf tournament yearly in Georgia called

the Master’s Tournament

an exclusive club of good ole boys ( About 300 of them)


I hope your billboards burn! You are not such a nice guy after all – YOU ARE AN ASS!

I hope and will pray that everything you have accomplished, acquired and attained turns to ashes and into a parking lot and not into dust because that is how God made us from dust, not ashes –




for their forgiveness and forgiveness from GOD

for your parts

because I don’t think

I can!


and believe me GOD knows the DIFFERENCE!

…..via the Twin Towers in New York using box cutters but they didn’t make it to the White House (of course they were tricked thinking that was part of the deal) but they made it to the Pentagon to really piss off the military. Got to have them on board or you can’t proceed. Remember TIME MAGAZINE MAKING OBAMA A MESSIAH of TIME MAGAZINE?  And then of course giving away control of the Panama Canal under Jimmy Carter because of the Iran Hostage Crisis more than likely which was ultimately ridiculous and really stupid. Remember what was said to the Rev. Wilkerson according to him to make 1000 peanut butter sandwiches for the firefighters of 9-11 in New York before it occurred and Jimmy Carter was in the peanut business. He must have baals the size of peanuts for that blunder. Rev. Wilkerson’s last post on his blog before he was killed in a car wreck was referring to the Grahams and the BGEA’s (Evangelicals) motto and that’s a sign. You can read about it on a post linked on Merangue’s Blog.


Then we can’t forget what Barack Obama said at the UN:

“The future must not belong to those that insult the prophet of Islam.”

which is the False Prophet in my humblest opinion because I think the future does belong to those that insult the Prophet of Islam.



(Now the future must belong to those that not only destroy but build, says Obama, LOL.



since after the attacks they were able to light up and draw attention to


(Your Lady Of Paris)




but forgot to mention HELL


and after the




and it’s goin’ down

where it would not.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.01.26 PM

 “Je ne sais rien.”

Also one of the seven princes goes with the Sinbad and the Seven Seas

and last but not least

Revelation 17:9

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

The Seven Princes of Hell

The Seven Catholic Sacraments

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Catholic Church

The Seven Virtues

The Seven Archangels

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

OVERKILL especially in the PIETY department to the point of

intense vulGARitY!

Jesus in the Gospel of John says the prince of this world cometh and he has nothing in me but that was quite a while ago so could be we are on the 7th one (prince of hell) in any case my disclaimer is I understand that shit happens and it has happened to my family and I will have to learn to forgive them under the worst of times for me and my family because we are only human and aren’t necessarily accustomed to this kind of shit we have had to deal with in this country in the last 10 years and before that which we didn’t understand because we are not prophets and evil can be very evil and beneath our perception and understanding,


ALL GARY HAD TO DO WAS NOT DO IT But I think it has more to do with money and control freaks who could give a fuck about humanity and most of all females and their right to protect themselves before and after.



IT HAS TO DO WITH THE FALSE BELIEF THAT GOD IS DEAD BECAUSE OF ROME and doing away with the Ten Commandments in many places not to mention altering the Ten Commandments that were written in stone. The Roman Catholics combine some and exclude some for their convenience. It’s plain ole trickery.




I think much deception and misunderstandings (intercepting messages to cause confusion) occur via cell phones and of course that was the free token for a vote for Obama and a sign at Benghazi was the cell phone in the mouth of one of the people dragging a person around the burning building which could have actually occurred in Las Vegas because of the style of the compound looked very similar to places I have seen in that area and it was the place that the Obamas went the day after it occurred and whoever they were had State Department passwords in order to communicate, etc. and obviously had diplomatic immunity and the popes sidekick Jesuit FredeRIKO Lombardi gave the excuse to the State Department and Susan RIce first as they held some mock riots elsewhere to make things even more confusing and the Red Cross and the British Embassy left before the raid at Benghazi because they had inside information or were actually on the inside of the whole affair. Don’t forget the British left their post at Fort Bastion in order that a few Americans could be killed. The British need to figure out who is who in their country because they have some problems in their government and in their royalty as far as nazism WWlll FASCISM is concerned. England is where Billy Graham began his crusades  and boy did he fuck it up. Probably be wise to demote the royalty for starters. They obviously have a problem when it comes to their own genealogy. They are of German descent. They claim to have come from the Royal Line of David and if they did David must have been a dweeb. So King David was German? Ludicrous. HAVE YOU SEEN PRINCE CHARLES? HE’S A BOOB! PERHAPS ONE OF THE ROYAL STAFF (HIS NANNY) DROPPED HIM WHEN HE WAS A BABY. LOL. MAYBE it was his conversion on the way to Damascus. Obviously there were more than one King David. BUT IF NOT AND THEY ARE THEN ALL IS LOST. The best part of their family are the women they marry. And then we have TED CRUZ from Canada! There is no comparison between Queen Elizabeth in olden times who was a mover and a shaker and Queen Elizabeth now who is a patsy obviously for Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham. Might as well dispose of royalty to improve the countries prospects.

It must not be that a prophet perish outside of Jerusalem.

Sounds kind of french, dozen it? Came from the Gospel of Luke, I think, possibly the Gospel of Matthew.

Maybe the false prophet will perish outside of Jerusalem. Seems appropriate!


I had a panic attack or close to one thinking about Kristen and Gary. I asked in my mind how God would have handled Gary and the situation we were dealing with at the time with him and walked by the TV and someone on the TV said they would cut off his stuff talking about a child molestor (I think it was a prison show) but the TV is not God (anything electronic that you can hear such as a radio or TV that has a listening device built within it can also hear whoever is listening to it and whoever is watching TV can be seen and heard. CHECK OUT MY POST TITLED I WAS A RADIO in a segment about the assassination of JFK linked on Meringue’s Blog), however it was weird that it was said as I walked by the TV after asking that question and of course I don’t think that is how you should handle someone like that. I think they should be humiliated to the nth degree and lose friendships, etc and have psychiatric treatments because the child usually is their kid and usually the kid loves their dad. It happened a long time ago but it still bugs me a lot. Anyway I asked for assistance from the ex and he was not very helpful. He doesn’t care, though he thinks he does and says so but has proven that he doesn’t. In the past he worked for a company that was a real doozy. The woman that owned the business with her husband used to sprinkle holy water on the business and it’s doorways. She died and her husband took over and had a problems with his health such a a brain tumor and eventually died of stage 4 cancer and used a hospice. My husband bought his car from his brother at a lower price than he would have sold it to him. How convenient. He gave him a raise in salary one year and the next month took it back, LOL so he wasn’t very nice but maybe there were reason that i don’t have any way to know. Their business sucked and their business practices sucked and the people put in charge sucked BIG TIME and treated their employees like shit and without them would have had no business. But that is par for the course when you go around putting holy water on your doorways to improve your business. I guess they were evangelicals. I’m pretty sure that was their religion: Angels shall rise and fall upon the son of man. There was a war in heaven (rebellion) and 1/3 of the angels fell. When the owner of the business died my ex asked if it was okay that he didn’t go to the funeral and I said yea it’s okay if you didn’t like him, etc. He was a shitty boss. But the ex tonight said that I don’t understand hospicing. I do understand it. It’s a ploy to kill gently. Kill them softly with words etc. I don’t think they are necessary since a hospital can do the same thing and shouldn’t have to comply with hospice clerics and nuns. I heard that when my mom died because the hospice interfered with how the hospital wanted to deal with my mom and she died while they had their conflict with each other and that sucks. Hospice is a stinky business. Mother Teresa was sainted for her part on the hospice crisis by the Roman Catholic Church therefore I know it is evil and while it sounds so sweet and progressive etc it isn’t and can be and will be misused as it was for my mom and that is it’s intent and her intent because she didn’t know shit and Rome’s intent and evangelicals intent: evil angels intent etc to rob and to steal. As far as her spiritual prowess she was exposed by Christopher Hitchens an atheist or an agnostic but his expose of her was good to do and at least he cared about the truth which is important and IMO more important than all the religions in the world.

What I’m partially worried about is that my ex wants to get my daughter a car on her birthday and I’m afraid he wants my car, lol, but says he is going to give her his car and buy a truck. She does not like his car. I don’t either.

He could give a shit what happened to my family and said to get over it. It’s the past blah blah blah but I loved my family and he didn’t. It’s easy to say that when you don’t care like the Nazi’s in Germany that didn’t care and probably said the same thing to those that took notice of people on trains. I will never forget him leaping about his mom’s good health and therapy right after my mom died without therapy and his blaming her dementia for her bad luck. His mom was catholic and rewarded and my mom wasn’t and punished. It wasn’t dementia that killed her it was their revenge and they used her dementia as an excuse to rob her of life and her estate that she and her husband earned protecting our country from thieves like them. His lack of sympathy and comfort to me when my mom died STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. He had NONE! HE IS SO FUCKING CATHoLIC IT’S GROSS. HE USES PEOPLE. I think Catholic means LOOK THE OTHER WAY! I think that may be what they are taught like they were taught not to read the bible but worship the bible which is INSANE but the least they can do is not go to their churches and not support their causes. That would be a big help and teach others the same. Where did the quote “ignorance is bliss” come from? The Catholic Church. Remember Pope Francis said that he was glad not to know the details of what was going on around him. That is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.  Another of the Catholic Churches great inventions is “Cleanliness is next to godliness” (yea false godliness) which is stupid because sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to get something done that is good but that is what my ex tends to do he engages in some form of housework when he has lied his ass off or done something wrong and instead of admitting it he lies or forgets and then lies and then starts the vacuum. That is not enough. He is like a flamingo. And the same goes for evangelicals which essentially are Catholic. IF you don’t start doing what is right and getting your hands dirty you will be overrun by your own inventions such as ISLAM and it will be ASHame. Deceiving others causes uprisings by those that were deceived. IT is only natural for it to head in that direction and it is heading in that direction, isn’t it? And maybe that is Gods punishment to exorcise the Roman Catholics and the Evangelicals until they CAPITULATE.

What if everyone ran their business that way not knowing the details. Eventually it gets taken over and that is what has happened: THE JESUITS and they have accomplished quite a bit of deception and GREAT EVIL because

Have you heard any of the candidates or press pools press stations bring up the hospice crisis? That is because they are turning the other way and acting ignorant. Have you heard any government officials bring it up? How about the military? How about Paul Ryan Speaker of the House? Great acceptance speech and yet meaningless: Bring up the Hospice situation or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEAS. IF YOU DON’T BRING IT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE YOU ARE COMPLICIT AND WILL FACE JUDGEMENT!  IT IS WHAT YOU GET PAID STEALTHILY TO DO and it is your job to do it.


Ryan moves stir White House talk


and it works the other way around as well and you don’t want to GO THERE!

Better get busy and speak!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.17.38 PM

The Byrds – “Mr. Tambourine Man” – 5/11/65

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.21.20 PM

If they can come up with a drug that enhances a man’s lebido they should BE ABLE TO come up with one that depreciates a man’s lebido so that he won’t desire his daughter or his son or his sister or his sister-in-law. I think that may be how it should be handled and forced upon men that take liberties with kids and has a problem at family reunions exposing himself or sneaking in on his BELLY to his sister in law in her sleep to molest her while she slept in bed with her sister his wife. I was in shock looking into my sister face a foot away while he did his thing until I kicked him off quietly for her sake. That was the beginning of my experience with my sister and her husband’s problem. The next morning when we went to breakfast I was in shock as he acted like nothing happened. I think that is what should be done to men like GARY KIRCHER and the wife will just have to bear it. Instead she got a nose job, boob job, enlarged her vagina, face lift and neck job, paid 250 thousand dollars a year and all sorts of other stuff. I beared it for years going without sex 6 months at a time because my ex was deficient that way because of an injury as a child and a scrotum that had little blood supply getting to his worms which I was not warned about before marriage. I did not insist he get on that drug to improve his lebido because of the risks involved. of course he could have had his scrotum fixed but he didn’t have the desire. LOL. My sister should have had to face it herself for her kids. If she loved her husband and her kids they could have still gone on with life and possibly all the other shit would not have occurred because of her reputation and theirs which did great damage to my family that I grew up and to me. The biggest problem with incest is the silence about it and the lack of understanding concerning it. Drinking usually is involved and a spiritual vacuum within the person for many reasons such as the deception within most churches about the truth about God and so are subject to evil and evil intentions. Taking pictures of me hugging someone as a greeting or any other reason is insane in order to incriminate me. One has nothing to do with the other. Hugging is not a sin. There were other things done to incriminate me which were cruel and unusual and it should have been the other way around but I didn’t know when these attacks would occur so a camera was not an option for me. I didn’t know when I was going to be attacked because I could not predict their intentions. It took a long while to coalesce the situation I was dealing with and I had good intentions and it wasn’t enough. I didn’t know when I was in the back seat of their vehicle with their son driving that his dad would reach over the front seat of the car and grab my thigh in front of his son while his mom was talking to a client in the house. A camera would not have helped or stopped the harassment. It was an impossible situation. What do you do when a person takes their young tot to the jacuzzi at night for a jealousy lesson in front of their mother his wife and my sister, me and my mom. Who was supposed to intervene? Me, my mom, OR HER the mother of the child? She lived with the man and she knew his problems. How does one give a jealousy lesson in a jacuzzi at night? whether anything happened or not in that jacuzzi either way it was obscene. Was he trying to intimidate us…showing us who is the boss……messing with us….or who knows  but you have to admit it is insane. How about a jealousy lesson in the daytime in the house without house guests. Wouldn’t that have been more appropriate? Why then? He wanted the attention and who knows why. Probably to piss off his wife by my mom’s reaction and my reaction which was stunned. He tended to abuse brunettes for the most part so his wife must have been the person he had disdain for in a weird way because she married him and his own sister who was brunette and so she his wife and kids would learn to hate my mom and me. When I wasn’t invited to my mom’s funeral the kids said they didn’t blame me for not coming….I wasn’t invited…. but I knew my mom would understand me not coming because of the situation that was forced upon us and the discomfort my presence would cause and if I did hang out with family it gave them undue credence and they would probably have tried to make me watch that boring movie about a girl who ruins a marriage by lying about rape by the husband with the girl that stars on the movie the Pirates of the Carribean (Keira Knightly) called Atonement and then I would have to offer them the movie Deliverance starring Burt Reynolds. It was very confusing dealing with their troubles and their foibles and we did the best we could and it backfired on us because of spiritual depravity in low places. I didn’t change my first name from Elizabeth to her current name but Gary’s little sister did change her name. I WONDER WHY! WAS SHE JEALOUS? It’s not like they were gonna admit it either as my brother said it’s called self preservation but SOME of my family tried very hard to make it easy for them and had that 2nd meeting (keep it within our generation etc) and it wasn’t good enough for them and now it’s gonna take a lot of work on their part to fix it. Forgiveness was offered without admittance and denied by those that should have accepted it and should have been thankful. Instead they did the opposite with a lot of help.

Diana Ross – Upside Down

Anyway I have had some good signs and I know I’m on the right track and I have great hopes for me, myself and I and the people I love eventually. You can see that an awful lot of coincidences regarding my family, IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING and I think it’s gonna be good! We really were quite a family with a few quirks, I mean, jerks.

I had a friend who suggested I wrap myself in saran wrap and meet my husband at the door because my husband at the time was not sexual. Let’s put it this way most of the marriage he was that way. He didn’t tell me he had a problem with his balls before we got married and I think he should have told me though he didn’t really know till a doctor told him he had a problem. Never the less he is a lunatic or I wouldn’t have to worry about my car. I didn’t want it (sex) anymore with him. I was more or less hinting about divorcing him at the time and because eventually you lose interest and there’s no shame in divorce for good reasons. He ended up being a twinkie and I don’t like twinkies. He stands up for nothing because he doesn’t care. It’s something to do with being a Catholic, I think though it could be something else but when I saw his eyes flashing and asking me if I was feeling alright when I said I was jittery I knew he was possessed by something because he really could care less and has demonstrated it plenty of times in plenty of ways but puts on a good show for his kids and whoever is watching. (I have listened to his conversations with men and I know he talks big with them, lies out the kazoo and I think he has not come out and I’m his protection or something and that’s not right. That’s what I think. He definitely has no respect for women and in my opinion is a lousy dad.) I’ll never forget how he strutted about after hocking my silver that my parents bought for a wedding gift because his brother mooched off us for a long time and got paid for it and I got paid nothing and I did most of the work in comparison to his brother who loved to act like he was working lol and then our van was repossessed and the silver was hocked to a friend which his brother tried to rape his daughter and nothing was done about it and eventually bought it back from this man as christmas present to me which was the stipulation that I would get it back and it was absolutely disgusting. Not the silver but the whole situation. He enjoys the wrong things like the TV show watching people bid on warehouses of stuff people have been IMO forced to leave probably because of the RCC’s and their allies fuck overs of peoples lives. He and his brother used to love pro wrestling and I found that disgusting as well since it’s crap. I lost my wedding ring on a trip because my hands were so swollen from working while not getting paid and he hocked his. I lost my mothers diamond ring that was given as a engagement ring. I bet he hocked it. Found the kids wearing it my diamond ring and then it disappeared at some point. My pearl that my dad brought back for me disappeared. Then he wouldn’t sell the dream house of his because he said no one would buy it and some one did buy it which I had borrowed money for his dream house from my brother with a contract that was broken. He did it to fuck me over and he had a lot of help because I divorced him and when it came up the idea of divorce he said he wanted me to bury him or vice versa and I pretty much knew I was doing the right thing at that point. Too many things over the years add up. (He is not his own man. He goes where the wind takes him kind of guy. When Gary asked him to bring over the lawn mower after I had been fucked with by Gary at the office and many other things in the past and at the present and future and I told him not to and he did anyway. No backbone. Like a newt, as in Gingrich.) I divorced him in a no fault divorce and it wasn’t good enough for him. Anyway I wouldn’t stoop that low for sex using saran wrap, thank you and all I did was stop desiring it from him. I guess she did it with her husband and it worked. LOL. I can take care of myself much easier and not degrade myself even further with saran wrap. LOL She was the friend that got a teaching license and her daughter was being bullied at school and they were having to deal with COMMON CORE and she said the teachers and the students were crying all the time and I suggested homeschool when we visited at the grocery store. Then had the same damned conversation three months later about the same damned thing in the same grocery store. She needed the money though she didn’t say it but I know that is why she didn’t pull her kid out of school plus she was a teacher in the same establishment and could watch over her kid whereas I couldn’t. We did pull my kid out of school because mine ended up in the ER a few days afterwards (she was bullied) and the school was gonna take 6 weeks to figure it out and we didn’t have 6 weeks to figure it out. Mental and physical abuse is potent especially when it originates because of jealousy and cult behavior and cult punishment for obvious reasons enumerated many times in my blogs. Last but not least he said I was worthless and so many other things have occurred and were said. Obviously he thought my mom was worthless as well. People like my ex and me shouldn’t have to be together but economics B/C of cults makes it impossible to move out. I have written a lot of lousy stuff but it’s true. I have thought lousy stuff about him but I wish he would find someone that he respected and could learn from because it might help him. And I wish I could be independent RICH (lol) and leave. I have learned on my own accord and can never and never will respect him and nor will he respect me and nor do I care and that’s a bad deal.

Catholics need to divorce Catholicism or I think in the end they will regret it.

That’s my vision. Read REVELATION and it should convince a Catholic to denounce Catholicism.


tot in a plastic bag2015-10-17 at 7.27.43 PM

MY DAD? It looks like his mouth and chin and I’m sure it was meant to deter me and to freak me out and other things. I loved his chin but when he was buried they tucked his chin into his neck which was obscene.

Elton John – I’m Still Standing

partly because of my mom and dad and their example which I will never ever forget.

There have been other Fox deterrences such as the picture of the woman who killed her husband who pulled a plug on a kayak in the Lake Erie crap which was on Greta’s show. My little sister was gonna buy kayaks for their lake home and I presume it may have to do with what happened to my mom and the hospice that interfered with the hospital when she died and David her second husband who was at the hospital at the time and I don’t think he gave a shit and possibly hinting he pulled the plug. I don’t know. I think he wanted the $35,000 in short order and has been living off her first husbands divorce settlement. He was the one that told me not to bring friends of my kids on a proposed future visit to their home (before I was exiled and called Satan and the Devil) and staying in their garage renovation where I was suspicious of his intent because of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. He is the fucking walnut guy.  Like I said when you hugged the guy it was like hugging a corpse. Weird feeling. Most men don’t make stipulations about a visit of family. They don’t even think about it usually. I think he had ill intent for me and my kids. And often teens don’t want to go on trips without a friend so it was kind of stinky. What is one more kid or two? He is a control freak and has little respect for my little sister calling her his dear wife when tweeting her friends that she was in a car accident instead of calling her by her name. This is his third marriage so she isn’t that dear. Greta is a follower of Franklin Graham and the BGEA. (Billy Graham Evangelical Association.) Her husband didn’t even invest any of his own money in their home. I tried to warn her and deal with some family issues that had to be laid bare.


YOU HAD TO HAVE KNOWN HIM TO KNOW THAT. He was a good man and a great dad and I know it didn’t go unnoticed by God.

So if I were you I would get your shit together and put down the false religions and false premises!

I agree with Trump: we should get out of NATO all together. FUCK UM because they fucked us. The USA!

We can call it THE GREAT DIVORCE.

Congrats to Bernie Sanders.

Between Trump and Sanders we might have a good chance.

Fox News ought to move to EUROPE: BELGIUM to be precise. France can protect England and vice-versa. Turkey can protect Rome and vice-versa. Japan can protect Australia and vice-versa. ………You can get nuns to fix Japan’s automobiles like in the movies. The Japanese can hum a precision tune to them while the nuns fix their cars. And Taiwan can help.

Saw a show on some channel with Dan Rather and Melissa Etheridge and enjoyed her story about herself and the interview and her cancer discussion and she talked about Angelina Jolie as well and her operation. I was never a fan of Melissa Etheridge not because of her choices however she and he looked quite young so it had been taped a long time ago. When I saw her on Mike Huckabee a while back she was older and not very talented at least the song she sang sucked and how she preformed sucked and she seemed emaciated not physically but mentally and spiritually and her talent seemed like it had eroded. I had seen her preform before a little bit and proudly and was astonished how bad she was on the Huckabee show and the song sucked the choice of the song as well and wondered at the time perhaps that is all Huckabee would allow on his show. It was like a shadow of her former self and she had lost her MOJO. I wonder what happened between then with Dan Rather and recently (before the run for the presidency) to the Mike Huckabee Show. Evangelicalism?

To be honest I was amazed he had her on his show. I never was a fan of Huckabee except for his stand on taxes during his run for the Presidency: The Consumption tax.

Advisors Tell Trump, Cruz To Stick To Just Attacking All Women In General


I don’t like shows when the boss plays with the guests. It’s kind of gross. Kind of like a boss that screws his employees. I think he should allow bands to play what they play without his talent. Not saying he is talented either or untalented it’s just so intrusive. Ed Sullivan had a great show and was very entertaining with his personality how he introduced the bands and the talent and much more classy and I bet he was much more talented but he showcased others instead. Huckabee reminds me of Bob Phillips. MEDIOCRE. I think it’s a matter of pride but still he is “right on the right on” about taxes. He has some good ideas but too malleable, too soft to be President.

We Asked Actor Morgan Freeman ‘What Is ‘God’ to You?’ Listen to His Curious Response — and Hear What Shocked Him Most About His New TV Series on the Almighty

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.10.39 AM







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The Execution of Benghazi

The Execution of Benghazi


the Son of Senator John Kerry?

Why did Senator John Kerry at his hearing in response to Senator Rand Paul’s question about 

whether Senator John Kerry would work with Senator Rand Paul on Benghazi (execution/massacre/terrorist attack/video) say

“If you are looking for daylight between me and Secretary Hillary Clinton,

uh that’s not gonna happen here today (laughs) on on that score……”?

(I think I found the reason which you can discover below about the little daylight between them,

and I mean “a little daylight” a long time ago!

Had to be a little daylight cuz some men are little.

And some men are little.

“”I’ve done what was possible to do,” Clinton” said

I bet it was difficult! A miracle!

Which reminds me of the mustard seed parable:


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

Hillary Clinton works last day as Sec. of State

Clinton: Benghazi Won’t Affect Whether I Run For President

Actually, it might!

Hillary said:

What difference at this point does it make?

I think if you were the parents it might make a difference at this point.

If you are in jail because your first amendment rights have been tread upon it might make a difference.

If you are an American citizen with the threat of losing your constitutional rights it might make a difference.

If you don’t want to swallow Islam and it’s lack of rights and lies it might make a difference.

If you are a woman and don’t want to be ruled by a woman hating religion it might make a difference.

IF you care about the truth


There are reasons this happened

although she ‘swept up’ the House and outsmarted most of them!

Obama had already slayed the Senate.


Obama is Slaying the Senate




Why doesn’t it matter to Hillary Clinton?

Obviously, it does not matter why to Hillary Clinton.

Partly the reason it doesn’t matter why to her is because of her lack of belief because of her Jesuit education and upbringing and her propensity to lie being a lawyer and being taught to lie to avoid responsibility. That’s a pretty bad combination and hard to overcome in order to understand the importance and the depth of what I believe occurred at Benghazi.

He was a witness. He exposed your allegiance to the Vatican. That is what a witness does.

He succeeded.

No matter what tricks you use, no matter how you twist and turn this event the result cannot be undone.

No matter how you mock or if you get away with your lies he still won.

Here is a good post which I believe is applicable:

Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged

How in the world do you FORM AND PURSUE A FOREIGN POLICY without knowing why?

Why is important.

Knowing why makes a difference in knowing direction and knowing intent.

Did the men at Benghazi die because there were men walking around? No

Did they die because Hillary is a woman? No

The reason they died is important.

Has the U.S. outsourced torture?

That is the question that needs to be asked by the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

To the Libyans, no less?

Grandfather grieves teenage grandson killed by U.S. drone

Al-Awlaki is suing four U.S. officials, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Former CIA Director David Petraeus over his son and grandson’s deaths.

He alleges that the government did not follow due process in killing American-born Anwar and Adulrahman.”

There is a method to Obama and Panetta’s madness!

We better get a hold of this situation.






Also it would be smart to compare the pictures of the man dragged around by the Libyan mob purportedly to be Ambassador Chris Stevens who is not Ambassador Chris Stevens and why he disappeared for so long. (11 hours?) Sounds like a set up to me. Did Ambassador Chris Stevens set up this debacle and these murders? Is he really dead and is he vile?

Is Hillary protecting Ambassador Chris Stevens and his whereabouts? Could he be hiding out at the Vatican?

Ambassador Chris Stevens was very active in all the countries mentioned below….not just Libya.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.12.06 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.09.18 AM

Compare their hairlines which are remarkably different. The man on the right is younger by about 20 years. Their hair characteristics are different.Their foreheads are different the man on the right has a bigger forehead. Their eyebrow shapes are different. The man on the right has an arch on the rightside of the eyes. Their eyelids are different.Their hair color is different one is blond and the other is brunette. I’m a portrait artist and I can tell. The man on the right is tougher and manlier than Ambassador Chris Stevens by a huge measure.

These are not the same person.

So why  is Hillary Clinton not revealing what she knows is a misrepresentation?

She met with Chris Stevens.

She knew him!


Here are some reasons why it matters:

Because our foreign policy is directed by the Vatican since they followed their lead. The Vatican provided the excuse on September the 12th via Father Lombardi the Vatican Spokesman. That matters. Obviously they directed the other protests to cover their murders of 4 Americans. They control the arab people and the terrorists. 

The Red Cross was pretty aware because they left early.

Our State Department followed the Vatican with the same excuse and fed it to the public.

Our President followed or he lead theVatican and fed the same excuse to the public and to the world via the UN.

Obviously, our State Department is nothing more than agents of the Vatican.

That’s why.

They want to feed us the religion of Islam.

Yet Islam wants to murder Americans.

US gift of F-16 fighter jets headed to Egypt

If you watch Sean Hannity’s show last night Tues. Jan. 22 2013

and watch the video of Morsi of Egypt

it’s pretty evident they don’t care for American people just their money and arms shipments.


Because Islam is a bad religion.

Our first amendment and our 2nd amendment rights are in jeopardy because Obama, Roman Catholicism and the Vatican and Islam don’t care about our first and second amendment rights.

That’s why it matters.

Any group that wants to feed us the religion of Islam must be the deceiver .

So therefore Roman Catholicism must be a bad religion.

Anyone who tells me Islam is a good religion is a deceiver which includes Hillary Clinton!

The vatican must be bad if they want to deceive the American people and take away their constitutional rights.

Obama, Clinton, Advocates for gun control, Gore, Vatican are deceivers.

This is the Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict.

Notice the red crosses.


Obviously the Red Cross has another purpose.

Part of the book of Daniel is being fulfilled. That’s why it matters.

I must confess I don’t understand it. I’m not a prophet or a expert in prophetic biblical writings but it sure looks like some similar things are occurring.

Daniel 11:31

King James Version (KJV)

31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength,

and shall take away the daily sacrifice,

and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

32 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries:

but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

33 And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.

36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women,

nor regard any god:

for he shall magnify himself above all.

38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god,

Islam= Allah

whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory:

and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

41 He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown:

but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt:

and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him:

therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain;

(Temple ofApollo in Libya?)

yet he shall come to his end,

and none shall help him.

I think the abomination that make desolate is


It was not much of a choice. 

Daniel 11:20-21

20 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom:

but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person,

to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom:

but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

 Gore? Kerry?

Gore praises Obama for speaking ‘powerfully’ on climate change

Both are flattering each other

Climate change was also birthed by the Vatican before Gore took the ball and ran with it.

Hillary was also flattered a bunch today.



Red Cross

Our Relationship with

the Federal Government


“The relationship between the American Red Cross and the federal government is unique. We are an independent entity that is organized and exists as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable institution pursuant to a charter granted to us by the United States Congress. Unlike other congressionally chartered organizations, the Red Cross maintains a special relationship with the federal government.

We have the legal status of “a federal instrumentality,” due to our charter requirements to carry out responsibilities delegated to us by the federal government. Among these responsibilities are:

to fulfill the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, to which the United States is a signatory, assigned to national societies for

the protection of victims of conflict,

to provide family communications and other forms of support to the U.S. military, andto maintain a system of domestic and international disaster relief, including mandated responsibilities under the National Response Framework coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”

but instead they left.

(Not to mention Sandy’s victims still with little help from the Red Cross

and probably just for those that are of the same religious ilk)

So maybe the red cross knows about the other witnesses…and of course the Vatican probably does too! No one has been allowed to interview them. Were they debriefed in Germany? Supposedly that is where they were airlifted.
But what seems to matter to most of the Senate and the House of Representatives is to flatter Hillary Clinton
because that is what they did most of the time today in the hearings

Rand Paul To Hillary Clinton: ‘I Would Have Relieved You Of Your Post’

except for a few courageous people. Rand Paul, Ileana Ross-Lehtinen and Ron Johnson.

But they still ignored the identification dilemma of

Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Most of the representatives did not do their homework or they would have asked more questions instead they pandered.
Pandering is the biggest characteristic of the Obama administration and pandering usually is accompanied with deception. I have never witnessed so much of it in all my life as I did with these hearings. John McCain might as well have been wall paper for all he is worth.Milk Toast!

 If they had done their homework they would have asked about the appearance

of the ambassador and the man dragged around.

They are protecting Obama and the others involved sow they must be involved if they need to be protected.
Therefore the panderers share the guilt of this massacre and others that follow
because they are aiding and abetting the murderers of these men by protecting
Obama and Clinton and the others.
They did not make a good faith effort in their determinations. So much for faith.

They did not make a good “faith” effort to gain

any new information…

but then faith is just

wishful thinking

they didn’t need to because instead they acted as a shield for Clinton and Obama,
with the exception of the few people named above.

Chuck Hagel, John McCain Clash Over Iraq Surge (VIDEO)

Now John McCain is trying to change his image from milk toast to aggressive. What a joke:

because Senator John McCain also knew that the man dragged around

was not Ambassador Chris Stevens

because he also knew Ambassador Chris Stevens:

I think Mr McCain is playin’ a game and definitely involved with Kerry, Clinton and obviously ambassador Chris Stevens.
I guess he was broken in Vietnam and not the hero he pretended to be.
Played his questions to steer others away from the reality of Benghazi
that’s why Hillary smiled the whole time while he revealed his benign questions.
I no longer have any respect for McCain.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.54.14 AM

 Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.52.36 AM
And to top it off on September 15th, 2012 Vladamir Putin said:

Putin Turns Photo Ops Into Soviet-Style Agitprop

……..”Of course it was a set up.”…….

………”Of course there are excesses,”……..

……..”Well of course they were planted!”………

……. “Of course it was a set up.”……..

 “Actually, if President Putin has gills, I’d say he’s entitled to show them off. If an American politician confessed to having gills, we’d see an attack ad that went,
“Can an aquatic organism really represent your interests in Washington, D.C.?”

Supposedly talking about his geese and tigers,

yea right, more like sending a message to someone via the press.

Timing is very suspicious!

Was Putin referring to Ambassador Chris Stevens as the representative who did the setting up?
Remember what Obama said to President Dmitri Medvedev in March 2012
that he would have “more flexibility” after the election and that he needed more space.
What is it about space and Obama always needing more space?

When Obama says he needs more space does he mean he wants more daylight?

Tonight Jan 26th 2013 on  Justice with Judge Jeanine she nailed Hillary’s weaknesses and her made up stories about Benghazi and the aftermath, the congressional hearings.
Here is the you tube of the show:

Judge Jeanine: Clinton ‘did the Washington side step’

Hillary said there was not real time video and said they got the surveillance videos some weeks later

that was the first time we saw any video of the attack.


Janine Pirro mentions that Charlene Lamb the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State said when she testified

“I could follow in real time what was going on in the Command Center.”

What does real time mean?

Is Hillary lying? Why?

Did she forget about Charlene Lamb’s testimony?

Was Hillary at the Command Center

at the same time as Charlene Lamb?

State Department: We Monitored Libya Attack ‘in Almost Real Time’

“U.S. officials in Washington monitored the Sept. 11 attack on the American mission in Benghazi as it was happening. But don’t blame American policymakers for initially blaming the unrest in Benghazi on protesters.”

Hillary should have to testify again to answer these kinds of comparisons to others testimony about Benghazi and against the casual comments made by her staff and President Obama before she leaves office and before she is replaced and then President Obama should have to testify before the congress also. Joseph Biden and anyone in the Command Center that night should have to testify also before anything else is allowed to be done by the President, Biden, Hillary and their collaborators. I wonder if Bill CLinton is involved especially after his comments at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony about the deals he did not make. Maybe those deals are part of the coverup of Benghazi and maybe he should testify about them.

Senator Lindsay Graham on Greta Van Susterne’s show on Fox News said that Senator Kerry interviewed the 20 witnesses that we still have not heard anything about or from that were flown out.. I can’t find any news stories on that admission from Lindsay Graham on the internet….why not?  We don’t know who they are. We should nickname Senator Kerry – Senator Hanes.Perhaps he had camouflaged  briefings with them.

Did they also commit suicide as occurred in Jonestown?

Did he talk to them in a Kennedy accent while he was there?

He should be questioned. Sounds to me like he could be in on the planning of it,

Still I wish Judge Jeanine Pirro would acknowledge (if she gets this post) that

 the identification dilemma of Ambassador Chris Stevens, if she has noticed. I think Fox News isn’t really concerned about the truth, just the ratings with the discontented knowing there are many of them and holds back it’s reporters from the whole scoop. She said to one of the moms (Sean Smith’s mom) on the air that they did everything they could, but they did not do everything that they could. They did not look into the identification difference between the two men pictured above. Maybe they were not allowed to? I don’t know.

 I sent e-mails to them, but they were ignored I think because they are also steering with their propaganda and should have been interested in the fact that these are not the same man because that is


They have those salaries to protect and they obviously are more important to them

than getting it right and getting out the truth to the american people,

and in the end it will be to their shame.

I would not take that lightly!!!


 Judge Jeanine still has the right to bear arms

and can bare her arms with dignity and honor

not only that her arms exceed Michelle’s bare arms,

because Judge Jeanine is so so so much brighter than Michelle Obama

because Jeanine Pirro really does care.

She and Hannity did the very best coverage of them all about Benghazi and a few of Greta’s investigators did also..but not Greta. The Five also do pretty well they just tend to stay on the surface but attract an audience that tend not to go deeper yet cover a wide range of topics.
I think Greta is competing with Judge Jeanine and just could not win so Greta brought in Franklin Graham and he needed her as well because in the end for Greta it’s about ratings and not the truth that matters. And as for Franklin Graham it’s about money and not the truth that matters. Besides he is not responsible for his daddy’s Billy Graham ‘s BGEA manifesto and neither is his daddy because they don’t know what is in it, whether he called Mormonism a cult or not although at the time he was adamantly sure of it because there is so much information in his manifesto. Kind of like Obama with Obamacare.

Kind of like Obama with his budget plans now he wants to change it because it works for him now. At the time he was adamant about what he would accept and not accept and what he got for free. Guess it wasn’t so good because of this dang Benghazi mess he is in now he’s got to grease a few psalms.

If Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham didn’t know what was in their manifesto

how can we be sure the killer in California knows what is in his manifesto.

For all I know The Angels of LA might have written it themselves and shot this man’s defense attorney’s daughter.

Seems an odd thing to do. It sounds fishy, like a set up. I think he got on the wrong side of some corrupt cops. Maybe there’s more to the story than meets the eye and maybe these Angels of LA are corrupt?

Chicago marchers urge Obama to come home to address gun violence

Fox News Shows and personalities have come up a bit short of my expectations

and shirked their duty (as the press)

to their jobs, to their families and their children, to their friends, to the american people, to the world

and most of all to God.



That is why Obama and Hillary can mock!

They mock but they are still the big losers.

They were exposed by their own words:

The video tape did it.

It was the video tape’s fault. 

The news story about the romance between a football player with a non-existent woman was part of their mock

and received a lot of coverage and attention via Fox News

and yet not once did anyone dare to compare

the two men even after the obvious differences

were made evident and in my opinion crystal clear.

Clearly they are not the same person.

It spoke volumes to me about the lack of integrity of Fox News,

 but I saw it coming when Franklin Graham pressed upon Greta Van Susterne for her propping his ministry which is his veil and reward and by now you ought to know that. He is quite involved in those countries and would not surprise me if he is responsible to some degree for their lawlessness.

By this news story Fox News was exposed too. Who is running their show. 


He is a fake. His dad was exposed a long time ago and again he and his dad were exposed

by Mitt Romney! 

We didn’t realize LOL

Ain’t nothing you can do about it now.

It’s “on the record.”

I have to assume he is involved…timing is coinci-dental.

Picture 10


The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree (Billy Graham)

Murder, martyrdom, ridicule, and the silencing of others is his fruit.

JFK Assassination, CBS News

and the Second Vatican Council

Remember JFK?

Please read:

Beware Oh brother, beware don’t you listen to the words.

The tender lies….

Why can’t they even mention the physical differences in the man at Benghazi and the ambassador?

Is Fox news involved in Benghazi or is Fox News involved in the  


If you don’t ask how will we ever get any answers? Sure Obama and Clinton and many others are lying but at least confront them about the plain and obvious discrepancy of the main characters involved. Who is tying your hands on this question?

If they are, then obviously it is super important and the ones that are tying your hands are also involved in the coverup!


The deaths that come after because of the lack of your earnestness on this event might occur

because of that failure.

Are you willing to take responsibility for those deaths?

At least ask the question in public to Obama and Clinton so that they are held responsible,

instead of you.

Did Franklin Graham twist your arms?

 In Dallas the audience at the noon luncheon were blamed for the death of JFK by the clergy because they did not believe….

all they had was faith and hope

i.e. like having Obama and Clinton

and it is just

i.e. Graham

not enough!

So far that combination is a bust

Game Over

Because The Truth Matters

disregarding the truth leads to failure and death

(which I’m pretty sure that Graham had lots to do with that failure probably because he tanned you

ie. stopped you in myriad of ways from asking and confronting by using his pressure

He is very bad but effective at keeping others from truth and freedom)

I guess he or someone or something had tanned Greg Gutfield and Eric Bowling a few days back because they were joking about it. Interesting because right before President Kennedy was assassinated the press mentioned jokingly his tan. However he had been to Hawaii supposedly before the trip to Dallas. But it was the way the press mentioned his tan as if they had beaten him down or they had overcome him somehow. Convinced him to see it there way kind of bully treatment.

You can see it in their eyes as it seems to be residing just lately: a sort of cruelty and ridicule and similar to the pictures at the bottom of this post and in Obama eyes and Chris Stevens eyes and no mention of Benghazi, Monday Feb 11th. Let’s hope they fight it. Just noticed the screen on my ex’s computer is a plucked live chicken. weird.

In the bible there was a tanner in the book of Acts where Peter was staying when Peter succumbed to some strange trance-like interaction with someone I believe is the very evil spirit that is affecting many in Christiandom today. Whem he is offered three times all kinds of wild beasts to dine upon. Three times because just before that in the Gospel of John Jesus forgives him 3 times at the Sea of Galilee after he had risen. So maybe Jesus was warning about that spirit offering all kinds of wild animals to dine upon when he fell  into a trance and suffice it to say Cornellius a just man was at his door. geez Is Cornellius the just man who the wife of someone or other said caused her nightmares? Have nothing to do with that man was her warning to her husband. Billy Graham wrote a book called Just As I Am. A copy cat. Interesting.

Acts 9:42-43

42 And it was known throughout all Joppa; and many believed in the Lord.

43 And it came to pass, that he tarried many days in Joppa with one Simon a tanner.

Joppa is Jaffa in Israel

Anyway it was Simon Peter who was lodging with Simon a tanner.

Reminds me of the  “Simon, Simon Satan hath desired thee that he may sift thee as wheat” at the last Supper of the synoptic Gospel of Luke.

Maybe Simon had two personalities Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde type of personality or maybe there were two Simons.

In the Gospel of John Jesus washes the feet of his apostles and says:

John 13:10

10 Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean,

but not all.

Tanners were considered not to be clean dealing with the skins of animals etc

and Simon the tanner was not clean.

It was a BIG HINT to his apostles and to us.

Tanning is to blackmail a person because of their sins or entrap someone to sin also etc

Billy Graham did it to JFK in a letter and probably other times we don’t know about.

Drugs, deception, trances, dreams are a very powerful ways to tan someone and get them to do something, take a picture and catch them when they would not have done it otherwise.

Here is Bob Beckel’s brother Graham Beckel who starred in the TV movie Lincoln based on Oreilly’s version of Lincoln and resembles Billy Graham (I guess he gets around), so obviously Fox News is controlled by that enig-mo:

No wonder Bob Beckel doesn’t think Benghazi is important!

It is important of course, but they are afraid of it.

That is how Billy Graham influences the Press and politics in America in lots of ways.

Disguise master Jack of all trades Dork head

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 7.12.03 PMScreen shot 2013-02-18 at 7.12.15 PM

He is a JUST whatever.

Did you ever see the movie


with Burt Reynolds?

Billy Graham is not good, nor just, neither right.

What say you? You see I prayed without fasting about what you were up to in your youth because of your books about Lincoln and Kennedy which I have not read and because of the star of the show that aired recently about Lincoln which I also have not watched who is related to Ed Beckel and your spin and being the number one show and all I watched and the answer kind of came to me a few days later

in a flash of a second.

Will find when I can…. got to locate the pictures. Found it in one of my posts. Here is “the spin” O’reilly in drag a few years back when he was Frank McGee a jesuit.

Here it is from the post:

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”


Makes me wonder who JFK was talking about

when he said, “Let my people go!”

Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

Just to be precise what happened at Benghazi is not about Republicans, the Tea Party, Democrats, Libertarians and any other political parties issues. It is about the bible and christianity and Revelations and one of the witnesses. It’s really important and ignoring his obvious misidentification as the ambassador Chris Stevens is a key.

I also wrote:

Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged

which I hope you read!

Here is a really good post too that I hope you read:

The Temptation of Jesus Christ – revised

The strategy of unbelievers is to throw past sins in your face (such as abortion, Au’reilly?) because they think that their religion absolves them of their own sins and that God does not forgive others. They have the Jesuits after all. It helps if you believe in the real Jesus to begin with. I was not a real believer until I taught myself and was taught and in truth I think the man that died in Benghazi taught me. I was passing my knowledge on to you in return and hoping you would do the same.

I was warming up to Obama’s rhetoric and thought

 he was good because of the “do unto others as you would do unto yourself”  business, but that was just a lie. I found out he was not good especially because of what happened at Benghazi and seeing that Obama’s allegiance was to Islam and Roman Catholicism and not to the truth. It kind of hit me in the face so I got to work trying to alert people.

Obama knew of IED attacks in run-up to Benghazi strike, lawmaker says

Published February 15, 2013

That all happened about the same time. And just recently realized the same is true of Fox News. Let me regress on that statement. Not everyone and not all the time but sort of like grinding at the mill. One week they seem to be on top and the next they seem to be below it. Kind of like a dance in a way and like they are all going through “Groundhog Day” type discovering and forgetting.

I had deep problems caused by many factors some of which I was not in control of and he helped me. (the man at Benghazi – to learn bible truth and about what Obama and his clan are up to whether aware or not they being led by something powerful over them, someone in that administration definitely is aware. The American people need to figure it out because if they don’t it could spell disaster for the American people.) Because of my recognition I have had to put up with some real mind boggling mocks even by Fox News and members of our government in many ways, but I am not going to let that deter me. IF everyone else wants to forget or accept these outlandish current events as if it is the normal course of events of life then GOOD LUCK with the Borg and I hope you like being assimilated. It is not going to be my fate I can tell you that. Obama said he sent them and I have a humongous strong gut feeling he knows, Hillary knows, Panetta knows, and all the others that have testified know they just don’t get it because they do not believe. We know they lied about it being a video tape. .

If this was just a terrorist attack then why LIE about it and quibble about the words

conversation vs. briefing? 

Susan Rice: Benghazi critics “dead wrong”

Is she out of her mind?

Eager Israelis Send Invites to Obama Ahead of Tour

Are they out of their minds?

This was a specific mission and they are involved in a cover up because they are GUILTY.

If they weren’t directly responsible they would fess up.

Instead we get the Good Doctor to mesmerize whomever and we get murder, mayhem, martyrdom to cause fear and news chaos at a Prayer Breakfast with Obama. It’s their maneuvering, to deflect and it is classic! I just wish everyone would wake up to the pharisees taking place.

Mark Levin has got a better grasp of the situation and he was not invited to the Prayer Breakfast with Obama. Only those in his total control are invited. Obama likes to control that way and has a lot of ways to do it. He knew it would get everyone all fluffed up again.

Where was the doctor two months ago when everyone was freaking out about the Fiscal Cliff? Why didn’t he join the conversation then? It’s baloney and I can tell he is sleazin’ you. Let me offer you one of my apples and put you to sleep. (Snow White)

I really like Hannity but he is very naive. I regard his character and intent but he is being conned and that is how deception works and now he is conning because the doctor has waylaid him.

For most of the world to be deceived it would have to be pretty powerful what we are up against. If you read the bible it predicts that the deception will be huge. That deception is happening NOW.


If  you read about the parable of the ant by Billy Graham I would call that the deep rooted problems I was having and that most people have.

I wrote a post about it called

Beware Oh brother, beware don’t you listen to the words.

The tender lies….

Instead, well, you know, because you are a part of the deception and I now know it

because of what you did and what you did not do when you had the opportunity.

That matters.

The people in the bible that God used were not perfect: Such as Moses

So if you expect that of a witness you may be sorely disappointed.

Part of the problem we have is the mindset of a cult ( a very large one) occurring at the same time in defense of itself which will cause murder and mayhem to confuse and in essence to coverup via their offenses such as the man in California on a killing spree and all the other news to look the other way and miss the real numero uno news, not that it doesn’t matter what happens but it is a way to obfuscate what they are trying to hide that incriminates their religion sometimes and often times without knowledge.

When the real Jesus comes back most of the whole world will be against him

and that may/could include you because a large and powerful cult can fool

even the elect.



Kind of a strange post by Michelle Malkin about this particular killer Dorner and what is odd is the young woman killed looks an awful lot like Michelle Malkin or would if she were 28. Like twins. I also have seen some conflicting articles about this killer and it sounds like there are cops accidentally or purposefully killing people and I wonder are they blaming it on this man? Did he kill the young couple or did the cops? He has not been tried in a court of law and anyone could have written the manifesto found by the LA cops who are above reproach and Dorner found guilty by the press who think they are above reproach because murder did happen and no witnesses except for a convenient manifesto.

Nobody even dared to approach the dilemma that the man dragged around in Benghazi isn’t the ambassador. Why? They seem to go dumb or blind on that question. You think they deserve to be trusted?

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin and other examples that the press abetted.

Millions died for the vatican to spread their way. They were trying to bring Roman Catholic influence to Asia. And at the Gulf of Tonkin they were shooting at phantoms which came out of a few mouths but most were silenced.

Christopher Dorner and the Drones

Is this a sign of Obama’s power?

The green tree spoken of in the bible

Why did Dorner, the alleged killer, in a rage 5 years after the fact, mention following Cronkite?

Wasn’t Walter Cronkite deceased in 2009?

Cronkite was the main press reporter at CBS studios when JFK was assassinated. I find that odd.

My dad’s first name is Walter.

Also his name:

 Christopher and Ambassador Chris Stevens

and my mission to tell about Benghazi

Obama’s nemesis

A close relative of mine also owned a vacation home in that area which had me a bit worried

although I won’t reveal another tidbit about that.


“You’re playing a dangerous game with your families” 

in a sort of threateningly kind of way. 

Dorner also wanted to kill the families of cops

at least THE PRESS SAID THAT  Dorner’s “manifesto”  mentioned his intent

 which I have not read.

Something eerily related here

Dorner to Obama and………myself.

I wonder why?

Was Dorner a trained Drone?

and revolting against “the powers” that bee?

Was Ambassador Chris Stevens a drone?

Is Christopher Walken a drone? Natalie Wood? LA cops? I wrote about them in regards to Billy Graham.

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast


Then there is JFK’s assassination, Aurora, Newtown (which was a hoax), Mali, Syria, Egypt, Turkey (murder of an american woman guest who was supposedly having an affair and it sounds like it was a hit because of her “sin”,

It seems to be very ISLAMIC-Mobish Roman Catholic-type-revenge-against-women: the one that beheads or hangs young girls that are raped in some places still. Or poisons them with dust on the floor in the temple mentioned in the bible the OT. Or causes abortion but preaches against it at the same time.

Is it any wonder there are so many “Christianish” men involved in rape and incest?

This is not a just a left-y or a right-y problem. 

The church has a lot of problems

caused by mass

confusion stemming from ignorance!

If you read my blog called 

Holy Water and Amen

Remember this?

Exodus 20:3

“You shall have no other gods before me.

The article/post is about that other one that seems to have come after Exodus.

It seeped in through corruption.

That is why Jesus came to steer us back to the truth, because he is the Good Shepherd. 

I believe the man at Benghazi was steering us away from the Vatican influence because the Vatican gave the excuse first via the Vatican Spokesman Father Lombardi on the 12th of September before anyone else and steering us away from Islam because the Libyans and Egyptians acted out the video excuse for the Vatican, Obama, and his administration.

They wanted us to accept Islam as they were killing americans. Talk about insane.
Back to the Obama deflector Dr. Carson (it’s the economy stupid ploy) on a show said You only have yourself to blame after he got attention at the Prayer Breakfast:


You only have yourself to blame

using his own mother as an example.

Go screw yourself. Oh, and what’s her excuse?

Sounds like the good-doctor-at-the-prayer-breakfast-kind-of-plo-attitude.

Like what a rapist tells his victim and then sounds so “perfect.”

to everyone with his old ideas became new. More deflection.

Mom can’t read and takes care of the kids and does laundry and son is encouraged to be a great doctor against all odds.

I don’t buy it.

Great for the doctor …..How about the female?

It is Obama in drag trying to pretend-teach his radical synoptic-islamic-Obamaism whose yo daddy crap?

I know because I wrote about my dad below and other times whose middle name is HERALD.

INTERESTING, HUH? That is, if names do have meaning,

HARK The Herald angels sing……Glory to the newborn king

 Last name is quite meaningful too, but I wont reveal it.


The Good Doctor and his other selves/slaves are very good copy cats. The Drones.

Here is a post about tithing and Dr. Benjamin Creme

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Skin and Games

Everyone’s skin needs to be in the game.

All this crap is happening so we won’t get to the truth about Obama and Hillary Clinton and the others involved who are of the cult part of their religious zealotry. And while this news is very important it tends to be being used at opportune times to get the media coverage of Benghazi in the background. It is not a coincidence. This is their sick and demented gimmick used incessantly by their control freak men and women slaves to commit in order to hyde. The press of course follows along and loses their aim because they are drones and gets distracted and this usually occurs when we are close to getting to the truth as is occurring while Panetta gets caught in the Obama and Clinton lies, the day of his hearing. It’s classic distraction and it is effectively evil.  Aurora, Sandy, Newtwon all of these are a part of the hyding. This has always been the case but not to the nth degree as on the Obama’s watch/time. But history shows that the RC has been involved in a multitude of these kind of distractions with great human death toll.

It was the RC cult control of Jerusalem that caused the death of Jesus in the first place. Golgotha is the place of the skull. Templar temple. Military temple. Not all RC’s are cultic, but the RC is ensconsed in deception that is why you have the Jesuits. That is where they came from was the RC. A murderous group who believe it is their duty in defense of their religion to kill anyone even babies (O’reilly?) that is a threat to their faith or lack of. O’reilly now is disgusted with the “Benghazi” and no longer wants to report on it. Duh O’reilly? Yea, cuz you have been exposed or let’s say “your tactics”  have been exposed, another drone. It is in their vows to their church “to kill”  and I’m sure that includes “killing the truth” and abusing women (keep em down unless you belong) and killing them and killing the “pursuit of the truth” as Au’reilly is considering.  Hmmmmmm. That is evil. I think you ought to reconsider your timidity or rather lack of courage. But then you wouldn’t get your pleasure to amuse yourself, berate others and women who have had abortions or affairs. such as the woman in Turkey who can’t defend herself, now. I suppose you probably think she deserved her fate, like the Good Doctor and his ilk. Get the feeling your kind of religion is perpetuating these crimes against women occurring quite frequently. You can keep your religion and stick it where it belongs (you get my drift) because it is nothing more than that certain place just described. I bet it’s a good fit.

 Of course, if you are a drone it seems perfectly logical to give up

and to succumb

I call it cowardice and O’reilly is full of hot air.

My dad used to say he was a “blowhard.” He proved it himself, tonight Feb. 7th 2013.

Grow up, Bill and try to keep up, if you can’)


You are losing your balance and your spin stopper seems to have overestimated it’s own power. wink wink

They are a cult. Your religion is a cult.

Your religion is nothing more than organized crime.

With a bible thrown in you were not allowed to read till late in this last century, you were not allowed to own before that. A bible very few even read much less understand. Throw around the name of Jesus and there ya go Roman Catholic. Kiss Peter’s feet and put a picture of Jesus and a cross on the wall and Madonnna statue in your yard.

(Reminds me when I went to a convenience store on a trip with my daughter and the clerk left for a minute and my daughter started playing miniature objects which were right there near the cash register upsetting the man. I think he was of the Hindu religion and the objects were worship type icons. It was kind of funny because we didn’t know)

  And even though believers aren’t supposed to call anyone Father but God himself you have a bunch of them running around who don’t know the bible from a book of Hindu or Islam or Voodoo that is why they are all for mixing them all up into a big cake of GOO oh yea and worship some female they call Mary but don’t really know if she is Diana or who know’s who or what Goddess as long as she weeps blood out her eyes from a statue every once in a while.

“For God so loved the world that whomever believed in him would not perish.” And so you build communities all over the world called parishes. And then build a Court of the Gentiles in Paris at Notre Dame to woo and judge the gentiles.” If I will that he should tarry what is that to thee?” Jesus said to Peter at the Sea of Galilee after he had risen. So the angels separate the wheat from the tares and bundle the tares, etc. Jesus told Peter to follow him right after that. He did not say to follow Paul. If you read your inerrant bibles you might catch a few transliterate problems between the Gospel of John and the others and notice. There are tons of problems between the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John, but Roman Catholics and Evangelicals and other christian religions call that inerrant. You have a mental illness in your religion if you can call that inerrant. No wonder the world is splitting apart in myriad of ways with such little insight and so much lack of understanding.

It’s a bit hard to tolerate such gigantic ignorance and have you preach your sense of morality especially at your age to people you guys love to keep ignorant in a plethora of ways so you can judge and berate them in your spin zones. First learn the truth second teach the truth so those people you berate and keep down might have a chance and learn to do the right thing instead.

Ah but where is the fun in that?

Is that the Roman Catholic brand of faith to Jesus?

Get a grip.

A bunch of sadistic morons which

reminds me of the Great Apostle Paul who did the same in the Synoptic Gospels.

He hunted Christians. He was the Egyptian who led 4000 murderers into the desert. And yet most of the New Testament that Peter said was inerrant is about Paul and Peter said not to question Paul’s writing…….


I wonder if Obama is egyptian? We really don’t know, do we?

Being egyptian isn’t a crime but we are talking about spiritually. Slave master etc,

He seems to be the manifestation of Paul who wants to be our Father.

If you read Paul’s writings it is pretty obvious he was mentally ill and


he also lied a lot.

which reminds me of Biden’s description of Obama in the first run for office and those Orwellian stables.

Just to be clear I don’t trust anyone and was advised not to. Good advice especially these days.

For one thing people seem to vacillate from one thing to the next because they get tanned. The fact is you have to really listen and while someone may say something really wise on one hand at the same time saying something else sick like the Good Doctor on his other hand. Ying and Yanging. That is in my opinion really well done deception/trickery and so very much akin to Obama. It is not to be lauded it is double-speak. Like I said he got an audience with Obama SOMEHOW, LOL and on camera to get attention or draw it away from Benghazi because it’s the economy stupid, forget the truth what matters is money.

Money is important, the economy is important,

but the truth is important, too.

Let me ask: did the woman in Turkey deserve it? Does she only have herself to blame?

Did she hit herself on the head?

Did the men at Benghazi deserve to die?

Is that what the Good Doctor using his mother as Obama using his Father meant?

Did JFK deserve to die like the Doctor at the Methodist Church in Dallas told the audience, that they were guilty.

The reason for their guilt is they were in babylon/egypt praying to AMEN.

This is their Modus Operandi.

He was at that breakfast

and had a purpose

and it wasn’t taxes.

But knew that everyone else would think that was why he was there.

He veiled his real conversation. This is their style. They are mocking and that’s their entertainment.

In the end it will hurt them more.

It is almost over and that is why they will try anything and everything to win and they already lost,

but too mentally ill to know it.

One Billion Rising Chicago Rally:

Locals Taking Action Against Gender-Based Violence Worldwide

“Chicagoans on Thursday will join activists throughout the world in marking the 15th anniversary of V-Day

 with One Billion Rising,

an international rally aimed at demanding an end to violence against women and girls.”


Back to drones and Jesuits

The spirit that drives them is evil. That is why they can lie to the nth degree so easily. The devil is in the Vatican and those that rely on it and thrive in it. Au’reilly? That is why Billy Graham wrote By Any and All Means. That in itself is evil, but very Jesuit. He is a Jesuit. Went to Wheaton College. Hillary is a Jesuit. Obama probably is a Jesuit. Panetta probably is a Jesuit, many of the press are Jesuits such as Chris Matthews, etc.

The Foxes have holes….The birds of the air their nests……..

The son of man hath no where to lay his head……


Greater things than these you shall see angels shall

rise and fall

on the son of man…..


Better take Benghazi a bit more seriously, don’t ya think?

Better take a lot of things a bit more seriously now.

Love to read your book Killing Kennedy but afraid it is probably is full of holes. In my estimation

Your salary exceeds your talent.

Course I haven’t read the book, just talking about the spin zone.

A woman has overshadowed your talent by a quite a few miles and her name is Jeanine.

Jesuits are dead men walking. It even says so in their own manifesto. Prisoners of a sort and they are slaves. Drones. Slaves are controlled usually by drugs and money. Slaves cost money. Drug trade. Arms trade. Taxes, taxes, taxes. Lot’s of pork going somewhere? You should listen to Obama’s press dinner the first time around he talks about slaves and that they cost money and the Press laughed. Many in the press know but too stupid to realize they are the slave masters and eventually their joy will not be joy. There is one pretty good way to make slaves is if you make something that everyone takes on Sunday. It is a great possibility and should not be discounted. PROPAGANDA< PROPAGANDA PROPAGANDS ie LIE LIE LIE. That is why there is a memory failure and a lack of interest apathy by most people because they are being controlled. It’s like dealing with people that fall asleep the moment they learn something and forgot what they learned. A mental illness that is spreading throughout the press……who allow themselves to be dumbed down. They can talk though ever so into their own personas yet never reaching any thing close to the truth.


Kind of a vicious circle of friends and I mean vicious.

 Yes, I’m extremely upset with these cowards and the bullies. I am not totally unhappy with everyone at Fox News or in our government because some have risen to the occasion at times as best they could and can under the circumstances they find themselves and that I am thankful for. I use Fox News as my news source because it has made a dent where others feared to go and I am still thankful for that but frustrated often. I am not  a nut or a fruitcake. I may get upset at the lack of progress or the lack of truth two steps forward and three back kind of progress, but I have been helped a great deal in spite of those set backs. I kind of understand the frame of mind of unbelievers because I was once an unbeliever and have to fight spiritually to keep my belief. It ain’t easy and I know it ain’t easy for them also.

The Columbian fiasco with the Secret Service might have been involved in the acquisition of Devil’s Breath a drug from a flower that grows in Columbia that makes slaves of those that are under it’s affect for days, not hours, days. Don’t discount the possibility. You should do your homework on that flower which were also in the flowers at the table in Fort Worth the day President Kennedy was assassinated. I believe that drug is used to keep slaves in the diamond trade from that country and other countries as well. I believe his speech at that breakfast was made under the influence of Devil’s breath.

The Menendez prostitution scandal of late could also be caused by the Secret Service entrapment by using Devil’s Breath to put a Senator in a precarious position with underaged prostitutes and use it to blackmail an elected official such as Senator Robert Menendez. He does not seem the type to engage in that kind of activity from what I can tell about him (don’t know him personally) but if on the drug mentioned then anything is possible especially if the Secret Service were present. I know that he may have ticked off some people in the medical profession (why the Good Doctor worries me a bit) and they want a pound of flesh and probably more. For a cop to hint at a press pundit that it should be investigated worries me. Cops are often handled the same way because of their profession. It is a mob tactic and a Obama tactic, in my opinion, and definitely a Billy Graham tactic. Prostitute tactic for sure.

We have a mountain to climb but

I think all of us could do better.

Thank you, Greta and her friends.

Like I said I don’t like bullies, nor a gang mentality which you suffer from

which is surprising considering where you started from. You think that might have made you better 

(just physically I guess.)


The fact is some care about the truth and some don’t and Greta you don’t.

It’s up to you.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like that. I’m sure JFK could opine to that.

Orange Juice anyone?

You got squeezed!

Greta is one of the Fox News watch dogs. She is there to steer the others.

It won’t be long and she’ll be barking at them.

Of course, you could use Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure he’s willing:) ruff ruff

Picture 11

Got pain?

you need a rush?

Thank goodness …..no. I stopped listening to him a long time ago. He got old.

Who let the dogs out? oooh oooh oooh …..Who let the dogs out? oooh oooh oooh

Very funny from the ONION…….>Bo Obama Receives Visiting Dognitaries From Furuguay

Jan 30, 2013

Cause of Super Bowl power outage remains unclear

Maybe you should read:

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

Who did TIME puff?

Billy Graham

Who told TIME to puff Billy Graham?

William Randolph Hearst

It was two very powerful Knights of Malta,

William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce that made “Billy Graham” a household name.

Henry Luce was also known as “Father Time” of Time Magazine:


by Chris Pinto

Are George Ganswein (the pope’s handler) and Ambassador Chris Stevens


Here is what the Roman Catholic Pope said in regards to faith:

“With regard to material things, our knowledge and our technical accomplishments are legion,

but what reaches beyond,

the things of God and the question of good,

we can no longer identify,”

Benedict added, saying that faith was the “true enlightenment.”

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

It’s purpose was to be a tool, obviously created by Roman Catholic dogmatics, that eventually

“Petered out” I guess.

Now the “true Enlightenment” is “Global Warming” and “Gun Control.”

Tomorrow it will be something else because they are grasping at straws.

The last picture of the man in this post came from

CBS News and JFK Part 3

after the assassination of JFK in Dallas at Andrews Air Force Base in Virginia

where JFK’s body arrived in a casket and was taken to be flown by helicopter to Bethesda Naval Base

and where LBJ and his wife were paraded around

when LBJ gave his infamous short speech:

“-It is a sad time for all people. We have suffered a loss that cannot be weighed. For me, it is a deep, personal tragedy. I know that the world shares the sorrow that Mrs. Kennedy and her family bear.

I will do my best. That is all I can do. I ask for your help, and God’s.”

They were paraded around by the man in that picture

who is supposed to be Secret Service Chief Rowley.

But it is also a picture of Franklin Graham.

Go Figure!



I did a few posts about Josephus Flavius which might help you to understand what we are dealing with

and what others dealt with many years ago:

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST MAN)

Josephus and His Footprints

I hope you read them!


Daniel 8:24-26

24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

25 And through his policy also he shall

cause craft to prosper in his hand (TIME? Magz?);

and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many:

he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

26 And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true:

wherefore shut thou up the vision;

for it shall be for many days.

The press have an important job but is most often misused and misappropriated

take for instance the effect the press had at the Gulf of Tonkin:

“A pattern took hold: continuous government lies passed on by pliant mass media…

leading to over 50,000 American deaths and millions of Vietnamese casualties.”…..”

That’s a lot of deaths and that is one reason why the power of the press is so important,

Scary, huh.

Ex-Navy sniper killed at Texas gun range

“Recently, Kyle spoke out against weapons bans. In a video interview with guns.com,

Kyle accused President Barack Obama of being “against the Second Amendment.”

“After leaving the military, he founded Craft International, a military training company.”

Kyle was of the faith of the Knights of Templar.


which also don a red cross but theirs is a red cross hairs.

Jury begins hearing Ventura’s defamation case

I respect Jesse Ventura partially because he bothered to question the conclusion of the single bullet theory promoted by The Warren Commission and many others in regards to the JFK assassination. I’m sure that has a lot to do with this case in retrospect as a punishment for questioning or trying to find the truth.


He was just recently on the O’reilly Factor of Fox News talking about his book and his recent slam dunk of the wrestler and former Navy Seal Jesse Ventura.

The killer said he sold his soul for a truck? Who Kyle or the killer?

Kyle did have a price on his head, but was Kyle about to make a hit for money? Or does someone use people with mental disorders such as ptsd easily suited to succumb to bad spiritual cues (Synoptic Q?) to kill another person or a friend? Been happening a lot lately, hasn’t it? How did they know each other? He the killer had just gotten out of a mental hospital.

Green Oaks Psychiatric Hospital which is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Is this a pet project of Colin Powell?

All those suicides in the military…..more than ever before…..hmmmm.

Is it the medication or is it the spiritual deception?

Of my own personal experience with the military my dad was in the army, went to West Point, went to war college in Carlisle, went to a few wars a few times for a few years and worked at the Pentagon under Westmoreland at the time of the Vietnam War. He was a straight arrow….one of the straightest I ever saw in the military.

He went to a gathering with my mother once in Washington DC and had a bad experience with my mother while working at the Pentagon and my mother told me they had been drugged. We knew a lady who was married to a Colonel who had been raped by numerous military men, being drugged by men  about that same time. It was a horrific experience for her to overcome as I recall.

They or some in the army at the Pentagon test drugs on people. It is not above some in the military, probably in the psychological warfare division (or department) of the military to use people and test drugs on their own people and I imagine it isn’t past Gen. Colin Powell to do the same. He did not rise through the ranks on his own merit as he would like everyone to believe. He used a bit of Conyers race baiting as a crutch/his staff. And at that time it was effective as it still is now. I was as a young person then willing to cede for the sake of equal rights and  so was my dad. I was willing to be bussed. I didn’t have a choice but willing nevertheless.

Billy Graham in the religious/political realm was a stooge,

Colin Powell in the military/religious/political realm is a stooge. Now he is Obama’s stooge/drone. He’s a back scratcher.

The military has some wonderful straight arrow type men but I know that it also includes some real big stooges that are not taking care of the men that serve or their families. Figuring out who they are would help the military immensely.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Sacrifice Obamacare To Avoid Sequester

I have not done my homework on the sequester. But our government is bloated and can be as strong without the blubber. Of course, it is good to have a strong military and I don’t want to debilitate it but if under the influence of the Vatican it is debilitated by it’s purpose and intent. I think every facet of government can be cut by 10 percent including the military, if someone with great leadership and common sense in each department should cut the blubber like the studies on ridiculous things or paying too much for a wrench. Cutting breakfasts for the military men is insane. Like Michelle Obama’s idea for school lunches is insane. You have to feed the people that serve in the military. They need the calories to perform their duties. You can take out the waste in government and in the military with common sense. Cut out the pscho experts part of the military. They more than likely are full of psychobabble and certainly aren’t doing a good job if suicide rate is up. Cut the witchcraft part of the military. Get rid of the religious gum in the military. If they had it right there wouldn’t be so many problems such as mentioned. Get rid of Obamacare….what a disaster that is just like he is a disaster. Obama is babble. If a man in the military is of islamic faith dismiss them from the military. Islam is at war with us. You don’t hire german nazis when at war with the nazis, do ya? The same should be for the war against terrorism. You do not hire terrorists when at war with them. Figure out who is working for the vatican and dismiss them, because their allegiance is amiss in this war. Just because someone is catholic doesn’t mean they work for the vatican, but try to figure it out. If their allegiance is to the UN dismiss them. If they are Jesuit dismiss them – their allegiance definitely is amiss. If they practice Voodoo dismiss them.

They are weak-minded. The man at Ft. Hood that terrorized and killed and caused havoc was weak-minded.

When the Jews fought in the  Old Testament of the bible they chose men by how they drank their water at a lake or river. Those that jumped in unaware of their surroundings were not kept in the force. Those that drank cautiously aware of their surroundings and were suspicious of their surroundings were kept in the force.  Their lives depended on the safety of their surroundings.

Do not throw caution to the wind.

Treat the military like you care about it. Obama should treat America like he cares about it but it has gone to the dogs since he took office, because he does not care. It is an act.

America comes first. 

This is no time for “political correctness” which is the crux of the problem

in the military

and in our government.

It has become a weakness. A hole. The enemies threshold.

Desperate times you have to do what is tough and it’s time to be tough.

Not rough……….Tough.

Panetta and the leaders in power now who accept the suicide rate and lack of food for the military are weak-minded and influenced by idio-crazy and evil and have no integrity. Obviously leaving our defense defenseless and he is a liar and the enemy as demonstrated in his hearings. We need men and women like the ones that won WWll in defense of America.

(And I know catholics also fought in that war.)

There is no excuse for the suicide rate in the military

and I believe it is purposeful and possibly disguised murder/martyrdom to look like suicide

with the evil intent to weaken our resolve against Islamic terrorism.

They serve a different purpose.

 A Templar is a temple for the military to protect a temple.

When Jesus was crucified they say he was crucified at Golgotha….the place of the skull. I imagine it was at a templar or the military temple that protected the temple. The templars use a skull as their symbolism. Free masonry, knights of the temple, etc. Temple of Apollo was located in history in Benghazi, Libya. There were many Temples of Apollos located  in many places.

I guess they were templars in reality.

In Revelations of the bible the Anti-Christ is also known as Apollyon/Abaddon, the Destroyer, Angel of the Bottomless Pitt!

I have never read David Limbaugh’s book:


I think he is on to something.

Obama was at a prayer breakfast and heard a doctor suggest some decent ideas about taxes though he called them tithes and a better health care system. A doctor ought to know since it is his business how the health care system could work best for the public and the health care doctors, nurses, workers, etc. Fair taxation is tax on consumption and/or flat tax.

Friday, Feb.8th 2013 Just watched that same doctor on Hannity of Fox news. His name is Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Very wise and sensible, but as I said I figured out his double-speak!

Conservative doctor wins praise for speech

Later on a Fox interview he quoted his mom

You only have yourself to blame

or rather You deserve what you get or don’t get

Guess what you don’t get it.

Double entendre message to whomever his message was to. hmmm

that is an old tool……. heard that at the luncheon of JFK and it is getting to be a bit  

Overused. Blame the crowd for Organized crime martyrdom of the President by the clergy.

The breakfast was his opportunity to gain attention to be heard on Fox News to send his

real message.

You only have yourself to blame.

Not so, friend. I have real extensive experience with the spirit causing havoc in this world. Not just to me but to people I know and it is called tribulation. You may not have much experience with it  because you don’t believe but you have faith and hope and love I suppose you might think that’s what you possess while placing the blame for our tribulation on ourselves. Many in Christondumn think because they are wealthy and successful that somehow God helped them and the rest are not as good Christians.

Take Jesus for example: Were they trying to crown him King or did he receive a crown of thorns? Did he receive water or did he receive sour wine probably laced with poison? I’m talking about the one that died for our sins, the one in the gospel of John, not the one that took over after he died……..Simon-the other that was received because of disbelief.

Obama doesn’t want to take the blame for Benghazi

and I presume partially the message in that speech is to blame someone else (typical) because the timing of that speech at a prayer breakfast with Obama and his new speech hailed afterwards to be on this Tuesday about the economy seem to be related yet he hasn’t spoken yet. I call that a set up. I ain’t dumb. And all of this after the Panetta hearing. “Who was in charge?” was what Sen. Graham asked Panetta. And he couldn’t get a straight answer. Of course Panetta lied through his teeth but it comes au natural.

So this prayer breakfast was an introduction to his master plan:) Not a new one I might add, I’ve thought of it and many others have thought of it and I wrote about it. This new idea is being hailed by Rush who I just recently railed. you would have thought Rush had never heard of it before. No. He just didn’t go for it because it didn’t help him then. What do you get in return Rush, an endless prescription?

The good Doctor just had the opportunity to be heard (who invited him anyway?) and to be recorded with Obama (Not many claim that privilege except Hillary lately), and you are black and I imagine, are evangelical. Nope read he is a 7th day Adventist or so it says. Calling taxes a tithe was a bit of a hint.

Obama is not the temple. Nor is the White House the Temple. Or the Pope’s palace. LOL. Nor is Obama a man of God. He is not the Messiah. He is not the Father and he is not my father.

He wouldn’t know the truth if he swallowed it.

He wouldn’t give his life for anyone else, however he certainly is willing to martyr anyone and everyone to protect his own HYDE.

Although he thinks he is “the prince” but that’s that mental illness thing going on in his head and seems to be spreading around. He is the False one ie the destroyer.

He is a Frog Prince and Michelle is the Frog Princess

and they attract A LOT OF FLIES! Because he stinks and so does she.

Enjoy it while you can it isn’t gonna last. He is not my daddy or my Father. He may be yours, not mine, and good luck with that. Things are going so well. LOL. He wants to slay/sleigh/threaten his congregation/followers and his enemies with a sound economic plan so that he won’t have to testify about Benghazi. Two months ago he could have come up with a plan and he didn’t but now he wants to deal. And to top it off he wants to use OPM for those tithes. You and your friends are pretty transparent the more I see the less solid you seem. LOL even though you glum together you are full of holes.Hey maybe you could claim you are holy.

Timing is awfulllllllllly coincidental.

Senator Graham and Senator Ayotte got a bit too close for comfort at the Panetta hearing and Obama is gonna try to seed and sow some support and money seems to have always worked before.

By your way I have others to blame but it is pointless because they don’t care

and my point is

Obama is not interested

and does not


He wants to destroy and punish those he can’t destroy. A man interested only in revenge. It is useless to make deals with him.

He has nothing good in him because he sold out to evil

and doesn’t seem to want to change hisself.

His word is meaningless and you can make all the deals you want with him

and spend the next 4 years trying to figure out how to undo it.

Remember Senator Inouye who died at the most opportune time

and had a funeral at a particular time when it would gain sympathy

for the Frog prince and his princess, so they could pander the military and go to Hawaii

after Sandy and Newtwon?

Not to mention the concert he attended. Gangland style. How mature.

How about Giffords and the others that died *the true target probably wasn’t Giffords, but a judge or was it a district attorney but involved in a drug court case as I recall.

but now Giffords is a good drone.

Remember the broken bones when Obama first took office. The pope in his cast, Neo whats her face broken leg and Hillary and the French politician, not to mention Hillary’s blood clot.

Michelle Obama to attend funeral of Chicago girl who performed at inauguration

Hadiya Pendleton Charges: Two Men Charged With Murder

In Death Of 15-Year-Old Chicago Honor Student

“Not only did the first lady attend the teen’s funeral, but the girl’s parents were set to sit with Michelle Obama during the president’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Obama is scheduled to return to Chicago three days later to discuss gun violence.”

Maybe Michelle will loan them her heart! Like she did for the victms of Sandyhook Elementary right before she took off for Hawaii with her hubby and her kids spending millions of dollars while the victims of Sandy suffered. This is a pattern IN YOUR FACE MOCKERY!

“My heart goes out to you” she said. 

This is to gain sympathy after the hearings of Clinton and Panetta the last especially incriminating about Obama who now wasn’t even there

and proving again and again THAT HE IS A LIAR, A THIEF, AND DEADLY.

USING and manufacturing death of others for his own cowardly benefit.

I wonder how Aurora enhanced his goal I’m sure a connection could be found?

One thing the young man that murdered said something about I am being bad news.

Nike said the same thing in their ad with Pistorious. Seems they don’t like I AM.

Do they believe the bible?

Are they taught to fear I AM?



Here’s another example:

Fort Hood Hero Says President Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims 


“Betrayed is a good word,” former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

“Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of,” she said. “In fact they’ve been neglected.”

But Michelle got noticed, her and her heart.

“Despite extensive evidence that Hasan was in communication with al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the attack, the military has denied the victims a Purple Heart and is treating the incident as “workplace violence” instead of “combat related” or terrorism.”

Does the military deserve more money?

Can they not call a spade a spade?

She traded her heart for a spade.

Forida Gov. Scott must have met with Michelle (someway) on her V*A*C*A*T*I*O*N to MIAMI (meaning my love) now capitulating on his stance on ObamaCare. She must have tanned him with her heart. GEEEEZ Fri. 22, 2013.

If the government pays back the costs? Who pays the Federal Government…..the people.

Her heart is a heart of stone. Maybe she will start to weep bloody tears from her eyes for the world to see.

By the way,

where was Michelle

while the Benghazi murders were occurring?


Feb. 14th  The Red Eye of Fox News discussed the California or Texas teenagers (not sure but It was somewhere in the USA obviously!)

got in trouble with

Colin Powelll their principal

for howling USA.

Did Colin Powell get demoted or is he just moonlighting?

American Citizens Split On DOJ Memo

Authorizing Government To Kill Them

Obviously, the deaths of the two men snipers in Texas was a drone hit but luckily they have someone to pin it on. Some one with a mental disorder. Maybe a human drone. That is convenient. 

You could pin it on the president and his wife,

they certainly qualify and I don’t mean it lightly.

I’ve thought about it and my thinking on this is justified!

I think it would be legal now to pin it on Obama and Michelle.

It works for me, how about you?


Panetta: Drone Strike Decisions Don’t Come Lightly

 ”The Pentagon chief says he realized when he became CIA director that he was
“making life-and-death decisions.”
As a Catholic, he says, he’s “got to really think about it.” 
What amazes me is the casual response to this news by the media and everyone in government positions!
It is insane

Knights Of Malta Celebrates

900th Anniversary At Vatican

Interesting short article above!

Too bad so much upheav-AL caused by Decep-SHUN.

Malta is an island above Libya and below Italy

that looks like a bee.

The Knights of Malta originated there partially

because of its strategic location.

Very Important location!

This is where Paul shipwrecked literally and spiritually.

They thought he was a god…

and eventually he thought he was god, too.

William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce were Knights of Malta

and Billy Graham is their puppet

although they may actually be his puppets!

Depending on how you look at it because they did him a service.

Like Greta Van Susterne and Franklin Graham and Haiti.
(you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours)
but who is really getting reamed?
That is SODOMY!
 Benghazi is very close to Malta
and the US definitely has forces and friends there
that could have intervened
within minutes.

This new news about drones is an excuse

for the murder of 4 americans in Benghazi. 

I’m very suspicious that the deaths of these 4 men may have been caused by drones!

There were photographers there.

It is insane to allow the president or anyone else to use drones to kill american citizens anywhere.
The administration is freaking out and trying to cover their asses
ahead of  Panetta’s testimony this week and others to come.
Am I nebbish?
But I would put Rep. Mr. Conyers in that category talking about what to call an illegal immigant!
Not only that he’s a pain in the ass to listen to!
How he ever got his position is a travesty. Would  Ahmadinejad like to take Conyers to the moon? Can you imagine?
I would think future immigration recipients would seriously reconsider
their desire to legally immigrate to the United States!
Israel……..Benjamin Netanyahu do NOT deal with OBAMA.

He is your ENEMY. He is our ENEMY.

If you allow him in your country you will expose yourself to be a liar and a fake!


Obama Will Visit Israel This Spring

He is a master twister of words and deeds
And that includes anyone that is be-holden to him.
If you truly care for your country and your people have nothing to do with them.

“The threat is addressed to the daughters of Jerusalem.”


(Barack and Michelle Obama are insane!)

 “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The government has authorized the killing of American citizens as part of its controversial drone campaign against al Qaeda even without intelligence that such Americans are actively plotting to attack a U.S. target, according to a Justice Department memo.The unclassified memo, first obtained by NBC News, argues that drone strikes are justified under American law if a targeted U.S. citizen had “recently” been involved in “activities” posing a possible threat and provided that there is no evidence suggesting the individual “renounced or abandoned” such activities.”

You don’t suppose Kyle the Sniper was killed by a drone?

A drone is also a bee. A male bee, a worker bee, that protects a queen bee of a hive.

How about a maccabee?

1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees are part of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox canons,

but not the Protestant or Jewish Hebrew Bible.

Killer bees are Africanized bees…..Islamicized Roman Catholics? I believe these kind of drones executed 4 men in Benghazi. (not Ambassador Chris Stevens. He is somewhere safe and I bet Senator Kerry would know where he is hiding out, probably camouflaged where ever it was that he met them and debriefed them unless they were unlucky and ended up in Mali shortly thereafter)

When Obama uses words they are not to be interpreted

as the normal man would interpret them.

He transliterates words!

That is why he seems to never mean what he says.

He double-speaks with a forked tongue etc! So if a memo is found talking about drones don’t assume he means what others mean. He may mean “drones” in a myriad of ways. He is mentally ill like Caligula was mentally ill. Same goes for those that are in his inner circle. They think they are from above and can do whatever they please such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi etc  Like Hillary, and Bill Clinton, and Eric Holder.

This sleazy attitude comes from never being held accountable!

Please read:  The Stones of Amen

They love to mock as they tread on everyone else’s rights.

Ted Nugent Blasts Piers Morgan, Defends Gun Owners: ‘Would You Leave Us The Hell Alone?’ (VIDEO)

“It’s a simple inanimate tool that tens of millions of American families own, that have never caused a problem, never had an accident and will never commit a crime,” said the rocker, who previously has suggested he is ready for an armed revolt if the government were to attempt to take away his firearms. “You have the aberrations that are such a minute percentage.”
It’s not like they leave us much choice!
They want an armed revolt
and maybe they should
receive it!
Of course at the same time he wants to have free license to drone us to death!

Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVERNMENT Agencies In Areas That Restrict Gun Rights

Great idea! We ought to do the same with taxes.

Restrict taxes

to the Federal government.

The less they get the better off we are !!!

How To Exercise Your Problem Areas Away:

The Best Arm Workouts For Post 50s


Obama and Clinton: The 60 Minutes interview

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 3.12.44 AM

60 Minutes Interview

(The BuddyHood of Obama and Hillary )

The hearings were a debacle for the most part which is why President Obama is rewarding Hillary Clinton
with the show “60 minutes” appearance tomorrow Sunday the 27th of January.
Of course he is mocking the americans that care about his criminal involvement in Benghazi
and is using Hillary Clinton who is flagrantly willingly aiding and abetting.
He is rewarding her for covering him probably making his VP jealous so that he will desire an appearance with his boss some day just in case Joseph Biden might have to testify,
but most of all Obama was mocking America. He loves to do that.
They are a diabolical mess,
but highly incontinent 
Smug, aren’t they?


The Onion Demands

John Kerry


The Truth

About His Swift Boat Service

Kerry: Clinton and I agree on Benghazi

Senator Rand Paul asked: “And it makes a big difference whether or not the American people have the confidence that the President and the administration is being truthful with them. So I guess my question is, “Do you agree with that point and are you willing to work with me or do you basically kind of agree with Hill Hillary Clinton that Ahhh, (waves hand around), that’s kind of yesterdays news and let’s let’s  move on?”
Senator John Kerry said, “Well Senator, if if if if if you’re trying to get daylight between me and  Secretary Clinton, uh, that’s not going to happen here today (laughs) on on that score, but I think you’re not I think you’re talking past each other.”
Which basically means he is playing politics with the truth which is not truth and that is laughable to Senator Kerry and he does not plan to work with Senator Rand Paul at all because he doesn’t care whether the American people have confidence in the President and the administration’s truthfulness on the matter of Benghazi.



Then why bother allowing SENATOR KERRY to have

the position he desires.

IF he is unwilling to work with you then why would you want to work with him?




 He looks crazy as a loon.

I think Ambassador Chris Stevens is son to Hillary Clinton and Senator Kerry. Senator Kerry looks just like his son. Skinny too. No wonder. No wonder there is no daylight between him and Hillary Clinton. Tell Rand Paul



Same eyes. same brows, same body type, same insanity,

same indifference (ie stupidity).

Although it is a miracle that they even could perform, I would not call it a “love child” as in

Another Love Child Scandal

more like a devil’s child willing to do the devil’s work.

Ambassador Chris Stevens set them up and

had a few good men

and the man that was the real target

(who was not ambassador Chris Stevens)


and made an example of if you don’t accept Islam as a believer in the real Jesus of the Gospel of John

(because they love power and money),

not the Synoptic version of Jesus

because Roman Catholicism actually created Islam (their protectorate and partner)

and now the real ambassador Chris Stevens is probably playing tennis with George Ganswein,

the pope’s Secretary and primp/handler.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 10.28.09 PM

Chris Stevens’ mother speaks out on death in Libya

Ambassador Chris Stevens’ Mother: ‘Not Productive To Lay Blame’ Over Benghazi Deaths

Slain Libyan Ambassador’s Mom:

“He Was Trying to Do Something Much Bigger”

It makes sense when you listen to the above you tubes of the lack of remorse and the detachment

of the woman who was supposed to be Ambassador Chris Steven’s mom.

Clinton: Benghazi Won’t Affect Whether I Run For President

Kerry: Obama Offered Me the Job

a Week Before Susan Rice Pulled Out

White House refuses to comment.

Because the thimble fit:)

Obama likes to be the dominant male.

Scott Brown says he won’t run for John Kerry’s U.S. Senate seat


Call in Joseph Biden!

Because we demand the truth.

What does real time mean?

Hillary said she sent Ambassador Chris Stevens there

and Obama said he sent “them” there.

Who is Obama talking about when he says “them”?

The Libyan Mob?

Are they his drones?

First Plane Out Of Benghazi

Where did the other witnesses go and who sent them there?

Last night Senator Lindsay Graham revealed that Senator Kerry met the other witnesses

that no one has heard or seen except the FBI.

Who and where are they?

Did they end up in Mali?

Algerian gas complex siege leaves 23 hostages, 32 militants dead

Nothing would surprise me about this administration!                                                                            _______________________________                                     

Who is the photographer?
Chris Stevens?

Was he taking a photograph in real time?

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 8.51.19 PM

Our President should be called in for questioning. A.S.A.P.

Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani appeared on Sean Hannity’s show
tonight Wed Jan 23rd and he said that why was important in answer to Hillary’s question of “What does it matter?” although he doesn’t know why, but that figuring it out would be immensely important and essential to know why for those pesky policy decisions in foreign policy. Hannity said when Mayor Guiliani figured out why to tell Hannity.
I’m trying to tell you both and anyone else that cares why
that this is about beliefs.
While Hillary says she is for religious tolerance there are many in Islam and Roman Catholicism that disagree (even though they pretend that they are) that is why people are dying in school massacres and terrorist acts. Islam does not adhere to her religious feelings. Roman Catholicism also does not adhjere because they help to facilitate these massacres and terrorism in conjunction with Islam.
I also like to allow religious freedom, but not at the expense of everyone else’s lives that don’t agree with Islam and Roman Catholicism and their agendas.
I don’t believe Hillary Clinton really is for religious tolerance, but she wears it to cloak herself just like Obama cloaks himself in defending women’s rights. Islam and Roman Catholicism cloak themselves in peace. Democrats and liberals wear the cloak of disarmament as they go for the throat.
Large foibles in their character
to confuse.
Obama ‘Must Go For The Throat,’ ‘Declare War On The Republican Party’
For instance, I don’t think Hillary tolerates the Sabbath being Saturday.
I don’t think the Clintons tolerated David Koresh of the Branch Davidians of Waco. They demolished them using the government machinery literally and agents and Janet Reno.
Now when the Roman Catholic priests were accused of child rape (pretty similar type accusations as that of Koresh) I did not see them demolish them. What’s the  difference? Well her religion aligns with the Roman Catholic Dogma. She was educated in a Jesuit environment and so are many of her colleagues.
I don’t think Jesuits tolerate Judaism either but in fact are arming the enemy of Judaism as we speak with a lot of help from the ignorant members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the President, the State Department , and the Pentagon and the arms dealers. That is why there is a tunnel from Egypt to Gaza that we helped to fund with American tax dollars that benefit the Egyptians, Roman Catholic Hierarchy, Islam, etc.
I don’t think Hillary tolerates the Seventh Day Adventists.
She pretends she does, but underneath she seethes resentment because she was raised that way.
-the Jesuit way
which is murder and assassinations etc as history has shown that that is what they accomplish for the Roman Catholic hierarchy and then the Roman Catholic Hierarchy absolves them. And it works both ways because the Pope gets absolved only by a Jesuit leader.
Hillary Clinton and George Bush wished the Seventh Day Adventists congratulating them for a date that their prophet (I don’t know her name) calculated  would be the return of Jesus (prophetically speaking) a few years back,

which is kind of funny

because Hillary said she was no more responsible for the attack at Benghazi then President George Bush was for the September 11th attack in New York at the World Trade Center ….or words to that effect.

Strange alle-Gory

Both Hillary and George Bush had you tube videos made of their congratulating this religion (7th Day Adventists) that I think they both were actually seething with ridicule rather intolerantly. I have them posted in the Vatican and the Bohemian Grove post that I wrote a few years back when I started this blog with a few others. But most of my links have been de-linked since then such as the Vatican and Arab League sign agreement and Clinton lies about Bohemian Grove links. There is on link also with Donald Rumsfeld giving some clues about Flight 93 being shot down over Pennsylvania and some other information to be determined and the reaction of the Secret Service (I think) are stunned standing behind him. Pretty interesting. At the time I watched  the you tubes to the Seventh Day Adventists I thought both Clinton and Bush were pretty disingenuous because it’s odd they would go to the trouble to make a you tube genuflecting their admiration. But they both have had power at their disposal which I think they both misused whether or not they are responsible for those attacks they are involved. Whether they ever have meant harm to anyone their power has been misused by someone who does have the power and has power over them and their decisions or lack of decisions.
Here they are:
President Bush and Seventh-Day Adventist
Senator Clinton and Seventh-Day Adventist
Did those you-tubes seem sincere to you?
Actually George did sound sincere in his you tube about freedom of religion (imo) but why make it at all?

Hillary doesn’t.

SO I guess this was a Republican vs Democrat or a strange bi-partisan 150 anniversary of the 7th Day Adventists. Did they make one for Roman Catholicism’s anniversaries? No.
 Why in the world would two prominent politicians be so concerned about this date and religion if it was meaningless to them.
I haven’t noticed any other politicians make you tubes concerning a prophet?/false prophet? etc
That is perplexing.
To be honest I don’t know much about this religion or their prophecies but became concerned
when David Koresh and his followers
were annihilated/desolated by the Clinton administration and this is about the time when mass murders and terrorism in our country started to accelerate.
Both Hillary and her husband Bill and the Bushes are followers of Billy Graham.
Did Billy Graham help to make these you tube statements?
What would it matter to either of them what the 7th day Adventists believed or their anniversaries or their prophecies?
But obviously it did matter to them

I wonder why?

David Koresh:

“In 1981 he moved to Waco, Texas, where he joined the Branch Davidians, a religious group originating from a schism in the 1950s from the Shepherd’s Rod, themselves disfellowshipped members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the 1930s. They had established their headquarters at a ranch about 10 miles out of Waco, which they called the Mount Carmel Center (after the Biblical Mount Carmel), in 1955.”

“David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell; August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993) was the leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet. Howell legally changed his name to David Koresh on May 15, 1990. A 1993 raid by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the subsequent siege by the FBI ended with the burning of the Branch Davidian ranch outside of Waco, Texas, in McLennan County.

Koresh, 54 other adults and 28 children

were found dead after the fire.[2] “

That’s a lot of adults and kids burned to death!

No one stopped them and this was the Clinton Administration.

Even Billy Graham was silent!

I think Billy Graham has played a very important role in that regard and with many presidents before the Bushes. Franklin Graham is now good buddies with Greta Van Susterne and obviously influencing her version of the news. The Clintons were very involved with Billy Graham and they prayed together etc even in private:) with a photographer there to catch the moment. The Bushes were very involved with Billy Graham. He seems to be a sort of link to Roman Catholicism and we know he is their ambassador ‘incognito’ ALTHOUGH he was outed a long time ago. It seems that everyone that becomes president feels a need to visit Billy Graham as did even President Obama. It’s like a prerequisite in politics.
Even Mitt Romney felt a need before the election. Of course Billy Graham was under the impression Mitt Romney was going to win the election and the right supported Mitt Romney of the religion of Mormonism and Billy Graham and his son backtracked on their views of Mormonism being a cult.
All these believe that the Synoptic Gospels blend with the Gospel of John
yet these gospels are dichotomous to each other.
Same as the causes that Hillary and Obama champion
ie the cloaks they wear to their actions
which are dichotomous to each other.

I would call it “deception even unto themselves.”

Kind of like the quacks in the sphere of medicine.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck, speaking of which: 

Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

I don’t think Hillary Clinton or the Grahams are tolerant of my religious views either
which are that the Synoptic Gospels are in fact Roman Catholic/Islam influenced
and do not shuck and jive with
the Gospel of John which is the gospel that I believe.
Here is a post about the Synoptic Jesus saying he is not good.
The Synoptic Gospels are the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
The Jesus written about in the Gospel of John does not say that he is not good so someone is 
obviously disparaging someone in my estimation in the Synoptic Gospels. Here is the post to explain:

Why Callest Thou Me Good?


Another reason IT MATTERS IS






One thing for sure their deaths warned me of the danger of ISLAM

and the dangers our leaders

pose to Americans.


You know you are on the right track when you disagree with Farrakhan

Obama’s daddy:

Farrakhan: Right To Bear Arms An Outdated Concept

Pentagon ends ban on women in frontline combat

Pentagon to open frontline combat roles to women

Pentagon announces decision to lift ban on women in combat roles

Because Obama, Leon Panetta, and Colin Powell probably plan on implementing

the draft to punish women

because in actuality

the spirit they worship hates women

(the Roman Catholic/Islamic influenced Synoptic Spirit of Jesus).

That’s my opinion!

Daniel 11:37

37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers,

nor the desire of women

nor regard any god:

for he shall magnify himself above all.

Timing of Women in Front Line Combat is extremely suspicious

And Eric Bowling said on “The Five” of Fox News today Thursday, Jan 24th

“Why today?”

I agree that it is suspicious on the heels of the schmoozing of Hillary Clinton at the hearings yesterday.

I think she resented the very few who actually confronted her so that

she lost her cool

when she revealed her indifference by saying,

“What difference at this point does it make?”

I think the truth is getting too close for their comfort.

I think they are preparing to escalate the war against terrorism to a wider arena

(Mali/Algeria/North Africa/Syria),

if they haven’t already. I think they are getting ready for a draft

and they want to include our daughters. 











Probably imparted to the Congress by MItt Romney’s running mate PAUL RYAN

a stooge for Obama and a follower of Billy Graham.

(Stooging is a characteristic of Billy Graham and his followers.)

Watch where your tax dollars are going to grow big business and big government in Washington D. C.

Watch Hannity’s guest explain on tonight’s show Jan. 25th called Boomtown.

Meanwhile tomorrow is the big day when Obama squeaks to the nation. Tuesday the 12th of Fen. 2013

Perhaps today he will pander to Hobby Lobby and buy Michelle some supplies for Valentine’s Day.

They do not want a tax revolt because their businesses depend on our tax dollars using tax money that is why they are delaying the Budget agreement till then because they are afraid of a revolt; but if there isn’t a tax revolt they will continue to abuse the American public and get rich off our hard earned money while punishing us.

IT is Time For a Tax Revolt to get their attention and make them serve us instead of us being served and to abolish OBAMACARE which is also killing small and medium sized businesses. The big businesses have lawyers and all sorts f ways to avoid paying and are laying it on us. It is not like we get to see their tax returns.

This is total anarchy by our government. Our money is their power and it should stop.

 I’ll link the show asap.

Clinton warns of growing threat to US in North Africa,

says ‘we are in for a struggle’

Published January 23, 2013

It looks like the men

(if you can call them men)

are gearing up the women.




Dick Morris has a point about the Senate and Obama:

Senators, Hillary Miss The Point At Hearing

“If President Obama blamed the attack in Libya on a film, knowing that it was not a demonstration but a planned terrorist attack

and did so two months before an election, then that is an impeachable offense.

That’s what difference it makes.”

Did the Senate know?

Was it purposeful because they want to sell arms to Egypt

and they were actually involved in the change of leadership there and in Libya etc

because of their beliefs.




How would Joseph Biden know? He was watching and aware of the events as was the President

and Hillary Clinton. If you read the article it is obvious they knew.

I think that these men were executed for their beliefs

and were made examples of

to the people at the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department etc to separate the goats from the sheep sow to speak. That’s why there were so many odd and preposterous statements (for two months afterwards) by everyone campaigning for Obama including Bill Clinton.

(They continued with him through his temptations.)

This whole Senate and House of Representatives hearing on Benghazi is a coverup.

Video: Dems rule out any lack of Hillary Clinton awesomeness

as potential cause of Benghazi attack

Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviews guest Michelle Malkin about the one moment that counted in the hearings

and of course Hillary’s leeches were upset because they like her left-overs and her lies (such as Barbara Boxer.)

Like a shark (host) and it’s parasites

which clean the shark.

By the way how fair is this committee that is chaired by Sen. John Kerry?

He more than likely wanted this hearing to move on so he can get the sleazy job he desires.

Did Sen. Rand Paul cross the line at Clinton hearing?

Not a bit.! In fact, he was too kind!

I thought he was more honest than not and seemed so sane and normal, unlike the Democrats and quite a few Republicans

acting like total fools falling all over themselves

to feed on Hillary’s toe jam and teeth tarter.

I guess it’s profitable?

What occurred at Benghazi matters


Christian pastor held in Iran missing from jail,

says family


Hillary Clinton takes a rest,

how weird is that?

Feb. 7th 2013 update:

Does a Leopard Change His Spots? This one does!

(Panetta’s hearing- lots of lying)

After his speech at about 10:25 CST a Fox news reporter lady interviewed a man…..I am assuming he is a representative…I did miss his name who looked like an older Keifer Sutherland who also looked like Billy Graham when he was about 50 years old. Pretty weird as if inhabiting this man’s body. Billy Graham is a camelion. I proved it in my assassination of JFK posts when Billy Graham visited a singer named Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash has an extremely large nose especially as he aged. When Billy Graham visited him he took on Johnny’s characteristics. It was Billy Graham at that age that was inside this other man at the interview on Fox News outside in the hallway at the Panetta hearing.

Just thought I should alert Fox News and those in our government

the camelion is with you at these hearings.

He can jump from one person to the next.

Jesus in the Gospel of John said that

He knew what was in man and so He did not commit to man.

This is who he meant!

Here Billy Graham is with Johnny Cash:



The Walls of Benghazi

My other blogs on similar subjects:

Eye of a Needle

The Drawbridge

Here is another picture of Billy Graham with a golfer Arnold Palmer and his nose gets smaller


The Keep

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions


Here he is with LBJ when he was a bit younger and he takes on LBJ’s features; got to go through my pics to find it.

Here he is as Jack Ready Secret Service agent the day of the assassination of JFK:


Merangue’s Blog

Many posts are comparisons of the Synoptic Gospels to the Gospel of John

and many are about current events in light of my religious outlook and my beliefs

and many are about JFK’ s assassination and the involvement of the clergy.

He can’t seem to get rid of the flip in his hair. LOL

Here he is as Rev. Wilkerson from the BGEA site:picture-15

Pretty weird huh!

The commit verse above had another meaning to the evil angels.

But that particular spirit and power thought that particular verse meant Nam (seeing and understanding kind of backwards)

as in Viet Nam and so they killed JFK.  ( and they desired a sacrifice for the secret societies) They are mentally ill and adversely affecting

mankind as if not really human. Pretty weird stuff because JFK knew what was in Viet Nam also : DEATH

JFK was in quite a conundrum and did what he had to do. He left behind a tape about Secret Societies because I think he knew his fate and did not have a choice. He was living within a cult also and was used by that cult. While you are at it read the Gospel of John.

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions

They also wanted to fulfill prophecy their way and to keep power to do as they do now,,,,screw us over!

Billy Graham himself said:

The devil relies on our disbelief

He ought to know.

He is an evangelical I.E. an EVIL ANGEL

Pistorius kills girlfriend model activist

and the drones

Slain model remembered as ‘angel’

Pistorius is just more of the same. Drones of evil.

I caught the connexion: Pistorius Nike ad saying:

I am the bullet in the chamber. 

What does” chamber” have to do with shoes?

I’ve heard of Chambers of Commerce, the Senate chambers etc

but not Nike chambers.

Matthew 24:26

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth:
behold, he is in the secret chambers;
believe it not.
Matthew is against the Gospel of John and believing and chambers, desert places, and mountains and who knows what else,
but probably a hater of women. Except Mary and Elizabeth, cousins.

They pulled the alleged ad after he allegedly killed his model-alleged angel-girl-alleged friend.

abuse of women/gun control/Old St. Nick

Pretty sick and definitely deception,

maybe he was framed, maybe he was in a trance, maybe he is a drone, maybe she is a drone.

IF she was an angel why would he kill her and/or premeditate to kill her?

A tag line of an ad that uses only 7 words

wouldn’t include a word that has nothing to do with the product.

Every word counts when trying to sell a product!

So what does “chamber” have to do with running shoes, eh?

(Is the shoe the chamber? Are there chambers in the shoe? Are there chambers in the heel of the shoe?

Picture 16

He ran on blades, not shoes. So what’s the point?

Picture of

Pistorius armpit

Strange place for a tattoo, Like an army tag. Can’t tell what it says.


It Dozen Make Sensa.

Today (Monday 17th of Feb. 2013) I just saw more to the ad than those 7 words.

“Just do it.” was the rest of the ad. Pretty damned suggestive!

A subliminal message to commit suicide or to kill.

Wouldn’t you say that ad could be interpreted that way?

“I am the bullet in the chamber. Just do it.” by Nike.

Then this guy kills his girlfriend and within a few days Mindy McCready commits suicide.

A few days before Pistorius told someone that “she’s a keeper.” Normally meaning would be the one he wants to marry or have a long lasting relationship and it seems they liked each other a bunch,

but also keeper could mean a Gatekeeper.

Hell has to do with

Hellenistic period

“The Hellenistic period or Hellenistic civilization is the period of ancient Greek history between the death of Macedonian kingAlexander the Great in 323 BC and the emergence of ancient Rome.”

Vatican ll was about the pre-eminence of the Gospel of Matthew to the other gospels. The assassination of JFK happened that same year. The Neocatechumenal Way started then, the Opus Dei began also that year. PLO also not to mention Obama’s family came to the US that same year as an illegal alien. *On Fox tonight on Watter’s World. Friday 22nd 2013

Is that when Obama came also?

Just heard on Fox news today that 10,000 christians have died each year for the last 10 years and the news anchor woman said that it has been under reported……Yea I would say that woman (Mary) in the bible is “drunk on the blood of saints.” The woman with the cup in revelations.

Matthew 23:15

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

Matthew 16:18

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
So was the Nike Ad proof?
I resent that ad!

Considering what is going on these days maybe

subliminal messages

are more powerful than realized.

“Blade Runner” the movie was about a man that killed robots/androids but falls in love with one who seems to take on human tendencies as I recall. I wrote a post about Jesus in the gospel of Luke who ran all over the place eating meat while Jesus in the gospel of John is risen and also about Simon, Simon mentioned in the gospel of Luke.

Oscar Pistorius: Chief investigator ‘should be taken off case’ over attempted murder charges

Warrant Officer Hilton Botha, the lead detective in the Oscar Pistorius murder case, should be removed, the National Prosecution Authority has said, after it emerged that he himself faced seven charges of attempted murder.

Is the murder of Reeva Steenkamp a set up?

To prove that the gates of Hell shall not prevail?

Are we dealing with extreme craziness to keep the Gospel of Matthew pre-eminance?

Is that why JFK was murdered?

I would call that Extremism. Murder to be preeminent.

Simon, Simon – Who is Simon’s Son? Part Two

In the Gospel of John Jesus who says “my time is not yet come your time is alway ready” and linked it to Jack Ready a secret service agent who I believe had a great deal to do with the assassination of JFK. Jack Ready took on the characteristics of Billy Graham or vice-versa which you can read about in:

CBS News and JFK Transcriptions

Which makes me think Billy Graham can take on other forms as demonstrated in many of my posts and at his site and travel in time to thwart truth and kill people. TIME magazine also puffed Billy Graham to make him the star that he became in Evangelism for Roman Catholicism. JFK talked about the machinery on earth and the press that does just that in his infamous speech he recorded and left behind, but was not televised. Interesting.

This is definitely related and that ad is a bad message and definitely perverted.

I related Nicodemas (meaning Prince of the people) to Luke and to Paul and Niger in another post of mine. All of these posts can be found on:

Merangue’s Blog


IN his first term: Obama said, C’mon man, unpack it give it some legs of something in space with Gabrielle Gifford’s husband’s brother’s space mission. Probably an Apollo mission.

Then Obama keeps wanting more space.

This is OD.

Perhaps the Good Doctor could enlighten us with a parable in regards to this event:

You only have yourself to blame???

Would that fit? who? Her or Him or both.


Reeva Steenkamp

was an angel and she accomplished quite a bit in her few years and blessed with great beauty. Pistorious accomplished quite a bit in spite of his injury and he was dating an angel. Was she just too damned pretty and talented and good to be allowed to live, might set an example for other women being an activist and cause problems for Islam.

Give them something they will never forget is what Obama promised.

What do you think doctor? Is this one of those somethings?

I wonder what that was, don’t you? well you ought to?

I haven’t forgotten I just find his



utterly redundant, insane, merciless, and stupid.

I couldn’t decide between orange and purple

and orange fit.

So does what happened at Benghazi matter?

Now Panetta says BO wasn’t even there……hmmmm


I guess BO has lied in his

transliteral kind of way and Panetta is lying.

They are liars and thieves.

They think they can win against God

and they can’t possibly win!

These people are Jesuits.

The Devil knows he has a short time.

They are full of themselves.

The attack at Benghazi was staged by them,

(because that man that died believed and was a witness of Jesus

the real Jesus and BO betrayed him)

because they hate the Gospel of John.

Obama may have been in Benghazi all that time he was missing at the White House.

We don’t know cuz he isn’t telling and no one is asking him.

So we have Ambassador Chris Stevens missing for 8- 11 hours.

Was Obama missing for 8-11 hours as well?

By the way the time span of this massacre has shrunk over time.

I’m sure to make it seem feasible that there wasn’t enough time to deploy help which is a lie!

Maybe Obama was with Ambassador Chris Stevens torturing the Americans.

Where was he for 8-11 hours.

Haul the jerk in and ask him.ASAP

Recall Hillary and ask her where she was.

Ask Joe Biden how he knew what he knew.

Then arrest them (including Panetta) for treason.

It sounds as if Bubbles the Chimp is our President.

Obama has a Fema agent he referred to as Mr Schmuck at Sandy2013-02-28T182013Z_1749260659_GM1E931069T01_RTRMADP_3_USA-FISCAL

and a White House Press Secretary named Jay Carney.

I get the feeling his administration is a traveling circus.

It is starting to make sense.

I guess Leon Panetta would be Chuckles the clown?

Mayor of Chicago aka Dr, Zhivago would be Tiny dancer

Hagel would be selling popcorn.

I wonder who Hillary and Biden would be?

Any suggestions?

Could Ann Coulter be referring to the above mentioned as the mentally ill? I think so.

Inside Carnival cruise nightmare:

Passenger describes deteriorating conditions

Passenger on stranded Carnival cruise compares deck to shanty town

Sorta like Billy Graham’s (now Franklin Graham’s) perpetually impoverished Haiti?

Course they adore and worship Mary. In fact their leader Jean Bertrand Aristide (Haitian politician and Roman Catholic priest of the Salesian order) devoted their country to Mary and her perpetual heart and have been  in perpetual poverty and spiritual depravity, but it works for Billy and his son.…Mary’s heart reminds me of Michelle’heart. Obama and Michelle and the military are so damned stingy they won’t give a purple heart to the victims of Fort Hood who defended themselves against terrorism probably because they are Devoted to Mary.

Pentagon uproar over Panetta’s hero medals

for drone operators, cyber sleuths

Our military and their leaders ( Obama, Colin Powell, Panetta and their underlings are turning the military into “The Hood” and rewarding that devotion with martyrdom, suicide, murder, rape and pillage.) They don’t even feed the military men that serve a breakfast becuse they like to put them in perpetual fasting “to whatever” so they can easily mishandle them and abuse them. Fasting is a ploy to make a person more pliable and trancic. Jesus in the Gospel of John did not fast. The synoptic Jesus fasted and hallucinated and so did Peter in the Book of Acts. Fasting is not powerful except to the enemy of man. You do not need to fast with prayer. Follow Jesus in the Gospel of John and his prayer and that is powerful and it will help you if you follow him. The other synoptic version of prayer does not help you but helps an evil power. He did not end his prayer with Amen. Amen is an egyptian diety that cares about himself and not you akin to Obamacare which obviously doesn’t.

It is perpetually stupid to be devoted to Mary. She’s a real …….like your worst mother-in-law, but wurst.

Football-field-sized asteroid buzzes past the Earth

Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia

Matthew 21:44

And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.
Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.
Of course, Matthew says this stone and Luke says that stone.
Okay so which one do I need to worry about
this one or that one?
Here’s a post about fasting and leading from behind:

Is this a sign?



there’s just




than water.


Even if one fasts for “whatever reason” you still need water!

Heard the President’s vision and of course everything he says always (it seems to me)

 has a double meaning or is a catch-22 such as I’ve mentioned already.

What concerns me a bunch is his Preschool plan which reminds me of what was said by Jesus in one of the synoptic gospels to the daughters of Jerusalem :

Luke 23:28

But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem,
weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children.

Daughters can mean the daughters of the church like in Revelations: the daughters are the religions that broke off from the mother church. Ie Lutherans, Protestants, Episcopalians, etc Jerusalem was controlled by Roman Catholicism I think at that time. Jerusalem was being held hostage. ie in spiritual Egypt. That’s why the chief priests and the legion and the government at that time were against him. Paul was against him, the egyptian from Turkey, who spoke greek and was a Roman citizen.

I don’t think any government should have control of our kids at a young age especially if they are not ready and many times little tots are not ready for school when another is. I had two girls and one was ready early and one was not.

I believe in school choice and the choice to keep a preschool kid at home.

Obama is a liar to the nth degree. He tricks the masses and even those in Congress. He mocks by his visions and promises and threats. I think the best way to handle him is to not go along with anything he wants.

Don’t vote on anything he sends your way. Don’t let anything he pushes go through.

Politics is a bit different than the military:

Marco Rubio’s “water bottle-gate” moment

Enjoyed the GOP response by Marko Rubio and thought he did a great job. He was set up, I thought, because of the camera distance and the water unavailable, it seemed at first.  Both should have been closer. I think the camera men probably had something to do with that set up. Still I think it became good humorous fodder for the press and will raise his stature because of it. What he said was good, sensible, and realistic and not so ridiculously out in la la land as Obama’s speech seemed to be and most of the middle class ought to take notice. Great smile. Just because someone has mastered the art of speech doesn’t make him worthy when his false choices, ideas and vision are unbelievable. Kind of like Michelle Obama: she’s pretty, great bangs like Cleo, no heart.

Picked up over 13,000 new followers on  since last night!

Im going to start drinking  in the middle of all of my speeches!

He ain’t dumb! LOL

Texas Senator Goes on Attack

and Raises Bipartisan Hackles

What is wrong with diligence? Isn’t that what we should expect of our elected leaders? 

When at war and a war based on beliefs diligence, tenacity, truth, intelligence, common sense, integrity, expertise, courage, bravery, honor, good character and caution are a must in politics, but very rare. I think we still have a few in politics attempting to try.

Don’t give up on the Benghazi investigation and hearings and the ramifications of this event which affect all of us.

I think it is a key to unraveling the enemy to men and women.

And I have noticed a bit of fear in Obama lately, so don’t let up.

Obamacare was signed in without caution. Not even read!

Kind of like bibles in this day and age aren’t read, nor compared, neither understood.

Get rid of OBAMACARE!

O’reilly made an issue of the marginalization by the press on the left about the water Marco Rubio drank and how he drank it. It was funny and it won’t be forgotten and I think he can take the jokes. It’s when you can’t take it you lose ground. I get a smile on my face and a laugh when I think about it. The right Oreilly needs to loosen up a bit. Bush guffawed quite a few times with pronunciation of words which became his trademark, same for Biden for stupid and revealing remarks telling us how he really feels (“I’ve never been more ashamed to serve…….”. cheerleaders, railroads, boxcars, and some greek schtuff) His wife for demonstrative hand signals about big schticks. Ford for falling and stumbling. Clinton for the same.

Marco Rubio showed some of his personality, and I like his personality, don’t you? It was absolutely brilliant! I can imagine SNL will make a good skit or two from it and I’m positive they’ll be hysterical, unless they’ve lost their touch.

At least it was clean.

What will George Ganswein do?

I wrote about false choices:

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

(Mark Levin on Hannity tonight Wed Feb 13tgh -great synopsis of how to handle Obama.)

Here it is linked so you may hear what he had to say.

Mark Levin Tells Sean Hannity:

“It’s Time to ‘Just Say No’ to Obama”

– Video 2/13/13

 I enjoyed watching Hannity drinking water too. It was really funny too.

News outlets pile on Rubio’s water bottle moment

Picture 15

(Notice when Obama says “shouldn’t.” Shouldn’t means the opposite. It’s lawyer jargon that means “it will”)

Levin has got great fundamental advice how to handle this president and his administration.

In the Book of Daniel (I think) King Nebachadnezzar is turned

into a beast for 7 years because of his evilness

Perhaps we are reliving those times or soon to be.

God help us!

Benghazi is a warning

to me and to you

about their false religion and he exposed them.

Take heed.

Pope resigning and on to the next. According to Roman Catholic prophecies that is a bad sign

because the next one is the last.

Pope’s Resignation Brings Doomsday Prophecy

Should be interesting.

While a bad sign for the RC’s power mongers it really is a good sign from my perspective

because it is a very evil power and it needs to end.

And maybe I can actually have a life then.

The Elbow, the Pope and the Vatican. 

Eric Bolling has gone over the edge hopefully he will regain his bearing. The elbow isn’t very important in the whole scheme of things. It is a joint in the arm. Sometimes people who play too much tennis get Tennis Elbow. Some people are double jointed at the elbow. Get a grip. You are acting like a plebe and it’s embarrassing. Focus. Did God or Jesus mention the elbow as having to do with anything spiritual? Did Jesus tell his apostles:Now hold your elbow justh so (when you make the sign of the cross) then curtsy before you enter a pew. Did George Ganswein pay you a visit to enlighten you about physics of the elbow?

Is this what Catholics are taught?

It is ridiculous.



Who did a good job today?

Sen. Lindsay Graham

as well as Sen. Ayotte!

I’m proud of their courage and persistence because it is that kind of trait and action that will make a difference for America.

Senator Lindsey Graham has quite a lot of news on his site

worth reading which is linked

However, an american deserves protection of the law as Rand Paul is saying in regards to DRONE HITS, because that is what they are. Hits. Just like the mob and it is wrong. ALthough he didn’t call them drone hits.

Sometimes americans don’t know if they are dealing with Al Queda and sometimes those americans may work for a department in government in defense of america, or the press. It’s a slippery slope and not one we should follow. I don’t much care for it in other countries either. It is obviously not precise and in the wrong hands such as Obama it is evil. Sometimes Europeans and Africans and Pakistanis don’t know either and sometimes they don’t have a choice.

Obama is not trying to help America. He has his own agenda and Islamic enemies,

as if clearing the way for his emerging in Islam as it’s leader and his own enemies.

When we can take the enemy alive it is better than taking them dead!

We are supposed to love the enemy, remember?

Dorner should have been taken alive if possible. Nighttime should not be made an excuse to “burn it down.”

What if the LA cops were guilty and did the deeds they attributed to Dorner?
What if he was set up by them. We certainly won’t find out now. I’m not defending him just suspicious of the circumstances of his rage 5 years later seems very far-fetched.

Arias and the mysterious knife

As far as the woman accused of killing her boyfriend I think there is something hidden in this girl way down deep. The man she was with seemed like from his pictures to be up to no good. He has a taunting demeanor and so did she in the pictures of them. Why did no one notice his dead body stinking for 4 days in the apartment with the other 4 roommates? I get the feeling the friends of his are in on it that aired on Justice with Jeanine. One of them mentioned something about their religion and I found the statements a bit od. I think something took her over to do the murder. Like they are drones. I know it sounds strange and outlandish but this is not normal things that are happening, as the Pistorious murder, Aurora, Newtown, the man jumping off a parking garage after having lunch with friends right in front of them, etc. Another thing, how in the world did Arias try to kill herself in jail with a knife. Was it the same knife that stabbed her boyfriend provided to her by her incarcerators to conclude the murder of her boyfriend? Did someone provide a knife for her in jail? I was always under the impression inmates did not have access to knives in jail.

Am I wrong?

 This is a sticking point in this trial,

a very big one. 

Or did she try to kill herself with a plastic knife? Any person is capable of bad  behavior if driven by outside forces if that is their intent to drive someone over the bend with drugs and hypnotic techniques and other kinds of dirty tricks.That is what I think is happening to many people right now, intentionally. That is evil.

Obviously, she was set up.

Sure lots of deception going on to be sure!

Here’s another death in Chicago as the two Michelle and Obama had separate vacations.

So is Obama this stone and Michelle is that stone?

2 questioned in shooting of teen killed hours after sister heard Obama’s speech

“I really feel like somebody cut a part of my heart out,” said McFarlane’s mother, Angela Blakely.”

(There is a Jesus in the bible that talks about destroying them wonderfully

and that is not wonderful, nor the messiah, neither sane. This one in Luke 13:32-35:

32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.

33 Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.

34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together,

as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!

35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Hen is a female and her is a female and it is speaking of MARY of the CHURCH. IMO

These verses are insane if you take the time to decipher the meaning.

Republican senator says will block CIA,

Pentagon nominees

Hagel: Let’s Not Go to the Videotape

By the way I have another picture of Bully Graham with some men and one in particular that I recognize and worked for who tried to accuse me of stealing some stupid decoration, which I did not steal nor did I desire it in any way. I can’t remember what it was but I think because he was sort of a country bumpkin thought that I might. I have good taste on a  low budget. I still have an appreciation for country bumpkins with good hearts.I’ve been overseas by ship, lived there and done some traveling there and through most of the US and seen more than most people have. Worldly in a good way.

He and his wife were a heavy drinkers and he was my landlord.

I know the picture was a threat to me in a sick kind of way a while ago because obviously he knew I would be doing this against him and his religion while writing about JFK. He had my husband and I at that time many years back over for dinner and about 12 midnight he was finished cooking a 3 or 4 inch steak. I suspect foul play because of that picture in regards to that steak. I also suspect foul play in regards to the lack of recognition by my now ex husband who was a RC and his apathy to what I write and have discovered. It is a dilemma for me, and also why my ex is my ex and will always be an EX to me. Although we are friends out of necessity and we share kids I don’t like “the lie.” But it is very Roman-ish.

I won’t name him because I think it is like “really strange” and do not want to give him much ado,

because in my estimation he is much ado about nothing as is Bully Graham when it comes to his own character. Sleazy.


 I don’t like BULLIES. Bully Graham’s smile and appearance is like the one I noticed today in the halls of Congress being interviewed by a Fox news lady inside a man who I think was a congressman at the Panetta hearing today. He is definitely up to no good and can do great harm. He inhabits people and is a shape shifter that is why he wouldn’t get in to an elevator alone with a woman because it caused some problems for him. Here is a post that demonstrates his abilities to trick men and women and I don’t think he is the only one capable in this regard:

David Wilkerson and Billy Graham

Frank-ly it doz’en make sense, what do you think Al? It’s a myrrh conundrum,

unless perhaps UR are a fly.

Then it makes fly sense.


Panetta said that the people in charge were the ambassador there.

You bet he was. He killed them.

Our ambassador sucked.

Obama knows.

But I know his time is short. I got the word of that:)

Have you noticed “The Obamas” seem to be dumbfounded and Jay Carney seems to be losing his composure and tripping up.

I would love to insult them problem is they are so gross there is nothing that wood insult them.

Instead of insult I’ll add injury:


the way

the truth and the life

No man cometh unto the Father,

but by me.

I’m not talking about myself but I Am that I Am in Exodus. It is a good read about Moses and the Hebrews who escape from Egypt by the Hand of God and who Jesus of the Gospel of John glorified. His Father.


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