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The reason I got to this question is I noticed the news about spider webs in Argentina after some flooding in some areas that were overrun with webs. Webs can float with spiders on them, I think. I have heard/read of spiders crossing the ocean via the wind. I noticed recently that in the Gospel of John he said that his bread was eternal bread whereas Moses only fed them daily bread which was manna or something like that. This doesn’t sound like the same Jesus as the Jesus in the Gospel of John who said I Am the Bread of Life. Moses actually taught the Hebrews about I AM via the Ten Commandments and during Moseses struggles with the Pharaoh and they seemed to recognize the name I Am that I AM because it was what made them follow Moses to freedom after Moses asks God to tell him what to tell the slaves in order that they would take Moses seriously so something is amiss between parts of the Gospel of John and in other places not amiss. Anyway I thought of it because the webs looked white and I wondered what manna tasted like or what spider webs might taste like since they both came from the sky not that I would try it. Supposedly the spider web has protein in it. The Hebrews were not allowed to gather more than what they needed each day except for the day before the sabbath when they could collect two days worth without it going bad and rotting. Anyway something ain’t right in the Gospel of John in that there seems to have been a lot of corruption of it over the years somehow because some parts don’t agree. I think some of the problem is that some of the truth may have been lost in transliteration and transubstantiation because it seems to me one should strengthen the other and doesn’t. Why would Jesus say that about Moses bread. It wasn’t Moseses manna but manna that came from God so why would one of the Jesuses in the Gospel of John undermine God? Daily bread is prayer, isn’t it? In the prayer of Our Father daily bread is a day. So Jesus in that statement about his bread being better than what God provided for the Hebrews then you don’t need to pray daily not that I do necessarily but I don’t really count how much I pray or you don’t need to pray to be given a day. Why would one of the Jesuses undermine his own Father? There seems to be a problem. I know there are problems between the Synoptics and the Gospel of John but anyway it’s kind of fishy. You aren’t supposed to drink blood of the sacrifice but put it on the doorpost during their release from slavery in Egypt yet they do drink blood in the Synoptics at the Last supper before the sacrifice and in the Gospel of John says that life is in the blood which seems to promote vampire ideas. A lot of information isn’t coagulating between the Gospels, within themselves, and with the OT and of course we know who had the holy books for a long time and took them after destroying the Temple in Jerusalem: The Son of Matthew Josephus Ben/Bin Matthias  and took them elsewhere: To Rome and was hired for propaganda reasons by his new dad and family the Flaviuses and then wouldn’t let anyone read it but them and many more things over the years changing the words to accommodate the Gospel of Matthew. I think someone shuffled the deck to confuse or pulled a 52 card pickup as far as the Gospels were concerned and the other writings. Would it fly?

Probably has something to do with that mustard seed problem they have that they must have known would catch up with them this century and eventually and wanted to discourage it.

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The manna was spiritual food I think and was dew from heaven that was sticky and white and a bit sweet that they collected every morning. I can’t remember if they used it in their cooking It also helped them physically. So it also had nutrients. It sustained them for their day and went bad by the next morning (sounds like the ever changin’ bible especially on the web-the internet) except for the day that they collected twice as much before the Sabbath but they wanted meat and eventually were not happy with the spiritual food they were collecting so God sent a bunch of Quails and it made them sick. Dan Quails? GOODY GOODY TWO-SHOES QUAILS?

I, Despot: The Brutal Two-Year Reign Of An Undercover Edge Reporter

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Spiders also weave their webs at night but I don’t think it was the same kind of food. I don’t think God is a spider or an ant. We are created in God’s image and we don’t resemble either of those two insects. Stuff happens on the other side of the world whilst we sleep. Plus the dew was on the ground like flakes that had to be collected where as spider webs get in trees and I would imagine you would use a stick to get it because it would stick on you, etc. Spiders suck out the liquid (blood) of the animals or insects they collect in their webs when they cocoon them or spin their victims (sounds like the press). Web of intrigue ensnaring and blackmailing without grace those they catch in their nets and use it to silence their enemies. Isolate them. Intimidate them. Live off their flesh for a while like they do at Fox News and then their assets. Anyway Jesus of the Gospel of John but not all of the same person because they seem to say two different things one that defends the Father and depends on the Father and one that says he is better than the Father which wants us to drink his blood and that life is in the blood. So his dew is better than his Father’s dew which was bread from heaven and now Jesus is the big dew-dew? I get the impression this Jesus was suckered into saying that his bread was better than what Moses fed them in the desert because it wasn’t Moses that fed them, it was God in heaven.

Thou Shalt Not Tempt the Lord Thy God Part one

What Does Marijuana Do to Spiders?

Let me say I felt I was fed a pretty darned good spiritual food with that article about spider’s webs in Argentina the birth place of Pope Francis. It was very funny and the you tube after was even better. Really funny stuff and should not be ignored for it’s humor.

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Is life in the blood? What about Hemopheliacs (born that way), Aids, AIDS IN BABIES BLOOD, Hepatitus, Cancer of the blood, Leukemia, Anemias:

List of hematologic conditions

Obviously death and disease can be in the blood as well.

The Jesus that said that probably witnessed someone bleed to death and deduced,

“Hmmmm, life must be in the blood.”

So why was blood needed on the door posts in order to avoid death? 

Death likes blood? Death chases blood? And why were only the first born males killed during that time in Egypt and not the other siblings of those households? Deaths discernment? Inheritance? Successors? Pride?

They were getting’ old? Defiance? To change it up? To shake ’em up?

(My ex brought me a sprite last night he said in how own reason to change it up. Is that weird?)

Who chased the Hebrews? Maybe God didn’t think he was fair.

Blood facts

Who vacated Benghazi before it occurred? The Red Cross among a few

It came to me in a flash why would the Holy Spirit defy the law of Moses to have Jesus born by Mary while they were betrothed which is against their laws in order that (their son) Jesus would fulfill the law of Moses every jot and tittle. Doesn’t make sense. 

Couldn’t God  have created a woman or teen virgin unbetrothed to have his child created?

Or as in Genesis he could have created his son out of the earth as he did Adam.

He could have picked Mary before she was betrothed couldn’t he or were females betrothed as children?

And couldn’t God have created his own virgin to be the mother of Jesus to fulfill prophecy


his own version

if he wanted to fulfill prophecy which I’m not sure it was important to God to fulfill prophecy.

Maybe some prophecy isn’t God inspirited.

God instructed Joseph not to put her away what ever that means which could mean abort or toss her and her fetus to the wolves, imprison her, stone her, send her to a convent, etc?

Makes me think he was dissing the Laws of Moses and Jesus his own son if he was the real one which is debatable.

But Jesus doesn’t say he will fulfill the Law of Moses but says fulfills the LAW.

I wonder what Law he’s talking about?

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.


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Araneus diadematus

We were not told in the bible what happened to Joseph. He disappeared from the plot without explanation. He goes into Egypt with Mary and her unborn and then he doesn’t seem to come “out of Egypt.” We need to hear about him after that. Isn’t that important?
Does it make a difference? I think it’s a bit disheveled and disconcerting not to know his fate.
Maybe Mary put him away?
Lots of theories out there about that mystery. Did Mary throw him in a pit?
 I wonder why!

Here is a you-tube of Sylvestor and Tweetie Bird that I included in the posts a few posts back about the Ten Commandments and other things of interest linked:

No Laws No Life Literally

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I Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat

After posting this post with the surreal spoof from The Onion about Bahrain and an undercover press agent killing 200,000 of his own people Fox reports about an employee of the press killing two others in the press (VERY FKin FAKEY I might add. Looked more like Hillary avoiding getting hit by a pair of shoes thrown at her, didn’t it? Sure didn’t look like someone avoiding a bullet!) and then commits suicide and then has a psychologist talk about threat assessment of firing employees and his manifesto (and he reminded me of the weird scientist in the movie Jurassic Park) on their show because in my estimation they don’t want federal employees to be able to be fired.



Might lose control?

 In the JFK assassination CBS transcriptions that I transcribed a few times

many in the press were actually the CLERGY and many in government were the clergy such as the Methodist preacher at the luncheon who blamed the guests for the assassination in his own way who also was lead investigator at the School Book Depository.

Whose Clergy?

Who ever that is is who they pledged their allegiance to long before we were hearing about a One World Government and a One World Religion because they had actually infiltrated our institutions so firing them is what needs to be done. And they don’t want it, hence the threats.


My mom died recently…… very recently,

but she had put her hand on my shoulder a while back,

quite a while back

a few months ago

and I felt it and knew her touch

so I know she died before this apparent death.

FORGETMENOTS 2015-07-01 at 6.39.22 PM

Before she died she told me to continue painting and I plan to do that because I trust her advice.

She taught me how. She told me quite a few times she wanted to live to 105 years of age to outlive her grandmother. It meant a lot to her and I think there are other reasons as well.

But a hospice (HO-SPICE as in whore and as in mustard seed-DOROTHY MUST DIE) got involved and between the hospital (Methodist) the Hospice (2 weeks ago) and the Arc and her COPD (she did not smoke ever that I know of but her last oxygen rate was at the rate of 69) she somehow fell through the cracks. Her son-in law was there at the time, I heard, the one that resembles the ring bearer for the queen at her Diamond Jublilee recently and resembles our previous DOD (who never questioned the motives of Obama), How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood, Chuck Hagel, who said to America “Get Ready.” Get ready for what, HAG-EL? DEATH? Agent Ready was a Secret service Agent of JFK the day of his assassination who resembles Billy Graham at the airport on the day of the assassination with a weird haircut?

PS: My mom was born in Panama.

She resembled quite a bit the actress Dorothy Lamour.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.07.41 PM

A few times my mom posed to her daughters if they didn’t smoke, drink, and have sex (probably cussing was in the equation. My mom rarely cussed and I think I heard her say the word “shit” once) before they were either 21 or 18 she would give them a mink coat. Something like that. Somehow I ended up with her mink stole. I guess it’s mink I don’t shop for mink and animal activists would be smitten but back in my mom’s generation they appreciated them. I smoked and other things so I didn’t deserve to get it but I guess when my sisters went through the warehouses of my parents things they gave me her stole. She didn’t have a mink coat so I don’t know what she was thinking.

Found this article today on the web. I have no idea who this clergy is in the picture or of what religion but thought about it after I perused through it earlier. This is the link:

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