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CBS News and JFK

CBS News and JFK



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Here is a bulletin from CBS News. In Dallas Texas three shots were fired at President Kennedy’s Motorcade in downtown Dallas. The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting. More details just arrived.


Here is a bulletin from CBS News. In Dallas Texas three shots were fired at President Kennedy’s Motorcade in downtown Dallas. The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting. More details just arrived.
These details about the same as previously. President Kennedy shot today just as his motorcade left downtown Dallas. Mrs. Kennedy jumped up and grabbed Mr. Kennedy. She called Oh no. The motorcade sped on. United Press says that the wounds for President Kennedy perhaps could be fatal. Repeating a bulletin from CBS News. President Kennedy has been shot by a would be assassin in Dallas Texas. Stay tuned to CBS News for further details.

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CBS Bulletin (3:13/10:06)

Here is a bulletin from CBS News. Further details on an assassination attempt against President Kennedy in Dallas Texas. President Kennedy was shot as he drove from Dallas Airport to downtown Dallas. Governor Connally of Texas in the car with him was also shot. It is reported that 3 bullets rang out. A Secret Service man has been was heard to shout from the car he’s dead. Whether he referred to President Kennedy or not is not yet known. The President cradled in the arms of his wife Mrs Kennedy was carried to an ambulance and the car rushed to Parkland Hospital outside Dallas. The President was taken to an emergency room in the hospital. Other White House officials were in doubt and the in the corridors of the hospital as to the condition of President Kennedy.

Repeating this Bulletin President Kennedy shot while driving in an open car from the airport in Dallas Texas to downtown Dallas. Recup recounting again the details of this incident three shots were heard to ring out as Kennedy and Governor Connally and Mrs Kennedy rode in the back seat of the open car. Immediately a Secret Service man said he saw blood spurt from the Presidents head. He fell into the laps of Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Kennedy shouted oh no.  Governor Connally was seen to crumple also. The car sped on the motorcade speeded up rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where the Presidents and Governor Connally were rushed to the Emergency Room. A Secret Service man was heard to say he’s dead as the President was lifted from the rear of the White House touring car the famous bubble top from Washington and taken into the hospital. Reporters about 5 car lengths behind the Chief Executive heard what sounded like that three bursts of gunfire. We will keep you advised as more details come in. This incident has taken place only in the last few minutes in Dallas. Stay tuned to CBS News for further details.

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Here is a bulletin from CBS News. President Kennedy has been the victim of an assassin’s bullets in Dallas Texas. It is not known as yet whether the President survived the attack against him. The incident was this. The President, Mrs. Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas driving in the President’s famed bubble top car from Dallas Airport to downtown Dallas where the President was scheduled to make a speech. Three bullet shots were heard to ring out. The President slumped into the lap of Mrs. Kennedy. Witnesses said they saw blood streaming from his head. Governor Connally slumped into the bottom of the car. Bullet wounds were seen to be in his chest. The car itself rushed on as Mrs. Kennedy was heard to say Oh no. It took him directly to a nearby hospital the Parkland Hospital where the President and Governor Connally were taken into the Emergency Room and witnesses there refused to comment on whether the President was still alive or not. As the bullets were heard to wing out of the assassin’s gun serv Secret Service men unlimbered their automatic rifles but the damage of course by then had been done. As these details come in let us read a few to you from the press service wires reaching us only now from Dallas. After these three loud bursts of gunshots Dallas motorcycle officers escorting the President quickly leaped from their bikes and raced up a grassy hill. At the top of a hill a man and woman appeared huddled on the ground. In the turmoil it has been impossible so far to determine whether the Secret Service and Dallas Police returned the gunfire that struck down Kennedy and Connally or whether this couple at the top of the hill crouched down their inert forms a as the police rushed them were the would be assassins. Stay tuned for further details from CBS NEWS.


We’ll bring you details now. More details on the attempted assassination of President Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy was on her knees we’re told on the floor of the rear seat of the car her head toward the President apparently uh leaning over and trying to converse with him. AP reporter who was with the group said that this man and woman we reported earlier were on a hilltop were seen scrambling to the upper level of a walkway overlooking an underpass the which the car was approaching. Lawrence O’Brian the Presidential aide says he has no information on whether the President is still alive. Mrs. Kennedy was weeping trying to hold up her hus husbands head when the reporters reached the car as it dashed toward the hospital. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was in the car behind the President. There was no immediate sign that he was hurt. Repeating that no indication Vice President Johnson was hurt. In fact there was no evidence at all at what might have happened to Johnson since only the President’s car and its Secret Service follow-up car went on to the hospital. (PAUSE)

Let us recount this incident again. There has been an assassination attempt against the life of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas Texas. The President Mrs. Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas on route from the Dallas Airport to a speech the President was scheduled to make at noon in Dallas were in the President’s famed bubble top car driving through cheering crowds in the streets of Dallas when three shots rang out. The President slumped into the lap of Mrs. Kennedy apparently a bullet wound in his head. Governor Connally slumped to the floor of the car. Bullet wounds were seen in his chest. The Mrs. Kennedy screamed out Oh No. The car stopped momentarily. Secret Service men unloaded their rifles and started to

(/4:30/10:01/ seems to be missing a word possibly edited out?)

into the crowd. Two uh persons a man and a woman were seen crouched with a crowd around them on a hilltop overlooking the road. Whether they were concerned in the shooting or not we do not know yet. Secret Service men rushed to that scene and were awaiting a report on that. Vice President Johnson was in the car immediately following President Kennedy and Governor Connally. He was not hurt as far as we are able to determine. The President and Governor Connally were rushed to a nearby hospital Parkland Hospital where they were taken into the Emergency Room and we have no information yet as to how serious the injuries were. However aides very close to President Kennedy ha would have no comments when they were asked by reporters the seriousness of the President’s injuries.

Late information just in. Acting White House Secretary Malcom Killdoff was asked whether the President was dead and he said I have no word now. The Presidents had landed just a short time before as we said at Dallas Love Field. He was driving to the Trade Mart in Dallas to deliver this luncheon speech which was to be sponsored by three Dallas organizations. The largest turnout of the current Texas Tour was on the streets to greet Kennedy. He was being greeted lavishly by the crowd in a very warm Texas welcome when the

(voice goes into distress

 at 5:52/10:01-5:54/10:01


3:40/10:20 depending

on which version of this you tube that the internet directs you to-

which is interesting in itself_

Sounds re-edited)

bullet woun b  b bullet uh

(resumes normal speech 3:43)

 fired out of the crowd. Stay tuned we’ll bring you the details just as quickly as they come in.

(After the distressed voice above the propaganda begins! Up to now the bulletins were reports without opinion type additions in my opinion there seems to have been a take over of this reporter)

 It might be recalled that Dallas has been a hot bed of criticism of President Kennedy and his administration by outspoken rightist groups. Only two weeks ago uh Ambassador Adelai Stevenson of the United Nations was in an incident in Dallas when he was besieged by pickets far right-wing pickets outside of a speech he made there and he was struck in the head by a picket sign by an outraged conservative who felt we should not be in the United Nations. Even today through Dallas there were cars touring the streets with signs US or UN.

“Even today”

is often the beginning of many of President Kennedy’s speeches which were written

by his speech writers!

  A little late information Rear Admiral George Berkley Unites States Navy the White House Physician rushed into that Parkland Hospital in Dallas. He headed for the Emergency Room where the President and Governor Connally were taken. Still awaiting word as to the condition of the President from that Emergency Room.(PAUSE)

Governor Connally of Texas is the young Governor who managed the campaigns of Lyndon Johnson over the uh last several Senatorial and Vice Presidital Presidential campaigns of Johnsons. He is a leader of what is considered the more conservative wing of the Democratic Party in Texas. Part of the reason for President Kennedy’s being in Texas was said was to try to patch up differences between the conservative and liberal wings of the Democratic Party which uh it was believed endangered the chances of the administration uh taking Texas in the 1964 election.

Lets recount again that President Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas lie in the Emergency Room at Parkland Hospital in Dallas as an anxious world waits to learn how serious are the injuries that they suffered from an assassin bullet. President Kennedy has been injured apparently in the head, Gov. Connally of Texas in the chest. Three bullet shots were heard to ring out as the President’s car drove through the crowded streets of Dallas on the outskirts from the airport toward downtown.

 Further details now as we  are have learned that the motorcade uh was so strung out as a result of the speedy Secret Service departure from the scene of the shooting that members of the Kennedy staff were from 15 minutes to a half hour behind in reaching the hospital.  (at least a half hour has passed since the assassination) It was impossible they tell us now under the tension at the hospital to assemble any clear-cut story of the incident because the burst of gunfire of course took only seconds and from there on out confusion. Some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire however was from an automatic weapon fired to the right rear of the Chief Executive’s car possibly  from a grassy knoll and thats that knoll to which motorcycle policemen uh were seen racing and where the huddled figures of a man and woman were seen on the ground with the crowd surrounding them which suggests of course that perhaps this is where the shots came from. This we do not know as yet positively.

(PAUSE – (9:37/10:01) or 7:27/10:20 Lots of background noise)

A late bulletin Representative Albert Thomas the Democrat from Houston Texas says that he has been informed that President Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas are uh still alive or at least were still alive at the last word he had a few moments ago from Parkland Hospital.

This is the first word we have had definitely from the Emergency Room giving some hope that they survive this assassination attempt. The last assassination attempt against a President of the United States was that attack against President Truman when he was living at Blair House in Washington and Puerto Rican Nationalists charged the Blair House Steps, attempted to enter Blair House, if this reporters memory is correct about 1951 that incident took place. They were cut down by Secret Service Agents but a Secret Service man died thwarting that attempt to enter Blair House. The President who uh Truman at the time was only barely aware of what was going on. He as a matter of fact uh watched the incident from the upstairs windows after the shooting took place on Pennsylvania Avenue at Blair House. This incident recalls the incident at which Franklin Delanor Roosevelt was was an intended victim and where Mayor Cermac of Chicago died in an assassination attempt in Florida when President Roosevelt was on a tour of course many years ago.

Recounting the episode again for you President Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas were shot as they were driving from Dallas airport into downtown Dallas. Assassins unknown as yet. Their condition unknown. It is believed that President Kennedy was hit in the head Gov. Connally in the chest. We’ll be back in ten seconds to allow all our stations to identify themselves and to join the networkEND


This is Walter Cronkite in our newsroom in

0:25/10:22 glitch because Walter does not finish his sentence

Obviously edited to cover up something!

There has been an attempt as perhaps you know now on the life of President Kennedy. He was wounded in an automobile driving from Dallas airport into downtown Dallas along with Governor Connally of Texas. They have been taken to Parkland Hospital there where their condition is as yet unknown. We have not been told their condition at Dallas in the downtown hotel room. A group had been gathered to hear President Kennedy whe and was awaiting his arrival.

Let’s switch down there now where Eddie Barker of KRLD is on the air.

Long Pause 

We’re trying to get that connection to Dallas now. Just as soon as we uh can get Dallas on the air we  you shall see the scene at the hotel where we understand that the audience is just being told about the incident in their city the shooting of President Kennedy and of Governor Connally. A word just in from Congressman Jim Wright of Fort Worth says that he understands that both President Kennedy and Governor Connally while seriously wounded are still alive.

-Okay okay go ahead switch it


3:46/8:09 or 1:45/10:22 Scenes at Trade Mart

The uh safety precautions that were taken here at the Trade Mart uh certainly among some of the most expensive that have ever been taken for uh the visit of anyone to the city and as of this hour uh it of course is all for naught due to the fact that uh there waa an attempt made on the President’s life. There had been earlier speculation that perhaps if there was any trouble it would have uh come at the airport where the President if you were uh watching the television and listening to the radio earlier this morning. uh you heard that he went up to the fence went up to the crowd and uh was a mixing uh quite closely. He uh shook hands with many supporters

BLEEP of microphone 4:30/8:09 or 2:33/10:22

There was a, there was a uh air an air of congeniality on the part of the crowd. This Trade Mart is approximately a mile and a quarter from the point where the attempted assassination took place. The  uh Trade Mart this huge market hall is uh located just to the NorthWest of the downtown business area. The President’s Motorcade had taken him from the airport uh down uh Lemon Avenue one of the familiar thoroughfares here in Dallas to Turtle Creek down past the Democratic uh County Headquarters and on in to the down town area. The uh procession came up Main Street one of the uh three principal thoroughfares in downtown Dallas and is it it was just uh beginning to leave the downtown area and come out here to uh this hall when the attempted assassination took place. The announcement uh was made to the crowd just a few minutes ago as to what uh had transpired. No report on the condition of the President as yet.

Yes Dick.

– There is an unconfirmed report Eddie that the President is in critical condition that Governor Connally has gone to the operating room. This is an unconfirmed report.

That the President is in critical condition and that uh Governor Connally is now in the operating room and also the fact that uh one of the Secret Service Agents who was riding with the President was killed, is that right?

– That that is the report at this moment.

Dick has there uh been any report uh as to whether or not the uh assassin uh was apprehended?

Nothing on the apprehension as yet we still have that same uh street corner that you mentioned to go by that’s all so far.

– Nothing other than the uh fact that at the intersection of Elm and Houston Streets just west of the down town area uh is where the attempted assassination took place. There is a look of uh shock disbelief on this crowd that uh has turned out for the President uh. Safety precautions here probably have never been greater. It was only a couple of weeks ago that an incident occurred here that uh caused some to think that it would have been better had President Kennedy not gone ahead with his announced plans of coming to Dallas. That was when the United Nations Ambassador Adelai Stevenson made a uh speech at the uh Memorial Theater in Dallas. You may recall that at that time there was quite a rhubarb inside the uh theater proper as Mr. Stevenson tried to speak. One man a Frank McGeeHee who is the leader of the National Indignation Convention a group of extreme rightists here tried to interrupt the uh ambassador. Uh he was ejected from the Hall then later when Mr. Stevenson left the Hall and tried to uh go to his car he stepped away from his uh police protection for a minute and into the arms of a very hostile crowd a uh woman hit him with a placard and he was also spat upon by a 23 year old Dallasite. This uh caused of course the fact that uh the precautions for the Presidential visit went to extremes that had not been known here before. Uh the report is that the attempted assassins we now hear it was a man and a woman who uh fired the shots were on the ledge of a building near the Houston Street Underpass. Uh just from memory that would p

————— 6:10/10:22

That was a report from Eddie Barker at our affiliate KRLD in Dallas Texas. The scene you saw was the luncheon to which uh President Kennedy was on route. He was planning to address that luncheon when one of his strongest statements yet against uh those who as he said would return uh this uh turn this the clock back uh but he did not get an opportunity to make that speech. He was cut down by bullets as his motorcade approached downtown Dallas.

The above statement is very important. Why is that important?

Billy Graham

Hearst intervention

“At the Los Angeles revival, a fellow evangelist accused Graham of setting religion back 100 years.

 Graham replied,“I did indeed want to set religion back, not just 100 years but 1,900 years, to the Book of Acts,

 when 1st century followers of Christ were accused of turning the Roman Empire upside down.”[10]

What is in bold print above that Billy Graham said seems to be the fulfillment of changing times in Daniels prophecy.

He is now in the Emergency Room of Parkland Hospital in Dallas. He is remaining in the Emergency Room because uh Secret Service aides say that the facilities there are as good as elsewhere.

They have moved Governor Connally who was also cut down by those bullets uh to the operating room at Parkland Hospital. Mrs. uh Kennedy who was in the car with Governor Johnson and uh or uh Governor Connally rather and President Kennedy was not injured but was said to be in a state of shock and is stunned. Uh she had was heard to cry out Oh no as the bullets rang out and the President slumped into her lap with the it is reported a bullet wound in the head. Governor Connally was shot apparently twice in the uh chest although we do not have details of their injuries. As of ten minutes ago a White House Aide said that the President was uh still alive. The extent of his injury uh the whether it is indeed critical or not uh is not has not been officially confirmed by doctors from Parkland Hospital. Whether the assassin has been caught or not is not known as yet either. The Early reports indicate however that a man was arrested by police and Secret Service Agents. We’re awaiting further details on that.

 – Picture of Motorcade Walter just before the….muffled

Thank you Don. This picture has just been transmitted by wire. It is a picture taken just a moment or two before the incident. If  you can zoom in with that camera we can get a closer look at this picture. You can see the President in an open car, the uh famed bubble top was not being used today. The President out in the open on a balmy uh Texas day. It had been raining earlier in Fort Worth when he made an appearance there to cheering crowds in a parking lot there and earlier in the day in this festive day Mrs. Kennedy had made an appearance at a breakfast there too and was wildly cheered.

You see the President here the motorcycle policeman who undoubtedly was deeply involved in this matter before it was all over immediately behind and right over in here you can perhaps see some of the Secret Service Agents who were undoubtedly involved as well. They were not able to prevent the President from being shot.

I found the same picture at a sight called……………………..so that you could view the Police Officer and the people behind the car that Walter Cronkite is pointing to in the picture. A few times he subtly thumbs a person in the picture. The reason it is important is because he immediately is reprimanded.

Someone interrupts Walter Cronkite 8:56/10:22

 – Walter get back to Dallas the prayer now for the President….._(garbled)

We are now going into that Dallas uh luncheon the President had planned to address. Let’s go back. Prayers we understand are underway.

A guy to Walter’s left says:

  – Walter were going to get this thing back…(muffled)… there’s an unidentified guy who said he was standing across the street who was.garbled.

the film.cuts to the Luncheon at the Trade Mart. 9:17/10:22 

Reverend Luther Holcolm in middle of prayer at Trade Mart:

The members of their families…muffled pray even in this gathering that we may reveal that (calm?garbled) that shall be pleasing to thee and that we shall await the word…from a spirit of ..(garbled). .. .. A //men

That was the Reverend Luther Holcolm who is the Executive Secretary of the Dallas Council of Churches and who was to have uh given the invocation here for the President’s address today.

As you can imagine there are many stories that are coming in now as to the actual condition of the President. One is that he is dead. This cannot be confirmed. Another is that uh Governor Connally is in the operating room. This we have not confirmed.




 Repeats last paragraph from the last you- tube

As you can imagine there are many stories that are coming in now as to the actual condition of the President. One is that he is dead. This cannot be confirmed. Another is that uh Governor Connally is in the operating room. This we have not confirmed.

Another is and apparently this is correct that one of the Secret Service Agents whose job it was to guard the life of the President was killed uh in his line of duty.

Possibly, that could be Roy Kellerman

who sits in the front passenger side of the limo.

The difference between the two versions od CBS News is the last paragraph about the death of a Secret Service man is cut from part 4  CBS and instead they have ended the tape at the paragraph before!!!!! In the other version it is still included!!!

The Presidents was whisked from the scene of the attempted assassination or assassination depending upon his condition of course at this hour uh ///by bus/// to Parkland Hospital which is located about a mile and a half from uh this site which would make it about 3 miles from the site of the shooting. It is a city county hospital here and uh the President undoubtedly is in the Emergency Room at that hospital which would be on the first floor of uh Parkland. No uh word as yet we are awaiting something more official. It is of course difficult certainly uh to go on scanty reports uh of uh something like this. This is the first time that the life of a President has uh been uh has been uh uh taken or possibly uh taken in some time.

Am I too close?

Of course the uh the uh the time in the House of Representatives when uh the Congress was the uh uh shot up for a while as my memory serves me I think there have been 3 assassinations in the history of Presidents uh President uh Lincoln of course President uh Garfield and President McKinnley the uh three who uh have died by the uh by the hand of an assassin while in office. The crowd now beginning to get up and leave. 5:53/9:28 or 2:07/10:59 

Uh most of them of course unsure as we are at this time as to just


That was Eddie Barker at our affiliate KRLD in Dallas Texas. This is Walter Cronkite back at the CBS News room in New York. We have just been advised from Dallas that blood transfusions are being given to President Kennedy however 2 priests have been called for and have entered the

cuts away visually from the Trade Mart back to CBS Newsroom.

These are pictures of what is occurring while Walter Cronkite says the following from


Emergency Room at Parkland Hospital where he wrests after the assassination attempt


I believe that Walter Cronkite means wrest….not rest, because obviously President Kennedy was fighting for his life and not resting. I believe Walter Cronkite is giving us clues when he can about what is really occurring and this guy is watching him like a hawk!

Looks like the man casing Walter Cronkite is threatening him behind the scenes as Walter looks up.

which now was about a half hour ago.

The man returns to where he was earlier. 2:45/10:59


Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally are stunned but they are at the bedsides of their husbands et Parkland Hospital as we told you President  Kennedy lies in the Emergency Room. Governor Connally of Texas also shot is been taken has been taken to the Operating Room.


When he says et instead of at in the above statement the same man behind turns around very quickly! 2:46/10:59.

And again the man in back reacts and stares down Walter Cronkite  when he says ”taken has been taken to the Operating Room.”   2:58/10:59

Who are these men standing in the back ground?

The one with the sunglasses seems to be out of place.

Members of the White House Staff have gathered in the waiting room at Parkland Hospital in the buffed wall hallways there. Their standing around now waiting for the word from the room.

There was a report that a person had been arrested in this assassination attempt and KRLD in Dallas did get an audio tape did an interview that is with a man who said he saw the arrest. Let’s listen to some of that uh interview:


– story building and as I told you earlier a youngster said that he saw a colored man fire three times from the window of that building. I was in a car in the Presidential caravan about 7 cars behind the President’s car as we made the turn here at the intersection of Elm and Houston. I heard first a loud report. It sounded to me like a giant fire cracker then in quick succession two more. Immediately in front of me I saw people begin to fall on the grass and run for bushes in a park area here. Then Police Officers ran on the scene and there was a wild general search throughout this entire neighborhood, Finally one of the officers found a small colored boy who said that he saw a man fire from about the 4th floor window of the School Book Depository Building. Now a white man only has been escorted from the building. The Fire Department earlier had come upon the scene with gear and there was a room to room search of this building which has 2 , 4, 6, 8., 9 floors.

The building right across the street diagonally from the Dallas County Court House. (Garbled Surprisingly?) the man the officers were looking for or perhaps one of them have been taken from the building but now I see Police Officers running back towards the entrance of the Texas School Book Depository Building and evidently they are going to continue searching in that building for the would-be assassin of the President. This is Jim Underwood in Dallas back to CBS News.


At 3:52/10:59-3:52/10:59

when the crew cut haired man with sun glasses enters the area three men that were there look away and split the area!

Lots of strange behavior at CBS in New York!

4:44/10:59 Man in background walks behind Walter Cronkite and behind the man who is watching over them with a

white handkerchief in his back pocket but it looks like a white glove with a thumb hanging down.

I wonder if he is hinting at a message?



In New York the New York Stock
– Someone says  
–  Thats uh, yes
this afternoon, that’s 5 minutes ago uh after the market took a violent downturn at the news of the assassination attempt against President Kennedy. Let us recall for you now what has transpired

someone interrupts

-garbled KRLD’s reporting that they have been told by someone in the hospital that the President is dead. Only a rumour, but they have been told that. KRLD is saying.


Man in the back quickly adjusts/lifts his belt twice with both hands and then with his left hand swipes the front of his pants then returns his hands to his hips

Interesting body language, as if he has succeeded right after the report from KRLD 


Well, that is a repeat of something reported to you directly a moment ago from KRLD television in Dallas and that is the rumor that has reached them at the hotel that uh the President is dead, totally unconfirmed apparently as yet.  However let’s go back to KRLD in Dallas.

Cuts to Trade Mart

– perating room we do not know what his condition is. But the report is that the President is dead. This is not confirmed. This is something that. Okay. This is something that the um/(another interruption from background) Word just came to us a minute ago. The word we have is that President Kennedy is dead. This we do not know for a fact. Well word we have is that he is dead, that he was shot by an assassin at the intersection of Elm and Houston Streets aa just as he was going into the underpass. The word we have is from a doctor on the staff of Parkland Hospital who says that it is true. He was in tears when he told me just a moment ago. This is still not officially confirmed but as I say the source would normally be a good one. President Kennedy on his second visit to Texas. The first time he came here,uh actually the third time.  I remember he came here uh when he was a Senator from uh Massachusetts a few years ago and uh I recall uh the time he uh came into the uh airport here and uh there was no one on hand to meet him. He was not as well-known then as he is now and an airlines public relations man took him into town. He was here to address a convention and no one uh was on hand to greet him so the President rode in with a PR man from an airline.

How does he know if no one was there?

The next time he came he was the Standard Bearer of the Democratic Party. That was in 1960. The crowds turned out for him then. This is of course an area where there has been a tremendous amount of dissension in the ranks of the Democratic Party. Uh, it is an area where there has been of course a tremendous amount of feuding on the part of a group that uh considers itself to be THE EXTREME RIGHT WING. As to the visit this time after Adelai Stevenson our Ambassador to the United Nations ran into a problems. He was spat upon by one man. He was uh hit in the head with a placard by a lady. The talk was that the President should not make this trip. However, it was decided that the security precautions were such that he could make it without any problems. And now the word that we have is that the President of the United States is dead. Dead at the the hands of an assassin’s bullet. The word is that it was a 25-year-old man. That he shot from a window in a building that I can best describe as being a factory loft that houses school books near the edge of the downtown Dallas area. It ‘s uh just across the street, caticorner uh from the county jail ironically enough. 

Why is that ironic?

The uh shots apparently were fired as the motorcade started to go under the triple underpass. If you uh have been in Dallas you may be familiar with the triple underpass. It’s uh where 3 of the main streets come together at the west end of the business district and there funnel under the uh railroad tracks that uh feed into the union terminal. The uh motorcade was to have gone from there on to uh this Trade Mart where we are now. A Trade Mart that is fast emptying of people. Little clusters crowded around. Uh most of these people uh uh are the civic and business leaders of the community. The uh man who made the announcement a moment ago that the President had been shot wa. Interrupts himself

Now here is Luther Holcomb the Dallas Council of Churches uh Executive Secretary uh at the uh podium.

-If all of you will give your attention please

Here is Doctor Holcomb.

His microphones have apparently not been turned on. The word that we have is that the President as this is official now and this is the word that has come from.muffled_ Rev. Holcomb muffled  he gets to the podium. He’s at the podium. He gets an opportunity to uh speak.crowd noise. muffled

 It is official the President of the United States has been assassinated in Dallas Texas. He fell victim of an assassin’s bullet just as his motorcade went to go into the underpass just west of the down town area that would lead him to this site that had been prepared for his luncheon. Now to the podium.

…..We do want to commend the spirit has prevailed ……..muffled one with another. As we conclude this meeting………As I have said before we all are stunned, speechless. I do want to ask Dr. William H. Dickenson Jr long time server of God pastor of Highland Park Methodist Church to say just a word and then to pronounce the benediction.

Dr. Holcomb leaves and Dr. William H. Dickenson Jr. comes to the podium.



There are no words to express what we’re feeling. We are all conscience of the fact that we face an issue and some responsibilities as citizens today which we cannot face without the strength and the wisdom and the patience of our God.

Will you bow your heads?:

Draw near us o God and sustain us with thy presence and grant unto us wisdom, strength, courage to live in keeping with thy law and to live as free men. Amino

Dr. Dickenson the pastor of one of the uh largest Methodist Congregations in the world. The word was not given to the crowd, but we understand that the President is dead. This we do not have an absolute confirmation on but uh this is the word that we have as we said a few minutes ago, uh he apparently died in the Operating Room at Parkland Hospital which is the City County Emergency Hospital here located about a mile and a half from this building. The President uh and his party have been in Texas now since yesterday. They arrived in San Antonio, then to Houston, then to Fort Worth last night. He walked into a big crowd  of some 6 to 8 thousand this morning in a parking lot in down town Fort Worth. The fears here were that had the President had a problem in Dallas it would have been at the airport upon his arrival, but


breaks away to CBS in New York

That was Eddie Barker at our affiliate KRLD in Dallas Texas speaking from the room where President Kennedy had been scheduled to make an address to 3 Dallas organizations but an assassins’ bullets cut him down on the way to that meeting from the airport.

Here is what happened this morning just an hour ago. It has been one hour since that electrifying flash came over the wires that bullet shots had been heard to ring out in the Kennedy motorcade. President Kennedy arrived at Dallas airport from Fort Worth Texas. It was the third stop on his swing of Texas that began yesterday. A swing that up to then had been wildly greeted by thousands of Texans. He had been given a warm Texas welcome. He arrived at the airport and with Mrs. Kennedy and Governor John Connally of Texas. Climbed into an open limousine to drive through streets crowded with cheering Texans. About 2/3′s of the way to the downtown hotel where he was scheduled to make a speech as his car approached a railroad underpass three shots were heard to ring out. Mrs. Kennedy was heard by reporters nearby to scream Oh no.

The President blood gushing from a wound in the head slumped into her lap. Governor Connally slumped onto the floor of the limousine. It was later determined that he had wounds in the chest. We also have just heard that perhaps Vice President Johnson was wounded in the arm in this incident. He was seen entering the hospital at least holding his arm and has not been seen in the corridors of the hospital with the waiting White House Aides since. At any rate after that shooting incident of course pandemonium broke out. The Secret Service men well-trained in their job immediately began fanning out into the crowd looking for the assassin. A report has it that the man has been arrested. That he was operating from a second floor window oddly enough catecorner from the county jail fired from that window almost down into the limousine like it is said shooting fish in a barrel. The limousine speeded up then and was used under police escort of course to rush the President to a nearby hospital Parkland Hospital. He and Governor Connally were taken into the Emergency Room of the hospital. Shortly afterwards Governor Connally was removed from that room and taken to the Emergen.. to the Operating Room of the hospital. The President left in the Emergency Room because aides said that the facilities there were quite adequate.????

When Walter Cronkite says adequate the man behind Walter Cronkite turns around quickly!4:56/10:46

The Presidents own physician rushed into the room shortly after that. He was on the tour with the President. Pints of blood have been rushed into the room for transfusion purposes and two priests were called to the room. There is the report in Dallas you heard from our affiliate there Eddie Barker that the President is dead but that has not been confirmed by any other source. And as late as 15 minutes ago it was reported by aides outside in the corridor that he was still alive. The extent of his injuries whether they are indeed critical or not has not known either. It was just an hour ago that the incident took place.

We have just learned howether ever that Father Huber one of the two priests called into the room has administered the last sacrament of the church to President Kennedy.

Regarding the probable assassin the sheriff’s officers have taken a young man into custody at the scene. A man 25 years old we are re

(interrupts himself at 6:01/10:46

We just have a report from our correspondent Dan Rather in Dallas that he has confirmed that President Kennedy is dead.

Man in back seems to be eagerly awaiting confirmation but then he quickly turns away!

There is still no official confirmation of this however it’s a report from our correspondent Dan Rather in Dallas Texas.

-Walter muffled

Vice President Lyndon Johnson as we said has not been seen in the corridors of the Parkland Hospital. He was uh said to be by some to perhaps to have been slightly wounded in the arm. He was seen going into the hospital holding his arm at any rate. Mrs. Lyndon Johnson says that the Vice President though we just have this information is fine. Mrs. Lyndon Johnson was taken back into another first floor room where Johnson originally had gone and asked if her husband had been wounded she has replied negatively. Secret Service operators then um took her away and there were no more questions permitted.

5:59/10:46 (again the man behind Walter Cronkite turns his head around immediately as Walter says the word “permitted”) 

The Vice President is on the scene if as Dan Rather reports it turns out that President Kennedy has been assassinated is dead from the injuries suffered an hour ago in Dallas Texas. We have no further information on the condition of Governor John Connally of Texas who was shot in the chest by this assassin’s bullets. Uh he was taken to another room at the hospital and no further information on him so far. Mrs. Kennedy was in the car as we said with President Kennedy. He slumped into her lap and she is said to be bearing up reasonably well. Stunned but not in a state of shock as yet. She was seen crying in the corridors of the hospital.

 Bill Stinson an assistant to Governor Connally says he talked to the Governor in the hospital operating room. He says the Governor was shot just below the shoulder-blade in the back (Stuck out tongue) 8:02/10:46 Stinson said he asked Connally how it happened and he said I don’t know I guess from the back. They got the President too. Stinson said that he asked Connally if there is anything he could do and Connally replied, Just take care of Nellie for me. Nellie is a uh Governor Connally’s wife. Governor Connally could very well possibly have been shot in the back uh with the assassin’s bullet still coming from the front of the car. He rode in a small jump seat in the center of the back of the specially built Presidential Limousine, specially built for such uh public performances such as this (tongue out again) 8:42/10:46 As a matter of fact the car is so built that the President sits higher than he would in a normal automobile so that the crowd can get a good look at him but as it turned out today so that an assassin can also get a good shot at him.

Further information here: the Catholic Priest who helped perform the last rites Father Huber Dallas said that he did not believe the President was dead at that time. The Priests left the Emergency Operating  Room at Parkland Hospital and walked out of the hospital. There has been

someone hands him paper

Just a moment.

Uh that information does not bear directly on the condition of President Kennedy. It is come from Kansas City where our affiliate KCMO says that Mrs. Bess Truman has told a KCMO that former President Truman is too upset to comment on todays tragic developments.

As we said there has been no word at all on the official word from the doctors at Parkland Hospital or the White House Staff on the extent of the President’s wounds. Mrs. Kennedy uh is in the hospital as we said so is Mrs. Connally, the Governor’s wife (Walter Cronkite rubs his right eye with his right finger 10:11/10:46) as are indeed most members of the White House Staff.  He was carrying a large staff with him on this tour to Texas.

It is believed that a gap in the motorcade perhaps saved Vice President Johnson from being a target of the assassin today. The gap had opened up in the motorcade just before the assassin’s bullets rang out. 

The priest who were with Kennedy wa the two priests who were with Kennedy say that he is dead of his bullet wounds.



The priests who were with Kennedy wont the two priests who were with Kennedy say that he is dead of his bullet wounds. That seems to be about as close to official as we can get at this time. They did see the President just a few moments ago and this is the bulletin that has just cleared uh from Dallas that the two priests who were in the Emergency Room where President Kennedy lay after being taken from the Dallas street corner where he was shot say that he is dead. Our man Dan Rather in Dallas reported that about 10 minutes ago too.

 a man reaches over and says

 – This is, this is picture under there. right there

Trying to. There’s another picture taken just moments, just moments, split moment before the assassination attempt is here. Let’s see if we can get a real closeup of that picture. It has just arrived. It shows a smiling Mrs. Kennedy and the President in the front seat of the ca in the back seat of the car Mrs. Connally and Governor Connally you cannot see behind Mrs. Connally. The assassin took dead aim. He got the President apparently with the first shot in the head and then Governor Connally with the next two shots.

There is a man there with his head turned. I’ll try to find this picture or a clearer picture of the same shot when I am able and  to try to see who that is that Walter Cronkite is pointing to. Check out the lady in the crowd on the right with the pillbox hat!

As we have reported to you the New York Stock Exchange has closed as a nation. If these reports are true prepares to go into mourning. The stock exchange closed after prices began tumbling as word spread rapidly uh through the floor of the exchange of this event in Dallas. All stock exchanges apparently are now closed. The New York Cotton and Wool Exchanges, The American Stock Exchange, The Coffee and Sugar Exchanges are closed.

Recounting for you again the succession of events in Dallas Texas this morning. President Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas shot

as their motorcade proceeded from Dallas airport to downtown Dallas

where the President was scheduled to make a speech. The assassin perhaps succeeded.Word is that he did in killing President Kennedy.

The President taken to Parkland Hospital where a moment ago two priests left the room and said they understood the President was dead. Our own reporter in Dallas also says that he has information that the President is dead. This official word has not come however from Parkland Hospital as yet.

A Secret Service man was also killed in the fusilade of shots that came apparently from a second story window.

Now from Washington government sources say that President Kennedy is dead. Those are government sources. Still not an official announcement. But government sources in Washington, the priests who left the Emergency Room, our correspondent Dan Rather in Dallas say that this is the information that the President is dead.

A television newsman (H-O-W-L-U-F) said that he looked up just after the shot was fired and saw a rifle being withdrawn from a fifth or sixth floor window of a nearby building. He said a policeman fell to the ground pulled a pistol and yelled “GET DOWN” probably to attempt to return the shots.

Earlier today President Kennedy had been in Fort Worth Texas ah yesterday he was in San Antonio, today he was in Fort Worth this morning. He addressed a breakfast meeting as did Mrs. Kennedy of some 2200 cheering people. Mrs. Kennedy very attractive in a pale beige dress and a pill-box hat had gotten a standing ovation from that crowd and proved to be quite a campaigner in Texas in these last two days and was getting a lot of plaudits from the old political pros for that, President Kennedy himself arose rather early and went out into a parking lot near the hotel in Dallas where he addressed informally a rather large crowd of people and uh had pleased them with his quips about the fact that he was sorry that he uh could not bring Mrs. Kennedy with him down to that particular meeting but it took her a little longer to get organized than than it did him uh but that uh as he said It’s worth it and the crowd laughed and applauded and uh enjoyed the quip. The President then went on to the Breakfast Meeting and uh shortly thereafter his plane took off from Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth and flew him to his rendezvous with death apparently in Dallas Texas.

At the airport in Dallas the uh and throughout the streets of Dallas the Dallas Police had been augmented by some 400 uh policemen called in on their day off because there were some fears and concerns in Dallas that uh that there might be demonstrations at least that could embarrass the President. Because it was only on Oct.the 24th that our Ambassador to the United Nations Adelai Stevenson uh was assaulted in Dallas leaving a dinner meeting there. 

From Dallas Texas, the flash apparently official President Kennedy died at 1 PM Central Standard TIme, 2:00 Eastern Standard Time some 38 minutes ago.

 Walter Cronkite is holding back the tears and choking up!!!!

Vice President Lyndon Johnson has left the hospital in a Dallas but we do not know uh to where he has proceeded. Uh presumably he will be taking the Oath of Office shortly and become the 36th President of the United States.

President Kennedy at Dallas airport this morning uh was cheerful and waving. It had been quite a triumphal tour of Texas over the last 48 hours. Uh there were hundreds of people crowded around the uh President uh at the airport 6:47/10:16 funny reaction by man behind as if jealous? wildly cheering there had not been any outstanding demonstrations. Nothing uh like that the demonstrations that greeted Adelai Stevenson uh the our UN Ambassador in Dallas as I was telling you a moment ago on October the 24th when uh a lot of banners saying uh GET OUT OF THE UN and uh COEXISTENCE IS APPEASEMENT and that sort of thing uh greeted him at a meeting. He was greeted by hecklers in uh the uh Dallas auditorium where he spoke and then a he left the hall uh a lady demonstrator there uh hit him over the head with uh a one of her picket signs. Uh he wasn’t badly injured but he was obviously shaken by the experience. Uh the lady later said that she was pushed from behind and that’s why the sign fell and hurt uh Adelai Stevenson or rather  rather uh uh struck him though he wasn’t badly hurt.

As we told you a moment ago President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas today. He was shot in Dallas at 12:25 as his car proceeded through the crowded streets of Dallas. He died 35 minutes later in the Dallas Parkland Hospital. Governor John Connally of Texas was also shot by the assassin. The condition uh in which Governor Connally now is we do not know as yet but apparently he is conscious and has uh talked to an aide there. Vice President Johnson was in a following car and was apparently not hurt. He has left the hospital and has gone to an unknown destination where it is assumed he will shortly take the Oath of Office as the President of the United States.

-Pictures of the President garbled

We have also we’re beginning to hear now from points around the world of course in a succession of messages that will be coming in. Uh Dan Shore reports from uh Paris that uh from Germany that uh uh Prime Minister Eirhart of Germany heard the news on route back to Bonn from Paris. And uh uh of course Dan Shore said not knowing at the time that he cabled us a few moments ago that the President was dead said that Eirhart would probably postpone his visit to Washington. It seems almost certain that that would be the case now.

Here are some pictures taken of President Kennedy earlier today. Here is one from Fort Worth where President Kennedy is shaking hands with a mounted member of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Posse. This was right after he made that outdoor speech that I told you about just a little while ago. And another picture of the President and Mrs. Kennedy at that Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Fort Worth about which I was telling you.

The President seems to be applauding Mrs. Kennedy as he had been doing for two days, because she was making a big hit in Texas.

What a strange thing to say!

And instead of a beige dress she is wearing a pink dress.




Here he is greeting that crowd in the parking lot in a Fort Worth as I told you before the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.The crowd to which he said he was sorry Mrs. Kennedy uh couldn’t uh uh address or be with but that it took her a little longer to be organized in the morning than it did him, but as he said, it’s worth it. And here is a picture of the President uh also at that outdoor meeting this morning in a more formal pose. Uh and here is Governor Connally of Texas who uh was shot in the same assassination attempt.

Lyndon Johnson now the President of the United States uh stands here uh in this group also.

Apparently the police are not uh not uh convinced that they have the assassin the young man who they are questioning. They have spread a drag a giant drag net around the city of Dallas and uh they say they are searching for a white man about 30 of slender build weighing about 165 lbs. They say that he apparently shot the President with a 30-30 rifle. That’s a very high-powered and accurate rifle which is a very popular rifle among uh the game hunters of Texas.

Senator Yarborough of Texas said to have collapsed in sobs as he told reporters of the slaying of President Kennedy.

Automatically of course the mantle of the Presidency of the United States falls now to Vice President Johnson a native Texan uh who was riding in the car uh behind the President but uh perhaps because of the fact that the President’s car had run just a little bit ahead uh was not a target of the assassin also. The assassin who apparently was a very good shot, shooting from a 5th or 6th floor window across the street it is believed so that his aim had to be over at least a a hundred feet it would seem perhaps more uh drilled the President in the head and uh Johns and uh uh Connally in the chest and uh if the Vice President had been closer perhaps he would have time for a shot there too. We’re going to keep you advised of details as they come in here to our news desk in New York.

Let me recount for you this day’s tragic developments so far. President Kennedy has been assassinated. He was shot in his open limousine as he proceeded from Dallas airport to the down town Dallas area for a scheduled speech. He was shot at about 12:25 Eastern Time today and 35 minutes later died with head wounds in Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Gov. John Connally of Texas riding in the car with him was also shot but we do not have late details on his condition. Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally were in the automobile the open limousine with the President and the Governor. The President collapsed into her lap with his wounds. She was heard to cry Oh no before the car was speeded to the hospital uh to take President Kennedy and Gov. Connally there.

Blood was rushed to the hospital and transfusions that it was hoped to save the President’s life. These failed. Catholic priests were called to the hospital and administered last rites to the President. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was in the motorcade in a car immediately following the President. He is in Dallas and presumably will take the Oath of Office as this nation’s 36th President there in Dallas uh very shortly.

The assassin we do not know whether he has been caught or not. There is a dragnet out for a man however in Dallas who has been described as a white man about 30. He apparently fired from the 5th or 6th floor window of a building on the motorcade route firing almost directly down into the automobile carrying the President. President Kennedy is dead of an assassin’s bullet in the 46th year of his life and in the third year of his uh administration as President of the United States.

This is Walter Cronkite in our CBS newsroom in New York and now if Charles Colling was standing by Charles will sit in here to keep you advised of further details uh as this tragic day goes on.  Walter removes himself Charles?


The entire nation has been taken up with the tragedy with the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas Texas. We’ve told you all that we know of the confused events that transpired this morning and early afternoon and the rest of the nation. The President died about 2:00 Eastern Standard Time according to the reports which we have had. That was about an hour after the assassin’s bullet felled him while he was riding in the car through downtown Dallas Texas to go out to an engagement and part of his tour of Texas.

You’ve heard the reports that Governor Connally was also wounded though apparently not as seriously and that Vice President Lyndon Johnson who was in the motorcade apparently not wounded will soon be taking at some undisclosed spot the Oath of Office as the 37th President of the United States.

Mrs, Kennedy who was riding beside the President into whose lap the President fell when he was shot is still at the hospital. She was not harmed. The White House Spokesman has refused to comment on her condition.

Vice President Johnson was of course under heavy guard by the Secret Service Officials who were with the Presidential Party. He went to the hospital and then was taken from there by White House Officials to another spot in Dallas Texas.

The Secret Service has always known that it is impossible completely to protect the President of the United States on occasions such as this. There has always been the chance that any President might be killed in a crowded situation with windows overlooking the street in an open car such as Presidents of the United States customarily travel trusting in the good faith of the fellow citizens of this country.

President Kennedy we are told was shot in the right temple and according to Dr. George Berkley the White House Medical Officer the White House Physician it was a simple matter of a bullet right through the head.

The shooting as we have told you occurred as President Kennedy and his wife riding with Governor Connally of Texas and Mrs. Connally were riding in the familiar White House Bubble Top which is usually shipped from Washington in which the President can ride which is equipped with facilities for the Secret Service to ride along with him, was shot in that open car as he drove through the crowd of approximately 250,000 people in downtown Dallas. As it neared a triple underpass which leads out from the center of Dallas toward the Trade Mart where the President was to address a luncheon there were several bursts of gunfire. Most of the witnesses agree that there were three clearly audible. And the President and Governor Connally of Texas slumped into the seats of the limousine.

The new President Lyndon Johnson and Mrs. Johnson left the hospital where they went with the Presidential Party. Newsmen have had no opportunity to question them. The horror of the assassination was mirrored in an eyewitness account by Senator Ralph Yarborough Democrat of Texas who had been riding 3 cars in the long motorcade behind President Kennedy. He told reporters you could tell that something awful and tragic had happened. Senator Yarborough’s voice was breaking, his eyes red rimmed as he said I could see a Secret Service man in the President’s car leaning on the car with his hands in anguish, anger, and despair. I knew then said Senator Yarborough that something tragic had happened. That was the way the news came not only to those of us far away from Dallas but to those in the Presidential Entourage itself. It happened so quickly, they, the cars were separated. It was not clear at first where the shots came from that confusion resulted there and everywhere else and there is still a great many loose ends to be tied up.

The President apparently died 30 minutes roughly after the shot was fired.

Governor Connally who was wounded twice apparently through the back was reported in satisfactory condition.

Presumably the White House Staff and President Johnson will go through some time in the next few minutes if indeed it has not already happened with the ceremonies of taking a formal Oath of Office to succeed the slain President.

One reporter on the scene said that he saw a gun emerge from an upper story of a warehouse which commanded the Presidential Route through Dallas.



John F. Kennedy. He was the first President to be assassinated since William McKinnley was shot in 1901. It was the first death of a President in office since Franklin D. Roosevelt died of cerebral hemorrhage at Warm Springs Georgia in April 1945. At that time Vice President Truman was in Washington and was able to take the Oath of Office in the White House with in a fairly short time. Undoubtedly Vice President Johnson will succeed to the Presidency through an Oath of Office in Dallas Texas this afternoon.

Police have already spread a dragnet around the city searching for the assassin. The man being sought

(Charles turns around)


-has just taken a walk through Manhattan garbled asked people in the streets some things

Come Bob

garbled the micr

Yeah. Like most Americans Bob Trout was caught unawares and went through this city of New York unawares by this Bob. What did you see?

So he was awares!

Well I had heard Charles a few moments ago and I just took a walk of almost a mile through uh 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue here in New York City and it was curious there was not a single shop closed. Uh, When Franklin Roosevelt died so suddenly the shops some how the word got around and the shops closed and there were pictures of Mr. Roosevelt in shop windows on 5th Avenue draped in black. But I haven’t seen a thing like that. No bank is closed. The Post Office is open uh here very close to this building in Lexington Avenue and most people are going about their business as if they haven’t heard yet. But the automobile radios are blaring out and ah when a car stops people form a little knots around it you know when it stops for for a red light. But the strange thing is that some people have heard and about uh every other block or so you see people weeping openly in the street. I saw one man leaning against the lamppost with a handkerchief pressed to his eyes and uh in two churches nearby one is St. Bartholomew’s in Park Avenue, one is St. Thomas on 5th Avenue people are streaming in and most of them weeping as if they are going in to pray. The only church bell I heard is on a Catholic Church quite close by on 43rd Street uh uh which is now tolling which is just outside this building actually. It’s very odd for about 9/10′s of the city going about its business as if it doesn’t quite know. And oh yes I passed a school building and the school had just come out and every school child was weeping. The girls they had handkerchiefs, the boys were cry, everybody was weeping as they came all the children. But most people seem as if they don’t know, the ones that do very very deeply affected. Strange.

Talk about a bunch of strange nonsense!

That’s an experience which has been shared by something like a 150 million people isn’t it. (BOB NODS) As uh the news came at this hour when people were having lunch or going about their ordinary affairs.

We still have no fresher reports from Dallas of uh what is transpiring there. It is as far as we know official and without doubts that the President of the United States has been assassinated and is dead as the result of an assassin’s bullet in Dallas Texas.

CBS News will stay on the air live from this Newsroom in New York City throughout this day to keep you up to the minute on the latest developments on the assassination of the President.

Vice President Johnson who was with the Presidential Party is expected to take the Oath of Office as the 37th President of the United States at any time this afternoon.

The word of course had begin has begun to spread throughout the world. In Rome Cardinal Frances Spellman there for the Ecumenical Council said that he is shocked and grief-stricken to hear of President John Kennedy’s death. As this afternoon goes on and as the word reaches leaders throughout the world there will be many more messages of that kind.

Gov. Connally who was riding in the same car with the President and Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally and who was also shot twice by bullets apparently from the same assassin. Governor Connally is reported in serious condition and in great pain. The only words we have from him were those to an aide, Take care of Nellie. Governor Connally’s wife.

President Kennedy died apparently about a half an hour after being wounded in his car driving from downtown Dallas toward the Trade Mart where he was to make an appearance. He was given the last rites by two priests of the Roman Catholic Church who came out of the war ward uh the Emergency ward in the hospital at approximately 1:37 P.M. Central Standard Time and th, The priests announced at that time to those who had gathered outside the hospital that the President was dead when they had seen him and this brought audible sobs from the crowd, from scores of newsmen and White House Aides who were gathered there. Senator Ralph Yarborough a Democrat of Texas who was in three cars behind the President talking only a few minutes before the newsmen had collapsed in sobs as he told witnesses of, told reporters of watching the slaying of the President.

My colleague Eric Severeid is here and


-Charles while we’re waiting for more details of the events in Dallas it is obvious that all of us here as well as the rest of the country will have thoughts about the President and his family and what must now happen in the next few days. And after that we will obviously have to turn to along with the rest of the world the consideration of the man who will be the new President of this country. Mr. Kennedy was the first President born in this century. Mr. Lyndon Johnson will be the second. He’s in his mid 50′s. It is clear from the evidence of recent years that Mr. Johnson’s health is very good in spite of that heart attack of some years ago which he suffered outside Washington and when for a while his figure was considerably reduced. He is in perfectly good uh state of fitness now so far as all his friends and doctors and everyone can testify. He is a man very much of Mr. Kennedy’s persuation on both domestic and foreign affairs. He is well traveled in this world, well acquainted with the leaders of the rest of the Western world. Uh Mr, Kennedy you know was the new young force among world leaders. So much younger than those in France, in Britain, in Russia, or Germany and Mr. Johnson will be still I think the youngest except perhaps the new Chancellor of Germany, but on the whole the older men of an older time will still be in power. I think you perhaps have a new bulletin there Charles and um if that is important I’m sure you want to go with it. ICK


Well, uh Eric the bulletin is that our correspondent in Dallas Dan Rather reports that the Dallas Police have arrested a 30 year old man who was found with a weapon in his possession. No other details are known at the moment, but a man has been arrested carrying a gun and naturally the entire machinery of law and order in Dallas both on the city, state, and federal level have gone into action to try to apprehend the assassin and those who helped him. Uh the bulletin is that a 3o year old man has been arrested.

-One might say at this point that it is very much to be hoped that this assassin whoever he is, is not connected with any particular political group, or so-called hate group or otherwise this will result in a very great rending of the political flesh of this country. The men who shot Lincoln, Garfield, McKinnley and Theodore Roosevelt who spoke for an hour with a bullet in his chest once non fatal were all purely individuals of a neuratic and perhaps insane type as well as the man who tried to shoot the President Franklin Roosevelt in Florida in 1933 and did kill Mayor Zurmack of Chicago at that time. Uh we can hope at this point that this person whoever he is is of a similar stripe and that there were no coherent political motivations or connections with this man otherwise I think it’s going to be very rough. Don’t you?

Unquestionably the this is going to have an absolutely imponderable effect upon the political situation and upon the public attitude toward the causes in which the President was interested. In a sense President Kennedy’s assassination came out of the same venomous and supercharged attitudes that brought about the assassination of President Lincoln. Like that of President Lincoln it was based on perhaps at least upon a racial issue.

We have a bulletin from Texas now which has to do with Governor John Connally who was wounded riding in the same car. Governor John Connally has undergone an operation for the gunshot wounds in his chest. His condition is said to be serious but his doctors said that his vital signs are good. A doctor said that Connally had a good pulse and that his respiration is satisfactory.



When the President died 6 members of his Cabinet were out of the country flying to Japan./ An hour and a half out of Honolulu the Secretaries were advised of the killing and immediately turned back they were expected to speed back to Washington. The party containing some, many members of the Cabinet were on their way to a meeting with members of the Japanese Cabinet. In the party wereSecretary of State Dean Rusk, the Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges, the Secretary of Labor Wertz?, the Secretary of the Interior Udall, and Secretary of Agriculture Freemen with their wives. As they were over the Pacific uh on their way to Honolulu as a way stop on their way to Japan the the Cabinet mission turned back to come back to Washington to face the the situation the (garbled 1:00/10:40 – fresh or press) situation caused by the death of the President.

The entire world of course has been stunned by the President’s assassination.

The American Armed Forces Network in Europe made direct transmissions from Washington announcing the President’s death to American Servicemen and their families in Europe for whom of course the President is Commander and Chief.

In the Vatican Pope Paul was immediately informed. News of the murder was received with dismay at the North American College in Rome where the Vice Rector Monsignor Chambers said that he would inform the American Cardinals and Prelates who were dining at the moment. There is a 6 hour time difference between this country and Rome.

The Soviet News Agency Tass carried the news as a flash on its International English Language Radio Teletype Circuit at two forty fi at 2:48 this afternoon. This is what Tass the Russian News Service said. It has just been officially announced that the United States President John F. Kennedy has died in the hospital after an attempt was made on his life by persons as believed from among the extreme right-wing elements. Of course we have no knowledge of the political motivations or indeed the other motivations of the person or persons who fired upon the President.

We do have a report from Dallas from out correspondent there, CBS News Correspondent Dan Rather that Dallas Police have  arrested a 30-year-old man who was found with a weapon in his possession. The shot was apparently fired from a warehouse building uh a building which, which housed  large numbers of school textbooks which overlooked the route which the Presidential Motorcade followed on it’s way from downtown Texas to the Trade Mart where the President was to speak.

Someone hands him a memo of some kind 

The reports continue to come in but in a confused and fragmentary fashion. No one however well prepared the Secret Service and the Presidential organization may be no one was prepared for this. It happened quickly in the midst of a large crowd of 250,000 people and we are bringing you the reports as they come in to us here in New York just as quickly as we can. And of course CBS NEWS will stay on the air, we will stay on the air live throughout this day to keep you informed on the up to the minute developments in the assassination of the President.

Already parallels are being drawn between other assassinations and southern sudden deaths of American Presidents in Office. The last President to die in office was President Franklin Roosevelt who was succeeded by Vice President Truman as President Kennedy will be succeeded by Vice President Johnson.

Looking back on the confused events of this morning the President, Mrs. Kennedy, Vice President Johnson were on a tour of Texas. They had a large number of engagements to fulfill. They were greeted at the airport with every evidence of enthusiasm. Mrs. Kennedy making uh one of her comparatively rare trips with the President on a political errand. She according to all accounts had won everyone’s heart, although President Kennedy was greeted with some uh banners and  some confederate flags flying. Every observer who watched it felt that his arrival and his reception in Texas was a warm and friendly one.

As he followed his schedule in a long motorcade of cars with officials and uh with reporters following them they drove from down town Texas to a Trade Mart where there was a large luncheon arranged where he and Mrs. Kennedy were to make an appearance. As they left down town Texas going toward uh an underpass which is a a landmark in Dallas where three roads come together and go underneath the railroad shots rang out apparently from a building, a warehouse overlooking the route of the parade. Those in the cars behind saw that the Presidential car stopped, President Kennedy fell with his head in his wife’s lap.Mrs. Kennedy said Oh no. The Governor of Texas, Governor Connally slumped to the floor with bullet wounds in in in the back and apparently in the chest. There was a brief pause then the cars rushed the wounded men to Parkdale Hospital. The President was taken to the Emergency Ward and as the minutes ticked by two Catholic Priests came in. Uh there were rumors that he had died. There were rumors that uh the wound was not so serious. Blood was brought for transfusions. When the two Catholic Priests came out they said the President was dead. This was later confirmed.
Governor Connally is in serious condition. He’s undergone an operation for his gun shot wounds, but the doctors say that his vital signs are good. Vice President Johnson who was not wounded went to the hospital as did Mrs. Johnson and was then after half an hour taken away or went off with the Secret Service men who are now as anxious to protect his life as they had been that of President Kennedy and he will doubtless take the Oath of Office as the nations 37th President in a short time.

All over the world there have been expressions of shock and grief from Rome where the Ecumenical Council is going on. The American Cardinal Cardinal Spellman has expressed his great grief. The message has been carried to Russia by Tass. The European nations have been informed.

Now in our own capital where much of the Cabinet was away on a trip to Japan. Their airplane has turned back over the Pacific to bring them back.

Let us switch now to Washington for a report on the mood in the nation’s capital. Neil Strausser reporting.

Washington was of course hit like a thunderbolt by news of the assassination attempt even before news of the President’s death came to this Capitol. The first comments came were Oh God how terrible on Capitol Hill.

Senator Edward Kennedy, the President’s brother was presiding over the Senate today when first word came that the President had been shot. An aide informed him and he rushed from the Senate Chamber. Senator Kennedy was signing some autographs we are told at the time the aide came up to him. The autographs flew all over the place when he got the word. Other senators in the chamber looked up disturbed by the intrusion of the aide. When that same aide circulated quietly to them they too went away dazed, saying very little.

Some of the comments on the first news of this shooting Senator Richard Russell of Georgia said The whole nation is shocked by this dastardly crime. Senator Everett Dirkson of Illinois said Oh God this is the most distressing thing that could ever happen. I am shocked. Senator Mike Mansfield the Democratic Leader of the Senate This is terrible. I can’t find words. And a statement from Sen. Harry Bird of Virginia on the President’s death I am deeply shocked. The assassination of President Kennedy is a disaster to this nation and the free world. I cannot find words to express my personal distress. A statement from Senator Harry Bird of Virginia.

Members of both houses after news of the shooting came walked around dazed as as uh they tried to pick up details. Telephone switchboards of both the Congress and the White House were tied in knots. Those few remaining members of the official White House Staff clustered around television sets. Mr. Kennedy’s special assistant Ted Sorenson watched silently, left the room when reporters asked quietly if he had any comments. The Presidents other brother here in Washington Attorney General Robert Kennedy was having lunch at home when word of the brother of his brothers shooting reached him.

A quick check with the Justice Department discloses that there is nothing within the law that prescribes when or how Vice President Johnson shall take the Oath of Office or who shall give it to him. The Constitution states only that he shall take the Oath of Office for the Presidency before entering on the duties of the office. As you recall Calvin Coolidge was at his home in Plymouth Vermont on Aug. of 1923 when word came of the death of President Harding. Coolidge was immediately administered the Oath of Office by his own father a Justice of the Peace. Later the ceremony was performed again in Washington by a Justice of the then Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. President Truman was in Washington when word came of the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 and was given the oath in private at the White House by I believe a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

So that is the way Washington is taking the news of President Kennedy’s death. Many of these statements simply say I cannot find words to express my shock or sorrow. We’ll have more. This is Neil Strauser in Washington.



CBS News of course will stay on the air live throughout this day to keep you up to the minute on the latest developments in the assassination of the President and in the inevitable aftermath that will follow him.

Mrs. Kennedy was with the President uh in the same car. She was not hurt.

The President’s mother and father were told of the that the President was shot by a workman in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts where they are. The report came to them before it was known that the President had been killed. Reports were that neither the President’s father former Ambassador Joseph F. Kennedy orJoseph P. Kennedy rather, nor the President’s mother had any comment to make when told of the shooting. The President’s father is now a semi-invalid as a result of a stroke a few years ago and he was napping when the word came. The President and Mrs. Kennedy had planned to spend Thanksgiving Holiday at Hyannis Port next week.

We will have a live switch to the United Nations uh video 1:14/10:44 odd 

only Adelai Stevenson at the UN accepting condolences.

Must be a glitch or a deletion of some kind because it does not make sense!

There is no soun sound to this but the United Nations like other institutions is uh adjourning its deliberations to pay honor to the President of the United States.

Pope Paul in Rome has been informed of the President’s death. Cardinal Spellman there in Rome for the Ecumenical Council His voice shaking with emotion said I am saying the Rosary for him now. The Cardinal said that President Kennedy’s death President Kennedy of course a fellow co-religionist of Cardinal Spellman. The Cardinal said it was a great loss to the country and to the world. Cardinal James McIntyre of Los Angelos and Cardinal Ritter of St. Louis called together the student priests of Rome’s North American College to recite prayers for Kennedy. Cardinal McIntyre said that Cardinal Ritter and myself were having dinner there in Rome. Its dinnertime there because of the time difference. When they heard the astounding news of the President’s death we are shocked grief-stricken our hearts are pained.

I am suspicious of their attested alibi!

Hardly anyone else tells where they are and what they are doing. The name Ritter makes me think of John Ritter the actor who starred in a weekly comedy called”Threes Company” but what seems stranger to me is that the person who hands the Jackie Kennedy double the Lamb chops Puppet over the fence line at the airport in Dallas a half hour before the assassination of President Kennedy looks like John Ritter with a hat on his head. He also looks like the man in the picture that I found of Billy Graham and two friends at Wheaton College. The pictures of both are in the same articles/posts linked below:

Rev. Wilkerson, Evangelicalism and the Covenant With Many 


Rev. David Wilkerson, Billy Graham and Evangelicalism

(Both are similar posts!)

West Germany Chancellor Ludwig Eirehart who was to have visited President Kennedy on Sunday was informed of the Presidents death while on the way back to Bonn from Paris. The news fills the German people with grief said Chancellor Eirehart. All those who had the fortunate opportunity to make the personal acquaintance of President Kennedy in particular the people of Berlinwhere of course the President had recently visited are deeply grieved in this hour.

The Premier Designate of Italy Aldo Morro said his stature as a politician in his great country and on the international scene was growing in these years of a courageous policy of renewal. The reason for which he was struck in a mad way raises President Kennedy even more on the moral plane as a great defender of man’s dignity and equality said the Italian Premier Designate in Rome.

French Premier George Pompedoui exclaimed It is atrocious. It is frightful. I am overwhelmed.

In Madrid, a foreign office spokesman said, It is horrible absolutely horrible a most barbarous thing. Everyone here is horrified.

And thus international differences disputes are swept away in the moment of shock stun grief.

The Italian News Agency Tass in reporting on it’s wires to it’s subscribers the death of the President has asserted that he had been killed by a right wing American extremist. There is no confirmation of that. A man has been arrested in Dallas, a 30 year old white man who was carrying a gun. We know nothing of his political persuasion. But Dallas Texas is considered a center of conservative philosophy and finance. It was on Oct. 24th that Adelai Stevenson our Ambassador to the United Nations whom you saw a moment ago receiving condolences of representatives of other countries to the United Nations that Adelai Stevenson making an appearance on United Nations Day in Dallas was spat upon by one heckler and struck with a placard by another. It was believed that uh the strong emotions which run in Texas and other parts of the South may have been part of the context of attitudes which resulted in the tragic occurence today.

It is believed that the Presidents body will be moved shortly to Washington. Traditionally funeral services for Presidents who die in office are held in the Capitol. A Presidential Spokesman White House spokesman told newsmen that Governor Connally who had been riding in the same open limousine with the President had been wounded in the right chest. Connally ha was rushed into surgery in the hospital for a 2 hour emergency operation. He is said uh to be in serious condition but the doctors say that his vital forces are strong.

Lieutenant of the Secret Service Lieutenant Kominski said that the assassins weapon appears to have been a high-powered army or Japanese rifle of about 25 caliber. The rifle had a scope sight on it at according to the Secret Service Lieutenant. The entire building where the sniper was located was evacuated and people working in the building at the time of the shooting were questioned.

This morning President Kennedy had telephoned the Vice President John Nance Garner who had been Roosevelt’s Vice President, as you remember, congratulating him on his 95th birthday where Vice Presi where former Vice President Garner lives in New Valdi Texas. And according to this report Garner’s end of the conversation went this way God Bless you Mr President. You’re my President and I love you. I hope you stay there forever. Thank you Mr. President. God Bless you. The words of former VIce President John Nance Garner 95 years old in Texas this morning. One of the last telephone calls that President Kennedy apparently made.

This is what we know of the assassination as it took place this morning. President Kennedy was traveling in a motorcade through the streets of Dallas before a a generally enthusiastic crowd, in some places a conspicuously enthusiastic crowd of a quarter million people. With Mr. Kennedy in the open limousine the White House Bubble Top which is so familiar to those who have seen the President on television or in person as he travels throughout the country.

With the President were Governor John Connally of Texas Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally. Suddenly there were shots. An eye witness said that he saw them saw them fired from a window in a warehouse building overlooking the route from downtown Tallis Dallas out to the Trade Mart where the President was to appear. Bullets hit Mr. Kennedy in the forehead and Governor Connally in the chest. The two men were seen to slump into their wives arms. Neither Mrs. Kennedy nor Mrs. Connally were hurt.

One report has said still not confirmed that one of the Secret Service men accompanying and guarding the President was killed by the gunfire.

Then convoyed by Police the limousine raced off at top speed to Parkland Hospital which was 5 minutes away. Meanwhile Police and Secret Secret Service agents moved in on the assassins searched the building and an arrest of one man armed with a rifle is reported.

The President and the Governor were taken to the hospital’s Emergency Room. The President was not moved from there and died there. The Governor was moved to an operating room and after an operation is reported in serious condition, but the doctors appear to be hopeful.

Dallas motorcycle officers who were ranging along beside the cavalcade took off across a field in the direction from which the murderer apparently had fired. One officer raced to the foot of a nearby railroad embankment and climbed to the tracks above gun in hand. No one knew quite where the shots had been fired for quite a long while. Apparently they were fired from a building and not from one of the knolls which rose above the road.

White House Secretary Press Secretary the acting Press Secretary Malcom Killduff said that the President’s body will be flown to Washington this afternoon.

The Dallas Sheriff’s Department said a rifle had been found on a staircase on the fifth floor of the building near the scene where it is now believed the from where the shots were fired. It was a 7.65 Mouser, German rifle familiar to those who served in WWII. The German made army rifle had a telescopic sight, one shell was left in the chamber, three spent shells were found nearby. Most of the witnesses most of those who were in the cavalcade as they attempt to recollect the sudden and confused events which took place say that they heard three shots which uh checks with the fact that three shots had been fired one still found in the Mouser with which the assassin was apparently armed.

Democratic Senator from Texas Ralph Yarborough who like most other Texas Politicians these days have been engaged in hot political infighting there was riding three cars behind President Kennedy and he told newsmen in a choked and emotional interview (a young man coughs in background)  that you could tell that something awful and tragic had happened. Senator Yarborough said that I could see a Secret Service man in the President’s car leaning on the car with his hands in anger, anguish, and despair. I knew then said Sen. Yarborough that something tragic had happened. 



We continue to get reports from foreign countries as the word reaches the Chiefs of State and simple people in other countries of the death of the American President. As is always happens on these occasions shock ahh is the dominating note of the reports from abroad.

The slip ” Shock ahh” reminds me of “Shock and Awe”!

What is odd about this is that the man that seems to be casing the reporters, especially Walter Cronkite in the CBS News Room looks like a young George Bush Jr.


I tried to find young pictures of George Bush JR., but had no luck. The reactions of the CASING PACING MAN to certain subjects or words used by Walter Cronkite such as et and just his odd behavior in the first few hours after the assassination of JFK seem to be Texas sensitive. George Bush is a Texan. Probably just a coincidence! Although his dad was a leader of the CIA in that time period when President Kennedy was assassinated, I think, although Pres. Bush Sr denies it? Even his body language seems similar. The fact that George Bush was evangelized by Billy Graham and Billy Graham appears to be a participant also seems odd. The other fact that George Bush when he looks in Pope Benedict’s eyes has said that he sees God.

Pope Benedict and his brother George also are participants and their picture was taken with President Eisenhower and a young Joseph Ratzinger is represented in that picture as being the Chief of the Secret Service, Chief Rowley.

The late Rev. David Wilkerson at the airport in Dallas also seems to be involved in some capacity with this affair.

The pastor of Highland Park Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas – Dr. William Dickinson Jr who also looks like some kind of high official of either the Secret Service, CIA,  or Police who arrives at the scene of the School Book Depository directing other officials which occurs before he arrives at the Trade Mart an hour later to “give a word” and the BENEDICTION at the end of Part 5 of this series.

Then there is the fact that the Second Vatican Council in the history of the Roman Catholic Church just happens to be occurring in that same year.

Another person who gives his whereabouts and who he is with at the time of the assassination, ie an alibi, is Billy Graham in a book Billy Graham wrote called Just As I AM.

The skiddish/skittish behavior of the CBS Reporters in the Newsroom in New York which I believe was a takeover of the Press at that time, the blackout of Dallas at the first hour of the incident, in other words, it was a COUP.

The puffing of Billy Graham and now George Ganswein, the Pope’s personal secretary. Gansweins resemblance to Randolph William Hearst who had the Press puff BIlly Graham and was or is said to have been a Nazi Sympathizer and many other things. His initiative for the World Youth Organization. Now the push to invite the World Youths and anyone else to PASS THROUGH the Magnificent Portal at Notre Dame in Paris at the Court of the Gentiles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .

Then there is 911 and the forfeit of privacy for National Security’s sake. the abuse of the Press, Ecumenicalism, Secret Societies, which was expressed by President Kennedy before he died and not to mention, but I will anyway, the death of his brother Robert Kennedy and JFK’s son John F. Kennedy Jr and their close ties to Billy Graham or rather his invasion of their family naivety and friendship.

Billy Graham has proved over the years to be a shill of the Papacy, Roman Catholicism and the Unified World Religion ie Ecumenicalism.

Gee it seems thatWWII is still ongoing and we have many spies in our country including actors and actresses!

Hate to admit and it does sound crazy I think we are dealing with doubles, occupation of bodies, and probably some form of trance/hypnotic mind and body control of people in this case.

MOST ASSUREDLY a spiritual connection to their behavior culminating in our day and time because they serve a FALSE GOD ie the DEVIL, because they are victims of the FALSE TEACHING of the FALSE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS PROPAGATING A FALSE REPRESENTATION OF JESUS and WHY HE CAME, WHEN HE CAME, AND WHO HE IS in their scrambling, confusion and PURSUIT FOR POWER and most of all to control us, confuse us, abuse us, rob us, and kill us for their MASTER because they also want to be our masters. One big huge mess. Most of them could care less about the truth as they pray their mantra to their RAT MAN enslaving their followers at the same time.


If you think it is not important….think again. Who you pray to is important. 

There are some that have tried in their capacities to express their suspicions in their way as best they can. We ought to notice and analyze when we can what they have tried to show us being heedful of artful deception all around them and us and the possibility that they are deceived and/or are part of the deception.

It is extremely tough and confusing to interpret, but very stupid and totally ridiculous to ignore!  Back to CBS NEWS:

We learned from Washington that Mrs. Sargent Shriver the sister of the President has been taken by helicopter from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base presumably to fly to Dallas to join Mrs. Kennedy or perhaps to await there the return of the party from Dallas.

Mrs. Kennedy who was riding in the same car with the President was not hurt but has been taken to a quiet room in the hospital. 1:10/10:40 AH AH AH AH AH At this moment after the aftermath of the terrible moment that she had to go through in which shot rang out and the President slunk down his head in her lap.

That was strange!

Reports are still coming in. They do not perhaps add a great deal to the confusion of the events that we have been trying to sort out all day but as they come into us CBS News is going to stay on the air live from here throughout this day in order to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the assassination of the President and what happens next.

The news agencies and our own correspondents who are keeping us informed from Dallas continue to send us reports bringing together the various pieces of information some confirmed some unconfirmed as they come in and as we begin to sort out the truth from the rumors of what has happened.

The President’s body has now been removed from Parkland Hospital. It was taken from there uh shortly after his death in a long cream colored ambulance with the curtains tightly drawn. Mrs Kennedy rode from the hospital in a passenger seat in the ambulance which is a type of vehicle that does have two seats for passengers. She and the body of President Kennedy were escorted from the Emergency Entrance of the Parkland Hospital by two motorcycle officers. Mrs. Kennedy walked slowly from the hospital to the ambulance looking around her we are told in a dazed manner and appeared to be in a state of shock. Those who saw her in the hospital an hour and a half earlier said that she had not been hysterical and remained in control of herself throughout. Secret Service men um have directed Police to remove spectators from the whole area.

Now we have another report from Washington. Neil Strausser reporting:

Three jet planes are now warming up at Andrew’s Air Force Base presumably to fly members of the President’s family to Dallas Texas. As you already heard Eunice Shriver the President’s sister has left the White House by helicopter along with the President’s aide and very good friend Theodore Sorensonpresumably on the way to Andrew’s Air Force Base.

Comments coming in from Capitol Hill are uniform in sorrow and very much bi-partison. Democratic Senate Leader Mike Mansfield told newsmen the death was a deep personal and tragic loss.

Seated with Republican Senate Leader Everit Dirkson and Mansfield offices off the floor of the Senate Chamber the Democratic Leader told assembled reporters simply, He was a man who contributed so much and deserves so much more in return.

Senator Allen Bible Democrat of Nevada said, This is one of the great tragedies of our civilization. The world has lost a great champion and the United States has lost a great and courageous President.

Senator Jordan Democrat of North Carolina said, The assassination was a great tragedy that has befallen this nation.

The Speaker of the House and the next man in line for the Presidency after Lyndon Johnson Speaker McCormick issued this statement to reporters, This is a tragic event I feel very inadequate in expressing my thoughts. The nation said Speaker McCormack has sustained a staggering loss the significance of which is stupendous. Our country and the entire world will never forget President Kennedy. His leadership was superb in meeting the challenge of this period in world history. The warmth of his personality will never be forgotten. The relationship that has existed between the President and myself throughout the years has been very close and most friendly. In his tragic passing I have lost a dear and personal friend. The statement of Speaker McCormack.

We are told that an aide of Vice President Lyndon Johnson now President Johnson George Reedy has arrived at the White House. There can be very little delay in these times of course to have a new administration take over. As we told you the law says the Oath of Office can be given by almost anyone. By now Johnson could already have taken it. It is presumed he will take it very shortly.

This is Neil Strausser in Washington.

President Kennedy’s body has been removed from the hospital in Dallas, Texas on the first stage of its journey back to Washington for what will be a State Burial. Mrs. Kennedy accompanied the body in an ambulance from the hospital to the airport where it will be flown back to Washington. Walter Cronkite whom uh who has been at this microphone all afternoon since the first word of of the Presidents death has uh been looking at the reports as they come in. Walter have you discovered anything further than we’ve been uh giving?

Charles nothing except as you know and indeed have already reported that now the messages are beginning to come in from around the world and from the cities of the United States where a nation is in almost I I I would say it advisably almost uncontrollable shock it seems. They’re weeping on the streets. Schools have to be dismissed. My own school is dismissed because the children were weeping so much they couldn’t stay in con…..garbled (Man behind is wiping his eyes). Quite a tragic death as we all obviously know. Do you want me to relieve a few minutes here  Garbled stay on the air through all this Excuse me.


We do have some word here to as to as to uh what is, where some of the members of the uh Kennedy family were at the time of the event in Dallas the assassination. Bob Kennedy, Robert Kennedy the uh Attorney General of the United States uh we are told was at lunch at the time it happened uh at his home in McClean Virgina.

Uh FBI director J. Edgar Hoover called the FBI office in Dallas and ordered an all out investigation of the shooting which of course could be expected. President Kennedy as you have been told now was uh the first President to be assassinated since William McKinnley who was shot to death in 19 uh 6 uh 19 uh 01.

Six members of the Kennedy Cabinet as you also I believe have been told during the day were out of the country on their way to Japan uh their plane was called back an hour and a half out of Honolulu. Uh They’re expected  of course to return immediately to Washington.

It is anticipated that the new President of the United States, the 36th President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson, will continue uh the presi Kennedy’s policies with which he seemed to be in firm agreement during these three years of the Kennedy Administration and presumably will continue most of the Cabinet in office uh through this next year at least until the uh November elections.

We told you that Senator Robert Kennedy was at his home in McClain Virginia when he got the word. Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife Joan uh are now leaving Washington. Uh They’re boarding a jet at Andrews Air Force Base destined for Hyannis Port to be with uh the President’s mother and father who got the news there from a workman around the house who uh came running to the uh lawn where Mr. Kennedy was resting, with the news of the assassination.

The new President of the United States we believe that he must have by now taken uh the Oath of Office although we have not been advised of this yet is Lyndon Baines Johnson a native of Texas of Johnson City Texas where his mother and father had a ranch. He was born there some 54 years ago.

Uh he was uh interested in politics at an early day when he was still in Southwest State Teachers College, He took uh law later and uh and became a very early uh follower of Fa Franklin Delanor Roosevelt who uh caught uh uh who became interested in the young man when he went to Congress in 19 uh in the early days uh 1937 of the Roosevelt uh second term and uh Mr. Roosevelt had indeed sponsored him for that job after making him

National Youth Administrator in Texas.

President Lyndon B. Johnson presents

Billy Graham with the Big Brothers of America Award

Is it my imagination or does FDR , LBJ and Billy Graham share some physical traits? The youngish FDR looks like Billy Graham!




CBS News Correspondent Dan Rather has arrived in our KRLD Studio in Dallas.

Let’s switch now to Dallas for his story.

The whereabouts of Lyndon Baines Johnson at the moment are unknown. VIce President, either soon to be or already President of the United States. Lyndon Johnson was at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas at the time or near the time of the official announcement of the death of the 35th President of this country, John F. Kennedy. Mr. Johnson left the hospital a very short time after 1:00 Central Standard Time. That would be 2:00 in New York.

The Secret Service at this moment or as a few moments ago was saying that Mr. Johnson uh whereabouts would not be revealed for security reasons.

Most, if not all, of the Federal District Judges of Dallas and surrounding counties were in and around the motorcade at the time the shooting occurred. We are told that most of the District Judges went to Parkland Hospital. It is possible we are told that uh Lyndon Johnson was sworn in in some kind of temporary ceremony at the hospital, however there is no confirmation on that. The fact is, at the moment, the whereabouts of uh Lyndon Johnson are unknown the Secret Service says for security reasons.

Mrs. John F. Kennedy left the hospital at approximately the same time the coffin carrying the body of her husband left. The coffin went to a private air installation at Dallas’s Love Field. Uh it either has left or will leave Dallas Love Field in a matter of minutes.

We are told uh that the gun shot wound, the fatal wound inflicted on the President of the United States, entered at the base of the throat and came out at the base of the neck on uh the back side.

 CBS News Correspondent Bob Pierpoint has been at the Parkland Hospital here in Dallas from just a few moments after the time uh President Kennedy arrived at the hospital and Governor John Connally arrived at the hospital. We expect to have Bob Pierpoint in the studio here with us very shortly.

A briefing session for newsmen is anticipated at Parkland Hospital at any moment. Uh Pierre Salinger, the Presidential Press Secretary presumably will preside over that briefing session. We hope to bring you that uh briefing session either live from the hospital or on film. At that time a good deal of the uh confusion about exactly what happened along the motorcade route uh here in Dallas at the time President Kennedy was shot and killed should be cleared up. That briefing session we expect to have in a few minutes.

Also, on the air very shortly we are hopeful of having some film taken at the Dallas Airport at the time of President Kennedy’s arrival.

Also, CBS news cameraman from Washington Tommy Cravens was in the motorcade uh less than 50 yards from President Kennedy when the shooting occurred. Uh, Cameraman Cravens film is uh on the premises at the time, at this time, being processed. We hope to have that film for you very, very sh shortly. What it will show uh Cameraman Cravens was not uh at all certain.

The there is some confusion as to whether a Secret Service man also was killed at the time of the shooting. There has been no official confirmation of any Secret Service man being killed. Although there are widespread reports including one from the Dallas Police Department that a Secret Service man was killed at the same time President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally were shot. 

The latest word from the hospital on uh Texas Governor Connally was that Governor Connally was in the operating room and had been uh seriously if not critically wounded. That was the last official word that we had from the Dallas Parkland Hospital.

As you may know by this time President Kennedy was shot as he took part in a motorcade which was driving him to the Dallas Trade Mart which is uh a big meeting center located just a short way from down town Dallas. The announcement that the President had been shot was not made at that meeting center until approximately a half hour after the President arrived at the hospital. There was a great deal of uh grief immediately at the uh center there was a great deal of disbelief. In fact uh switchboards all over Dallas that anything resembling a public information source or still completely swamped with callers who are apparently refuse to believe that John F. Kennedy has been shot and killed.

There have been a number of uh suspects arrested by Dallas Police, Dallas County Sheriff’s Officers. One of the suspects was a 25 year old white youth. He was the first one arrested. He was in the vicinity of a multi-story building uh near the scene where President Kennedy and Texas Governor Connally were shot. On the fourth or fifth floor it has never been completely determined on which floor of that building, 4 empty cartridges were found. Police immediately arraigned that building. They also arraigned a 3 or 4 block area around that building believing that uh the assassin had fired his shots from the building.

A 25 year old white man was arrested either in or near that building and taken uh to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office as a suspect. However our latest report from the Sheriff’s office is that 25 year old man is not considered a good suspect.

Just a short while ago near a down town Dallas theater a 30 year old white man was arrested. He had on his person a weapon. At this time we are not exactly certain as to what kind of weapon it was. It uh had been reported that a 30-30 caliber weapon was the one used to kill President Kennedy and wound Governor Connally. That has not been confirmed. The whether or not the man arrested a few minutes ago at a down town Dallas theater had on his person a 30-30 weapon has not yet been confirmed. But the fact is that a 30 year old white man meeting the description of one for whom uh an alert and all points alert was put out shortly after the shooting has been taken into custody in down town Dallas.

In just a moment we hope to have the films on the shooting scene uh just after the shooting occurred by CBS cameraman Tommy Cravens. But while we see if that film uh is ready and can be uh shown to you, lets switch back to CBS news headquarters in New York.


There is considerable controversy that has gone on over a good number of years that is going to come up again now under tragic circumstances as to what number should be given to the new President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson. Whether he is the 36th or the 37th President of the United States even as it uh was debated whether President Kennedy is properly the 35th or the 36th President. This all stems from the fact that Grover Cleveland served split terms as President of the United States. Mr. President Truman uh called himself the 34th President of the United States and President Kennedy called himself the 35th both believing that Grover Cleveland’s two non-consequetive terms should be counted as one uh in counting the number of Presidents and not the total terms should be counted. So on that basis uh presumably President Lyndon Baines Johnson will consider himself the 36th President of the United States.

We still quite oddly it seems uh to me on this news desk have had no word from Dallas at all as to the uh location of uh Mr. Johnson, nor as to whether or not he has indeed taken the Oath of Office. It is assumed that he would have from uh a Dallas Judge, a Federal Judge perhaps. Perhaps then deciding to have another uh ceremony in Washington with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court uh which was what uh Calvin Coolidge did when he learned that he had become the President of the United States on his uh Vermont farm./////////looks up

It seems almost uh inconceivable that again this whole tragic set of circumstances has taken place in

these last three hours only./////

It was 12:25 Eastern Standard Time. 11:25 in Dallas uh when the shots rang out on that Dallas street and the life of President Kennedy was uh snuffed out.

We now learn that Vice President Johnson is expected to be sworn in as President aboard an airliner before flying back to the nations capitol.

The White House says that Mrs. Kennedy will return to Washington late today to be with the children Carolyn 6 and John Jr. who will be 3 next week.

We have word from Dr. Malcolm Parry the uh attendant the surgeon at Parkland Hospital who attended President Kennedy who says that when he arrived at the Emergency Room I noticed the President was in critical condition with a wound of the neck and head. When asked if possibly the wounds could have been made by two bullets he said that he did not know. He said that immediate uh ressumptive measures were taken uh and Dr. Kent Clark the Chief of Neuro Surgery was called along with several other members of the staff. Dr. Perry says they arrived immediately but at this point the Presidents condition was critical and moribund. A tracheotomy was performed to assist the Presidents breathing. That’s a throat operation. The doctor’s said an oxygen machine was used and blood and fluid also were administered. All of this obviously to no avail.

The President died 25 minutes after the shooting at 1:00 Eastern uh Standard Time.



Shortly after the news of the President’s death CBS News Correspondent Bernard Eisman went out into the streets of New York and here is his report:

o:20/11:00 Bernard Eisman’s voice sounds just like Sean Hannity!

As the news of President Kennedy’s death spread through the city to those who hadn’t heard it or had heard only the first fragmentary reports, even the street which is normally so loud you can’t hear yourself talking to another person (ridiculous thing to say) acquired a stillness that it’s never known. Where ever there was a radio or a television set people gathered to listen. Can you tell me what your first reaction was Ma’am when you when you?

Ruth Gordon of Rosemary’s Baby ….>

It was the worst tragedy ever happened to this country since President Lincoln.

How about you sir? I just couldn’t I couldn’t believe it. That’s all. Just couldn’t believe it.


And you sir what was  your? …..believe it I didn’t believe it.

Who who who do you think would do something like  this?

I don’t know I thats I can’t imagine in a way. I can’t imagine

How about you sir?

I feel very bad that’s all I can say.

Can you imagine who would do something like this sir?

Well I don’t think anybody in their right mind. I think this is a terrible thing for our country, not only for our country, but the entire world. And after all one doesn’t – one does realize that the (Garbled we are striving )….for peace at the present time and a thing like this well why it’s just an utter tragedy.

You sir?

 Do you think that this indicates some sort of of a of an illness in America today?

I don’t understand it so much (garbled)

Thank you very much.

Have you been thinking about what’s happened in the last few hours sir?

Yes I have and I’m deeply shocked. I’m ashamed of that this sort of thing can happen in America.<—- This guy looks familiar, I think he is a British actor. 

And how about you sir have you had any. What are your first reactions to a tragedy of this sort?

My first reaction sir is that I hope these Southerners these radicals are satisfied of getting their pound of flesh in killing a man as good as him.

Are you certain that it is um right wing radicals or or people who oppose the President so desperately that they would do something like this who who committed this act?

Yes sir. Could be no one else, uh some someone who would do this was must be mentally deranged. They no no uh clear thinking human person would ever think of doing something like that.

How about you sir what what was your first reaction?

Well my first reaction was I was terribly shocked. I couldn’t believe of it. It really happened. But uh uh I dis a I disagree with this man about it being a uh the right wing radical. I uh it could have been a communist I think it was probably something like that.

<—–This man also looks familiar!

And how about you Ma’am what?

We’re all crying in my place all crying.

You look as though you have been crying is that how it struck you first? Yes.

How how did you hear about it?

well I was a radio in my place and they told us.

Did all of the people in the office cry?


And the office then was let go and sent home?


What the heck is Amanda Plummer doing in this scene?

And how about you sir what what what reaction do you have? How do you feel after a thing like this has happened?

Disgust really.

Disgust with?

End of Act

I find this segment to be disgusting propaganda, mocking the death of President Kennedy, and mocking people in general

and plain ole lousy acting!

Thanks Sean!


We have the first films taken in the motorcade just after the assassination shots were heard. Dan Rather has that story in Dallas Texas: 3:34/11:00

We are now going to run the films which were taken first at the Dallas airport. These are the films of then Vice President Lyndon Johnson and his wife Lady Byrd Johnson at the Dallas International Airport as they arrived this morning from Fort Worth.

Here is the late President John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy coming down the ramp at the Dallas airport. These films were taken slightly less than an hour and a half before President Kennedy was shot and killed in a motorcade in down town Dallas. The usual receiving line of course a number of Dallas dignitaries and a lady who said that she had waited  for 69 years to meet a President. Mrs. Kennedy had been given a bouquet of roses at the Dallas International Airport as a token of affection from the city of Dallas.

This is a take off from bible!

President Kennedy had looked particularly Hail and Hardy on this Texas trip. We saw him Monday in Florida and a number of the White House Reporters remarked that he was looking more physically fit than he had at anytime over the past year and a half or two years. This is part of the motorcade from the Dallas airport toward the down town area. Shots taken just before the shooting occurred.

This is Dallas’s Parkland Hospital where President Kennedy was taken after being mortally wounded. The President reportedly was alive when he reached  the hospital but he died a short time after arriving

at the hospital.

Some efforts were made when the Presidential Party first arrived at the hospital to keep pictures from being taken. The roses that Mrs. Kennedy had carried earlier were on the back seat of the automobile in which the President was shot.

Now these are scenes of a building across the street from the scene where President Kennedy was shot. Police immediately arraigned this building. It’s believed that the assassin was in that this same building on either the fourth or fifth floor.

This guy on the left looks familiar!

He looks like Ralph Fiennes of the movie “Maid in Manhattan.”

Some empty cartridges have been found in that building. Witnesses said they believe 3 or 4 shots were fired. Four empty cartridges were found in the building which had been arraigned by police.

A number of suspects were picked up immediately. Practically anyone in the area who even gave a hint of looking suspicious was picked up. Considerable confusion in the immediate vicinity. Right there was the spot where the President was shot.

This is part of the Police contingent arriving to surround the building. Police thought they might be able to catch the assassin still in the building. They were unsuccessful in that. 

Police were heavily armed.

They arraigned not only the building but about a 3 block area around this building which as I say is located directly across from where the President was shot. This is practically the spot on the street where the President was shot. These pictures were taken just after the President had been taken to a hospital. Police made a systematic search of the building.

They found no weapon.

Up there on the 4th or 5th floor perhaps out of one of those open windows is where the assassin of President Kennedy is believed to have fired the fatal shots.

We have no further information as yet from the hospital along with the condition of Texas Governor John Connally who was riding with President Kennedy and who also was critically wounded. Our last report from Parkland Hospital was that Governor Connally was in the Operating Room; that he was still alive but was uh in critical condition.

Walter you mentioned a short while ago that it was difficult to understand why we have not been appraised of the whereabouts of Lyndon Johnson who will of course uh step up to the Presidency in light of the tragic death today of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We are in direct contact with Parkland Hospital. We’re also in direct contact with Dallas Police and the FBI. We have a reporter with the Secret Service Agents. And the word from all sources is that Mr. Johnson is his whereabouts are being kept secret for security reasons. Uh if anyone knows where Mr. Johnson is uh it is not us at this moment.

Inside this film shown by Dan Rather are pictures of a man who looks just like the man at the Trade Mart who gave “a word” and “the Benediction” at the Trade Mart and was introduced as the pastor of the one of the largest Methodist churches in the world -Highland Park Methodist Church of Dallas Texas,

his name is Dr. William Dickenson,Jr.

I took a bunch (10 in all) of still shots of him above.

This same man is directing the Police in Dallas in front of the Book Depository Building in the film shown by Dan Rather.

I think “the word” he gave was A-M-E-N uh, unhyphenated, A FALSE GOD OF EGYPT! A-M-E-N  R-A at the meeting at the Trade Mart about an hour after President Kennedy was shot.

I will add a link to a post about him here ASAP! 

Read About Judge Sara T. Hughes in the link provided: Judge Sara T. Hughes

 I think that article should alarm you!


Thank you Dan. Thank you Dan.

As a matter of fact we just got the word from our reporters out there at the airport uh bypassing you just as you were on the air at that last moment that Lyndon B. Johnson has been sworn in as the President of the United States. He was sworn in at 1:38 Central Standard Time, that was 2:38 and that’s uh uh almost an hour and a half ago now (left finger to nose) at this time it’s correct here uh. He was the oath was administered  too him by US District Judge Sara T. Hughes, A he took the oath aboard the Presidential plane at Love Field just prior to take off to return to Washington. Uh the President’s body is to be returned to Washington also. ah with along with the and Mrs. Kennedy. She will accompany it uh and that plane is supposed to arrive back at Andrews Air Force Base we’re told now at 5:25 this afternoon uh uh Eastern Standard time. That’s about an hour and half from now. Whether that is the same plane in which pr uh now President Johnson is returning we do not know.

The Presidential Oath as Lyndon Baines Johnson the 36th President of the United States took it, reads I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States and will do the best of my ability to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

And now President Johnson is flying back to Washington to actively take over the reins of government.

Six of President Kennedy’s Cabinet who were on the route to Japan have turned around at mid-ocean and are flying back to Washington.

Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the President’s younger brother who was often mentioned as a possible candidate himself someday for the highest office of the land is in Washington. So was Senator Ted Kennedy his youngest brother. Uh he was on the floor of the Senate uh presiding as a matter of fact uh uh uh and the Senate. As the word came he dashed from the Senate and is now on route to Hyannis Port Massachusetts to be with uh his and the late Presidents mother and father there. We understand that the President’s sister uh Mrs. Sargent Shriver wife of the Administrator of the Peace Corps uh is flying was flying away from Washington too. And the first thought was that she perhaps was going to Texas to be with uh her brother before she learned of his death. We do not know where she is now uh destined.

We will now pause for ten seconds so that our stations may identify themselves.



The assassination of President Kennedy has been reported of course in some detail here since the historic shots rang out in the streets of Dallas Texas at 12:25 noon today. It seems fairly possible that that was just some 3 and  half hours ago. The President lived for 35 minutes after being rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

He died there at one PM Central Standard Time

at noon Dallas time today.

I thought that Dallas Time was Central Standard Time.

Has there been a change in the Time Clock locations

since the JFK Assassination?

The bible talks about

He will change time and laws —–

could that be the change in time?

The 36th President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson 54 year old native of Texas, a former Senator, a former member of Congress, former administrator of the National Youth Administration under President Roosevelt in Texas, has taken the Oath of Office aboard an airplane at Love Field in Dallas and is on route back to Washington.

The President’s body is flying back to Washington also accompanied by Mrs. Kennedy.

The Presidents wife was in the open limousine along with Governor Connally of Texas and his wife when the shots were fired from an assassins rifle in the apparently the 4th or 5th floor of a building overlooking the motorcade route that was taking the President from Dallas airport to down town Dallas for a speech at noon.

The President was hit in the head and the neck whether by one bullet however or two has not been clarified. Governor Connally was hit in the chest. Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally were not hit by the bullets.

A report that a Secret Service man was killed has not been clarified either.

In Dallas a Dallas Policeman just a short while ago was shot and killed while chasing a suspect a suspect to the assassination in a Dallas theater. The man pulled a gun. Shot one policeman, wounded another and but was captured. And when he was captured he yelled Its all over now and screaming hysterically was taken into custody by the police. Of course we have no information whether this man is the assassin or not. A vast dragnet has gone out throughout the Dallas area for any possible suspects to the uh criminal act in Dallas today.

Former Presidents of the United States uh Truman, Hoover and Eisenhower as far as we know have all been informed. At uh Independence Kansas Mrs. uh Truman said that President Truman was too shaken up to make any comment at the moment. We have not heard from former President Hoover uh who is at the Waldorf Tower Suite in which he lives but uh has made no comment as yet. Former President Dwight David Eisenhower also is in uh New York and his statement is this: I share the sense of shock and dismay that all Americans feel at the despicable act that resulted in the death of our nations President. Mrs. Eisenhower also join with all other citizens in expressing our personal grief and prayerful concern to Mrs. Kennedy and all other members of the family. That statement from former President Eisenhower.

In Boston Massachussetts the late Presidents home Richard Cardinal Cushing  a life long friend of the Kennedy family made plans immediately to leave for Hyannis Port uh to be with Mr. Joseph P. Kennedy and the Presidents mother Mrs.Rose Kennedy.

The Cardinal officiated at the marriage of President Kennedy and Jaqueline Kennedy in 1953.

It will be  a particularly poignant time for the Kennedy family next week. The two Kennedy children uh both have birthdays next week. John 3 November the 25th and Caroline 6 on November the 27th.

An entire nation has almost come to a stop today uh in the wake of the horrible news. The Stock Market after getting the first news before it was known that the President had died. Prices began to plummet and the stock New York Stock exchange and all other commodity and stock exchanges across the country closed. Uh in New York all the theaters were immediately darkened and will not open tonight. Schools were let out across the country.

We reported to you on the arrest of that individual in Dallas. He is being grilled now. He is said to be 24 years old. The name has been given for him by Dallas Police as Leo H. Oswald although as the Dallas Police themselves say there is no information as yet that he is the assassin. He was being chased as a possible suspect however when he did pull a gun and he killed a Dallas Policeman at that moment. A tragic day in the city.

We still haven’t heard definitely whether a Secret Service man uh died in the fuselade of shots. That was the rumor but rumors do spread rapidly at a time like this and there’s no proof that that actually took place as yet.

We learn now that definitely Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson, the new First Lady and Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy are accompanying President Johnson uh back to uh Washington in the Presidential Plane. Uh they left uh they left Dallas just a short while ago. They’re due back in Da in Washington at approximately 5:30, we are told, at which time uh President Johnson will have to take into his hands the reins of the most powerful nation in the world.

President Johnson as you know is 54 years old native of Texas of a city called Johnson City Texas which is a little bit west of Austin Texas where uh Mrs. Johnson has a radio and television interests, our affiliate station there. She has other television and radio stations in Texas.

President Johnson has been interested in politics since he was in Southwest Texas State Teachers College. He studied law. He went to Congress in 1937 after having served as National Youth Administrator in Dallas under President Roosevelt. He was a favorite of President Roosevelts. He was a New Dealer in the early days of the New Deal although his politics had turned somewhat more conservative over the recent years. He had sought the Presidential Nomination that was won by President Kennedy and was probably uh had about as good a chance as any of the runners up when President Kennedy then a Senator from Massachussetts swept the Democratic Convention in Los Angelos in 1960.

It was a surprise when President Kennedy announced that Lyndon Johnson was his choice for Vice President. And it was thought that he brought him into the ticket primarily to help swing a recalcitrant south including the rather important state with a heavy electoral vote, the state of Texas. It was in Texas today when President Kennedy (7:49/10:20 Looks like eric Severeid is sitting down next to Walter Cronkite. Im sure to add his propaganda!) after 3 years of that administration met his death.

Walter sticks out his tongue 7:54/10:20

Eric Severeid has just moved in.

Eric do you have a word or two?

Walter I thought perhaps that we might talk a little about the new President of the United States. I have been trying to put down a few notes about the life and the nature of Lyndon Baines Johnson the man that our thoughts will be upon very soon.

He is 55 Walter, not 54. He was born in August of 1908. He is really in the prime of life for the responsibilities of the Presidency at a point where a mans experience and his energies meet at a rather high unusual level. He was born in Texas near that Hamlet called Johnson City and the family flag flies there over the LBJ Ranch. He is a lawyer by education, a politician by instinct and by great success.

He was a very young aide to President Roosevelt during the New Deal days working on Youth projects.  He was probably Roosevelt’s son??? He first went to the House of Representatives in 1937 when he was only 29 years old and he became the protege of Sam Rayburn the great Texan who ran the House as Speaker longer than any man in our history including Henry Clay. Johnson went to the Senate in 1949. He won in Texas by a very silent majority vote of 87 actually, and he became without much doubt the most effective Majority Leader in the history of the Senate. His energy was prodigious. He lived always in a whirl of activity. He put most Senators in his personal debt by one service or another. His fame in Washington itself became very great during those Eisenhower years when he led the opposition majority in the Senate and his power at that time was considerably greater than it was his real political power than in these years when he had been the Vice President. Johnson has been called by some a liberal by conviction and a intellect a conservative by geography. His political alliances in Texas were with the more conservative uh Texas Democrats who have managed the state for a good many years. But in most national matters he was always regarded as what we call a progressive including on the issue of Civil Rights and this again was in the pattern and in the image of his protege Sam Rayburn. He is a fairly wealthy man. Uh, the family holdings some in the name of his wife Lady Byrd include television stations as well as that family ranch.




In 1955 when Mr. Johnson was making a Sunday visit to the Farm of George McGeeHee another Texan ourUN? ambassador. That was near Washington. Johnson was hit rather hard with a heart attack (Eric Severeid is adjusting his seat). He thought at first it was only acute indigestion. Uh Senator Clinton Anderson of New Mexico was there at the time for this luncheon and he said that once? (Erik clears throat) you have had a heart attack.

What the heck! Does that make sense?

Johnson was taken to a hospital and he slowly recovered. For sometime after that uh his strength was considerably diminished. I remember  him telling reporters once that on Monday morning he said I’m full of energy, by Wednesday night I’m tired out. But all that changed, his full strength came back and in recent years he has demonstrated his old energies and they’re great energies in the daily whirl of activities including a good many trips around this country and abroad. He is now personally acquainted with all the world leaders that the President was acquainted with including Mr. Kruschev. And his grasp of domestic politics of course is quite profound at the general and intellectual level as well as the practical working level of the total human machinery that makes our rather cumbered system work. His fierce fight against Kennedy for the nomination in 1960 now seems only yesterday to most of us. His great prestige in Washington itself was not at that time matched by uh his prestige and his fame in the country at large. This was a great struggle right down to those final hours in the convention. And then Mr. Kennedy chose Johnson to be his running mate partly because he had to have the south and Johnson was regarded as the one man who could conciliate the southern conservatives. And this he did. And there were some who said later that Mr. Kennedy really owed his election to Lyndon Johnson. In any case Johnson has never shown any uh jealousy what so ever any kind of bitterness. He became the President’s lieutenant in full fidelity in private as well as in public. But as Vice Presidents do certainly under a very energetic and active President he slowly faded from national consciousness. And when the President died today he and Mr. Kennedy were in uh the President and the Vice President were engaged behind the scenes in Texas in trying to settle a rather fierce feud within the Texas Democratic Party between the Johnson-Connally uh forces and the Liberal Groups led by Senator Ralph Yarborough. All that of course now seems petty and of no consequence. In retrospect it doesn’t matter. Mr. Johnson is the President and Texas will be his personal political base in toto. And when the sorrows today begins to fade, when the President has been laid to rest,the machinery of the National Government will take up again. And again Americans will have to think ahead not only to what lines/lions of policy and action the new President will follow but of course also to the election of next year. Mr. Johnson will be the nominated for next August at the next Democratic Convention if he wishes it, and Im sure most observers would predict now that he will wish it. All estimations on the outcome of that election next November of course are now rather without meaning. Election like the course this great country itself now lies with fate in the continuing nature of our times and in our world. And now back to Walter to you.


Conversing between Eric and Walter which is very illuminating:

Um, all right. That matter that you’ve suggested a little earlier on this afternoon of the danger of a violent reaction to the right wing in America assessing very probably improperly the assassination as being the the responsibility resting there already is beginning to come to light. You saw perhaps, uh maybe you were busy

-No I missed that  I missed that Walter.

Uh well the some interviews in the streets of New York and two or three people were laying the blame right there.

-Well it’s much too early for that sort of thing.  Oh Really?

Oh of course it is, the Soviet Union however is doing that. Tass has announced that extreme right wing elements were undoubtedly to blame.

-This will be tragic if uh anything of this sort either takes possession of peoples minds if there be if there’s any truth in it. Yes tragic!  

 All right.


We now have some new film in at our Washington Bureau so lets switch back to Washington now and Neil Strausser:

Washington Walter is still in the state of shock except for those departments responsible for seeing that a smooth transition of the Presidency from Mr. Kennedy to Mr. Johnson. Almost no work is being done. Most Federal and District of Columbia workers are being sent home an hour early.

On Capitol Hill almost all of the comments contain the words tragic loss, disasterous.

First word of the shooting was carried to the Senate floor by Richard Rydell a Senate aide whose job it is to watch the tickers in the Senate Cloakroom and keep Senators up to date on world happenings. Rydell tells of his fateful mission:

4:57/10:51-8:40/10:51 This man is deeply hurt. Well uh the routine the tickers in the lobby AP and UP tickers are read by Senators and Staff Members for routine information. Ah Phyllis Rock of the Staff of Senator Morris of Oregon was in the lobby by herself reading the ticker. Uh she turned to one of my assistants Tom Pelican is with Senator Long of Missouri and his office part of the time and said the President has been shot.Tom rushed out to tell me. I immediately went into the Senate Chamber to the over to the in front of the desk of of uh Majority Leader Senator Mike Mansfield. Raised my voice so that he and the Senators the surrounding desks could hear and said Senators the President has been shot. It of course was like a shock wave, a jolt. I crossed the aisle to the Republican side where

garbled  6:11/10:51 glitch but sounds like


whether inserted in  for what ever reason

I don’t know but it is in this recording!

in the 1969 film The Monitors, a low-budget science-fiction movie in which invading extraterrestrials assert political dominion over the human race, claiming to do so for humanity’s benefit.”

Just added this tidbit of information from his Wikipedia biography because it seems quite appropriate in light of the tongue cues by CBS Correspondents throughout their coverage of the assassination, Mrs. Kennedy’s strange tongue gestures that I noticed at the airport the day and only a half an hour before JFK was assassinated, and Jackie’s tongue gesture on a tour or trip which I discovered that was aired this month Oct/2011 by NBC Diane Sawyer at the 47th anniversary reminiscing of the Press about JFK at the direction of Jackie Kennedy and JFK’s daughter Caroline/Carolyn Kennedy :

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Audio Tapes Describe ‘Our Happiest Years’

in which her gesture appears yo be like a monitor-like which is included in the following post:

President Kennedy and the Secret Service

Ankh is egyptian and so is Amen-ra/re the common ending of prayers by most christians. Amen is an Egyptian god. I’m sure the addition was added into the gospels by Amen’s followers either through deception on their part or because of their being deceived, nevertheless it’s wrong! Until people wake up to the machinery it will continue to cap the population with its power to deceive, ruling over us – all the while claiming that we are liberated, as it kills us inside and out.

I think “The machinery” is why President Kennedy was assassinated and “the machinery” is what JFK was going to speak about and had already warned about in an earlier speech. Possibly he was going to shed light on who was the machinery at the Trade Mart luncheon in Dallas, but instead was hi-jacked beforehand, and it seems to be his own friends and those he was trying to help that are involved, even his family. The deception is so steep and ingrained into their hearts ……they blindly follow in myriads of ways the wrong ways.

What is worse and hard to understand is the deception of and by the Clergy……the Chief priests and the Legion who should know better and I think many do know better, but they do it anyway to yours, mine, our loved ones destruction.

They obviously are masters of deception and disguise!

Please read: 

Chief Priests and the Legion – Revised

back to the transcript:

was seated and in the same manner told Senator Dirkson and the Republican Senators who were at adjacent desks. I would and of course same shock reaction and stunned uh expressions on their faces. I then happen to recall at a few moments before the Presidents brother uh Senator uh Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts was presiding over the Senate. I turned and he was still occupying the chair. I knew that someone would have to inform him and I thought I might as well. It was a very difficult very difficult job because of the family relationship as well as the friendship of the Senators to the President. I rushed up to the chair and said Senator Senator Kennedy your brother the President has been shot. He gave a a jerk his body his body tensed but he was absolutely calm and as I recall Senator Kennedy then presiding over the Senate when he heard this awful news said no and that was all. In an orderly manner he gathered up the papers on on his desk that he his routine office work that he brings when he presides over the Senate so that he can conserve the time the long hours presiding over the Senate by working on his office work. I walked off the rostrum with him with my arm around Senator Kennedy patting his shoulders and said Senator if there’s anything any of us can do let us know. My own suggestion would be that you contact the Air Force and have them rush you out to Texas to your brothers side in a jet, in a military jet. He said Thank you. I’m going to call the White House and the Attorney General where upon by that time we had reached a phone in the lobby and he immediately  put in calls to the White House and to the to the Department of Justice seeking all the information and contact with his brother a good friend Bobby Kennedy.


Of course that trip to Dallas Texas proved unnecessary. Senator Edward Kennedy and his sister Eunice Shriver later this afternoon flew red-eyed and somber to Hyannis Port Massachusetts to be with their parents. The late Presidents youngest brother and his sister the wife of the Peace Corps Director arrived at Andrews Air Force Base at 3:20 PM by helicopter and within minutes had boarded a jet for Cape Cod to be with the ailing former Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and Mrs. Rose Kennedy.

This is Neil Strausser in Washington.


And now lets switch back to Dallas Texas where Don Rather Dan Rather is standing by. Dan?


Walter we have some additional film taken at and near Parkland Hospital where President John Kennedy died. Uh this film is in rough cut form. These are some of the witnesses in the area     of the shooting  there was a great deal of disbelief at first that the President had even been shot and even more disbelief that he was dead. This is in the area of the Emergency Room of the hospital I believe. We have Eddie Barker News Director of KRLD Television and Radio our affiliate in Dallas. Eddie this is near the registry of the hospital is it not.

 – Uh yes Dan that is correct and that’s a Secret Service Agent there whos talking to the crowd. Uh we uh talked to to some people who we consider as very good sources uh this is uh uh when they I? were getting ready to uh uh to leave the hospital and uh it was very difficult to get any film because Secret Service Agents uh were uh quite adamant in keeping everyone back uh a good distance from. This is Senator Yarborough here I believe.

Senator Yarborough


was one of the first uh to get


the word that the Presidents dead.


He is a Democrat of Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough.


This is uh Father Huber from Holy Trinity Church,-in Dallas who administered the last rites to the President.

But he looks just like, 

Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries,

Charles Stanley

“Charles Stanley received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond.

He later obtained his Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth, Texas. Lastly, he received his Masters and Doctorate, both intheology – Th.M. and Th.D., respectively – from Luther Rice Seminary, in Florida (later relocated to Lilburn GA).”

There were two priests uh in attendance and I. Uh I do not know the other ones name at this time.



There were shocked uh people all around a you  can see from these crowds. Many of them hospital employees. Uh quite a large crowd gathered at the hospital.

-Yes, Uh there was uh quite a traffic jam out there.

These scenes are at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

-Thats correct.

Where President John Kennedy died.

-Dan Dan I don’t know whether you are aware of this or not uh Mrs. Kennedy uh maintained her composure we understand uh up until the time that she actually went uh into the room where the uh Presidents body lay and uh she said Jack Jack no no  was uh the uh was the word were the words that she used.She rode uh from the hospital to the airport uh in the back section of the hertz. It was a cream colored um hertz belonging to a local funeral home here. The curtains were drawn but as she uh as the hertz left Mrs. Kennedy could be seen in the back and the Presidents body was airborne at 47 minutes past 2:00.

That’s Central Standard Time.

-Texas TIme yes.

This is an interesting conversation because Mr. Eddie Barker wants to be sure to say that Texas Time is Central Standard Time!

Or is he saying something else in regards to the assassination of President Kennedy?:

now it’s Texas Time?

But Walter Cronkite  said that Central time was not Texas time.

I realize that now Central time is Texas time, but I have no idea whether Texas time was Central Standard time at the time President Kennedy was assassinated!

We covered Mrs. Kennedy yesterday in San Antonio as she arrived with her husband 1:30/10:03 and the Lyndon Johnsons. There have been some reports at the White House Press Corp that Mrs. Kennedy was reluctant to make the Texas Trip. It had been billed in many quarters as strictly a political trip and as Mrs. Kennedy arrived in San Antonio she at first appeared to be rather ill at ease, but later in the day she seemed to warm up to the occasion and I noticed today in both Fort Worth and Dallas that she really seemed to be enjoying herself. I think with Mrs. Kennedy there was uh some reluctance to come to this state because people would tell her Well they’re a different kind of people uh but she did seem to be enjoying herself thoroughly throughout the day. Eyewitnesses at the shooting say that in the early moments immediately after the shooting that the Presidents head was in Mrs. Kennedys lap and that Mrs. Kennedy did restrain herself did have her composure until the time she went into the hospital where uh the President garbleddead uh was.glitched or edited to cover up?

That certainly made no sense at the end.

Is Dan Rather subtly mocking?

– She a walked out of the hospital Dan under her own power uh there was no one uh from where we were standing, there was no one uh holding on to her arms. She walked out she was hatless when she came out of the Emergency Exit and uh got into the uh Hertz that bore the body to the airport.

Is Eddie Barker Mocking?

Eddie a lot of questions are going to be asked about what kind of place is Dallas Texas. Just recently there was the publicity about the city and the rough reception that the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson got here there was the occassion in which he was spat upon and hit with a picket sign. Uh I think Mayor Cabell


Cabell only yesterday made a statement saying that this city was quite anxious to give President Kennedy an especially warm welcome because of that incident. But there going to be a lot of questions asked in the coming days about what kind of place is Dallas Texas uh a place in which this could happen. You are a long time resident here and in the eyes of many sort of Mr. Dallas. Tell us what kind of place this is.

-Dan its a Dan actually its a very fine place and its a very fine city and uh I know the city fathers have discussed this in great length.

Who are the city fathers?

or does he mean uh uh Fathers? as in Priests?

-but uh uh there is an element that has developed here in the past few years uh that considers itself a uh wing uh very much to the right the far right and uh this this is certainly a very uh small minority. I know today at the luncheon that the President was to have attended and I looking over the uh people who were there and there were many Republicans there were many uh conservative Democrats but they were all out there to welcome and to honor the the Office of the President of the United States and um this uh this is something that uh certainly this city is going to be uh living with for a long time but uh this is not in any way reflect the great majority of the people here. Politics in this town or uh different certainly than they are in a lot of places uh. There are many factions of the Democratic party. The Republican Party as you know is very strong. We have a Republican Congressman. We had a situation here a few years back  you may remember when uh uh Senator Johnson had his uh uh then Senator uh Johnson had his problems in one of the down town hotels. That was garbled campaign.

Yes. Yes But this is a minority group and certainly is not a reflection of this this community. Many of these leaders I will say in closing when the word came today at the Market at the Trade Mart uh the President was dead uh they broke down and cried. It was a very moving thing.

We’re going to switch now from Dallas Texas back to CBS News Headquarters in New York.


The news as you know it President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas today. 12:25 he was shot in a motorcade on route to a speech in Dallas from the Dallas airport and died 35 minutes later. Lyndon Baines Johnson 55 year old Vice President took the Oath of Office in an airplane at Love Field and is flying back to Washington to take the reins of government. Governor John Connally of Texas was shot also and is in serious condition at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Charles Collingwood if you want to come in and relieve me a little while. We are at CBS News. Were going to stay on the air throughout this day to bring you details as we have them.

That Presidential Plane is expected back in Washington now we are told at 6:05 with the Presidents body. Charles?


As Walter Cronkite has just told you the Vice President the former Vice President the 36th President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson is on his way back to Washington after having been sworn in in the Executive Compartment of the same plane which brought President Kennedy to Dallas Texas this morning. President Johnson was sworn in by Judge Sarah Hughes a Federal Judge in Texas who wept with emotion as she administered the Oath of Office to the Vice President by which he became the President of the United States. At the ceremony Mrs. Johnson who had accompanied the President on the the tour of Texas was there as were various staff members, Congressmen who were present and all those with some official capacity or uh who uh could be brought into the ceremony.

It’s in the nature of things of our Presidential succession that the emphasis the spotlight is now upon the new President. No one is ever prepared for an event of this kind, not the Secret Service which can only take the most effective precautions possible and can never safeguard against some twisted person who can circumvent the most careful precautions that can be taken.

Of course

if the men in government are twisted

and if the men in the clergy are twisted

then anything twisted can happen

no matter how great a system works.

It isn’t the machinery that makes a great country.

That is like saying my computer makes me work right.

We may have the tools, but are we using them right?

Who is Benefitting?

We certainly are being bombarded in every which way!

We may have “the word”

but are we interpreting and understanding

 ”the word”


Not the public, not certainly the officials of government, but the machinery for the succession of the Presidency of the United States has been well tested over the years. And thus it was that less than 2 hours after the Presidents death Vice President Johnson was sworn in in the plane which brought the President to to Texas and which took another President back to Washington D.C..

Also on route to Washington in the air is the Presidents body accompanied by Mrs.Kennedy who was in the same automobile with him when the assassins bullet was fired in Texas in Dallas Texas this morning.

We continue to have reports fragmentary and confused still as the law enforcement machinery in Texas on both the State the City and the Federal level are engaged in trying to find the persons or person, the person or the persons responsible for the bullet which was fired from the building which overlooked the route by which the cavalcade uh which the cavalcade followed as the President the Governor of Texas the Vice President Senator Yarborough assorted dignitaries moved from down town Texas to a Trade Mart on the outskirts.

A bulletin here from Dallas says that Governor John Connally of Texas wounded by the sniper who assassinated President Kennedy was described this afternoon of being in a very very serious but not critical condition.

Julian Reid an aide to Governor Connally said that Connally suffered three wounds: one in the right arm, one in the right leg, and one in the back that pierced his body. Julian said that Connally had been in surgery an hour and probably would be there for another hour.



Now for a report from our Mobile Unit in Chicago. We go to Chicago and Russ Bensly:

The flagstaff tells the story at the corner of State and Madison Streets. Beneath it the bright lights the Christmas demonstrations. But they have no joy today. Here in Chicago the crowds who came downtown to shop are standing around in silence and sorrow in the rain.

The strange thing is you don’t even notice it’s raining and if you do notice you don’t care.  How Stupid!

Most of those who have talked to us here share the universal feeling of shock. Some have a feeling of anger. We thought we’d let you hear how they feel.

Sir how did the news of President Kennedy’s death affect you?

-As a man of God I would say that I felt the impact of the snipers bullet. I would also ssay that I felt the pain that the President had in his dying moments. Thank you.

You sir?

-I’m shocked very shocked at this, ah We read about many countries losing their heads of government through assassination but I never dreamed that it would ever happen to our head of government. I’m very sad indeed.

Thank you. How do you feel sir?

-It was once said that history repeats itself. Look at Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. The rain you see here in Chicago is not rain its emotion.

Sir how do you feel?

-Well I feel shocked. I can hardly express my emotion and I hope that the country will survive.


-I can’t say th garbled crying


-I just couldn’t believe it when I heard it. We were in school all of a sudden we were just told the President was dead. It just it wasn’t it didn’t seem possible.

How do  you feel now?

-Like a daze. You don’t know what’s going on and why? Why did it happen? Who would have done such a thing is the question.


-This is a dark day in the history of America. This man I think wanted to save America. He is not dead. His spirit lives. We are sorry. Deeply moved over this incident here in America. I’m sorry.

– I just can’t believe it. It just. I feel like uh someone in my own family has died has died. I just can’t believe it.

– It feels like a loss in the old family. I think its a great loss to America.

– Came up the street and I thought no its not true we are not without our President. We live in a Christian country. President Kennedy was a Christian. Please God help his wife, his family. Give strength to his mother and to his ailing father. We will miss a great friend and a true Christian.

– We will all miss one of the greatest Presidents that ever was. Thank you.

– I was shocked when I heard it and well they closed the City Hall in respect to him. Everyone else was truly sorry it happened and thats all.

Ma’am how did the news affect you?

– I was shocked deeply shocked. We miss we’ve lost the uh very good President and he was for the poor people and that’s what we need a President like that.

Those are typical reactions in Chicago and I imagine they’re fairly typical of the reactions across the country. There are several hours now since the news broke and the minds still reels at accepting the fact and it will continue to be an incredible tragedy for days to come. This is how Chicago feels. this is how the nation feels. This is Russ Bensly in Chicago. Now back to CBS News in New York.

Yuck! Do you get the feeling you are being manipulated?

I think we are being blamed for the assassination

kind of like Jackie saying she wants to wear a bloody dress all day so they can see what they have done

after smoke rises from her weapon etc?

Doesn’t make sense,

but that’s machinery!


That same sense of grief and disbelief is being expressed today all over the world by great people as well as by small ones.

We have some late film now from Dallas Texas and so for that film we switch now to Dan Rather in Dallas. 5:06/10:16

As we mentioned a short while ago a number of arrests have been made in Dallas in the wake of President Kennedys death. We have scenes of one of those arrests in the downtown area. This was just after a Dallas Policeman was shot in the vicinity of a downtown movie house. The suspect was brought immediately to Police Headquarters. Uh that particular suspect is among many who is being questioned not all of them in connection with the shooting. Some of the uh suspects simply are being questioned as to possibly what they saw. The Dallas Police Headquarters is literally alive with people who have been brought in off the streets uh arrested for one cause or another. shows Oswald face  and eyes swollen



-Dan there is a report that an arrest has been made in Fort Worth also of a suspect.

Eddie Barker of our affiliate station KRLD who was in Dallas who was covering the Presidents arrival today. uh At least a half dozen suspects or people identified as suspects by police have been picked up here in Dallas.

We also have the first films that we have available of the Parkland Hospital. Well these are films of a pistol taken off one suspect in the down town area. Now earlier reports said that the President had been shot with a 30-caliber weapon or some description but that particular pistol was taken off of a suspect arrested in the down town area. We have the films taken at Parkland Hospital at the time the ambulance uh carrying the body of President Kennedy. I believe these are arrival films are they not? This is

– No this is when they’re getting ready to leave I believe Dan.

The group the Presidential Party coming out of the hospital.

– Yes yes yes.

those particular people cannot be identified They were part of the Presidential Party.

– the Presidents the Presidents secretary Mrs. Lincoln who came out about this time but I’m not sure if that is her.

this is a scene at Dallas’s Parkland Hospital as the body of President Kennedy was brought out and taken to Dallas’s Love Field to be flown to Washington.

– Yes it is.

The body is now now on route by plane to Washington. Also on route to Washington is the 36th President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was quite a crowd at Parkland Hospital about this time when the President’s body was taken away but most of the crowd was away from that particular section of the hospital.

Earlier today down in Uvalde Texas Former Vice President John Nance Garner celebrated his 95th birthday. Mr. Garner refused to grant any interview as such but in the course of a conversation with reporters this was some two hours before President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. Former Vice President under Franklin Roosevelt John Nance Garner said he felt that President Kennedy might become one of the great Presidents of this country. Former Vice President Garner a long time friend of Lyndon Johnson.

The center picture looks like Oswald is holding back a smile after he looks at the guy behind him who is smiling.

Have you heard of Oswald Oil Company?

This is another scene at Dallas Police Headquarters of suspects being brought in suspects rounded up in practically all sections of town. We mentioned earlier that some rifle shells were found in a upper story of a multi story building right across the street from where President Kennedy was shot. Police arraigned that building and made a systematic search of it but they did not arrest any suspect inside the building. Police have taken a number of weapons off persons that they believe to have been in the crowd. It has not been definitely determined that a 30-caliber weapon was the weapon used to kill President Kennedy. Uh those were the earlier reports and Dallas Police are working on that theory at the moment.

We have a statement that has been issued by the Dallas Citizens Council, the Dallas Assembly, and the Science Research Center of Dallas. This statement is signed by Mr. J. E Johnson President of the Dallas Citizens Council, Mr. W. Dawson Sterling President of the Dallas Assembly, and Dr. Lloyd B. Burknor who is President of the Science Research Center. And this statement says, Our hearts are filled with sorrow. We are deeply distressed and grieved that the respectful and enthusiastic welcome in progress for our President was terminated by an Act of Lunacy.

This is Dan Rather in Dallas Texas with Eddie Barker. Back now to CBS Headquarters in New York:


While the new President of the United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson sworn in in the Executive Cabin of the Presidential plane within 2 hours after President Kennedys death. While the new President is flying back to Washington reports come in from all over the world of the universal sense of shock and grief and disbelief with which the news of the Presidents assassination was greeted.

In England British Television Stations told their viewers tonight that President Kennedy had been killed and then suspended regular broadcasts. The British Broadcasting Corporation and the Independent Television Network went on the air playing

funeral music in honor of the President.



since this takes a while to load I will start a new page to continue to Part 19

CBS News and JFK Part 2

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